The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 23, 1932 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, March 23, 1932
Page 8
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PAGR SU Boston's Second Hand Rookies BLYTirEVILl.K. (ATtIO COU1UKK NEWS M«ot OU«l McKechnie's Conglomera- of Rookies Do Pi-eliy . Well Otherwise, HY.WI1.UAM ItltAUCIIEI'. -Kl'A Krrvitt Sports Kiliior :' ST. PRrEUSnUKG, Pin., March ; 23— Bill. McKechnie sat on H bench just oulsld?. llio rliriihoiis: at WateiTronl Park and watched his—and Jurt?e Fuclis'—ball icam ffoln? through (lie? gestures of spring training. "I've BOI lo get some base hlis. 11 said Bill, when in was asked lo describe the difficulties HUU kept the Boston club In .seventh place last year. "We nrc knocking nt .. . thi door Itist .veor, for a while. Then all "of a sudden we ran into . consecutive double-headers with : Hie . Giants und the Cardinals. • They knocked us off rmd we wont IntT a tallspin." How about Shires? Would lie baschits out of Hie creal An? All tlml Lena Blackburnc could net - out of Art was punches on ;. r.ose. . Shires Is different now. Maybe liis marriage changed him. He's working hard. Look at him over (here now. not \\ word otu of him. ; : not. u bit like tin'old stilrcs. And do you know he hit 3B\ in the .' American Association 'last year? 1 The writer knew .thai Shires hit ' Eomcthingr like thai. Urn to go on —how about Gashpnse I3ill Akei-s? Would Akcvs hit? All thai Bucky Harris could get out nf (lie Oas• •• house at Detroit was n flock of . wrong answers. 'Akers isn't hard to handle, u seems to me he has learned n KI-.-at, deal by helmr sent down (o 'Kansas City. He lilt better than ;- .330 there, you know. I'm goliiK to give him n whirl nt second base. I think he will come through for • us." •':•• Ho\v about Pinky Harerave, the former D,'.tro(c catcher? All tliat " Duchy Harris could gel out of - Pinky . was an occasional throw to (he wrong base, though Pinky did '. comb Die old apple nmv and the:i "ETiirgrnvc looks qocxl this year. ' He hit.350 for Baltimore. He'll bolster up tb* catching staff all rielii. • Maybe I could use another good catcher but you tell me where I'm suposed to look for him." . • , • * • Isn't if true that ihe other ... ; infleldcrs. tnken by nnd large, wouldn't hit the pi-omul I! they fell-en masse out of .an air- jjjime? "Well, some of (hose boys didn't hit so well last year. Rabbit Mai- nnvllle Ml off n few points. Bus.'•-.• ter Chatham wns weak with the stick, too. But this FVitz Knothc •:- we brought from Seattle—and I'm : " planning to use him at third base ; ," .300'or better In the P.-iclflc ". Coast League test year. Urtmnski, ,the boy I'm going to Hive a 3001! trial at short, didn't hit like lie .--should, but he was'new last year. 'Watt'.until he finds his way around. And/you know about the "outfield." What th? writer knew nbonl the •outfield was that thnrc was a good hitter named Wally Berger play- Ing there. And Wes Sclnilmcrlcii. he also was no stranger at thj plate. How about the others? "Well, we bought Oicar Eck- hnrdt from the Coast League, nnd he hit above ,360 out thera. II he . ''can hit something like that for : us. he'll have h 'sleatiy job. Aflet ' Red Worthington got hurt, he ' didn't seem to be, himself—not like -.he was when he came up." • • • • The pitchers had surprised ev- ; .er>-body last year. Tliat fellow Ed Brandt, (specially. "I'm not as much \vorried about the pitchers as 1 should be. 1 suppose. As it turned out. Brandt was the only pitcher we hart who won more than he tost. Of course, the records do not tell the r.tory. •We lost a lot of tough luck ball gam;s. ' "But Frankhouse broke even for lis. Take Cantwcll, Zachery. Shcr- del -and Sctbold. Th;y are eood dependable pitchers. but we couldn't get them any. runs." The recruit pitchers_ are K.Nit Greenfield, formerly of'the Giants: Bill McAfee from Newark: Walter Ertts from St. Paul; Bob Broivji from Binghamton: Frank Coleman, drafted from Raleigh, and Lre ' Mangum, drafted from New. ark. These were'- all good mlnor -- league piUlvsrs but none was a standout. Probably the best of the lot was Walter Belts, drnftc-d Irom . St. Paul, .where he won 22 last Hnr and lost 13. Did McKechnb expect a srcal deal of any of the rookie pitchers? "Well, you can't tell. But fm not worrying, as I said, much about that. r m going to try to get some base hits out of the" new- men." . Sirica coming to take charge of .the. second division Braves, Bill .McKechnte. manager of pennant »lnners for St. Louis and Pitu- JONI-SVIU.I.:. Mich. cu Imntani chicks. li:itrlic:| : aiy. arc OBlcer , . - iNfjjor John W. nenn, who I, in hk ;)«Kh years, claims to be Hie old- josl retired 0. S. Army officer II- Mis commander of the loe.-i] ci A ){ in the Ci\ wmmlcil llirice. War lit- ]„ j,,,,,, SAM; of r-n-cl . ,... . 'I'. lll-IIUIll, ti 111. till' Illicli'l- n:-<l v.-ill. Ixilv.-.en l.v.-.ful Is'jii-s till- 51 h (My (,[ A , ir ii 'm^:,' I at I In- ItO'tt tlmr of" tin- crnirt . i. )ii'i- nl Blvthwiile, Ark3".siH jto (r:c hi-jlipfcl bicltlc-r np;;,, a tre( j lt ' '-•I tliiTc monllis, (jiv loiirnuii;', '•:* tilX'd ;;|OJ,[J|J-. !•<>' tlimilH'-r Kinven illi in "A". f.f -Uu ;,r'i ,(; I il:v Addition la Hit- Cily m ., Altar.f ; IS . iiwchiucr will l:e vt'C[:iiicd .to Hive |;ond v.icli approved : .- c - .(iii-ity to f.rcurc payment, of hi". id. ni:il a lien v.-ill Iw i-ctni <:i Hie pi-i)]>:-i-ty thcrcror. mv h:iii;l [},^, 15,1, (hl .. M:M-C]). in^. H. L. GAINE Commis.'.ir.i! t .|- in Ciipr.c I Hi id. Evranl ,t licnta-irm, Al.dl-ncys for Pliilniur.- BRUSHING UP SPORTS JVEjPXESDAY; MARCH 23. i«)32 Laiifer ft vastly : ,burgh. has been setting more abuse lhaii bar? hits out of . hU ;cro»d. Here's hoping he be-gins to get the base hits! Want Ads ; Read Conner News Jess Wlllard, former heavyweight champion, operates n market hi Hollywood. Cnllf. Here |^ | S plr- lured w'elBlilns smnclhilin—woulc' , v ., ,, , - vo " «>J' It wns his liuim? lounff rfllrjrv More I him aw young men called roaUes arc In thu spring training camps of Ihe major league learns this sprlnir. Officially the figure Is something like 100, but a great many have driven their own "jallopies" <r hitch-hiked their way to the cr.mps to viiluniecr their professional services. The camp of the Cincinnati nt Tampa, an;] the browns' icaciruinrtei-K nt Wrst I'alm Bench overrun with these volun- .ccrs. "Something will have lo be Hone about lhef c an>F." said Uini How-ley, , foreman of ihe Rcd-i. four come driving up UK hclrl every tiny. inlro:iiic- i;,' themselves ns th c pitchers or you have been lookln?, •or. And most of Ihc time they :i'rive here d:ad broke i-ni| u-'e have 'em on our hands. "Last year we had five Ty Cobbs sleeping | n the clubhouse. I Ihljil: tlu-y tli-n on lli c oranges .hey can swing v.-ilh." (Editor's Note: To "swing . with" somc- I hiiis means to snatch it—thus; 'HcjijXM- Mnrllii sure can sulni; •i-llli Iries; buses."! Tlic I.tabl of Tlirsr The 5-011113 men who can tall: last enough to crash ihr-ir way to a cot in the clubhouse con- dilute the lowest class of ba*c- , ... ball rookies. Most al them !| tlrviri mtn M,,, <„.. ... ..,.,.. I ery willing, and vc-.-y ihnnu. They loll feverishly in thc outfield, or on thc mound pilchlns to bnttcrs. and when they achicvr nny notice from thc manager they Ms* Carey is trying lo uac'.i the .vrilc long lettcis hciue lo thc lircokUii ball cliib that b.i'11'.i" lomily or the sweetheart, an-' c . v " I've no! somcthin- used e •- iiounclDB they now have reasons | c'msivjly for solnj nut on a >-3* to bJlleve they will mufce eoo;l. Often their ctlorts are .0 the point of comply. Ilanlly :vcr decs one of these ambitions recruits inalcc ili> gnat: • ,, >•>,„.„.,., ,, "" ... | "AMPTON, Vn.. (UI'l-Tbe \Vo- nicns Ciub here, colebracinj the I Washington lllceiucnnlnl. heard Hey! Take Your Hand Oft! nf th? Cluck-i ' <.'<ijjMi.ssroxi;it i s s f P::i-iiiiiiu to a decrte 'Chaiicpvy Court for (he ^avv^ia UklriM of ML'.fc^ l.v. Aikans.-ib-. fL-ndt-.-eil Fcln-i M. 1H31. in i!i, ; caw of \v Hnt:l:!ns vs. U. U. T!:om,-.son. el Ilic rndr-i-fiannl will, between 'l li.l hours, en Ihc 5l)i day jApiil. 10M. sell a i n,e fio:n dcur '•''. ll!L' conrt hullse nt Blyi!icv ! lle Avk!i!|.-:'s. (a I!R. hiahos!. b!d'-!"r i:pr.n ;! cr<-<lit of tin-re mo.-it!).-. llu- followins ilfscrlbi-d- piopertv ir: Thr Northeast quartc-r of the Km-lhr-asl fiuarter of accdon n'ilitwn 1 18), Township ilfleen 'l:')i Korlh. Rnn^e eiaht 18) The pui-rlmer will bo rcnulred in sii'C lioiid with approved se- .curity to Eeciire payment of his Wd. and a lien will be retained upon the property therefor. WJIHI.WS icy hand (his 15ch day of March. 1932. R. L. GAINES, Commisslunr-i- in Chancery. lleiil, Evr.-ird ,V Ilendersoii, Al'orncys for 1'lninttli. COMMISSIONER'S SAIK Pursuanl lo a decree of the i'li.inccry Courl for the Chitka- ba District nf Misr.i^sipp; Ci-un .Arkansas, rendered Peteuary 1131. in the case of U!!i;:ii Eavinas B-.illdhig & Loan Association vs. Gordon Cavmai:, the im- denvigncd will, between lav.-ful h.ours. on thc 5lh day of April, lira. ::cll ;il the front deer nf tha com t house at Blythcville, Ar- I:ans25. to ihe highest bidder upon a c-iMiii ot three months, the fol- lowir.j cic.scribel propr-rty. to-wit: Lot Number Five isi, Biock Kumbcr One (H. Pavk Adriitlon t.') l:l..llifvlllc. Arkansas. Tin 1 ijurchnsov win b,. required to give bond with approved se- ruriiy to sjcnrc paraient of R. L. GAINES, Commissioner in Chancery Jei:l. Eviai-d .t Henderson. Attorneys for Plaintiff. COMMISSIONER'S SALE Pursuant, to a decree -of the Chancery Court for thc Chickasawba District of Mississippi County. Arkansas, rendered February 23. 1031. in the case of Union Savings lliiikiing & Loan Association , vs. Anna s'nide. thu undersigned his | will, between lawful hours, on the •;; •-". "'" "'• retninc-il • Sth day of April. 1932 sell in the the property th.irefor. ; ftol , t c!oo ,. J ,,,, „, C ^g U£ ^iJiy hand this IStl, day of BKlheville. Arka4" "o the csi bidder upon a credit of three months, the following described property, to-wit: Lot Seven (7). and West Half of Let Tight (8). in Block Kive 'S). of the Davis Third Addition to Blythcville. Arkansas ' The pin-chaser will be required, to give bond v.-ilh approved security lo secure payment of his bid. and a Hen will Ijs retaine'l upon the property therefor" Witness my hand Ihi 5 loth dav of -March, 1932. R. L. GAINES, Commissioner in -Chancery. Reid. Evrarrt & Henderson ' :At!orneysifcr Plaintiff,..- i Irlirs may Ihink Ibin-s : irr bill how would yuu likr ' a rmiliie pil.-Iicr in tdt- r/f Ml? I'llllniirlnhi:! Alh- !l't !nkc Jonj foi- Hi,, piny- ei"i i:i the Cardinal chain stoiv syslom lo renlizc. tliey arc sup- porcd to be bargains. Women Hear First Patriotic Song Sung Von O.-m'l Miss 'Km Then there Is another class •cored the most Throe-Eye or Ipiigitc lust year, or the pitchers vlio struck out thc most batters n the Southern. For scores of these chaps, this is Ihe first Irlp 0 thc majors, nnrt you can se: it lickhvj cut all over them. They :cn\ in little groups Thsy wear expressions af anxiety, ns r.o::sli wailins for the bad ncus. foine of tlum. «ho have marte 1 bad Impi'eision and arc nwarc f it. know tlicy couirt have done i bellor If given another chance, realize thai its "kick to Bcait- il. or Pf-orj.-i. or Kartford." ^V^j^^K&Wffi The rone v.-as composed by John Dicfcenson, I'hilnclflphia. in lliis and i; was set lo thc music of "Hearts of Oak." written m 175D by William noycc, of London. Company. E'JllE, .V T. Ea : -ls. Ward ii'.n::: Company. liryon Triislcf for .]c.f p. I'ric? Whr-iit. I-r. T. llylc Wissli:-:. .i n .j I 5 :iar.s. :,nd Clii Jfill aim I.umlwr Cosnpany. W. .\i. i-i-Kser. DefeiHiani'i WAKNIXG ORDKI! Thc. (lefeiuiants, Alvin T Find Afaiy E. Enrls of srecle. •nuii, iind fli-lma; Uunlx-r CO.'L :nny lAddrrss unknown 13 ;j. r Jlaliuillsi. are warned to •ii ihe Chnncpry Court v.-iiliiii .or the County of AlLvinippi. Jf Arkansas, v.ithln thirty <33i i 'ays nnd answer OIL- complniiv. uf the plaintiir. Anioiic.j;. r.ii-M- n-j and Loan Association o( Liti!i> .ieck and W. L. Dclony. -[-rus^- l(. I.. RAISES'" C!i-:!:. !;. B. Stokes, Attorney for Plaintiff. -3-:ia-(l-;-'. Tin s Shots there -Is the third class, he expensive talent. purchased for fancy prices from AA c'tiits in the American Association cr Pacific Coan League. As a rule the boarin? cf thcs: 'no plus- iilira" rookies is fieighlrd with the burden of their responsibilities. Tlxsy arc BO'mj to help omc bis lcagv;e team win r. n'li- tit. How would you feel yourself. f .\ major league ball team paid sll the way from $25.000 i o 575- CM for Ihe prlvllcg-e of hir- n? you? Well, Hint's the way tl-.;y feel -and even some of" these last will be going back to the f.irm .cams fcr more schoolins. I-'or hese the awakening will be md- that of rookies, the arms bloom in lho sprlne. tra IN Till; MISSISSIPPI COUNTV CHANCERY COURT American Buiidincr nnrt 1,0.1:1 As• v ci.-i»i!on and W. I.. Uelony ns Tiustcc. PlainiifTs, No. 5J74 vs. Ah In T. E:uis. Mary E. Earl< v.lfi of Alvin T. Em-Is, atxl War'd ln- vcstmcnt Company. Defendants WARNING OltDKI! The dcffnriants. Alvin T. EmU and Mnry B. Earls. Slrrle. Missouri, are warned to appear in th; Chancery Court within and for (he Couiity of Mississippi State of Arkaiu.-io, within thirty '301 days'and answer thc complaint of tbr; plaimirr, American Builtiinsi and Loan Affectation ot Little Hock and W. I, n* Trustee. R. I- GAINES. Clerk. K B. stokes. Attorney for Plaintiff. 23-30-6-13 COUNTY IN THE MISSISSIPPI CFIANCERY COURT American Building and I. ca n As- foeln;ion and w. L. Dt-I'ury ai Trustee. PlalnlifTf,. No. J173 v-s. J- W. Fraser. Anna J. Fraser. wii> of J. \V. Fraser. GriiiKs Lumocr COMMISSIONER'S SAF.E NOTICE is hereby gtvJn lint he iinclcnlgned commissioner. i;i ccmpliancc with (he trims of a (decree rendered by Ihe Chancrr'v Court for Hie Chickasawba UiMru-i of Mississippi County. Aikaii...-,< n the Mrd day ot February. 1M_' .-iiemn Aaron Thomas runt Knlj Cohen «-as Plaintiffs, and Hc-.t -osenthal. ct al.. were Dcfer.ciai::. will fell at public auction to :i • highest and best bidder, for c,-', on a credit of Hire™ mon:i« at the front door of Ihe tv..,' r ,' IlotiJ?. between thc hours prcs:-:i.;- cd by law. in Ihe Cily of DIv'!,-. villc. Arkansas, on the 26th ,' of March, 1032, the lollovin-. r,-,- estate, to-wit: Lot 8. biocic 3. and 1,0: 7 Clock <, Blylhe Addllion to li:-.- llioville. Arkansas. SAID sate will be had to *..•;.;.. snld decree i" Ihc sum of S2l.. r v,i >:• with 3 per cent lufcrcsi from : '^ 23. 1922. THE purchaser at sMrl fat,- ,, .;• be required lo execute bonri -.. •".' approved seciirfty, Io seem;- ••" and a lien will be retained :•..,", payment of the purchase ;:-..:..' said properly as additional :. '.'. iy for ii:e payment of sifh .,'.'. chase i:ion:y. .VITNKSS my hand an:l ill , ( -. ol ra::l Court, on (his. \\-. • day of March. 1932. H. L. GAl\t: s Commissioner in Ch.n-.ff-... '' ". . . and the Courier News delivers i/o«r 'store news' to 4,000 HOMES like U is in these homes that |j lv VMS! majnvily n f IJlythcville's "l)liyiit,r clccisicns" are n;:;le. wl^-tlier the puri-haso Iw otic (Hri-cily cnncCrnins; every mcnil)cr of the family or an individual j-tvehaKe !>y an inilividnal member of that family. You as a merchant .should Ihercfore. lie sure thai .vour ".-:tore news" is Itcitift- phcetl in the hands of AM, of these ix.lenlial buyers KKI'OIJK ihciu> family "buying decisions" have licen reached . . . To do KO ccotTonitcallv CONCENTRATE YOUR ADVERTISING IN THE'DAILY COUNTER NEWS

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