The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 19, 1932 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, March 19, 1932
Page 5
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SATURDAY, MARCH id, 1932 BLYT11EVTI.LE, (AKK.) COUHIER NEWS CLASSIFIED ADS Two cenu '» word for first Instrtloo tnd one rtnt a w«d (or ttoh lubtequent inaerttoo No idrertUcmeut ttken lor k»J iliui We. count the uordi tad send the cuh. Phone 306 . • FOR SALE KOB SALE—Baby chicks, all varieties. Custom hatching solicited. Marilyn Hatchery, Blytlievllle IBclI 1'OR RENT FOR HENT—200 acres Improved farm located *'= miles west of LuMira. Cash or crop rent. G. b. Waddell, Osccola, Ark. Hi'-KUl FOR RENT—Modem 5 room house, newly decorated. Corner Ash and Division. Cnll 335-W. 18C-ICW I'OH RENT— Furnished stucco residence. C rooms and batli. with garage. $25 per month. See Dr. Ssliba, Ingram building. 13cl;23 I-'Oli KENT— One of Shane Duplex apartments on West Ash street and one of Shone Apartments on V-Wcsl Main street. Telephones 101 K and 511. 101*29 WANTED WANTED—Bring your poultry lo B. T. Worthy's, 106 First Street. W« pay market prices. J E Fisher «ctl WANTED: Used truck. Terms, Must bo cheap. Address M, earn Courier News. ' 16pk21 REDS. BAHHED ROCKS, Orping- tons, Leghorns, HIO—S5.95; heavy assorted, S4.05; prepaid; live delivery. Central Farms, Jefferson City. Mo. 5-12-19 PERSONALS SPECIAL FOR SUNDAY Chicken Dinner, home cooked, home served, 35c. Hotel Peabody. over Post Office. Mrs. M. Frllzlus. proprietor. 18C-K21 KOR RENT—100 acres near Dell, four small houses. Write J. B. Westmoreland. Route 3. 19P-K33 FOR SALE—Pure Stoneiill? No. 1 planting'cotton seed. Saved before rains. S25 per ton. No other cotton ginned on onr gin except this cotton. J. H. Smart. Sr. FOR RENT—Furnished apartment, 108 West Kentucky, Phons' G83. 13P-K25 All Hair Cuts - 25c New Grand Trader Barber Shop Worth Second' Street • Women's and children's hair ' cutting a specially. Earl E. Parker R. S. Prevost INSURED BONDED I NTER f^ITY TRUCKING ^/ co DE1'ENDA»I,E DAILY SERVICE TO BLVTHEVII.LE FKOJI .llcmphis and Lidlc Kotk J. D. -McDowell Telephone Local Ajcnt No. 8J Dr. P. L. Tipton Physician & Surgeon Ingram Eldg. Telephones: Ollice - 25fi Hesidcnce - 27B Guaranfctd Pure Stnncvillc No. 1 PLANTING SEED $25 Per Ton] Tlds seed was grown on our 1 own plantation and ginned In our private gin with no possibility of mixture with interior seed. C. F. TUCKER on Promised Land Ruad, miles southeast of nij'thc- villc. NEW AND USED PARTS For All Autnmoliilcs • JACKSON AUTO I'AKTS 2020 W. Mam - - - I'hone «6 I.AIIIIV .rll.l ,T| Inn4, n ivnrkf » ild, fnlu in Invr Midi IIAIIIICIU'tlATi:,; nm >hr DifK« nl llrnim- dttm-r hull wEitTi* «bc ku>lr». l.nrrjr !• fn- C>'K<"' '•> l.'M/.llll.TII IKIU'l-.'S. Hrliulnnlc, ftul IIM)N nllrnllnriK 111 Kllen uriill [>!• Qanrrc rciucn* (rum Kurnitr. llclt«vlit|f l.nrrjr !• Inn in hrr, j:ili-» aicrt-f* in wurrjr 8'l'l-;\'i:,\ I. r,r >mr>. old nuil xvnltbr. nk. i kin. jintd bu> t ilinl r>|irn«c. rur hir brnthrr. »IIKI', iM^urvd In n ilrcr! tirrlik'HC. i:i]fu knim* nurh n Miiirrlucr wilt IITII* »litt' for her ttiiilhrr. .HO1.I.Y IUJS- SUf;n. nnd innhF It pionlliir lirr >li>lrr. I1VIIA, 10 mnrrr UHlll ' lincrliiy hn^ ttrt-tt Ninrrlrd «n4 dtvorrrd, Si-nnJal Hrvumitndlrd hU dTvnrrr frOM I.IJIA fiUAY- Sd.V. dnarrr. »«rt. ri'nrllti; Ihl. lullt may lie rrvlvr.l, tir nM<l Kllrit nurcr ro Urr|> lli.'lr marrlnpt • rrrfl unlit Ihry *.»ll fur rurupe. tlari-l:,y %mnlN I,, Mrlllt. • fnrfilNC mi i:ilrn l.ur hhtr |,rrHUfl(lrfi hErM ft* 1^:ilt until nfltr llif < eroniunl. liar, lay. l:u, ,fr. SVMT.S. IrfurJ. l-:ilrn UK n^c'r. In n <l.,ul,]r mnrrl.iprc In n Ki.tnll rrnnr,'ll,.,ii !„„„ ll.rrlny ;ii,,l i:ilcn r.uj Mjrn nnd Ariiiflrnil nrf Hinrilril. II:, .,•!„, ..,) 1,1. Tiri.lo Jrlv<- !„ Hi, !.,,,,„ l.l.inil hcune. Sh« rr;icl« I,, n nrni.pji|i<>r Ihnl len (aid lu a small voice. "4 servant?" ho demanded, •niazoil. "||Q can't Imriu you." Klltin was not to ho reassured, The deadly weight In lier heart Slio could not sliako :nn'i ojcs nclicd for tb* fanilllnri slglita. for tier own tQtiiblcd bedroom, for tlio miirblo-topiied bureau wllb tbo etiiln from Bpllled Jlcro In [bis hntefiil room ihr stood waltliiE for Ibcin to Eiiiug-. gle her awuy as though Btio wcro a criminal. Sbo know thai Symes pilled her and sho did nut want pity. Tlie doctors bad been sur lirlsed at lier prc-senco, luul vc- sarded lior, sbo felt, rclth contempt. Slio did not want Iliai. cltlicr. Wlien KcrRns caino tn to pack tbo newly Initialed li:igs llnit ahc-. would ne^er uso t;ilen wnnted lol cry onl tlint slio ivouM lenvo her clothes licre. Sbe wlsboil sec tbo preliy frock again. She wauled to explain lo Ilia illent, inporsotial eervaul why eho was I'cro—wliat bad happened. l!ui that Ebo ciiuld not do. Slio wns sworn to elleuce ami to deceit. Symea Imd wnrnod her lo say (or rlslit :unl ivrous ihnu yon'vi nPHEY drove In ellDiico through llio dreamlii); country eldo wliero IniBy linimcwlveii woro ordering llio day's Kiorork'd, children phycd ipiarrvlcd on II.IIV1-. I. fcr,,t Thin n IK 111 lo rilrn'K lin fntnl hrurl :i for lo . li ihr ! i-ulu nnd llnrcln; nil rtnj, irll> i:iln> u, r ninrrln^r H HOI lr»:nl iK-rnlinr p:i- IJi-r* pruvlntf Hnrclnr'H dlrnrre kn\r hei'N ndilcn.' flhe nnrrcpi In torfpll oil clnlni in thr Intlunc [11 •rjrr 10 nvnlil nfnnilnl. <IH|T rf'F.!ti:i!S, llic bullrr. kni ' kfr pri'Krnre Jn Ihr tiin nielli. 'lti-n i:i|rn Irnrn. l,:irrj llnrrtiM^.ilr In llnrrTnjr'H oc L iln.tT. NOW CD ON WITH TUB fiTUIIT CHAPTER XL ol* lier fcclliiK nt desolation nnd her rising doubts. I ... CIIH stared blludly at nolih I'-' bmiicil and dry. etnreil at th{ i cars I la') 1 piisscd. Hlio bad never fell such wrclchcdncas. such lono- linens ol 6i>!rit. To bo running; away iike n tlilet— "I'm Klad for yon," Symea rolco I penelr.iloil lier uilijery. "filnd yon derlilod an you dhl. It's llic best why nut of the rwctnblo affair.' Kllcii uvlsli'il a full) of her frock. "I don't knnw wlnil'n rlgln and whal'R wrong," sbo sahl, "II Focmu ivroni; to desert Stores, to hide miiK'thliii; he tliongbt. »a« "I've bad nioro years to i nothing. I low lOllon haled It nil I rci'Riia i;lanccil nt Her from tlmo lo lime as lio packed bcr chillies. It did nnt matter what ho was thinking, l-.'llen told liuii.clf. lieso- lutely sbe pulled on a little fell bat and lucked In tlic strands of brllllaiil linlr. • • • • IT did inatlor, of courso. She re(* niemliercd' again nnd wllh « lieail tbnt slie Imd glvon •' Mrl Clancy's tcleiilione iiiiniber to '? '"" Imd," Kyniea told her In u mnltor ol lad way. "And II KCCIIIR lo mo the rlsln Uilns la ibo klin tiling. Vuu're liclng kind. You're saving Sie\en'ii honor when bo can't tavo It lilinsclf. "llul yon don't understand,' Kllen persisted In a low voice "I'm mil ticlng iinfiolilsli — I'm no thinking really of Sloven. 1'n ttilnklni; of myself nnd my owl reimlallon. Tbat'a why 1 \vanloi f^LI.EN snt stunned run] rjulei 1 for n longtime after llio I wo ineo left bcr. l.arry Knrrou'fj.itc n'ns Steven's noplioxv! Over and over arjnln abc Iira.ycd that Larry should never know slio was slipping like a dismissed servant from tlio great bouse where only Insl night she harl licen mistress. Over and over sbe prayed be would never Icaru of her Bhamo and liumlllation. Larry—to think that It sboulil havo been l^irry! She Rtarert blindly out at green, shady lawns dappled with autumn minshlno and breathed air sweet witb llio tans ol fall and brush fires. Far away a lawo sprinkler was whirling and n mnn raked leaves, flcyond the tonnis conns there wns Hie sparkle ol blue water. The cars thai bad stood in Hie driveway wore yone. Tbero was lo thai geacofnl scene no hint of the tragedy that | had befallen Steven llnrclay. Ellen wnndered wby sbo could uot cry again and had only .tlio c.v hansted conviction Ibal she sliould be weeping for bim wbo bad loved her. "It's all over," sbo said balf aloud. "I'm going home." , Ah, to escape from this luxurious, biileous placo! Tbo thought of Molly, of Myra running into tbo familiar kitchen and chattering, of Mike looking up nl her BO coufnlently, was like a dream. El- Fergus. Mow she wished that she hndn't. nut nil this was foolish! How could such a tiny circnm- stajjro be Important? What was Fergus thinking "Mr. Syiucs Is waitliiK <or yon In tlio hnll. uilsK." be B:ild. ns be itrapped Ibo last heavy hag. Again tlnil strange, oblique glance. It hrid been "innitamc" tbe iiiKbt hefurc. Kllcn's cheeks hurtled. "I want to seo Sloven—Mr. narci.iy before I go," sbo said, tior throat dry. "I'm afraid, miss. Hint's Impossible." the butler told her amooth- ly. "Jle's been taken lo tbo bos ; Hal. It was thought best." Ellen followed him down t!.- stairs Into the dark, cool hall Syincs look her arm noil Kerens carried tlie hags lo llic car. The butler watched r.s the limousine rushed down Ibo winding driveway. . "I —1 wanted to see Eleven again." Kllcii tali] painfully ns tbey turned through llio Iron gates and out on tho road leading to Manhattan. "The arrangemeota were made hurriedly," Symes lold bcr. "I wauled 10 Bpuro you tbe details If 1 could.. And yen: can see liow much simpler It will make iljitigs to giro out the report that bo died in a hospital." "1 suppose so," Ellen said, swallowing tlie lump in lier throat. "Only now iliat everyllilng's ar- nivay, tlio real reason, wby It's wrong. !l'n nol too lalo to KO back! I'll make everyone bcllovo It was 1. not Steven, who was lo blnuie- 1 -" "We'll do nollilug of llic kind." the lawyer Interrupted llntly. "You've Mid you don't wnnt tho money which would bo Ibo only rciisun for such a move. It's rlglil fur you tu think of your ronuta- llou. Reputation la u very i>ro- clouu tlilu[;-tn every young Rlrl. Sloven wiinliln'i_ want you lo loss IE away to bcrni .e a martyr. Thut'a Ills flat, almost angry words braced Kllcii as no sympathy I could Have done, lie saw her trembling lips become steady. "Hnl 1 dldn'l lovo ijlcven as—• as lio loved mo." tlie j;lrl fumbled. "To go on feeling ibis banging over nic-feeling that 1 have, taken tlio easiest way out—fcol Ing—" : "U'Inl do you tlilnk Steven would want you to du7" Symes asked, turning to meet her eyes. "Steven would wnot mo to be happy. Uut bow can 1 bear—" ''Havo yon thought." ho dc manded abruptly, "tbat ihl.i might bo your part of llio bargain? To do as.ho would waul you lo even though it Is bard? Even thong!' you feel guilty and ashamed ant unworthy?" "Do yon really llilnl;" sbe asked. Tbero was dawning hope front l.i« m, and (|ORH run out to bark in i'"'5finR vehlfles. They and wnrchoniioa. Illen raw the henl lieada of work- lit un-al wjmlon'8. Tlio nlr rane sultry nnd oiipressh'o. I'ln'} 1 reached tlic imtnlilrls o! nl-nH;,]!. look liij: '.rimy «lld lui- lrnni:U':l In llio noon 6unMilin<. •lach (n^li laminiark. lirlni;liiK lier ni'.ircr home, w;ia c.ralefnl lo Ulleu's eyes. rino street ill lasl. Blialiby nnd (Illi'd with children skylarking ilurlns llio linii'li hour. Symoi luft Kllcii nl iliu ilour of tlm iiparl- nii'ni. Kim v\mi 1:1, cannr 10 lm away Uial sliu Briuvely hoard him «ny Ho would call In a few day* ami slio was nol to ho afrnld. Slio I'.ns almripl nick ullli miiiiiliin on.l fi.iiitk' relief nt liclnn linme. wcro all nut In tho hall llio iiuimoiil they heard lior liunr'.! — Mjr.i and Hurt and > Molly, Miif:iiii!;; ntid crying and trying to kiss l:;-r all at lino 1 . Nn i|no* tlon;— Symes had preiured them. '1,'l^lnf. lialt-crylns. they drew her Intii llio llrliiB I'IKJIII innl for>-c:l her to tlio clinch. l-:iler,'ig nrrm wcro ahinil her inollicr'a necl:. Her check waa pressc«l lier iiioilior'n chcok ami H vvoru wet aeiilnst her nolhrr'j fnce. "It's all my fanll," Molly wnn "That my llll'.t i;lrl so when ranged—I'm afraid." "Nothing to he afraid of," he assured her. "You'll bo lif soon, now." "It's Fergus I'm afraid of." iu her expression. "It will he bard enough," h told her harshly. "It's nlway easier to collapso Into being n ] L^rlyr. lint to tight tho tbhig _ El-'out ahmo—It'll bo bard enough."! opcnillon when thi? time ccmes to the car out on an ice-fn:e should have suffered in iii'lilame—" "N'o one's lu blame." "Kllen'3 rlfilit." inn lu .\lyrq. N'f iiiio Is lo bhiniol" "I'm glad," ualil Molly wllb spirit, bcr faco mill dump wllh tcinS. "Hint you m.ido them uu- ilet^t:ind j'oii dliln't want Iliu iKinif-y, \Vo Itussltcrs cun set along." '.Sure wo can," commented Bert, lialf-enibarrfisscd, b n I [• pimnl. "Thoro's n man In Ibo family now." Kllen luul not linown I'lnlll then wlinl KCcrel feiirn hnit Ii:ini35cil bcr. Par from being disappointed Molly Rcemcil ncil concerneil nl all with the loss ol tbo llarclny millions. T)ie rnollior nnd older aistnr ['xclianged glaucen. "l.i-l's tell her now," said Molly, "Tell whnt?" "A surprise." Molly went on In colicrcntly. "They thought II would bo all rlghl and It wns Icsi expensive." "Mike's hero," flcrt explained. . tHeu wa^ up from ^ibo courii •|n a Hash and running luwunl the bcilruom. frnpped high among tbo fat, white pillowy of bur own bed lay .MIHc. llu turned iill (lushed, rosy faco lo her, nnd plio PAGE nvi Stock Prices A. T. and T Ill) 1-8 Anaconda Copper U 3-1 Auburn 00 3-1 CiHcrplllnr Triiulor -10 3-1 Cite Service 67-8 OHM Cola US "Ml CoiKIncntiil Ilakini! — KlU'irlu 10 l-ll Motors 18'1-1 Mlild|f\H'.<i Utilities Monlk'miit'ry Wjtrd ., New Voik Cculrnl . Packiinl Slumlord of K. J Mtt Company S, ateel HJU . 11-3 a 1-1 27 5-8 3 S-S 7 41 5-8 New York Cotton NKW YOKK. Mnrcli 19. Coliwi closprt wiy steady. Open Hlgl\ iavt Mm 1 ...... IW1 Uifo- . U 33 Mnv U8I 707 724 731 Kiwis dosed ilcnily uiid od nt K85. July Ocl Doc •Inn 071 C9I 730 738 U63 OBO 7JO (UP)Close UGO 012 CDO 712 W TO I ItfcM.KVUK, Midi., (UP) ._ Mra. tUnclicl celebrated IIIT nlnuty- Ililnl bli'tlxlity on Hie sun:,} furin on \\hlch sho was bum here, recently, ImvliiK never moved from Hie resldcncu since birth, Neip Orleans Cotton NEW ORLEANS, M»r'ch' 19. (UP) —Cotton closed very (tjady, Open Hl^h Low Close M»r. ,,,.. OW tea, 655 M3b ' Mjiy BUS 673 060 072 July ..,,,685 (90 'fit ' OSS Ocl 703 : 710 6W 709 '>CC, 720 12(1 ' 717 - 728 ' ' •' Jnn TM 735 728 133b S)>ols.closed steady at 668, ofl 3, Bfll Leaves r«rctl Post UllESDEN, Tciin., lUPJ—Tobuc-. co growers here hnve discovered tltcy can sell their leaves by parcel post, instead of attending inar- keLs. nnd many have rlsposed o! I their crops tlmt way. ' By . .. . AH~raaK A CwVF ffCUU '..*--rri'M«/M( MADE- ME , OR G&T-TH' . CURSE, \\£ SAW AMVrtauJ, tf's A MATTdRTs •Til' I.AS'C WEtiK - -feu- us ~\MrlA-r \\e is c'wo/d ae-r AUV BOOl^S AiND HER BUD)jlEtj WO'ITA MAN DOPEYI Bv Marlii BY JAMES F. DONAHUE NKA Service Writer ! Winter's belntcd appearance in seme sections cf the country lins brought woe to many motorists who have neglected the cooling systems of their cars dnriny what .hey lliink arc . Just brief cold jnaps. Tiie past winter has been exceedingly kind to drivers. Due lo .is miliinc.^, anil-freeze mixtures n radiators have been neglected. .Prelection in most, sections of III'-' jountiy lias been unnecessary for cemp^rutnrcs loivcr than 15 dc- irces above zcio. 'Penalty has ocen paid by ninny a frozen radiator and cracked cylinder block. In the north, March is notorious tor its unexpected weather, and it is a good idea to test, the 3i:li-frcc7e solution in your radiator well up into the middle o! April to see if it will protect against sudden freezing weather. \ ' * ' \ Curing a 'sncidcn spc',1 of win- _ tcr weather this time of the year, the tendency of a lot of ino- ; tori.*; is to leave the car in the ' garage unlil the weather warms • nr- again. This action c.iu?cs • many a cracked cylinder blcc!-; 1 and ruined radilor. ff the garage is not heated, tile •.valcr in tho radinlor and block, if not protected by sufficient anti- trcczc, will freeze in a short tinie. Counter or Table. Service 'S CAFB it the motorist does not do something about it. Be Eiiu your Eohilion will protect your enr down to zero weather. Instead of letting the cav remain in the garage \vithnnl driving it for two or, three days, go out every morning and night during (lie cold snap and falarl your car, leaving the motor run for 'ten or fifteen minutes each Mine. ' Thlr, will lend to circulate llic itiior. wiuni up the stiffened oil. and nni'.s for easier starling and Those who drive (furing a cold snap, and who liav<. nol taken care' of the'aiili-frirac solution, make Ihe mistake of driving too fast uhcn they first start Old. ff the car is not equipped witli radiator shutters, tlic udion ol llic fan and lln 1 inrush of cold air on the motor sometimes cocls Hie engine Week luster than the friction inside can warm it. The firsl thing thai happens is that the water fteeirs in Ui e bottom of tils radiator. It Inkcs u long time to thaw il out. If t.ncrpiipiK':! with radiator rJiutleis, the be:,l thing tn do before starting onl is to cu', a piece was beside him, showering ills faco with tluiso hisses ho so Air tested. TlilM tlnio Ellen's tears wcro leara of joy. (Ti> Ho Continued) " Inlor nnrt cover it over tlnu null, of rnrdbnnrd Hi; shap c or llic rnd- Tliis keel*; the cold ulr from chill- .tnn the engine block. A heavy cni'FCt or an old blanket will serve llic same pm-pcsc. If your car has b;cn In tlic tnr age. any let!!;lli of lime during a cold spell, you'll llnd v.iicn you first take it on llic roiiil Iliat the gears are linn! ii> cliunge, and that it doesn't have the acceleration il generally lins. Tins is clue in the chilling' of She grc;isc in the Uan'sml.-ision ;md differential. Heller lake It easy for a couple of mill's under this comlili::n. fl gives the ;i clianci. 1 lo lhaw out and prcvcnr. cxcesnive wear on the transmi:--iun and dintrcn- ti:U gears. , WfOOT VtA ! AM' i , fti FRKCKLKS ANU HIS I-'KIKNDS SO'/.' HARPY'S eyes WILL POP ViJITH SORPQISg \JJMEW HE SEES PULLED •/ /!.£ SRn-telKlS H;S'DOS A FAST OwS '/ To Him ....I HATE To THS" IS v/ 0 ,j (JP. pooDL.e. BUT OOOLSS, j HAK2VS DOS, WOT GOT . POODLg OOT OF THe Bl T UPSETTISC IT AUO "TAKIS1S TO HAS ays twusi KRlWSTOWlJ". 01 Vi: AND TAKK! Crm •o To SZS I:S, BUT ' DOkJT HMG lo kiss tie GLAD To SEE HI'.'. 1SWT l!c, DOOO'-S I SECOND HAND FURNITURE S«c Us First R. J. Dodson 301-303 E. Main 0. G. CAUDILI, Rents, BIIJ-S and Sells Homes ;md Panns • Writes Insurance n<au 797 Firmer. Bank Bid*. MORE FOR THE BUILDING DOLLAR Give Yoyr Home Needed Repairs Use Our Helpful Service Thonc 100 E. t ROBINSON LUMBER CO. P.! / r/wiMiiw THsyse pHcrry tr.ce ESOVS. l To tie SEE WASH TKIiHS ^__:.i< i Hey FELLAS.' , A WHUTE.. HE'S SOWS BACK wm •ion.. HE s Vbuss FOB. <5' O 1332 BYhUSCOVICC. MtC, -—~" ~ ' t^f—r:--"- : ; BhMiK CCfir.llNW I CAN. 1 A.NP i emu. wwt / Tiit T|^c^•aJp.t^ TOO! BUT IT'S AV-'RIOKT, IF IT. tAW. WE H!lN CtlMB OUT OM THW POINT AHEAD. '% K: ; 55gSg:rErrSI''7 7 7 /

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