The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 22, 1932 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, March 22, 1932
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Served by the United Press BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS THE DOMINANT NEWSPAPER OP NORTHEAST ARKANSAS Ann cnrn.,,,,7^ .TroT^-Tr * -•—• T T Kw' NEWSPAPER OP NORTHEAST ARKANSAS AND SOUTHEAST MISSOURI VOL. XXIV—NO. niniievllle Dally News, liiythevlllf! iifrald" " ~" ... . :..::.•-_-—.• .. ;..——- __^lgjgljipl_Vi<lley_Lfailer. lilyihevllle courier. Kl.YTilKVll.l.H, ARKANSAS, TUKSHAY. MAIiCII '2.->. \y.\-> TORMS TAKE LIVES OF MORE THAN Millions Spent Without Competitive Bids SINGLE COPIES' FIVE CENTS'" •'KmJs Missing Plane With Passengers Safe KIMGMAN. .Mix.., Mar. 22 Itjl'i j—An a j plane nilssiin- since yes' u';: 1 vith .1 i:iloi and use pas. ciise::: -«.is localt-d 50 miles "ol h:rr lc:!:',y liy Tcjjnmy KowUr. '..• filot. w:io circled c:vtr the ship j::i-.:i .'aid all p;;s.w.eti-.s were sisie. i !fi: ri-iii: iieii lu'i-c to smiic p • ,•• ., ' . i !l1 ' ri'tn:i:e..l lii'i-c to sM-uie UMp. engineers Allege Nearly I FOWHT >.-.,ui uniwuiiiiiy tin- i>!:mt I HO D r i i"v : . w: - s ii^rceii to "! couldn't lUt) I Cr Lent UVCrpay-j-aml li i;I -;..ise I tr.on-su 1 mlslu no:. ment On Two lobs ;"" nl) ' 1 ' 1u tel CM : ' :;:i1 "- 1lut ' wu i»o juub. tii-clca over them niul :,!! the |>as" !i-iv. - 1 nrai the I.E HOCK. Mat. Arkansas'. ctnernl H.'K nimy was loltl (cday i: was estimated sn.- DOO.OOO worth ol road io:i.';trucib!! in the Ms to had been done on a ncn-conipttillvi! basis. The liij'luvay audit canimission! rcpiiic-d 1-: the house of reprcsen- I lalives and tlie senate which hail L.tij inv::c:l in for llic rjadin?. The Ilia ot tlie stale is that! contiiicts cf $1.000 or more should j be Rdvjitifed and hids submitted ir n I I I nl it. i:.-ir.t?d cut- tins was not '' arm Board Leaders ulame naue on two jobs handled by ill: | ' - Constant Construction company, tlie Hogitn Construction com- i pany. Huh eontracis. frr tin: Ar::- jlflTf ' Fairest Mother and Child lUIL. | nnmirTiiiiir TfiniW; r S M L \ \M\ I Mill r UUIKIL I IIV1L I 1111(1 I ! U, S|:cculators for Recent Market Reaction. Arkadelphia, it laying of ssphall " poiiuecl, WASHINGTON. Mar. 22 lUPl — Chii'.rmnn Stone of the . federal inrm board and President ,.-.-.„ -, »>, f r , — ic..iui4i iiiun uu;uci :mc rresiueiH in the form o fetters an* c . E. Hu!f cf the Farmers Na- wcr, approve;! by only one mem- licn!1 , Gl , lin corporation charged bi-r o! the commission. Owiyht !• chairman, instead of three a? required by law. AltCT Ei£ Overpayment According to audit engineers the two jobs thonld have ens', about S'AO.CM anil this was compared with the $:i2-u<M54 which hud been paid the companies in cash ,-„„ and warrants totaling some 543.000 I \~~ "a maliciDus aliempt to manipulate the market" had been tartetl by »rain speculators. Tin Huiopjan trip ol George S. Mih.or. viL-e-|iresidcnl and general manager of Ihe Farmers Ma- lionnl nn:l lie;;d of Hie which' wer? .still oiiislandinu as payment for tlie jobs. .- A dttjlled report is being lire- pared fcr Attorney General Hal Norwood, the repoit said, ant! if the contracts are found to be Illegal &ttil v.ill be filed lo recover G-.crpayment. A senate conei.rreni resolution to appoint a ccir.miltee frc house and senate to draft lor relniuiing the old road pvoveuient bends was approv mem grain suihiliation cnrpDi-aiion. :=s been made the occasion for iear raids through circulation of lalse rumors, Slone an<l Huff as- icrtc-d. Stipe "denied for the -second time Milnor ha ( | gone lo F.urop c ' icr Ui? purpcse of dumping stablliri- tion wheat. "These rumors are untrue and they have (lie earmarks of beins? a malicious attempt -to .e the market for Ihe ex- UIUl »» part of ™ 'VjjnmiipHlal a bill binj"™ 'li "" iiidins those who in yrain.' 1 Stone stabiliza- einent bends was approved in ii " j( , '.'..JLj"; s .- n \ -i a bili- senate bill the house did not jj ^ rtc j tl>l dumped 'nnywmM-e!'' 1 Arkansas Youth Held as Bandit in Chicago CHICAGO. Mar. 22 i UP)—Fresh Al a meeting of the senate judiciary coriiinilt:e last ni^lu. pyosLCutiKi: Ait^rney Carl Builoy nr^- rd passase of the Slewart-Sliaver- Bailey senate bill for reiinauc- in;.; old tonrt iiiiprov.'iiunl dlslvh- 1 , [ CHICAGO. Mar. 22 tenets. I Insets in the snow led police today to the hitlins places of Arvin Hector. 20. Little Rock, Ark., and Carl nroviii. accused of holding up a street car conductor and rob- Cilia him of $5.85. Friday. It would exempli A'jbencc cl other pedestrians No vote on the measure was t.ijc en by ihe committee before ad- jour nine at midnight. To "Kofinance Justin" The bill was introduced In the M-Uide riiu.iy. 11 \vuuia LXL-mjju | .T.jtvuLL M WILLCE IK*HMI I.LII^ r.vni benefits of (he relur.dins j enabled ]:olicc lo follow ihc tracks ° ra - Icgislalion the bonds cf t,he Pa.'t v.ith ease. The 5G.85 was recov- • '- lucl T'lll ,lnl nlfM-lnl,,,. ,lnl,- I ?lll. D^«!- --IT/1 'Er.llli HUEI JET CITf'S First Test Will Come on ; Proposal to Increase lislale Tax. WASHINGTON', March 22. lUP) —House leaders reached an agreement with the sales tnx opposition ; ; today which was expected to fore? a vote before tonight oil -.hat key . issue of the billion dollar revenue I bill. The deal called for n Iwo hour r>bate Immediately on the eslale tax provision and a vote on thai at the expiration of tne limited debating period. It also provided tint immediately nfter the vote on ihe euatc. tax there, be a iwo hour debate on the 2', per cent manufacturers salo.s levy. A vole would then b; laken on thai provision. ' Tiie iiBrecinent was modified lat- , CT and adopted by unanimous con-sent of the floor of the house. Th; restriction of debating time was eliminated. As adopted ihe agreement provides for consideration first of the eslnic tnx and then of , the manufacturers sales tax under I M . , Ihe general rules of Ihe house. ! beautiful mother and chlW In nil Austria nrc Mine. Helium- Thai means lhat dcbale is tin- "'"' '"*'' liltlc *»'3'ilfr. Marie Antoinette, Thai was the decision llmiicd. although each speaker °< judges in an unusual beauty comrsi hel:l recenilv in Virinvi would he allowed but five minutes.. ' However at any time the leaders may move to close the debate and ! force a vole. Masons Invited to Meeting si Osceola OSCEOLA. Ark., March 2 1 '— T!ie Die Destroyed. raao Cilv BoyHns Cec " Unconscious More Than 75 Hows. | John A. Fox Urges Action for Development of Bnr- fickl rcrmiiiiil. Whethi'i- 111; ihevllle rdiillnues liij ilm-liipui..iu i)f Hie p.isi M u-iu.s or Mamls sllll In wcnliH v.nd |H>imliUlon duiliiu Ilie years ahnul c!epem!.-i in larfie inensme i.poii Ihe list., that Is made of ihe nr.pcilunlly ic ibtnln cheap river linii.^-oiliiiion. I!I L , |,iu:ii club w.-is '.oM today by juim ,\. i.\,s. i- : n-|y H-sldeni ol nils clly. u;nv \-u.clnl Valley nssorialtcii. Mr. Fi:x s-| bvieily, sharing Ihe weekly liinelicon pioiiMm tvltli! Miss Willie l-iiwsnn, who urueil I icro^tilUon tif ehildren iis clil/ensj no: merely ol the liilim bill ol ,c:l:iy, and CJ. A. Cuiinlni'haiu. . lit- spok:- In l:eh,ilf uf a paivnt- ii'iirhi'i 1 nrsoi'lnlion projiDsnl for IIL' uiilvcrsiil paymeiil. of poll tuxes is :i me.ins of ri'llcvliKt the llnau- •lal illliicullles of Ilii.. n.'iiuoK Need l.rasr ttf OliliKallnn 'Iliv key lo many tiim-u! civic ll/lii nltlcs. Mi...-, j jtw.-iOn rii'dfiretl. li's in ric\cloplu'; In ehllilren a .coi'iililo-.i n! ttuli- ohlluallnn lo ilu- ;-r..iij) of wliii-h HUT are a p:llL. '1'hr selti;!)!, ^riupliv; Imsl- ni-s:- man. the;, i-(.r- rnpl j):-M'.lel:in. never Ipnrnrfl n.s a child the ]ri-t:n of ll-.c obUsu- li'W lit owes to his community, she said. • '• ...(Vv, Cminlngliiiiii ^ ptlnted out lint '!in rents oiit'Vf every |ioli lax ilnlliir gncs lo Die .'-rlio»! dls- in which it is paid. IU \ Flyer Believes He Has Lindbergh Case Clue 1101'1'WEM,. N. J., MU,.. 33 aj I'l-ll. Wnliiu-e Caldv.ell, wnr lime llyn- find former pivslilcnl al llic of 1'ihicailnii, l.s U.H an invcMi-juior in' ihe li k!ilnu|im:{ CUM! mid believe;, hi- Is In iio.sscMiuii of I)K> sue.| liiinoiliinl .evidence ycl. rnnncl Caldwell l:u.s been on Ihe fuse .•!»!•;. last Thmsdivy mid was nl Hie UndlxMgli icsldence Indny. SMsic- |i:llce have n;,i:le. no Im- lllc r |IK1(!IVJ.S In llU':.'St| B al|n s Illf l:ltin.i|ilm!, ui-cordhij> [ u ihc reuiilur tiiilly tiullclln Issued lo iho niesa Ledge No. 27 Thursday jvcnliu- to greet Dr. G. A. Warren of Black Dock, president of Ihe hoard of tlie [ SIIAWNEE, Okla., Mar. 22 (DPI - r jt Masonic Orphans Home at Bales-1— Four iM-rsons iwrished early to- I old'child who i- <'r •' i vilJe,- and former srnnd master of '!-i>' i" a fire lii.-ii deslrtiyed llieiro „,„,„.. .... 11( ,',Vn ^ r'-." the Arkansas lodge. faun home nf K'.anlt-y Ilnskrll. i E °."° L°. '" ™ " ""^ C '" y ' Dr. Warren will confer ibe IbirO ^"' "•"« -'nntbr-irt r>r !,„,.» I fcnn : rtl3 > monuni;. still riiins In degree on a of the dice- On lodge and will talk on the orphans home. cl" 1 -' irile.s southeast of here. The dead ivrre Stanley liuskett, 62. MIS vifc, a daughter, nnd a eon. A reception committee composed I O;ic t;i: ". Hirjli H.iskctl. 13. es- oi 12 past masters of the O.-ccob jcar-H. lodge will arrange for his entertain- i ment while hero and on Thursday families. Driven Inio SIIOH evening preceding the lodge meet- ""*"•"" -- — — ing, he will be the dinner guest of Mr. and Mrs. E. R. Bogan ai Lnx- i!, II .1 !P- " '. -'»™h s " >?" y ' & ,V>" '" : Other guests will Iw . ;:ill ileieiopmenl near Li'.tlr, Rock, dc:ciit:;rt as a Justin Mnilhe-.'-j real e:tjlc pvcniotion. The i/rcsecntinc attorney^- cd t'r.a; the special session was called for vxJlitice.l motives and ko '"icfiimiu-e Justin AIatthe\vs' *i number of the highway comm.v sioiii development projects and t'j rmnr-ec a campaign to cram ar.- othir governor rio\vn GUI- thro.Hs v.ithoat 11% havl:i3 any s.iy about it." Enilcy said he had been Instructed 'ay the Ptilaski county grant! jury to take steps lo stop payment of ccunly tiinifcck funds li. dcvc'.cr. read districts, and ihut it v.-ns his duty lo "keep the ham!; of iiidividmlc out of the (r?"s- ury." Over SI0,000 Unclaimed in First National Bank Bandits Get $3,400 From Bank of Marionville, Mo. JiARIONVIU-E. Mo.. Mnr. 22 >O I'l—'ino masked bandits lotiay en- .'ered .Mni:onville after eiillint,' lr!e- :iiOLie wires, made three men cap- lairretl their way into the ..— ... Fred y of Upanio, district deputy gr.ind mnstei-. Finis B. Milter, ennui senior warden, and J. B. Bunn. grand senior deacon, both of O ; ce- ola. CHICAGO. Mar.'22 «U P ;-Three SW m!/,ll\(T^ \l -,v.^ flr.rl mi'^.l ~.. .] 1r\ ~t Loui." Hospital physicians liuhl litiie hojie for Ihr baby's recovery because of ;!:e sericn.- naiure jf ihe injuries. 'Ric child's skull was irac- Uircd ami five ribs weie lorn loose thai imll lax collections In llly- Ilie-illp could i-jiMly bi> doubled, and menibeis of Ihe elub to :re Hint itielr nwn. Ihrlr wives .-mil Iheir frlentls poll laxrs am Mr. Fox sprnl the day In lily- thcvlllr In ;m cllorl Ui aronso In- tru'.'-t In ItlLiiiif.^tin; thl 1 ; elly more buiniinu.s u;'re ileslroyed and 30 ianiilies driven to sncw choked Klreets in scant clolhinc; early today when a. SlCO.OC: 'lire broke out in Ecst Chicago. Several pcr- were rescued from window s and one fireman was sevcre- pine. r c.-ir Kc sliurk by ihe mMo, when l:e wandered f,nm his r,-om >ard onto tlie railroar: tracks n»ar bis licme. The mntor car was uink- iiiR its repibr morninq i i.u between , lrnl " Negro Gets Seven Years in Prison for Murder OSCEOLA. Ark.. March 22.-- CTvelt Nathaniel, negro, living at 1 r.f u a •ind Ilayii. Mo., .nncl the child phyincr on'the'right tring tl:e car | 0 . . . vault of tbe Ban!: of Marionrille, Hou - wns co »victed of second de- ami craped will! S3.400 in cash. £'fe murder and setltenced to seven years in the penitentiary In circuit court'here yesterday for his Intol Fcur men v.ere bi.rucd lo <leath' when Tire fanned by a strong wind , swept the Elm .ictel tc-day. Four' ctlu'r men were scaled by the l!r.ii;i! City. .. L>ri;:i!ii2alii3n. tin- cily Ihe n j?i )h/> AJIillniiim ivllli Hi,- s.iiil, \\ouUI give nlnb'c of cQ-operu- of trutet- Ir.iusrnriatioii facillllrs. .Means Illi; Srsvlni; lie cited OiTCiiville. Ilrlenn. i£;imsville nnd other cities that hiu.- enjuynl llic help of Ihc as- Jfi.illf. 1 :! in soJuni,' Ilielr water (1: mes. Approximcitrly resi-i of liie hclel fled iu scanty ' ntlire and .siiffeiid from exi»bi:re. j One cf the cl.^ad W.H tenlaliic- ly Identified as Frank Fisher. Little | , lrni:sixn-t picblems 1 anil are how cnjuyini; the benefits rf i,-diicc(i. frcisln uilc.s, nnd .«nM Unit he was tnnlidcnt Bl.vthe- vi'li- rotiltl share in these 'jdvaul- ages. "llicrc 1.1 no timihinl on Ihc Mlxsjsjrppi river i-apablt- of hand- <'m.- Irci^Jjt for (lie back country in Saig^ Volume In-Iveeti Cairo and Memphis, anil a this pDint is about half wny LI tcriiiinn] of sonic >*:; :\i Barflclil cuuld serve sonlh- I eii«l Mii.souri and northeast Ar- Jkatif."s tt-lih o of from 20 no 3D per eem in treitht rates," Daniiigc l^cpot'tctl From a Nuinhcr Communilios; Freeze in Norlliwcsl. . l.ri'l'I.K HOCK, Mur. 2i lUPl — llii'.h winds which le.iched a veloc- ll> of -10 miles nn hour In some Aliens of Arkansas caused cou- Itlerable climiu«e, a round-up by I hi! Unlled Press revealed loday. At Fayellevllie (lie mercury shot down 37 decrees nnd Hurries of snow fell. Tlip norlhwcsleru section hurt frcc/lnn U-mpernltire. At i:i Dorado one man was seriously Injure:! when lh p , wind. Wtw a Mi-p luuilur- fitmi nuclei- him. Many buildings were unruofrd ill 1' 'I'elpphonc poli;3. trees, tintl shins wove blown down in se.iilh Arkansas and a mmilxr .ol wnnll towns wero In rimkni^i Tronic YI»!. hltK(;o;l\on inaivt lii?*« w.iy.< by ri»llliiij T ii ! era."Ah alrplune' himanr in Benlonvllli) was leveled by the wind. Trie cncliiij room ol the power plant al Prcscott \ini unruofed. Flames which slniled in the Thatch hold al Fairnku Sprlnus v.ere fiumeil by Ihe wiiitl nnd .spread hejotirt conlrol. Four bulldlncs, includlnc a church, wero ilcilro.u'il. Diiiiiiiiii' u-jis I'.slluiaterl lotluy at SM.flW. Three inen nar- ir.wly escaped death when llioy tti-iu Irappcil In'hotel rooms; . Decline in Income Tax Receipts Is Continued WASHINGTON. Mar. 22 tOPI — Income las receipts showed a decrease for the llfih consecutive day In Ircnsury. tlnnvcs announced tcdny. The receipts for March 1!) were SlS.tmcO!). while llic collections for Hi: corrcsjwiHIIng day is JT.U- n^o ir.-eij $10.000,000. Tola! receipts for the five days of collections L^.lnulny March 15 were placed e.1 f-MS.3S5.OGS, compared with $240.- CC-O.OOr; rrccivetl during the corro- iltrnrtiiiB period last yeur. Alabuina 1 nnd Neiglvboi'ing States 'Hardest Hit by Wind Last Nigiit. ' .; lly United Prrss , . ;. ,. More thnn 200 persons were 'killed In leirlilc slorin.s rnti'jlnij .over a'" Hunt iiorllon of the Unit-id Ht,\ies' In Hie past 30 hours. •' - i Cyclonic wlmls in tlw snulh'deiill, death ami dcjlnicllon over nve. flairs. The demli toll Is inounlina hourly, iiuiulrcds nro receiving-has-, pltal fare In temporary quarl»rs-ii^ nil relief agencies arc nttenipllng to bring order out of thc-'dMtruc- tlon. - " ..-..• •'. . Tliroushoul Hid nallon bllnrirdsV slcsis antl-suowsiorius hitvc-. nc- counted (or many deaths. The snow slopped In the tiild-wcct, however. ii'fore inlllc bccanic paralyrj:!. Tho' spring blli/itrcls spread to Canada •uid drifts of snow Illlecl the strjel's In Montreal. . ,, : The Unlled Press survey shows Ihe folfowltic Ktorm castinUici;- Alii'- fcamn, Mil; Ocoi-Rin, 2B; Teunesscb, IS: ChiciiBO, 0; Indiana. ;);.,\1lcm- pa)i..3; Ohio, 3; .Kentucky 2; South Carolina, 1; nnfliilo. N. Y., I, '•::'* Snulli Hardest llll . , ATLANTA, March 22. (UP)—One of the most violent ami wiioly s;al-. lered. tornailo nttncks In (he history of the south bronyln a major ca'- tnstrophc lorlny to srorrs of ei'n- immillcs In-nvn slate.,.' - _, . .Tficrc were 103 penfom dc-flnitrly--' ieporlcd dead In thc« dales In Ihn. affected. area. •. Alji'Jm'nii; Ofor- pin, Tcniiessec/Krnliicky .-ind So'iilli Carolina were Hie. stales r.irccled Alleged Gamers | shooting or-^ieoaore CoWaiio'tVcr- pec" 0 Forfeit Their Deposits, K^™"^ 1 ™ 1 ' 01 nc " Dlircr j_. " : . I Sam Hcslcy. negro employe of Ihe Girl Arrested When Four men arrested by police Osceola Motor rompanv.'eharwd i C ' -J An . ouicifle Attempt Call for County Renublicsn Convention i!-° decmred. —-— i "f want lo i-ct the business pco- Heni.blicam nf M'^lssinni CO u n - pie cf Blyllievllle minting ser- Hlylhivllld [lously of iHs inntier st: that some ill mrei al Ihe rail;: -Em-day morning on charges with the nn.rclcr of Jnmes Andfr- cf siimiug faiie;! to apix-ar in po-1 ron. bool black at a local barber licp co-.irt yesterday afternoon and i shop, was acquitted. SiO each were The cases of Nathaniel and Hos- Iheir deposits of entered forfeited. j i ey occupied the court Moiiriny ami The mrn were arresled ahoiu I the docket for today continues witn , ". n'c!ct-k Sunday mornin" in n I cases nsninst dffend.inis who .Irs; ic.-.11 en the second floor of n: In jail. •state Republican convention meets at I.iit NRW ORLEANS. Mar. 22 (UP)- - (iaCa " f0r "' , at i p. nli Wednefdny defin'lie JH-ps r -'-ii he \vorfce( April r,. to eiccr dole^aies lo Ihe P'-rtwecn row rim next fall w I'cggy Henderson. 2S. stood en the roof of a four story building and tr. issued lo- \ rv.n lie uorkeet nut •hereby sum 1 b.iri;*. 1 lir.e eonip.iny cau be Inilucrd U: co-oi>crn(e here in the hnlldir^ nl l:3:'.dln^ and un- j the river Mo claims hyve. as yeL been filrd • .^.-n I.N U ii.- ^LLUIUI i;i>or ol a . in jail. by depositors of betwaen $10.000 !r-.nlldiin' in the bi'i si ness sec I ton of i The crand iurv rcMimc-l iu s-.-.d S2C.CC.O in the defunct Firsl Ihe city. i bberatiojis this iuoriiin.' VolJon-inp bank accorttln^ lo R. L. Willie ISrcv.n. negro, was meted I adjoinnmem lut Tue'day Bi.sdky. receiver. I n:i; a mlnlni'.m Tine of $50 on ai 11 out that (Charge of llleral possession of, D i n • IV. L !iqu ; , ! Babe Drowns in Ditch T-.VO men were fined SIO each Mr. Ilr.ullc.' pointed cl.ilins nniPt to lilcd by ail dc- V'Csitors who expect to share in j :iny dividends. The hank has been Tcr public drunkenness closed since late November. Ap- ] "Look out. folks, I'm coining." ; "As chairman aurl secrelsrv As she jumped she truck an I'he County < 1 ->ntral Ccniinutcc a ieleclric wire aim landed on her mass co»vrn>ion r.f ihe Repulill- I lect on the .sidewalk. She di I cans of Miwssippi Coimtv is hr-rn- i r.ot even receive a bruise, buf hy called to :r--ei si', the Court- jibe was arrested on :i charge of' house in CUilieMll'-. Arkansas, a I dismdcrlv conduct. '. OP? o'clci-k p :». nn April Clh. m32. for thr- nmiwe of elcclin-J day by J H Wins rc'imlv chai? I lc *'»>s <-^™-> en''the river ln"^-'i«icn involved payment mnn. ami w. \v liawl-.iiK S cor»- i (IM wn " :tl I*"" 11 " nl "li"K: of cut- npl'rsxinwlely 512,000 alnnu wi lary. follow.,- ' | !o:i as:d other iii-i^lu." olll( ' ; ' considerations. B. A. Lynch Acquires Former Hearn Building The brick building at 312 Wesl Main sirccl. occupied by Unite Hardware company, changed hands in n transaction completed this week. Tlie building was sold by llnrry S. Hearn. v.ho until recently oper- nlfri a h.irdwaie slcre in the hiiliiliiir;. to B. A. Lynch. Tlie uiti-aciicn involved paymeiil ol ilh preximately SU5.COO \vns on de- pr.sii when Ihe bank close:!. No duidend lias as yel been dcclaifd. M«. Bonnie Ledbelter Dies at Home in Gosnell Funeral services will be held this afternoon ; or Mrs. Bonnie Ledbetter. 11-year-old wife of Russell tx-d- bctter. who succumbed at the family .home in the Gojnell community late yesterday. Ken-ices will be i, c :d al the home. interment v«n be made at N'orlli S.iwba cenieteiy. Tr.e c>,-ea««i Ls survived by her r.ustand. ta a brothers, tlnec sisters' * M hPt nml-her. Mr*, gthcl Moody. Ireland Will Refuse Oath of Allegiance ln WALNUT j— Dollie May Fox, _.„, j v,-as drowned near here when she i wandered frcm her home ami fell I "" a Thainasc dilch. ! E. Mar. 22 >ui>i j Pays $10 for Operating IG.moinh.voId, i Car W lnout a License *W«1 »fh."ita3. «i«l fnr IKMran DUBLIN, Marcli 22. (UP)— The Irish Free State formally notified Arch Hatley entered a pl?a of , suilty to a charge o! opornthiB UTCATUrD : : a . c;ir wllhcut a stole license in WtAlMtK :muil:!pnl court yesterday and «as ; fined, sic. Great Britain lossy ii intended to' ARKANSAS — Fair, continued! V Mf y was arrested by Jim immediately remove Ihe oath of nl- I cold, Irost anrt freezing lonrghl, j B «rns. stale highway patrolman. !e£iance to tho king, required of Wednesday fair. I —— faction of Mich o'hev business as inny properly romr- before - c urli Convention." State Commission Abandoned 39 Years Ago, He Asks Divorce DYER. Ark., Mor. (UPi— . ., . „ ,„.-,_ W, L. Moscr. living near here, has procoedlngs against Wednesday fair. AccordinR to the official weathe. observer. Crarles Phillips Jr., the , maximum temperature here yesier- day was 78 degrees and the minimum 37 threes, cloudy, trace of rainfall. Between the hours of I and 2 o'clock Ihcre «'is a flight snowfall. Today 8 year ago ihe maximum temperature was "~ ' ._ ' a- " IIIUU1 [CnlptTU^lUL' \\;ls V£ UCglcfs, wiie \\MI\\ lie asserts stpar. I ar.d the minimum 42 degrees, ciosidy I from him 3D years nfta. l.ith .24 ln f h« nlfall. 'w!Woman Drops Dead as Husband Is Threatened PORT SMITH, Mar. 2.! (tlPi- When ,\frs. Will AmitisoH. Splio, Okln.. saw two men advancing upon her husband with drawn pis- tole she bec.ime frightened and fell dead. Two youlhs wwc sr. re.sled nnd hr-lti for inieslicnlng. i^,:. i-isx snai -i.;n he did noli S tJa : H ;;^^ l ,.T.i" 1 i Texas Cottoa Acrea « e iturl fhonkl lr untie ni cncc niul! Law NoW Dead Letter ils (Icve.V.pmini ninHmiCtl nii vol- | lime anrt naiu:,. of ;!•„. tratric; VRANKLIK. Tex., March 22. lUP iw.iirnnli-rt. ;_Eilm-i; lo estaulisii consiiimioji- nlity of the Texas cotton acreage law p.issed last! year al a special fr.v-ion of the legislature cosllng ;>250.(K,(| were at an end today anrt Ihc law will become a dead l:tl;r. . ,. . lM ; were,.; wiiX'tl 'oiit- nnd ,'V V lii'lllties rputert .'tis"'If-' l>/-'^< iffj'n^r^W' HElsctric Lights Blamed For Surplus Egg Supply County Attorney T. L.'Tysoii'rcp- j i KANSAS CUV. Mo. iUP)-lf reseiHIng Ihe slalo In t?-.c lest case I liens could lell t!w dlflcreJice be-[of ihe State vs. Fied Smith, tc.-lay 1 t'.veen sunllghl ,intl electric lamps, i said hs was convincec"' tlie civil au| the egg Industry would not bo in pzals court decision tilling (h: law the midst of a depression, accord- ••"•""-" • — scores of buildings wr>r? flattened•'" out. like shoebnxes. IHirlllng debrb' -snapped communicallon lines and. clot-'setl hlghu-nyj;, iioln'llng- cprii- innnltle.s. - , ',' The linint of the atlnck was foit! In Alabama, nortlitrc.Ht of the state ; capital nl Montgomery. Thlrty^flvc- v.ere killed at Norlhpoit adjolniii-r' Tiircalcosa/seat of the- Unlfcrsity.'- of Alabama, when the content'; of a liimb.-r yard "wore pickei up and slammed Ihroiiflh ihe liltlc town. -•' "In oilier parts of the m-L'u vie- ' llms weie ground to death the walls of ti.-mblin? bnlltliiigs.'' Eotne were blown Into tree lops :ii:tl' nulos wore Ilippod into nenrhv !!Clds. Instances aeciirr'uil' where houses were llfte<l olf their'-- fpuiuiallmis ntn 1 snread over (tit land without injury to cectip.v.iti One man surTcriiK; .frcm ti brok-jii les cscaiwd in th| s mann'er. Alabama Toll Slay Be JS» •'.' MONTOOMERY. Ala., March 22! (UP;—Colonel Hartley ; \foon, ad-. Jiilant i!3iieral of Ibe Alabnmn ni- 1 -' lional cunrd, today ordered a quick a.wjnWj- of 'tents, bljinkels ~aiirl .supplies to rush to storm slrick-jn to«ns of this Jtais. > v. Only tivo Alabama towns, Northport nutl Clanton. requested miii- tnry protection and three mills wer= platoon to Clanton. ; Stnie bUlclals expresseJ the - sunrded bcllsr the total numtsr of'"': dealiis uHimately may. reach 260. Ctvcinor Millar expressed satisfac- tlon mas! nf the stricken communlr ' lirs would be able to care for themselves. Cnn.sfdfr Federal Aid . . WASHINGTON, March 22. (UP) —riiformntlon regardins tile. loss of life ami property damage in the j.'torm swept area of.Alabama was 'asked toi'ay by Senator Hiign Black neincciat, Alabama, as a basis for "possible federal aid if such is found nieessary to reliavc His stricken." Dlack sought ths informntion throrjjh me:sag?.s wired to Governor Miller anrt the rbld director of the American Red Cro« iij Bir- tnlnchain. me mmst 01 a (icpreASion. accuro- Raise Food lOr Fish "'S (° Sami.el J. Hurst, secretary of llic Missouri F,sg and Po'.iilry Shin' . raisin? lood :.-!• in i He streams HARRISBURUH. I'fimsylv.inia. (UPI _ The I'T.nsyltanln Slnte Game Comm:'. i lo feed BMI-.I of the state. „ 1831. staul 2,000.000 minnows, from m-.o to four inches 'WE. were p'.n.-r! 111 'As streams t£) Iccri troul. ba,-.. ;n:l:en.l. plic-; »nd_ other game H;h. minno-.'s i;u-.! chiefly were. Association. Fanners have found that electric lights, turned on early In Ih: morning, get the chickens "out M IxM" and start t!~em at tlielr appointed job ol laying egjs. For this reason, egg production remains tho same In winter as it cccs in smnmer, 7-hai longer Ay.i forn:cr'o; nuaiu m.ovs <;.75.i. And these oxtij o.gjs nrc -•«.- i.iiiuiu.-.1 ,,-i,. .....1...J ,.^*>. imu w*n^x; tj^uj '-ss$ Rrv til? one;) silver 5hin:r. tl:e jolden shiner j that send tho prices down. Hurst nnd ihe. iun chu'i vnrlellts. J.ifty.s was correct and he hurl knowingly .ilioivpd (he lime limit for asking a TChttring tc p.iss withci.1 seeking it. Claims Husband Fooled Her About Wooden Leg NEW ORLEANS, Mar. 22 lUP) — Mrs. Helen Simon has lileil for .1 divorce charglns her husband do- celved her by no! sayln? he h-ri p wcoden log. She eliargts slie. would never h,iv c marricil -hini had she known of this han<jlc»p, Liquor Distillers Interfere With Radio Reception MARYSVILLE. Cal. (UP)-Radio fnns here are yearninj for the ad-, vent of an electrical genius »-ho will invent n new device for age- Ing frjjhly dlnilled liqiur. N'ot that they desire to use such a device. They wish to use their radio scis without ire troublesome intorfc-r- encc cf the present agelnff (Xjuip- ment of their neighbors. they claim that 'the buzz* and groans of elsclrlcal ajlng equip, went have n\.\oc ridlo roceptton -"-'- Police.arc

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