The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 21, 1932 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, March 21, 1932
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Served by the United Press BLYT THC DOMINANT NKW8PAPHI OP NORTHEAST ARKANSAS AND SOUTHEAST MISSOURI VOL. xxiv—NO. ;i BlythevUle Dally N.'ws, BlythevJIle HeroW, _Mlssjsilpiil Valley leader. Blythevllle Courier, H1.VT11KVH.I.K, AKKANSASIONDAV. MARCH >>\, : . :. ';":_.,' ,;.-._ -,' ./;; ,;•.. y,:'«:i'.. • DfMfl? ETTklfV/UU '"' ; ' , uvBUi IMllUn>i; \ , : .v./'n-' A^ : '^ : •;::'•:••':$£*, EXEMPT FOOD T CLOTHING FROM Darrow Lruvrs for "Honor" Trial Graf Zeppelin Flying ' Germany to Brazil Lost His Job When Hn Re- i fused (d Accept Clioap j Subslilutc Likius Says, j r.rrri.K HOCK, March 21. FR1EDRICHSHAFEN, Germany, .7TTi' Mure h 21. (UP)—Tho Gruf Zrp<]?- gjtn^^; i "n *'as en route to I\n-nrunb,ic3. p ;j Brazil, today on Us flrsl coinnin- — '|clal night of the 5]innn ami .MUH- —— \ iner season. ir^r: Commaiuk-r Hi ; »o Kckenei 1 .suld •' uie ship was chic al II p.m. Tiu-s- diiy. It tarrisd nine Gouniui pas- iJUBc-rs and 1(10 kilograms Df mall I POLlilCEIVE . —O::argivi Iliat Inferior materials Mere iisul on some highway projects were made lo the highway j • aiijlt commission by Roy D. Likius, il wa.s revealed In.'t night !)y. Judge W. J. Waggon;!-. chairman ot the cojnun'isioi). Ukins. Icrtnor materials and lest engibcer of the Mai? highway department, testified lo that effect before the commission several dnys ago In a closed hearing. Hot roller? bar metal was shipped to the job, Likius said, instead of the cold drawn wire wliich sp?ci- . ficntions in Ihc contiact caltal for. I Slit :i Tun Dim-rum-;: ' Forctd to lesign because lie would nol accept th: materials unb.,s specifications were changed, Mkijii said the <Ufference between the t\vo grades of inelal amounted, lo .'01112 S10 a ton. "The difference would have amounted lo an enormous sum," he saij. "if they had not been lorced lo change the practice of using interior materials." It was explained by I.lktns that e/ffct of the substitution of In; cheaper materials would bs Ip collect more from the federal bureau i Bound for Honolulu, Clarence tlian was justified nnd ject agreements, while . would be paying for materials of a higher type while actually rcceiv- ing lower i-raas mat?rials. Says Blafkwo:d th^ pro- rov - famous criminal lawyer, t t'ne state • sl ™wn aljove as he left Chicago to assist in HID defense of Mrs. G. B. Fortescttc and Lieutenant Thomas , Massie, allowed "honor slayers." ac- ;c(:sed ul murdering the attacker of He said Dv.-ight n. uiackwooa : M>S - Massl e in Honolulu. The" trial state highway commissioner, and1. was P^troncd until March 28 to al- Charlcs Clivisllan, hii;hway engi- ! low Da!T °'v to reach the island. , - neer, and officials of the steel company knew the cheap grace of materials, was being used. -\Wlien ho tcld them he would not-l apprpve-ef llie • materials unless specifications' were changed he Mid he was forced to resign. The auditt commission which has already brought out that some $142,000 had been ovorpnyed some construction companies, will continue its hearings Tuesday. The session probably will last, three days. Suits to recover alleged ovei payments arc being planned by Ally. CJen. Hal Norwood, it was said. F. W. Arndt, 67, Dies IIDPEN Prospect Is That Murder Indictments Against Negroes Will Be Quashed. OSCEOLA, Arif., March 21—Circuit court convened here this morning for the second week of the term it w ' . . ; mid began tbe hearing of cas?s in- 3t nome Hear Armorei | vowing defendants who nre in jail. . The grand Jury, which adjourned j *•"*- fiiai.u July, VMIIUU BUJUurilL'a Funeral services will be held this; ovcr las t Tuesday, will resume de- fterncon for P. W. Arnett, 67-ysar- [ ''Derations tomorrow and will ra- .1(1' farmer, who died al his :-.ome:°l wn Investigation Into, the strange near Armorei Saturday-. Death was i 1 '"' 1 " 1 of Jllke Kcn ' c »i young u-hitc ^^friK...^^ (^ ....^ _..;_ I sawmill employe of Joiner, whose attributed to pneumonia. The Rev. \V. J. LeRoy. pastor j: | —the Lake Street Methodist church t cov will officiate at the services at the ' ""' | bcd y, missing twelve days, I C0l'erj?fl frCTU f7.Tninl-^!IV Messages Taken From Carrier Pigeons May Be Lindbergh Case Clues. HOPEWE!,L, N. j., Mar. 21 (UP! -Col. nnd .Mrs. Charles A. Lindbergh waited today with the greatest fortitude for some sign from (lie persons holding their kidnaped son, while police' checked every avenue available for iracc of the boy. Police Investigation has entered the, fantastic stage. Dpnil carrier pigeons \vllh curiously worded not- attached (o them have been found and tbe notes sent to [Ml- Ice. Mysterious movements of persons in fhe Hopeivcll area the night of the kidnaping have been reported. Police admitte-1 little credence -could be put in many of the reports, but sold all were being 'checked carefully in hope ot rinding soma trace of the child. Find Carrier Piceon Notts .Col. Norman Schwartzkopf, superintendent of New Jersey state police, issued tho following statement lo the press today. Two notes carried by carrier pipeons have been reported to us. 'One, In code, upon being decoded by a local bootlegger, read approximately as follows: All lines unsafe. Kid in yncht 'making no ports. Well trained care. -Otitsh!<> United' States jurisdiction, Return bird. 'The bird was beaten down In a storm and found dead.-The informant did not see this .note' and had only ihe word of the viniden- tified bootlegger to go by.. ditional .information was available and the informant refused to Identify tise source of his information. Note Sltntd "Red" "Mr. Charles E. Stein of Lehish- town. Pa., and Arthur Vauglm brought to these headquarters a dead, -pieeon.. with a note folded and attached to the band on the pigeon's leg. "It read: Tulled of! the Job in fine order. Made a clean get away. No one even suspects me. Will meet you Monday as planned. Will iiavs the do'.igh with me. Yours, Red.' "The band is sucli as would nol thing to do with the- Lindbergh kid- three daughters, anc seven .sisters. brother anil Kroger Store at Hayli The case is one ol the strangsst on record and is complicated by the fact ihat- two defendants indictei as accomplices to the crime, which ! it now appears was never commuted at all, have entered pleas of DlLjr-JM-t al ""• havc em <e rcd Pleas of Koboed rnday night; 8»ilty in circuit court, stating, that they wrapped Kcnftn's dead bady id at these headquarters yesterday >rofes. c Jng lo have information concerning the case. In each instance he inlorinallo wa.s offered in con- ildence and these confidences wil! resp2cisd." in a quilt and threw it in> Campbell's l.iko aftw John Henry Jones, another negro had stabbed Kentou lo death. Officers noil- believe that Kcnton and Ihc negroes were' drunk the night of his disappearance, and that Kenton probably froze to death after being ejected from the negro gambling house where the trouble occurred. They believe the negroes thought Ihat they had killed Kenton, and therefore hid his body Sccnnrl Parlif inanf in • ., The grand Jllry wi " reca11 "'-e In- 3CCOna Participant in • dictmcnts and just what further Ohio Kidnaping Sentenced j f roc ^»re Is open to them U a mal_* jter of conjecture. ' statute. HAYTI. Mo.-The Kroger store was robbed Friday evening by robbers who entered through the b:\ck door. Tile robtors took seven dollars nnd a half from the cash reg- . Iflc-r. and .some groceries are ihcughi to have been stobn. No sus- iwcts have been ane.sted. Other attempts were mad-: to enter the W-riz Bang store and the Gilbert store. WAHUEN. O, March 21. John De Mavco of Youngstown, al leged racketeer, was sentenced to from one to twenty years in prison on „ charge of harboring a' ^ T aV?d "aped boy In connection with the "bductlcn of James Dcjute, 12, of N'lics. O. A plea of guilty was entered for D ? Marco when the county prosecutor agreed to withdraw a second indictment, charcing the man with kidnaping for extortion and carry'"B a possible life sentence.. If.e ,. ...... ~*J •••Tvyivvo, Ulrtl provides a penalty tor concealing n dead body. That it will be Invoked in this jury. probable. E. A. i of the grand Leachviile Man Held for Assault to Kill Earoh Hooker of Leachviile has been lodged in the Famous Army Pilot Aids Lindbergh found wiih De Marco standing guard over the boy in fin abandoned house, was given a life term, nargraves was identified as one cf 'he actual kidnapers. James Dejulc Ustified De Nfarco • «as not one of the actual kldnap- »r* hut only „ e^rd ovcr him . of Hooker was taken Into custod«by Officer Dismukcs of Leschcllle and brought to the jail here'. Details. nrt ll £ ^/f ^"If 1 Hooltcr «»'«! Major Thomas G. Lanphlcr, atovc, net be obtained today. ,'famoiis army aviator and a close OF trait Wide Open Inquiry Into Slulc Government Is Apparent Purpose. i -. LITTLE UOCK, March 21.' (UPI —A iK'tillon asking thai legislators Htcdgc votes lo remain In session Her business included In the governor's . call Is completed'was re- ixirted - today to have been signed ay two thirds of ihe members of he II the extraordinary session Ls cx- .ended it will become the same as i regular one, and not limited in icope by the-governor's call. It was reported th?-Ill) will bs lifted on all departments of the state government. vt'int Bluckwflod Out It was said 'another bill asking •eoritanl/atkm of the highway de- •mtjiieni nnd removal of D-.vlgiil il Blackwood as commissioner will be introdiiced. A similar bill was UKlit tip when the session opened but wa.s ruled out of order as not wllhiii tlic limits of the jjovcrnor's Legislators returned here today 'nil of fight after spending a weekend at tlwir homes talking over with Mow townsmen events ot the past iveck of the special session. A prediction has been made that this being an election year, every •epresemative and,senator will be leard at length on all questions *rhis week. And, a.; one onlooker lit (lie Friday session said, "all are up for reelection, and as this is their lust niiblic appearance—they wilt make he most of It." "The more hell they can rais^ and get their names In the papers :or doing It, the better the folks back home will think they are. fJiey'li vote for them too—if they :»!]' 'make enough racket about :ilslumy and such." •• •' The present second extraordinary iession. o! the forty-eighth general assembly, or as one representative termed it, "our quarterly meeting," s furnishing a lot of election ma- .erial. 16,595,780 Bales Total Cotton Crop, Is Report WASHINGTON, Mai'. '.!! ,UI')~ 'Jl:r cotton sllUllilB report itmif\ today by Iho U. a. census Ijtn-Kiii •tl'.VU'd Ilia cu'.lui), CUIlllllili; fiMIIld « lull bales. Binned mid in |, : . l-.uiiH'd licni the 1031 crop umoiuil- •ii tii in.5n5.1B) running talM (oiii- imrd wlih . 13,155.513 ulnm-il Irani Ilk 1 I1WO dup Klld M,!i-l7,VJl br.lcs I.M Ilir 1U29 cup. Japan Will Withdraw All I'orces Pending Perman- cnl Pact. SHANGHAI. Mm. 11, (UP) — fJlilna uixl Japan ,rcached a teui- lirrary linen In their ronllia ovcr Cf.iurnl of Shanghai today when both sides ngrccil til rcTi'r dflailb ot a |«ace pact lo a John cum- nis.sion. Japanese counsellors pavrd live way to an imdcrsliiiKllnK by nc- rpditiR to Chines:; demands thai ill Ihe Mil-.ndo's troops withdraw, leaving Chinese defensive foicrs in :liclr present poslllons outside the Ttie (nice was reached with 1111- rapcctcd suddenness, Meanwhile J?',(ini'so had already begun wilh- Irawal of military nnd naval fcrces. The joint committee will have neutral members \vill be drawn up at onrc to work out live |iruc e program. It wns expected [he group would Include four Chinese, tour Japanese, and four :iculrals. Japan A?ts Srpuril}- GENEVA. Mir. 21 (UP)—Japanese proposals 'fr;r security iir- t'cnients In (lie far enst iigultist Qliina and Russlii rlvnllng Fiance's •Jcmonds for "security In Europe hare been prepared for siibmL'Jsfnn o the world arms conference, the United Press ivas Informed today. The Japanese military experts met last night- and drafted the proposals for submission April 4. Ohio Guard Officer* Stoned by Mine Strikers . ATHENS, O., March 21. (UP) — An automobile containing tour Ohio national guard officers was stoned. oday by strikers when officers at:empted to reach Millfield mine No i of Sunday Creek Coal company to relieve guardsmen on duty all night. If.. Col. L. E. Wolford. Cleveand, reported the stoning. The windshield and headlights of he officers' car were broken. They were forced lo turn back to their hadquarters at Nelsonvllle. Nineteen national guard observers ure In the area following disorders Saturday night am! a mass meeting Sunday attended by about 4.000 of the 7.000 sinking coal miners. Governor White announced ;tate hoops would be held in readiness. J. W. Shouse Takes Over Lockl Frigidaire Agency J. W. Shouse, who has taken Her the Frigidaire electric refrigerator agency here, has openeti JD office on North Broadway across rcm the Farmers Bank. The location will be ussd for both sales and service departments, with Fred Fo»-!er in charge •f the former nnd Raymond. Don-ling in charge of service. The office will be operated under th: -eifonal management, of Mr. Shonse, who Is well known In Mississippi county, having resided here since ISOS. During his resl- 'dence here Mr. Shouse has al vaiious tir.ies been engaged In the automobile business. Van Buren Child Dies in Tab of Hot Water VAN BUREN, Atk, March 21. • UP)—Burns suffered when she fell Into a tub of boiling water were blamed tcday for the death of 16- months-old Daisy Lee Mary Rolllh. The child's mother had been using the water to scald a chicken. Crittenden Ballots Tied Up hideiinitely MEMPHIS. March 21. (UP) — Jrlltcnden .county's school vole bal- ot boxes remained In Ihe first National bank here today in spite ol efforts of Sliciiff Howard Curiln o obtain them for an official fount. Curiln charges fraud In (he election In certain preclnclts wiicre men of the Judge Ailhur Oliver political faction were victorious. * Possibility the ballots will remain n the bank until June loomed with :he filing of a writ of Interpleader by Earl Williams of tli3 First National bank which tics up the ballots until settled by chancery court. However, an oral order given by anyone of the defendants can bring the case up at any time within 0110 day's notice. Fish "Hot Dog' Planned BOSTON. Ites.. (UP) — And now. the sen-sToiug "hot do;;." Officials at the Boston Fish Pier say that th? American market "0311 will feature a fish frnnk- .'urter, msdt of pollock- and ciisk, ir cf hatWcck. cod and hake — piced ;u:d tiiickctl.. Wins $3000 in Novel Contest Two Perish in Wrecked Maimane STKUIJKNV1M.K. O,, Mar. 21 Lil 1 ) — Wrecked parts of n mall :uid pu>si!ii;ifv ah Imhsporl which li-li (.'(.Juiiiljtis, U., fi:i New York were mull nlciiis lht> Ohio vlver n,oar ::rc luilay. . 'I he Iiiwlaid; was .sighted by •:ur]iili;i ulniir.i dn lliuwn's 1s- Ji.d. iiorlli ,it hers. 11 wns liellcvi'tl (o Ixi Dip iilane' til pilot llnl George and his ac passenger, Mrs. enrol Cole, en nil;; from at. Loul:i lo New York. iMIoW.ul til::, icnrchliuj crafl said '. 'VIM .apparent boill Ibp pilot' .nd. J|Irs. C.ile wort; dead: ..Miill'bags of th(! nhnc In water ricol containers wore Ural dlscov- .rcd ubonl llircu miles north of ICIC. Victor Mcljaglcn, shown In top picture, is being sued for 190,000 per- wnui daiAagcs by ills brother, Leo- potil McLiiglcn, as a result of 0112 of Victor's emphatic . remarks. "There's room' for only one McLag- len In the United Blatss and that's me," Victor Is alleged to have .said. He Is charged with snylnu that I/jo- Iiold, a cliamplon ullihte; wns "no Bood." Federal Aid Asked After Soldier Escort Fights Off Outlaws/ MEXICO CITY, Mnrch 21. (UP) —An appeal for federal nld lo rtiicil an armed uprising of fanatics in the state of Qtieretnro, where soldiers foiiKlit n pitched battle with bandits who wrecked and d jinssctiBCr (r,ilu with Americans aboard, was reported today In newspaper dispatches received here. The train was one ot the fastest operated by Ihe national railways. It connects with the Sunshine Special of the Missouri Pacific at Laredo, on the American border. Tlic "military escort aboard the train repulsed Ihc bandits after 30 mlnnlcs fighting. No foreign passengers were killed. An express messenger aboard the train wa.s killed «hen Ihe locomotive, two express cars. CMC- second class and one first class passenger coach were ovcrlurncd where the biuidiis had torn »[) part of the track. . He will be given a hearing before Ldge Ivy W. Crawford in. municipal court. friei'.d of Colonel Charles A. Lindbergh, has teen assisting In the search for the kidnaped child. Negro Suicides After KUlrag Negro Woman LITTLE ROCK, March 21. (UP) —Emory Brltton, Mgro. took his own life after shooting and killins Ardella Nash, nfj;ro. last. nlKht, Fireman Drives Over Curb to Avoid Crash Allen Thompson, .1 city fireman, driving a Chrysli-r roadster, failed to make .1 lurn from Main street Into Ninth slrm while responding lo nil alarm Sunday morning- and his machine skidded over Ihc curb and Into the yard of a corner residence. Thompson auci anotiicr man riding with him escaped unharmed but the car was damaged. The fireman f.M some motorist j racing to Ihe ftre was responsible for the wreck, lit said the molorlst cut the corner in front of him, forcing him to swing his car. over • 'he curb or hit the other .into. He I went over, the curb. • John TJiouas (.Vn.lrlcli, above, has been au-ardcil first prize ot $3000 l>y a tuV.i/iini in a novel contest. Itln iio\o! will lie published soon. Hcf-iliicli, who now lives In CMc.iso, w,\i ic.ireil cud edu in ,v- nc n ? vin c , TCIIII., lils tBti-ills ttlll live. Youth Has Confessed Adams Grocery Robbery Police Chief A. D. Owyn sMd today that Owen McKay. 18-year-old youth, had confessed to the recent robbery of Adams grocery store on North Franklin street, According to rcpcrls the youth admitted the robbery utter a number of nrllclM stolen frcm the store had been found in his possession. The boy denied any connection with on ejrltor roitery of the same store, officers stated. Catches Rccuid Bass HOT SPRINGS. March 21. (UP) —A 7 1-2 pound bass was cai:ght-in Lake Hamilton by John Woodcock. It is believed to be the largest over taken from the hke. [NTRIM IN CITY •ELECTf CLOSE I'oduy Is Last Opportunity to File for Municipal Offices. IN EFFORT; TO Gi;iti alc of Measure- Still mains DoaKtfui; long. Enters Fight. : WASHINGTON, Mar 21 (IUM-.-...- Tlie' ways tiiv.1 means'cum"-~'y& mlllce loday approved u-',i n( amendments lo t'ho sales tax deV-';T ; tinned 'to ratoro peace!, lo;-,tile •;;•& house mid -ssciiri! qujck jwssa'Be-pf;,";"^ the measure. . '. • -j ' . : ..~. -,.-j;^j The nincnrlincrils' exempted -attpi louds, ' wcni Ing " iiprkrol,' nu>dlcJifc; ; .>V nnd fiirm • implements' from Vll»6,-'fi With the ballot lists for the April nmilclpal election scheduled to close today, U candldaics ore seeking six ofllces with four contests provided The election will vw h;ld April 6. Interest In Ihe election centers In the first campaign for the recently created office of municipal Judge. race. They are aeorsa W. Durham. Ivy \v. Crawford ami 0. A. Cunningham. Crawford is the present hu.ilcr of the office, - haying teen nppolntai by tlrt council to flll oiit the unexplted terrn of'tlw.fnte W. p. OraveUe.-. • ; -.':. ;. The city .clerk's offlcf.'jha^ betn tlic objict of the rccora^nuintteV of candidates for ai» oiie.ojftce.ilUhe sleetlon: -FUim-nlAv'initcs&e^ Mi" the offlce but the rac«< has narrowed down to thrce-'contcstonti with the .withdrawal •' O f Herman Crosa. The remaining candidates are S. C. Craig, running for re-elec- tlpn,'and Joe W. Alexander nnd Oscar Alexander. Despite'Ihti slnil-- larlty of their names Ihc last m-o candidates tire not related. Mr. Cross gave no reason for his withdrawal but asked the Courier Ness to inform his friends that lie 11 sruteful for supjxirl 'already shown. Two nldrrnion, one fi-oin the Jlfsl and one from the second ward, seeking re-election, have opposition, while E. R. Jackson, third ward al- ierman, will go to the post alone unless an eleventh hour candidate announces. L. a. "Pete" Thompson, who occupies one of the twn first ward seats on the city council. Is asking re-election. Opposing Thompson U G. H. Orcar, grocerymdn. John Honey, appointed by the council lost fall to IlHoiit the 1111- cxulrcd term of Or. II. s. Davis asks election this time by direct vote of the residents of tlic second ward. His opponent is S. H, E,m- buin. Sam Manatt, young law partner of Mayor Ncill Reed, will bo witn- ouL opposition unless another candidate. nies ahead'of the deadline late loday. Manntt was appointed city attorney by the council to fill the vacancy created when Ivy W. Crawford was elevated from that post lo Hie municipal court bench. Woman Fined $50 for Possession of Liquor Nora Rlnucit, Pride addition rat- cent, was' fined $50 by Judge ivy W. Crawford In municipal' 1 court this morning on a charge of illegal possession of liquor. Tho woman was arrested by Arcr- Lindsay, deputy sheriff, who conducted a raid on her place. Garland skelton of Promisee 1 Land was fine*.a to!al of S20 on charges ot public drunkenness and disturbing the peace. He was arrested by officers out of Die efUcc of Constable Harry Taylor. Jalkr Wanw "Tin Hat" DULUTH. Minn.. (UP) - Jailer Louie Johnson, at the city's oldest Jail, asked authorities lo furnish ~""h a alecl helmet. Ho es- that he.didn't need the " to guard against stray . but to protect his ;heart from larsc squares of falling plss- lor, which drops at unexpected times. l.w.'ilble Adoption'of the retmtihiler f.;?f of the sales Uix provision- of tli6 ?'£•; new rtiVttiniL' bill," • But insnrb'ojitSi.^.c ii. a victorious mood, are, claim-"-*-;i HI! the sales liix Is oeateil ?tib'j; : . : .fc nivtler how many exemptions- are -ii 1 .: olterrd. ' • , : , --'•'• -.^;'-''"' l.nCieirdb Hmtlts -''''. Heprcsentatlvo Florello 'H; La- Juardla, nqiulillcKn from' Ne'w.'..j York City, lwiicil ; a" -bristling .'. at-,,=' : ; tack -ujxiii leaders for' InferritfgvJ,: hut Ihe sales 'tax opponents .wre''.',''i: ircp.resslni; toward comniunlsni 'lii-.'^ the thre e amendments .they. Hayc';-- .-;-. enacted which''would-boost thc-ln-."" :cmu tax on tlie wealth to- w'ar-' time heights. : : .'•' -• .-•'.'.'•' war," said Luauardlai. --,- Would-TrW Rlcli•-.'• --: WASHINOTON, Mtvr.-' a'l. (UPJ-^-iV:- Stnatcr Hiicy Lons,> • .pe'iiiQcicit- .v. .. ,- can led (he'i hoifee.-taivAV rebellion, to the senate,fl6or:;todjiyi". ; J He made' an Impassioned i)Jen' ! for'' -': taxation ..''even to UIB'exJeiVi-'of p' th If neBessary to balance the toirfl,-, •fd wllhoul loading the burden on those" least nbte to bear It;-.-..."• ' : X " Long told the scna'fc '.'(he Rdcke-'- lelli.'rs nn'tj j. r. Morgans-. Voiild- k'cp salcr.tonlsht If they had lesn money." -. . - •' •; '"•'.-' Britiish Ask Brazil Rescue Party to RIO DE 'JANEIRO,' Marcli . 21.;.' tUPJ—Departure of i\ resctie .~p^Vt.y • Into Brazilian jungles to ieek. : rjol.' P. H. Fawcett. British explorcr'niiss- !ng for seven years, was delays loday at tho British embassy's're- Qucst. . ../,;: Stcphan Ratlin. Swiss Inmler wh'o believes he san-' Colonel Pa'wcett-^ held captive by Indians at "oh-'ln/.--/: land Jnngb village, had Intended' •'* to begin (lie trek tcday. -'---V'-'l British officials nsked lilm to va(l''~{ iinlll thsy received.a communlca- ~-'-\ lion from llwir government r-jeard-"'''? ing the search. ' - • - . •-;, : Cotton House of Gin :.',;// at Cooler Destroyed. COOTEft. Mo— The cotion house, of the Planters sin company, coh-~¥ lalnhig n larte amount of seed "< cotton, was destroyed by fire of"'•• unknown origin about 10 ' o'clock '"" this mornlnsf. A definite check-up on lh e damage .could-not"-be made but. the total loss was estl--:! mated to be several thousand dol- .ars. Scores of men. with improvised equipment, aided by' favorable • winds lousht the flames and' pre- .' vented spread of tlie fire to the 2l» proper. . . • . . I.indy's PUoc Crate a Collate HOPKINTON. New Hampshire, H)P>—"The Lone Eriglc, 1 ' n small coltaje owiic.-) by Admiral Guy H. Burrajc, wcs built-in large from he crates in which Colonel Char- .les A. Lindbergh's New York- to- Paris plane "Spirit of St. Louis'.'., * s shipped back to America. '.''. WEATHER ARKANSAS—Fair In west portion and rain In east, becoming much' colder tonight. Frosting in extreme northwest. Tuesday fair, colder in cast, and south. Strong shifting- Minds this afternoon. According to the official weather their bath n,, , , " r » - « v '? y ° ar ago lhe -•"«""«« tcmptrature ket >« 3s 52 desreu and the minimum cloudy wlth M lnclws ot

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