The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 19, 1932 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, March 19, 1932
Page 3
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SATURDAY, MARCH 19, 1932 BLYTHEVUXR. (ARK.) COURIER NEWS Started For Unemployed PITTSBURGH,. Pcnn.. (UP) - PllttbiLigli's unsiniiloycd are being titiiijhl '"v.'oiiliy 11 use cf lel- mro ilinc. . The ManchC'.'.ter Outer has sinned :i dny -school, tiilllui tree, lor I In: iiiic'inpliiyed. Jn ttililKlon 10 Hie ."Ihree It's." <liiii>m, public siipnklivj, history, l-rrnch :u«l ollii'r subjeolr, me ullci'Cd. AK many heretofore unemployed u-nclicrs us poi-.lljle are tjeiiig iiivon Use leaching job:;. Some ••employed teachers i'.r= do:m(in^ tUeii services fcr other classes. Vocational sublet is ore sulwriU- liflloj lo atnrso'i designed to cdn- r.i'.e iIK- pupils in "v.'cilhy HEP" of Kv:,ne time, Samuel Ely Elim, executive d«ivci;ir ;)f the sehcin! .s:iid. Classes-' lire . Held .from 0 A. M. Lo 4 l>. M.. three <lays ;i week. Less .Picturesque, Bul. Faster Believeo Love Has Fallen in Value ' SAN FRANCISCO. (UP)— IXlve. along with most everything els;''is fallinu in value. Nicholas . KILsos had discovered today. , Where Kllsos, n c.ife miner, Ii:i1 lfifi:ci\ tire love cl his wife was ;S.'.i[h at lean $50,C03. the legal yurdstick of superior Coi:rl Jud^-E. P. Shonall -nxe;l it at. jiusl si." udiie Shortall -so decided after [X)ring over Mrs. Kitsus' amorous litu'y which the afjyriev^d hi.ib.r.iri lad submitted as evidence in his cult against R. A. Wheeler, salesman, for.aliened alienation of affections. "The defendant writer lha! .she hasn't $50,000 .to -settle your suit," the judge told Kitsos. "I'll give you a default judgment of $1. From this diary, I would take "it thai your wife didn't have $50.000 worth of !ove for you." Norwegians Score as Most Generous Tippers LONDON. England, (UP) — Scandinavians are th e world's most generous Uppers, hotel servants thy. A poll arnon'.j \vaitei-s, bellhops, chambermaids nnd other em- ployes of London's leading hosiel- rics shcv;ed Norwegians to be the mcsl welcome guests. Other nor- Ihern. European visitors tipped almost as well. Spaniards were a good second ai:d Germans not far behind. Tiie French and Italians, however, are considered "tight." Americans, it was found could not be classified; They tip ex- traxagafllly or hardly ever. High School News Wrlllrn by mrmbm of the BljrUwvlllr l,l t h whMl Urn rhss, uruirr Ihr d!r«ll»u «f Juyer S:\pjiinilnn, Kogrrs und Wilbur Arohrr. PAGE TBtBt Seek Membership Gain Home Economic* GirU {or High School P. T. A. Win District Honors A snlTlclenl InciMsc In member- Iiono Johns unil elahl o[ s)il|> to enable Ilie high Nchocl Pir- Iwr Home Kconomlci ulrls nitrnd- cnl-Teachcr association In quality ctl (In- district, meet nl Jonrsboro as, n "superior'' P, T, A. h tlie goal Thursday. Jciiiie Hanson uhd 'II- o( a campaign -row underway. To lank as (i suiiorlor P. T. A, nn association must have nt least fitly per cent or Ihe mothers en- rollo<l. The sophomores now Imvc n 100 per cpnt.fnrollinonl, nn:l llio mil. far behind, bul Hi 1 ircinbeishlp for (lip school us u whole is still,shiuL of llu> necessary Lvrcciil:ii;e. Tlie association has had several worthwhile projects this yjar which cave cxtrn points for superior ranking, bul lias fallen short in nifmbershlp and allondance. last year ll'.crc were only two suix-rior P. T. A.'s in Arkansas, and year Hie hlijh school oreani- hopes (0 quality us one. (bis flw Smith furnished Hie ears. Thuso entering the contest were: O.ruce McJMiliiml. Mabel Simon, Mytlle Hood, Lucille Harp, Eclitli Croekcr find l-ilu Mae Mori Is. ' All i-"nuv,iants placed. The record Is .is follows: , Mabel Simon, clothliiA Si'lcctlon— /list place; Myrtle Hoed, slain re- |inovlni; phice; Uicllle Ilurp food selvoilon—.second place; Grace MePaihiiul, cotton (lro.i$~lle for .second place; Edith Crocker and Llla Mac Morris, salad doinonslrii- llon-llurd place. The i;lrU left Thursday morning al six o'clock nnd returned about Unlike [he horse-drawn sleighs that, once were synonymous wlih the Russian scene, (his "aero-sled" whirled Into liew on Moscow's snow-covered 'streets the other day to show proud cillzens lie Soviet government's' newest incchnnical product. The 'slcd-lilce vehicle, capable of considerable speed. Is driven by propellers. Princess Joan Becomes a Bride French Students Receive Letters From Abroad Pour members of the second year French class received letters Thursday from In France with High Schaol Brief n t,mil!i> rsourland nnd Pauline Hires siienl the week-end In Stec'le, with Miircaret. Ctement, a former Biyllirviiie ]|| B h school student. unj ,.uui MIHIFIIU in trance wim , , !o Nicl <<* was absent from whom they correspond. A bundlo of f,,, 1 ^ 01 a "">' anj a half because of French magazines was nko received.' '""" Albert Taylor, Dorothea Rogers, Four *"er Cent '"''' 'Beer Aids Health BOSTON. rui'l—Dr. William . Freeman 'of Boston University's School. ol Medicine believes that four per cent bear is a very real .aid'to health. "Bodily resistance can only b; increased by eating the proper foods," he says. •"Unforluiatcly, sick cr convalescent individuals eannot eat the proper foods becans; of their lack of appetite. Their bitter taste of beer acts as an app3tL<er. and the amount-of liquor, consumed adds to the quantity' of fluid necessary to stimulate the kidneys." Thief Hilds "Poverty Party" MALDEN. Mass^ (UP) —While Mrs. Sarah Meislcr was giving a poverty costume parly nt, her home here, a burglar entered through a tedroom window and escaped with !> S200 diamond ring. . Here's a Job - Washing' Fish! Virginia Huflman nnri Imogene Mcrgan were the students who heard from their correspondents abroad. The loiters, contain, much of Interest about the manners nnii customs o[ the French people, nnd about their schoDls nnd amuse- menls. Virginia Huffman Is-eorrc- M hcol last Friday because of 111- sponding wilh a young French so- ^css. ciety girl who lives In Morocco. She i Virfiima Tompkins lias been ab- tells of her daily life, of her par- sent nlmost tlic entire week i-T ties and especially of her handsome cause of Illness. She has had an at- broihcr, whose picture she sent to of influenza Virginia. illness. A tract benefit play will be given Monday afternoon. Tlicre will be several hl^li school chorux« and one junior high school chorus Jim Tompklm and Bono Etert will be main characters. Tiie admission ' Is ton ecnls. by™. Cro »'"<* was absent from Mi»s Winnie Turner Talks to Girls Club _:iter of the noted actor, Richard 'Bennett, became th;( bride of Gene Markey. well known scenario 'writer, in a Los Angeles wedding. Hero's Joan, above, 'gazing soulfully into the eyes of her intehct- ir license, in .the- Los Angeles bureau. Joan's beauteous everyday expression when not looking at her Advocates Use of "Match-makers" OARMEL, Cnl. (UP)— An Official mnteh-maker, who would question prospective bricies nnd bridegrooms to determine if they are physically and emotionally suitwl lo each other, was ndvoanled here recenlly by Judge George Bnrtlslt. Reno, Nev. divorce judge. The ji:dgc, »-ho has divorced 15,- Miss Winnie Turner nave nn interesting talk to the Girls club Wednesday morning at the weekly meetine. She told of the many natural resources of .Mississippi county and the beautiful scenery. She told the story of Reelfoo;. Lake. She gave the historical version of its formation, which -was Iho earthquake of New Madrid, in 1812, Then she gave the Indian legend which recorded the formation as the punishment of Heclfoot, an Indian chief, who stole a beautiful Indian prtncc'« cuirt a result was swallowed up by the earlh, thus forminu the lake Will Lead Children b Various Amusements Members of Miss Hardyls class In sociology have adopted as their project for Iho current term the lead-, Ing- of smaller children- In "games, plays and oilier forms of nmns;- ment. Each student will be responsible for ten or twelve children, and while the formal project will only last a week "those who have time will continue until the end of the term. Bob Goodrich has been absent because of Illness. Margaret Moore was absent last Monday because of illness. . Sflss Taylor was absent Friday afternoon. Dennie Fowler is able to returi to sclioal nftcr an absence of a few cays. Among those nbsent Hie past week because of Illness were Lorni Wilson, Otlnis Brackln, Marie 1 Belt and Emma Saleeby. The I-A Homo Eo class has „ Bun taking a hygiene course imdes the direction of Mrs. H-ss, count nurse. The girls will have a lesson «i:ce a week and will probably ut lessons in physical culture tyro i throe nights a week. _ - , , EL CERRITO. California. (UP) ' P°° co »l'l« during his years nn tnc — When her father's atitoino- caii 3 hL fire in the basement _^_ enuscd of their home'/Mfcs ndHh'pmiisen" ] i"?,'"! 0 . 19. picked up a. large cedar chest )f clothing and with it into hs yard. bench, declared most divorces are hasty marriages, onter- detcrminiiiB whc- live in harmony. A "match-maker," who could analyze prospective wedded couples to investigate their naluies, would M^Paulscn-s chest back into the | b^^^oHe'IiEl' It rc(|itircil three of them to Hffclr.. . „. [ T7T I sick Shepherd Dog Offered 2,000 Homes BOSTON. (UP)-A sick German hcphcrd dog, found in a lumber ard, was taken lo the headquarters if the Animal Rescue League. Newspapers printed stories of its plight. Within 4s hours, more than 2,000 persons had volumcercd to give the dog a home. 1,000 telephoned the,ir offers. 000 called in person al the league office. 127 wrote leltcrs. Minister Drives Wrong Car by Mistake MADISON. Maine. (UP) — Harold Fcnlason \vas greatly agitated when, emerging from a movie theater, he discovered that his automobile was missing. He notified police and shortly afterward the car was seen enerinf: the town. The Kev. ' L. K. Lord, local Methodist minister, who was at the wheel, was even more agitated than had been the owner. Sheepishly he explained that he had been otlercd the use of a friend's car to go to Skowhegan; lhat he had laXcn Fenlason's. almost exactly lik e it. by mistake. Peru's Cotton Export Shows Decrease Fish trans-fcrred from the old lo the new aquarium in Washington, >P' c ~ mu ' st have thought it was 'Saturday )i! B h t . as cnch onc was given a chemical "bath" to kill microscopic parasite and growths. The photo above shows Ficd G. Orsmger of Shedd Aquarium. Chic»|o, Kntbbing one of the fish, WASHINGTON. (UPl—Pcrn's total exports of cotton during the last six months of 1931 amounted to 79.000 bales and showed a decrease of 59,000 bales from the shipments for the corresponding period of th: previous year, the Commerce De partment has been informed in dis- palchcs from Lima. Exports of raw cotton from Peru, in January, decreased to $2,5M bates, from 6,800 bales in Decemte and 3,900 bales in Jnnuary, 1931. Head Courier News W»m Ads, Courier Nc»-j Want Ads Pay. Freshman Play Period The freshmen have been given a play period In which lo 2x;rcise play and vest Ihcir minds. Tlie boyj have-been having Mr. Grcsn; for their sponsor. He leads their games and supervises their play. Ti:cy play soccer, run races, and play almost all kinds of ouldoor games. Jimmle Lee Brooks and Jimmle Tiplon .in- vised the boys' play Friday morning because Mr. Greene was all- sent. Tlie girls have no sjioi^or yel, bul they will begin Iheir play period next, week. Picture Is Presented A picture was presented to the school by the seniors, at tha assembly Friday morning. Tiie picture. The Song of Hie l-irk," was .ie- Icclcd by Miss Hardy. The picture was bought with tho money that »'as obtained from the art exhibit. The seniors had the picture fvamsd. Doris Secoy, senior class president, presented the picture. COMMISSIONER'S SALE NOTICE Is hereby fiven that th undersigned commissioner, In com pllani-e with the twins of - a ; 'decree rendered by HV'chance* Court for the Chicknsawba Dlstric of Mississippi County, Arkansas' o 'he 23rd duy of February, 183 whereip Tennessee - joint stoc Land Bank rf Memphis, Tcnn wa . Plalntitr. No. 5083, oncl-'D. R Garner, e't" al., were Defendant v ill tell at public auction to 't\ highest nnd best bjddn-, for cai on of three months, a the frcnt dcor of Ihe'Courl;'lMii< between the hours prescribed i 'aw,, in tiie. City of Blythevll' Arkansas, oh Ihe 3th day o'r 'Apr 1332, the following real estate tc n-it: The Northeast Quarter und (he Northeast Quarter of the Southeast Quarter of Section Eight i8t; the Northwest Quarter -if Seclicn Nine (Ol; nil in To'.vn- .<bip Fifteen O5) North, Range Twcho (12) East. containing r.ll 3fiO ncres, mare or le.'-s. SAID jalo.will Iv had to sails ly ;:aid decree; In Ihe sum of JIT M3.C2, Mith 8.psr cent Inter? Irom November 20. 1931. | THE purchaser at sn!d sal» w | be required'to execute bond v.i | ni:provcd security, lo sccitr fl t: ! payment of the I'lirchase n.jai and a lien will i>? retained :I]K Jaid jirojx-rty as .Kldltlonal sccufi for the Daymen 1 , of such fil money. WITNESS my 1 ai;d and Ihe cf said C'O'irt. e-'' this, the day of March, 1032. i: L GAINER, Ccmmiss'rti'r in Chanc 1 ;! "j- Conrlcr News Want Ads Pay. Dr.PailF.McCutchen Dentist STEELE, HIO. Phone 85 RESULTS He for a , sired *t>jeelire f»Omn r«rt« columns |hfw prw . a iMure a« immeiliaie taterrfew with ai inlf r- tste* pntffti ^ n,. .^t „„ in t or UBC and effwl Phone 3O6 WlioVj Have Thcu^ht NOTICE OF rOMVTSKIONtR'S : , SAt.E - •'•''. NOTICE Is hereby given .that i i»inuance of the authority an4 ircctioai .contained lii Ihe de- rctnl Order' of' Hie Chanctry ourt Kithlii and-for the CWeka- •iwba. District of MlSAlislppl Couh- y. Arkansas, made 'and enUrwl n Ihe 22nd'cUy of Pfbruary.'lSSJ, i a certain caiuts (Np.',50H>'.llien :nding thereto, bet»een; Wil- .Ington Savings Bank, a.'co'rpot Uion, e't al,,'plalntlHs, and Vlr- 1 McKay,, .defendant*. Uie ndcrslgntd, as Conimlaslorier, of ild Court, will,011 Saturday, April 6th, 1932, dnruij tlie hours., pre- erlued by law for botdlnf jufllclal aks, oiler ' for'. tale ' at public •endue and sell ori'u creditor three tenths, to the highest responsible ildder. at the'front-doov .ol.the (llsslsslppl County Court ,House In he Chtckasawba DUIrlct, at Blye, Arkansas, .'.wherein • said 1 is held in bald District and Coiinty. the follow in j described 'eal properly and premises;, nltliated :n-thfe Chlckisawba' District .of .liEslsslppi Countyr Arkansas, to- rfti" •- ••:.'-. ,, .' •'.; -.'• ,-AU: th»t part"qf;.U*',f<i»f U»".''. ; of. .^ection...^'^ "(S>>'.:lylu«' ; East... ." way'In ,'Toinsnlt^Ttttten • I i?)'.'X br'ilie FifUv' .-'...,••.'•! • a (distance of 861,6 iett ,to a point of Wnjent v of:» curyt; th»nce <ontlnuin» r ln> .Northeasterly direction Ii70.1 feet to point of beflnnlnr. i Said laiidY to'be sold subject to the 'unpaid, taxes »tul asKssmeiiU diw and unpaid Iherron. .•rtie : purehuser at such 4»le shall to execute a'bond approved surety for the payment ol Ihe-.anicuiit of the 'pu'rchue price bid u,t- such sa,\e with, Inter ci,'t ihereon'.-at the rate of ten per cent per -annum from'the date -of such saje until paid,, and A -lien T-'lll be: retained on. <aid re»l! estate and 'premiirs 'to : secuVe tho .iirtiount of the -.purchate, pttce bid,' at, ''tilth'.' sn\f -< »illi lnte"t" thereon an aforesaid. Given under my-.liand Oils I«lh • -day ol klarch 193 1 •'••;»•• •' --ji- r It li OA1NES , linU' 100' 'feet! *Uo' b5l ' fe*t on '.c'acti is'''- ' prht'tr line-ac'fos Qnarlcr 'of. Sitctlon. ;Piyp., IB),, ' fty.rlh, t. • » <?<*.-' • . Ing S.49 acres, 'iiscrlbcd.- aji fOl:; ; . lowkV Beginning '.nt' the\9DUth- ' eas't corlitr of;. Section'-' FlvK- • "(si;- foi-hshtr>- 'Fifteen': (151.: . Noith, 'rjarige. tejht'.JSl'vEasl runhln'.' North'.'aloilg East -liiie- of. taid Section 185'2 feet 'to' pcliit of be'B|nnlng; thence Nor In 140.1 feet; t)ienc a Southwesterly dlrc'ctia. at dnjlj.of 134 : degrees 27 minutes to left' ••1W8.1 ftet to the point, of • tangent of a' cu'tvc; (hence on . a.cun-e' to the left whose rad-.' iiis Ls. 3869.83 feet a distance of.-' 954 feet 'to a- point on South- line of 'Section Plve.(5i; thence South at an angle of 1233 feet to point: thence In Northeast. erly direction at an an;le cf •53 degrees « minutes to left- nlonj .a cun'e lo (he right who«r radius Is 3160.83 feet; WARNING ~ ' • ^ OHAHCKfiv:' COURT \p SAWBA' DISTRICT MJS^_ Pt COUNTY, 'ARKAhSAfe.- American 'Building ind Ixwn . ' ' Deleter As ... France: Thr'.dcftbkJsiib J o ftue,hanan AvItelfa'l.-Jjffthtea. B Bi ' .uS./.x^rtl'Vare wjin^ed to *t yt&iifn--;t1uf\y»fajtL \n tht i o»m«d ln;'(b»', ^ap (on Hereof WAHN1N6 OftMEE NO 2M| m THE OIBCUIT OOORT or vismsaim COUNTY CHICK', ASAWBA DlanlioT ' To Southinai, Joint Stack Ban< pn4 all otoe^ pence; „.. «os claim or Loteratt In afld tq the ftllowloj d<acrl6ed land irltiytfd In Wtwhflppt county AAtnsa*. juuoe- South halt SecUon 13 WKt ball Section 24 south Wot Quarter ! Section 23 Tonnshlp li NoTtti, Ranie U Kasl »re hereby warned to appear 14 tbfe court within thirty days ao« file exceptlom : b> the- award which' has been nied in thli oOce by tht >n«* and dr»l2L*«t tptmtlwn of this count; for the apffcoptistlpn 6t the portion o{ the bCTeinl^fere de- ccribed land (or the cowtntcUon or Intended construction 6( t, lev*e ditch canal, or drata u the, cue tn»jr b* ortx »nd, «ero«a the Mune, Witness my hand and kaj U ci«rk of the dnW Court thla the i of March ^BS2, ««my »( Slatf of —, irtsr^asw 5 tiMK**-**' .lHIiJ Clerk, ' By-iElltabetn Bythe P C ',. i i iniwcr.tht ;c«nplaint of tne plain-' lift, "A'fneyieirn'' BuUdlni and, toa4 •AMoelaJlon' -aid W ll Deloney • C.TVm't*^' . t .' •* ' UTA.hA _. J- "^tVWl fa I^^W^M Ifistoii' t& sE • ' "* ' . Lneerjf bourf tW8f it ttte^lle AilUiiK 1 MtkU « (M) d*T» fymTta» <U? liwefi 19 26 a. d ih«*er the &npl«tyt ot th* pjaitilUTs 2ttM lwte«n, UAUM^ JttU 1 defendant ibf otbtrs j--' Wltbesa my hand, u clerk of s»ld .OHiCKA- court and the seal therwf tf. fl.tcd on thla T7th day of retell'. ••SAWBA DISTRICT, MISSISSIPPI .COUNTY, ARKANSAS. W. rt. Burns; Plalhllff, " . •; v^ D. O:- Freeman Deferident. 8. 'L: Webater nnd MjTtle' Webster, ; aamlshecs.. The deTeriduil. D. C. Freeman, Is warned to appear within thirty . days In the ce- 1 rt named in the caption hereof atiil answer the complaint of the plaintiff w. U. Bums. Dated Kerch 4, ISM. , IVY W. CRAWFORD, Judte. 5-1M9-M ai> 1 !.' E. Alexander, Ally. Ad Utem. L. GAD:aS.._ Cleric et*.ry grace Jwv. v. .-Tke 25% Disroont On laundry Phone 327 For 1 White Truck the laundry rour watch dog . . , protecting home and family fr»m infections disease. Rugs, Wearing Apparel, Bedding and Dnp> cries sckntifkaHy sterilized on every • trip lo this modern plant. : ' BLYTHEHLLE LAUNDRY.

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