The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 23, 1932 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, March 23, 1932
Page 7
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Page 7 article text (OCR)

WEDNESDAY. MARCH 23, 1932 BLYTHRVnj.K, (AUK.) COURIER NEWS "mASSIFIED ADS Two emu » word for first Initrtlon tad OM ctnt a werd Tor web MbMqoent buefttan No tdrtrtlsement tak«n (or MM than Me. Count tto word* «ad (end Uj» euh. PhwwSOfi P !•—••••••-•• FOR SALE THIS WEEK'S BARGAINS USED CARS The'New rord Eight and the New Four will be here scon; and we want to be "sold out" of Used Cars. That's why we now offer such real values in Used Cars at unheard of low .-prices End terms. 1528 FORD NOD. "A" COUPE Kuns and Looks Good, Completely Equipped/ Full Year 1933 Uctnx. Oily J 70 1931 FORD CLO. CAB PICK UP Driven Only 8,0*0 Miles, Looks and Rins Good as New. Save JZZ5 from New Price ,5335 1929 CHEVROLET "6" 4-UOOK SEDAN, N«w Tim, Cphol- sfcrj . and Ortjlntl Patot Excellent. Folly Efilpped J135 1930 FOBD TOWN SEDAN A K«l Bargain fcr Only % J5 Roadsters, Coupes. Coaches, Sedans and Trucks from $50 up. Trade in Your Old Car, City Real Estate, Corn and Hay. Terms for Balance. Phone 811 PHILLIPS MOTOR COMPANY Authocized Ford Dealer BIytheville, Ark. FOR SALE Pure Stojicvillc No. 1 planting cotton seed. Saved bo- lorc rains. $25 per ton. No other cotton ginned on our gin except this cotton. J. H. Smart, Br. FOR SALE—Baby chicks. Part cash, pay balance in fryers. Marilyn Hatchery, Biythevllle, Ark. 21ctf M Hair Cats - 25c New Grand Leader Barber Shop North Second Street Women's' and children's hair cutting "a specialty.' •• Earl E.: Parker .. R. S. Prevost INSURED I NTER TRUCKING BONDED TY CO. DEPENDABLE DAILY SERVICE TO BLYTHEVILLE FROM Memphis and Little Rock J. D. McDowell Telephone Local Agent No. 82 I Dr. P. L. Tipton Physician & Surgeon Ingram BIdg. Telephones: Office - 256 Residence - 276 , Guaranteed Pure / Stoneville No. 1 PLANTING SEED / • $25 Per Ton | This seed was grown on our oivn plantation and ginned in our private 6'^ *'Hh no possibility of mixture with inferior seed. C. F. TUCKER on Promised Land Road, 31-i miles southeast of Blylhc- vllle. NKW AND USED PARTS For All Automobiles JACKSON AUTO 1'AKTS 2020 W. Slain - - - rhone 66 dDDgq<igncQ^Id iit-.Hi: TUIHV ' KOSSIII:U, Lr»mir»i »->rnr-t>K, I»T», L.tllKV HAH- Kl)\V.;\ti:, >.u. c mrllit, \Vk» !)<• trrniMr* CHj;Aijr4 to VHulhrf ptit HllrH *B>rr» (o wurry !--|i:vl'..V lltlin.AY. 67 Ititf alt Kit* lonlltir. llrr 1mr>»rrl>lit< (rinlljr t« Indrblril lu llnrrlaji. JU from 1.1 To J»oH | Harrlay t» «T»l fur n:i<CUK, tbe bmlrr. luck. J.OI'IS HVMM." ll«"rcl«"-» UvT>-,-r«. arrive* nhk dnrlnr* "ml • ui«c». llnrHHy <ilr» nl rftmn. I* not l«-*nl hrruukr pHprra pr«»'•C Huri-lny'* dlvurr* hurt b«vn • lolrn. Clio. ,1,11, nil ruin, on dpi, Tfcm iti- tram* l.nrrr flnr- '•»HwC« In llnrvliiy'B ^rphnv. form ti» ni-rk N* n kn«lr» nl Drrnmland. 11 UnwVt- h:kll l.nrrr r«Me« there. Irll* ber he- Invra her. Kc nili«. "VuK tterrH'l pjur- rled. »ere >*ut-> NOW <:<> ax WITH -i HI: STOHI CIIAPTKIS M.III CM.l.KN'S heart was bcallns torn ^ pestiionsly. l.nrry \vnlteil for hia answer. .Suddenly thn glr enlJ wliat slio hod not IIIIMIII to ear. "No— I— 1—1 Jldll't Ret mar ricil." f0-f- Orer anil over slic lulcl hor sick and eullty EOU! It wonlil lie. so easy lo csplnfn cveryiliifig. N'ow' it was too late. Ellon had :iever •ceti l.urry more deeply moved, more desperately serloi:s. "You couldn't! Voii couliln'i mnrry anyone else. Tell me you "Tbat day you wrot« tlio noto o mo at tlio Etore—you didn't 'eel I lila way thcut" lillun gues- tloiicd. "No, I didn't/' Larry confessed, groping for tho words. "1 wauled nieet you because I 1 Ilkeil you n lut fnim 'It'll t>6 no loug cnQagcnienl, eltlier. We'll go tomorrow to gel llio rings," "Isn't this fun?" Ellen said on a Inns brcalli. "Wo'ro tiolh ot us crazy, ]ust iilnlii craiyl Your mother will hato mo. Don't toll uio slio m'on't tiwauso 1 kiioiy. Tl)o l'eo|ile you know will call mo 4 tail dancer. 1 heard Una Clou- damilui that ulslii, you rsraemhor — lliat iilglit nl your studio, lint all that Just doosn't BCOOI Import- null Tlio Important thine Is tliut I love yon, Lnrry!" Important thing Is .that ...» ...... u *,, jt.i,. •• - —-^ CLIC!I oilier ami Mint u-o allowed uio llicy just Koiildu't! found It out In time," ho nnieudud. drift." "Hut you wcro ciieisei!," tlie ttitcn out, wov.dorlns lliat llio fact ttial liail onco inailc all mttlier to Ikcrt you. :lio first. Ellen, but I didn't realize 1 loved you. that yon wcro my whole Illo. And then mother — " "Didn't want lo meet me," Kllou tbe seotepco. He went on, neither denying or >a(BrmlnK her statement. "1 nas content that llilugs elioiikl drill alonr, with us nniU you j wo loitf cacli oilier iiiuf tlmt wo A mill that tlioy tallied and '» tiilki kcrt. tlioy Oancers, cliattcrlns days so wretched! uow of DO Importauce. "True again. Rut thai didn't seem liii|wrlniit to me. 1 <lid think ot U'lIIUS you. lliouclil ot 11! suveral times, but i never accrued lu hml You knu anil Innglilni;. urltted past tho 111- llo i.ililo Inn to Kllcu tho olliors \\ora ouly dim tihuiies, vuguii KB tin in. ilc wlildi scouieil to come from so far away. Only Ijirry :e:i tlint Only l.ari"y ami bo lovcj her ami Iho times. DIH i never seamen fnot that bo lovcj her ami the Jiitl llio rlgbl occasion, twlft plans they were limbing w how (hat la. don't you7"i Thoy ananeed tliolr own luluro couldn't because you belong to m e!' ' "That's an odd luing tor you to B.IV." she rnlierccl. "I l:tiDw H Is." he asrccc! with a slmrt iau^ 1 !. She sat uuifectly stilt, ber blue f_TK stovpcd and tlien went on "• ajalu. "Ytiu'il unilcrsland botlcr It yuu knew Mi Howes. She slips In ami out of two or three enBancmcnla every gcusou. Tliere was a lime wbco I ilmuctit I cared for kicr cnougli to uc engaged, cv-vi to thinfe of ru.irrylnB !:er. Ka !a:r.!!- wss rtellchted mid n:ot!:er u^a too. lli:t then 11.1: c:nue liouio from Kurope. 1 hnd your lasi i:nie and know I'd lost everything, evcryllilne In tbe and M.illy's and Mike's. Ellun laui;licil at l.arry'e iloslru to ndopt u ruarty-jinido [niully but s!io was louclieil by u, ioo. U would be the best tliliiR in the world tor him declared Irresponsible l-any He really meant It. Tlioy talked ot hia work and ot how Elleu would help him. Menially they Ir.iiiB hia ulclurca on Ilia walls o Ihe Mctropllian and on the ivalls of tho Lonvre. They selected place to live r.nd furnished It com plctely. Tl;e? talked oi the years eyes on his and one of lier hacdsl " Ynl | hadn't any Idea what 1 clasped la Larry's. Hj leaned nearer. "You mean 1 hadn't an? right to say that?" Ellen. ' i:o cc-ms. "1 went out [o your house that At'.erwaru '.bey steypsd or.t 01 lilleu. Did yon know that? the baleoay to V.T-.:CQ Hie rosy Your mother told me you never daring Hshts oE Dro^rtwny aiu wanieil 10 BCC mo aKatn." l.arry Ir-'ghcd excllcclly because llio glow lurnccl Ullen's hair to ft deep sullen ml. As she leaned dreamily against . him. Ellon thought that tomorrow sjio would tell lilm ot tho one thing wlilch hart not been mentioned. They met. aa arraneed, noit morning on Klflli avenue. Ho "Mother rlid what pbe thought >vas best." Ellen eald slowly. ] went tliroigli that night." i^arry i raid rasslonmely. She shook her head In corrce- | tlon. "1 think 1 do know." , | "How do you kno»"; Tell me I guew lliats what 1 mean." I how ,.. ho demanded-hungrily. Out she could only look at lilm, fihosald, aJltUc uncerui1;i]y. "You sco you didn't siiy a word:" ! ho , ,,., 5 unsiCTt'.y. her oycs brlglit "U didn't occur in me." l:c said.] wiiii lears and nor hands pressed faintly scowling. "It's damned [ In his. hard 'or me [o bo honest now. It's! "Can you understend, Ellen, hanl for m« to retn»ni!7cr noxvjhoK a man might subconsciously smug and complacent 1 waa during those (lays before I got tlial last note ol yours. ll'a easy enougb to remember how 1'vo felt since—balf crazy from thinking I'd lost you, "Do you know why I came here tonight?" he demanded. "No, I don't know." "It was because 1 thought It cure me—help me see this pjace was no falryjand. Wlieu 1 saw'you again and thought you were Tost to me I almost turned and ran. Then I thought I'd have to show you that you couldn't hurt me. though really you'd hurt rna worse than anyone over will again. So I danced with Tony. rVie told me—and tbal'a all there i!! 1 ' think a gtrl would wait when Ihere wasn't any rear.un for her to wait except that she hived him? Can you "niaRine how a man might be 60 stupid and conceited and selfish? If you'll only [orglve mo you'll never be sorry." Her heart overflowed with love and forgivbnoss and warm pain. "Wuy. Larry, swcetlieart. don't talk that way." she Bald gently. "1 won't let you say mich things about yourself. Of course 1 tor- give y* 1 could forgive you any- tiling He seized her hand and pressed it to his lips. "All. you're sweet, sweet, sweet," ho muttered. "Does lliis mean we're engaged?" slio asked faintly. "J'ou bet it docs," ho laughed. was late und 03 El.,-u siu walling In HID lobby ot a sninrt hold filio iilisunlly ucrvoiis. What had delayed \\\ml Wliac could Lave. delayed Hm? Slio tried to np pear easy tun] an much at home na the olhera nlnmt .tier. Stic kept lier small hands (oldcd and her small (cot riulel and averted her eyes fi-- tlic rlocli. All at once slio saw l_-vrry Bwins Hi rough llio revolving doors. Again (he day u'ns glorious! Ho glanced hurriedly aliout and caught nor 'eyes. Bmli umilcil will] Infmlto content and Larry mnvcd twlftly across the room. "We're starling out with tlio JHB wsa In ccaliicy on the trip down thu aveuuo. To li.ivo ,nrry liere. 10 know (lint ho wna >roml of her uini that ho lined lor wns Incrodlblo. Tlio iky it- iol( was Incrcilltlo. The nlr VMIH :ool ami sweet, tlio Bky n brlKlil. !leclrk Uluo and tlio nun BO lull- .lant that all llio biissaej ecemcj Iroslily palnlcd. Tho fbnii windows bail never displayed mer- l^o more enllolni;, mnco tompilut. more desirable. Kllon '1 to d.iiico snil uliii;. In- sieml slio sodntely niDtrlicd lice liaco lo hia and fell llio petals or tho fh.iBgjf mum ntalnsl her check wlili every atci>. 7 rcncbcd Thlrly-fiiuKli ninl a tiiHill. eeloi't |i>welry shun. « sliop EO arlslnniallc ibnl lor ikv:ii|os It hnd cnrrlod 110 Blgii to t;iililo Uio iihti|i|>er. As nho 'I ilowci (i long, silken rug Into un nimosiihoru of nlmoat L-II- thcdral-llko onuU-rlty, Kllen Irleil lo look casual am) dlj;iillh!il but did i:ui succeed. She lunhcil exactly i|jQ n'.is—a riiiidiroiis, linlf raharrassod yon UK i;'lil wlili tlusho.l iliuoks ami brilliant eyua. l.arry wna na ahsorbcd In ihe purc!:aso n» nbo was. Tlio iwo bcul Iht-.'r elljinr. 1 ) o(i tlio Hlifciiiig contiicr ami pondered over dozens ot rings while Ihe wMclilns clcik supi»rc--Ee-l mniisnd smiles. Tho enfcatiJLneut rlny was nn cany choice, a . clear tiluo Olntnond giinriletl by omeraltla. llolh cx- claline;! at oncu over li. Liiriy said Uicr dlil not nccil a lios. Ellen uoniMeil, hliisbcd. ngreed. Glory Hnslieil on her linger niul L'lory Rallied In her licnrt. ivtliH; lEio wc-ddlnn ring waa moro dllllcnll. The clcrli hrnii|;lit oui a tocnnd trny und then n Uilni. All tlio rings wcro illynllluil and siinjib. so slmllnr that to any except lovers there would BCOIII lo uo uo ctioke. "Hero It la!" Lnrry cried out suddenly. llo liclil up a slim iilallnuni clr- clot i.ti with dhiuiumh. II inli;ht have been n twin of Lhe rliiK ut h.qifio thiit wna luckcil In Ullen'a dr'osslni; inlilo. Her faco imlei' with the memory. "Don't 1 yon like it'/" l«nrry askeil. surprised. "Try It on." F.llen's liauda were elivspcil I hind her back. "Wby I—don't' ytin thluli it woub! he belter to have llio wed dins ring more Blmjile?" clie nu pealed, contused frightened. .'Tlio young lady broke In llio clerk. A!r NEW COUCH M.ucli Muy Ji:ly Ocl w York Cotton YOliK, March 23 '(UP) - dcs.'rt n.',y. M>;u lilj;ii low clo-c 'J-lll O5'i OC Bi.i tijj G5;i LJ-lii iJlij 070 li'JS Oti'J Wl! li'JL' l!9l) M5 U85 VII ll'.i 701 701 Vl.'i 'I'-M TIM -/it?! Mny July . Cot 17CC Jim tIJ'.ll OldT Ma, PAGE SEVEN 651 C74 004 711 719 GOO 678 007 in 6*8 663 cm 700 084 701 7Mb t|)-.ti clsscd ilcjdy ul C48, oil M. biggest chrysanthemum you evqr saw." lie said, tuck Ing her hand.' under his arm.. "It's in a window around tuo corner. An exact ran 1 ' . Hllen. Kr your hair!" A moment later they were point. Ing out to an Interested florist Iho bloom in question. The sliaggy. russet (lower was Srnily 1.0 Ellen's coat collar. , Ii]lo:i soul lilm a. .Pijst^; sr;it»- till ^mtlc. After n'mumciit'Oflilj-' iipois I tU-;«ly .11 1155, (ill 15. HKAV OH1 HANS, Mor. ;:i (Ur>) CUon closi-il taivlj 1 .sti-mly. l|Wll Ill-jit low ilO'J .irc!i 051 ti!>l li-i-j 6-KJ Man Show for Children HOMKKVII.LK, Mass.. <W)~A1- /"•/L///IIP iml 1)|! lil1 "' wll ° 1Ui n oli»racU>r .„...„. I '"•' lor ''"IKi-sonulcd John D. Jtock: I'H'iicr mm Andrew UiUufgic In me j HI-SI /,li'i;Held Follies In 1907, is be U host, he hu rtjfed. uo »~, 7 t»liU«tu».(Uce TtMTe U «n r , are Mechanical puppeii* ta t^ \ t Itlc train, -iliitlonX. and dther 'cofi- trlvaiices. DC Ball op«»t«» llUi- oiMriiiin show (or the benefit 'it Mlghborhood . dUldna. . ''i! To tiptn OU Y'ir ( l»U K'rttns UIOliMONi:, Vlrgln|s, (ijp) '..— Ai>|iro%iin:iti'lV cue ' Imniired : ^cf ll'.c nnes' o:j nr.lonlnl licmcs and. of Vjreliila will bo lo (lie puhlloj.tho \vcck , -of APf'l"' 1 ' 25, It lias, been nniioimced by Uic Garden Club of Virginia: The evcrit sllll u lroii|)or, nftcr n fashion, will be known as "Vlsllliin; oirdeji At Union Squnrc Inn, of which Week In Virginia." >UK BUAivJJiJNG AiOUSfc, ~~ m ; MERE IS 'fHc PR'EMIER MV HAIR c&MBi&& \iA-f (• -Trie HAT! ATTACHED Wet-(-,UPS 5r(oWlM& OT "-file klcrfict IS A tfALF CIKCtM-AK HAT IS PtiT <VA A HEAP so -THAT THE se-r IM THE HAT, BACKTulARP APPttARAAiCE AJND 11EK BUDblEG THK KID HlMSKl.FI By . appointmen FOR RENT—Furnished apartment. 108 West Kentucky, Plione 683. 18P-K2S TOR REHl FOB RENT—One of Shane Duplex aparlments on West Ash street and one of Shane Apartments on West Main street. Telephones 197 and 571. 19ck29 March 19, 1932 the above petitioner was duly adjudged a bankrupt, nr.d the first meeting of the creditors will be held a> my office in ihe City of Jone:;- ooro, in raid District on Mar. 31, FOR RENT—Furnished house. Mrs. Sii'k. Pliotie 395. 22P-K28 FOR RENT—G room house, modern conveniences. 1100 West Ash st. Dr. L. S. Briscce. Phone 58 or 84. 22ck25 WAN ZED WANTED—Bring your poultry to B T. Worthy's, 100 First Street. We pay market prices. J E Fisher Sctf WANTED-Oood '28 I-'ora or 'K Chevrolet. Must tc cheap. Tcrn-.s. Address No. 3. ','c Courier News. 21C-K24 LOST AND FOUND Counter or Table Service JIMMIE O'BRIEN'S CAFE SECOND HAND FURNITURE Sec Ua First R. J. Dodson MI-MJ E. Main FOUND—Goodrich Silvcrlovrn tir: en rim. on Lone Oak road. J. W. 1932, at 10 M., -at which tim? the said creditors may attend, prove their cViims, appoint >\ trustee, examine Hie bankrupt, nnci transact such other business ar, may properly cc:ue before said meeting. At Joncsliora, Arkansas, this March 21. 1S32. F. C. MUL.LIN1X, Referee In Bankruptcy. Uaioney, D3X 575. 21pk24 IN THE DISTRICT COURT OF THE UNITED STATF3 FOR TFTE JONESBORO DIVISION OF THE EASTEHN DISTRICr OF. ARKANSAS. IN" th c Matter cf M. H. Robinson, In Bankruptcy. To thc creditors of thc above named bankrupt of BIythevillc, in thc county of Mississippi, D:v- 311 and District aforesaid, a bankrupt. Notice is hereby given that en G. G. CAUDILL Rents, Buys and Sells Homes and Farms Writes Insurance F«mm Bkak DM . MORt ["OR THE RVILDING DOLLAR Shabby Homes If You Own One We'll Help You Dress H Up. Phone 100 E. C. ROBINSON LUMBER CO. perhaps iltcy should choso BOIUC- tlJlng plainer. Tho "somolhlni; was noi [ilailnum at but whlto ^old carved orange blossoms.' They s to ha engraved. (To lie. ;'rmllnn<-r!i Ducks Flock to Montana ; For Spring Season A. T. and T Anaeoncln CopiK-r Auburn Caterpillar Tractor Chrysler Cities Service Ccca Cola Continental Baking General Electric General Motors .\Iidille\vcst Ulillbs Montgomery Ward New York Central ____ Packard ............... 31-2 Rac'io ................ ... 7 1-4 Simmons Standard of N. J ....... W 1-8 Texas Co .............. 11 3-11 U. S. Steel ............ - 41 3-1 110 3-4 8 3-B 85 1-4 10 1-2 11 1-a 53-4 IM 3-4 . rOLSON. Moni.. <UP>— ineii in [hi:; section of Montiim are bemoaning the fact that i!>? b|-.?:i season on clucks is in the l-'nll of the year inslcail of Sprinj The ]iom!s ami lakes are bhick with malliu-ili;, and other varieties of Die gnnic birds. More than 10,000 mallanls recently s.->en fccillns in n fluid ;.on[h of Roman nnci un number of ducks are on lliu upcn - of Poison toy on Lake. : Pheasants nnci i:rairh chickens "re much more plenlUul than usual. IS 3-8 175-8 11-2 n 1-8 Courier News Want Ads Pay. i! -rue ora-S CLUB is KAtlS Tb <Slv A BIG SEMO Off PABAD6 AM' VSS, r.iRS. RgDRELO CP-MS CN'ER TO THAWK WS .... SAID SUS AVD TUG SO'/ FOR THE V4EOT THIS VJSEK;...sue ALSO N.£ To EE, MRS. PEDrlELD HOLDS ARE SO OOTTtJ THEM IF I SET vj;SUl-.,.A!J ( >Jl I FSE1. ) i TODAY. / DOoroa....BSTTEfS. ) Still H3S. AL>- AROOMO:; _A -^c^ sS^v % f SOY- irs 8E SOME PARABE' ViJHAT I , I VJOUUD IF i ^J 65T RAILROAD FAH£ I 8E:-l£V=3 IT 5 A CURS.- \IIA1JWA 8S W ~nte PARADE, TOO? WASH TIIIIHS STICK* HOW THE 1 ' GR^a! RIP AMP HOLD ON FOR DEAR LIFE, LoOU AT THE WMtR RlP 1 . IT'S 51MPLV fv F^^J^IM^R F(C.UPG OUT of t\ -rate. XOU IM 'A.T QUO

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