The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 21, 1932 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, March 21, 1932
Page 6
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MCE HIS OIL U R«k' Problems Involve Patches-On The Tean\ And Owner's Parifs. EDITOR'S NOTE: This Is one ,-ta UK series of ,sUrtei; on the (eaau in sprint Iraln- BY WILLIAM BHAUOIEK N'EA .Rervicis SpoKs Editor .".. TAMPA, Fla.—Dan Rowley's dilemma; as ' manager of tlie Cincinnati Reds, Is not unlllie the "problem of Owner Sidney S, Well 'regarding his' p»nls. • . The plump Mr. Well voluiUceied .as base umpir c In n .game between the Red. Yunnlgans nn'd «hat generously might be. called 'the Red, regulars here the other day. While making an especially difficult, decision at eeconrl base, Mr. Well split his panw. .- Mr. Well was rescued, however. The correspondents, much lo lhc chagrin of the local Chamber of Commerce, had taken along their topcoats to the park. Mr. Well was saved some embarrassment by wearing one of Ihe coats back to the historic Tampa Bay hotel. In. justice .to Mr. Weil, let It be recorded .that he returned the coat, a procedure not common • among baseball magnates. Nov Mr. Well faces the problem of. patching Dip old trousers or buying new ones. It is the same situation Dan Howley has been facing all along with his bal! club —either to patch or lo buy new players. Iji buying players, there Is a good chance that Dan would' have to offer money, or a good substitute. The Cincinnati club has neither. • .• • The Reds are not In liealthy condition, either physically or financially. The team lost a chunk of money last year. It wound up in eighth place There Is not even a prospect of soaring to seventh, place this s«ason. .Lost year, Dan Rowley englu- jered the learn through the season with one outstanding ball player, pitcher Red Lucas. This year, since patching up somewhat by acquiring Babe Herman In a trade with Brooklyn, Hovrley will have two ball players on his club. Of course there Is the possibility, that a searching party may hay e to be sent out to find Herman in that huge Cincinnati oul- fleW, but the Babe is .expected to make up at the bat for what he lacks In fly-ball discernment. . You can't tell Dan Howlcy (hat, though. Dan thinks the deal with Brooklyn, whereby Herman. Gilbert and Lombard! come lo the Beds In exchange for SUipp. Cuc- dneilo and Sukeforth,. will help the club. . "We had to do something." Dan told, me here the other day. "I almost got:to the- point where I would trade hip boots' for sandals. At least we knew we couldn't gel. any place with the club we had ; last year.. Herman and Lombardi will ..add a whale of a punch. •like a giraffe in the outfield. Well, Ilk* a fllraffe In the outfield. Well, Vdont think -you're riant He may be a bit awkward, but he gets 'em Just the same. Along with Douthit in center' and Crabtree In left, I think we have a pretty good out- Beld." They Supply What Punch Reds Have BLYTHEVILLE. (ARK.V COURIER NEWS During lime-out In the chntn- plomblp Dell-Yarbro name til tlie armory Saturday night n man strolled but onto the court and engaged one of tlie Doll players In conversation. When piny was resumed a foul was called on the Dell player for talking. It was learned afterwards, according to report*, (hot the man Imd been trying to sell the player n. life Insurance policy and hail taken advantage of the pause In piny to further his sale. Just what the Hell coach said to Hie erstwhile Insurance man :s not known, but his gestures were eloquent. . ... _ game played to definitely deckle tlic championship of the The infield, with Heath. Diir- ocher, Granlham, High oixl Gilbert—weren't most of those fel- lons castoffs? "No sir! You think because we got Orantham from th o Pirates that he's a castoff? I've been trying to get him for years. He'll drive in a lot of runs for us. I have George figured to play sec- end, with Durocher at short, Mickey Heath at first and High or Oil- There lie Ml. iiprliaps next, lo ol' Daiay Vance, and turned lo ask ivlto "(hal feller" wns plnylug shortstop and "eue.sscd lic'il belter uct him oula there 'fore he gits killel" There he lo!<l how he had. "stuck to" Glenn Wright nnd knew that his mm would come around okny bi'caus; ft wasn't a shoulder in- The Brooklyn Baldness Boys, tt to' a ' tall iroiipc tl.« loiir- I, U, IU Joe pitcher." h an act consisting of making three outs on a home run, are going lo sci:ool now. What used to be the Jolly Robins lias become the Itrooiclyii fnslitulo Tor nigger and Betler Unscb.Hl, under Ihe direction ol Prefect Maximilian Cnrey, a smart nnd earnest whatVhls-name . B ™>™'t "• "onc-ycar . Tiierc he had chortled In' high Ijlce as hk allileles pounded the ball across (lie high board fence In the outfield. And as he sat he lold how lie had fooled some of llicin fellers about ol' Luciue--he called It "Lookee"-being nil washed KEISER CIS, DOIinSIH Take Honors In Four-Yea Junior High Cage Tom npy at Armory. The Dell toys team nncl tlic l«l ser elrys learn won tlie champion ship In the four-year Junior hlg (.•oiHity (oiirjiaineni played at Hi armory Saturday. 'Hie Dell <|iilmci defeated Yarbr In the finals Saturday night by score of 17 to 14. The Keiser girl l:ad-nn easier time beating Manil 23 lo 10. Tlie Yarbro boys played alon with the Dell learn during Ihe firi half with [he half ending six I six; Dell look Ihe lea-J In the sec ond half due mainly to Ihe goa less-lug of Stacy who dropped it •;otnc long shots, accounting for nln points. Yaibo fou^t back har l»il could nut, mateli -Hie dclayei ! .spurt of the D'sll team.' Johnson dm i ftumders played well for Yarbro ; »<.'II won Us way Into Ihe final : »y disusing of Burdelte and Ma nib. Yarbro reached the iinal rounc ny trimming Whltton and Armorel lhc experienced Keiser B lrls tean had lltlle trouble in sweeping a l "lipcsllioii in the tourney aside li the championship game Keiser let Manila 15 to < at, the lialf and pu In u second string team in the flna pcnexl and still finished ahead 23 lo 10. Duncvand. Keiser forward who .scored H points in the firs half, was lhc outstanding star o the game. Dudley of Manila also looked good. Keirer defeated Yorbro 29 to It while Manila reached the finals bv winning by forfeit from Whltton M. S. Bur B e. principal of Armore school, referce:l Ihe boys final am Thomas Ivy. Yarbro school principal, ofllcintcd In the girls final Eric Rollard, Furlle and Mo.slej ncird ns scorers and timekeepers. Hifi-e lo hear Hoyt telllnrr Hac' Wilson about his dletl * •• . : The Brooklyn team fa sure to start the season in better condition 'his year than last. There are no f-xhibition games In Havana * « • * Manager McKechnie of the Brave. My use Shires at first, 'Akers at second nnd Maranviile at short 'mli:e Fuchs ought to sign Al Jol•on lo play third. BRUSHING UP SPORTS 7 11 Laufqrj^ WARNING ORDER CHANCERY .COURT, OHICKA- SAWBA DISTRICT, MISSISSIPPI COUNTY, ARKANSAS Defeats Steele In Play-Off R °Wnson used to house his cast. For Independent Cage , _,. Title, 21 tO 12 " t C " rry !hc kc ^ s ln ! ' ls Pocket, In . ^^TTTZ, 4 . ,.„ imny afc on rollers tlint roll.' night. Tlie score wns 21 to 12. Steele was the flrsl half winner of the league and Canithorsvlllc was leading In the second half when the curtain dropped. The second half was really never played out but ivilh interest lagging, league officials decided lo close oul the schedule. Caruthersvlltc was undefeated fn the second half at Uie time. Tlie gome Saturday night was rough from start to finish with both sides Induling in hard charging and blocking. Carutnorsvllle, boasting practically the same line-up as Ils unite- : fcalcd Junior college learn, had' the better of the game ar.d tackling and charging. Slecle had a hard time locating the basket. R. Jones of Carutliersvlllc was (he At tlie rickety little ball park where Uncle Robbie used to herd ms athletes together and iry vainly lo remember Iheir right nnmes. all is hustle and bustle and drills and instruction. I looked for the rickety little bench in front of tl-.e crude grandstand where Robbie used to hold his court, it was sltll there, still sagging ii Irllle, perhaps from the burden of Uncle Robbie's bcncvo- bert at third.' Wasn't Healh a rather bridle young man? And weren't High, from, .the Cards, and Durocher, from trie Yankees, castoffs? ."No, Heath has had hard luck, but I evpect him. to get In there tor us this year. That young man has had more illness and Injuries than his share. And as far as .. Durocher and High being • castoffs, how many players have icon sh|rted around from team to team, finally to become stars?" • Yes. : that was rteK, sll right, quite.* few of tnem. But those pitcher*—besides Red Lucas, did D«n have any pitchers worth mentioning? • Mr. HoTley looted uicredulous- -. Ijr »t hi* questioner. "™« 1 *K' Pitchers! How about a Johnson, »nd Kolp, and Rixey. and Prey; and Bentoh, and Johnny Ogden? Ornle Carroll looks great this ye»rl Then, this young Eckart from .Quincy looks right now as tf he'd be a big ic*ne pitcher his first year up. We recalled Al Eckert from Columbus, and he' r'arin' to go." But wasn't Bed Lucas the only .pitcher who had won more game* ;han he had lost? Tm, but don't forget that last! . Jt»r, we didn't have the punch . to the outflew and behind the bat we've got, his year. Say! See me about July 4th and ask me about this ball ciub. You're golne to be surprised!" .:•: • D ^*U^*. t 'J™ s "* Interview with . s ie leading scorer with eight points tuul Earls of Steele was next with five points. C'vllle <2H Glenn a R. Jones 8 S. Jones 3 Crnljj 2 Simons 4 Pos. P V G G G Steele P <12> ' 'Tolbert ^ •"EnrK 5 Burns 1 Carter 2 Substitution—<Caruthcrsvlller&<'- uigh. 2. Officials—Harris, referee; Purllo Mosley nnd Bollard, timers and' scorers.. Ernie Srhnftf and Stove Tlie slnf Tlironc Ilis words i were sparkling hnnioi 1 . jiicliires. His slo with whole-.seii What Would He Say? Well—there wns the bench. There were players there, bill ihe bench wns strangely empty. Out. on the diamond, Manage Max Carey, a young man with the alv of n top-sereennt, moved nbou here nnd there, telling this one how lo do that, nnd that one 1-ow to do Ihls. ncrording to the code. On one corner of the bench sat Wnile Hoyt talking to Hack Wilson Hoyt wns tolling Hack something- aboiil starches at noontime nm liroleins in the evening. Wilson lis- - ^.im.-,,,-, m IIK evening lent welglil..Ifs emptiness was pn-1 lencd. blink-ing owlislily. iliellc. Robbie sat there in (lie spring for ninny years. There lie Issued Ills boisterous, good-humored commands. Prom (here he used to send ns many as three athletes to play "Sht field..There he fat and road his mail and told hilarious tales o[ !t;r old dny.s of iwnnaiit winning teams he had served ns inniu-cr and coach. • * * Frank Frisch believes Di?7y Bean's pitching will offsel Ihe loss 'if Biirlrigh Grimes to the Cardinals. Nice weather Wr fuss Wonts ami Fun There he wagged his stub of n finger nl one of his athletes nftcr the execution of n particularly bright play. There he berated dumbness with resounding cuss words. RITZ THEATER Last Tune Today Matinee—2:30 - \ight—C:45 Mntmec—2:30 - Night—6:45 Adin.—Matinee—10 and 30c Night—15 ;md >IOc See 'Business and Pleasure' with Will Rogers Also N'ott-s and Comedy 1C Uncle Robbie coiild liave been CEM THEATRE Last Time Today Matinee—2:15 - Night—CMS Ailfn.—llaftincc—10 and L>r>c Night—10 and :UV Sec 'Men of Chance' with Kicardo Cortex awl Mary Astor Also Short Subject Tuesday, Wednesday and Thnrediy Adm.—Matinee and XigV 10 an(1.25c WATEI.___ BRIDGE witli Mac Clarke Kent DoMij ;..,-.- " 1 "" 1 * l10 llns ^Hanged the' ,,p ns a pitcher ivhcn he was nV™ *»«^i, wnoaisssip. , bnld mining c»m]> of other years | )rcugh( , to u,ooklyn from Chic n r , C ««NTY. ARKANSAS | into a baseball reformatory where lllUi in „ trad™ Metropolitan Life Insurance Co., r No. 5170 vs. VV. M. Burns, et nl., Defendant. The defendant. Commonwealth Farm Loan Company, a corpora ion. Is warned to appear withit. thirty days in the court named m the caption hereof nnd ansvve Max Carey, new manager of the ^S'w? ,"* Pla ' nti11 ' Met Brooklyn Balmlncss Boys, has an CowrSon Insu -™ nce Co - almoM military bwrhijr. It ,uay D^ed March 7 1932 come in Handy lo him later 01 ' •' when he has to court-martin! a fn of hi* erratic young men. r> •• BARRON • ' NEWW APfbtnTEO MMJftOER. THE MN&I&) WESAU. CLUB/ A STAR (boTBML PLANER, PUNEO 1HROU6 PORTWT I GAME (WtTH A WARNING ORDER HANCERY COURT, CHICKASAWBA DISTRICT, MISSISSIP- FI COUNTY, ARKANSAS Inry E. Wells, Cady nnd C. A. Gibson, Tnistee, Plaintiff ' No. 4791 vs. ' ' H. Caraway, et al., Defendant. The defendants, Keltic Caraway, •ml Caraway, Forrest Caraway and obert Caraway, a minor, are warn- d to appear within thirty days Ihe court named in the caption ereof and answer Hie ' complaint the plaintiff, Mary E. Wells Cady way, et al. Dated March, 7, 1932. R. L. GAINES, Clerk, .we Taylor. Atty. Ad l.item.. 7-14-21-28 best bidder, upon a credit of three months, the following iie*crilred renl estate located in said District and County, to-wit: Lot Sixty-three (63). of the Original Survey of Blytheville, Arkansas, located a the comer of .Cherry and Franklin. The purchaser will be required (o execute bond with approved security, and a lien will be retained upon the property until the purchase price is paid. Witness my hand as such commissioner this 12th day of March, R. L. UAINES. _ „ . Commissioner. Cecil Shane. .. R. L. OAINES, Clerk, By Harvey Morris. D C E. M. Terry, Atty. Ad Litem. 7-14-21-2 Courier News Wint Adj Pay. RITZ THEATER Tuesday and Wednwday Matineo—2:30 - Night—6:41 Adtn.—Matinee—10 and 30 Night—10 and 35c W^' * ,-^\ *» **«« ^ -<^<i<^,> V^ with 1 Wallace Ford, l.oila Hyatns, Alga Itadannva nnd Roscoe Ates Also The famous Sianie?e Twins, who were at the Home Theatre, a t'e\v years ago in [>ei-- son will be featured in this picture—"FREAKS". Also News anct Comciiv NOTICE OP COMMISSIONER'S Solid^'for Plaintiffs. oALti Notice is hereby given that the idrrslgncd. ns commissioner of e chancery court for the Chick- awba District a[ Afississippi County, Arkansas, acting under au- 14-21 NOTICE OF COMMISSIONER'S SALE Notice is hereby given that tlic ^rgs- . _ "«• ---.. .... *.«j ul ^Ulll, . offer tor salc to ti , e hi h est and best bidder, upon a credit cf three months, the fo!]owin» de-scribed real esen(c, located in said District nnd County, to-\vil- • Lot Five .5;. uiocfe "P"'. Bnrrnn •A: Lilly Addition to Blytlicvllle Ai-f:nnsns. ' The purchaser will ho required lo execute L-and with approved security, nnd n lien'will be retained upon the property until- the purchase price is paid « i Witness my hand ns such cnrc-> itoncr this 12tli elny ol Marci'/ OAINES, H-21 Cecil Sh.ine. -Sollcildv (or Plain! iff. 99 lor? • — v'^jivt-jy v^ouri. lor tlicchic-ia- ! tt, iys.. in a cause pending sawba. Dislrcil of iMississiuul rm'iii" I ^•fiKsrss. & ^n^'iSvT 11 ' IV)in ff. KntiKn Rcrfhn Or,t_ n».. mi . ^ nn . -TCD11)- ( where!; iml Tom a. Sal'iba, BeiTria"saT- ary 22 1932 Tn n"^7'" .ba. et a,., were defendants, win, therein' ''"erSi/.SoKS every grave Jno. C. McHaney, Jr. "here 'tis" A 1932 SUIT and A 1932 VALUE All Wool .... Beautiful Pattern/.-...„. Celanese Linings ; J932 Styles.... 1932 Values.... 14 .75 Words fail us, all we can say is come in and examine tnis super-value. HUDSON TAILOR SHOP We Do Good Cleaning

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