The News from Paterson, New Jersey on February 22, 1957 · 20
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The News from Paterson, New Jersey · 20

Paterson, New Jersey
Issue Date:
Friday, February 22, 1957
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fi FrL Fab. 22. U57 ?izr.zn Ererjtjto 11 ' i 4 " " I 1 f. aa) - - ' 1 j Dili C tali 1 t- - . - M x J 4a. W Mi v i if IV rcnon Convictccl Di!i!:ePcisBirsfanrprhe D cd I a Vi lis O ver Ric! d avd 0 d Vicfcry Over Easlsids inPVC; 7 A In B3rc3n Gcunly Semifinals; f Pcsa Phis Gains in Tournamsnt ( Ir.jbsRopul Iceland Win vj.vv:.u Free-throw Superiority Ecsles Win in ''Overtimt in Colholic Lote Ecstsiie Eid Foiled by Lyndhurst ; Scoring Ace 11 -t . W at m 4 Pl2f Pclcrssa Tech Outlasts Don Eosco Tech Ecstern Tcps Englewood -Rcmsey Bows ENCLXVUX)D A kif. ingle BogoU Bixh qulnttt. which by JC" CC3TTin . - . .. . Sinks Boonton in Championship Tilt ' : By ED WALSH Nea Staff Sporta Writer i "Now my hoys caa get the rest By JERKY 1ZEXEE1G . Aa old 1hb4 doinf penaaca wtile the Yems did1 lutetUut eat Ut BiShL bounced the trea'a toot reratinini News Staff. Sporta Writer ntxr ut of tbc Bertft County Jamboree by postlnt aa impre- CAEJIELD Twenty years worn peasanta, EasE Greesber j who ia fcoaa of tit 3e hence when "old grads" from tivt. vS-57 decision in a aemi-final reaM ten wttk Ridfewood at they deserve, and I can count the gray hairs I have at the ripe old lad Indiana, iked freili tearg tail week. Tor foi it- Lvndhurst HI eh let together to discuss the Bears' amaxing 5B-I age of 28," So said Al GiXford, ox. Tbr powerful Bura thiu earned the fof levood High court Um right to fare Englewood In Saturday nlebt'i championship 45 upset victory over Eaitside the tired but Jubilant coach of the Wayne Hifcb court aquad afu last sight ia the finals of the came at Fairieisb Dickinson VJni-l Passaic Valley Conference Jam-jer his team notched its tecona itralsht Lakeland Conference boree. they'll more than likely versity. nglevood gain the fi-i For, the object of his disaffection the tated Hew York Yearn juit made a deal with the Xansai City th-Utica which hroneht the Yankees two pitchers who could strenjthea th world champioas ia a department where some oaestioa marks existed. Jamboree title here last night Bali laat night with a ehiiun 71 refer to that particular classic as "Ea Burke's Tournament" . wurne copped the title By 64 overtime victory over SU Co-I hi point: a acraopv. but auU 'Don't look for any turning cilia at Hackenaacx. Cenaolatioa TIM maoned and height-lacking, Boon too entry 63-54 in the Jamboree HS Schedule . TODAT St Lake s at SL Mary's ' , . College " '' raterawa Setoa Baa at - BlooBttfleld (N) 1 VTOMOUOW : ' - CoUega -Fast College at Pateraoa : "r . Setoa Hall School WreaUiag ' Dbtrict Chaaaptomsalpa at . ... . . Teaneck Opening up the Coodfates, big Eaak stormed aad points." said Coach Harold Brown after his club marched to the Jamboree title la IU first Rid iff wood and St Cecilia's finale before a Jam-packed bouse. lUJIB over aiiB laiucc v-w.ww w ..rtil tfcit tha New York team has itt owa farm season of league membership. uuiora sis admitted uat no had beea ia a ball-game which will clash io a consolation game before Saturday's night'i , title clash. The Maroona had battled back from a 20-12 first period deficit You can sum It op ia just, one word Bitrkt. : v actually waa much closer than dab ia the Athletics right ia their owa leagae. Be may hart something there, at that for tJie Yankees kare aMaired somo helpfia talent from the A's.ia the past. To "He's been our storr an year the score Indicated. -As he put it: ' "Leigh Gorman waa Urrlfie long and he's our story tonight" to move Into contention in the and If one of the best players la . . Eddie es-Ute-SBOt second quarter but Bogota, led by v t least, the two dabs seem a .friendly .l?1. Brown isn't far wrong. For the area, w e bad to concentrate bit Bart KUmkjweici. quickly rv v tk? mil the more vironio is that the on him, and we did." . the same Burke who led bis team took command of the situation again and led tSie rest of the for the losers aa ha chalked nv 15 into the finals with a 31-point Tewgfe HBfldleep - Considering that the Boon ton other dubs in the league were being eitremdy careful laiuea. effort against Clifton,' came through when the Bears Beetfed way. f Pateraoa Tech thus closes, its Ridgewood climaxed Its bid ace was the unhappy possessor of four personals with eae minute him last ntsht .- ,v- : season on a winning not while when Jack Rohrback's one-hind sot to deal any players to we xanxeei. nj was rough enough trying to beat this club without pro-Tiding them with farther help, , At W bothered the Kansas City of- The resuu was an impressive Don Bosco Tech has yet to tackle er tied the score at 22-aIl, Then triumph over an tastslde team AST AKAGOX aa4 ais wife leave Lea A at flea court after a Jury roavicted hha of offering Dick Goldsteia a gSOt bribe to throw a fight ia Saa Aatools, Tea, last December. Aragon waa treed oa stevens ox eayonne oa Monday. Kllmkiewici banged home three ine pox score: T fi. F. T. et. fMh mat oaoe a snamoies oi ine regular league tace and ruled a heavy favorite to bring Coach ii.r Sl.lVt ka pending a pronation Bearing aa seneaciaf jaarca baskets, and teammates Cappy Pousson and Bardbyl Quka added solo field goals to give Bogota nutnt 1 a Hutnr XL (AP Wlrepbote). remaining in the opening period, it proved Gtf ford's point Gor , maa led the scorers with 23 snark-1 era and actually didnt foul out , until the waning moments of the Kuunn Mickey spineiie a grana-eiam fidals and they delivered two mounlsmea who could maka th Yankees even stronger. True, the A "quired somo Playen but nobody the champions coulda t af-jrSlrilvJr vraAlii Yanks et Art Ditmar, re- 1-errwU an insurmountable lu-potnt edee, T tt IS a a is a it 4 a in a iu Ravmoa4 T 1 15 Gtoa ' SIS Muw IS DkUM 114 1H4HM 114 Sibrark LOS ANGELES. Feb. 22 OP) weight at the time of his arrest, victory by copping the jamboree . ....... ., . I erAira ai veil. Kllmklewict led the Bucs with Ring officials say Art Aragon'a boxing future? Is "very doubtful- 24 oolnts followed by Stan Krete) with 19." Pousson with 15 and a a a t siarea p.anxry n. . """M" ii two regldar season meet-was read aloud la tht packed mgg with the Bears, Eastside! 0Au,r, "!v: fct tritfb.r and Bobbr Shants who Milkulik DaMcvcr S 114 a a a, following his conviction oa a fel Quko with 10. Pete Campbell tallied 25 for Ridsewood while John Vrlaaa courtroom. . i emerged victorious. In one of final quarter. ony fight-fixing charge. h. albeit .tnioail frnm th those fames. Burke bad a fine Wayne, in wia- Marian! had 10. h t as The 29-year-oid "tioiden Boy niffhiL Th other tlttoe be w nihg ita second Me TkM 11 Enrtewood slammed It way! li L. was found guilty yesterday of of-ferute' another Los Angeles wel Pat Twk , at 14 1 crown in three tries for Clfiord into the championship round by U)e eyes of his pretty red-haired ',.SMteCT wife. Georgia. Later be told newa-Thorn nrrly upset "tegy. OMdam Ctntt u ZtaaoM taking complete cnaree' m the terweight Dick Goldstein, $500 to IXCKH to go along with. I r-A u -I l-SSl Biaill, Wivn aw V overtime sessioa Cliff Knapp put mcu. living w , "" Fctc1M Inct Mil Id n't al- a regular season throw a fight scheduled for Dej. it ahead with a basket and fivel Aragon's attorney said that he I ford to concentrate too heavlly looo title last year and a share 18 at San Antonio, Tex. straight free throws , by Mel Suffern Rally Thumps Ramsey - would file a motion for a new trial Inn h JLo nhntmaker. - in the uree-way lie lor first title The Cauforoig . Athletic Com Drakewood clinched It vair . aamal 4a 14 jIiuin aft mission said Aragon't 1957 boxing 11 1 J , V 1 .4 1 March 14, a. week before the datei He was tough t&rougnout u set brSuperior Judge Herbert V. evening as Lyndhurst barreled The box score: the first session wnd pulled the SUFFERN, N. T- Visiting 6. r. .! r. V. aMiaa4 game out of the fire la the last nroBu (I mo 1 : . caa be terrific if he's right. ; . ?. , The Athletics can derive some help from , the players acquired from the Yankees ia ex. ehaage pitchers Tonr Morgan, ip Coleman, -' and Mickey McDermottf. outfielder Irt Korea, shortstop Billy Hunter, and Denver rookie out- , Helder Milt Graff. A couple of these players caa help the As build. ; - a ; '1 . , V , The deal, in my opinion, can be helpful to toth dubs but should be more important to the ' Yankees who- wind "up with strength - wherr they most need bdstering fa the mound department. It's aa old story 4he Yanks getting ' help, one way or another,; where they need it while the other front offices stand by ia dis-. tressed chagrin. , v After tt Jury's wrdiet yeiter-j Walker for probation hearing 0BV ?.ir!ir: 1 nurir ' 4 0 KamstylUg&-4ett-icU-to- three minutes of play. atakntaaBMaa Maduaa - day, Clayton Frye. secretary of a a a'Kraxri rn S tVKlimktMrieS 11 a 14 Campbell T- -l.i,.. .. But It was to the final moments The conviction carries a poa-l., b...v. rail turious fourtb quarter assault here last Bight aa Suffers went' on to score a 61-47 triumph. ' 1 I Pamaaa I 15 Tnampat v jBoonton chipped awav at aa early Wayne lead until, la the final momenta, the Indiana led the the Commission, said that In his opinion Aragon's ring chances 1 S 'uk . ' ' 1 HI sible maximum sentence of five difference. The Undertakers had y'7 'n prlsfB. maxteium, fine battied back gamely at the atari were "very doubtful." over-anxious Bombers tot fre- n waa we I4tn triumph in 16 starta for the New York auintet. ...... . of 35,000, or both, v Inf Hi final at a ma. Araxon. third-ranking welter- quern traps leaaing io me toui aohrbarfc NvdMfar Vadal KvMintrae Hetlwr'iaa s a i a a t , lis' -t ! . a a a a at ' ' 223 - -J: conversions that iced the game. But It waa a tough second half Kemeey. thin ended 1U regular season campalga at 13-4. The Rams, winners of the North Ber Ron Simon converted a free throw, Davie Kwiat banged home a jump shot and Pete Pawlack added two foul shots to alio the that put the "gray hairs" ia Gif- gen interschoustie League Cham ford's head. Gorman (who else?) piooship. make their state tour M IT IT! Totals ' M II HI knotted the tilt at 30-30 early In gap to 41-35. - ft nament bid against Tenafly en nun is-st Stretch Bid a 11 U Friday, March 2 at Don Bosco in the third and it seemed as If Coach Bill Potter's charges were Burke checked the spree with Offlctatii Cacaraa. HatwL ' Kamsey, r ISllM Tla heading for aa upset la oair of eharitv tosses but when 'mm Congratulations to Ben Zimmerman, veteran Pat-ersoa baseball figure on his appointment as full-time Mitt nftiit Srooklvn Dodrers ia this area. An en Joe PUtone splashed in s aet shot Wayne, not following up Its shots, gave the ball over on each miaasuaei 4J .., llBBiiaejS'. eameaf wa1 Suffern shattered a 40-40 deadlock early in the final period on four straight points by Tom Creighton, Ramtev came within lit looked as though ma partisan crowd at Garflcld'i brand new fope Pius Posts Tourney Victory ai a- iiwo a - e' W a I ball-hawking by Jack Di'apoU court waa in tor another of East- thusiastic, hard-working diamond official in various ff vears. Ben has beea a member of the aide's aixzlma atretcB drives. paved the way for Roland Weinman and Bob Logaa to start one point at 44-43 but the victors then reeled off 12 straight That's when Burke woe per-i MONTCLAIR Pope Pius High of Passaic advanced io the second finding the range from the out- dab's scouting staff for several years on spedal assiga meats. - V sonal charge t things and to taae command lor good. , Suffern outscored the Rama side. PRC LEAGUES Stilt the flred-ve Bomb round of the North Jersey Catholic I brought the blue-jerseyed Bears .v.i. iPtnrv - era. wun Bruce Pearson ana fete uroup a Tournament by taune Z3-7 In the decisive final period Now, he can devote all his time to the task of look an 82-78 overtime thriller from 1&A.-jnJk Tt'Aitt -imrtfui aaaM4a?WaaW.iaiiia.i.l .fcra iiJ fcvl WWS f" . -idi. A. r- - r AV.t)lt S-reXl.ta-len FW PSiP.n5 yf , t.a i Pre Throws Vital hia free throw to make it 46-37.1 clobbered Schlitx to take over the third spot. Wonder fear came to life with a triple win ever Chappy's Diner, the Patema Stars f ' ri1n kb. Ut nd Vice-Fresiaent iesco nompa wuv g; - - to . f fine 4ot. Battling down the line on even But with the Wayne ball-ban-J A moment later be drilled In two) erms until the end of the regula blanked Walker and Twin City Oil notched a double decision wverj more charity tosses to . strewn we dllng finally coining Into Ita own,! and another sparkling perform tion time, the teams were tied marrin In 11 oolnts. : Senatore's. Bud Valeas banged In 893, Stan Marchut had 649, BUI ance by Douma. toe Indians Krels 630, Tony Gigantl (42, Jack Eiden 613 and Ken Verduin 609. Whea teammate Ed Kelly add- hI foirr emaeeutlve foul Shots at at 30-30 in the second period, 47-47 in the third and went into ever-time when, after John Ehnnc had caused Boonton to foul constant- Gula paced the women with 641, Jean OTrey had 266-206-633, Eath lv and went the rut of the way 18. the Undertakers were nn- Romalse 625, Shlrlew Tencza- 609, Jean Zurichln B82 and Stella out the Eagles ahead 6947 on a opening the gap from 58-54 to iump shot Rernie Preuss of Good Uhed. Rurke seot the overall acor the winning margin wita toui line superiority la the final three LCounael netted a lay-up to aend la the 173 Division Rlrzi Construction beat Coppola a twice to the acrap into the eytra period. ing honors with 24 points while Kelly had 11. ' . t, , - maintain a three game edge over Britel Products which took a minutes."" -. .;. waKoat-xJ 4.-v.Htw-..-.. t a pair from Marker's. Jphn glnke bad 618 and Mike Colina 599 fori In the conversion department Britel while Walt Purdy registered 602 for the Realtor. Patty's Jira ' AIXEX arer Hl'KLET the -Indians parlayed 21 of 26 while the Bombers could aet but Three tasuide jpiy on iori double .figures. Kwiat had 13, Pawlack 11 and Simon 19. In 4ha onnanlatlnn Same CIIl- announced tna appoinimeni- raw-euc.aHjB. - k '. World welterweifht chaaipioa' Carmem . BssQio fifhts Johnny Saxtoa whom he de-, throned, in. their third collision at Cleveland, tonifht, with the exercises scheduled to he televised. !:-;tVT.S .t",--r-'!n I look for Basflio to repeat his triumph of last September when he stopped Saxton.v Tough Carmen should be able to out-punch-the , . ehalleng er Just as he did ia their Syracuse 1 , bout. Previously, Saiton had won a disputed r. : dedsioa and the title ia Chicago and he may revert to those tactics tonight. But Just the same, BasUio has the big edge in the punching ; department and that's where the difference ; 'will be recorded.'; V' 'V.r'Vv;: rope nus graDDea tne lead immediately as the overtime opened as Ed Westhoven converted twice and Ehner collected another Jump. Ted Knothe hit tin a three-point nlay to aid the Eagles total and Tavern ehutout Precision Ceara to hold third place. Larry Mack's 16 in 26 attempts, '-;,'.:,! 599 led Dlfs to a double victory over Addon s Cleaners and John Ramsey's Roger Hurley sweet DIN a poll stood out en defense ton arercame stubborn first ham overall acoring honors with 26 Buonforte s 613 enabled PolinJ s to take the odd game from All-wood Diner while Griff i outrolled La neve 'a Gulf Service twice. for Wayne while Iogan was opposition from Paosaic xo xaae then Westhoven added twe more points wnue teammate Jim AH hizh-point mn for the champs third place wtin a iJ-oi xnumpn. toul-hota and a Pair of lumoa lea bad 19. Bill Collisher led fiuf . "T-'-: PASSAir COl'KTT LFAf.ri with zz. wetnmann iouca - A atrone defensive oress Drovru for the win.--- - t fern with 19 followed by Bob " Watas Tpewriter' twin win over Joe Pipp'a No. 1 gave them Ina much foe thd Indians. Mike with 17.. Al Poeorelec Ted Pope Piu with Marsco with 12 and Tout Greene1 a two game margin ever Passaic Photo which Jost a double to After i week s ret Wayne will Novack with '20 Points, KOrr 3 markers followed by Ebnerl with 11. rardin with 18 and Bob Kjilcbtl travel to Garfield High School to The box acore: Kramer's. Nell .Noormsa's 222 and 223. Bill Boyle's 219-200 and John Sellitto'a 234' paced Matat. Bob Johnson had 204-and Tom with 12 led the victorious Mus-j tune - . r. v. - . r. r tui in ion ice in me siait toui-neys to be held there. . - tangs. Jack Padalino paced Pas- Chapman 202 for Pipe's while Art Glragoslan's 217 saved one for HurlaiF - a -tmaaa;, s 111 sate wllo 21 pointa. rsssaic. a . i.. . . . t S Si The bo score: Pauaie VaUey staged a tre- mendous lat-balf rally to down Butler, 59-53, In tbe conaolatio game. The Horneta, outacrapped An.a -SI KMM - v a a a a.wuatf .. t T .. ' S a CrtlMaa- : 1 - a a Mim . - - s Joe MondeHi, a hunting and bowling enthusiast for Olynpie copped a pair from Tan Ness Lumber behind Nick GalletU's 223, Jim Fenwick's 202-214 and Tim Hazen's 202 gave Guernsey Crest a sweep ever Hofbrau while Paul's did the same T 11 t4l radM .F.T.'t.fa1 rarlea .. -it t : . ; tm j I -4 II rta 4 S SU !,! a a a A I I I U Braaa a S a OCraaaa . 4 a lontf time and a Hew Jersey Ben Telephone company employe for many years, is givea deserved applause in and outjumped, finally came to hie and made Coach Elmer Gria- kavaea to Riverside Warehouse due to John alercandino'a fat 676 on 221-j Palrk II aUf PUt .. a ii PuNsaa I S Vartaaa 232-223 and Tom Lyons 208-202. Don Jamleaon's 204 and Wally t Tit SSI 10 4 .l S I Karlat S 1 II TW woid wonder what waa holding tbero back for so long. . - Wesasrd s 203. accounted for HalliweU t twia wla er Joe Pipp's Tatala M IS 47 it as si Lanaa at the eompanjrs magasme wnicn carries a .uu-page sw da and his photo "under the-heading, Tarmers, Friend.' aamatv IS II It T 47 auffara MUM Mats . tt as 601THSIDK LEAGUES r " IT U 43) Mill Led by Doe mil a, Ed Cuslck and-Frank Mleheaer, Valley surged back from a 32-23 half-time deficit to notch the decision. t . .""Joe Kondelli is a hunter with a mission." the arti- r.i tiointa out. "which calls more for the deftness of a Oiftetaaii Sarvana. I ll II is-" The five Bloops lost twice to Dumont but still lead, their i Al POGORELFC Uadawat U 1 conquerors by 6V gsmes in the 830 circuit. Weston dunked Cas- OfHrtatot Battaf4U Cuctaalla, 4 Joha IBME peraoa and Taaea did the aame to Play-lt while twin victors were Eastern Trims Engicwood Boys diplomat than the skDl of a woodsman. As President of "the COO-member Wortendyke Field and Stream Associa-' lion. Joe has been strivinff for many a year to ease the De Voil'a, Scafuro's, Jerser and Kotraa's. Charlie Little hit 233- Bob Mortlnsoa and Bob Blanch-field were the chief hustlers and point-makers for the Bulldogs with 17 tallies each. w i Tbe box acorea: e. r t o.r.T.'rwtaa ; with 22. The Eacles will meet 624, Steve Dobovich 221-622. Walt Baranskt 223-60L John Hum S 41 ntatkaU 4 1 HNark Immaculate Conception on Sun 4 S ENGLEWOOD Superior ie often strained relations between f Armers and sportsmen Fa phrey 201-600, Joe Sylvester 233-593, Carat Dt Giame 892, Tony a t u Padillae day at 2:30 at Washington School. curacy at the free throw line yea- Galanzo 392 and Dave Cole 591, tt. r. T.i mt . a . f. T. ' and opea all lands and waters for hunting and listing, Kearny. n the next round. Para I . I II IWH, i t trKanni . ; til ramta tea AnaaM til PMtattaa t a t Yyhaa Ptlilltaa (Mdaiaa t' relay brought Eastern Christian If TATHOLIC MflMFN'S I FACI F. -i-S-v it I I,.a I 11 Waiaiaaaa a stasia . What Joe has accomplished and it ia measur its The box score: ' : , PranaM JM4 Miiifi a B0-S2 victory ever En(le- t rtrhack auUaatl Lourdca Blue won two. from Philip Gold in take one gime III 14 wood bcoool lor Boys here reater- Hodataaac ' able has earned him the respect of the farmers. For ar.t nia . r. t day. 4 I 13 11 icrm,n Larkwaaf a a rw it I ti rx I f t V, I iUjaW lead over St. 11 vac! n the which dropped a pair to Bonaventure White. -St. Joseph walloped Lourdes Gold and tied St. George KanaaU Niihiaaaal in Maa The Dutrhmea we're eutshot 24- ..tea the 54-year-old Bidgewood District Installation rore tie wva aelected bv tSe Middle Atlantic Farm uuariaaa iai I IS 14 White for third as the southiders lost all three to St Agnes, Henri I.baar HtMKha s al it u Sj Taula - baraua 22 froin the floor. But they ratthed in on IB of 21 free throws. They allowed the losers only .. aaanrtatinii ii 'Snortsman of the Year.' It was the it ti at 11 U-S4 Tatali It U J 4 4 I raa SI Snx.a S 1 11 Jmr, 4 I 14 V. .rl.aj j im rut ffcaHaal Breit tallied 198-330. Mary Van Dvte had 196-504. Angle Palmieri 214-482, Iantha Riley 432. Gene Smith 472, Marge Rio 471, Joan Txaiuara Wnltavti u n at U SlI TauW Tatata truaiaa seven free throws and Engle- 4 I 14 lis s 11 ii i at m u ti 1 It IS i 41 Humphrey 470 and Marie Bottomley 470. . ' , . li fatW Cltftaa , tS 14- wooa convened n four. Farbr Lesd CIRCLE 817 LEAtitE 1 - TaUla null t'aMpv - I - m. T' 3rm OrflcUtai Calla, Paal. ll at 411 Tata la IT M It U A two clr triumph over Belmont Liauora eave Cuone Troohi- Paaa ruia Eastern moved right out in Plflar - 4 I 14 Mnaa ( uurt I I is iri(r . first award of its kind if New Jersey and, says Joe, 'coming from the farmers themselves was one high 'honor.' "But he is quick to share such praisa with the members of the Association many of them telephone people rho have cooperated so well In promoting friend- .v; iii farmers in the Berren-Pessaic-Morris- front at the start, assuming a UaaS Oanaaal 14 SI IS IT a two tame margin. Nick Chlrtchella paced the attack with 219-203 tn i)uia i t It Htar Vji m m u 5 Offtrtatai rMr aa4 kaS. 600. Via Houten, it. scored 210-202. Bohny 202 and Smith 201 for Mu-kanar 4 a ll k..a. bO.K 13-11 first quarter edse. It ran the count to 27-21 at halitime. aarkiart t t t . Belmont. Shipley s dumped Ultra Chemical twice while Eastman Chemical aided by t'leu's 223 and Ambrogl'a 214 routed Ace When It took a 40-31 lead at the end of the third period, the ver- TauU SU; Taula i . Celtics Slrelcli -Lesd Io ? Games : Joe's. Dorbara Wigon trounced Piersms't Bar and George Carlson's Peterson Tech Rips Eosco Tech Pa-aW VaSay r t 14 11 aullar . U U It uin was cincnea. Eussez area. Interviewing farmers who have posted 211 led De Vrlcs Brothers to a triple win ever Ideal Farms. It was the second time this veer that Eastern has been able MARTOAE LEAGUES . their land and investigating landowners' (lompl&ints, re-v.aria. nronertw damaged bv irresponsible hunters. raieraon lecn. wun everv Home Builders won two games from Adam's Dioer to maintain io collect two victories In a row The Dutchmen ara now 8-1 fl scorer hitting In douhle-flaures. ! v.iinw to nroTent erosion, stocking farmland with wild the lead In the BOO division. Arena shutout Canglalosl and Twin Wilson Rrllly turned in hla ton College Boskelball Results : By the Associated Tress Tbe National Basketball Asan Oak Earms repeated the dose to Cam Builders while Plcheni and romped away wun a B8-S dect-ilon over Don Boaco Tech at the effort of the yesr for Eastern Ufa and trees, improving streams, and always asking Westaide were twin winners ever One Guy and Huyler Paper. with 21 onlnts. Tesmmstes E1 loera court last nlftut hat now experimented with prac Frank flcherri hit 243-3d6. Jim N'ally bad 223, Joe Sebo 210-576 permission to hunt on a property, even li it is not posieu !, are lomi of the practices pursued by the Assoc- Hey ana wiiaon janj, Dlj jj Bn0 Speeding to a 14-4 lead mid frank Brady 201, Nick fill I pone 203, George Fisher 942 and Al tically everything even mid it. 10 respective l way in the opening nerod Tech am Slecel oaced the loaen Plcherrl 534. ' . week afternoon games. 1 ' - Kaal -. ,i ""...v., VIM Ht la. rtarlaaatt If lwla T. Pal-raaa toara. M wrih 20 followed bv Ralph ITrslIlo Campo's walloped Art's Padlo In the, 823 circuit. Triple 0 The latest experimrtt proved opened the gap to 46-31 by half-time and roMeJ the rest of the way. Ion Bosco did get as clone as 4R-48 In the fourth qusrter but with is ana BobRe(in with 13 n.ii. (Pa) ataa tt, Man CWr lrlaa. 1 ., tmjik JarMf Raaan 41. Cllaaataia ' ' Reach won a pair from the Jolly Five and twin winners were ' 'Continued on page 29 i ne oo erore: - lation, since it was founded in 1916 by the late Dr. Phil Gootenberg, (Ed. Note Doc Gootenberg was the Out-door News columnist of the Paterson Evening News until his death). As a charter member of the organization and Its President since 1932. MondeBi realises that only - tfcrftrrh 100 per cent cooperation of the members can a success elerday. at least from a Boston point of view. Kot only r -ni . r.T again the winners poured oa the j-pira. j . ' Tfmola 44. at, J-1 (Bttys) It did 10.615 tura out at Boston power to ese away to a ten-point . r.T.!Tiai rl t tl it4 I a i its ...t 114 1 miia MS! . Iliai "'!.! bulge at 68-48. Gardta to Watch a doubleheader. nkaUa as. Hara 44 Dheda Uiaxl S, taa Tl . . , f .triwihtfwn 171, SitMiuaaaa 0 tl.-ir rn It. Prawtnr I) - IS Straight wlrfla aas III ti1? Ouanttra Maraaa lot. La-mavtta IKTI tt Actually, Bosro put totrther a lattar Tli3 Ccio Power Inilsx trinf of IS points to Come this Talala at IS Sat TalaW as 4 at close In the final period but to but the Celtics defested Bt Louis 125-112 to stretch their Easlero Division lead to seven lull games over Philadelphia. Fort Wayne trimmed New Vork 120-114 In the opener Of the daylight twin bUL no avail. W Ita Palerson Tech l.aaa4 11 It - 11 43 lesdine 49-31. Bo tee's tl ll M0H SCHWASTZ twmami Kulpert contributed two liT,p-i si. viaran4 teat va. m. rraada (fal tt hinira (Pal Tt. tJaia (Pal tt sv rraactt ( at, Matpal SS MMwaal A 4 M M. aaaaa M Ktrbiia TV OkUhaata ( h CI Ckataaa Laal II. Omak tt Saalb . ClanaS It, Iuriro it ' -.' SatbMal it Mai Ira a a M 44. TM Tatk tt taa fl. 44, PHt,. Vua( M ?. i f. a Bi.i. at ' ihois, t d liufnaeti a pair of the (MOrUli Saaaa. Clifton Defeats Eastsid Frcsk The Celt let mere aided In fat ame. Carmen Kavmond a lump TODAY'S GAMES (X Detr&Ua Soma Court) tening their lead bv Hyrscue Joe MUkuiik duiillrating, John i2m victors over rrmaucipiita Pjr Bldy a lay-up and John Marion Colgate (68X1 Colorado A a M m the night s lone fame. (IIX) a pair nf liiiiVihoU In the loier'i such a prograia bo " r"""'-" ,w lowed theie principles" he believes, "there would be no posted land in New Jersey." . "Sports mean many "other things to Joe I-fondelli . who, in his younfer days, played semi-pro football, basketball and baseball. Ee, believes, for inEtince. that participation in sports teaches one to live rijrht. He cites the Association's Junior program, cpes to boys and girls between the sjes cf 10 end? 18. The JiiEiori receive free instruction from the Wor-tecdjkt members, karn firearms safety and . cocierration and something more in Joe's . : 4?pick,n. They learn food manners and respect for their cl.1eis. Tbey karn to he godd cilU sees." , . The Eallde Freshmia court peas eilort. iid went duwp to Ha second A 31 point contribution by T'm Helnwlin. the llotv Cro Ali- At this point, however. Jack Ky 3 By is By is By By 8 uavidaon aunk a av-op and two8t in, I ndci takers found Clif oflnvenclon. eanrtw k-nrd bct tfn ; ,,.. hPiriit loo nmth of an ,.h- Fenn State 63l Denver 1581 Ptnniylvaala (32) Cornell 141) Oregon Stale ?.! ' Louisiana State (55X) South Carolina t64) Brown (47) Southern California 1 Mls.ippl (..t Oreirta (""Xl merlra, put tlte I title s'mw cn ihe road. But ami ma )oiioi eut to the Hawks' J k C!-man, who accounted fr 33 points Plavlng witb hi U-ft ino tisried Ude to oven omi. Tna 71-e By 18 By JO Dartmouth 71X) Harvard 80X . Idaho (64X1 MLMttuippt State (63) North Carolina (83X) Prinretoa ,(67X Stanford ifiRXl . Tnlane '6SXI ltI.A (73) Wahlng!oa (74X1 ilrfcat msrird the first lots for lOWLtR'S HANDICAP SWEEPS OoiM.ri m;i tl ' 11, ra. tra) CL04INU 4XIil4 to I an. iv at nr. fulls 41 aivta a, ntariaui ra. 4a Latii!t fmt-ear men. after ' By !t B? in inn rl-t to e'.tiOW. M. Louis ! Halpll leluirr)e's flowa umlrr fuh. to Start the drive that r"1' the rma out of reach for Paler-son Teih. Hen't parad th lnn- lllt IS iraskari fSiow4 ry f red liuber's 14. Ktpe'ns wis hlgh-rraa a H nme-w irmlng strrrk, " A determined tfiiva ia the fl BoO retiit. tna kaaijl'l lr'fin y I'Vmer, could garner only Uiree oa Fin 3S) ' i (Continue 'points. CtUiomla (71) - - r ,rT v 1 -v' 'y il. ..M--afc. u. I iliiV 1C w Ira rj -j.ajjjEi-.ra-;E-.-t.7r'." - aa ia2eaal3 "SS1

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