Delaware County Daily Times from Chester, Pennsylvania on October 29, 1902 · Page 6
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Delaware County Daily Times from Chester, Pennsylvania · Page 6

Chester, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 29, 1902
Page 6
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CHESTER TIMES—CHESTER. PA.. WEDNESDAY. OCTOBER 29. 1902. Happenings in the Tov/n Along the Delaware in the County's Corner, Chat and Chronicle of the People and the Passing Events. n's PERFECT M TRIAL DMI) n Tooth Powder Used by people of refinement i for over a quarter of a century. Opinion Handed Down by the Court Dismisses the Rule. a. n. CH hark. .i\v<> suw.s c-iinKltt ni'.-ii'.'.*,t "'''• Th>' ' lu'(((-r iiltniri I* ET* • Druggist Wlllhim 1'echmaiin. who 1u one of the best known mlncialoslfiis ami cmlo collector In the <-ourity, yexli-rdiiy received n ciillcrilon Iron) Ih" Ka-it indlen, vhkli hi uilzfs very highly. 'I'i-.e collection Miis received Irom it friend of Air. I'lthnuim, who bus been following tin; sea for 11 number of yeaia :inU IHIH In- iliicnlly vlultcd Knst Indian portH. In the lot me d. number of i.lols. ail from SOiij) stone. iiuo'l In I IIP rcliidnii of ihc n;i- tlvon; seven) I iiillilcn nf hrlc-a-brac rn:i'l« from tlio wiint muturlal. n. CHUB made from tho backbone of ,i shark. bctuicil finm Hii lion of thr tjlube. Th>' ' lu'(((-r muUi ill* ill Inn and ivinlnd "MI- of ;i mnal rroofe uil HIW huvinn two KI;I» of t"iah. •Jlic, Ic'th urn iilnvsi :IH ulumi ax su-cl und the «iw-llsli. when !iuRor«-d, i« u. dnii- hU-oin foe Mr. I'echnvitin ha« placed UK- (Olkcllon on exhtl.lli'm In hi" Hloro iiti'l the numerous arllcleH are examined wllli much Interest. TWKNTV YKAHR AIAKKIKD. llr. ami Sirs. K'-wMn Kvr-rnon celebrated IhC tw.Mithlh annlvi'i-HJii-y of Ihnlr wvd- dlne on Sunday lasl, nt ihrir homo In tin; I lial utnd Tlui event wan ulwri-vcd In ji uulet niiinncr, n number of fi'li:mlH cull- Ing t" extend c:<M»«ratuli> I !'»!». AMO'NC; TilK I.OlXiKK. At DIP mrothiK of W'awanct Trlbf. No. 17' 1 O H Al., lnnt evening, mi Invitation •\, us from (iunoKii Tilbo, at Hooth'B Corner, to iUUtnd the dedication of the new linll at the Corner on Mon- tlu> i \cnliiK next. Tho nifinheiK of \\ii- V,,IHCL diddi'd to siltond the celebration In a body. ami Mr. Hull. it member. agreed to tukc till "rodsklns" -to CionoBsi. a roser- \ itlon In n .fom--hor.srj team., . roIlos\,fMKithy,st;?*lo.(i of lh« Tribe, .(fny- n-AkeiB AKa'crahly, N'". 172'X-. held u mooting and InHtrik-U'd four "trnrnnH' from Tiuoth H Corner In the . myxti'i '!<•« of 11114 kliiif I av At the roni.Muslon of the eeremonle.s tho rural residents were unanimous In lliu oDinlon that the in'omlici'M of WuwasfL i>ore well \crHCil In tin; art, a he mcmherH of I.lnwoo.l I-odgp, Knlslit^ of 1'stlilas will i;o to Booth's Cornr'i- on gnluid.i) cvenlns to asslHl tlio ICniKlits .it Hi it n.aeo In formally opening Ihclr new Imll and a blK time Is aiUlulli.'iteil. The bi/aai-'whtch haa lu-cn runnlni; hi 1110 UnioiiRli Hall for tun dsiya iindur pie dliccttuu of Farmers" and Mecnanlf.1 JJ.oilgc nf Odd- Fellow*, will be hroiiKhL to n cloac thlt cveiilns when all the arlkles lamalnlns «>n Im'iirt \vlll hp dlsiiosed of. TOWN TALK. Clifford ITcucoelt, snn of Mr. anil Jlrs. Wllinci JkuRouk. who has boon 111 for au\cial weeks with lypliold fovor, fs ntll) in n critical condition and none of nla Jllonds aro.'iinrniHtfd to see him. : Ti!r. and SlrH. John Sfoot, who Cor a Ion« tcim of yoara resided In UiD.horouBh, l>ut wlio lire 'now re.sldlnt' at ]<Y>llon, will lenxo to-day dyer tho PcntiHylvanla rail- load for UlilBhamton. New York, where thej ulll s'lenO a few dnya .with tlH'lr ron John Scott, Jr. From thorn they \\lll KO to TSnffnlo and will ul^o Miieiul u. couiilc of days at Niagara Kill Is bii.'on; returning home.- • ..... Theic la not much dolntr politically- In , tho l)0iouqh.nnd the election on Tuesday next ivlll no doubt :vis» off In u quiet , munnci Tho'usiml •KOOI! Uopuldlcan- ma- jorlty will he rolled up for roiinypackor iflid the ciitlro Tl«pnbllc:in ticket. Mrs lltiekutl. mother of Mrs. Gcorse ]J. Rowaiul who lins .been !n poor hcnllh -for Boine time past, does not Improve. Mis M.ii'llm Slants, of N' huh si rent? Is expected home : this ; week ! from-'n two Tnontlis \lfllt-lo relatives and old frlondrf Jn Maiylanrt. ... - The buildlnp vhcatiKl l>y John Schiller ami family .wnsi torn. down yeatoi'duy. and its dosliuctlon i removes an old eye-sore. The overhanging sliod of the atriijcUtrc lias caused many a pcdostilan to lose hln religion cspeclrtlly' In wet' weather when tt was necessary to. cnrry an umhvplla. • ^ - nolicit TV^-Honntor. of Fall Hlver, Hans.. •who has been fsacudlne ft brief vacation •with icIallvCM nncV-old acqualnlanc'es--)n the borough, will leave for his Ne.w England home to-moi-row. ;, ,- 'Tlw. Marcus Hook A. A.' football club •will line up on Saturday against thn stron-j TJnlon A C... of Chester, and a battle royal Js lookcil for. THE LAW AND THE EVIDENCE Personal, Social and'OtKer^ews Mrs. JaniCH Crothers, of Church street, left yesterday for Krebs, Indian Territory, to pay a visit to her parcntri. The trljj will be 1'rouijhl with unutiual Intercut for .MrH. CrolhciB anil when nl»; arrives at lier ilcsilnallon, a daughter will be reunited wllh pureiilB. from u'hom she has been srojerated for '&:> years. Hhe Is accompanied by her two yountf.i'h'1 children, Lawrence and .Mar- Ian. Mrs. Crotlu-rs IH the motliei 1 of JJr. 1... Hainan Crothcrs. \?A NT ! A!XOTI i i>;i: GAM K. Thfi Upland football ttiim la unxloub to meet ihc Suulh Chester cx-liigh School ol'jvcn again and posted a challenge- co that effect. The inlNiimlcr- slamilng between the tsvo teams which occurred :it Suturday'K game will not stand in the way of another name, as Upland Is willing lo play for either $t!j or SCO a side. South (.'better cannot afford to refuse this challenge as Ihe local club Is In earnest and all communications addressed to Ifarvey Tarry, Upland avenue, Upland, will receive a prompt reply. JOTS AHOUT TOWN'. Olio Wnllhcr. the Chester fat and bone dealer, had trouble of his own In the borough yesterday. 1-K* was coming down Sixth street when his* horse look a notion to balk and it was some time before the animal could b.; induced to resume UK journey. The Columbia football team will play Ihe Hrandywlne eleven In Church Street Park on Saturday. While going ii|) ISIghth street yesterday James Kween<>.v fell and skinned both of his knees. J'.olh knees were severally cut. ' One or the horses owned by S. A. Crozer & Bonn which Is used at No. 2 mill ran a. nail Into Its foot yosterady and la not able to work. John McMiickln, of Upland avenue, has taken the contract for cutting ^ large amount of wood for .lames Sweeney, the baker. Health Ofllcer Price fumigated the home of Henry flrown at Ninth and Mulberry streets yesterday. Mr. Brown was taken to the Municipal Hospital on Sunday, suffering from smallpox. New gutters are being placed along Upland avenuo near Kiglith street to take the nlnce! of the old ones which were mil carrying off the drainage In n. satisfactory manner. '121am Esan. of Tenth street and \Voodslde ivvoiinc. fell on Ninth street yesterday, striking; the side of his head on the curbstone. He was not badly Injured with the exception of a shaking up. PISRSONAt, CHAT. Councilman John W. Hulme, Police ,Ofllcer Joseph W. Price and James Cluelow will leave on Sunday for New I,ondon, Chester county, after rabbits. Thomas Cluelow, who is employed at the Seaboard Steel Works, .was off. duty yesterday. • , ;,•.;,. Jumes Young,/ ( of Ninth street, has resum'ed his diitles'nt N6: 2 mill after being off for the past two weeks. Joseph Frost and KIchurd ' Swallow were off duty yesterday. Both men are employed at the Seaboard Steel Works and were forced -to! ciuit work for the day as the"-castings-: were too hot to work on. ' . - : r-". : '»•" • • r Albert'.West. of;'Race street. ,who Is employed at/Honch's: shipyard, wna off duty yesterday owlng p to the Inclemency of the weather. ; • ( Harry Blrney, of Ninth and Mulberry iitreels; Albert Booth, of Church street, and Mark TTii.ll. of Chester, will leave oh Friday for UuRsellvllle, where they will enjoy a few days' gunning.' . Albert Hamilton, of Ninth street, has secured r. position with Councilman Louis H. Page. William Regan, of Chestnut Hill, was the guest of Mrs. Ellen Halnes, of Third street and Upland avenue, on Sunday. George Smith, ot Castle avenue, has taken the janitorshlp of the Columbia Social Club rooms to succeed William Cowan, .!r., who has resigned. Albert HWViCfV. snent Sunday In the The Sh.-irrjn Hill football cluh will Ilii'j ii|i rig:.lust ihr- strong CiinrltMi A. C. eleven r,n Sunn-day. TJie K»IIK: will b- played mi Ihe Sh;inm avenue gruuuil.i a:id a warm rorit<-Kt IH '-xiii'i-ir*!. A new family from J'hihn!f|r>hlu ha.s lilf>VP'l Intu lli«- boroKKh and lakell 111..- Wljjf property on Hharon :ivenu«-. The oalo farf who \vrl.s initi.'itrd int'i .MiifC'idali Trll/e. No. ','M. I. O H. M.. "" M'jli'hiy r-w/nlriK. wu.s II. Rudolph, 'jf ','"i- ilngilajc. am! In: y.tyH that hi- gui •'" 'hat w;i« corning tu him with a i^jod l>lt Lo Building Association Action Against John J. Gcgr:l,a Borrowing Stockholder, Reviewed by the Court, Who Says That the Finding on the Original Hearing Was in Accordance With the Statutes. Hoclablit li, ui ih re trnilfred thr- Misses '•my. a I their ]ir>:[t<- "n .' a MIIII.IJ-.-J- of Hhriroii .Moduli JIur-kwnlier and wlf<-, of lire Aciulrrny, will J^ave on Tinirsihty for In- rll.-mn. Vi-'.iii ttii'i-i- ihi'.v will K" lo New Mr-xleo. where they will remain for some llrriP. The nl|r Is b"in}f iiinil"' for >'>•• lionclll of .Mr. Kiu.-kwalti'i-'K health, which haw been very poor of late. Min.s .M. liuckwnllcr, rlmiulilej- of Murlon Iliiekwiilli-f. of tb<i Academy. h-f !»r lifjsiou yi-Hienlay, lo i-e.-uiue itis KUirTe.s. Ollv.'i Urowii. of Snnlh Sharon avenue, ivho v,';iK lal-:'.-n o,nitir lit «v«.-i a w«-<:k auo wllh lypbniil fever. IH IY)OK very 111 at his homr: and K'ave fears are oalertained by hl.s family. Thr: <'iii!<llll<m of Kdrfln Shepherd, of Sharon avenue. Is very .ici-lous. Mr. Sliep- haw lici'ii ill for a Ions tlm<: and It IM Ihou^ht lhat In? cunnol nnieh loniC' J r wllh Miami th" ravages of Ihe dlye;isc frrtm whlt-l: IK: Is sufferlllK- HIGLAHS ACTIVE AliOllT EDDCTONB Midnight Visitors at Various Places in the Borough Over the Creek This Week. ] Judfie Johu:;on handed down'un opln: Ion yester'la;.- \vhlch will he round of ; Irilerc-Kt to every jjerson in Delaware : county who Is cuncf-rned in building as; soi-lalloti.s. The case is lhat of the Foli som Jiuihlini; nn'J Loan Association J against John J. (Joj;el, a hot-rowing j stockholder, the opinion being given on ! a motion for a m-w trial made by the building u.ssoclation. 11:- reason of its importance the opinion is given in full: T1IK FACTS IN THK CASK. John J. Clojfel, the above named defendant, was the owner of two shares of mock in Hit- Folsom Building and I-OHIi Assorlation. • In October, 1VJ5, he procured a loan of one hundred and Ilfly dollars from the assix.-iailon and to secure which he nave his note for one hundred and fifty dollars and as.sigm.-iI to the association the iwo shares of slock as collateral security. On December 12, !89», "he iravo the Hullding Association noli:v that he wanted to withdraw his stork and settle his account. Mo notice was taken Caught by a Man. Times horouph asVfho, truest of his mother, avenue. i -'" Miss Kate Egee. ft popular young lady of .the 'borough, died early yesterday morning from an attack of typhoid fever. This is the second death In the family from the disease In six weeks, and at the present time there is :i brother and sou of Mrs. Egee suffering from the dresidert malady. Miss Kalle •\yas the daugrhtuf of Mr. and Mrs. John Egee, of Springfield avenue. A COP AS A PHYSICIAN. Owen Taylor, night watchman at the Fifth street crossing, was taken sudr denly 111 curly ycsleriiny morning. Officer McCormlck, whu happened lo lie In the vicinity applied restnr.xtlves. THK COUNTY UNION. The Delaware County Christian Kn- deavor Union will meet this evening .u the Presbyterian church. Rev. \V. N. ^fates. president of the State Association, will address the meeting, iisin:; as fits'subject. "A Christian Endeavor Society of One." JUNIOR FIRE COMPANY. The Junior Fire Company held a meeting last night. It Is expected thsi: the consolidsHion of the I wo comiianiep •will take i>ltice. as tho Juniors are anxious to join the senior company. MR. BAILEY'S CONDITION. The condition of Joel .1. Uaili?;-, who i? laying (irxnE?orously ill at his residence on Lansdowne avenue, was much Improved yestrrday. -i DARBY TO\VX TAI.K. AdJison Foster, the restaurateur, has purchased a now horse. Miss Kntie Gilfoylo. of Wilmington, was a visitor In the borough yesterday. Frank Si:>tor won ;* \\'irirTiostt-r rilu Inst night :it tho drawing at Joseii'r Fink's. A masriucrntle party will bo tcndorc'i to-night to a nuinbor of frirnd.x b; !Miss Daisy Ituntlng on chosii-r pik>>. Several momriors of the Darb: llir. Club held a practice y<-stcrdny. Frank Dunl;u> has l>ocn rnr>l»yfd a' a night watchman for the I'.'Ml Tcl"- jihone Company. Mrs. Rllen. Hnines. of Upland Hear Third street. James Cohen, of Main street, has resigned bin position at the Aberfoyle mill in Chester. William McClm-ff. of Eighth street, hns secured a position at the Aberfoyle mill. John McCullough. of Colwyn.. spent Sunday with his father. C. C. McCullough. of Ninth street. > B. .1. Card well, of Upland avenue, has taken a nosltlon with the Fournier- Seaivhinont Automobile Company nt Trainer. THTC SfCK. AValter Cllnlts, of Hill street, was off duty on Monday" by reason of illness. He returned to work yesterday mom- Ing. Harry Williamson, of Ninth street, who has been ill, has returned to work. Mrs. Benjamin F. Pretty Is confined to her home on Upland avenue by illness. Morris Richardson, driver for S. A. & Sons, is off duty suffcrin from n strained back. James Coo. of Front street, was off duty yesterday. He was sick. John Oriinison. of Eighth street, who was injured by falling froui a buiidinp at Rldler Park a few weeks aso. ?reatly improved although he is not y able to EO to work. Samuel \Vurbwrton has returned lo work p.ftor a few (lavs' illness. Chironoc Tarry, of fourth street. :t of tho I'pland football team i- j : from a very sore leu which ! The borough seems to have been the object of attack by burglars during the psist few days sind the citizen's are very much exercised over the iniitter. The school hnuso was broken into on Siiturday niglu. but what the object of the robbers was in entering this building Is hard to conjecture. The fact of their visit was discovered by Mrs. George Hrown on Monday niorii--. Ing when she opened the school. Th» burglars had pried open a shutter arid of course the rest was an esixy matter. On the ssitne night the'">narsiuUois sUtempted to en^er the residence of President o[ Council W. VV. Johnson on Eleventh street, and the home ot lidwurd HLoue on the same thoroughfare. They were frightened off in both instances before they accomplished their purpose. These attempts with the one at the home o£ Joseph Penn and the robbery of the Eddystonc M. E. psirsonage have caused a silr. THOUBLiE AHEAD. The recent laying of the new crossing stones at Eddystone avenue and Ninth street Is liable lo cause trouble for the borough. During the operation the dirt which was excavated was put In a pile and the policeman, Alexander Montgomery, was ordered to place a I'cd light on the pile to warn drivers of the danger. On Saturday evening the ollicer did as he was told, but on Sun- dsiy night he did not. The consequence was that si imin with a buggy ran into tho flirt and upset. The carriage was -broken and the occupants were thrown out. The Street Committee of Council has received a communication regarding the affair and if damages are not forthcoming a suit will likely occur. THE CROSSING AFFAIR. The work of laying the new cross ing stones nt Saville avenue and Ninth street have been suspended for the present, because of the short rails which are at, this point. These rails are i part of those formerly laid down to the Pennsylvania U:\ilroad statioi when the Chester Traction Companj an a oar there. Dr. John MacFuyden the superintendent, has promised to have the rails removed, however, and this will be done in a few days and the work of laying the stones will then be- resinned. CHURCH SERVICES. Revival services v.-erc started sit the Eddystone M. E. church on Sunday evening. Ho far. these meetings, which are being held .every night nt tin? church, have been well attended an.l :nui-h interest is tit-ing taken In the \vork. On Monday evening f\ev. Mr. P.uwclpii. of Philadelphia, son of the pastor, was the speaker and he talked In an eloquent manner. Other good speakers are promised for the" remainder of the week. \VII.f, VARADE. The Eildyslone Fire Company has re- ••elvecl an invitation from the Norwood Fire Company to attend the dedication of the hitter's new fire house on Thursday. November G. The local organization will art opt the invitation and attend in a body. Al.L ABOUT TOWN. Ilurgeps William S. Taylor is having n fence built in front of his properly '••n Saville avenue. The burgess is also having a new railing put around his front iion.-h. John Mac A dams is down K:ust and i = the guest of \ValtIT Hunter, who was formerly connected with the Erliiystone Prim Works, but who left here some time ago to accept a more lucrative position in t'onnecticut. Arthur TompUins has returned to his hum.- in c'aiu.l.'n. N. .1.. after a pleas- of his application for withdrawal but in lily. IDOO. bis stock was cancelled by the Association. Subsequently suit was brought on the one hundred and fifty dollar note. On the trial it was shown that by the report of the Auditor of January." 1800, Ihsit tho withdrawal value of the slock was three hundred and llfiy-seven dollars and eighty-six cents; and that the arrearage as shown by the books was one hundred ami thirt:'-scven dollars and llfly-one cents. The verdict wuh for seventy-seven dollars and seventy- seven cents which the plaintiff concedes Is correct, providing the defendant was entitled to the right of a withdrawing stockholder; and provided further, that he books of the association as made up )>• the secretary are to be accepted as conclusive ot the amount due by the jo r rower. On the trial it was held that the de- fendsmt was entitled to withdraw his stock and receive the withdrawal value that a non-borrowing stockholder was entitled to receive. An offer made by the plaintiff to prove that the defendant was in arrears uul had been for a considerable period was overruled. Tlio Court holding that the association could not contradict the account ns made up by the secretary. THE FIRST QUESTION. A.S to tho first o.uestion: Is a borrowing stockholder entitled to the same withdrawal value sis a lion-borrowing stockholder? It is conceeded that if this association had been incorporated under the act of 1S59. thsit the contention of the plaintiff would be correct. This association however was incor- porstted under the act of April 19, 1S74, and the charter specially provides-that it shall be subject to the provisions of the act of April 9, 1S79. The fourth section of this act relates to the payment of loans by a borrower and provides that "Such borrower shall receive the withdrawing value of the shares pledged for snlfl loan and the shares shall revert baclc to the associsition." The withdrawal value is fixed by section seven of the By-Laws of the association. It is argued that though the- association was incorporated under the act of 1S7-I and supplements, -and subject to the provisions of the act of 1S79, it ie still subject to the second section of : Iield that he could :iot do this ufier he | ' hu/J assigned H to V.'a'Uiuger. The as- \ i .sociution by u resolution Oir-.-ctt-d the | wIlhdroAVuJ to be cie'lin-d.on his indobt- l edntss—whether they included profits t does not ap-i'-ar. H is true the Court ; BiiiO, "He louhl not be a 1 stockholder so long as ills stock was 1 held In pK'ljre" nuoiing U'atklns vs. the i liuildirig Association. H does not up- i j pear whether t!:c- Washington Building ] I and I,oun Association was incorporated ' under the at t of JS.'/J or 1.S74. No inc-n' tion is made of 'he act of IST'J and as ; \Vatkins vs. On- BulMing Association is ! reft-rrc-d to 'n .sayinr- that stoek bfrlrl in pledge coul<l not be withdrawn it Is i riulie i.Iain lhat ibe Court cilher knew or i nought that tin- association was Incorporated uii'K'i- Ihe act of 1!>59. Il i^' ciuite lik«-lv lhat the attention of the Court was not call'.-U to any legislation on the .sub.'t-cl. as the decision Is put on other 'grounds. In Johnson vs. Building Association. '. there is nothing to show whether ihc i Sharon Huil'Iing Association was incor- : j.oraleii under the act of 18S9 or not. : : The case (i'.il not turn on the right j I of withdrawal. Tiie Court said that the ; j quesllon of wltlidrawiil was immaterial , j unlesH th<- second cuesllon raised was ; i decided in favor of the plaintiff. It was ' decided in favor of tho defendant. As • in thr- case o!" WacJlinzer vs. Building I and Loan Association the decision of • the Court was put on other grounds ; thtin tho right of borrowing stockholder ; i/> wiihilraw and ns no mention in the opinion is made of the act of 1S79 and as j the Court refers to cases decided under ; Ihe ar-t of 1853 the conclusion is Irresistible that the Court's attention was noi ; called to the legislation on the subject, or i r so that it came within the scopi of Ihe act of JfiflO. Till-: QUESTION OF FINTCS. This brings us to the question of fines. The arrearages shown by the books in January, 1300, were $137.41. This was correct so far as the charjrc-s niade oil the books were concerned, and it was from this Item in part that the value of the share was ascertained by the Gold Dust.': the ;ict of 1S59 which it is claimed is still in force- I cannot agree with this view. That part of the second section of the act of ISM provides. "That no stockholder,- shall be entitled to withdraw, whose/stock is held in pledge." This is clesirly inconsistent with the fourth section of the act of 1S7!) which relates to the payment of loans br a borrower and which provides that the borrower shall be entitled to the 'withdrawing value of the shares pledged for said Ic^in." And section two of said act empowers the association to prescribe by by-laws the wilhdrawinr value.' It is further contended that under section three of the by-laws the Board ot Directors have authority to terminate the membership of a stockholder if he shstll be in arrears for six months ami Ihc.t 'n such e:>se he shall be only entitled to receive only the amount of actual payments n "d that the effect of tne cancellation of defendant's stock in July. 1900. was to deprive him of the right to share in the profits. Had this canct'lia 1 ion taken place prior to tho r'nte oC notice for withdrawal and pnymoiit of loan, it might have been an answer to his rights to profits, if this nnrt of the by-laws not in conflict with tho net of 1S79. but the right of the parties were fixed .it ibe of tho no; = ro of withdrawal. The Board of Directors not having pro- Auditors, who settled and adjusted the iiccounl in January. 1900. The ;ilaintiff offered to show on the trisil that the secretary had not charged against tho defendant sill lines that he should have been charged with. This offer was overruled. At the time I had grave doubts as to its correctness. It sippeared so manifestly just, that the defendant should pay all fines, that under the by-lnws he was liable tt> pay and that he should not be relieved because or the failure of the secretary to charge him with them on the books. After careful reflection I have concluded that the association is bound by the arrearages as shown by the books from the charges made after the Auditors hs.'.ve settled and adjusted the accounts for that year and reported the value of the share. The value of the share is fixed by the. Auditors and the amount of the arrearages of each share holder must'be taken into consideration in ascertaining this fact, the arrearage o£ this defendsint sis shown by the books must have been taken into consideration as part of the assets, in ascertaining the value of the share. Section 2 of. svrticle 7 of the by-laws provide for the imposing of lines, it also provides that the Board o£ Directors may termins>.te the membership of a shareholder if he shall be six months in arrears after deducting- all charges that may be standing against him or her: And the third section of this article provides that the books of the association for the receipt of monthly payments, etc., shall be closed with the adjournment o- the stated meetings and that the fines shall be charged monthly. Section 7 of article 2 of the by-laws relating to withdrawals after designating the share of the profits a.withdraw- ing stockholder is entitled to, says "less all fines which may be chstrged against him or her." QUESTION OF VALUES. This section also provides that tho net profits which he shall be entitled to receive shall be only such as accrued up to the date ot the last annual report. 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ProDrietor. adjust the accounts of the associatioi prior to the ivnnual meeting- and prio to an issue of a new series of stock (if I any be issued) and to report to tho ! stockholders \vith a. faithful and ivthpU- c-xhibit of the state of the treasury and the value oE the shares." Its plain meaning is that the value of the share as reported by the Auditor in the settlement and adjustment of accounts for the year, is conclusive in the ascertainment of the withdrawing value due a shareholder. True it is in winding up an n.=soc'in- tion when tho assets are not ail ea.?li the association may well refuse to pay to a shareholder the book value of his until all the assets are turnp.l into cash: but to hold this tho rule :ts to a withdrawing stockholder durinjr the running of the association, would bei mp rac U rvible. Tt would involve the restatement .of every account of every shareholder (where it was alleged that tines or arrearages had not been charged or other irregularities in the account) from tho beginning of the shareholders connection with the association, and tin- ro- ducing- of all its assets into cash. If it is proper to show that ponicwh^ro between 1S9S and 1000 the association i:-entitled now to charge Sr>0.00 or tr.oro of i fines, this ;ilone would involve :i v- j statement of the accounts to ascor the value of th^ shares: and if the titles. 1TOTKI, JZ BROADWAY AND 6.^1) STREET. N. V. CITY Absolutely Fireproof. Rates Moderate. ' KXCKL.L.EN'T CuldlNE MODERN l-n-'I-'IClKNT SERVICE EXCLUSIVE EXTEXStVE LIBRARY ACCESSIBLE Orchestral Concerts Every Evening. ALL CARS PASS THE EMPIRE. From Grand Central Station take cars marked Broadway and 7th Ave. Seven minutes to Empire. On crossing any of the ferries, take the Oth Avenue Elevated Kailway to S9th St.. from which it is tine minute's walk to hotel. Send for descriptive Booklet. \V. JOHNSON' QUINN. Proo. Public Sale of Valuable late and Personal Property.' The undersigned will sell at public/sal*^ Rp| on Thursday, October. 30,1902, At One O'clock, P. M., On the premises, near Turner's Shops, oaf >.| the road leading from Lima to Glen Hid- ''-•! die. in MIddletown Township, Delaware^ ] County. Pa. . ;ic- s .Personal property consists of household:; furniture and utensils. 2 horses, 7 milk'y cows. 5 heifers, 1 bull. ^ springers, 2.sows,^- 1 large seed-hog, ii IIU'KU shoats. 11 pigs,"3> montlw olu; 1 sow and S pigs, poultry, cov-! : : 7! ercd milk wagon. 1 bu££, r y. 1 two-seated-.'-^l trap, double and single harness, bini3dr,;j.;';I mower, horse rake, grain drill, "corn workY-jXil er, h:\rro\vs, farm wagon and hay flats/t|.-.':• 1 horse-power thresher. 1 ton of phosphate j- -?| wheelbarrow, feed boxes, milk churns;- ! .Vt| roller. 6 tons hay, 2 tons of straw. fcrks/ : - v shovels, lawn mower, ISO bushels corn,^;^ 1000 bundles of corn fodder.10 acres of cprn.vv; cut autl shocked, but not husked; horso'.'.-r blankets and a valuable fur robe, gr-nd- ! stone and many other articles. --?,-•-. '• The following real estate will be offered« for sale- The mansion-house, buildings;;-,and tenant house and 73 acres of laniJ.v/'J This is one of the best farms in the county;,''"•• and well located, being on the Philadel- 5 ; phla and Lima, trolley road and,about one'?. mile from Glen Riddle Station, on the P-.j-'-l *i B. C. K. It., and Is well suited for -a/-,;. countr>" residence. :'-•'-'-•'Credit- of SO days, with approved secur-^-i.v ity will be given on all sums of J30 and up-;.v wards. : ':"A'\••'•. CLARA B. GROVES. :;. JOHN D. HOWARD. Auctioneer. ^ V; H. J. MAKfVER. Attorney, '.\. Jledia, Pa. __)v Stcawboaf \v;is injuT't-il durinc; Ihe irame \\-ith tho South ('hostor ex- Mich School elovon on Snturday. Brown, of T';ilnnrl nvcnur. who hnd two fingors br.dlv hurt whilr- it work nt tho Slrel Works in "lister last week, hns roturnrd tfi iii. Miil.ird Bnrko. of Tb : r.i stre •>rr duty yost onlay by rrns-m; of SHARON III!,, THE PUCE' AND PEOPLE j .int vis'F with here. Mis- I'laia Hu.-her. of Philadelphia. | was the guest ot friends in the borough yes lei'lay. Lewis Shorter, who with his wife. has been ! .»>ar'Hng with the latter's r'ironis "n Twelfth street, will go f> *H;:-svk''eVLng. They have takori a, rosi- ••vr,' ,->n SnviiJe avenue near th-- nik". r-ii:sp l.>oi:gl:->rty. of the pike, who Vu: b--'--a •>:"[ ^i;tv during tho pasf two ••vof-tcs ^ur'.Vrhv- fron-. a severe boil on his !ir. ha- i-'-.-f>v>rcfi Ann returned to hi? iliTtir? :;; '.ho IvMystoi::- Print \\VirK .=. oeeded under this second section before j sociation can now raise the question a the notice to withdraw. rr>u.M not after i to whether the defendant has br.- that br the mere cancellation of hi? stock affect his right ns .1 withdrawing stockholder, and place him In a more unfavorable position than he was when ho frnve the notice. F-OMK PRKi'EDKNTP. Attention hns lv«>n called tr> Watkin.-vs. thf I'liildini; ,S- I.onn Association. '.>7 Pa. State Report r,14. \V:vl!inf?cr vs. Washington Biiildintr ,ind Loan Asso- riation IS" Pa. Plate Ilenort pnrre fi22 and Johnson vs. Pharon T^nil.ling Association 13 Superior Court "II in suppor! n f the claim of the plaintiff thnt Ihe <le- GARRETTFORD Chicken thieves paid a r=rcor,.l visit tt to the hen house of Hamilton S-^:ily i>t Monday evcnintr. steaiint: all of hi. fowls except one l.-jrge rooster. 11" wru Just beglnnini? to build a now h.^n n».<; on Monday, but will not iinish i:. n; he says he TV 111 retire from the thicker, business. CASTOR I A For Infants and Children. Kind You Have Always BougM of Events of the Borough as Chronicled by a Times Man. ADDINGHAM. , of wh,» fr.-m hoi wlvTn .1 <!i h,<s iviiinn . ing friuicls ^liich s-.ur: ^nu-h »-M it' r.Mlfulcil ! n visit- | '.•nt «.',-ir< a Miss Alley hn,] b, F v lu!.iil.--lp>Ti;\ and was very "I when ia!i>rn;-i\ of h.n'v fT'.t ;nul arxiftv her al>- ;.->-niorrow i*.'S to Ir ;t> it Th c a:-.l th^ l>,-.y? nro Ii ith m-.-:i; .inliripatio Hil! <:n s; T.-nr.;s ..-- civ( -:i In- th'.' <>x\-l riuV -C in \Vinr.-r's Hall pr..ra j :irf.iir. It will b<- .1 m:<«- ' okinp forwan! ' Mrs. r>. K. fnivor and daughter v.-cv- i tb^ Q;i:;k^r < 'ity ye?tord."iy. Joshua Simtwstin and wife. ,-,f I^imr;. ere th-^ V;UC?IK yosierday of John Hol- stcin. who has been ill the pnst -.vcok. Females of All Ages find these Pills simply invaluable, as a few doses will restore free and regular conditions and effectually remove the causes of much sutler- ing to the sex. charged with all fines that he should i have been, he can raise the same r|u«s i tion ns to other stockholders and thu^ • involve in- tho settlement of the <•::?> ' all of the accounts of the association. 1 is well, as the turning of all it? a^-^-t.- ! into cash. DENIES XEW TRIM.. Arbitrarily ns th«s rule may so-m to be and unjust as it may appear, i see no practicable way except to hold th;u the amounts shown to be due froui thr accounts m.ide tip by the s< i i-reiar> from the charges actually inaii.^ and <-<-s the tf'-l ih<- accounts and reported th.-- value r-.f the shares is conclusive on th« association. Rule for new trial tlisebarp^ii. Idsmobile $700. . $700.$ The only Automobile in Ciass A that went through the _5CO-mile en- , durance contest, from JCew York to . Boston and return. October 9th to 12th. lOOJ. It runs easily, without great noise and is oasy to manage. IJuilt to run and does it. Write for illustrated booklet, or arrange for a demonstration with Crndant could not b" a withdrawing { from which charcres and stockholder beraiiso hi? stoek was hoV: t auditors settled and a in pU-d-^c: and m \\.- ronM not be :i withdrawing Ptockliolil.T was not cn- titl-^d to profits. Tt :s true tnat .Tupti.-.^ W. D. Porter in 13 Superior Court K"norts did say. •The notice of witl: Ir.uval amounted to notbinc so lon~ r>s the stork was he!<! in plcdce" and in support of this position refers to \Vai^»n< vs. P.uiMinjrs \V:i.:|in~or vs. r.uil'l- PERSIAN NERVE ESSENCE s .u.\>in>oi>-H,ivc T;iij iin~ Associa- atiOTi -vv.ip in- f 1S:>t> the soc- robibits a stock- Club will givr . .T H3H<m.-,-n aio?u-ii:.Ta^o r>art\- to-tnor i row »\vr,ir:c: at tin- hom«- of th<- Mis«e ; CoHi. -IT \t-.c- Acndemy. Svme of the cos- i tum^R to bo worn promise to be pr-*nt ,i>i-^ i aa enjoyable timr is li->.%l<pd for. I Beecham's Pills. Association and IIIL: Assocrn tion. It \Vatl-ir.s vs. tho tion. tho <l>--frniin:it a rorporate'l >im!rr th^ ond soorion of whir-n holiler from withdrawing when \\\stock V.-AS hold in p'rtic" nr.d the Coiv in that ease refers to tli.-> provisions ir •.li:ii net. Tn \\"adli np'-r vs. llniMinc Associ;i!;o" -Tho-^rnor. a shnr^hnMer. rrorured loan from the nssoei.ilion. cn'vo n jir.l.r ment which Ivund his- r-^-al ^stnto r, 'crurity. He also n<ssi.cno<l his storVc ii ^he nsFOOiation nnl ndditional security on June. IssT. h rt as^isrr.^' : t to \V^>-1linE:"r. <"»~ P^vV'-K-.i-'-:- P\ 1^7 "ii? r"^, es-;iic «-,<: ?0 i,> }* r (},„ shor-; ind th" lion of th" j',:^mt*"nt <5;s curec : thonsanda of cases of Nervous I>el>lltly. I insomnia. Varlcocele anil Atrophy. The> I <::rnr the brain, -strengthen the "circula- [ tion. mnke iJigcstioTi pvrK-.-;. iimi imp.iri ' .1 ir.agnrtlc vipor to thr whole b-MtijE;. AH drains =-n.1 losses stopped pcrm.inisntly. ! SI CO iior box: 6 boxes. guar:iT;tc,_- to cure i or refund money. SS.OO. M.illr>r1 Foaled ! nook frcr. Sold only at O\ East Fiflh St.. ODposI-.^ Tost ( FOR .-BAT/TIMORR— T.ino dnlly \ except Sunday. freii;bt ,-in<l pa.'Ffnsers. I from Consumers" Ice f"o 's whnrf (VIS p. m.-. arriving at Baltimnrc <\irly f,)]lowinf; [ morning. For further information nnd I pamphlet, address F. F. r.UQVKS. Agent, Pier S. SoxuiiJDolnwarc Ave., Philadelphia and Wilmington Passenger Steamboats, J. IRVIN TAYLOR, "Phone 50. E. STANTON BURK, 'Phone 206. Agents for the Quaker City Auto mobile Company. - < - la boTU loc. and 23C. AS TO T11K XOT7CK. On November p. f,->)io w -ir.r; Thofr ijnvc r.oti.-.- to the association r.<n ipply the p;iyni.>nts on his stock to thi ->:iy:n^nt of his in-Sebte'ln-s.s. The Cour; CtTi" O" rllKSTKK * TJRAXnVVv INF,. L*«y«s Mmkot title':!. .Yhsvrf. daily. Sun- \Inys int Ii:iV,l. ;i= fc-T]-;.w.s: For Plii!;-l.'Ifhi:k-«o'- a . m . an d 2 p. m. | For \Vi!mir!;t..K-ll.l3 n. m. r>nd :• p. m : I.t-uv.- rluUit^iiihin. r'irr S. North above • Arch Ktrf.-'t— ii>.ir> ,1. m. and 4 p. m. : l.^-r^.- Witmir.i; c -:i -7."'i a. n?. :uitf 1 p. m ' S'nsl<; Fnr.- t-> Fl-ilr.delphfa ........ IS Ccntn : . :-:^'-i:r?ior. T-rkf u. .................. 25 Ceniy. ! If Chester Odorless Excavatin^Cc 316 Edgmoat Avenue. J.-\R«;KST MONUMENTAL WORKS IN TUP; rouxTT. work and pnces :o st rc-.-dy f- r l <1 tar m»r.7 .liver •„ Jv.rrtli Is

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