The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 21, 1932 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, March 21, 1932
Page 3
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MARCH 21, 1032 Leon Trotzky Thinks Civ- cwnstances Favor Russia If Nippon Makes \Vav «V J. 1). QUIRK llnilrd I'ress t'orrespundeiit tWorld Copyright 1932 by the United Press) ISTANBUL, Turkey, March 21. tUi a )—A Japanese war against the Soviet, union probably would mills the overwhelming man power and resources ol Russia and China in a historic struggle against ihe island empire, in ihe opinion of Leon Trof/ky, the exiled Russian revolutionary and military genius. In an Interview with the United Press IxMrli'R on Ihe present conflict, in the far east. Trolzky said thai Japan is going to slick up to the knees In the "tnt soil of Manchuria.!' Tiic energetic little revolutionist, ;ho performed inotlcrn military .irle by creating Mi? Soviets' red .... ly when he siood beside Lenin at ihs heaj of th2 BolshevLsl slate. Is well qualified lo analyze ll:e Russian p'jsitiuji in the orient con/licl, which has now spread along the Siberian frontier. • .Summarizfs Sifuatioti His conclusions on the present situation are: 1—Japan is aiming: to colonize China—but she will fail. 2—Many Japanese statesmen and othars besides the Japanese are convinced that a conflict with Russia ii= inevitable. ' 3—Russia does not want war and it could develop only if Japan, with tlw consent of stronser allies, provoked it. His opinions on the military situation in event ol war are: if-Japan could strike at .Russia only after consolidating her position In Manchuria. 2^-Wltile there might be some Japanese . successes in an advance westward, the difficulties of Japan woifld greatly increase with .-.very mile of advance nml her successes would be swallowed »j> Soviet Troops Mass on Manchurian Frontier BLYTHEVILLE. (ARK.) COURIER NEWS Thotuui lUnnlc HOLLYWOOD GOSSIP INTIMATE GLIMPSES AND INSIDE STUFF ON THE MOVIE COLONY BY DAN THOMAS———— ninmhlp nnd deckled to Give a fliatifi) In u iiktiiiv |w< tt -is ii to alnit,. ), f rum HOLLYWOOD - Movlelond Imp, he , s: UonaUi coltuan back from Orient,, ..And telling his iilends nil about (he "war" oivr there....ijonnie regarded the whole nirair us moro o! „ ]n ,. k ,j |(u| _ thing I-I.<I-...,ROSCOII Airs now has learned to sinner on u phno And Ls trying to nml someone lo Ilsu-n to him. Florin,. McKlnney, II,,, young Texas beauty ncenlly hrou B hl oin here by I'liraniounl, says thai she war plc.luri's—• Mid or not. The movie business must be picking up. lJuYs and yirls ore betfln- nlng lo s]H'ud week-ends at Ania Callenti- ,iuidn..,.Aiid two new gamblin-j houses hiire lure in lown. Ztnpo Marx and his wife have Into the iipurtmcnt always fries at whedicr ihev KIT The newly founded republic of Manchuria, welded out of many discordant units In the vast domain nonli of China, already is torn with internal dissension, while Japan is worrying about, Soviet activity in the region.. Russian opcrames have taken over the Ussiiri railroad tor military movements along the eastern frontier and are reported | 0 be concentrating troops near Blagovest - Knrenslc. Top pic- lure shows Soviet, troops on the march near Vladivostok, with a scene on the Vladivostok waterfront below. Map illustrates extent ot new trouble zone «nd shows position of Soviet- territory along frontier ot the new republic. 3—Japan would face the danger P'an as altogether excluded would of a crisis at home after which the Im *™ v,.,^,, n.. t : . _. . parly would lift up berla are vast enougli for many • H. before having guaranteed nnd things to succumb there, but is it confirmed her position in China and EO certain that, il would be Bol- Manchuria, siicvism that would perish?" Faces Failure in China "The aim of Japan is to colonize China.'A grandiose nim indeed, but it. must be said al once that it, is not, within Japan's powers. She has come into the field too late. At the moment when Britain is preparing hcrsell to lose India, Japan will not succeed in transforming China into a new India. "Is it not ]x>ssib!e (hat the Tokio oligarchy has also another objective, namely to aim a blow al the U. S. S. H.? To consider such a revolutionary its;h.ead. gressive action against the U. s' S. too hasty. But it cannot be a „ first-Hen plan. Only after having ..„-.„... . . . f. jgj seized Manchuria and consolidat- jt-China, "wiHi: )ic'r-.mllHo!|t^8l cd her position there, would Ja- incn. would fight". •' ••' ' •"•• '••' h pan be able to mate her objective :>-With the aid of Russia, China that of striking a blow northwest- cquld put 1,000.000 men in the field wards. But as the soviet govern- in';i2 to-18 months; and anotliet '"™t cces not, and cannot, want 1,080,000 in Hie iiext. .six-months. war . Japan on her side will probably would be as efficient as the n °t decide lo undertake directly «g- The Soviets and China would :ai'e Ihe-advantage in lighting mo- •(—That 'vital element, time is working in favor of Russia. : '(•rotzky stroked his chin and smiled as he talked of the po=s£ billty of aronsiii" the Chinese nation with its 450.000.000 population on .the erand scale. : "The objective of such n war (between Russia and Japan) would be infinitely greater than the question's of the Chinese Eastern railway nnrl Manchuria together." he said "Certain French newspapers hasten to prqdict lhat 'Bolshevism would perish, in (he step|«s ot Siberia 1 ' "j rhe steppes and forests of Si- Capudine PAIN best for because- I II gN« r«l«f b> soolliiog ncncs — "Ot deadening « then. Contains no op'ialts. Won't l!in£li<i»Kl, it Kts quicker than pitlici powders. Sold at i"S Hans in single dose, or 10r,30c,60c sizes. f A Naggintf B&cK&cne ^^M May \Varn of Kidney or Rluililcr Irrcgnbrilies A pcrsislcnl backache, wilh bladder irregularities and 8 tired, nervous, depressed feeling may warn of some disordered kidney or bladder condition. Users everywhere rely on Dorm's Pills. Praised (or more than 50 years by grateful I users the country over. Sold by ill druggists. DoanS IN THE CHANCERY COURT FOR THE CHICK ASA WB A. DISTRICT OF MISSISSIPPI COUNTY. ARKANSAS. Bennlngton County Savings Bank a Corporation, Plaintiff, Case. No. 4487 vs.' Addle M. Mason, et al.. Defendants. for the Chlckasawba District of Mississippi County, Arltonsas, within thirty (30) days, and answer the petition of (he plalntlft, Ben- nlngton County Savings Bank. Witness my hand, as clerk ot said court, and the seal thereof, on Mils 21st day of January, 1032. R. L. OA1NES, Clerk. 1-8-15-22 The WARNING ORDER defenoant, C. c. Morris, executor of the estat e of Addle M. Mason, deceased, and Paul Victor Mason and Dorothy Jean Mason, minor heirs of said Addle M. Mason, deceased, are hereby warned to appear in the Chancery Court CARDUI LA McdkimlIonicforWonm t J who'or: run-down of suffer I Just vacated by the Clork OabU'S. Tom Keene. young western star, was wrarliiR ;t beautiful silk shirt as a pan ol his cowboy regiillu the other day. Wonder how many rail con toys st»rt such finery. * * » Don't You Knvy l-'r«nk Frank U'hitbcck. well known In Mini publicity and advertising circles, is ihe new president ot the W'atnpas. which means that, a Hock of prelty young things who would like lo become W>ni|us Ilaby Stars soon will be trying lo make his acquaintance. Gene Morgan's new Pyramid Cnfe eight ot the in Hollywood liilslMiid (tint (he least he could <!u »H5 to come home for dinner. So \\hcn he phoned one nlelii nnd said he couldn't get home bj- cause he had lo attend a con- fwncc she replied, "Thai's nil Ight, Ml gel Bob lo lake me to dlmitr." Hob was her lendltiK man at the, time, A half hour later friend husband called nnd said he would he able to gel home after all, "Sorry," replied lh e aclress, "bill I iilrendy hive a dale wllh Dob, But you might como home and mix cocktails lor us beloro we go out." There haven't been any more late sloiy cunferriifM in thai funillj • • • ris Not Knouih Spilns; Is here all rlghlr-nnit we don't need any robins to tell us. Tlw Hollywowl !ll«h School girls, again are be«lnnlni{ to kit uround ! PAGE ., IN WARNING onnr.n No. 2948 THE CIRCUIT COURT OF MlSSrsSIPI'I COUNTY CHICKASAWBA DISTRICT. To Bmilhwcsl jonii stock ],;,n and nil other iwrsons havin nny claim or Interest In and lo tl lolloftlug draerllxid land sltnaleu I Mf.';;!«l|>|)| sillily, Arkansas, name ly; . . • - -;,-} Soiilh halt Section 13, WfslJi.rfV Section •», south Eusl,<QiiarW?> Section 23. Township 10 North,- Itnntre la ' are hereby warned to appear in this court wllliln thirty duys and file. rxcrnllom to Die a mud which JM.<J Mi lii been nifd In (his olflct> by (he nnd dr.ilnriRi! appraisers of coimly for Hie ii|)j>ro|ijlallon of ihe portion of the hereinbefore -'•«. scribed hind, [or ttw coiLstrtKt)o>i OF liilcnilt-rl ranstrudlon nf n luwi dllcli, canal, or drain, as may ]», over and across the simi Witness my hand and seal as cifr^ new is o|>c-n~wlth pretlle.'.l extra as clmrus. How (D Mold Vnur Husband One nctress In • Hollywood who Read Courier News Want Ads. has been married only a few inon ths decided to teach her author the school yard with lent* show- Ing well above the knees. In hop; that some passing dlreclor might notice them. Thai's a sure sign. But il lukes more than legs to SCI one |» pictures these days. • • • Nomi»'R Knofk-Kntrt Did you know that Norma Shearer got her first chance In pictures because- fihe was a diver— and knock-kneed? She eanio down from Canada to enter a diving contest back. east. And she wn; so knock-kneed thai ihe crowd laughed the first time she walked oui. on Ihe springboard. Norma look advantngB nf this find put on her act for each successive dive, uppenrinf; more nwk- uard than necessary—tinlil jho lelt Iho springboard. Then she was Hie Inst word In eracc. A Him producer happened to be niesent, was attracted by her shuw- Lost, Strayed or Stolen A large (lock of Christian sheep. When last seen they wore bi-ow«iMK nloni? tlic rond of indifference', that opuiW to Die highway of neglect. Anyone finding sheep, please'drive them into the Uevival now KOihjr on at the Assembly of Go<l Chnrcli on I.illy St., cnch cveiiiiiR ,nt sevcn-lliirly. Moticlny Nifht Subject: 1 (A !,ost Soul) 1'ncsday ; NiKlit Subject: (Hcll'n Hurber Shop). WedneAdny Nijfht Subject: (What If mi Infidel). Thui-Kdny Night Subject: (Tongues). Friday Night Subject: ~ (!H Tlicrc a Literal Burn- itifr Hell)'. , (Tliu Unpardonable Sin); (Why Did God Turn Away from Israel).'.' (Scriptural Biff Box Ser-' nion). TIIK HJBIJC IS INVITKI), AM, SEATS FREK Saturday Night Subject: Sniiilny Morning Snlijeet: SuiMliiy NEXT SUNDAY IS EASTER \ Of course we all want to look our best. Let us clean yonr spring eoat, dress and liat. You will be ])leascd with their beauty and freshness. There is" real erou- omy in our cleaning service. Liidies Plain Dresses and ('oats 75c We Also Do Rclining, Repairing and Alterations Phone 180 Enough VELVET for. SO cigarettes . . . 15c Oc recommunda par- ticulivrement par ta fnesfc ct sa purete. made for rolling Lhe minute it hits the paper ... you'll see how close it lays ... how easy it is to roll. And you'll like the flavor and aroma. Velvet is made for cigarettes ... made to roll right and taste right

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