Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on December 25, 1897 · Page 20
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 20

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Saturday, December 25, 1897
Page 20
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ttAILYPIIABOS SATURDAY, DEC. 25, 1897. (IMJ. ». LOfTIHAIH. JOHX W. BABKIB. BDItORB AND PBOPRtKTOHg. TKRMB OF SUBSCRIPTION — Dally per week, 10cents; per month 40 cent*: per year and the Saturday Phmrot, the tiro forming the 9eroi-Weokly •dltlou. HJ* a year, strictly »n advance. Xntered at the Lopuigport. Ind.,po«tofflce at teoooO claw mall matter, as provided by law. •ElOCrUTU 1 DISTRICT CONVENTION Tttbc Democrat* of the Eleventh Congressional JDUirlOt: Pursuant to ibe order of the Democratic state central committee, the delegates to the district convention •re called to meet in the city of Peru on Tuesday, January lltb, 1898, at 10 o'c'ock a. m., for the purpose of •electing one member of the Democratic state central committee for ••Id district for the ensuing two years. The basis of representation ID said convention, as fixed by said committee, will be one delegate for each 200 votes or fraction of 100 or •ter cast for the head of the Bryan electoral ticket. A general Invitation is extended to the Democrats of the district to attend this convention. The delegatas to said convention will be selected In each county on or before January 8th, 1898, i by county •r township meetings, according to local custom and upon the call of the •batmen of the several counties. S. E. COOK, Chairman Congressional Com. Huntlngton, Ind., Dec.]8,1897. BOMB say that ever 'gainst the season comes Wherein our Savior's birth Is celebrated The bird of dawning aingeth all night long; And then, they say, no spirit dares stir abroad; The nights are wholesome; then no planets strike, Ho fairy takes, no witch hath power to charm, So ballow'd and so gracious is the time . — Shakespeare. A "Merry Christmas." __ PKACE on earth; good will to men. CHILDKBN are the most promising ihlngs HI existence, and this is their ____ THAT man Lelter will surely feel lighter when he unloads that pile of wheat. IT looks as though the profits of the trusts this year might fill a barn Bore readily than a stocking. TUB great Coliesum building in which the Democratic National Con- -rentlon was held last year was totally destroyed by fire last night. CHRISTMAS day 1897 will be remembered as a day that Inspired •heerfulness. The eun shown brightly and the winter air was Invigorating. scriptural command. Originally the gospel of Christ was preached without money and without price. THE 11,000 operators lu the New Xogland cotton mills threaten to •trlke when their wages are reduced. But this may be what the big manufacturers want them to do. SECRETARY GAGE'S Christmas gift —a currency scheme—Is not very acceptable to a number of Senators who supported McKinley, but It pleases the gold conspirators. A KANSAS man has invented a device to prevent snoring. This will be cheering Christmas news to many a good wife whose sleep is continually broken by the snores of a tired husband. ._ IT was the intention of President McKinley to pardon T. P. Haughey, the Indianapolis bank wrecker, today but for some reason the pardon did not come. McKinley has already pardoned fourteen bank wreckers. WAGE reductions still go on. The northern Pacific railroad company will, on Jan. 1st, reduce the pay of al! car repairers fiom »1.SO to 11.65 per day, and the Lowell Cotton mills will reduce the wages of 15,000 men 10 per cent on January 15th. THK liabilities of the National bank which failed In PoiUdelphl* on Thursday will exceed 13,000,000, There will ba a fat job for a receiver. Mr. Singerly, the president ot the bank, supported McKinley with a »lew of preserving the national honor. The failure was due to a heavy depreciation In the value of securities held by the bank. RKV. JAMES M, FARRAJB, of New York, has resigned the pastorate of a fashionable church with its salary ot 16,000 per year to preach to the poor without pay. He says he tan live comfortably on a salary of «5«0 nerve"- "! haTe ^K® 4 Ior ttoe day " says be, in justification of bis course, "when I can stand in the pulpit, pmob «»e K°«P« l Ind rcfni * to uke a cent from my congregation." He Is, DO doubt, following the .shall Ulstorj Repeat Itself. A student of history recalls the fact that when Egypt lost her place among the nations of the earth, three per cenD of the population owned ninety-seven per cent of all her wealth. When Babylon sunk, two per cent of her population owned all her wealth. When Persia bowed her head, one per cent owned ail her land. When the sun of dark despair settled ovar R >ma, 1.800 msa owned all the then known world, and today 900 men own oue-half of all England. We are rapidly following the footsteps of those who have preceded us. In 1850 tbe capitalists owned thirty-seven and one-half per cent of tbe entire wealth of tbe nation. In 1870 they owned sixty-three per cent, thus having almost doubled In the short space of twenty years, and today less than ten per cent own over eighty per cent, of tbe wealth of the nation. Thirty thousand men own over one-half the wealth of a population of seventy-two millions of people. In tbe earlier history of the world, trusts were unknown and leading financiers did not conspire to enhance the value of their holdings by legislation. Force and usurpation were the methods then employed. Combinations of capitalists are rapidly concentrating the wealth of this country. Trusts are robbing tbe people. The gold conspirators seek Do rob the debtor class of what little they have left. YEAR IS CLOSING ENCOURAGINGLY. Situation In Trade Kfjualu and in Many Cases Surpasses Expectations. New York, Dee. 25.—Bradstreet'ssays: Quietness in wholesale lines but pronounced and notable activity in retail trade have been the salient features in this week's trade situation. Price changes, which are numerous, are largely in an upward direction, and the year draws to a close with results as a whole fully equalling- and in many instances surpassing early expectations. Perhaps the most notable feature has been the unanimity with which the trade reports from all parts of the country, with some few exceptions, point to a very heavy holiday trade, in nearly all cases comparing favorably with recent preceding years. In the northwest colder weather has Improved the demand for seasonable goods, and this combinedwiththe usual holiday business has resulted in a good total trade. Proof that the unsettled condition of the wheat situation affects the export business in that cereal is furnished by the figures of shipments this week from both coasts of the United States and Canada, The total exports reported to Bradftreet aggregate (flour as wheat) -1.757,353 bushels, as against 4,fi04,000 bushels last week and G.l'GG.OCO bushels t\vo weeks a^o. Commercial failures in the United States remain about normal. The total for this week amounts to 280. compared with 283 in the previous week. There are 20 business failures reported in the Dominion this week, against 43 last wec-k. ORDErToF EXTENSION ISSUED. By Which the Railways Get Two Years for Mifcty Appliance Kquipment Washington, Dec, 25.—The interstate commerce commission has issued a circular to the railroads promulgating the order extending for two years the time within which the railroads shall equip their cars and engines with automatic couplers and brakes aa required by the act of March 2, 1S9". The commission in its order reviews the testimony given at the hearing accorded the railroad and labor representatives. The arguments advanced are not discussed. The commission, however, says: "Some misunderstanding and confusion appear to have arisen in respect of the question as to what carriers are subject to the provisions of this act. Some appear to understand that their amenability to this law is dependent upon their being subject to the act to regulate commerce. It will be seen by reference to the first section of the act in regard to safety appliances that it applies to 'any common carrier engaged in interstate commerce by railroads.' Mount's llooiii for tho To£H- Indianapolis. Dec. 23. — Lieutenant Governor Haggard has made the announcement that he is for Governor Mount for senator. He stated his position after he had been informed, he says, by the Republican politicians in his own congro.-sional district that unless he supported J. Frank Hanley for the place ho would have to retire from politics. Governor Mount said that his friends must not consider him a candidate. The senatorial situation will b? the chief topic at the state conference of Republicans next Tuesday. Ga* 15<>lt Klet-sric Railway. Anderson. Tnfl.. Dec. 25.—The new gas belt electric railway, which, when completed, will connect all Indiana ga5 towns, was opened as far as Alexandria yesterday. The through cars were not put on. but people were permitted to ride on construction trains and trailers wereproviedfor tht?ir comfort. The line is now practically completed to Alexandria city limits. It will be formally opened and the new through equipment run about Jan. 15. Short Story Is Soon Told. Springfield. Ills. Dec. 25.—There was just one senator in the chamber at meeting time of the legislature yesterday—Littler. He called himself to order and declared the senate adjourned to Jan. 4. 1S9S. Xine members of the house met and did likewise. Meat for Vladivostok. Sydney, K. S. W., Dec. 25.—The Russian government has entered into communication with the government of New South Wales -with the object ol procurlnf shipments of meat to Yladi- YMtOk. ... A BOY SPY MYSTERY. M'CLELLAN'S WARNING OF JACKSON'S FLANK MARCH TO RICHMOND. A. Mere Boy, Welt Posted Abont J&ck- «on'» Forctn, Sti-agclcd In t° <;ne Federal Line* Just a I>»y Ahead of Jaclmon'n Story of Adventure. JCopyrisht. 1SPT. by American Pn-ss Association. Book rights reserved.] AR histories, official and otherwise, have failed to explain rho fact that when Leo and Srone- w a 1 1 Jackson united their columns north of Richmond to overwhelm tho Army of tho P<> t o m a c they found the enemy over y \v h o r e nlcrt. Stonewall Jackson wa.s a man of mystery, and it was planned to surprise MuClcllnu's outposts and destroy his right wine; at a blow. In the minds of Lee and Jackson McClellau was resting secure Shut McDowell's ariny'at Fredericksburg wa.s nearest: in touch with his and ready to march to his aid ; that Jackson was still in the Shenandoah valley and Richmond a prize to fall under the attacks which he began to make on June 25, On the 20th Lee attacked the Federal right wing tinder Fitz John Porter at Mechanicsville, and the next day with Jackson renewed the attack at Gaiues Mill, losing in tho two battles over 10,000 men. In place oi ! giving the enemy a fatal surprise, as Jacksou had done in his valley campaign, both Lee and Jackson met with terrible repulse. McClellan's army was still in position and able to hold its own during the week of battles which ended in another terrible repulse of the Confederates at Malveru Hill on July 1. Generals MoClellan and Porter state briefly in their narratives of the campaign that -warning came on the night of June 24 through a Confederate deserter that Jackson's army was moving to attack Porter's right flank and was already in the vicinity. Porter at once prepared a warm welcome for the hero of the valley. He fought on the 2Gth and 27th against odds of two to one and so effectually paralyzed the columns of Lee. and Jackson that they did not strike another blow in three days. Becently the compilers of the official war records have unearthed a document which reveals the source of Porter's warning. It came through a boy who doubtless entered the Federal lines from Jackson's camp as a spy, bnt made a worse than fool's errand of his delicate mission. The late General Farnsworth of Illinois was the first to see through the would be spy's real character. On the 24th o* June he sent him under guard to General Porter with the following note: GEXERAT,— I send you a young man who (:ie- cordinj; to his story) was in otir army and tnkeri prison at Winchester, csc:sned at Lynth- burR and made his way to Richmond ar.d from thcnco to tho lines of my pickets. He is cither spy, scout or deserter from the rebels. Eespcetfully, etc., J. P. FAKNSWOHTH, " Colonul Eighth Illinois Cavalry. General Porter found the boy's story very weak and that he knew more about Jackson's army than about the northern cities where he claimed to have resided. Acting upon the vague hint, he saved the army from another Chancellorsville disaster. Meanwhile the boy, who gave the naine of Charles Rian, was taken in hand by the secret service men and confined under the provost guard at headquarters. His story was written out by Pinkerton. It will appear in full in the supplementary volumes of records, Rian stated that he was 17 years old, born in Iowa, and during childhood resided in Albany and New Orleans. Later he lived in Baltimore, and, wben the war broke out, in New Orleans. He then went to Baltimore again and to Brooklyn. He returned to Baltimore and jo'ined the First Maryland Federal regiment in March, three months before his appearance at the picket lines before Richmond. He said that he was at Winchester and Front Royal in Mar and taken prisoner; escaped at Lynchburg through the aid of some young ladies. From Lyuchburg he went co Richand, hivW2 chaired bis Keder;J DON'T NEGLECT A Common Case of PHee. It May Lead to SerlonsSKesults. Wben people generally understand that all such fatal diseasesias fistula, ulcer of tbe rectum, fissure, etc., almost invariably begin in £a simple case of piles, tdey will learn the wisdom of taking prompt treatment for tbe.first appearance of E.troubles in tnis quarter. The Pyramid ^Pile Cure will certainly curei e-very fform of piles, itching, bleeding, protru*- ing or blind piles, acd hundreds of lives have been saved by using ttbis cneap, but effective remedy right at the siart, because at such a time a single package will effect a cure, while in the old chronic, deep-seated cases, several packages are sometimes necessary before a laating^cureas effected . Physicians are using the Pyramid Pile Cure in preference to surgical operations andt with uniform success. For sale by druggists everywhere at 5o cents and tl per package. Send for free book on cause and cure of piles. Address Pyramid Co., Marshall, Mich., formerly Albion, Mich. siiit for a nondescripli-oiie, mingled, with the soldiers. Having heard that Jackson's army •was at Gordoiisvillo, Bian said that ho rnado bis way there in order to see for him.self arirl get information for McClellan. However, ho lonnd that while Jackson was at Gordousville re-enforce- ments were going to him from Richmond. From Oordoiitivillo tho boy traveled on font 40 miluH to Ashlaud, off on Porter's right fluuk, and then set his face toward tho Federal pickcta. In order to got aid from the citizens ou the way he passed himself oil us u Confed- { eratc .scout. Ho wore a straw hat, citi- : zon's coat and trousers procured in Lyuchbnrg. Upon his person was fonnd, when tukcu, a printed sheet torn from a pamphlet, having written ou the margin thet-o words: STEI.TON—S«y to him Dr. Luiupkins is well In Richmond. llcClellan's detectives knew that Dr. Lnmpkius was a zealous Confederate who had lived between Mechanicsville and Asblaud until the Federal army reached the vicinity and then moved to Richmond. The boy said that the memorandum had been given him by ouo of the girls who aided his escape at Lynchburg. He was to have delivered it to a party iu Lyuchbnrg, but had not done so. Rian's account of getting into the Federal lines was very plausible. He said a farmer told him how the lines lay. and that he encountered a Confederate picket in a forest, who fired at him. He ran from the picket, and the picket started in an opposite direction. Eian passed the whole night wandering about, stumbling upon camps which he IDE BESTEEC1C BELT ON EARTH >™ ••-Ls GOOD A r;SK)X SOLDIER AS E7HR"—_ did not expect, to find and could not tell to which army they belonged. At last after daylight he saw some roaming cavalry dressed in blue and walked boldly up to them. They proved to be a scouting party of the Eighth Illinois. Rian puzzled the generals and detectives with whom he came in contact. He seemed to know the names of all of Jackson's commanders and the extent of their forces. However, he thought that Johnston commanded the Confederate army opposed to McClellan, and not Lee. He insisted that he had heard this discussed by thfe Confederates, and Johnston's name was used. His knowledge of local geography was marvelous for a northern boy, but he said that soon after joining the First Maryland regiment he was called upon to scout, and, takiug a liking to it, he had procured a map and studied the country. He had some knowledge of tactics, which he said was due to his glancing over books devoted to that subject. He claimed that it b;ul always been a habit to note down everything which impressed him and to frequently look over the notes and refresh his mind. Then he tore up the memoranda. But when cross examined as to his service in the northern army and his life in the north Rian's story was very weak. He said he thought the colonel of his regiment was named Kelly, but that he was not sure of it or that his company really belonged to the First Maryland, The company when in the field was constantly scouting and never drilled with the regiment. His brigade commander, he said, was a German whose name he could not remember, a safe guess for Federal commanders in the Shenandoah valley at that time. With a knowledge of the country and of military affairs far beyond his years Rian was look id upon as a remarkable boy, and but for the fact that upon his very heels Jackson came, and, with Lee, attacked in the very vicinity where Rian was picked up, his career would have long puzzled the army wiseacres. As it stood they classed him as a Confederate scouting about for information for his side -and prepared with a trumped up story to mislead tbe Federal generals if caught in the act: if not rhar. then a spy sent- into Porter's lines cm purpose to deceive. But this last wa.s a task for an older and a cleverer head than his. Upon the point of his life before entering the anr.y the boy's story was so weak as to lead to the belief that that portion had not been carefully rehearsed. His father's family, according to his account, had been reamers, never stopping long at any point. He .bad lived with relatives in various places, and while he claimed to have hosts of them north and south he couldn't name one, excepting the Brewsters, in St. Mary's parish, near Xrw Orleans. He had letters at home from .many relatives, bat their names had escaped him. Of two intimate young men acquaintances in Baltimore he could recall but one by name. When before General Porter, •who was well acquainted in Baltimore, he could not name a single street not prominent building. Unabashed at his want of knowledge, he adhered to his storv and said dramatically to his in- •gnisitors, "I am as good a Union soldier as erer shouldered a mtisket. : ' In spite of tbe vigorous protest the secret service chief placed him in close confinement as a spy to await further developments. When these caine in the shape of Jacison's columns marching down upon Porter's flaiok by FOR MEN AND WOMEN, DR. 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Wo only O:II|JII«M|IO« «'lio have TOt-i our BolU | olid can siwak of t!«cir mvrits frL'ir. jvr;''.MiJti .jrv^ritr.cc. r.UPEJlEXCESi-As to our r.'linl'ilny ivc i-rit-r lo £.ny EsprfbS Coi»l>al.y, any llnukill Cliimco, m:'. (Iwisal-y Ih-ra-.jn' 1 " n!l r.vorthr TiiiiM PtMcs »'lio I ed upon as a cfeserter from Jackson's army and as such passed uiiuanied into history. That would have made him out an irresponsible talebearer. But his custodians believed that he was more than that. From the moment of his arrest he was anxious to havo ;i persona] interview with General McClellan. Piukertou declared that the buy wa-s exceptionally shrewd aud well educator! and knew too much about aifairs iusitte the Confederacy for a Yankee prisoner who had been in the southern lines bnt cue month. Besides, the wenioranunr.; about Dr. Luinpkins was carefully concealed, plainly showing that it vrus not the innocent affair he wished it to appear to be. Eiau's fate was as mysterious as hi;advent. He was placed under .-inard upon suspicion of bcii:g a spy and in order to save his neck finally coufes>x'd rhar he was such. That is the last oi'Scia! record of him. Two days later rhu iirciv begau its march to Janu'S ,river. an<1 the boy disappeared from view. Tin- v.-:-v department records' files show u^th'-:, beyond Colonel Farnsworth's an.', iJ.- tective PinkiTton's reports; rhc hu.,! quarters mpers <if the army and ti:' military records of Marylann U'lthii?;-,' General Porter thinks that he i»:-.-.--\:<;by collusion with his guard while c:i the march to the .lames. GKO:'.C;E L. A Woauerful ISritls^. In the Forth bridge there is a horizontal pull of 10,000 tons nu the-chief spans and a weight of 100,000 tons on their bases. Half a dozen British ironclads might be hung upon them without causing an}' undue strain. When Scrubbing the Floor. 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Tbe most natural-looking artificial Teeth on new method PLATES, guaranteed to fitA * Theflncetano best method of CROWN ao4 BItlDuE Work. e (or extracting- without pain when new teeth are to be supplied. Dr. W. T Hurtt, Tk T7 M T T C T I 3111-2 Fourth St. LfC,Pl 1 lO 1 lover FiBber'8 Drutf Stor REMOVED Into the Block on Pearl street, formerly occupied by Hurry Tucker where you are iavited to call and see a flue line of Winter Woolens For Suitings and Over- coatings that cannot, be beat. W. D. Craig, BET Pearl St.Next to Dr. B(. ll's Office. Die « in • remedy tor Gouorrbo*. Gleet. 8p«rmi.K>rrhieu Whitot. onn»tur«l (Ui- charge*, or MIT infiMum- tion, irritotion or vlctn- tion of inuconf bt»ne.. JD bj fifnt*. prtjwid, * .00, or 3 ttottlM, It.TB. a thorougkly np-ttwiate periodical for women, nill enter npo« its tliirty-firsi vplume in iS<)5. During the year h will be ai heretofore A MIRROR OF FASHION Paris and New York \ Each issue will contain carefoilr pre_ , . ' pared dnwioRs of the idvancc faslnora Fashions j ot - Paris rod New York. Once a month A Colored Fashion ; thu BMAR w31 issue, free, * colored 0 ^i^anf ; fashion supplement. Cot piper pittenu Supplement . o£ txraia ^ ovus - m ^ A nurobel . ^^ ^ Cut Paper Patterns ; made a feature. These T,-ill be sold in 1 o- iifr.~t,i,, Onttcrn '• connection iKth eadi issue it » uniform A Bl-Weekly Pattern . prjct Thc BAZAR »jll also publish bi- Sheet \ tveeily, free, an outline pattiero sheet LONG SERIALS AND SHORT STORIES Twofimousamhorcwillcoiitiibnteloni;] WILD EELEH serial stories to the BAZAR in 1898. Thc | j> first deals wiih Scotch an<5 Condnental scenes, the second is a srory of » yrwng «ir! versatile, and typicaiiy Amerran. Mary E. Wilkins _ . -... „.» Octave Thaoet K. P. Spofford 1 nailing die paper etpeciillT rich in H. S. Briscoe j fiction. DEPARTMENTS AND SPECIAL ARTICLES OUR PARIS LETTER THE LONDON LETTKR Bj KATHAKME DE FOREST Sj Urr, POUL.TXXT EKELOtT CLUB WOMEN HUMOR .Bj- M.4KGARET ff. IVELCS Sj JOH.V K£NDK1CK JIA.VGS There will be » series of article* oo Etiqnitte, Moik, the Voice. Art, the Plaj-, Women and Men, Lender* mawoj W<m««, Gardening, Housekeeping, Life and Health, Indoor Drmk, ttt. I Oc. • C.py (Stn< lor Free PrtMMlM) »ik.. t« ' TM» fatafe/rff at tit UiOfd SUitt, C***t*, *n4 Mtxicf. Utnu NABPCR 1 MOTHEtt. P«fc»itfc*«, MM Ytrti CM| TVOluoi Slide . *• ^ •"- j These and » score of other prominent wnttrs

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