The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 23, 1932 · Page 10
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 10

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, March 23, 1932
Page 10
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•-PAGE -'"' Vr ' }r ' :V 'Ancient Arkansas Relics Hold" Key to Vanished Civilization NEWS Giant Windmill Tower* Planned by German | in (ii«cusiiii» nwsimaiion. wnik or raid tlie PIII-IKKS of prnallic-.s 1 bill If tlie public ntlltmlp clcmnmli •10| maimr.olli windmills which claim 1 ; If follo'.vcd mil. would siip- ply piiniii-.h i-lrttilr ]x>wcr for nil ol Clt-iiniiny :it u CIKI itf one pU-n- nl« IK-I- kilowatt lurnr. lloimof KOI, his idi-a ilurinc construction of die liSO-mpler radio tower. Accorluii to Ills (te.ljrn, a to»vr ^70 im-ti-is hlijli would be built, like a radio tower. Crossbars :a the top would support hoilxon- lally three ui'int wind wheels, enih v-'ith n di.iiueter of 100 luet- .vs. Hi- tin-hues Urn 00 .inch KI'.-.I l .. : n.-ili-.-.i-.illy |il!n-'--(l through u'X (irviiKitiy. rcnild, in connection will: tin; i-\isiim' walct'-iiown- pliur.-. :>;ipp'v the rnlirc- f-o'.intry. mitted In moments- of passion by men of otherwise llawless cliatac- ti.-r. Klc'impliiir, on the other luii-J Walker said, usually involves ii'v- mcditcitlon. vl.scl6iu; malice nml purposive execution for financial gain. Hwe are tome of the ancient TV Muii and (heir dbcoterer, I). Uov many to 1« tbe oldest trace of ma and they huy be Uir oidrtt ever •TO. J(*fESBORO, Ark.—Tile strmce prehistoric mounds of northeast Ar- kansa,5 and; sou'.lieas.t,'MUsonri may hold a Itak'ihat nmy help .wive tlic greatest of srcbacologlfal mysterlci —Atlantis, the comment. pe-cint discoveries by mi intrepid turiorl hunter and amateur nrcliae- oligfat, D. Rowland, give some basis to; the hone. Rowland, a gunsmith 6y tirade, hns been probing Into Hie dim past for more than 30 yours. Evidences of an ancient- people , ihich he has unearthed now grace museums In many places In tlic form of stone Idols. Images and .''cnslls. Four articles which Rowland dis- «W*M la jils latest expedition are to'*-sent to 1 the Smlthsonlnn In- mljj(j|jtelf 'part In'establishing th, rei0rd,6{ human.races before the c^wri'l of history. " .'.Pilous discoveries of Rowland h»« tod to the belief thai the curios he-Bigs up'were Aft \tj u race only sli|;rV*-antedating 'the American Iml&. ,•-.-Bu.1 croons ihr latest of his «Jcs r ,«t» .crude stone images mat .r««mbl«' elephants, /hlnos. "amels.irxrothcr anmlals that did not live on the North American continent within the geological period in which man Is plated. Were these strange people predecessors of the once mighty Mayas, whose civilisation.bloomed In Central »nd south America before ths Says of tlie Egyptian' I'harohs? With scientists turning more and more la l!:u bullef that Atlantis, legendary lost continent, existed ai!d .that the western hemisphere ui.n- prove., to hn.vo-been the cradle of UPS found in Arkansas .-nnl .liis- '•ind . . . they arc bullcvcd by n -ever round In .Vorili .\jiuT.Ya Icinid ;ui>ulirrr. man. Interest in Ran land's discovery has been . n:crc;u::n;. ' Rowland'Is'nol talkative. Hi:; i-x- pcdllloiK nre made seemly and the t Mwnes of many of his discoveries nrc known to no one bin ltiim.e!t. Hn lias developed n "sixth u-n.,e" whleli enables him to [hid the c.-ich- as of nnicles left by these ancient people, often (heir inoinids have keen flattened by erosion nnd overgrown with gioat trees, but he finds them uneiTlniily, wldoni making a futile excavation. Roplund, 75, lias been dual foi 20 years, but he pursues his hobby with boyish cnUuiHasm. His Interest in relics lefl by early races v Kim with discoveries made while tainting (rcasuro. He hus never found any ticnsnre. out sonic of [he curios lie has unearthed have brought lilm fancy prices from museums and repaid lilin for his work. ^im'n" IV • UT To Cut Meteors GIIEEN DAY. WIs. (Ul 1 )—fi< len- tisls who say Urn meteors nve .',o hard they cannot be sawed are mistaken, accovdlni,' to :li'scripllons of Ihe proces.i which Willlnm 11. Lu- CHS, cnVlntier. KIIJ'.S he hxs cmjj'.oyci 1 surccssfidlv for Uili piirpcic. i Lucas tol:l of i uuhi'i Ir- rfviiiar J!KC|)-:C| iiieuars in 1 dilfi-rcni. ]):<vt.-; of this :inJ other countric';. H.' .--aid lu: u'a.-n! tin, meteor to )»• ;.:i,vc:l ];i :t -.vo-j:len I txix mid then jwnrfil hot in i nrouml it ;>roduclr.t; n n".nl:,:- :h:in- cd cast \\i>ich w:ts cooled :iv, J iilaced on a ho'.iwnual milling nn-.-lihi.'. '1're meteors \uve ? Ivjlf-lnch slabs, machii! on one sidi 1 . and the pi,ire wlicr' found etchod uprm thcsii. All of (hem were fin Imrd that, they coul:' not be cut with a linvtl file i.-.icaf snld. Mayti Democrats Will Hold Campaign Rally HAYTT, Mo.-A IXmocrnllc rally K to be I'.cld at the armory hail Wednesday evening. This Is one of n series of monthly Democratic meetings tor Pcmls- 1 col county during the 1932 cam- jjwiftn. I The main speaker will \r. Ovvllle IJ. Kimmcrnian of Kenneii, Mrs. J. w. RhodM. commiltre- I vvoman • for Haytl toivi.ship n-|]l I>re5lde. : The llayli Municipal bnn:l will i furnish nni.nlc. Depression Didn't Hit Colorado Tax List COLORADO SPIUNGS. Colo I (OP)—TIICIT, nmy be a depression on, bul It docs not show in the county (iciisiirer's office here. Prepared for the M-O-S-. nfiM-'- conijiared tnx colL'vtions fov thf- j nrst two months of Ifm with I (hose of (he same months last I year. 1 With fear and trembling they bronchi Ihe books side by side. They discovered that StOO.OOfl more in lax money had been paid Into the county coffers tills year Hum last year. Head Courier News Want Ads. Montana Considers Death for Kidnaping DtJTTE. Mont. (lOT—As a result of i he kidnaping of baby Charles A. Uixlbcrgli jr., the c'citlli pemltj irmy to incnrpsralcd inn the criminal slaiiitcs c.f nKmliina .vlatin? to such crimes. S'.ntr Sriiiitai- T. J. \V.iIk?r, ftuttc attorney, plans to sponsor such a no mem I MrW LOW PRICES S/-.--r[j;rf Roadster.. $675 P"<i l icM Coup* ("1*55 StandardRroiigham. 095 Slivtlartl Coupe rn'r/j KnmUfSrat 733 Custom Roafotcr 775 Standard4 iloorSedan 775 (HtJll ntvllrau.l S,leu> Cn«toni t-iloor Satan . 835 CtiftontGin". Coupe.. 815 Ci/i/o/n Com-. Sftltin . . 975 (All t'rices F.O.B. Factory) In Motor Corporation nof Chrysler Motors Or?r a kundrcii AulonolMc Editors at Waldorf. Anoria tfrf-t irtr injpccl«J lh<- oir . . . apprnitcd it, lahc . . . thfti gattieJ at tlir price... ifccy oicrogeif }UO too higM • "Gentlemen... here is the new DeSoto. Examine it.Gixsathe price and write il<lp%vn." Those motor c*r experts knew their business. They knew value?. So they looked ... and examined... and guessed. Imagine it! Their guesses averaged exactly $130 too much! By every standard, of judgment these editor* were light. By ever)' test you can name Ihe new DeSoto bc!on£« in a higher price- class. By its beauty. Its lines. Its engine. Its mechanical features. Its smallest detail. It's acomp!el<> upset of the uldprice-cbsscs. It means that btamy . . . sophistication ... style... are no longer costly luxuries. Il means ihc thrill of Floating Power ihccascofaiiAutomalicClutcIi . . . llicfafcty of all-sieel bodies and hydraulic brakes . . . with an economy price tag. Sco it for yourself. Bryn Mawr Dean Favors College Examinations KANSAS CITV, Mo. (UP)— Examinations should never ke cut mil 'if a eo'.lt-^e curriculum, accordi'ii; to Mis. Helen Tiift Manning diviii of nryn Miitt-r college, who dKa- lirec.s with ctrtain educators tl'iit examinations have outlived thi'ir "An cxamlnnllon Is an education- i nl devicu- In Itsdf," she saltl whi'p on n vIMt, heie. "Many types o f , x , i umlimilons mlijht bu objected 10 ' of course, bin there hardly can. !>•• I any valid objrctlon to asking direct i und well founded questions on :i : .subject, thai, hns been studied." J Still on~Wheels '. Puzzles Officer 1 BUJIUNOAMB, Cal (UP)- A s-mi K nothing new in the life of I'o- 1 lice Olllcfr Al Miincn. uut a stil ' on wheels, operating at full bla^' is .someibinjr that caused Afnrbi lo f.eralch his head. | He illd, bin he arnwlod Joe Costa in whose partc<l truck he found s -'•till In opeialion. Costa said he kept, the slin oo '•Uhi|; so ihnt liu wouldn't Ke- :niy time while tinnsixirtin^ -it i- Pan Francisco. Now coila is loslir ' ie in the county jail. KRKOIt WAS CORRECT BOSTON. (UP)-Tho Boston cllv directory of 10:11, ihroiigli n i ym Rraphical error, listed Rim-ri- Judge Clinrles llenrv Doni'in-> "a .supreme court justice. T^.-» ')!•••>- lory seems to have been i)vo->'.:etic for Juilse Daimhue recently, "'a' • to the supreme court I 8 For Easier and the New Season Tfrtie T rtr?nv Matinee— ?•.% - N'i^t— Adni.— Malince— 10 and 30c Night— 10 and 35c I Sue 'FREAKS' Suits The- are handsomely tailored of fins all wool materials.... Tweeds, Flannels Cheviots . . . . Basket Weaves .... Fine Her- riiiKtoiicfi. Popular two-but•••' cols with peaked, or notch lapels . . . grey, blue, tan—of the new so;shades. Value uuequalcci . . . . dead-line on this price Saturday, March 26. Formerly priced $22.50 11 .25 Hats— FJa v,o:-Uy felts in Snow f ' % : -i Cnnt Tan. £m-> or c. r brlir.. New style.: . . . Ne\v colors . . .' New low- prices. New-= pmiQ^y 1*^ hr ff-;'/i IOVE! [ ^ s»s- GEM THFATRE anJ Thursday '* ''" -5''? Atatince — 2:15 - Night— fi : .J5 Atlm. — Matinee and N'iuht— 10 and 2nc - $3.50 W.T.BARNETTADTO SALES 117 East Main St. ,„ ,, ... Hlythcvillo, WATERK BRIDGE with ]\Iae Clavkr am] Kent Dou^i;iss Also New sniul (\,tn,,. *<> Fir.pir; S'ats, genuine Broadcloth Shirts featuring the Ever-Firm Crliar. will not r WliJ'" or blue. Sizes H u 17, Last year's value, $1.95, now Others 59c - 77c Trousers — The odd frouscr has come .ntc Its oven . . . ne»- nr- in-nls in Nub Flannel. Crash. Tweeds in t'rey, tan. blue and mixtures. Wear them with coats of darker shades. Wide, gennink leather BcIU - - 49c and 05c Rayon Shirts, Broad- cleth Shorts, m.itchtd colors of prach, blue or fir't^n, ptr set - 49r New Spring Neckwear - - - He ana 95c. Fancy Rayon .Sox, ntw patterns, I9c or 3 piir for ----- »c Pullover SwMtfrs, tan, blur and frren at Jl.« and 51.95 Cnranette Caps, new cotora ggc AfljusUble Caps at 48c OVERALL New prices on Blue Buckle Guaranteed Overalls and Jumpers. 89c Boys, marie just i,-ke dad's, sizes 3 to 7 at 40c. Sbcs 8 lo 12. 65c. Sizes 13 (o 17. 75c THR GRAND LEADER One Smart Styk after Anotk Is Making Its Bow for Easter WO NEW DRESSES Arrived this morning and priced to further demonstrate our leadership. .. : New FROCKS of Itoshanara, IIoucIc, Jtrit'o ;iml Flut Crejxjs . . . Solid Colors ;tml I'rints. One ;>wl two piece stylos . . . liirjfo cape t-'dllai-i ... . lace trim . . . soil' trim «i-.l a profuse iisu of buttons and brilliants . . . all copies or Jiig models. 1C Frocks New Desirable .Small I'rints Styles nnd colcrs thnt you will weai- long after Enstej- . . . worth S9.15. but ycnir choice now . . $(^90 New Knit Frocks Beautiful ran^e of J.-nitl«l frrcks in all shades with contrasting (rlni . . . complete sizs nunc Copies of Hand Made Sweat ers With bright csbreU stripes" or in solid colors. Children's Silk', Frocks Clever little styles ... all pastel shades . . . and e*cep- m'-i fional values - ... -J.L Children's HATS Newly nr- $4 rived styles C* CQ * I In many ?1 .03 X colors of I straps-. ^'t/ 7 .', Pmc'lcalify and Price Appeal ' in our EASTER COATS Some will) rich fur trimmings, others in the clasUc tailored vcefr-r and polo styles that .ire so popular lor sports-xvear . . . Rut all of them unusual at tliese Iniv prices. Values to S7.!)") Valttps lo Sl.j.To $7.90 7 Values (o S2I.75 $ 14 ! $ 4 New, Wanted Suits Two and three piece models tailored of novelty n'oolens and Knitted styles. $ Pric« T>«n- on&lra 11 o n w ^RAND New Easier Millinery $1.79 V a I u c PHONE 22O Ota^

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