The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 19, 1932 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, March 19, 1932
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Served by the United /'rm WUmHAVlVn /•*• U.C\D*m.ll1A OJn *.n»i.. n ._ . ^^ ^^"^™ "--...fc ^ft-* •••:. t^-mmgmmi!M - '•'•''••': . '•'. • W'^y^:Wm • '-.••»••:.• -f- : .Vv.- : 'i'i""-'.'i7li .' • '•- ':' ; •-.-•^'• i ':'-r ; ftvfv •• .-X.-N. "•-'...•';.} -•.:,-'.'/;•-'.;."^ THE DOMINANT NCWBPAPKR OP HQRTHKABT ARKANSAS AND VOL. XXIV—NO. 2 BlydicvlHo D3lJjrN."«'S.-~ Blylhevllle Herald i^E^^^itl'Jli^^L^^'k';. lilj V'l''Hl''VH--'l''. AUKANSAS. 'SATURDAY, MARCH I!), l<i:j2 FISrGARTWRIGH *: ''.ttamMtj mMimmi•*>.-;* f^flWII «.#?*££* .,--^^^-''--.:'Y|^ Insurgents Winning Fight On Sales Tax i rinrnr* nri iu ~ — ~ -- " — ~~ -- * — * ~" - ' ^^^ - _ — _____ .-~_ ________ _ ...... .. _ _ __ . I L ft 1 1 L U L III I H V M-inil*i Mr... PinJ.. \I/:i. 1 • I l i ** A r- ••• • • • • • « •>««••*•» '•*-*. . _— _ - __ ' _ —-.—-- .™ ". — ~ ---- • ----- - ..... — '-. ...... — ~ •*-;•.$ LEADERS DELHI Manila Man Finds. Wife Has Another:Husband «u' of Manila has filed' silli in chancery court seeking' to" Imve I'.is marriage to . Kstel!c Goza sel The Manila man -charges hi his complaint thai [lie learned .'after I his iiiairliis^ thai his wife-had an- 15 . cL't. D i • CLller Il " sh: ""' living. He declares I fOgram to ohm Dlirden ho learned ,of his wife's previous -•'•-- ' marriage through his mother-in, upon confronting his wife with .llie accusation, she a'dmilted having nnother liu.s-b.ind. Sht* slut"1. according to the complaint, that to Shoulders of Wealthy ia Meeting Success. WASHINGTON. --Leaders of tf.e ch 19 (UP) ct ^ed tax bill in mid-afternoon today anil adjourned consideration of tile tax bill over the ivock'end to let lhe unruly house ccol off. The action was taken afler the leadership had suffered another severe defeat, Exemptions allowed American corporations-with branches abroad permitting deduction of foieign texes were stricken from the bill over the leaders protest by n- vat; of 139 to 103. Represent alive Ralncy, Democrat, Illinois, as soon as the lax bill was put oft over thc week end. gained the floor under unanimous consent .inn 1 began n ringing speech to tlip house. Propose Sinck Tax Earlier today the victorious rank ani file of the house carried forward its plan of heavy -duties on the • rich by proposing "to tap the stock market lor upward of $125.500,000 niorc revenue annually. Representative La Guarflia, Republican. New York, offered in be-half of the. progressive group nn amendment (o the tax bill calling for a tax of one-quarter cf on? per cent'.on all sales of stock.- The ways and means-committee bill provided sterns a sfiEro tax: The La Guar- ciia amendment calls for a levy of one quarter of one psr cent on the value cr each stock transaction, but in no case lass than four cents' a share. Sales Tax Sums Doomed ''On the basis of Uc S50,CK>uaO- 000 business in '1931 my amendment would raise. $125.000,000," La Uuardia said. "That, of course, was a subnormal year. Tu better (im;s it should raise more than that. Certainly (he rate cannot be considered exorbitant" The sales t.ix appeared today to be La'dly shattered If not beaten. Leaders who- sponsored the nek- levy of 2.25 per cent on -nranulnc- ti.rers sales were frankly <L2j=c;e:i. A Republican 1'eajef privately admitted there appeared to be no chance cf fcrcing its adoption. Will Boost Death Taxes The rank and file have taken .the situation out of the leaders' hands as at no lima in th.3 memory of olci house members. They are bant on a program of more drastic taxes on the rich.and elimination of the sales levy. Their next move will tc to boost the estate and gift taxes up lo lhe 65 per cenl maximum wa- limc level they fixed yjslerdav - far iiicomc surtaxes. The sates tax probably will b' reached Mcnday. If that is "linii- naletl the bill will ta so emaciated it may hav^ to b; abandoned and sent back lo the vavs and means committee for orderly rehabilitation of its fchedulrs. reason she did not tjiink a-divorce necessary. Barnaul ami Holland, ! 0 :al attorneys, represent the plaintm. \?.ttin Promises to Undertake Rescue. of Missing British Explorer. BY C. A. POWELL United. Press Correspondent RIO DE JANErao. Brazil. March ID. (UPJ-Slcphen Ratlin prepared today to plunge into the dense t'isjn wilds cf the Brazilian jungle, infested with deadly reptiles and insects, in search of Col. P. H.-Fawcett, who disappeared seven years ago in search of a lost civilization. Raltin said regardless of official action he planned a fescue expedition 'through the-uncharted liintjr- land. Raltin made a complete report-to the British .consul general al Sao Paulo and the British embassy here. He told ho\v a white man. euarde<l closely at an Indian "village, hod managed to whisper "Englishman" to him and had asked him to communicate wifli British 'officials. Ratlin said lie also received messages from the white man .scr.ilcli- sd with a sharp stoue.on pieces of U'ocd. "I promised Colonel F.iwcetl I would bring aid nnd that promise will be fulfilled regardless of whether British cITiciats take action," Rattin said. British Consul General Charles Goodwin said he was convinced of RMtln's sincerity after seeing his maps and listening to his strange story of the jungle. "Ratlin's story is so close to the facts In colonel Fawcett's disappearance, and his statements -ting So (rue. we are going into the matter further," Goodwin Enid. STUTTGART, Ark.. March 10. 'UPi—Charges for power to turn electric motors used for irrigative rice fields in this section have bsen reduced 25 per cent this season by Rnlh Takes His Cul-io $75,000 Methods Followed in Line] bergli. Abduction Fail at New Brunswick, N. J. NEW BRUNSWICK, N. J., Mar. :9 lUI'J—A kidnaping similar in! cmc aspects to thc kidnaping -I Charles A Lindbcrjli. Jr., was illustrated today when a nursemaid frightened away a man who oujhi c-mrance to thc nursery in thc h:me of J. Eeword Johnson. A ladder hacl been propped :<iinst the side ot the house and chhcl was .fcuiul at the foil ot Uje ladder. In the Lindbergh ::irina|:lng n ladder ivns used to jnln access .lo thc nursery ar.d a :lii:!l was found on 'the ground; The nurse aroused n caretaker who .fallowed ih e prowler, firing several shots at him. but the piowlei" escaped. WHhin an hour police detained George Maiden, of 518 Easl 16th street, New. York. In a lunchroom .11 South Plainfield. He was held Ecward Johnson is a member of lhe firm ct Johnson .and John- ion, manufacturers of hospital and inbcrntory supplies. i Lindbcrfh Quc.liom: Johnson HOPEWEW,. N. J., Mar. 19 lUPl —lienry "Red" Johiu»u. sailor who failed to keep a date wilh miuemaid Betty Go\v, lh D night "i; Linilbergli baby was kidnaped, was -questioned personally.. today by thc'kidnaped baby's father. I! ivas the firsl lime since Jolin- sin was ilrsi detained that Colonel Lindbergh had seen or questioned ihe sailor. Johnson has l:;en held on a war- rum charging illegal entry into this country, but lias not, been charged with any cotmeclion wilh UK--kidnaping. announce.' Bragg City Infant scions After Accident Annual Bond Issues to Mecl liilcrost Maturities Proposed' in Bill. UTn.K HOCK, Mnr. lU'ClUI').- t. ni\s ]i'l]n:inciui; bill, Introduced In Ilio suiinii! ycslenlay, lodny wns In I lip hands of the-Judiciary com- inillei', ... The bill, licurln'j the iiiiincs at rcr.iitnrs Sl.-wnrl, Uallcy nnd Slm'.:v. ]:voiiosi-s Hint s.|,(WO.OOft «o:th of bands bu .sold bnliunlly for the next lour or -live years lo pay InlercEl - oil highway bonds already out;,tnh(liiy. Proctwls-of tin; bonds wnulcl be directly .nppllcil to llie iwynn'iil" of SSl.OflO.OOO of Jtnls 'liljliwuy l:oncl:: issued sine; tliujinifiiinc of (he .Mnrllucau i'0:i(i law in 1021. Tims . iilxnit V'.OOO.OOO of st.iln icvcnne wciilil be released for «p- pllcnlltm lo the retirement i>[ ron<l Imiirovement dts- Tliu prhiclpal proo- jJohn ,'Roitey Announces ' for City Council Seat John Honey, second wiu-d uldcr- inniv," Ims .filed as u cnmltdiiU' to sneered'lilmwlt m'ihe muiilciriftl dccllrm an April nth uml to:by un. l':c..;l.x;l the Cornier News lo' nn- ouiuT his i'tiiuliili\cy, . ' Jvlr. Rcncy wiis appointed 'by lhe nt lhe uhcxmred titrin of the lau: v. H. 8. Davis. Although this will muiy .ycnrs he lived In that of the : city. . i • . Mr. tioiicy'ls mi old reaitleiit of lie city mill has been iu the gln- ilne nnd colton buslncEs heic for unuy yen is. He 1ms also iltmlnllnns near this rltj- They'll liave lo struggle along willi $6000 loss . Ibis ycnr. But the S75.000 which Babe Ruth will-get for wielding his bat for ll)e'Ynnkces seemed satisfactory to lhe Bftinbinu Hell) and Ins,smiling wife (center) when, us pictured above, he signed a one-year contract with'Col. Jacol) Happen I right), owner of Hit New York American League club. The sA\ Hid bond:;. 1cm. lli would lie to market lhe boiuK but .the senators spxi lug K expressed confidence tjiat proper iH'jotfatlons'would assure sal;, of (liu seem lltcs.' Ahucil .-it CrrUIn, Districts One tecliun oi Ihc Slcivmi-Shiiv- ceremony look place uf Si. Peiersburf, Fin., scene of the Yanks' spring (mining activities. In Die last Iwo years, nuth j, hnd been receiving S80.COO nnnunlly. liowcvci 1 . complete!}' man was never! of connection Infantile Paralysis Fatal to Little ;Bassett Girl , BASSETT, Ark.—A telephone call ' frcm Baptist liospilal;. al Memphis Friday nflcrnocn informed Mr. nud I Mrs. Lnnnlo P.iyne of 1112 dcalli of , their -l-year-old daiigliii-r, llerna- wilh the kidnaping." Anclher foreign born, pnlr ot tenants, sought for questioning also, npparentlty had satisfactorily explained their acticns. They wen l-'aul ;;nd vants of .._ _. _. Lighlfoot cf Franklin Park, N. J. They lelt suddenly the day after lhe kidnaping. "They have been In Ihis country : y;ars. Their time just prior The , hospilal -' B»'l iiikcn (o the nboul llircj "weeks ago This Morning. Lcu'Is Donald Chnfln. 21-uioiillis-' 'fospllal physicians confirmed thni old son of Mr. and Mrs. G. I when doctors hero feared ."lie was ' from iiifnutilc IUJI ilLLillllS. JLIlCy \VC~C ~«u "t "'i - mill ivi j i. ^_ Katy Egslenberg, ser- Cliartn c( Brags Cily. Mo ., Mr. and t,trs. C. L.' tloll S nt lo tnc Blylhevllle hospital o nnd since the kidnaping has been satisfnctorily rcccoimtcd Mid we have nolhins; nt this tim! diagnosis. The child Is survived by licr par__.. _ _ t cuts and a baby brother. Tlie fu- tliis nftcrnoon In an unconscious ™™1 w-as to be h:l:l toduy, with condition - ufur bcins struck by Dl »'ial in the iiassctt cemetery. The a Frisco motor car this morning, j Rsv - P alli Galloway, pastor of Ihe The cniut whese parents live near,the railroad tracks, liart stray- i cd onto 'lhe rh ioiner .Metlscdist churcii, coifducl the service. lo for ! playing there 1 car came inlo sight. and tlie motor ] track that in any way connects them ..nil tiic case." '!hev ;>.re not bring held nnd i f :l Decking th c speed of the cat im-e iclumcd to their Jobs Hi'3 n Mawr. Pa. Electric Shop in Old Lutes Location Growers Receive Cut in Electric Rate Gov. Murray Will Start Tour ofouth Tonight X^J B™ is said to be .straight nt thn point, and the engineer suecectlei 1:1 checking th c speed of the cat-, walpole Rlcctric Shop .has moved lt before one or the steps struck onc do0r cnsl to (ht . tilll| hllil(1 | ng 11:0 clnld - - ;on Main siren from lhe former lo- E.!aminallon by hospital pnysic-. cnt | on in t):c A |j Dr(1 building ians showed the child hart sus-1 The new lo-atio'iirec-iilly leased Tinccl a s-.rious skull fraclure and ' bv HorM( , walpale. ow"ner of'lhe F\(;rcivct.' This piirpose was announced.Ic-1 t!lc Arkansas Power and uay by opi»silion leaic-r La oSar- com P an J'. <1in. ftepublican. New York. I "After lhe sales lax is b:alcn " -•> -"id. "tlic bill should be taken oack ty th e commitlce and other provisions for raising revenue calmly considered. We shall be ready to cooperate with th» ccmmittse to balance thc budget." Coal Thief Fined Allen Garland, negro coal thief, was fillet! $15 by Judse Ivy w Crawford in municipal court yes-' Icrdsy 0:1 n charge of petit larceny. Police ami railroad agents produced evidence to show that Gariand was a habitual visitor to coal cars en railroad "side (racks. OKLAHOMA CITY. Mar. 10 IU PI—Gov. W. H. Murray will leave nt 9:30 top.ighi for his campaign . roken ribs. First aid was shop> was fotmerly occupied Lutes by a Bragg City physlclnn | dry goccls More. 'I he building has ry goccs More. 'I he building has fcelorc the baby was ruslie;! here. ,„..,,„ AMA ,, A ]])!0 u . o „„„„,,. u|lll Thc. motor was mikin Ollc 0 , whlf]l ls cccllpi(!l |. bv _ o . c ' -'e So He will " VJJl: Ul » ILK II I.-, ULLl rejular morning run between Pop- Oanskc's «]!•" store I:ir Bluil and Hayli. Mo. ' • - - Ruin , Trapplnjr Season ore.. (UP) - The trap, , nere because of an over-abiindancs »im Snow - Woodsnitn- time niter ,,, ?° lll(l Mt """ir lra P s - o»ly to ' not lost by new- iy From ^r^Lmhi! 55 'Sunday!Ban on New Enlistments 'Dumber Company Enters Birminslnm. Air,, car- J ^ y ^ Amy y {ted , Livestock Business Ihcre lie will make his i I .- ; .. i .,,.,,, s tow ih-.-ough Alabama I -"vice with t!i= United States! Ifiud.Floi-i.iii. endiiij in Jackson, | nnlilary .forces in the Hawaiian-' urnl Mis< March 'S befon- ilic state i' s ' ail<is "* ope" l <> men "} years' ••• t -"-^ r - '•"•- "ni«."<.u m.- UI.II K legislature and a ymblic address j of a sc or over according 'lo'llic Mountain Lumber company to en- 'icai recruiting station. ' Cr 'J 10 ciilt' 1 " raising intjresl in' n j The local office has been re- smali «'«y. l«iriri*H. tn Av.\: r i» n .M «r nvA .,tA,,^ Every stuiibcr concern is faced CRAIGMONT, Ida. iUP)—A nat- airmi-.y between lumber nnd iclied the Craig the same night. Seven Occupants of Missing Plane Alive stricled to enlislmcnl of previous service men for EOUIC lime but I Ilio ban on inexperienced recruits lias been lifted il is suited. cabin monoplane between here .1:1;! Toronto were found alive toaav n*ar their damaged plane. They suffered only slight Injuries. The plane was piloted by Ernest Lcvine. Six prominent citizens of Tlmmins. including a priest, we-o his passengers. The e™»P set out from Toronto Wednesday aftir witnessing a Imckey game and were not seen imlil tn-'ay. "I Beacons Lessen Hazards Of "Blind" Flying *'ith thc problem of how lo capi talize on cm-over (miter land. Occasionally tt:r land is sold to farmers who unriertrkc tlie arduous task PHU 1 ls ** n " M »"' ""K ADEI 'PHIA, tUP) ,. s no , There ee fol - a ..„,„,, code .. orl ie campus of Temple University, civ counc11 - go\emiug body. dw , Idc(1 session, by a vctn of to Wichita, Kan., Mrs. W. D. Ellison above, taught school children how (o raise the dough, but now she finds "raising the dough" for defunct banks much ".more Interesting. Named-as receiver for a closed bank al Philllpsburg. Kan, she handled its affairs so well rreemamc Atioipn J. *>«un oi lhal she has been named receiver Chicago in a visit, to Roosevelt fm- tjiww*. nthj*rc . i, . . flf clearing. But Ihf.-.e sales are fen- far between. Illinois Will T cV Roosevelt Af(er Lewis. Says Sabath NEW YORK. March 19—Tlie prediction that the Illinois delegation to the Democratic national con-1 vention tn Jun 2 will support Gov. 1 Franklin D. Roo^vell for the presidential nomination after (he first ballot w«3 made lodny by Rep- resenlatKe Adolph J. SALT LAKE CITY. Utah. <UP>As automatically as alarm clocks. 100 beacons in lhe Interir.ountain district will shine forth during the day time when fog cr storms reduce the light to a certain point. Instruments that work with the precision of a thermostat will be Installed by the department of commerce. The Improvement will considerably lessen the hazards of davlight "Wind" flying. Company hns c!J.covcrcd r that their symptoms of tr.c dlse.ise. it is tin denuded foi«l Inr.tls are rich In derstood. for Uir»e. others. 1 hendqusrtcrs. NEW USE FOR RADIO AMES, la., (UPl-diffirent use for the radio is bein$ tried put it Jov,-a state College. T»-enty radio- controlled clocks have been instilled ai key points on lhe campus, ui an attsmpt to gtt. (he slitctenls to el«ses ori Umr. The Cr.iig Mountain forage. Accordingly liicy liave pur- from . ... to develop the llveslock . measure' 'Aould prohibit the state fiam paying bonrls or hn- pinvcmcnt district!) "wholly within •jn area nol more Um'n:. 15 mllC3 iicm a oily linvlut! u : popul»tion of VS.IIIHI or innri- hilmbUmila, nc- In. Hie'. Imt ; federal • ccn- ai^l ally one of whtisr com- inner? is a member of (lit Hoard of Commissioners of two or inuri- other hiiprcvc'irk'iit (listricD Icrnted. and which wild area Is advertised, promoted or being rto- /clopcd iis a rosJth'iitinl secvi'in." fJltciisslcm bi-Diijlil out Unit, thi! prtii'lftui was Inieudcd lo np|;i> lo !h 0 districts i" tho I'nrk Mil vicinity developed 'by the jiisl'i MntthcM's Company. The bill ir.L c.-.ily piovidcs (lint payments shojlil l;e biO]i|>fd hut recites thai su:'i tll.'.tiicl.s "nre nol bonds of Improve- nit dlslrlcts whlcli the leglsh- rc Intends shnll be paid out of flic- highway ntvouues" nntl thn iv money already p.iitl on then, by the stale shall be recoverable by the slate." Atiilit Mnlicy Oppiwed Fkirly coiifiSilcratitiu of tile no'A 1 }iending In the house lo : prcprlalc mi additional $100,000 enable tli t , slnlc highway' nti.'li CCTiml-Fion to contlmse its invest! Etiilun uieincO likely lodny. A mo tiou to have the tucaiiljv remove: Iran lhe hands ot lhe ' biKlg; inininltlcc nuil broujhl lH.-lorc tlv house without rci-oininendntlon bil 't . ............. ,., niter liUtei debalc. Some route here. members of Ihe house expressed the opinion the nmoimt was in excels of the amount ne^l- Others pohiti'il out that wile: 51CO.COO :ip;:io]irinlcd at iast session for '.li? audit, witli an :il'. additional 525.000 to lie used ntcessLiry, that they thought v.ns umlc-iscood the auditors wo:| 1* able, to complete the work. The house is in ndjournmcnl until Monday at 10 A. M. Tho senate adjourned to 2 r. M. Monday. . the nirH lime for Mr. Rwuy lo ii?fc I'leellon As n council iciiro cmnllvc frcm the second wnrd he s im strnnnei lo tlmt Undy Mr. CSCICOLA, 'AVX., 3 o'clock this afternoon . tlu'"Jui : v'- ; In the srccnil Ivlsfpt F 1 --. w : .v< Curly.'i Ishl, ch.irscd' with flic; iriuS'J'v. fWr of M. L, Cr.i«fnr<t, reViirncd".' V it vcrtita qf not jtiilCy. -"•-:;••••.'• ^•J*, J -S' Tlie- case" wcnl.' lo'HM-.-'jury 1 OT' 3 !^ Loss, Including Coiisidcra- • blc Quantity of Colton, Placed -at $25,000. 'OSCEOLA, A;k. .(SpcclnD-FIre swept n cotlon gin »t McPcrtln, Wllron plnntnlton eight Osccoln curly (his morniii!?, da- oyliiK the gin, a cotton 'liViuc; i'*i bales of colton "aiia UO.MO pounds ot seed coUou.'Tlic'lur.s i'Hs' : csti- malcd at approxIniRtely 425.000, covered by insurance! -. •'.;• , --;The bla?*, wnjch'orlsiimted in ilio dryer hoi t »aboiit Tins gin, n thrce-slnnd butni, nn'd (he cgtloii house will bj rebuilt'. It \vns lenrned lifrc todny. Surplus;Disposal Plan Depresses Cotton Price WASHINGTON. Mnr.'10-IUPI — i'posnl. of Aincrlrnn- wheat- nn:l cotton nbinr.d -nn longV.nud short Icnii credits Is beln'r; .attempted by •-.f.veinnient iijencies In a new am! Intensive campaign lo cut doivn Mirpltifsca • wlilcli hove licen block- iim Ihe u'ay to Improved prlcc-s. This selling nclion abrond was trcdlled \vltlf makiiiB colton Use nearly SI n bnl c yesterday. . Texarkana Suspect Arrested Near Bono JONESBORO. March ID. (UP)- Counly officers toduy' apprehended George Harris, about 30; nt an nn- clc's home near Bono, Ark., and it wns rcportc<l 30 minutes nfter the capture had been flashed lo Tex- nrkniin. Ark., officers left, there en- Harris was hiding In the home- of Charles Harris. Officers said uantccl for highway robbery and murder. She Shocked 'Em Manila Men, Bitten by Mule, Fear Hydrophobia Two Manila men. bilten by-R,mule suspected of 1 haviiie moles, Mrfe. to undergo treatmcin. according to reports received litre todny. 'Die mule, bitten about five years ago. by a- dog believed to have had Lumber hydrophobia. recently developed Dr. A. M. Washburn of tlie county iwiuyt;. Accoruiiii,iy uicy nave pur- k -' 1< "• " l > «.I-;JIUMIUI ui mi. t-uniity chased over 1.203 head of Hereford l'-«alth unit here wns informed of »-•"- • •-- - ---• • "••• unusual case early this morning '. left so6n after tor Wilson and Ihe industry as a lo;:ril auxiliary cf couW not be reached for a slate I mem. However, II was learned at j his office' that rabbles vaccine had • bc?n ordered tor use at Manila.. lumber busiv.c Velephntifs SCIKC in Spain MADRID. lUPi—The number of telephones at present in service in Spain Is 242.152. or. roughly, one far each 00 inhabitant". In 1930 there 212,360 irlrpfcOMJV in 1929. and in iW8. iSa.Sf-s. Root of Damon McLeod Residence Damaged Tlic roof of thc Damon McLeod residence. 2009 West Cliickasawba, was slightly damaged by fire this mcrning, rL;ap The blaze, apparently originating Ihing sny from a e-cfcctlve flr.c or sparks lall- -. «tt ui-t. i* n.v^ns less lhan 1113 on dry shingles, burned a Iiol6 that. Divorces this year hnvo been!in the roof. Fireman exilngulsr.ed twice ns numero'.n nq marrinsor.. I the fire, nslnj? pcrtaWc water tanks. twp Vwr a Tailure THE DALLES. Ove. iUP) a \; more. l n iflcr the noon rcccsa: rtontl rfqlieat fqr fsllinnny .' being .compiled:/ „ Marcus Fictz,/mirl--st«iK)«vap}iirv'. . •iad not (u.rlved :U' Uiat r tlnio-'tq',v--'. end testimony. 01 twb'.'stule/wlU.'.-"?; .ictses nsked for and "tlio .jiirj/'fj l.i'occwlcd to go ahead with' (ts ; 'da-'yfj lilwrntloiit • ; -.-... -.: .---':/] \-**xi$ Ohfe before,' about '10' .'p'cii:'.i 7"=:; his morning, the Jury, lin'd : IntcrY'.fe ruplcd Us dellberalioijs to . rntiirri-,'.•'.'! 'o lhe. court room rind'ask for' Uw' ' : A". istliuony of a-witness.; ' ' '—"•'-'- !ury asked for." Her .loslimony-.,»ii!>y s. rend Into the rccc-rd of the. Becisrid! :••£ Irlnl. D.. K Tayloi 1 , acting JiidgV-'J* re-rend the' testimony : of Ilio..wp^VvJ man, • who took n ''phone . cnll •' fo'f -- '?, the town nlghl liiarshnll th* .ini^lit'^i M..'L. C.mwfor'd'wnii kill«»fi cotirtrooin'.at •;'iioon,':atUl 'wlflioiie" J'i^ '^nll ."'^Vif^raiiTir,'S/illlBoi r i'V'--<|fi\j?ifl were"' with- Cartwrljh't'-'Wl»oh..'-lii»ijf falnl shooljnj occiirrciV -.T:3'i-'^- incny of ttifse tw ; o witnesses ~'gi7?:'.£ cn-nl tlie^seconcl .trial',Had •. been transcribed aiid Marcus -Fit^, court stenographer,' had: rctiinii!ij; to Ms home nt Wynne hlohj wttlr. Judge Nelll Klllough nf'the ' ''"" clusloii of the."trial'late yeslcr-'- day, ••- ' - '-' ' • y*^':.-. Officers phontd Flelz (lurlng'-rlhel nocn liota- add he -.WHS rcportea'' ?iuQi!l c here,"early Ihls nftening'n.'V Willi him. !l ivn.i it.i'ted. n-Js Judj»\ Nelll' Killough, who' was 'cxpccti^ 'o.n';ain assume lhe "duties of'tnt' -ourt he lellnquished- lo ail '• act-"lug judse' after the case, u'enf "o the Jury yesterday. Salary Set for New. ^-' ¥ President of Spain: MADRID, (UP)-The - salary of: the president, of the Spanish Rj"--> public, ns proposed by the; pro- . Jected budget now fcjing -"---^-- •' cd by the Co'rles. Is the -i that set forth In the law K,.,™, shortly before, the election -last: December, to wit—1,000,000 pesetas-as salary, 250,000 pesetas for-'en- ; terttiinmcnt, and 250,030 ' pesSjis- for official voyages—making n-(o^ tnl of 1,500,000 pesetas. The total,' 1 ' al par. would be equivalent to $300,000! but nt thc present rate of o\'clratigc is In the neighborhood of $115,460. •-' ' " ; . ;•'... Tlie ex-royal family, formerly hnd an appropriation .of 0,000000 pesetas. - . ' '-. .... President AlcaU-Zamora, boin': very charitable person,' ."will doubtle.« be tihable to sn\-& tihy- : Ihlug from his salary". '. ••' FINI> cmer HOBBIES •• ST. LOUIS, (UP)—The Yourij; Nfeu's Chr|slian Association lif« sought to find Ihe chief hobby of the local average boy. The most common hobbles—all vicing for the lead—included autograph, arrowhead, stamp, old coin.' and ctgnr" baud collections. . •• S-rve Chicken at Rabbit Honl BEND. Or?.. (UP) — A -rabbit shooting field trip drew out 150 : hunters. Two coj-oets ant! 2,000. r.ibblls *-ere tagged. Followintr the limit, tha niarksisicn's wives served ' dinner. It was clilcXens ntid noodles. > A very fresh freshman lndce;l Is Marlon E. Shepard, 18. of -University of Michigan, who—just to prove that she could do it— donned meiVs clothes and slipped past the guard at the door cf llie cxcliiJiV(. Michigan Union club, where no woman is cv;r allowed. Caught. Marion ' pioniiiod she would never do it again. Her In Cleveland, OMo. and she is shown above as slit w.ts dressed Tor the exploit. • 3) WEATHER ARKANSAS—Partly cloudy and wanner tonight. Sunday unseltlsd, probably showers, ccobr In north p:itlon. . ' According lo the ofTicial whither ob^rvsr, Charles Phillips jr., the maximum lemperaturo here yesler- day w-as 56 degrees and .the minimum. 42 degrws. clear. Today n ycvir ago OK maximum mnpintiirn was 64 degrees and tiie. minimum . w. p«rtlr clovrly,

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