The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 21, 1932 · Page 4
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 4

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, March 21, 1932
Page 4
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PAGE FOUR BLYTHEVILLE COUKIEK NEWS THE COURIER NEWS CO., PUli . o. R. B'ABCOCK, Editor H. .W. HAINES, Aaverissun Bole National Advertising Representatives: Arkaiiws I)»lUcs, toe.. New York, Chicago, Jetroit, St. Loul», fiellu, Kansas city, LIUIt. Rock. . I'ubliiiied Evety Aycuiuon Except Entered RS second class, matter a!, tlie iwsl. Hflre at Blyllicvlllc. Arkansas, under act a! Congress October 9, 1317. Served ty ma Umtcj Press SUBSCRIPTION UATfcS By carrier In llio city ol lilypicvtlle, 15o per week or $0.50 per ycac in advance. By jrisll witliiu a radius ol 50 miles, 13.00 r«r yesr, SI 60 lor six months, 85c for three months; by mail In poilnl zones two la elx, inclusive, Hi.50 per year, lu zones seven and eight, $10.00 per year, payable In advance 1 . Inflation We think il oiijrhl to IK- nude dwir tlml (lit 1 <lem;iml tor iiillidiiui of tin; aiiTi'iu-y, wliiic pi-ulmbly ivlh'dmg iioiliicr (hi- wisest inn- (liu lies! mwuis <)!' coml>;ittiitK di;|iivssioii. i.s not tin. 1 (Uili';is:ijoiiri tln'njr dial .some of our pu- lilii-.'il i-uiiieiiUloi's would have us lic- lievt 1 . '1'liu stock tii'ijiitiu'iil ,'i|r;iiii.-U indii- tiuii on llm piirl of "sound money" atlvoctik's is tluit it i- just a .sdu'iuc lo.L'luiljIc debtors lo p;iy Ihdr »l)lii,'ii- tioiis ;it a discount. Al tlu.' ]>i't!si:ii» (inm ilK> diiiiuin I for il, .scantily canioulliiKi'd ninicM 1 various iHiplKMiiisin.s fur thai alarming wnnl "infUilion," is no sudi (hinif. In ,M> far as il is made by or in Imliali' of dfhtor.s il riiiirc.-dils a dr.-iiro In i>:iy thuir dd)ls, not at a ili.iruuiil, but at somt'lhiiiif apiH-ojtcliinjj llio orijrJtial vtiluu of lliusi! (Itl)ls. In (lie past Uircc year's, \vc imn> but ildlalkm with such a v^n^'anto flml Uic-.iiiiiii who owed $10,000 in 192!) now owes about duublc tluit, m«i- suml in (onus of (lie surviics lie must render or (liu cominoililiM be tun.--1 produce lo repay the ild)l. Debtor.-, aiv not askinj; cheaper money than Unit which (hoy obtained whin thi'y bor- ro'wud. They aro simply iiskinj; for money of approximately (he same value as that which they borrowed. Jnflalic'i is dangerous. So is deflation. We have suliered from boll) in recent years. What is needed is .stability, and that mitflit to bp sought on n basis thill would work- n iniiiiimini ',,|unfair hanL-liip njjoii eilher (lcl)( ( )i j s or creditors. Something Wrong Testimony of It. lj. Lil;jn*, ( wm <iv Ai'k:\Hs;is highway :ili'|iitrltiifnL tost ciiHinwr, Hint In; was lorood lo ro.sijjn Lueiilisii liu rd'it.sctl to nl>oy tlemailtls of his .siipci-inrs Lliiil lie curlily infi!!-- ior inaU : ri;il ? - as uji u> siiucilitiilions, will not woakfii ll u . pi-oily K t.<wu\ i,,,. Iiression lhal oitr .stale" !,i g ] W jiy do- partincnl has play,-!! fcL and 'loose with the ptiWic iniL-rcst. When il man who rcfn.sw fo nn,,- pvoiniso wilh his public :l iid iM-urcssimial duly can't! Ills j ( ,|, «-j(ii ,| U . Arkansas hi-hway ctcparlnicul il i s v\-\ doit I1, ;l t UHM-U is Njrmii.inir „•,•„,.,,, ^JiVhun pressure in holmlf ,,f «,„„.,•„« OUT OUR WAY seeking lo substitute inferior materials for those reijuircd by specilica'tiytis copies I'j-nin the liitfhc.-il oKic'iai* of the department it is made reasonably clear the iialwc of Dial sDinulhiiiK is. Rascal's Inoestment Ncw.s thai tlu: Deni'icrals havt; raised enough money to pay oil 1 lln; <i|(KI,000 they owiil lo Natinnai (;)iainnaii John J. Riiskob for the IU2S campaign liuls eii)|)hii:-i s on a rather odd situation. Uasknb is slill linaiifiiiy; pally head- (|iiarters at U'ashiiiKlon, lo the liuiu oi' about «il(l.()lll) a nth. Tlie parly .slill owes liiju plctiiy, iiml '.jJlVirls aix' now beiujj made to sifiiare the oblitfa- li''ii by (hi; middle of April. Anrl the above-mentioned oddness curues in when you relied that while liaskuh i- payinj; I he party's bills, I'Vaiihlin \). liuuscvelf—and not lias- hob's bosii'm friend, Alfred ).;. Smith— seems to be cui'mlline; most of (lie voles. 'IhiTe must. In., moments in which liiiskol) asks himself jilaintively whether il. is all really worth while. What Do You Mean, A story oi 111'.' ii'|)]y of Ji[,| BI . Will. IMlyJOlm to iiii olTcr from iil;;lnvay Cuninilsslonc'i- Du'l^hl nini-Jittcuil, I.s guini; ii,,. roimd.i (hla \\i-ck a:ul il Is nrillicr nllhiiif:! nu r dcnh-d by tin- JiKl^c. TJii! liigliwuy finiinilsslnii i-li»lriii:ui nra'.,, lo 111" JIH!|;,. Idllns lilili lliut he- liad Iiii-Llly c-f lu-:ny in:iclilurry, ;ni(l )jciii K nilliaiit liiucls to ii|:i'r,ite it. IIP u-uiilil bo nlud 1» K't iho Jinlsc l>"Vi. il In build |;,iin j 0 mm-ki.t rrndf. in slmrp i-onniy. Tlif only .strinss iitiarlird to this i:viimi:is olfei- was I]I L . ;:tl[H,lii(ici] Unit tlic jHfl.,i- tiilji nuilnliiin (i, n Male liijliwuys in Ihc county. Those v.-})o oiijjlit to X-iinn wty IJnii llic letter H'l>lylii!! to tlic nlli-r r i. ; iil ioiiiPthhii; like tills: "In recnrd lo ofrcr [ a HM'. nuil nmeliln- ITV. \vo, have plenty of nuicliitifry in Shnrp ci:iin(y. \Vr.- UIT Mirry your iiionry run mil. Our road fuml.1 in slurn nimiiy ;u- c " aljoul irnue loo, but ^c (i|xnt ours on lunds." — Ifnidy Herald. If I am ever dcm-osM-if I huy myself a new hnl, nntl 1 feel bellor at once. -Mrs. Cecil Chestcilon, Lonrtcm. * t t Men lire bullied by women because Nature, in Its ln'-eiu(:il;!e cruelly, supulics women with a [iicully of ilJBSjiUAJiijf their ftiuljs when men arc countiiii; lliem. —Viscount, Casllcrosse, London. * , i I believe there won't IK many more St. I'.it- vlck's Days uiulcr the- present, dry mlc. -Kcp. Jaini's A. .Mead. Tiuiialo. * * * If Ihr- paliff dcp.-irliwnls of {.uiulon ami Paris had the crime, problem we luive, they'd be swamped. _ S;v roiy Director Menu-k, Cleveland. * * * The Miiest way of not beiiu: paid is (o proclaim far and v,ido lhat one will never In- ;i.ikl. —Andre 'I'iirdifii, premier of I'runce. * * 4. I-ac-cisiu walked before now uvi-r tin- >p:i:r- wbat puln-liid coipso of iho (inddcss mid should It m-i-onic ncc.^aiy. will calmly u u io nsiaiii. —llcnitu Mus.-.olini. Italian cltclatur. * * * A limn K-.'IO din |io!(l his ton;;ue can tin!d uiiythin-, enii a bishopric. William Unlph iu.,o. Ihr 'Vic-.-ii:)" dean ol- s;. p.mi\. OK , TH 1 V -,• POOR By William* 1 DO — BuT -T^lATS Tt-Ht FIRST -STEP ive. TA^ TVslO VMEtKS,\AJITMOOT GOT SO , GO our, PEOPLE !^~^^ -iajLl£a_:x yjLtt'L BOTHERS GET i""^ ~- ' ' ~ ' '" "~'-' ."^^•>-'.-\v'J COURIER NEWS SJDE GLANCES By George Clark ....... ----. your hand must IK- losing ils touch, Joe. Iwo blocks ou touiicenlh." You Declining Death Kates Good News for Persons Over 65 i H.v 1)11. MOllltis FISIIIIKI.N , persons .show that ""CH"' M«?*llrilli!' •ii'lll "i r '"'" ''? sm l " bclow tile Decline "'or ™==ll!;= ^Spixt ™™ B -W^^ ; bulletin shows lha.1 tlu' IXT- •nlase of persons more tlun K> s old i:ns increased evi'ty lu ears since 1910. l-'or cx:mi|ili- in 1W, :i.7£> per rent of Die p.;j;,hi- 011 was over U5: in 1310. 2«l v «r ^iii; in 1'JM, 3.11 per cent, and in VO, 'J.a'J me cent. From these figures it W lll br not- I that the |>erconiasc (jam ba- i-i'eii 1020 and 1930 was more Uian vice as great us the iimviit.igc lill from 11100 lo 1020. 'o BO more deeply inlo the cte- ririitlon ol'.Nrw York's |:.-.:i!ilniicii ,' uses, the chart show.s i.'iai. pcr- on.s from 35 to U-l nmour.ud lo ;) cr cent of iho lotal iiojuikilloii in MO. an compared with 27.5 act cent 1030. 'Ihi-se figures show more clearly ian ever Hint science nicdi- iie innsi concern themselves more i:m cvrr ivilh S1 x>[| health lor those ist middle n;x in life. H-linin b - doath rates lor older Row, warming up, "Nothing but evening clothes In tlie )iause. Yes sir, I became the natural born enemy of moths. Dinner jackets that. had beenjn the moth balls all over th« land came out. "No, we found darn few straight theaters ready. Once or [wlcc we went Into places thai liad Ijcen eniply so long we had to slioo Hie mice oir the seats. But we liit Shrine auditoriums where the swell set-up would stagger you. Best ii«l)ls you ever saw; Ijcsl s|»ts and best dressing rooms. "In Omaha we had lo play in s g!i school auditorium. . . [| a( . floor and no till. i tl Nashville we used an auditorium that was built i" tlie Civil War and had church Pews lot scats. If a tlcXpt, liokler fcat on eilher side, he could only sec the head of the orchestra leader. In another town, tire stare had to dress In the wiishruom "Most places ha:l no ncoommci- dations for seal selling. Wu literally sold Tm out of a liat. We used the town book store, the dm.. store, and in one plate a big meal "The whole thinj! was done just as IhoiiBli a circus was being billed r 0 ! M° ld ,° f JA " m "S""X n»il cd him to luan me one of iho t and Wggrii cirals ,, ITO ,, c , ; someone who could figure the Jumps and knew the show towns I go NicH Ah-ord. And ve mad , «'ir jumps without missing a trr " ac w " cn a caiii « lo i - mc>. led burns anil fences CO miles away from the suw town _ Wc unng ln , )y ,„„, ca •The road dead? Well, we took tom $,,5,000 out of iwenty-f Manual, is somewhat less. One interesting tiling t o mile is that death rales for females in New York are lower in every a»e classification llian for men. This is true of the group, between 25 and 2Q, which was the only one lo show an advantage for the men in After «', the eliilcrencc between oealh rates for men and women uecomes more pronounced. These figures, while shou-in" mtie not already generally accepted as triilhs. show tliat actual facts bcrr ii'itiicss (o progress man has made in preserving life, and Indicate that lurtlier progress may be exiwcicd. Much work, of course, remains lo be done with thc older elnssl- ncalions. But the work 1m been slartecl, at least, and a drop in this group similar to the one already ne- coinplished m tl, B infant, groups would mean many more ymts of lilc for millions of people. KF.KMAN IIKIVE BEGINS On March 21, 11)18, (ho fireat tier- man drive began, with an ntl.ick ill great force against British inisi- n« on a 50-mile front from Arras lo La Fere. Nearly 1,000.000 men were hurled against the Briiish lines by Ihc Oer- "aiLS, who claimed they had broken rongh the British lines and had Svanccd to a depth of more than ve miles In places. British divisions opposing die •ivc were clinging >stubbornly lo their groinul north of Arras but were forced Io full back in other IKwttons of Hie front. German losses in killed and wounded for the nrst day of thc great battle were estimated at more "lan 50,000. All available British reserves w-rc ordered inlo aclion, as the gravity f the .situation became apparent The objective of the German drive, it was believed, was (he sepa- -ation of tlie British and French irmics. ' 'Crazy Quilt" Convinced Rose "Sticks" Are Good Business lie Lively "OiMd" Iduil NMV i-OKIC.— hilly [< c . is » Till l>nn Alley piano • not so many >vaVs ago, insert to Hroariway li-oiii u veu luugliingly rcfmed in, 1 ' convinced Hint Uini •Jl.l in "them ihar hills' ruidw.iy. J!uw. in c:isc> lu.s si ion : > miss your IO-.MI. Ls tli i^uiiS man who -t fc:r:l Ulsical prfxlucli':!!. "C'l.,; 0 «oe what woultl !..ii>p?:. i^hl stand bii^.icio ,. rorbadors. He knc, 11 br -.-. y H.S? Shrine rin;.m::i-;i alls, public buildings. : ,. ; r spot nn^tii lx' a-.. : Ansa^ing runuiis ti-::.i:. ac>: to flaygcr Hie Hi,,.. n[ireiieur.s who ii:-i..;i ( j ; o:t{l'' was dead: SI2.0:-j !:'.= ; $10.000 in Isiilia.. ,• Louisville; S^00 ovi-y ,'• : laiLsas City; iiiiui:i: ..;.J 't. Wayne. Nashville, i',." "nils. Phoenix. Vicluta, Jophn. ir.o. San Diego. El p.,,.. olnls. And now so lir,r,:'.;,- •„,. 1 will have to rim i.:,;:. : 'Inns r.ocd Tliil\:;s So what? So Id,:-. ;; nek on his rn;i : , : . . ciOis the room tr.v...' ^l painting ever m., . .- r's irortrait o( l-'.u::. -,, aticn of Mon.i Li-. : . "It means ;.-, : olks out there tl...- : lit two shows <•.[, :. —}rs. sir, I'm -,,:•;. • .' e ir.c B.irtmii: o: .ess," lie tcgan. -(. ho\\-,s in ix'liiMi ..; : ire pl.m is !!;. bow into. N'vw \" ; . : iulll \vcck), n::i (.. July eighi wcei;-. t looks like. Th,-;-. : . nc: send it ci.t r--: "hat's what 1 ;::.;.. I M weeks and civ .. • ether about fo-.i:- ; - I |) u -^y—.mil H^v- ;e, who Uuimp- llas rc- hat- has as "Hie 's more than in Mppcncd .• snappy i with a •y Quilt" i > a one• unning : i!i have i -. Elks ali.-ilev- .';iblc. lo come -.ay tn- "the ' lis niul •-'City in 'ings in • i. Sioux Tuba. D.illas, Bcrnar- :nd way .cci that :;e! -• leans : gA?ert funni: Deckin im- :cll th? nnj lo u year lo lx-.d b.ui- 1 music -ml my )-ing a Sive It nboron. •r whai • it ou! .•s run. — 'ing thr chlnd!" Evciyonc In Broidivai'. of course asks Ihc questions: how did lie do a? What, sort of experiences were encountered? "We call it. ll-.c sticks here . well lemmc tell you, in San Antomo one ol the dressiest houses you ever saw turned mil," said Announcements Tiic Courier News nas Dcen authorized to announce the following candidacies, subject to the Democratic primary, August 9. For C'nnnly Judgo ZAL B. HAHBISON (for 2nd terra) I'or Sticrirf ROLAND OfiEEN CLARENCE IT. WII^ON Counly Trrasurrr W. W. HOI-LlI'L-ren (for 2nd term) Circuit Court Clerk R. L. "BILLY" GAINEC (for 2nd term) Connly and Probate Cltrk W. H. "HOC" SCAKUORO - => ' OHfJ [ '°- N 'G (Re-election) MISS CAREY WOODBURN For Toiintj ASHSSOT JOE S. DILLA1IUNTY (for 2nd lenn) CITY ELECTION Tutbd.iy, April 5 City Clerk S. C. CRAIG (lor re-electlonl HERMAN CROSS JOE W. ALEXANDER OSCAU ALKXAMDER Tor Municipal Jitrtsc GEORGE W. 13ARIIAM IVY w. CHAWFORD C. A. CUNNINGHAM Tor Cily Adorncr SAM MAXATT For, j s j ward G. !l. GREAR L. G. "PETE" THOMPSON Vor, 2na S H. EASTBlifur J. H. RONEV MONDAY, 51AR6H 21, 1982. THIS CURIOUS WORLD 44 DAYS AND HkSHTS- ARE of EtSfJAL OH MAPCH21 & SEPTEMBER 22» ^ A Trie EXCUSES th dri' For the past two years now 1 have not been able lo send Sister and Junior to Sunday school and church for the reason that I have nol found anyone suitable lo send Diem with. As you known [tiat a person who loves her children as a mother should is careful about who they allow their children to nsscelnlc with. One woman, wbo is 3 jncm- »r and attends our Saturday Niglit plub meeting?, said she was about r cd U|> on (he way KV weic enrry- ny on. as .she called it., ami that if [ would gel the children ready for Smirlny school she would call for hem; but since I know her prellv well ana as she is not, up to my standard in a social way. I hesitate to allow tlie children to go with her. Then, there is another lliinij—llic best I could lell x'c.c K not a member of my church and if I allowed her lo Inke tlirm (liere is no telling what, ideas she and her church I would teach them. Then, (his would j be disloyal lo my own church and | next to my children I love my enough to figure out a plan io help to my church as well as to my children. I hope that our church will cc a new pastor, one that lias ten', enough to figure uot a plan to heir us mothers who have the socla sy.5iein of Iho community on ou; : shoulders. A real smart preaclid could get a great many more chl|.' fircn in Sunday school and churcl 'f he could figure a plan to him 1 , them called for an.-i delivered home| (Copyrighted.) ADVERTISING Brings a new world to your Joor-s/ep "Judge and Mrs. J. M. Beech entertain at luncheon tocia -y Work starts on new road.' 3 "New York bank sees strength in Britain." . . . "Library shares in large bequest." . . . What an interesting moving provocative world the newspapers bring us! News of our friends, of our town, of every-day happenings all around us, and of events that stir the world. Imagine a people without newspapers! We'd be lost. And imagine trying to live intelligently without this other kind of news: "Sport .shirts at reasonable prices. . . . Rugs, a new lot from Persia " "Six ^. s , to Montreal and back, at special rates." . . Wicker chairs, as low as $7." . . . News of food and motor-cars, oi ginger ales and pianos, of leather goods and carpet lining. The intimate, important news is the advertising that intluences and changes our whole manner of living. Make it a daily practice to read thc advertisements in this newspaper. Read them carefully, just as you read tlie news articles. For advertisements, given a chance, will make your life more comfortable, more enjoyable, more productive of good for others and for yourself.

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