The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 23, 1967 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 23, 1967
Page 7
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ou I o B Ul IU O I If m I 1: S 1 B 8 7 8 B B 10 10 Twelv* - Blytheville (Ark.) Courier Netri - Tliursday, February a, FREE PRIZES! Just come in and register ... No purchase necessary! After you register for these prizes take a look at the beautiful new ''Firebird" by Pontiac. Drawing will be held during our Grand Opening which is to follow soon! • 12 Lube Jobs • 12 Oil Changes • 12 Wash Jos GRAND PRIZE: 100 GALLONS of GAS Check These Late Model Used Cars! '65 VOLKSWAGEN sedan, local one owner, red color, just like new '6fi PLYMOUTH Salellite 2 door H.T., V8, automatic trans., radio and heater, white sidcwall tires, lols of warranty left, Jikc new , '64 OLDS '98' 4 door H.T., power steering and brakes, factory air conditioner, real nice car, white sidcwall (ires, radio and heater, real luxury SAVE $1895 '62 CHRYSLER Newport 4 door sedan, come in and make us an offer, power steering and brakes, white sidewall tires, radio and heater .... '62 PONTJAC Bonneville 4 door H.T.. power steering and brakes factory air conditioner, radio and heater, white sidewall tires, only '62 CHEVROLET Station wagon, 6 cylinder, automatic trans., real nice wagon, priced to sell o mahes, SAVE $1095 SAVE We Have a Large Selection of New '67 PonHacs! All Body Styles & Color to Choose From. SEE ONE OF THESE MEN TODAY: • Sonny Duncan • Lloyd Koontz • Bill Sullivan • Graver and Raymon Carlock Carlock Pontiac Co. 5th & Walnut Phone PO 3-6817 T;ikc Your (ia'r When:'Hn; Kxpi-rls a Front-End & Brake Offer Continued From Precoadlng Page 3-room furn. house. 702 B. Lake, PO 2-3402 niter 5:30 P.M. 1-30 pic 3-30 4-rmB, bath. Hlway 77, ft ml. 8 of Wanlla. Cull 561-3102. 1-2B pk 2-26 Clnnn 3 rrn furn. bouao with nhow- •r. PO 3-6272. 1-20 pk 2-21 New 8 bdnn traitor, Arcadia Motel, 12-17 ok tf For R«nr—Apartments S rm. imfurn. nuxlurn npl. J or 2 people. 900 Walnut, otJl TO 2-2021. 2-1 ok tf 2 Bedroom lurn, apt. Will! to wall carpal. PO 3-«f)3. 2-32 pk 3-2 .1 room lurn jipnrtmnnt. ClOBO In, PO 3-6387. 2-22 ck tt 4 rm. arntuhod npl. Utilities pd. OOl W. Main. PO 3-4M5-. 2-21 pic S-l Clftnn furnished 3-room npurt- rnnnt. Couplcn only. J124 W. Anh, PO .1-7572. 2-21 nk 2-27 ThTffo room apartment. Close lij. Call TO 3-4433. 2-21 ck tf 4 room unfurn. apt. Carport ro- frigcrator & stove, PO 8-7171. 2-20 ok II Furn. 4 I'm npt. and bulb. Elcsc- irlo kitohen. gas lient. win mo, 101ft W, Aah. Hubbivrd At Hokr PO 3441)9. 2-17 ck if 4-rm. 1 turn. npt. $50. Wfllrr turn. PO 3-8^3 or TO 3-8(572. 2-7 pk 3-8 4 rm. \mfurn. npt. Wnsh. conn., water Mrn. 413 S. 2nd. PO y-4810. 1-31 ck tf Duplex unfurn. J>E 2-8452 1-4 ck tf Nicely furn. fi rm. apt. $85 mo. PO 3-076B. 1-12 ck tf 2 rm, modern fur, npl. For 1 pnrwon $12.50, For » cotiplo $15.00 pni- wk UU furn. f*O 2-2112 or PO 3-33.11. 1-4 ok If tendency tipt. compiniclv rum end equipped. Dtl. furn. By day. week or month. PO 3-8168, 1-21 ck tf Modern turn, npt., 3 rm. imd bath, gfts ctjulpmrnt, air oondltton- cd Couple only. F, Simon, i'h. PO 3-3373 Or PO -3181. 1-17 Ck U tTurn «pta. PO 3-flOfl6 or PO 2-2O45 10-11 ck tf For Sale or R*nt 1PM Amrrlcnn Tr. ^nd for 560 mo. IJ! 2-lU2n 1-S1 pk 3-3 Mantifar.Uircd farm gatos. Fits 14'- lfi l opcnluRft. UOK pnncls, y high. For lurther InTormatlon Cull PO :t-14W. 2-23 pk 2-27 3 complntfl room* of furnlt.urct. KxcollenL condition. May he sncn At, 301) S. lAkfl, L.E 2-858fi. 2-21 ck 3-1 Used Baldwin Spinot pltino, $3.19. Bill Hurst Organ Rtucllo. Plnza Shopping Conter, PO 3-0305. 3-^1 ck 3 IS TorpBda porLnhln typowrllor, $65. Bill rfurst Orgnn Studio, fl»?.a Shopping, PO 3-9505 2-21 ck 2-25 Over cub cnrnpcrw, $005.00 up; pickup covrrti, '$109,00 up; Alum. 14* bnatK, $110..0ft; Alum. f2' bontn, $00.05; TrallciB. 14', $11P.OS; 3ft usnd motor«, $'JO up; i>w u«nd aluminum rishlnK Iwals, Plvo need runabouts. $500.00 discount on new 'R6 modnl niniiboutE (two). 16'-10' inbonrd- otltbouid runabouln In stnrk. f'lnh- InR and camping nqulpmont. TcrmB nvnllnblA. HuadqimrtPrR for lawn- Harden fiuppMen. Hyrum Hdw. &z Snnd Co., 116 E. Main. SlyUievlUu. Ark. 2-1 tick 3-17 UROd brlclc. Good quality. Call PO 3-9457. 2-15 pk 3-15 Horsn Shoe Lake Kstiito LoU. $fl50, PO 3-1500. 2-8 pk 3-9 Aluminum camper, factory made, fltJi Ford or Ohovtolut truck, i>i ton. $100. Call after 5:30 p.m. LE 2-523fi. 2-14 dh tf Tako over payments on moblln hom«5 LE 2-B58fi. 2-10 ck 3-1 Complrtp nl^ht. r.iub ftxturns. Smnll down pyrm. Call PO 3-0602. 3-D pk 4-10 MurtljiM nrr very pniUrnlitr wlinrc tlicy live. Wrt have modern r«d- wontl hoiifiitfl for Lho dli-.crlmlnute bird. '1'hn find Hum. 2-H ck 3-0 French poodlo i>npnlr<M fi wks. old, ?50, 1M 7-H5fl7. 2-4 pk 3-1 Complrtn beauty nhop for naif,. Will runt, or Icujse building by month If Inlcru.Mcd. Call PO 3-.'!i;i2. 2-1 pk 3-1 WATER rUM±n fialen ana nernce tor ooum Dem- Ing Lero and Modern Water eoften- nrs Bubhard HnrdwnrA 213 W Main DOR houses, porch swings. Reasonable. Georga Nan, 201 N. 22nd St. PO 3-8738. 11-17 ck U Sfi gal. ami BartTAge oanelt, ollTorr PO 3-7101 t3. 1-3 ck tl Wo mako photostatlo coplei. Moooy loaned on diamonds. We buy old gold rings. O'Steen'a Jewelry 105 W. Main Ouil bens, OOc, Hftinell Egg Farm PO S-7P6" ^.g ck PURKBRBD STAME8K KITTENS— nbfll I'ottH. Btcfilo, Nfo. Phono M5- 3a3B. 1-31 pk 2-31 lRs. hitlrplccna. W!B clRanor, not nml fthccr, Styrr. foam hrad fonus, ryliU'. riiHi'«. KviirythhiK for your . Grfliilcnl. Hfflnrt.lon, low prices. Lura Mnyn Bhop. IMA Wi-.M Rlftln. 1-31 ok 3-3 f-or Sela or Trade Alrplr.nt. Tnjlrcnfl, S13W1. Cf.\\ l.C\ t-JM? O.-cncl.i, Alk. 2-JO |)k 2-28 For 3aW AKC r*«, pcxxilfl rmpi,, (M. PO B- 8175, 2-23 pk 3-3 \VELL-k»pt cnrpcls show the r*- i.tilth of rpgultr Blun Lmlrf ^pf>I clranlnp. Pent clncirlo nhftnipoofv *l. Hubbnrd Hurdwiw Co., 213 w. Mftln. 3-23 ck 3-2fi ^9 wooden chnln, ro 3-ifiift or K> 3-OM. 2-23 pk J-3 AKO rfdlstcrwl toy Kicnch poodle iMij.plrs, Cull Mw. Dnle WIHlnma, KI &-OI50, Haytl, aftrr 5;00 p.m. 2-33 pk 3-S7 1—8 yr. old quarter hotwi $300, mddle. brlddlc And grooming Mip- pllM, very RenlU p»lomlno, Onn 4- yrnr old pain ml no horbc. gcnUf, |>]75. TO 3-0»S8. Oowpolrt \\Vnnrn Shop. 2-23 pk 3-33 Dost und flnh (look, nic Lnke. JO 4-WW4. 3-31 pk 3-23 Stlvrr mlnlnturn mtl* pood If. 3 rt.iu old. J'O 3-0581. 3*M pk I-W 3 - 15.5 x ;ifi un MO M. PO 3-1571. trnntor Mrp«. J-30 ck U 3 - Ifl.fl x 34 Goodyear fnkooffs. Kto f». PO 3-1571 1-;W ck tf Sfilllng out entli'B fAook. Cowpoka Wcktrru Shop. PilcM flnithed. 1-2V pk 2-27 fi lou an 2 to. Und at Oosnclt. PO 3-fl33l. 1-24 pk 2-35 Used main run, ntnonuUc wMh- an. Dnnd Mnytae wnjiliorm. All fftrlcU? A WHITJ 307 W. AfAlD ELECTROLUX Sales & Service Or»dv He, PO 3-O.WS 1-10 pk 3-11 Monny orrterii, o»7 Drug. V duyn «< Wfrk. a-3 r.k tf Used REFRIGERATORS Fully Guaranteed $49.95 up HALSELL & WHITE 307 W. HSU! For Sala Real Estate FOR SALE 1139 Ohlckaaawba . 3 BR, Ftroplac* Cnn trftl heat and air. Buy equity «nd takfl ov»r loan. MOB Moiidow Luna - S BR Brick 114 bnthfi, bargain prices at $65( for equity. Vacant. 704 8. Tonnessfifl - 3 BR Brink, doAR to school, cenunte batJi, cdr- port, slornKP nud fenced yard. 131 N. Cro.icftnt. -3 BR brick, cent. hpiu. nlr nnd 2 bnths. $1730 equity. VHOIllll. 1108 LOR no Lane - Nlre 2 BR, home wlt-h Inrgo living j-oom, hulH-ln rnnpri, contrnl heat and carport. MaxLogan Realtor Ph. PO 3-2033 Harold R, Knop Salesman NltB PO 3-4333 Milton Snow. Salesman Nlto FO 3-4613 3-2S ck 9-S 6 rm. housa, Qlnaswl iu porch. Lrg. corner lot. 4 blocks from Main. Will sacrifice for cash. French's Groo, PO 2-21M, 3-17 pk .V19 2-bdrm. ftirn. notisft, with carport ID Oosnoll. 102 Porry St. Pity Bmall down nymi A pay out like paying rent. PO 3-2112 or PO 8-33S1. 1-26 ok M 3 bdrra hour>e. Pay tmiaU down pnymtmt ..nd pay out like paving I'i'nt. I-ooated si a 8. Walker. PO 22112 or Pt) 3-3!);il, 1-13 ck tf V*»v? nice 3-brtvm. V«iv'.k, lenctrt buck yixrd. nenr school, itmnll equity. Hnve nnvnrnl othcr-i. Srtfl or call. SAM GODWIN Hlndman Real Estate PO 3-1531 - Night* PO 3-88A3 3-14 ck 2-23 mi. fl room honjm, 3/4 acre. . fiontii of OlytnnvllU on Hivy. fil. J.l.llflO. ,lo»i Wnldrop. 3-1S pk 3-14 NOW SERVSNG HOT BISCUITS & Cream Gravy wirh Breakfast— 6 - 11 a.m. CAFETERIA SCRVICE DAILY 11 a.m. - 2 p.m. 5p.m.-7p.m. PLAZA CAFETERIA Efficient Fast Servlcti for Buiy P»opl» Anto Safety. Service for winter driving Any U.S. into plus parts. Addfeuc* for air condition or tonlon tan Adjust brakes. Repack front wheel bearings, add brake fluid, test brakes. Align front-end, correct camber, caster, toe-in. Rotate all four wheels. Make your car safer now. Pay on easy terms) GOOD/YEAR SERVICE STORES 131 E. Main Ph. PO 3-8140 For Sal* Cars & Trucks 1066 Volkswagen Bus deluxe. 4,000 actual miles. J2.300. PO 3-1819. 2-23 dh 2-36 1957 Pontiac - 4 door, Auto. New paint &. tires. Perfect condition 1109 E. Ash. 2-22 pk 3-2 4 door Galaxie, power - " — 3-4398. air. Sacrifice, Call PO 2-22 pk 3-2 Pick up pymts. on '63 Ply. Fury Sport Coupe. PO 3-3464. 2-13 pk 2-23 Clean 1965 Corvalr Corsa. PO 33356. 2-1 pfc 3-2 Male Wanted - Male route salesman to snrvice retail stores In Blytheville area. Accounts established. Route or Groc. experience preferred. Truck displays, merchantlse other equipment furnished. Burnings unlimited. Write to Jones Candy Co. Inc.. 608 E. Park, Willow Springe, Mo. Phone 46B-2600, 2-22 pk 2-25 Good man over 40 for short trips urroundtng Blytheville. Man we want la worth up to $16,500 in year, ilus regular cash bonus. Air mall X O. Pate. Pres., Texas Refinery Corp., Box 711, Fort Worth, Texas. 76101. 2-20 ck 2-27 Good tractor farm mechanic. No drinking. PO 2-2088. 2-1 ck 3-2 Help Wanted Female WOMAN part-time, 20 hours a week. $35 a week to start. Must have car and phone. Ph. PO 2-2000 for appointment. 2-21 ck 2-24 Waitress—white only. No. expnr. necessary. Apply Jane's Sweet Shop. 2-16 pk 2-24 Saleslady, good salary plus commission. Send handwritten letter to Box HBO c/o Blytheville Courier News. 1-26 ck 2-26 Luzler sales ladles. Contact Paul- eau Shanks, PO 2-2284 1-31 pk 3-3 Fervjale Are you looking for a good part- time or full time income In N. Mississippi Co. or Blytheville? Many Rawlelgh dealers earn $2.50 and up per hour. Write Rawleigh AKA-21026, Memphis, Tenn. 2-23 pk 2-24 ATTENTION MAN OR WOMAN A Marshall field family owned organization will employ 10 part or full time people to make educational sales presentation. Will pay $500 for 100 acceptable presentations. For Interview write Box 777, o/o Courier News, giving your name and address. We will arrange a personal Interview, We must employ by March 1. 5-21 pk 3-1 Continued on Next Page OPEL FACTS is General Motors Largest Plant Q PEL ^y PEL ^^ PEL more p eople tha " any othcr GM plgnt '* GiM/s third p roduceF ^^ P F I fe P resents an '"vestment of Vi billion dollars /**\ n c i has 5/00 ° IJ |J r* I in u - s - * • • more any other import ^^ P L L is 9 uaranteed for 24 months or 24,000 miles (LJ \J H I is G.M.'s least expensive car OPEL OPEL OPEL mi ' es per witn 6-M. 2 door sedan is only $1841 delivered in Blytheville fj l^ L L IS a 9 rea|p '' ft ' e car • • • come ' n an( ' drive one is sold and serviced by McWaters Motor Com- THAT'S McWaters Motor Co. Broadway & Walnut Phone PO 3-4555 YOff'U/MVfff IF YOU BUY, SELL TRADE, HIRE OR RENT ClflSSIHtDAnSGETRfSIIITS H=tWJ=liill !? J-U.llLUM-i-i»*i-.-...L J »_...... , »-^ BUY-SELL-RENT Blytheville Courier Mews

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