Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on April 10, 1895 · Page 3
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 3

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Wednesday, April 10, 1895
Page 3
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'BANKRUPTCY — -ot the physical bcinjy is the result of drawing incessantly upon the reserve capital of nerve '• force. The wear, tear and strain of modern life are concentrated upon the nervous system. The young men of our day become sufferers from nervous debility or exhaustion, nervous prostration or weakness. This may be the result of too much mental worry and excitement, or the result of bad practices and excesses, or pernicious habits, contracted in youth, throueh ignorance. They feel irritable, weak and nervous with such distressing 1 symptoms as backache, dizziness, shooting pains in head or chest, sometimes indigestion. The middle-aged men, as well, suffer from exhaustion, loss of manlypower, low spirits, impaired memory, and many derangements of mind and body. The ill-used brain is morbidly wide awake when the overworked business man attempts to find rest in bed. The physicians and specialists of the Invalids' Hotel and Surgical Institute devote their best energies to reclaiming and restoring such unfortunates to health and happiness. They have written a book of 168 pages, treating of these maladies and setting Forth a rational means of home-treatment for their cure. It is sent securely sealed, in plain envelope, on receipt of 10 cunts for postage. Address WORLD'S DISPENSARY MEDICAL ASSOCIATION. No. 663 Main Street, Buffalo; N. Y. ACCIDENTS IN FEBRUARY. The record of train accidents in February, compiled by the Railroad Gazette, includes forty-three, collisions, ninety-two derailments and eight other accidents, a total of 143, in wnlch eighteen person* were killed and 119 Injured. Thirteen accidents caused the death of one or more persons each, and thlrty.-slx caused Injury but not death, leaving ninety four (66 per cent, of the whole) which caused no personal injury deemed worthy of record. The number of persons killed in train accidents in February was smaller than In other month for many years, except February, 1894, and April, 1890. Of'the four moat serious pas. eenger train accidents only one la classified as due to negligence in operating, and the number of fatal caeualttes entered under this head is only about one-fourth of the total. At the same time, February was an unfavorable month for train running, the storm and cold weather of Feb. 7-10 having been widespread. Of the derailments from broken rails twelve are reported ae occurring to passenger trains, and the total number of accidents of this kind was by no means small. API. Now Purify me Blood; Feed the Nerves! Take Paine's Celery Compound Now! It Speedily Makes People Well. Cures Disease When all Else Fails. In every Civilized land it is a Blessing. Is Used by Physicians in Every Community. DAILY JOURNAL WEDNESDAY MORNING, APRIL 10 In It F»ie! Did you ever stop and think how our lives are affected by some seemingly trifling circumstance? It la amusing to think what might b ive •occurred bat tor some more or lees trifling clrcumaiance. If tie nose of Cleopatra had been shorter ihe whole face of tho earth would have been different. It IB said that tt glass of wine too much changed the course of French history; many persons who have carelessly picked up a scrap of literature on Dr. Wheeler's Nurve VI- tallzer hive been cured of what they considered -»n Incurable disease by Us use. C. S. Chambers, Atlanta. 111., was a sufferer from nervous prostration. A friend, who bnd knowledge •Of Dr. Wheeler's Norve VHall'/.er, pave him a -small sample. Its use stirred •up new hope In his mind; he used two full sized bottles and was cured — fate directed this wonderful raodi- •cino to his notice. Your fate may be urging your attention 10 the same remedy, If you are troubled whh nor. vous prostration, spasms, fits, sleeplessness, mental depression, exhausted vitality, despondency and general •debility. For <jale by Bon Fisher, the Druggist. ___ Heal JiNtnte T»«n«rer«. BjF. H. Wlpperman, abstractor, Prepared for the Journal. W. T. Wilson to Wm. H. Bevan n 145 ft lot 83 uml (i% lotSrto p Cor. North and 5th street ................................... $ TVm. H. Bevnn to J. B. Ljnu name ns 825 00 800000 Robt. C. follard. com. to Zmllj Gutbrle M a In se U and neli sec 31 Jcfferton to ............ .„ ..................................... .... i oo J. B. Ljnns to Wm. H. fievan lot 13 Follard'» add ................................... 250000 ' Joslau Parcel! to c. L. wilejwsoit lot 6 J. Tlpton's Sd iidd ............................ 1 00 T. J. Iraraelndm. to w. U. Barrow 32(4 a la nee 1*0 and 21 Deer Creole tp .......... 750 00 Catnarlne . BrooKmeyer to Indiana Manrlc« eVi lot 5 Croon's add ............. 1300 00 J. M. Webster to JOM. Gray undl/j e^ sec 1, Deer Creek tp..,; ................. . __ ....... 800 00 The German BapllX Brelhern Will hold their annual meeting at De- •oaiur, 111., the latter part of May. Everything has been arranged, and work on the buildings will begin In a l«w days. The Wabash Railroad is the only line running trains direct to (be grounds. The beat baking powder In the world nt Boa Fisher's drug store. VENO AND THE G. A. R. W. i. KERSTETTER OF THE SOI- IERS' HOME DAYTON, 0., CURED BY VENO REMEDIES. Anerl'ou Year 1 * :HnflfcrlBK-AtteBd6d by Muny PhyiloUmi \Viihvut Kollrf.— Ha !• Entirely C«r«a by VeDoJtemeAleii. w: i.'Xantttter.'iate secretary Soldiers' 'Home, was* terrible sufferer for loir Team from dyspep- ita, »ert»usnpj» and Itrer trouble, aiit wiwa o*n- flmMdlDTalMffibitidr. l*ss, tor tkai length ot Hm». Many *nort«-*b««« been nwdeio- cure him bat all »rot»dun«Tmll[ag until Yeno'a Remedies we»*«i»D,"~n» writes a»-follows: • • • -• • "IbaTe.taJwnVEHQ'sCUBJUTresrROV and ffldlbotier thin I harp for f oar je*rs. It I .taut taken toes* flftnuxll** In lime 1 would not ha»e tweniin ltiYaMd.'!::.TJtia«aniebsamo[ thousands «folt*miilloror >m»rlca- Th* VenoBeme*«s are medical ttinmpfcs com- p»uJKl*4rirom Jonuulas secured In Europe, »nd ( aniaUtecmltroaranythlnK ever offered here, VJN.Q'ftCCtUTiyBSTBUF (We a bottle), U a D«alttt* rare tor weak stomach. -dyspepsia, Unr, kldnej, tl»od aod,urlaarj trooblwr sleeplessness. poor ap»«nite and g#n«nkl weakn«tn. and . when nWd-wTui VfiBO'S KLBUTRIC FLUID (500 a bottle). will care tM wont snd moit desperate form* ot Tbeamaclsm. sotulca. leunbago.-piualjils. stiff Joints, nenralzM and allnctwa and » aim. • • TEWS UJ«e TOXIC (oOo a bottle), a qillck aad permanent care f ortorost and lunz trouble* wthma, bronchitis, hoawenesi, and coughs- and " ' • '• ' • ' '' . Sold »J Johnston. KeetUng and Ben Fisher, Druoliu and guaranteed U; cure or monej re- tondcd. CUE AT GKAIN RATES. List Saturday afternoon the Penn. sylvanla company oontracted to haul 1,500.000 buehels of wheat from Chl» oago to the seaboard at the remarkable low figure of ten oente for each 100 pounds of the .grain. For some weeks a rats h»s been in progress, but until the deal mentioned above the Pennsylvania had not figured conipio- uoualy in tho suicidal policy. Con- oernlng the deal a Chicago dispatch says: "Shippers declare they cannot profitably ehlp wheat in the present state of the market and pay more than eight and one-half cents a bushel. Few lines, however, even in view of the present demoralization,are willing to cut the tariff to so low a figure, but the near approach of the lake season and the fact that most of the grain could be held until the opening of navigation, without IOBB to the shippers, goes far towards making the freight agents take almost anything they can *•»•" BKAKEMAN KILLED. Michael O'Connor, a Pan Handle brakeman who resided at Indianapolis was run over and instantly killed at Arcadia at abot't 2:30 yesterday morning. Ha was riding oa the front end of the loooaiotlvo when by some unac» countable aooident he fell off immediately In front of the engine which with five oars paaaed over his chest cutting him in two. When the horror.strlck- en engineer and firemen reached his side he was breathing his last and died in a few minutes. The remains were taken to an undertaker's shop whence they were taken to Indianapo lis on No. IS. Deceased was about 22 years old and the sole support of a widowed mother. He was a cousin of Mike Courtnev, telegraph operator at the Pan Handle round house. Hie funeral will take place today. EAST BODND SHIPMENTS. East bound shipments from Chicago last. week were 60,614 tons, against 60,553 tone for the previous week, and 85,316 tons for the corresponding week of last year. The roads carried tonnage as follows: Michigan Central, 6,379; Wabash, 9,025; Lake Shore, 7,031; Fort Wayne, 5,671; Pan Handle, 4,697; Baltimore & Ohio, 3,119; Grand Trunk, 5,019; Nickel Plate, 4,232; Erie, 10J 77; Big Four. 1,769. Shipments were made of the following articles in tons: Flour 1.769; grain and mill stuffa, 26,444; provisions, lard, etc., 11,492; dressed beef, 7,906; butter, 1,276; hides 1,132; lumber, 6,742; miscellaneous, 1,525, There is yet a large quantity ot grain to be moved and many shippers are waiting a rise In prices before they begin. One firm along the State Line road has 90,000 bushels of oats in its elevators besides some other grain which it will not ship until prices advance. Matthew. Masaena, ex-Pan Handle supervisor will, today, leave for Delphi to try the efficiency of the bathi for rheumatism. It Is probable thai on hla recovery he will be tendered a position of light work if his eyei, which are now weak, will permit him to accept it. He hopes to he able to go to work about June 1st. For some time past a gang of hoodlums at Blakeshlre, Ohio have been In the habit of annoying Wabaab. train, men and several evenings ago assaulted the crew of a passenger train by throwing stones through the coach and cab windows. Oae of the missiles truck tho fireman In the face almost putting out one of his eyes. Several of the assailants were arrested and are now in jail Indicted for-attempting'to commit murder. Indorsed by Thousands of People in Indiana. In every civilized country people are now taking Falne'e celery com. pound. Persona employed constantly in. doors emerge from ihe long confine ment of winter reduced in strength and nervous vitality, ' The need of a spring medicine for years impressed itself on the attention of a thinking people. But with a lack of a really valuable scientific preparation people were accustomed to take all eortB of homemade concoctions—some harmless, but none of any-great value. Finally, io, the famous laboratory of Dartmouth medical school, Prof. Edward E. Phelphs, M. D., LL. D., dls- covered the formula for Paine's celery compound, the remedy that has become the standard nerve restorer, blood purifier and strengthener from one end of the country to the other, the preparation that stands unrivalled as—The world's great spring remedy. Not only Is this known to the people generally today, but it IB the one remedy invariably ordered by the modern class of physicians in all'ca=e8 of nervous debilliy. Since the appearance of Paine'e celery compound, when firat prescribed by Prof. Phelpe, there has been no difference of opinion among ecientlfic men as to its unrivalled merits. The reports of the many oases where this remarkable remedy has saved life and restored health, have again and again been given at length in the mod- cal reviews and the newspapers, until today the whole country is Jaml'iar with the power of Paine : s celery compound over disease. More than one influential paper has spoken in editorial columns of this great modern remedy as a remarkable Instance of a scientific discovery, emanating from the very highest medical authority, and taken up later by the whole peo. pie, till today it Is the recognized remedy of the world tor all forms of weakness,' No auoh complete agreement of the popular belief .and professional judgment ever before happened. Just.now, when the new. year—that is the spring—Is overhauling the body and trylog to arouse It to drive out disease, It la well to know what to do In order to help the good work along. When the : nervea count up the gains and losses of the winter, . most every, one Is sure to find that he stands in need of a spring medicine to tone him up, to make richer and purer (.blood, and to make his nerves sound and vigorous. The . marvelous ability of rapidly reconstructing worn-out tissues, of purifying the blood and feeding tired nerves has won for Falne's celery compound the written Indorsement of thousands of careful physicians. •. . . It Is a fact much commented on that men and' women of national reputation and prominence, edtipated.people, who are careful what they, employ when sick, have of. their: own ...accord sent letters describing fully their permanent recovery from rheumatism, heart- weakness, sleeplessness, debility, kidney troubles . and from diseases of the stomach and liver. . In all these -cases of recovery from eerloua disorders • and- the general feeble health that comes directly from a bad state of blood and impaired nerves, Palne'e celery .compound has always removed disease, and established health again. It begins to give Ite great help immediately. This la how it has come to make men and women come to speak of it as "the remedy that makes people well:" This"significant phrase has been repeated so of ten from .mouth to mouth that it'll now everywhere Inseparably asuociated with Paine's celery com. pound, not only by :he physicians who daily prescribe U.butby the thousands of ailing people, young and old, who go to It for aid and comfort. Take it now. A R»re Kvrnt. Silver weddings are not uncommon, but a silver betrothal falls to the lot of few, A case of that kind is reported from Berlin. The engaged couple first pledged their troth in December, 1SOO. The young- lady's aunt, however, threatened to "cut her off with a shilling" if she dared to get married. Consequently, the loving couple had to forego their most ardent wish, viz: the prospect of a speedy marriage. Still, they remained true to their pledge during this interminable courtship. Not long,ago the obdurate aunt departed this life, but by desire of the intended Husband the wedding was postponed to enable the couplu to celebrate the twenty-fifth anniversary of their betrothal. _ •arrtlouft Be»olti. From a letter wrulen 'by Rev. J. Gunderman of Dimondale, Mich., we are permitted to make this extract: ••! have no hesitation in recommending Dr Klnn'a New Discovery, aa the results wc-e almobt marvelous in the case of my wife. While I was pastor of the Baptist church at Rives Janction she was brought down with pneumo nla succeeding la grippe. Terrible paroxysms of coughing would lact hours with little Interruption and U seemed as If oho''could not survive them. A friend recommended Dr. King's New Discovery; it was quick in its work and highly satisfactory In Us results." Trial bottles free at B F. Keasling's drug 1 store. Regular eize 50c and $1. She Had tho Evidence. A novel piece of evidence was introduced recently in a breach of promise case in Bavaria. The defendant obstinately deniod the charge, and stated that his accuser had nothing to show • to prove her •statement. The latter, a buxom village maiden, asked one day to be permitted to bring in her evidence. The court granted her request and adjourned until ten o'clock the next day. At the appointed time she •was on hand, and upon the query of the judge where her evidence was, she opened the door and four lumbermen brought in u tree trunk, upon the bark of which her faithless adorer had incised both their initials within a flam- in.g heart! She won her case. What IN the Work of Ihe K.lduey«» To remove from the blood Us 1m purities. The products of cell wastes which have been burned up in sustaining life and giving strength to the system. Every particle of blood In the body goes through the kidneye every three minutes, and if these organs are ucable to perform their work fully, sooner or later the system is poisoned. Therefore, ' San Jak" is the Indicated blood remedy. Nervoun Debility. Every person having nervous debility, organic weakness, or failing memory, is entitled to sympathy of every honest person, and should have ex. tended medical aid such as is found In ••San Jak." Sold by Ben Fisher, druggist. Not Samples! Of what you don't want but a full stock of Desirable Shoes At Wf\LKER 6c Rf\UGT-t Where quality is our first object at prices to make them GO. FRESH FISH! If you want a fine fresh FISH leave your order with F. W, KINNEY, -TELEPHONE 172.- A fine variety of fresh lake fish received daily. No cold storage goods, w e dress and deliver without extm charge. For Fine Printing. You will find the Journal Job Rooms unsurpassed. LETTER°H&«DS INVITATIONS PROGRAMS, ENVELOPES fV SPECIALTY. You get our figures and we'll^do the work. Do not fail to call on the JOURNAL for Job Printing. Drawback In Gunboat life. The attention of the British admiralty has been called to the one serious drawback tho modern steel ship possesses, namely, the death-like coldness of the interior walls. It is possible, indeed, to warm the ship with steam, but nothing' can warm tho sides in cold weather, and the man that Bleeps near tho unsympathetic stqel Is liable to contract- rheumatism in . the unconscious effort to warm it by the sacrifice of his own vital heat. On very cold days the closed air ports will drop icicles, and the seaward wall of a stateroom will be as cold as ice. Four Big SOC«S«CH. Having the needed merit to more .than make good all the advertising claimed for them, the following four remedies have reached a phenomenal Sile. Dr. King's New Discovery lor consumption; coughs and colds, each bottle guaranteed—Electric Bitters, the great remedy for'liver, stomach and kidneys. ' Bucklen'i Arnica Salve, the best in the world, and Dr. King's New Life Fills, which are a perfet pill. All these remedies are guaranteed to do just what is claimed for them and the dealer whose name is attached herewith will be glad to tell you more of them. Sold at B. F. Eeesling's drug store. * Tot Don't HIT* to Swear Off »ays the St. Louie Journal of Agriculture In an editorial about' No-To-Bao. the famous tobacco habit cure. • 'We know of many cases cured by No-To- Bao, one,, a prominent St. Louis architect, •moked and chewed for twenty year*; two boxes cured him so that even-the'smell of tobacco make* him sick." No-tO-Bac told and guaranteed by B. F. Keesling, druggist. No cure no pay. Book free. Sterling Remedy Co., New York or Chicago. Mrs, M. F. Arnold* of Indianapolis, took five bottles of. I<emon Laxative and is perm? neatly cured of "Headache, Backache and Constipation. She advises ladies to try a fifty cent bottle. Seth M. Velsey can loan you money on city property at 6 per cent. Call and «M him at 304 Fourth »tre«t. Tho Prince Took OfT HI* JInt. According to tlio Philadelphia Record, tho captain of the clipper Louisiana, which lately arrived at that port. tolls a good story of the way an American boy, without making 1 ' himself offensive, extorted a tribute from royalty. While the Louisiana was lying 1 at Dublin, the. prince of Wales, who was then the guest of the lore mayor of the Irish capital, sent word t the captain that he would like to com on board and sec what an old-tim American clipper-ship was like. Th captain's son heard what was going 1 on and declared that he would make th prince tip his hat to him. He knew, i seems, that the prince was not in th habit of uncovering 1 in this way. When the royal party came on board the boj appeard on deck waving the Aroericar flag-. The prince, seeing- the nationa colors, lifted his hat, and the rest o the party followed suit, to the grca delight of th« captain's sou, who thu had made good his boast. HYGIENIC ThoHe Strictly RULES. by lli« Mil of Woodftn Ball* for » Fl»rfd» Bo»<l. The citizens of Avon Park and Halnes City, Fla., forty miles distant, have dc cided, according to a correspondent o the Manufacturers' Record, to buiM railroad with wood rails, which are largo enough to bo laid so that they will be half-imbedded in the' sand without other ballast. They are to bo held in position by wooden pins two inches in diameter and eighteen inches long, while the ends are connected by plank couplers placed underneath anc held by pins. Not a pound of metal will be used in construction of the tracks. Most of the "rails" will be furnished gratis by property owners along the right of way. The company be lieves that in a few years the fruit, vegetable and passenger business over the route will pay for regular stee] •rails, when the others will be used for ties. A small steam dummy will furnish power for the road- The Price ot Amber. During the last five years tbe'price of amber is said to have been reduced in America by at least two-thirds. The reason for this seems to be found in the fact that a new process of melting amber and molding it into shape has been adopted, where before it v»as cut from a solid mass. The molded amber is stated to be less brittle and far more durable than the out amber, and in consequence is in greater demand. By the new process, it, is claimed, the amber can be molded into any form and there is no waste. How* This! We offer One Bnadred Dollars Beward lor any case of Catarrh taat cannot be cured by Hall'* Catarrb Cure. . F. J. CHENEY 4 CO., Prop*., Toledo, 0. We, the undersigned, have known f. 3. Cheney for the last 15 jrean, and bellere him perfectly honorable la all business transaction* and Bnan- dallyableto carry out any obligation mtdebr their Inn. W«ST*TE0ii wnolenale Druggist), Toledo. O WILDING, KCCIUXA MARTIX, Wholesale Drag girt. Toledo, O. Ball's Catarrb Owe it taken -Internally, acting dlnetlynpratiie blood and mueoni notices ot tueijrtwn. Price 75c per bottle. SoW'bj Ml drnggtaU, TeAimoolali tn*. Obnorvcd JLfiiHurc. Never eat anything 1 before breakfast To avoid the overpowering temptation to do this, always leave your breakfast before you havo a chance to cat anything-. Xcvcr work between breakfast and dinner. To avoid the overpowering ternpta- ticm to d»> this, have your breakfast and dinner so near together that you will not have time to yield to tho temptation. Conscientiously economize every moment of.time for digestion. Nevec let the precious moments run to waste. In order to gain this time never work between dinner and supper. Never be satisfied with what you, have accomplished. Press ever onward in never-ending activity. In order that this rule may be strictly observed, as soon as you havo digested your dinner eat your supper that not a moment may go on without interruption. Hundreds of years of precious time have been lost by careless men inadvertent!}' permitting their digestive orcans to run out of work. Never work after supper. In order to avoid the overpowering temptation to do this never get through, supper until it is too late to work. Supper, nevertheless, should not b« allowed to continue until it is time for breakfast. If it does, however, breakfast should be postponed until the supper is over. If there ever happens to be an inter* val between meals, do not be embarrassed by the awkward pause. A properly trained man will keep right on, eating through the interval.— N. Y. World. I)o Vonr Arm* Match? About fifty men out of one hundred have the right arm stronger than tho left; sixteen have equal strength in both arms, and nearly : thirty-four hare the left arm the stronger than th* right. These proportions are more evenly distributed in women. Nearly forty-seven per cent, are stronger in the right arm, and about twenty-flv* are stronger in the left, while twenty- eight have arms of equal strength. . In the case of the lower limbs, taking men and women indifferently, it has been found that out of fifty subjects twenty- three had the left leg more'developed, showed the reverse, four more showed both the right limbs more developed, while in seventeen all the Limbs were more or less unequal* Tho strength of the whole body, as illustrated by lifting power, is about two to one in favor of men. B«ekle*'« Arale* -Salve. The bettaalve in the world for cutt bruises sores, ulcers, .-salt rheum ever sores, tetter, chapped handa, hllblaloe, corns, and all »kln erup. iont, and podtlvely curef piles, ot DO >»y required,- It; ti guaranteed to- ive perfect satisfaction, or monej rounded. Price 2ycenu per bor. For* tale by B. F. Keesllng.

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