The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 22, 1932 · Page 4
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 4

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, March 22, 1932
Page 4
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PAGE FOUR THE BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS i TUB COURIER NEW8 CO,, PUBLISHERS 0, K. BABCOCK, Editor H. W, HAlHEb. Advertising Manager , National AdverlWng Representatives: ' • Arkanuu Dallies, tec,, New yort. Clilcnso, i >troit, 61. I/jule. Dallas, Kamaj Citv. unit, Publiihed Ariernnon E.iccpl 6x>)>d<iy. Entered as second class mailer at the pout Wire at UJytheville, Arkansas, under act c? Congress Oclpbcr 9, 1917. Served by me Urwco 1'ress OJf KATES By carrier In Ihe elty of UlyCievllte, 16c per reek or JC.50 per yeac In ncjyance. By mail within a radius of 50 miles, $3.00 per yet.r, 1160 lor six months, 85c Ins lhr;'r> months; by mall in postal zones two to six. Inclusive. f6.50 per year. In zones seven mid eight, $10.00 per .year, payable Ui advanco. Worse. Than the Sales Tux Public NcnliiiH.'iil promises lo .fwu itraslic mutliliuilioii if not. the virtual elimination of t!ic 2 I-I \w wnl sulos tax provision of the fftlui'.-il revenue bill, Tlu> evil iind 11.i' iiijiiKliir of lax- inj; Iho liuor man's nm'ssilirs of lil'i; have; hci-ii i-lonvly ivwiRiiixccI, :ui.t the: lirolu.-il iiguiiiKf such a |rr<w:mi hus been vigor-oil.-; aiul uinnishikiiblc. But ( jnay we itslc: Why doc.i (ho American public, and (hut public's i-oin-esuiilitlLvi'.-i at Washington, KQ i|iik-k to rebuff this iilk'miil to placu a direct l:ix nputi fhu IUTOS- silius cif life, continue lo accept, virluul- ly without complaint, (lie tremendously more burdensome levy upon many of Uiose .same necessities ini|!o.-ed by our tariif laws? Is it imagined that lincausc we do not use imported goods dial Ihosc tariff duties do not reach us? The sales lax plan is bad, and if other adequate sources of revenue can be found its death is to In- desired, but lite burden which it would place on the consuming public is a mild fliinjr compared to thai already imposed by thu lariil', and the barm it would do fo business in general is ncglilfihlc comrmral to the harm which the laViff lias been doinjr for years to all but a rather limited group of its (lirec! benclieiaric.s. 'f~\ f rj-i ' Uur income. .; axes os ul' tlio sah'i (;ix insist Unit , il" their pliiii is nut iiiloplal tin- iuamio : lax rules will IIIIVL- t» bo juela-ti up vci-y substantially. Tliu inl'orcnci; is ; Hint tho^e rates art- already about us liigh as thuy well can be, and I hat to niise tlmni inutn more-would he to . tax Hit- ordinary otit of house: ; .ami home. In view of this, n eoniiwrisoii of • American income (ax rales witli Ihe rates in force in other countries is inlcre.slitijr. In the United Stall's, a married man wild OIK> child and an income of .?2.mi() a 'year nmv pays no lax at ail. What would he pay fist-where? In Germany he would ji;iy §215 a year. In Jtniy hu would pav ?218. In France he would pay 810-1. In Ktig- hinri he would p.-ty £b';{. How ahonl the higher hrackels? An American earning $10.00(1 ;, yi-;,,- ]Ul \v 1'iiys $J23; in Ktiflanil he would pay ?I800. On u $100,000 income, Die American pays $10,2-15; in I-Jiiuhind hc would pay §-18,000. Our rate.-, apparently, could he a little hil higher. Worthless Fortunes 'I lie miKer is a phi-noim.'iion us old as cinli/atioii ; and from Iho very bc- in'iiiiiiif;- lie has IKCH a 1,'reat \mw.\c. 'I'liei-e died in .(he middle west the other (!ay an agi'il r< ' who lived in a liny ai'art.inem on ;l , nwln s j,| ( . •Heel. To all npiK-araiUTS, he was just "Nc llolcii above actual <lc:<; ilnlinn. Jltil ii-l.-en hi s cfR'i-t.-: were examined, ••n'ler his death, it was fomiil that he <>wi:o<l cash ami seciii'ities worth np- wai-ds of ?800,0()(). (.';i:«\s of (his kind are continually eoniin^ lo lijfhl, of nmrse, mid there is nol.'iiiiff c.speciitUy itniisual in (his "lie. Hut it does niidie one wonder, anew— "win-?" The money did the man no earthly K ooil. It is now beinK divided iimoiijf :{•) cousins, and it is (luiilill'ul il' he caved it on flieir aa-ount. Jl did him no frond u-h/itever. U'hal tan be. (ho motive Ilia! makes a man treat his money dial way 1 / PresidentiaI Rcferendums Senator i^aKolletle of Wisi'inisin is li'.viiiK to tfot eaily action on k'trisla- lion wliich would provide fo,- a nationwide advisoi-y referendum yule mi call- cticlales for presidential nominations. 'I'lu: vote woul;l he held m Advance of llu- tivii national conveiilious, and would lie supposed lo guide the dele- fe'ttk's in (heir detilicration.--. There isn't nmcli eliance thai such a law will pass, (o he sure; but it does contain a lot of t;ood, sound common sense. A iifil|o?i-wiiie direct primary at which every iiiau would cast his ballot, in ills own parly, for tlio candidate he preferred, would prevent <|u.,. sc |, 0 t ( .| room deals that fealnre so many convention-, and would give Hie voters a much more direct chanee of expressing themselves. H would, in u word, lie infinitely more democratic than our ]n-esei;L .system. iM-i-iiinnlc piuiHc-m. I V(j;iki prcrtlcl ilia!, (lie r,i:nul;inl ot We in pm- BU-wive- i-oiinlrics 100 yp:n-s from i:o;v will IK li-oin lour lo cisht times as high :1 , |; j s md^. —John Miiynai-d Kcynos, ndlisii cconoinlst. * « T The Doim-ciMlli- j-nrly owes n ^i-c:i! drru to Hie BiL-n', Jcirri-pon. Hit- gnllnnt Jackson, the coiir- HBCOHS ClovvlaiKl. (he bi-lllinnt Wilson ...... Lcoklm IH-.I- Us histury. ho\vrvi-r, I don'l li.-- licvc llic Dno;H-nilic;iaity lins ever owed any. nuns much us n now o-.vcs John J. H;isl.ub. — Pnlrirt: J. liiirlry. secretary of inir. 'I'tirrc ore n : > more Inttlrs U — Lui.i.-i 'J't-lrn^/ml, ot>ci-;i stur. | n lhi s \uj:UI. 1 intriKi !o worfc irlttiont cciisinj until Krculcst ol sill evils. uiieiii|)lr,yiiitiit, has him cliinln:iir:l. — L.niiQnn (ic Vali-ra. ]CT-,II|I-:II, Irisli I'u-L- SlaLc. OUT OUR WAY By Williams |2g|^^l_7^ ! <,\£ — ±--~ i •) ,N \M*-*li> *-£N ' I v\ * •"^"^^V- 1 ' ---^TT 1 Itlis'-^:^ t ifv^- A?sut?^^yi^.LC)i I i il '•,? L^^iTX r' -~. ^^ -: •, ' : ^~~ "-^'-•^-'TJ-rfStW - ' -"^ — - --- --S A DOLE SIDE GLANCES HI bill at Uio oiilset seems to m me Bv Gecmrp rinr!- ope , Ulal lhc Leg!o » Cim ""id »s Jjy VJCUlge LildCK h members In line against II Maw ot »'c local legion pn. S | S },„,.„ ,,'„,£ endorsing Hi; Patman measure along with the Veterans ot Foreign Wars-ifs chic/ sponsor, the ofs- nbled American Veterans and oth'r organizations. Last year, before (! |3 compromise bonus loan bill was passed Lesion leadership was forced oy rank and file demand lo char,™ Us position. If Congress can be convinced of a strong sentiment amonp veterans agalst b=in:s cashing at •hts time it will not lie so likely 10 Iw seized by the lypc of panic which usually grips It on such occasions. Leader* Are llcljilfss nodi Republican mid Demoentl- leaders are girding themselves to suppress thc bill, but iheir iuioa- lence against veteran legislation lias often been proved. P,it;nan Is a jolly, carefree soul In these days of defk-lis and heroic rls at budget balancing. Haw ( 0 set. Ihosc IjiUlons to pay thc vels? Easy, says lie. Just issue currency notes for the necessary amount All that HOW money In circulation will mean prosperity and everything! Whoops! Treasury nflicials, however, contend ihat lhis would be merely Hat money. It Is asserted by op- ixments that, money in circulation I would b? increased about 50 per win and that tr.c valus of the <!ol- Inr would depreciate proportlonato ! ly. And that to issue all that money i without placing any yold behind It : or any provision for paying off the • Holes would be likely to drive the United Slates off the gold .stand- CHURCH EXCUSES Georje W. I met the pastor of our church iand spend the day looking over the! week Iho !"h i "T' ? nc ^ ay " lsl I cou " lry ' 1 C2 "' 1 EOC that "• fc-'wy w7ni° e as boc " lleie for ol ll( s business, and, as I am a vera years. He seems like a nice member of his church, I can't" ice vavs «,, i 'I 1 SUre hc ha * l>™ llllar I »% 'is should got the idea nn-inii^ i , " lay Ke hlm as a '"•' s)loul;i "Mate to »i ? h,st preacliei and not^as a man. then, j i should do or just Ihe ,- — -!''« life that. I don't much like ihe way he Irys lo pry nto my business, Hc tsked entirely loo many questions, 'and some °f his comments were not to inv liking. ' I have my own liens about the ( ' l ; t . i ". Of « ;l»'ls»an or church that number and more it than a preaclier (o do.-n go to cliurcli, but, when I do I never fall lo put in K quarter and when the collectors come to "See me. If I'm at liome I always give them at, least a quarter. If'I don't, happen to have some money, I never Quarrel with them, but wish them luck and I'm always saying something nice about my church- but it, j«ms like some people arc for them. .-.,.,, „ j;ii-,ifi]er to change n,c. Tor instance, If I want for them, toj^jny^^m^yj^rn^^.ci. satisfied with what you' do Average Doctor Lives to 64 Despite His Unusual Hazards (lo "Now don't ««t excited, buddy, and we'll see what'we' • for the iinti-hoitrdiri)? wim|iai s n." Patman Proves Bonus Is One That Can't Be Buried 'llii-iiUK lionrl 1'lan 'Hie bill offered Ijy Senator Thomas tit Oklahoma, which proposes issuance of 30-year bonds (o be held liy 1'edeia! Reserve banks as s:cur- iiy for the currency paid out. is 1-3- «'itli «|iial disfavor by n-1 «V »lt. MORRIS FI8HHE1N tach year about aoco doctors die in the United States. The doctor's iifc . brings him iiniisual hazards from which other people do not suffer. The average age at death of the doctors WHS about C4 years al- thonsh ninny doctors live longer For Instance, two doctors lived to bo 93 years old and 30 lived to be over 90. On doctor bilb more than any other type of bills they owe. As is also Ihe case with the majority of Hie public, hearts, case produced more deaths! »T any other cause. One reason lie art disease is nil increasing cause of death is that pepple arc " longer than ihey used to. The physician is constantly in contact with infection and he is m ?.f tenmi^ed^ir eSf" ^ 1? ^^ ™ b ** * ^ 1931,-as compared with 06 in 1030 Doctors also died from falls, from drowning, from airplane ac- from gunshot ' wounds, "nncial experts, who fenr it would I rrom '"""''.naling gas. anil Ity KODNKY DUTCHKIl NKA Srrvli'D Wrllcr threaten the Reserve system in addition lo battering clown Ihe bond t Is- thai the Semite would not dare j Thos WASHINGTON, -"'riic're's oulv' OVL ' r ™ k! lllc veio for fear O 'f ton- L "°^, ...:,, on, inn,, surer in Congrel ".,,, "W""" "> "* Country. SrthtiusM »m b"S L prohibition light—and that's a I:IHIS buttle 1 . j Those two issues arc often bu- icd. But ilu'y never die. In [ac:. •on can hardly keep them burled' ivcrnlglit. The pruiiosil lo cash Ihe adjiisi- «l coinpciisn'.lon ccrlilicales 01 all var velerans al ;i cost of nc-irly , •a,500,CCD,COO was commonly rcaard- I :d as Intel red :it least tor l' ; ii. M-S; icn iillcr the Ainei-lcan Lt-ylon vot- r d last fall (o defer it ami an.-r il Mcnmc ccnain Hint the Cedcral ::c[- cit would be far greater than ;iiiy- ""• had anticipalcd. lust [.ike OIil Jnbit Jlul hire 11 is aynlii; risi,-:.; from he t.irth like your old trim;! John Barleycorn. And rapidly u.i'.iierinR overdoses oi mcdlche. Sixty-four doclore cnmmittetl suicide in 1031, which was two less .'ho believe the e^t, i-,,,,- llla " '" 1MO - Tlle economic de- oene^e me cash L..IUI, j presslon might hare been expcct- ;h • «i lo cause more deaths, since doc- Tile I'alman cash bonus liill has i line clnucc of passing i:\- nous? iiul the Thomas cash b=;:u, bill Is ike-ly In pass ihe Senais. Thorn no doubt that ratmnii 1 .-, bill will So tlirongli Ihe HaiiEe if it once Bets on ihe flour. Ana 1 il t!-e Ways m.! ML-'ans Coinmllti-j. ivi::ch has ircun.--.-ii hearings on n a!:er (he us bill light is ooncliidi'd. will no; cpoi-i it—as i-, doubllrss will—Fati exiKclj little trnnb-e in Rel- the 1-15 slgiiatnrcs necwsary to »ini; il 0111 ol conunitlcc for a' olc. All mfnibcrs of the Ilcuso are J (or re-elrclioi) lhis year. Only i third of the fcnalors IUL-. but : [:u-t oan'i te do[Kiulrd upon o slop ihe bill wlii-ii il t vtj, "oin-'. * » o " °' ;i in rrosiUTl rcAldcnt HGOVI-I- will Vl . : ,, .,,)j. then G et Ihe iivn-f.-iry two- hir;ls majcrily to ovi-rricli- Die velo a.-.h banns Ml!. I'.itnnu thinks he n the House. That srems |i:-oi:icii!:i'.i-.;il at his writini;, bill ::c b-.i- n-iiniin trtck by their patients. The demands on the eyesight of (he physician lead frequently to visual disturbance . The X-ray worker is sometimes a martyr to from his occupation. Above all, physicians ar« exposed to severe weather and in many instances' pneumonia, rheumatic infection, and similar'dis- eases result from the combination of infection and exposure. Thc path of the doctors does not always lead in pleasant places. A unounceinenlx l-T CourliT News i ,\~ n ; horizcd to nnnounio I!-.- [ O ni candidacies, stibjec: lo democratic primary, Aii7«t 9. I'or County J«[|;p I AI, D. HARRISON (for ;';,- icrm) I For Shcrinr ROI^AND OliKi--; CLAKENCE II. WIU'OM Connfy Treasiin-r l r . W. HOLUPETER (fo:; :: . : ; [crm) Circuit (.'ourl (Ink R. Ij. "BILLY" c;.\!:;f=- (for 2nd tcr:;:i The Bfcxt Best Thing to Eating REAL Grapes Ever yJsit a vineyard early in the morning, wLeu the dew slill lingered on the great clusters of purple grapes? Ever squeeze them between your lips and experience the genuine thrill of that first delicious wine-like flavor? Nowhere eke have you seemed to quite match that tang — until tKe New NuGrape came. This unusnal new drink, by a process excln§ively {is own, has succeeded in imprisoning the elusive tang of the dew-wet grape, just as it is plucked from the vineyard in season— «Iear, tingling ivith life, and perfumed. Yes — you can catch the Iwuquct ol it the moment Iho holtle is opened. For thnt vivid moment, you arc "In • Grape Arbor." Counly and P W. It. "DOC" roU-ilr ( r- r |, RCA!!!!.,TJO . G ,R, ... '.[, . MISS CAREY \VOOl);i'i-;(N For County ( VM- V . ^. JOE S. DILLAHUNTV i-.- •,„., crtn) CITV El.IX'ltov Tuesday, April ;City CJrrk s. c. CRAIG ifc.r r ,..- JOB W. A!,K\.-..-..,-. OSCAH ALK.V,-,-.-,;'.. 1'iir aiiinirip.M |,,.i , C1EORG1-; W. i;-, ;, : -IVY W. CiiAV,,, , C. A. CONN!:-;c,;:•'-. For City A(i..-, . SAM MA\,',V; I-'or Aldpnn.tii. [^ ... . O. H. Oi-i v . '" ' L. O. "PKTK" 'il;. .;':•: I'or Aldorinan. -.-1 .. S. H. EASir:': • ' J. 31. :-,0::; ' Try this delicious carhonaled beverage today. It's now on sale everywhere for Sc. Nu Grape Bottling Co MADC WITH Wf LCH'S GRAPE JUIC€

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