The Mercury from Pottstown, Pennsylvania on April 11, 1962 · Page 22
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The Mercury from Pottstown, Pennsylvania · Page 22

Pottstown, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Wednesday, April 11, 1962
Page 22
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PAGE 22 POTTSTOWN MERCURY, APRIL 11, 1942 No "Black Sheep" In Want Ads. Mtreury Want Ad* Art That Way. Thty Play Na Favarita». Thtra Ara Na "Black Shaap" In Tha Want Ai Calunnia. All Ada "Gat Tha Onea Ovar" By Mareury Raadart. That’a Why "Caati" Raaulta Cama Quickly. Far Aetian Dial FA 3-3000. • • All Sold Quickly SMALL BABY LAMBS multe IDEAL CASTER PETS. Phone WI *-7227. EMPLOYMENT EMPLOYMENT EMPLOYMENT FOR SALE Help Wanted—Female 32 Help Wanted—Male 33 Situation* Wanted—Female 37 Article* for Sale FOR SALE FARM and GARDEN REAL ESTATE-RENT REAL ESTATE—SALE REAL ESTATE—SALE 4« Musical Instruments WAITRESS wanted to work (I p. m to Experience not essential In person Woodley a Milk Shake Bar West High Street Counter Salesman 1 WILL CARE FOR CHILD In my home dally, i'A 3-MUS. 46B ___ Pet*—All Kind* M Annïv for Automotive Wholesaler. Some LADIES Spring « here' Make an APP‘> nw»,i nn. ADDotntment now for your .. «perlence preferred Oood op. portunlty for »he right man Apply to MR BRAUCH Manager, fc. S. Youse Co., Inc. Beech snd Penn 8*» appotntment now wardrobe alteration» for your FA 6-62,16 SIMPLICITY TRACTOR 5 HP.'SPECIAL Glbaon Century Model Attachment«! RototUler. Dine F.lec, steel Oultnrr *69 50 with Spike Harrow. Mower. fT Plow, case, GREEN S MUSIC — Phone Cultivator Like new. must be Bovertown FO 7-2728. seen FA .1-0923 after 5 p. mH POODLE—Toy and Miniature. Also Stud Service. Call FA 3-8281, ATTI ENTION Ho ist« 1 ves ’ Do yot i need mo nei r1 M one y-hack *uari indeed and %; ions • d ' f1 J * tisod Avon C< jsrr letJcs e verv mucl i in dems nd WrIte or cali now for an I nt« •r\ lewli t your ownhome M Mlldr ed Oensu- 1er. East Gree Lile. <:)R 9- 68* after 7PM EXPERIENCED BLOCK LAY ER lettres position with contractor, 'all evenings — FO 7-4501. STEREO SALE HELPER—Young | Must be able anti tractor. \PPly NURSERY Ollber man 20-35 yr*. to drive truck RAUKLYS e WAITRESS Fcr Saturday» and Sunday» Perkiomen Bridge Hotel Colleteville HU »-3S11 SECRETARIES STENOGRAPHERS TYPISTS SWITCHBOARD OPERATORS • t 'all us oirl F riday services inc. Phoenlxville WE 3-1627 WAITRESSES MIST BE EXPERIENCED 6 A M. to 2 P M , ALSO 10 P M to 6 A M Ann!’* in person only. ROSEDALE DINER Pottstown WAITRESS , EXPERIENCED over 21 fears. Full or part time. Apply in person, Collegeville Inn COLLEOEVILLE 2 MANAOEnS for Pottstown area (for cosmeti- firm . PrtTlOtJ* selling experience desirable Should be able to devote 25-30 hours per week Must have car HU 9-3872 after 4pm GIRLS WANTED Women who to earn FURNITURE MONEY on your own spare time— PHONE KEPNKR & ROM1CH Pottatown's Family Furniture Store FA 3 2244 ASK FOR MR. YOUNG Structural Steel DRAFTSMEN Dctailers. Checkers and Apprentice Draftsmen Steady work «ith overtime, >ald vacation, sick leave insur- ijje• and hospitaliratIon PROMT SHARING PLAN MAHOGANY BARY GRAND PIANO, good condition. Phone WI 8*4591. after 6 p m Situation* Wanted — Male 38 Whatever type rd' jnusjf' you like 2E8W1T2 PIANO RENTAL PLAN Clearance of slMloor samples de-1 new piano of your Call monstratora returns, etc. Some with AM-FM radio. Priced from onlv *50 8" No monev down. HF.AI THY Male desires ANY WAREHOUSE OUTLET Beech & TYPE WORK evening or week- Evans Sts . OPEN NIOHTS ends 1A 6-1170 after 6pm , ««/-»»# . ________ 3 PROM Oowns, 2 yellow, other j®, CARPENTER desires a malnten- blue sl/e S. ballerina length ^ ^ ance Job Im handy at doing Reasonable. FA 3-0379. L9, 88_,note ■ .... *399 anvhm. FA 6-1767 - — Spinet Style Pianos. $125 up ___ SINOER console elec. round bob- THOMAS PIANO St ORGAN bln BOSTON TERRIER male, 10 months old. Call FO 7-7731. Unfurnished Apartments 81 LINFIELD—5 rooms and bath. Phone HY 5-6n68 or ___________HY 3-8544. 3 ROOMS A Rath, completely renovated Main St i Schwenksville. Oarreir». 287-9254 Houses (or Sale 78 Houses for Sale 78 LEINBACH’S SPRING BARGAINS! KENILWORTH—Nice Cape Cod. rOTTS'I1Py,’N-‘5!'ff' Sri1,.4 living room, dining room, kltch- and bath, expandable en. 3 bedooms, bath, garage, recreation room, oil heat, near shaded lot, oil heat. 112,900. i choice. Only 13 per month. Try; beiore you buv For complete details SEE US TODAY. ZeswltrJ 812 Penn St . Reading and 5th St. Highway, Temple. Open Mon Thurs. At Frl. till 9 P M recreation room, oil school and bus. 113,000 K C. RfR Poodle pupple, L*«. IN COUNTRY—n roomi Ai bun SHEEP HILL—All BrtrX. » rooms r^vmTl?H»»I*MroraniTI»i lutk rSKS- N,W B"Mn,,u* «„•‘’¿„’'•U-,*« «M W*“r lurn l »»>1' R*ncher. l.r.e mod. ind ", mm,7m eon*Ul FO No p'<* *' '•4SM .rn kltrMn. oll he „o,m M «miction, oll IM, a «repue«.. CHICKS, BUNNIES DUCKLINOS Now At BRUCES PET SHOP 22 N. Washington 8t. Livestock FIRST fir., small apt., all ronvs.. | partly furnished Adults. Ur; ban's. 847 Farmington Ave. ROYERSFORD— 5 rooms Ar bath — apartment. 1st floor. $60 mo. 55 Call FA 6-5424 evenings. and screens, oil heat. 115.500. INSTRUCTION Instruction—Mail HEAVY sewing machine . Walco Engineering Inc. Pennsylvania Route 183, Pottstown 7-pc. | Route 73. Sklppack chrome kitchen set-large tabl6.p~r.rL"' — — 6 chairs i.<od cond. PL 4-4332 L ü —• New Hammond spinet organ t -9.i 38 POPPING CORN—800 lb. ( 'Home of the Hammond Organ" * i \ * nf frr p Tii ir h * r ui T o "us i ^ HI AR ELL I BROS , 4 th Si Penn EQUIPMENT0 H. Bucher, HU 9-,061 Reading. Call collect FR 5-4545 LIGHT gray squirrel clutch stole See As Hear the Hammond Organ ,, . , _ . , worn once si?e 16-18. lovely at Zern’s Gllbertsvllle Market Men! ' E*rn tip to »4 SO per hour' ltPTT) for *n naerly woman. ALSO Field training will show you how. ranrh mlnk excellent con- Send name address and phone m,inn very reasonable. Call num ber to Training Services. 120 WHlfehall 4-6697. City Line Center. Philadelphia 51 ¡family room formal dining room. '2-car garage, patio, 1 acre lot. 1 HE ORIGINAL COLONIAL BI-LEVEL Can’t be duplicated. 4 bedrooms, living room, dining room kitchen, _____ ________paneled recreation room, sewing room 11» hath« laundry rrxim. i• . orrn t a aano $150 First floor, big porch, lawn, foyer entrance, fully decorated, macadam drive, aluminum stdlntt. EAS I ER LAMBS living, dining, 3 bedrooms, Pull Price . . . $15.990. On Your Lot . . . $14.700, Ovrr ion in rhnAni* fmm All it?*, storage, gar, all jear zoned ht White face or black face Cali Details— inspect. FA 3-4700. iMODERN all atone Rancher. 6 OEIGERTOWN — Single 6 room JU 4-4608 $48 up TL 4-3111 after fl p.m. Ponies 2 stalìli 7 Mares all in foal. Phone WI 8-3847. Farm Services Offered 57 MECHANIC eady work M i*’ he tirst clsv plus all benefit» Applv cnly. evenings after 6 Chas. L. Rcinert Garage Fsrmington Ave and East St. GENERAL 16' aluminum weekend Trailer, sleeps 5. MOTF’ MANAGEMENT — MEN. phone FA 6-0190 after 5 p m. WOMEN and COUPLES to train ... -- - . y for MOTEL MANAGEMENT and rri1°ID,^1?® refrl5, 12 ru DPAC Plano At OPERATION Onlv matured will „ fr Se’f defrost. Cost $400. used LC KhK I BKOS. * he considered Age over 25. ® mo Ï200 cash. FO 7-6478 — — — - _ ----— Write — NATIONAL MOTEL TWO WINDOWS with snsh Wall opening 61x50 HO 9-6712. LSEI) ORGAN SALE PORTABLE Hammermll' and feed mixing service Molasses supplied. Prompt service PARKE N. MYER TAlmadge 7-7218. rooms and bath, 2 fireplaces. 2*! and bath home, oil heat, A-l car garage, finished recreation condition. 3-car garage. Four room, panoramic view. $25.,>00. acres of ground. $11.900 BERKS COUNTY—Large all-ma- FARMINGTON AVE—Six rooms aonry Rancher, oil cast Iron . w .. . . . . orated, elec. At heat lnclu . Rt heat. 5 rooms and bath, 2-car; *nd stone double, oil neat, 422, Limerick. HU 9-9128. garage, porch. 7 acres. $18 000. near srhool and bus. $9000. CENTRAL — 2nd floor rear. 1 room, kitchen, private bath. Adults. Parking. FA 3-8196 1st Floor, 4 rms. At bath, redec- SAVE on like new spinet and console organs . . . from $295 Hurry! . . Easy terms! . . . Free lessons! Open every week day till 9 p. m Berks Co’s Only Baldwin Dealer CUSTOM feed grinding At mixing mo “Ä» supplied EARL F Hr.ndy location NORTON. Sanatoga FA 6-0156 6-0814 DOWNTOWN, central location. hardwood floors, tile bath. 2 bedrooms, large living room, kitchen, $67.50 mo. See Mr Print* at Levitt Furniture, 212 High St LARGE 6 room apt. (2 bedroomsT. No children pet FA 3-1358 or in person JOINING J*C 71. Osk Park. Ill 303 N. 5th St.. Read g. WA 9-3611 doubles Next to Reading Fairgrounds Instruction—I^ocal 40 MAN GENERAL MAINTENANCE Experienced in Plumbing. E!ec. t tre-*! ami Carpentry Work etc. HOTEL SHULER 138 High Street DAY and EVENINO CLASSES POTTSTOWN Business SCHOOl 313 High 2nd fir.. FA 6-5798 — Boat* Accessories 48 < <las Rango, 36-lnch, very rood condition. Very reason- Johnson 25 h p. Outboard Motor.i able FA 3-2187. elec. starter, good cond. lnclud- _ . . _ .—“¡Ink' Mich, power prop. BE 4-4811 bchwinn Bike Sale CUSTOM SEED CLEANING at Boyertown Mill Only. ZIMMERS FEED MILL INC. Bovertown — fo 7-3311 Amltyville — MU 9-4601 ROBERT R. LEINBACH—REALTOR FA 3 9420 — 685 S. H»novtr St. — INSURANCE MARIO P COCCI. FA 3-8086 MARTIN RANDAZZO, FA 3-1268 ASSOCIATED BROKER ASSOCIATED BROKER Hcurs—8:30 a. m. to 5:15 p. m Mon. - Wed. - Frl. eve s 6 to 8 OPEN EVENINGS — DIAL FA 6-2920 FARMS— 18 ACRES—stone house, good 35 ACRES—Completely renovated barn and good buildings. Too house. Good and valuable land, ¡small, and owner says SELL. $32,000. ,21410 INVESTMENT PROPERTY Fine for Summer playland or camp. FINANCIAL Rusinp** Opportunities 42 BOATS and Complete Equipment.! WM. K. ORUBB. WI 8-8855. | — Walnut A- Cedar Sts , Spring City 26' Boys. 24" Girls, regularly $19 95, now $14 95. While they J * ----------------- - — - - - - - —- - - —— ---- W - , -T----------- — —_— ^»w— . ■ « , O'» «*• . rMrvirn T Kin? a- Wuh st« TWO ROWBOATS. 12’, and a 3 Bring a shovel and dig your own mg room, dining room kitchen UILISLK Z5 p* * Evinrude Outboard Motor, trees nt rock bottom prices. SPE- 1st floor. 3 Bedrooms, bath 2nd ___________ .. A o-.iBOi r-T sale cheap. FO 7-0208.________ CIALS 12-20' Scotch and A us- floor. Apartment - house living KWIK-KOOK ■DE-STROY” the original War- BOATS 'bought - sold-traded-con- tmn Plnp 25r- Blui s^rurp Bnd wlth a11 advantawa of a subur- Terrltory-protected opportunity , farm Rat Killer with sweet signments. BECK AUTO SERV to Join local chain of success- Iurf u.ar_ A Wayni Feed. ICE. N. Charlotte, FA 3-5821. ful «.hops featuring food pre- SMITH-CORONA Oalaxle Port- rvmnut. nutft,« .. in™ n r | mahogany paneling, all $70. FA 3- Galaxle Port, pared to order In minutes for the able Typewriter. 1961 model, takeout trade $2000 minimum like new. $79. FA 6-1000 cash investment. Visit nearest . ../ „ - _ -----¡shop or our own operating shop ^AW N BO"\ 15 ®nC,w BlOW^rlA-3 Demonstration hours 3 to 8 PM, JP: self-propelled, new, $100 1ST floor 3 new 2 MEN NEEDED Man to clean up and get ready Wednesdays through Sundays at: ®,a‘ 4-42.’>0 ______________ AN?re£s*1BATHINETTE PLAY PEN. CAR 9-2675 or DUdley 4-2128 Complete boattng outfits as low ss $600; also fibre glass and wood boats at winter prices! Evinrude Sales At Service, A. G. Hedrick At Son. 309 Schuylkill Rd WI 8-9757. Carolina Hemlock 35c. Plant for ban home Dial FA 6-5825 windbreaks or Christmas trees KENILWORTH Nursery. FA 3-6478 SWEET SPANISH TEXAS ONION PLANTS Cabbage. Broccoli, Lettuce, and Strawberry plants. Asparagus, New Colonial Apts. MOSER RD. At QUEEN ST. 2 bedrooms complete kitchen. air conditioned. $113 up. tie 500 -1412 Robert _R Lelnbach._FA 3-9420 16 ACRES—close to town but THREE rooms At bath, 3rd floor secluded. Stone house with Make an offer on'thia S1394 No children or pet*. Potato spring. Nice little farm. $16 000 Arnro ni«t«*rt .tnn» house ■ SuiLDINO LOTS—In m.n, SSXTt tlons. Reasonable prices |bargaln at $20 00i), ri406 -WE NEED LISTINGS — 372 Hlsh St. EPH. H. KELLER, Inc. Broker Salesmen POLLOCK FA 3-86*»; SHERMAN FA .,-419« KUGLER HY 5-8350 BORNEMAN FO 9-1243 Seeds, Plants, Flowers 58 .. . , MAPLE GARDENS. INC—Luxury EVERGREEN SALE corner 3-bedroom apartment,! Help us clean out our Nursery. $127.50. Ultra-modern. Large llv- i Should see 63«2. bath. ! conv Try H-N-D For A H-O-M-E! mechanical ability to work In Bowling Alley See George Bolton at Bolton Oldsmobile 1480 E. High Street BABYSITTER, preferably pensioned woman live In country; home, 5 children, small weekly salary. Call 287-9001 i Help Wanted—Male 33 SHORT ORDER COOK Must be experienced and reliable 10 p m. to 6 a m. Apply in person, between 2 At 5 p. m , ROSEDALE DINER Pottstown Man For Restaurant 6c Counter Work Those seeking steady employment on!” need apply. 1 he Guernsey Cow Exton. Pa' MIMI’S LUNCHEONETTE nOUTE 29, RAHNS MUST SELL DUE TO ILLNESS HU 9-9155 or 287 9041 BED Inquire 132 Gable Ave-| nue. Pottstown. ____________ POULAN Chain Saws — Sales. Rentals, Servlc# FA 3-9678 EAST END GULF, High At Beech STORM WINDOWS and DOORS.! 3 track alum, or white. Excl design Ph. HU 9-7231 Dally to 9, Sat to 5. M C. WEEKS. INC. Rt 422 East of Collegeville. $30.000 cash --------- ----------------------------invest Write SIFTED TOP SOIL Fuel Oil GULF SOLAR HEAT Fuel Oil - S2 and r5 100 to 1,000,000 gallons Wm. E. Boalton Oulf Distributor FA 6-5331 WHITE HEAT FUEL 1 A\ OIL • *1 For 150 Gal. rooms, N. WASHINGTON ST. — jood FOLKS - That live In brick _____ semi-detached 6 rooms and houses are mighty com- EXTRA LAROE 3 room apt.. ren-|bath home, modern kitchen, large fortable Look at this loveiy tral location 2nd fl. FA 3-9681 living room, breezeway and ga- Cape Cod on Swamp Pike, with or FA 6-0228. rage. Finest of oil hot water 2 bedrooms modern kitchen and ____ Rhubarb .nd'HorM DM.«l root,. THREE ROOMS ¿nd BATiCein- watcr'Later^Plne £Sw MS»" .SX*Si — Sfert potato»,. Ivirpfr Or- tnl. »55 pfr month. Adulu mVr 8™.»!?! CHE n 5?ri5f»,• hTlck homS MA «nle Ml«n .hd gard,n .up- only. Fhon. TA>7«5.__________.STB'RR,gi -Euis.° mT l,‘wV5°™*Ud?^.bTi. Tv! pue8, n pnTH 1ST and 2ND floor apta.: 3 rooms modern kitchen. 3 bedrooms. 2 lng room, oil heat, nicely polnt- m V uin.‘si <;tn®. FA i Rnd b*th JAMES E. CHRIST- car garage. Handy town location ed All for $8j00. 5B t vine bt.. Stowe r A >..411 MAN & qqj , FA 3 M2<) Quick Possession. $10 500. MIOHTi’ SNUG A' FRIENDLY. BEST QUALITY Evergreens, K~rr—^r^ THIS IS HOUSE SENSE—For the Just the home for newlyweds Shade Trees, etc. at OAKLYNN J *“<L JL growing or larger family that or retired couple Cute 4 room NURSERIES. Green Lane RD. flj‘r•;■ »if.11*iwants something better at a and bsth bungalow near Parker ties, yard privileges. FA 3-2099. ;prjce they can afford in a won- Ford Oil heat, modern kitchen. R. H. REINERT FA 6-0253 YOUNG MAN has and services to Mercviry Box J-12 ^ ...— 1 Dark and rich, nursery ap-; BEAL riFLL Bridal Shop in Allen- pro\ed, guaranteed, delivered on town. Pa. Established. Complete approval. $15 lg. load. FA 3-3919. stock and fixtures Reason for _ .. ___------------------------------. selling — other interests. Write DeLLXE Westlnghouse refrlger- Mcrrury Box J-15 | ator with 60_ lb. freezer, good DISTRIBUTORSHIP Available ditlon BUCK'S PIONEER KITCH- ADAM SIMMONS COAL POTTSTOW N AREA ENS V APPLIANCES 431 High f inest Anthracite Coal . ... St.. FA 6-6079 oi Direct to consumer specialty and Fndav tm 9 salesman Go into business for -----------------------yourself _ __ | Sifted TOP SOIL STRAWBERRY plants—25 variet's Blueberries. Raspberries. Asparagus. Rhubarb. ACHIN' BACK ACRES «48 w. Schuylkill Rd FA 3-7696 351 KING ST I COLORADO BLUE SPRUCE »«¡Jj b ' i N’DER AOENCV. 8 years old. $3 each. Call HY 5-6536 Coal and Wood ~ HOLLY HOLLY 50 Hundreds of them at give-away _ prices, also a few oi various other YARD plants. Clean up sale the next _____ |_____________________ two weelcs. Save more if you can FA 6-6079 *cVnen Mon" Wed*IRahn's Hill Sanatoga FA 6-2941 dig. Waldo B. Miller, Park Rd.. — 1-----------------------------------------------------Springe. SANATOGA—Apartment for 1 or derful North End location. Single YOU’VL BEEN WAITINQ for this 2 persons. No children. Phone Cape Cod with 4 bedrooms, mod- North End Home' Immaculate 1 FA 6-4688. ern kitchen and bath, separate 3 bedrooms, lovely modern kttch- - carage, oil hot water heat. en. oil hot water heat, nicely * •• .,9®^*i CHESTER CO. Modern single decorated Corner lot. Loaded mo. Avauaniel brick. 6 extra large rooms, mod- with extras for $14 200 WOW! ern kitchen, oil hot water heat. NEW CHESTER CO Rancher—3 electric ranse Near town $14.000 bedrooms, modern kitchen with NEAR COLEBROOKDALE. Cute bullt-ln appliances, ceramic tile Houses for Rent 89 Cod. 4 rooms, modern kitchen bath, oil hot water heat, car and bath, oil heat. 2 car garage port, large lot — graded and Large lot. Only $11.600. seeded. $15,900. FA 6-5420. LATE MODEL 1-bedroom house trailer for rent. DU 5-3350. MAN HIGH INCOME. LOW INVESTMENT Local A: Nat'l Advertising paid for by manufacturer. Unlimited market. No competi- MAN for maintenance and Jani- to assist designer in making tlon' *or Information, write. trorV vmr T*» rmfmr+nr't** t. ____«_ ;______ _ _ C J. 8M1 II furnishins accessories dress Mercury Box J-13. sam SMITH 143 Baltimore Springfield, Pa. RELIABLE FARM HELP For General Farming. Phone DUnklrk 5-3383. Farm $15 per large load WI 8-3042^ or FA 6-3482. New Used Chain Saws JAMES BODOR HO 9-6831 _ POOLS—Concrete. Stainless Steel Redwood . . $1399 to $6990 . FA 3-2240 Buy Now* Compare quality, prices and weight. Then call MACK’S COAL HOUSE Trailer. 4.V. near Baums- HARRY N. DAYLOR. Realtor. FA 3-6820 1150 HIGH ST. Salesman: Wm. Brown. WI 8-3878 town. 2 bedrooms^ on private ENCHANTING BRICK COLONIAL $6500 IS ALL m i pay for tht* 6 VAPn REAL ESTATE--RENT “-- ------- j —Secluded on 35 acres Beau-! room and bath brick home. 1 ArtU . ---------------------------- ■ ■■ — 216 N CHARLOTTE ST.—3 story,tiful strerm oil H.W'. heat, barn newly decorated and winterized King St Rice Sts FA 3-2931 DMme ........ at home. 3 rooms, bath, powder ¡A* steer shed. 10 minutes from with combination storm windows. —----------------------- -------------- rurmsnea uooms wj room uundry. carport, heat & town Only $2i.?oo FA 3-4018 nAvit't i M\pntTTTr Wanted to Buy SI|HICBLY furnished room "for1 'ROYERSFORD - Charming Cape ‘ ' " ROUTEMAN Over 21 years Steady Job Guar- I anteed salary and or commiasion Must be careful driver and be able to contact people. See Miller. PH I LA. DRY CLEANERS Madison and Cross Sts. MAN WITH CAR Part time, over 21 years 3 evenings <v Saturday Call West Chester OWens 2-2122, 12 noon to 3 PM _________________ BRICKLAYERS For ELWOOD H KULP Call WI 8-8568. TAB OPERATOR — Remington Rand. Unusual opportunity for self-starter with eye on management. Minimum salarv * >200. but open If qualified FREE Call Anne Oould SNELUNG Employment Agency, BR 9-8980. pies. Should have good me chanieal ability. High school picture framing business , stan skean • . ° . complete stock, equipment, etc. —. industrial arts course prefer wm remain as outlet. $:joo. WASH SPFTIA1 red. Must be free of military FA 3*MW bet. 9 a. m. * 5-.30 p. m | = —I DC Money to Loan 44 Tues , Wed . Thurs . 8 A M - 5 for household P M and 9 P. M - 11 P. M Pick ¡stoves, dishes obligation. Permanent posi tion for an industrious individual. gentleman. Available Monday. WANT TO BUY Household Fur- 709 High St. FA 6-4124. FA 6-5798. niture. appliances, everything . ______—; r~— for the home FA 6-11S'’ ^ COMFORTABLE ROOM with a — --------- large wardrobe. Reasonable Spring Mount ....... .................... . ............. s WANTED TO BUY ¡rent. Phone FA 6-427 j . | rooms and bath. Oil heat. $70: „ . , . , . w REALTOR — M L S. Cod featuring mcKlern kitchen 1M N charlotte St - FA 3-0397 dining area, large living room. 2 ------bedrooms At bath. Expandable 7 ROOM HOME over an acre of arf«. — House n°°r- basement, garage.g t o u n d, Douglassvllle area. SEVEN ROOMS and BATH JOE L. BOWEN FA 3-4320. USED TRACTOR TIRE, 9x36. _____Phono HO 9*4 PAYING \V Ellington 3-8683 All’Round Mechanic WITH diesel experience Apply from 1:30 to 6pm JOHN PFROMMER Douglassvllle L-O-A-N-S GILES FINANCE CO. FA 6-4800 365 High 2nd floor POTTSTOWN Si ROYERSFORD$3 $10 and $12.50 per week, TV lounge Kitchen privileges Private baths available. Free private parking. FA 3-3504. ~ FURNISHED FOR SALE TOP CASH goods, furniture. , ______ antiques. CUBS, up 10.- refund In office while appliances DANIEL FREESE SR washing. n State St FA 6-0350 U-WASH NEED EXTRA MONEY? Bring 462 Main St., Roycrsford I your surplus furniture, etc., to FURNISHED ROOM, Second floor Next to Po6„ Office ROOM With Parking Facilities. FA 3-ÍÍ661 month. Dial 287-7232 after 5 P.M. 130 SUNRISE LANE .... $70 LARGE Slnele Home $125 STANLEY SWINEHART FA 6-0872 ZERN’S FARMERS’ MARKET Si AUCTION. Ollbertsvllle, Monday , Used Restaurant, Bar and Store thru Friday 9 A. M to 5 P M ; Equipment We buy and sell , -------„— - -- WANTED TO Buy—Antique fur-! niture. china, glassware, brass copper, guns, furnishings RICHARDS - FA 6-3855 Articles for Sale 46 AA K Equipment. FÀ 6-3308. AMPLIFIER. Fender Basseman. four 10' speakers. 80-watt output. ELECTRIC Hawaiian guitar, like new. extras. WE 3-5168 DRIVE a ALUM AWNINGS Buy direct. . Wall to Wall carpet Wool oval ancesT BOLENS garden tractor, 4 Implements HO 9-6167 after 5 p m. little. WANTED — Household furnlsh- save a lot on lngs. antiques guns, appll- FA 6-0882 centrally located. Phone FA 6-3894. 5 - 7 p. m. FURNISHED ROOM GENTLEMAN ONLY APPLY 523 KING ST. Furnished Apartments 67 ROOFING iioof Repairs Dili F\ 6-6121 E M. Erb. 1257 - New RooM For Intimate N. Charlotte FIRST CLASS Short Order Cook DAY SHIFT. Must be fast, clean A c reliable Applv after 11 A. M., PHILLIP'S TROPICAL TREAT Drive-In Restaurant ______W.^High St.. Stowe WE NEED • One New Car Oet Ready Man • 2 First Class Mechanics • 2 Salesmen We will pay top money to any- DAVID BRADLEY 2 Wheel Garone who can qualify for any of den Tractor, disc, lawn roller these positions. Call for appoint- cultivator. WI 8-3322. mfnl • • ’ 5-PC. Toast .sofa Bed Suite, Save tip to now. All types band braided rugs up to 12 x18- j ~~.77.' c. roll-up. Free Est. HU 9-7231.1 KEHR S Rl’O SHOP | A3. pen dally to 9, Sat. to 5 'a ml- S of Sellersvllle REESE ALCTIO. Inc ¡Open M. C. W’eeks, Inc., Rt I of Collegeville. 422 East 9-9 Tues, thru Frl.; 9 FIRST FLOOR APT., private entrance. No pets^$85._ HO i>-9986 412 HIGH ST.—1st floor_ room- bedroom combination East End. single brick. 6 rooms! buildings—$12 000 and bath, excellent. $98 month. l-ACRE cottage In Layfleld Area _J. G PRUTZMAN. FA 3-8265 —$7500 CENTER of town-large 3-bed- BOYERTOWN — Three brick room house $85 per month. Lings, cloae to school. Phone FA 6-6841. prlced to sell — -------------------------BALL\ 2 excellent dwellings. MOBILE HOME. 2 bedrooms, | call for details 10x50 includes heat and gas.¡12 ACRES of woodland; 800 ft. fully furnlsd. No pets. FA 3-3504; road frontage. MANY other country listings. Priced to sell. ROBERT N. OÖTTSHALL CAPE CORAL. FLORIDA Home Realtor. Collegeville. HU 9-9303 sites for investment, retlre- -----------------------------------------------------ment or year around living. Call SPRING SPECIALS KA 3*348b ior irre information. BOYERTOWN AREA: — 28 Acre ADAM G WARNER $ie.C00y iirrn* ,t0ne dWelUnß- M L ^REALTOR-53 High St. 20 ACRES, s:one dwelling, out- Office and Desk Room 72 BEST TOP SOIL WHITNEY Dining Room Suite-) 5-ton $7. 10-ton $12. buffet, table and 5 chairs. Call OLIVER REID. FO 9-1551 FwA 6i,l87 aiter 3 P- m • Monday pioNEER Chain Saws— Sales, thru,ay._________________Service. Rentals. Oregon chain ELECTRIC 50 *al. water heater for any saw Sharpening. Tree $45, Large chest type freezer pruning, removal, etc. $100; Wringer washer $25: 48" GE METZLER Tree Serv. FA 3-3415 dlshwasher-sink combination $40. Addinc machines. Cai^h Registers Goods at ION HOUSE 5 Sat' Sale every Friday Pickup service * T rnnrr,, ,n/« nn„rt.r _____ FA 6-0350 North State St Jltchcn A^bath^ Ple,«ant, plenty T^,°r ,^d JOSEPH M. SWANN TÄ rST^H¿foh -5iîü°r - PL 4-‘“L phonf FA 0-1183. COUNTRY LIVING FARM and CARDEN Farm—Dairy Products 52 Furnished EFFICIENCY APARTMENT. third floor, semi-private bath. Call FA 3-9466. used ranxes and refrigerators. All fully gntd. SANATOGA RADIO CO. PORCH GLIDER with cover. $20. FA 6-4154. i Mows YOUR ROOF? WAGNER “ Schuylkill Rd. (Route 183» Phoenlxv Hie Phone WE 3-8454 Fair Dealing a F imily Tradition Since 1908) Floor Sample RI nrk"Q warehouse DLWLIX wJ 10J Kintr Kt 124 King St PLUMBING SUPPLIES—assorted valves, unions, T's, etc. Approx. 100 parts in all, $25 WI 8-8064 Typewriters, low as $40. New and U?ed Terms We buy and exchange. JACK GURSH1CK. 722 Walnut St , Reading FR 5-2581 caloric combination coal and gas range. $60; wardrobe, kitchen set. other household articles. Call Reading. FRanklin 3-3109. LEWYT vacuum cleaner (not plastic) with all attachments, excellent condition, $25. Westinghouse electric hand vac cleaner $10. Magic Hostess chrome food sllcer with safety blade lock, new, never used. $15. Snow 670x15. $5. FA 3-4933 TIMOTHY HAY FA 6-1074 MILK. 65c per gallon in your container Birdsboro JU 2-6452 LIMERICK—Nice, clean furnished apt. 4 rooms Sc bath, adults _only. HU_ 9-7337. 3 ROOMS & BATH' Call FA 3-2769. Business Places—Rent Rhubarb Roots 3 for 59c ZIMMERS FEED MILL INC. Boyertown — FO 7-8311 __Amltyville _— MU 9-4601 FARMERS-We Will Buy Your Corn. CLAUDE D KRATZ. HU 9-5565 SECOND FLOOR APT. Suitable for 1 or 2 persons, private bath Apply 529 King street. Unlurnished Apartments 68 FOUR~ROOMS and BATH plus Dinlnir Alcove. Adults only. Phone FA 6-0809. BOYERTOWN—Centrally located, e« 2nd floor, 5 rooms and bath. w Phone FA 3-7681. fir near 100'„ business section AT ITS BEST! $50 mo FA 6-0263 R W EVANS pour roc,ms and bath RANCHER —- with oil hot water heat, full 74 basement, acre lot. Only $10,000 s?oFrJMCnl *Up1 h**°r*rrTnrt!COUNTTR Y^Rancher - Immediate ? rn ^m ritTnt mt.r.ftZf pofsesslon. livlne room, dining I . room- modern kitchen, electric Fully range, enclosed porch. 4 bed- electric aervice and roomg j baths, oil hot water reception room faculties lnclud- heat 2-car garage, large lot. rl.nnM?Shop> 80 N- Low price Charlotte bt __________________g poTTSTOWN BARGAIN- Both JTOREROOMS (2). one for dell- halves of well - constructed catessen or luncheonette Brick Double 7 Rooms and bath Nagle Center, Moser Road Low each. Call for appointment. rental. FA :-8M0 ; .Qg. ^ gQWEN REAL ESTATE-—SALE MLS Realtor —- !!_?*, **** 39 High St. FA 3-4320 House« for 7R Fred T Kmdt- RES FA 6-^009 Mouses tor sale 78 Mrs Martin Ulan, RES. FA 3-013» FAGLEYSVILLE LOW DOWN PAYMENT S ROOM RANCHER Oil heat. 1-car girate. 100x300 lot. 10 yr». old $10,800 N. Douglas Ottinger REALTOR FA 3-6100 »••—•——••••—i? Farm Machinery tires, SMALL Me - Deering Manure FIRST floor—2 rooms, fully fur_______I Spreader on rubber. Side Rake nished. Reasonable FA 3-8182 CASH register - adding machine and tedder on steel, nearly new. between 7 a. m. and 5 p. m RIFLE, 22 bolt action, with scope. combination; U. S computing 2-Row Corn Planter on steel.1“ f ¿TrTrrotTOTt M-----TTC-------- Verv 'ra!e Both «XCOlltnt condition. HO 9-6513 after 4 p. m. 4 ROOMS & BA 1 H 8J!i?or<!RMSd■£»"58 ?£ --------==-FA *-3K»__________Ca" KA __________________ JOHN De,re H modPl .rarlor- çïï tA - M SS ÏS5!V?OrSÆ\aS! “ I «Î'Æ¿SÆÎ,.S fo ™-,,,,, 986 SOUTH HILLS BLVD.—Brick unit, 6 rooms and bath, large yard. Seen by appointment FA 3-7433. COL' "GEVILLE —Spacious 5 bedroom Stone Colonial. Center hall, living room with fireplace, dining room, recreation room. 2’a baths. 2-car garage. 2 porches, garden patio, beautifully land- rooms ___ prices of the year. 60 New and COLORED Let Sears arrange expert installation of a NEW one! LABOR and MATERIALS GUARANTEED FOR UP TO 12 YEARS FA 3*2200 • FREE «stimati Sears Roebuck & Co. 232 High Street PLOTTS BROS. I House for Information and appointment. Birdsboro JU 2-1136 $750. Royersford v\ Ilium* 8-7220 24-HOUR SERVICE CENTRAL, newly decorated. 4 large rooms and bath. 2nd floor reconditioned TV sets to choose: ALL MACHINERY for small farm; Sartini00^.^? nnu" from. Fast delivery. Discount for! 1955 FARMALL ‘Super A1 Trac- EpilnI' mK« m tj u.S OREIISK—l of th* fin»«r hririr PATIO RI OPkT cash—or pay only $10 down.Used tor with mounted plow, cultlva- J®1 E^A^S, 29 N. Hanover OBELISK^ 1 of the Hrutsi brtck I 1 IU DLVJv^N. TVs from $19,95. New TV’s from tor. mower to fit. rubber tire street- I- ftPJU 6 Rooms. 2 tile POTTS. CEMENT BLOCK CO. $99 95 w t New 23" TV radio and and transportation. 45 Minutes to Phlla. Built 1953. Asking $39 500, priced far below cost. HU 9-7645. LIVING IS EASY Lovely Brick Rancher with 3 bedrms., tile bath. rec. rm„ many extras. Eicellent loc. 5 minutes from town. Bus serv. Spacious landscaped lot Max. financing available. F.% «-307# After 4 P.M. tor, ! W. High St PICKET Phone FA 3-8820 Stereo HiFi combinations from trail type 14" plow, 6 ft. culti- \ir\Y/ 1 I ivi inv mulcher, Case corn planter, disc !>!-•»> L,VJ/v\Jr\ I . . . F\IR PRICES Home Improvements Found.«!Ion To Roof Inside Or Out! • Apariment Conversions • Remodeling • Additions • Recreation Rooms • Plumbing • Heating • Kitchens • Bathrooms • Roofing • Sldlnc Work Guar. Free Estimate 5 Yrs. to Pay. No Money Down LADIN, Inc. FA 3-5916 P O. Bo* 66 — Pottstown MUNTZ TV Factory Showroom operated by THE JONES BOYS Rte. 422, Sanatoga, FA 6-2163 Open dally and Sat. 'til 8 P. M. Norge Washer A- Dryer, deluxe i model; 3 Hollywood Beds; Call FA 3-R215 before 2 p. m. Air Compressor, 1 h.p., Ingersoll- Rand, 40-gal. tank, 110-220. one year old Reas. Stan Jones, BE1- mont 4-4074. SALES - SERVICE - PARTS FRANCIS Farm Supply HY 5-6590 SANATOGA — Just decorated, large rooms and hath, $65. New FARM MACHINERY Holland and Minn-Moline j Sales - Service - Parts NEVIN N MYER. Anselma Pa TAlmadge 7-2181 or 7-7165 I Can Save You As Much As 50% on your Business Printing & Advertising Specialities. Here are h few of our low, outstanding Values — Business Cards. embossed $4 10 per 1000 Sales Books 100 for $10.15 letterheads 1000 for $7.95, TRADE-INS — Mahogany 9-pc _____ Statements 1000 for $5 45 Duncan - Phyfe dining room I POODLE clipping, grooming and wall Envelopes 1000 for $6 80 suite, china and buffet to the! bathing. Black nun, at stud ' Imprinted Ballpoint Pens, floor, like new. Modern bookcase: Puppies occasionally FA 3-4193 100 for $7.95 bed. spring and mattress, $75. $200 9x12 rug and pad, $100. Living room suite, 2-pc., down cushions, $25 Antique mahogany slant ____ top desk See In basement of j Siamese Kittens, Reg., with dls- WIL"” -------------------- —------1 (Cuts Included free) BILL-K COMPANY WI 8-9360 baths, powder room. rec. room, fireplace, H. W. heat. 2-car garage. $24.500. NEAR BOYERTOWN—23« Acre». 5 rooms and bath Bungalow, 2- car garage, barn, stream, awlm- ming pool. BALLY—6 Rooms and tile bath Conditioned—Elec. Kitchens, single masonry. HW heat hard- All., Chalmers .„a New Ide. FA 6 6514 OF 11Y 5 61175TcT* **" ,“W' ’ *“* GABELSVILLE—3 rooms Si bath frame cottage, all conveniences. C co?iA3 moms anrt ' mo IPL-EASANTViLL* - 5 rooms and JOE I BOWFN fa i 4120 1 bath masonry Rancher. H. A __JOK L .BOWEN, PA 3-43^0 __ o11 heali garag#i j4 acre lot. ATTRACTIVE 2nd floor—3 rooms i$13.950. Oliver n#hi Private bath, private entrance. 1160 FARMINGTON Ave —4 rooms nart* rahi" ManMmvRV rrt 6Pace- utilities included and bath frame Bungalow, oil Suitable for 2 or 3 persons, heat, garage. 1 acre. __ FA 6-1364 after 4 p. m. NEAR Halfway House—5 rooms own ft u f I and bath Brick Capa Cod. HW 54 2ND FLR . central. 1 bedroom. 3. «ere living, dining, all large rooms. to wall carpeting, large kitchen, bath. Large air porch. $80 per month. FA 3-9395. 3 New Models AMITY GARDENS Rte. 422, Just Above 662 DOUGLASSV1LLE Open Daily t Is S P. H. GREEN RIDGE - CIEST HOMES 96 ORCHARD LANE BOYERTOWN HICK and FRAME RANCHER Featuring • 3 lge. bedrm%. • 2 baths • Dining rm. • living rm • Kitrhrn • Aluminum sliding doors • 3 car garage • Air conditioning • Speci:»l artesian well • Lot :.’50xi;0 A beautiful home with s wonderful panoramic view of the area. Can be seen by Appt. JOSEPH M. SWANN REALTOR Sassifflinifille PL 4 4531 parts EAGLE MACHINERY CO Uwrhland Pa Call OI 8-5326 Pets—All Kinds EASTER BUNNIES $1 and up. FO 9-1454 KE FURNITURE HOUSE. I temper shots Reas, priced. Queen at Madison Sts, FA 3-8800.IBirch Hill Cattery, HO 9-6015. BRINGING UP FATHER SURE. I'VE "Si INSECT// JUST' WHO DO YOUN GOT PLENTY || THINK YOU'RE FOOLING WITH Î7 MADAM, YOUtl/N >_____ ( HEAR from My " Í 5 C LAV WER ABOUT ÏJT*- A "| ------ S 2 APTS., Sanatoga—5 rooms and bath; also 4 rooms and. bath. FA 6-55S3, 8-11 a. m . 4-5 p. m, 2nd FL. APT.—4 rooms and bath, all utilities furn., gas range. No children or pets, $70 mo. Apply 47 W. 3rd St. after 4 p. m. FRANCIS D. SELL REAL ESTATE BROKER GKESH V ILLS; Dial Bovertown FO 7-2649 Salesman: Robert Spayd. FO 7-2854___ 1005 Ñ. Warren, spie A- span. 150' dp lot, extras, closets, rec. rm . 3 bedrms . unfln. rm.. inside will surprise you. FA 3-6500. 5 BEDROOMS North End Location Large lot with Old Shade. Large living room, dining room, huge kitchen, 2-car garage. Tastefully decorated. Low Maintenance. North End Listing *800 Down Payment Excellent 7 room brick featuring living room with fireplace. 4 bedrooms. 11 baths, hot water oil heat, basement garage, all on 60x140' well landscaped lot Old shade. Call tor Appointmint $17,000 BRUCF A. DAVIES O’DKLI. AGENCY Only 14,900 4t0 King Street Phone FA 3-622« AGENCY FA 6-3853 — Eve’s FA 3-0219 TWO and three bedroom apis. Completely redecorated. $80. OTT INGER, FA 3-6100. EAST END SINGLE BRICK, fl rooms and bath, rec. room, large back yard. Many extras. FA 3-0234 Centrally located. 3 rooms and bath, Ideal for I or 2 persons. $57 month. J O. PRUTZMAN, Realtor. FA 3-826 d . SHADED TRAILER LOT8 tot aa’e—easv payment plan RAY SPAIDE. FA 3-9384 FA 3-6038 or FA 6-2460 $9990 100% M0RT6AGE $72 MONTHLY StAtfTIFUL 1 PFDROOM HOML PUILT ON LOT COMPI.FTE WITH ALL MATERIALS * LABOR. Rt ADV __ FINISHED TO MOVE IN L. ERNEST Plt’KARII - BUILDER SINCE 1131 Prospoct & Sprue* St*.. PoMitown, Pâ. * Phoo*; FA 6-297) MAKE OFFER on this lovely 6 Rooms & Bath Chester Co. Rancher, with attached garage. Less than years old. l ltra-modcrn kitchen, oil hot water baseboard heat. Sift flflA Quick possession ................^lOjUUU R. H. Thompson-Realtor 1257 N. CHARLOTTE — FA 3*1870 A

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