The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 24, 1932 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 24, 1932
Page 1
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Served by the United Press THE DOMINANT NEWSPAPER OF NORTHEAST ARKANSAS AND SOimiplSrTi^iufr *~* ** ^^ AND SOUTHEAST MISSOURI Blvilicvllle Dally N"»s, Rlylhovllie Herald,' ' "~ ' " ~~- --- "•-.. . :• -—•>l if»!l£f._Bjyili£Vlllt_£oiir!i!r 1 I'LY HIKVIU.K, A U K ANSAS, Tl H! I1SDA Y, MARCH ->-\, iniW INSURGENTS McElhannon Measures Gels Uriaill.TlOUS 'Approval' 1 c . > V j i Longer -Session Wauled .ovc for Girl Lands 1'rraclicr in Stale Asylum llAUKlSnUKU. 111., March 24. »— i\ strange romance witn a 30 yean liis junior ic:lay . •••.; ' tlhlireh - lo " *'»(« IIKBUIO asylum ! " :u ' r ms SCI ''I"- 111 - 1 ' 'inflations fai!:>d lo ™" 1 ' lll «' 1:i Jury of MS ^mitv. . T'l? lunncr pastor of U'._> Signal (iii " M '' !!! °iJii: cht.."ch :n »:,•; Hundreds Killed by DixieTorn.idoes LITTLE ROCK. March 24 ,UPi .. . , —By unanimous vote the senate I s . wab or: - eie(l removal lo:- cb- ! parsed the MeEihaimon hill iu- re- [ ;m ' aliu!l and tn-.t tin wit at the r,air. I fimiiliig S47.COO.OM in old road <lis- ! a . s >' u " 11 a(ti 'r l*'o mimiU's cifllti'ru- i ir:ct bonds. Iic " by n six man jury v.hich In- I « ch " l! - ' ch " lc!l uvo Fl ' cm " lo . Tli« senate al=o passed the house ! Ull Hiipraprutinj $100,000 to IK? nsxl I Fl ' for continuing the highway audit j wlile.i he ciaim?d Justified nis i for Bsers re "' J fo:nmisslmi investigation. It now! IiiiS Seie-na Weil. 17. . ow . fi=es 10 the uo-.vrnar fur M,.. ul . lve j " !Jut " any man Unuk 1 1 today a n 3 signed by sqine 23 meiti- fows. Only a few of these asked f.lil- . . - olution would not he favor." d in th? -senate, hut it was liroiigat mn |j-,c adjourn with -.lie from Firs; Corinthians. .seventh chapter. Action (o declare the minister insane WHS .sought by his f.imlly u-.-en Miss weil'a lather icok out a wr.r- lant (or his arrest, oji Maim ,-IL-: charges after Beers vi<ii'.2cl in Missouri and Kansas wit)) t.:c »irl. senate cannot house iinwiilinL' I t- -., ~~ ; .,,,.- ! Evidence was lntro:!nc:-d jshowln" It was believed the measure was the pastor bought expensive jewel/" 5-llhSl 11 lllt-rt fni- ATin f-\:.i . _ i. _ . . ,- . " _ _ . J *• •*. ililntcd for one said lo have been prepared ycwlcrday v.-hie.h asked Uiat Oov. Harvey Panull be hei. It was tlicnghl the lat- nnd lingerie [or Miss Weil. "I love the yh-l baiter than «»>•- iin-j in the wor!:], 11 Bssrs s.iid. "I :ove my wife and mo rhlltlivr. also. ter resolution would b: intrcducecl bin in "a different kind'oTio've Tl i •iy Curtis Cannon at an early date, am cure;! of my insanity I would Wnula Itrvamp ccmmi^ion I like 10 reeiucr the ministry." A bill asking that the pie.senl i highway commission be abalish-d and n new one be created was planned lo be presenlcd in U'.e house today by Hep. Charles Fleming ol St. Francis county. : It provides the commission eons:si ol seven insteas of four as a; present They would be :gh3sen I i om the seven con8ressional"'disiri6iE of the slate. The measure requires Ihnr each menitcr exoculc 525.000 bond. and wc.ijld •)>rohlbh nnv memb»i having :ih interest in any contract. The house would choose tl?e'com- missioners to serve until January 1. 18:i'j. Tlielr siieccKoi-.s won 1 .!] be chosen at the. general election in ' November. Frank Watson Tells of Effort to Have City Electric Plant Sold. WASHINGTON. March 2-1. (UP) —The federal traic commission was ^ivcn te=(imo:iy lo:lay designed tc . i: .')cw the connection between the Arkansas-Missouri power co:n]«ny and the IiiMiil yrct.i! of |:ntliu iiiil- itijs lln-oush IV.; Inland and Cc.-m- n;on«calih ponvr and i.isiu Co Examiner Willinm liorn'iostinjt on December ji. 1930. siartin J; Insull. Chicago. »as president ol /ill tlni'c coinpanijs. .. Commission Chief Counsel Rob- '' <rt E. ncaloy summoned 1'rank Watson. Jcncsboro broker, who testified he ».IE the of t : :e "Property Owners Lengus" jf jctirs- boro. the purpose of which, he saii, was to bring about, the sale of the "to anvbody. a power' com - poiver plant either the city or . Reveals '.'Cost-Plus" -Contractors Determined (Their Own Prices. •••-.-• LITTLE HOCK. March 21. iUP) --Control over pric?s cf mnlerinh used on ccsl plus jobs on Arkansas highways was practically surrendered to the contractor, testimony before the highway audit commission brought out today. It was not much attention had been given to the purchase of supplies. It seemed today as if the commission was bnildln; n;i the ground wort: whieh will lead to real revelations in the near future. V. A. Klelber, auditor ot the hig;i- v.:iy department, was Oie first witness. He was asked if he did not think that funds collected en the Havahan viaduct wher. it was a toil bridge and which were placed in an outside bank should have hud protection and ihnl Interest should have been demanded. , SINGER COPIES FJVR, I t-sl Cotial Pliirus Toll of j loniatlo ir\ South al 354 Lives. HlltMlNCUlAM. Ala.. March 24, lUPi —Hellf-f iig;iicle* ccllrclixl .lood, cloli:lng. ami medical -i.pp!!?i J i,nd other IK n-ssttii'?, ur.d dlsi'.atch- id limn \\iih all p3s-lb> .sp-jjd 10- ' ; liay lo M-QIT.S u[ roinmnnll 1 .^ ".by-' u:Maic:l b> the lormtilo Men-ay nlxhl. j 'Hie ol burying the :lc.ul I which al IIIM couui totaled ;I54 In live aliened siMe:.. untied survlv- _ K-sldi'iu-,. Helief work was or- canln-d umk'i- cliii'clltMi cl tin 1 Hf.l -s In Alab.una where in ]?asl were killr,!. hundreds injured, cunnikss thuu'ands made homelcv-. Olllclul* al Chmion, county seal of Chlllon cciiuUy, tnclay vepmled 60 known dead In thai rauily akin;, by yz the total »f' 311 ti- yiwfoi-dny. O'.ller nanKs were .ex|:ected lo lie aildi 1 :! lo tlu- dftilli | lists.' i Known dead In oilier Mates In- Indcd .H lu Gcorulii, HP in Ten- ifsjee. Iwo in Kenlucky. and two local authorities vvcvc believed to COIK with relief problems In those slates. Oov. n. M. Miller of Alabama tallied (lr.-;t hand knowledge Df con- on a lour of Inspection yes- lerday In an ellori- lo organize slate rellal. Red Crow workers pcnctrat- vd other stricken .sector*. ApiiealK lor donnilons for the relief (mid were broaditiM by rndio and In the neuspapers. and _______ A £cri:s of tornadoes swept ihrousli the southern states. Alabama^ Ocomia. Tennessee Kentucky - . ma. ennessee Kentucky an Sotilli Cai-olln.1 mid took a toll of 354 liics. rtizetl towns, and did millions of dollars damage to piopc'ly These photos show typical scenes in the devastated urea. Tho photo.', were tai.en in the rains ( ,[ Koniipoi Alabama, where 20 were killed and the town was Practically l;v;led. ; Memphis Jewel Robbery, i Traced to Jobless Man ilfELT ESS! The commission counsel introduced into (he record a teller written b~. \Vfitsci; to ih? mayor and board of commissioners of the power plan Apiil 21. 192S. telling these officials of the league's plan ta sell ;he ,va;- er and light plant and promi.dne lower electric rates if the sale were ma:c. A copy of this letter was inserted ns an advcrllsem.vU in (l.r Jsncstoro Tribune. "I had no definite assurance." Wa;.«cn said w.:en asked as to the prt.ailsn cf tower rates, "but I be- licvrt! th.' would have been lowered." The witness said, that his brcth- IT. C. C. Watson, owner of the Lake Ciiy, Ark.. Sun-Times, helped 'finance the move lo sell Uic J')ne>i.oro p~wer plain so the. |K)w- i-i company. Kcely planned next to call loj 'he stand w. O. Troult. editor ol I •he Joncsboic Evening Sun. \\lio :;• expected l.i %'m testimony cOii- u-inln^ there arlver.isiir.eius. there was an average of 583.009 on Jt'iiosit over a peric.-l of throe years which was no; drawing interest and which would have brought SS.CQO in returns if interest .-.a:, been paid. There was, nothing received on the -tccctint. Jim Q. Blaekwcod. highway dc- urdtisnt purchasing agent and a .-elative cf Divight Blackwaod. high- •''.ly commfeion chaln.nn. also schcdnlrd to testify today. C. S. Coiuunt. member of the ccnstruction company cf u:at name, will appear, it was thought, seme time this wee!;. Hi.s const ruction company is one of those which it has been revealed did work en stau rends on a c«t plus basis. Win Fight for Return of Crittenden Votes MEMPHIS. March 21 (Op, •_ "Jh.incellu- D. W. DcHaven. today -.iiitod a piea cf j. c. Johnson t^'odian of Cnllci boxes for'Crit- cr.den comity and supporter o( •h:n(T Hucum Ciirlin, to remove he school eleciion ballot boxes tc '.!eri,r.v Ark., for cerlincation The boxes were placed in First Vationrii br.n:-: va]i;ts lierr when Int^ff of fraud end election ir- sgi:l:n-ltks wtre made. The boxeo •verc held under two attachments ed by the Mississippi county elec- • ni (I1IT lion commission In session al Os- Ul jjll I ceola this morning. The cotinnis- | 1 H1U I £ion is composed of Miss Emma ^"11 I Cos and D. F. Taylor sr.. of Osccola and Tom M.-.rlin ol Del!. Officials named for the election lo b; held April 5 are: First ward bo.'i a; city hall: Ira Parkhurst. R. B. Sloi.t and J. I,ouis Russell MaiT. clerks. Second ward box at Phillips Mo- , tor company building: Virgil Greene, M. A. Isaacs and E. C. Pat- i Ion. judges: Jal:c Ungnr and C. G. ,JL pmach - - <he lvc " k »°«» h " lth u/vHm.,,, -invb* tooti, Is to bo canned for the s '.nd n writ of inter-pleader. TI-" brought before ballols are Ihc county board cf education at Marion this af!en:o::i. •Tump Fails lo Stop Stuttering , Fin. (UP)—R. B. Shcafer suffered from stuttering for tno years folfercln? an automobile ncc.rtent. n? mutlc a 1.500 foot par- arhwc jump from an airplane li-ere in an attempt to cure himself of the . mem failed till exprri- Grindstone Kills BAKERSVILLE. N'orth Carolina <UPi — Kami nryant, 32. was. Killed by a large fragment of ir.'iidsloiu;. which broke from the revclvlnj wheel as he was sharpening an iiv-lrumenl. He svfTc-si! l rccc a fractured skull. MEMPHIS. March 2-1. lUPl — Tljell of .several thousand dollars : worth of jewelry from a pew in a downtown church early toiay was ; traced to an unemployed r.-iilrcari mechanic. John Law of Nashville. Arrangements for Aonl 5 Balloting Made at OSCC- ,. Folicc L a "'cslcd Law shortly after ola This Morning. Judges and clerks for the Blythe- . election were nim- Ihc secretary-treasurer of a large tobacco firm here, had repined I •• thelt. 1 George Greb Announces • Blytrievillc Ca n n i n g Company's Program. Hedman. clerk?. judges: U. W. Mnlllns and Jack Hcrncr. clerks. time by the Blylheville Carries Every County But One in Contest With Proxy for Gamer. ATLANTA. O.I., Ufar. 24 lUPl — Gov. Franklin O. Roosevelt of New Vork has won GeoiRlu's 28 vot-:-, In the Democratic nallnnnl convention :x the most one-sided vole ever recorded for n candidate lu a presidential preference primary. He has won every county with the possible exception of one where behiied ivlnrns might turn the margin one way or the other, lie has won n total vote that is from leu to Iwenlv limes that registered for John N". Gamer. 'Texas, speaker of ihe I'.ousci of reprcscii- Inlives and the imly olher candidate. The Georgia vote brought Roosevelt's total o! convention vot.-e (o 01. They are: Alaska. S; New .Sheriff's Deputy Announces Candidacy for County mid Probate Clerk. Two World War V«ts Succumb to Wounds LONDON. iIM'i-Sixlccn years after the Bat'.le ol the Comme, wounds on the same day. manager of ihe company. Mr Cli-cu ;* nm< ^mniciinsariv- age for bean and spir.ach pre:liu> , . . tion. This spring only abo: 1 .: sifl on a contest acres of beans will !>-• ronlr.u;-:: I .'r and Cudce G by the Blylheville firm as rmnpi-'d lanla. entered atclv 1W> :ic:v. !.i« ner. Hamp'hlre. 8: Moilh Dakota 9; Washington. 115: Mimic-sola, '2428. The vole in Oeorcla \va f based | !c[en lot IWfen nooscvell II. llnward of At- wctl Flceman. who has been acting as ofiice rlrputy In the sherill's cilice .since January. 1020. has nil- tlioriMd (he Courier News lo an- nounce'his candidacy for the olflci cf-county nnd prolnte clerk of MLv -sissippi 'c-rnmty. Alihoush Mr. fleeinnn has novel iifpiretl to any public olllee his du- tlf:; ns deputy sheriff have, consisted chiefly of clerical work, whicl he bnlieixs would l>e of great tonic-fit to him In the cilice he seeks IJiirine Ihe lime !:c hns b;en li: Blylheville he has gaine:! ilu I friendship of many local clltens I Mr. FlceiiKin was born In Mis- .'bfipjii comity, where he has mace his home since. He is 3D years eld His education uas received in (lit Manila schools and at Hendrix college. He lau^lil school In tills ccun ty for two veins r.fler receiving hl_ colleqe education. He was rear« on a farm ami has been actively In- tcifited in this noil- all Ills' life, having rcnuv] hu land on shares since 1059. Mr. Fireman rces nol claim to be .1 politician but feels capable of handling th» rouniy clerk's cfflce In a very efficient ;'t-.d trustworthy manner. Belnc a taxiiaycr and understanding (];,. iKsltiou of th: las- Payers, he stair-, i hat he Is ivillins lo abide by tl:e l;iw in regard lo (eprefentallve I-'lorclle, 11. l,a Ouar- lln. above. Itcpubilcan hiMirgcnt roni New Tork, slnrkil the revolt iBUlnsl Hie sulcs lax feiiture of Uic muse i-oieinii! which tuluilnaled in Is defeat today, lie \t im.advocate "' hlnher Inronii! and Inhrrliuncc Ihe office. lie feels lhal he J-indJe Ihe oflire a^ \\ell as an 1 " .. ' proxy for Gav-:fJHan V/omen Uatifiit Saved fvntn Starratinn j i EAST LANSLVCJ. M.!ch. tUPj— ' Rabbits, ivhte had ealcn thsm- • Should Match Eye Color Following f,v, recent severe op- ^ t0 the RCrC ' cralions as a resiill of wounds ' n „ uum Mar vau->n nere oy stat T Frederick corfc. 37. -paw-'. Pet Cemetery Has Cared T v i tic , n oillc '" r5 ' ' !b ~ rill>ti over" in the Hospltnl El Doret. : P. u • „. , .^ „ - ?.' OJC 1 ''} n f™^ off se« Eclvrs out of a home, ivere .save.. from starvation here by state con- serv.iticn ofllccrs. 'fhe'r.ibtlls, ih- :icn of 'rimcntal Hospltnl El r3oret.:i7 M , r' T Vn V ?K '" ' f " 1C °" Of; ! He recclv-1 his wounds In the ! f Or Wan S Friends 40 Y«. »»c Gr.ihnm Expjrimeiiti Sonime taltle. I werc s'arvin? wlwn the oiTiecrs re moved them lo li;e t.irm of HaroM nme bailie. . Boyd." of the Second Auckland ' SfURPny, N. c.. (UPi—A beau- On the same day. John Lewis lifl11 Plot of ground rear hire is Light Infantry. In Ihc New Zea- j 'lotted with comparati-.ciy cMien- lanrt forces, died here from wounds ! siv e marble and granite Storey. Studfntr IUdlrl "Holibj-" House LONDON', red hair S |M;;.YI Women wilh towns to SHAWANO. Wlscontin. IUI>) - enrje Or' Rriord Suun-moiUhci) B.iss JACKSONVILLE, Horida. IUP) « his — Th« "l.ireesl small-mouthed cull but,ens. some safely I black baas ever seen by man," pins. Blssj and ether malc-rlnU In welshln,, 13 pounds, eight ounces. ?irie " : 7 nces f ul M ™& =>V sul- v K caujht by W. \L ( Rod) ' tide, while he was held in jail Kennedy r.n Lake Gertrude, in Here mi a charfte of for»ery. . i akp county. Fla-. recently. I stones lo mark ihe Rnal :-:i::ncr , Place of animal and bird pi-!; ol i KEN'DAl.l. ORHEN. Mas.5. (UP) j •.residents in ihis viiinitv ri-:r:n? —A "Jiobby hou ; i" l:as been bill! 1 . the pail 40 ye.ors ; nn Ihe canipi's by pupils ol the Among tho imna:<"> .':'<• "«'is. Cambridge school without the e:,- ca ts, monkeys, doss. .qi;:rn.-;s,: pcr.dltuve c£ o:;e |)?n'iy for labor. parrots, bantams and a ir:3co:k. .Tile attractive mid sturdy siruc- Many of the gra\es art- doited ( turc, 30 fsst t^u.ue and 18 fee.t with ts-o hiouncis. wllln; tin 1 ''-'"I'*' ; high, w-lll hoiiv: machlnerj' and of llio inability of one ir.av m live o'.her equipment [or use In manual loillf without, (he nthc-r l.-,,l,,;,,™ mmch the color of iheir eyes, British dress dwicii^rs say. Rod-haired mannequins In al.- 1 most all |} !( , recent f.tfhiou shows have followed this rule and qain- frt distinct f.ii'or ,tmon£ buyers. Brown ienernlly is considered Ihe "snfesl" ro'.or for those with red hair. If ihey have brown eyes. Ihe effect is doubly pic.isinif. Pule shades, nolab'v biscuit and white, also are popular. Survey Points Possibilities in More Efficient Cotton Production. WASHINGTON, March S4. (UP) •An ' IncreRM of .•JS.MO.JOO.OOO lu the ten year Income of American luii growers, r.ndi Uic protfuctlai; of ihe American cotlon crop 'on one half of ihe present acreage, are prnrllcnl imwibilllic. 1 !, ^Inrace Bnw- kcr, president of the American Ai(- rlcuUiiral Chemical cominny, sou loday. Tn a survey which was snbmitlec to President. Hoover and'Secretary of Agriculture Hyde, Ilowkcr pointed out thnl by using only the better land, rifiht seed, proper Ullage nnd careful ciiltlvntlon It would b- possible lo Increase the cotton ylclc From iOO.l pounds of lint per ncre the 1931 national avei'W. lo -IK pounds jwr acie. By Increasing Ihc \xr acre ylsl.- 107 per cent, the survey said, tlti production cost of each pound o coilou would be reduced from-Ins; season's record low national average of 12 cents lo 0.4 cenls per iwunr ol lint. Commenting on ihc general col- Ion dui.njon, Bowkc-r said: "While I Iwlleve America Is In no danger of losing its supremacy a! a cotlon producer, one of Hi? soundest ways by'which lo protect am Improve Hie present iXKilion k Iy a consistent well directed etfort li reduce product Ion costs. "Tlie lower cost, of production, l!:< sounder Is the position of any Industry or Individual mill Ihereiu Therefore, while aUeullen is wisel) concentrated on hicteased price.* improved nuallly, and a hvc.itleiiK market for cotlon. it is of at leas! (.mini importance to devote unro mlttiu; attention to reducing pro. ductlou eoHs." Wreck Near Marianna Costs Lives of Two MARIANNA. Arh.. \htcl\ 24 1UP —Two men were killed near ':cr e.irly today when their skiddto In loose gravel and overturned. F. !l. Bind-well was inslanlls killed. Will On-, driver of the ear jwas uninjured in ilie wreck, tnt »a; 'inn clown by n car ccnt.iining foui negro men iviillc tryiue to flag dowr help. He was taken to a Helen: btit died shortly after nr. riving. ftu N'mmally, Marianna r.cgr. leader, driver of the cm; Is i;ein' held In j.ill here. iVlct-ius Billion Dollar Revc-. nuc Bill Must Be Com-' plclcly Rewritten. WASIIINQTON, Mnrcli 21. I UP} —The :«5 uor cent salc>i tax pro-" pasn] was rcjnovcd from llio billion dollar icvcnue bill by ihe lucent" ' rank and Die of the boi:ve loday. The action wrecked UK las bill proposed by Hie coalition of Democratic niir; Republican leaders It means the bailured leuilfis will ligw . lo lake their bill back to com- IM in- another effort to -rlevUp" a plan for ral.^incf the $1.0WJ.CKK).M3 necessary to baJnncc the biiclset:'.-!";. The vote was 223 to 153. .',.•-'•"''• The voto was by teller, count.'The . ousc rase and passed by ihc (ell-: • who counted the members as .. passed. After aminunccin:nt-of he vote Acting .Chairman Crisp of he ways and means commute.-- look - floor to invite any mcmbcr-of' opIKisltlon to coiuluci tire fur• coiir'e of (lu> bill, . .; ' 1_ have lost ti:e rluhi. is: fin-;" " mitnngc this bill." Crisp saici i vo.ce IrembliiiK with emotion. Trumann Pair Held for, li Counterfeiting Nickeli JONKSBOJJO, Ark;-oihafn Con- . way. 2T, an>l Hubert Busby, 23; : nr " ferieml priaimcrsiln the "county -" here, •charged »'llh counkr^ felling five- rent pieces. • .''.-•.' They were arrested at Ti'Umonn 1 ' i tlu act-of stampjng crude" hick-'^ Is.out of lead. U.was ihclr In-.'\ lenllon, , : they. inld, not fo lr y I" • puss .th«. home'rinade five . cent- oleccs; b.iil iodise th-iir In slot". ; tnji'- chines. --'---. I'-.V'^.--^'. -<'.'-. •--• _-:.;.'y,i,'. : Moen Provide;! Rainbow WEAVERVII.LE. North Caiolina. Upi — A number of residents ere reported they snw a rainbow ' he Underworld CKaractev Dis. anpnared about .t h 'e Time of Abduction. - ; irOPEVVELL. N. -J. Mnr. 24 : (UP) —Two underworld characters .J&II-: ed kidnapers by police W.:,TC'sought"'- lottay as police continued efforts. to find some clue to the kidnaping of baby Charles Lindbcreb/ Jrii Abie. Wagner, known in N?w York underworld circles, and Hnr- rv Fletcher, n .former member of • '.he Dclroit "Purple" R.inir. arb th?- iwo men police announced -. they wanled to question. Neilher has ; 'xw seen for several weeks.. Wngnor was seen in central-New • Icrsey shorilv before- Ihe kidnap- ing. Since then h> has iioioeeu seen and his actioas at the-Mine of the kidnaping have not' .bcjn reported. - -.', , Unsubstantiated iv.oovls wero that Wagner and Fletcher were associated now. •- .. bobbin Star's Comeback Down in North Carolina LAURINBURG,'N. C.'(UPI—Tho ' Lauriuburg Exchange has noM an Increase of horscdrawn ' vehicles here since the depression: "The 'horra and bujgy are rom- inff back, Laurinbnrg iconic have- obsej'ed of lale. A topbuegy drawn by a mule one day last week al- Iracted almost as much allentlon as tha aiuomobile did 20 years m;o. Buggies are becoming more numerous on the roads and in lown. as peopie go back (o ihis method of uansportaiion, which is cheaper than the automobile. "Not only buggixs ot various slyles and types, but Uic two- wheeled jig and the cart are coin- In? back, ft is not unusual to sec one of these outfits on a hllchlnj lot here Saturday." . • WEATHER . al ni^ht. tlur'.nj a near-full moon. I recently. The cnlcrs v.-oro no; krll- Hani, but all colors of Ihc spec- I rum were provided by a combination of elomls. light and mist. Illinois Politician Victim of Machine Gun Attack COI.LINSVILLE. 111.. Mar. 24 'UP)—Two men, one a former deputy shetiff of SI. Clair county were machla? gunned to deatl near here early today after apparently being overtaken by anothrr automobile carrying th?" killers. Joseph Colonc, 43, Coilii)5Ville politician and former deputy sheriff of St. Clair county. WHS found 'with 35 ballets In lib body, slumped In the seat ot an automobile.,,... .,, _„., „„ ,. The body ol CharUs Bower; was i tiire was^f desr'xss'and' the'wini- found 20 fet-t away on the Irish-1 mmn 50 degrees, cloudy with .03 va v- ..... ^ I inches of rainfall. , ARKANSAS — Cloudy, possibly fhfl-.v-j tonight and Friday. Warmer toniqht. Accortliivi; to thj official weather oNcner. Charles Plillllps, jr.. • the maximum temperature hero ycs- (crday was SO depress and th« minimum 33 degrees, clear. 'Today a >' C; "' a S° U'e nia-xliaum tempem-

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