The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 19, 1932 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, March 19, 1932
Page 2
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BLYfrBJEVtLLB,J(ABK.) 6pUBIEB NEWS /NE?y-s., CHUKOT-- Ctiendat lire W M McFkrlud U huless to the W M U at U* Second iip- tut church if 2:38. Circle No. l 'of the First .Method- tit W. M. S. is mertlnj in the borne of Mrs. W I Drntoo: Mo. 2 jyjd ? circle* are meetln«,ln tht church •t 2» Circle ffa. * u hnyln* « 1 o'clock luncheon In the. church. •.The Woman's Council of the First CfcrisUin church is meeting • with tin. Ls'J. Uverty it 2:30 with the •Hope trbup in charge of the pre*« , Kite Allhca .' Edwards ..and , lilts Mayme Louise Edwards are Hostess to a kid party (or .the Buslntsi and- Profcktional Woman'* ' club-to b: be Id : this evening In the club room »t tlie.Gon Hotel. The' Woman's Missionary society oj the Rrst Baptist church is holding its monthly program and business? meeting in the church with Mrs. -Robert Grimes' »* -leader. O*t» Dwr.CtiM " . Xxtoaia UriUUoo. , - ' -",/ The Open Door class of tKe First MetbodU^- church extends 'an Imitation to ail to meet with' them Sunday', morning for. Bible study. Miit Seima fcentz winr teach the kssqn, Jin. PaW R.: Swart*' will'glve a Bte minutes talk-, and Mr».-k. N. Bennett, will render' a solo. r - .: * ,. • • - "" •FM AM rncram Gtwm Vjr 7-B.ClaM. The 7-B class of junior high school sponsored a "First Aid" program in the Junior high assembly pcrtod Friday morning In observance ol national First Aid Week. Mrs LJoyd Stlckmon and Miss Mary Emma Hood, Junior high teachers, led Ihe song, "It. Isn't. Any Trouble Just to Smile 1 : as the opening number and Frances Parker read Mayor Reed's proclamation on First Aid Weet LeR^r Brown and: Gilbert . Dee Hammock gave a.'flrjt aid demonstration "in drowning "arid Ruby Drake and Ruth Undsey.'cuts. .Other deoionsiratldtu given 'were: artery ".felh cuts, 'Gilbert' Dee Hummock and LeRoy Brdivnj.bums, Miry Josephine Hall and Nancy Claire McCauiey; snake bite's, RutH Llnd- •ey and Sy^l Brackin; dog bites and • scratches, Ely Altken, Jolly Bp«rk»"ahd teRoy Brown; fainting, Bdwd Davis and Jolly Sparks; Una '..on % head. Xdward DavU, Jdty Sptrkj and Chuck Long; acid poisoning, 'Emma" Sue 'Stewart and Winfcli-Jiiirt Harwell; .ly'e polsori- tog --Aailte^e. . jahfctr ,and - Sybil Brackin; "gas -or smoke, Eipm aline Page and Mary IxniUe Posey, and nose bleeding, Colin- Douglas and Earl Snider. • Pint aid donations. w«re siren by the following- students: ammonia Mary.Sue Willlnghahi; medicine glass and aspirin, Edward Davis- •spirtn, Annie let Halsell; gaiue and adhesive Upe, J. B. Husband; turpentine, .Evejyn Nash; gauze, Mary ' Eunice' Laysdh; mercurochrome, Alberta. Crecelions; gauze Prances Pairjrer;' ready twndages and: tape, Mary Eliwbeth Borum mercurochrome, Martha Ann Lynch aspirin, Jane., Branson; 'rubbing ai- cohol; -Frances- tittle; absorbent cotton, Polly: Ann -Buck; and'Vlck's drops', Louise. Leggelt. . Vaneta Sa»e donated popular music. '•.,'• » Tke. : Dwta* Cbaa .Urtn. Attendance, The Dorcas . class of the Firs Baptist church urges a better at tendance of members than Its Sunday and welcomes visitors. At interesting lesson ' is prepared fo Sunday morning with Mrs Lucll Haley as teacher. * . - . ,B«»*a«t TaberWle " ' ""' .... A 1 revival' meeting- 'is being' con curted at ,tte Baptist .Tabernacle 814h and 'Ash streets, each 'rilgh at 7:*5 and'Sunaiyarn am. b tricJRev. E. B. Joseph of Memphl • converted' Jew' ami' son of^sraf .Th« n*v. Joseph has a.. very re .niafkaWe testimony of 'God's savin grace. ".- '• -/ . ' ' - ' ~: ••"- '' &XPIMO; and'' hcL . a message of zrcat ar> peal for everyone. Sunday school. at. 10 a.m. SUDJK at 11 ajn. "Isaac and Rebecc, 7 « P-m. 'The Three' Revelatlo -?' Go?- Wherein. oott vyili j uc i the World." . . ^.', Missionary co met this week at .the hon,e of Mr W A. Barham .with 12 membe *" d « 'rti'tor, Mn. E . L . Ev ans. I atUndance. . The program included: The Cit «en's Resporatbility f p r ' u,., Mr : Better »s. SpIrit,>Mr C. B. Etchisson; Maki . . ng »JI*w» r Mrs. .Zoa Tho ing vs. Erifon mpson; Th r . . n of Prohibition;- Mrs. W. Hpw to DressV]P(>r Ping Pong BitsoJ' Netcs Mostly Personal William Laaie and daughters, Misses Sarah and Pauline, have returned from St. LouLs where.-they £|KiH several Jays buying for reopening of their stoic which was damaged by fire several months o. J. E. Barham attended to bust- .ss in jonesboro Friday. lollies .make-the man,'say lli c ndvertlsements, and (hey. certainly seem to Have-&'• lot'to do'with making plug pong'players, (or here re trie'ccstumis"worn .by tlie. girls who battled their wny tot the semi-finals;lii the Women's Western Ping Pong Championship Tour- iejr at : Chicago. Three wore pajamas, the fourth dressed in shorts. Left (o right-are Olara McAllister, state champion of Wisconsin; Helen Oythden, cliampl'bn of Great Britain; Isaoelle McKcnn'y, Faille, coast champion,'.'.and Helen '.'Filkoy, track star and Chicago contender. SISTER MARTS KITCHEN GRAPE FRII|T IS MEAL-TIME TONIC l, •• • Vy • f"| '-'. i-IU'frt-- *HAKJ. . , S'EA Service. Writer ' Crape "fruit 1 'la" so good and lenliful this : year that it bc- noves every home-maker to make he most'of It; All citrus fruits re rich In vitamins B and C and rapcirult also has a tonic.effect n the appetite. • •• In prepnimtj grapefruit.for.table .se, it's .'a good plan to keep in ilnd certain- precautions. There Is bllter oil in the' skin. and pith f this citrus fruit that changes he flavor of the pulp'unless pre- autlons" are taken to avoid .'con- set; with it. . The oil in the -skin or rind Is uite apparent and therefore easl- / guarded against, but few cooks eallzc that the Iliin membranes ;hlch surround each section of j ulp secrete this same bllter sub- { lance which Is released whenever hey are cut. . Consequently, two steps usually iken in the preparation of halved rapefrult are better left undone -removing the core and cutting he pulp irom Die rind. Both these teps harm the flavor of the fruit iy freeing the bitterness In the Ith and allowing It- to permeate he pulp. A strong sharp-edged easnoon can be used to loosen the hilt enough so that It can be ccoped out easily and eaten. Fli\-w Quick to Vanish The flavor or nil" citrus irutts dc apricots and plneapplc-'comblne ex ceedlngly well, with the. tang of grapefruit.'.j. '..'., Tomorrow's Menu BREAKFAST — Stewed rhubarb crisp broiled bacon, comment waf- lies, syrup, milk, coltcc. LUNCHEON - — Cruaincd bee and vegetables on toast, salad o grape fruit and celery, raisin muffins, milk, tea. DINNER — Broiled salmon steaks, lattice potatoes. creainc< potatoes, creamed cauliflower, stnf led tomnto salad, grapefruit and prune -pie, milk, coffee. Haytt Society ; —Personal Mrs. Arthur Cunningnam of Par ngaiiid, Ark., la here visiting Mr. an Mrs. Morgan Worth over tr.e week *nd. Mrs. Julia^Maloof anil childre Cicorgc and Rose visited Mr. an Mrs. Wolf Khouric a short will] Friday morning en route to the home at Cairo.-They had been vis King in Caruthersvllle a few day Mr. Khourle -Is Mrs. Maloofs bro tlier. Frank Clark was .called to Louis because-of the Illness of young son. Mr. Clark has worke - •- ••*• JUUMU 5UI1. Air* \ji if the.cut.fruit Is allow- hcro8a short . wntlc . - - - •- Mrs. O. Sutherland. A sJwwr wa. given Mrs. G E Swato. . . ' J^'tSi! 5 !,"™*' a plat<: ilmch « the close of the meeting. k . . — — — - __ __ _ Hospital Notes I: Mfj. B. J. Key of _ to stand-any ICnslh-ol time or 3 exposed to the "air before using, •rhs custom of preparing the :rcakfast grapefruit the night bc- •bre may; save time. In th c morn- ng,- but- the fine flavor of the rult Is sacrificed. When chilled fruit Is wnnlcd, ither 'chill thc fruit thoroughly iefore cutting or serve on a bed if chipped ice. Tho edible fruit hould never-be covered with Ic?. -The dcllcat e 'flavor,of all fruits is tiluted by^ttils practice. %:'• The amount of sugar used over ;rapcfrult is ot course n matter it personal taste, but some very articular persons use a dash ol all and' no sugar at all. Many llet, specialists deplore Ihe use.ol -.ugar on grapefruit on Iher grounds hat the sugar counteracts thc ;ood of the organic acids' ot the ruit. Try using sugar very spar->it uscd-frnd take .-arc that none is sprinkled over • he' pith 'Of '(tie core and the pilli jf the. rind. When i grapefruit Is . wanted for jalad It is best prepared In the oltowing way: Wash fruit well'be- fore cutting. Cut it in halves, lengthwise. Then with a sharp tnlfe cut the membrane from the oulp and pall each section from the rind. This gives uholc sections of juicy pulp free from niem- Julia Hagcmann has been i «'lth lonsiltls. • Mrs. Lcc Spencer and grandso Murry, and son Leo spent Mondn ; i»iut Tuesday in' Jonesboro, Aal visiting relatives. She was accon panled home by her son Mi iwncer, and Mrs. Spencer ill visit hero awhile. Mrs. ElinAra Crosswcll of St. wa« Sere .^Tuesday and Weda:''' . )-*. drum the • rr"T.~ *** *^M* '.f»Mw«*uw«5.^\ en* - 2™ ^-*« owned by Arthur Cur "~ " - - - re-he«" brane. iThere. are numerous delicious !»lads combining grapefruit .with other .materials, crisp shredded cabbage, sliced Spanish 'onion, diced celery, shredded green pep- -:\3SKr,?ftp<*: lea,-' resbyterian Church to Hold Canvas Tomorrow The First Presbyterian church of yllieville will participate -tomor- w In the annual Every Member anvns and Survey of tho Presby- rlon Church In thc U. 8.. the ulhcrn Presbyterian church. , Tiie local congregation will con- ict, Its. canvas a* the members mCjto the church tomorrow aft- nboii JKtween 2:3 0 and 4:30. An lere'sllrig program will be given 'ery few minutes as new groups rrlve, and refreshments Mrill -be rved. the church officers will be n hand lo assist in the making of edges. Presbyterian churches throughout le southern United States; and irelgii missions serving 35,000,000 ncln-lstlanized people in six for- gn countries are dependent upon edges to be signed tomorrow for "'-support. liss Carrie Curtner Weds Joseph L. Park* CARUTHEHSVILbE, Mo. — A larriage of much interest to the eople of Caruthcrsvllle and Brag- adoclo was that of Miss Carrie urtncr of Braggadocio to Mr. Jo- tph I,. Parks of St. Louis on Fril ay evening March nth. The ceremony was performed, at the Ccn- r»l Presbyterian church of Clayon, Mo., by'the Hev. Lanlry. Mam- •>crs ot both families were prescn t the wedding. The bride was harmlngly attired In a blue trav- _llng suit with accessories to match 5hc also wore a lovely corsage o: vhitc roses and sweet peas. Mrs. Parks is the daughter o Mrs.'T. D. Cuituer of Braggadocio nd Is a graduate of the Braggado- k>. ; high school. She obtained he iiglwr education ~at the Southeas Missouri Teactiers College at-Cape Jlrardeau. She is a member of the acuity of the Braggadocio publi chools. Mr. Parks taught in the Deeriiu, chools and coached the baskeltal cams there about four years He i' low affiliated with ths Kro°ci tores In St. Louis. Virginia Keck Has Leading Role in Plaj ST. CHARI.ES, Mo.-Miss Virgin a Keck, niylhcville, Ark., had on of the leading roles in a. Frenc. )lay given recently at Lindcmvooc college. The piny. "Suv LC Pont was given by Deta Pi Thcla, hon ornry French fraternity, of whld Miss Keck is a member. All of II: iction took place on (lie deck of i steamer en route to France \vt:cr Ijvo girls, Yvonne dc Flcur and El sie [Miss Keck) are going to e labllsh an American school d French girls. Read Courier News want ads. Poverty Town's Happy Mayor »..« i,«ko. *>wo .DIIIILHin iuve ... 10 Cap* OjflMKau this week where Mr. Ross will te employed "i chef in Ihe Marquelte Hotel. College Directory Traces >; Granates Success PALO ALTO, Calitornin. .UP), — How doth : thc little Slaft- fcrri grad nuke out alter commencement? "Acocrding to a. re* cent survey. by' the Stanford Uni^' -.crslly Directory; rie may: * Becomes -President or Ihe, unltej*" States, as' did' HbJiVcr, due-time student. ; Become, a-i t bcl!-hop, &t. <iid scverHl. 'or Become a nlghY; watchman, as did one. Thc directory' showed dial marriages v 1th classmates tverc nwla by 3* per cent ot the men graduates and 45 per cent ot thc women. , Women graduates inciiidedMwo bankers," two actresses, a geolo- a diplomat, an interpreter, a ., , mining engineer, a minister, and a prolessional shopper. Several Los Angeles family , ed from their" homes, ban;-,-,-; gctlie'r several months ;,,-„ moved Into shacks they !)<,r vacant land near the o'ji.-k-.-.: the city. Now the co!o;i>. ;•,.. "Hoover Town," has a por. i-.,--..., of oVor 100 persons and E. A ; i( '. na. shown nbove. is rccoci-; ?l y "j, ' ' " FIRST METHODIST CHURCH Mil* a»4 Seventh Htrwts P. Q. Korie, pasUr Worslilp and Sermon u ». m and 30 p.m. ' • •<•••• Sunday school, 9:45 ajn. Junior fjcagiie 2 p.m. Hi-Ix;aguc. fi:30 p.m. Senior League, 6:30 p.m. Woman's Missionary society Mon- iy, 2:30 p.m. Prayer meeting Wednesday, 1:30 .in. Ctiolr rehearsal Wednesday, 8:15 .in. ST. STEPHEN'S EPISCOPAL CHURCH Ktv. C. C. Burke, Mlnbter, All arc cordially invited to intend ic 11 o'clock .services with us Sunny. MUST CHRISTIAN CHURCH K. K. Latimtr, minisicr Church school, 9:45 n.m. Holy communion and sermon, 11 .in. Vesper service, 5:30 p.m. A welcome avails you at all CHURCH OF CHRIST liln Auditorium of Coart Httosc Sunday school, 10 .a.m. "wtlh'JBi- )le study, "Jesus Dies On tlie rnss," golden text, "Christ died for ir sins according to the scrlp- ures." (1 Cor. 15:3). Holy communion 11 a.m. Young Peoples meeting 7 p.m. in :ome ol Mr.- and Mrs. Roy 8. Carnan. Ladies Bible study, "Wednesday !:30 p.m. SECOND BAPTIST CHURCH J. I.. NtHSOin, pastor Sunday school, 9:45 a.m. J. D. Booker, sii|wrintcndent. " Sermon, 11 a.m. subject, "Tile Three CincifMons." ' • B. Y. P. U., 0:30. Roncy Chism, director. Sermon, 7:30. Subject, "Paradise Lost." W. M. S. Monday, 2:30. Prayer meeting Wednesday, 7:30. HI.GRIM LUTHERAN CHURCH II. J. Klirndicmt, Factor Sunday school and adult Bible rb;.s, D a.m. Divine worship, 10 a.m. with theme. "A Day of Joy for Jesus Before His Passion and Death." 'Hicre will be no evening service s pastor is conducting services In Lafc, Ark. FIRST PRESBSTERIAN CHURCH Marsh SI. Callaway, Minister Sabbath school, 9:45 a.m. Morning worship, U o'clock. Ser.- ncn subject',' "Why." ' • Evening worship," 7:30. Christian Endeavor. 0:30 p.m Marguerite Gray, leader. Mid-Week prayer service, 7:3 Wednesday evening. FIRST BAPTIST CHURCH Corner Walrint and Eighth Alfred S. Harwell, Pastor Teaching service, B:45 a.m. G. C Miller, educational director. Sermon by the pastor at 11 a.n and 7:30 p.m. Morning subject "Hurts and Help of the Churches." Evening subject: "A Man Up Tree." B. Y. P. u. 6:15 p.m. The w. M. S. meets at tin church Monday afternoon at 2:3 for the monthly business nicetinc and the missionary program. Teach" ers meeting Wednesday 7 p.m. am the MId-Wock- Prayer service a 7:45 p.m. Choir rehearsal Thursday evehin 7:30 p.m. Mrs. Paul Tipton. dircc tor, and Mrs. J. T. Hall at the or gan. Beginning Monday evening at o'clock we will have our stud course for the B. Y. P. U. There wli be classes for adults and young pco pie, liUermerttatcs and juniors. KY WM. E. eiLROY, p.'p Editor of The iCoinrega41on»M»t n^doej: not'speak of the death Jesus'on the-cross as the most ragic" event,' for other men' lutva, »vc suffered similarly cruel deed upon the cross and other men ruction. Nor is the. significance the death "ql.Jetus found only i the fact thaj; he was dying for 'Uth's sake. Other; jnqn have sul- 'r.-xl martyrdom through cruel and crrlbte forms of death. What makes the 1 death of Jesus rxm the , cross significant above 11 other tragic events in history the relationship of that incident the whole life and mission of esus, to Ills ministry on earth, liis caching and the fellowship of Christian souls which in tlw 'hrisllnn church has been built up nto an organized body of witncss"- s to Ills name and to his power. The momentous place of Jesus i In the purpose o( his death and n all thai it lias meant to man- ind. His martyrdom is supreme niong - the martyrdoms of those •hose lives havjj been sown as the cds of truth and of progress. The cross of Jesus, also, finils .s .significance in that law of sac- iflce illustrated in all humanity's esser experiences of trial, rcnun- latlon, and martyrdom. That law f life, so amply illustrated In the ilstory of the race, has never been xplained. Jesus himself continuously em- haslzed in his leaching the luw nd purpose of • sacrifice, but he lever explained its nittming, nor vhy It- should be necessary. In a world such as ours love is insepa- able from sacrifice, and all that esus was and ail that Jesus did, has'reference to the eternal love of LAKE STREET MKTIIODIST CHURCH W. J. toRoy, Pastor Sunday school, 3:45 a.m.,,..-. Preaching. 10:50, on si:bjcc! J ''Am I a Good Steward?" League Service, 7 p.m Preaching. 7:30 p.m. „'„ "Crown ing Christ King." At the ctose of thc morning ser vices the board of stewards will b" instnlled. Pre-E.istcr revival enc next week. Everyone is cordially invited t attend each service. ASSE.HBJ.Y OF GOD CHURCH 1 Sunday school. 9: -15. N. n. Tran ham. sui>erinteiident. Preaching service, eleven o'clock xxial subject. Young peoples society. 6:30. Evangelistic service, 7:30. Subje "Special Signs of the Tinies." Revival conllmus another week CHRISTIAN SCIENCE ClIt'RCI "Matter" Is thc subject of th Lesscn-Scrmon to te read in thi Christian Science service Simda< morning at 11 o'clock. The Golden Text is. "Be still and know that! am God: l wil be exalted among thc hcatcn. I wll be csaltcd in the c.irth" 16:10.) Among the citations from the BI ble is the following. "This I : then. Walk in the Spirit, and' •. CWrleT "mayor." Everybody's Hoover Town, Inasmuch n? rv- "(free i "and welfare orfjr.:zaV • ;x f'.'-. .tefd'.th* enttra couinniji'.ty' 666 SATURDAY, MARCH l!), 1932 =WEEKLY SUNDAY SCHOOL LESSON Death On The Cross T*»t: John l»;I7-22, 25-3* I The International Uniform ttMi- ay School Lesson for March 2*. God. Equally certain, from every survey of life and history, is the fart that sacrifice for righteous ends, and in behalf of love and truth, is the greatest force in human pros- ress^and is Inextricably associated with the. power of salvation. Those who railed upon Jesus as he hung upon the cross said sneeringly, "Ha saved others; himself he cannot save.". There was .a measure of truth in the contemptuous saying. Jesus could save other. 1 ; only by giving himself. Again and again in the history of humanity, men and womon have been able to save others only j by giving themselves. Sometimes it has been trire in a physical sense. They have given their physical life that others might live. Sometimes it has been true not nnrcly ol a .physical life nor of any one event I and incident, but they have saved others only by the giving of their livefi in obedience to a long course and demand of sacrifice. It is these experiences of life, that find their inspiration in thc death of Jesus himself. Tlv; cross on which he did, In the gloom and darkness of a terrible hour, has become a light, illuminating thc lives of men and women, and pointing tlie way not only to God but to humanity's highest goal of happy and triumphant living. It is through sacrifice that we find the highest, life and the way of Christ's cross is the way to the noblest attainment. By WSL E. SfcKENNEY Secretary, American Bridge ' Two truly grcat'teams met" in the finals for the eastern team-oil-four contract championship. Tlie victorious teanr were thc "Four Horse- lien," comixiscd- of p. H: (Hal) Sims and Willard Karn, .paired vith Oswald .Jacoby and David Jurnstine. Their opponents were Waldemar Von Zedtwitz and his partner, Mrs. Jpsephine Culberbon paired with XT.-A. Lightner and Michael Gottlieb. Jlorsemen were* 2240 points n ,thc itc'ad at the" end-of the 40 boards; 1440 of .these points were Picked up on the following hand. A V * * 4K-Q-J- 10-65-4-3 V6-2 • Noils' *9-8-7 A V • + 8-7-2 K A-K-Q-J-3 A-Q-5-2 NORTH n S UJ (/) Dealer SOUTH AA-9 VJ-108-5-4 • 9-8.6'4-2 *10 'Jone A-Q-9-7-3 10-7-5 K-J-6-4-3 475 Table Number One At table Number One Oswald Jacoby held the West cards. When South passed, he- made a prc-emut- Ivc bid of four spades. An opening four bid shows a hand with little shall net fulfill the lust of the flesh" (Gakuians 5:16). The 'Lesson-Sermon will also include passages from the Christian Science . textbook, "Science and Health with Key to tlie Scriptures," by Mary Baker Eddy, one of which reads, "Give up your material belie! of mind in matter, and have but one mind, even God; for this Mind forms its o;vn likeness." (P.igc 21G- 217). or no 'defensive strength, but on: that-will take seven or eight tricks In "the suit named. North and South were vulnerable—East and West not vulnerable. :-.;This was a diflicult situation to put to North. Shall lie double and Jet" his partner try to determine whether the double is business or infonnatory? Jacoby's opponents decided to pass, so he playsd the hand at four spades undoubled. North opened the king of diamonds,, which.n-as trumped by Jacoby In the West and a ct«b: ; led. North won with the qiieen'tyfcd*re^ turned a trump. Theniricwas".ptay5d from dummy; Jacoby- overtaking with the ten and immediately leading another club, which -was mimp- ed in dummy with the see of spades Jacoby lost two heart tricks and two club tricks on the hand. His contract was defeated one trick for a minus 50, but he held, 100 honors, so his net. icore on the board was plus 50 points. Table Number Two At table Number Two Mr. T. A. Lightner held the big spadchand and he nlso opened ths bidding with four spades, but Mr. Sims, sitting in the North position at this table, doubled. He afterwards said that even if his partner took the double .-is business, he knew that- the contract could at feast be dercatcd'doubbd, but when your opponents are nrii vulnerable and you arc vulnerable, and they pm in a pre-emplive bid, a double of this felnd should be ai informatory double asking partne to bid the best suit. East passed and Mr. Wilfard Karn. sitting in tlie South position b!d five clubs, bidding his lowest possible Miil so that if his partner cJW not like the bid,'he could birt -his best suit without increasing the contract. West passed, Mr. Sims in the North passed and then East made (he mlstaks or bidding five lave no defense against the club declaration. So Mr. Karn in the South position bid six clubs, baught ; tlie contract. East opened the six of hearts and Mr. Karn made an easy grand slam, scoring 150 points for thc.. slam-bid and made, 500 points for. jame, 120 points for the six tricks 3id and nude 20 points for th3 extra trick, making a total of 1300 Joints. As his teammates \vsre plus 50 points in tlie opposite direction, their total win on that one board " Hone was 1440 points. The-scoring of 20 for tli2 over-. Lrick may confuse some players, but,-, it has become general practice in the east to score overtricks at In;: same value as tricks made. Thus, you would get 20 for club and diamond . overtricks.' 30 ,fof, Heard and', spade overtricks ami 35 for no' trump.-i-;/ . ;" (Copyright, 1932, NBA' Service, Inc.) South (hat they are endeavoring to take a sacrifice and thni. they NAZARENE CHURCH James A. Russell, paxlor Sunday morning services: Bible school. 9:45; Preaching II a.m. Evening worship: N. Y. P. s. 6:30. Preaching 7:30. Miss Latimcr will have charge of the music tn the morning services. Don't- miss these services. A welcome aivaits you. MATERNITY HOSPITAL, for' nn- fKtunate girls; secluded, private, rates reasonable. For Information write F^irmount Hospital, 911 Easv nth, Kansas City, Missouri: LIQUID - TABLETS - sAI,VE 6«6 IJqmU or TaMrts uwrt tnten '> and 6« Silve externally, make complete and effective treat- menl for CeMj. Most Speedy Remedies Known S^ ect..Cream' "-Butter 30c Lb. Bennett's Pasteurized Milk lOc Qt. Delivered Phone 74 Bulgarian Buttci'inilk I5c Qt. Go to Church Sunday sp-ides. This immediately informed PERMANENT WAVE *• Including Shampoo and ^71 Set. Guaranteed - - - - ~ ELAINE BEAUTY SHOP Glencoc Bid;. ' Phone « "(1ASS1FIED- YOU CAN PAY MORE But you can't get any more for your money. When you use our Ras >'«« «cl fuel of prime enii poini and that's hctlcr than the average fits. 16!c Per Gallon GENUINE ALEMITE GREASING TRE AND CRANK- CASK SEUVICI-; VOLIMER & SON, Inc. Phone 712 Varliro Rri.

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