The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 18, 1932 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, March 18, 1932
Page 8
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This Child Lived to Become i's King Rut Died at 16 JI/m.RVlU,E. (ARK.) COURIER NEWS cither tcad Mark Twain's fascln- iitlng (nlc of The Mnce and llio Pauper, or has sron Ihc |>lny made from the book. Th? r.ioiy is nf UK poor boy who ;;<) re.-rmblcd Hie Prince that he was glvn royal honors wlillo Hie ical hclv with whom he had chiiM|."vl clolli'^i war, Ihroini Irmn Ilif pal;if/> tt; live nmuiii! llu 1 most u-ri'U-liril of hi.', Mibjecls. 'I'he pi into u-hoM- iu-ait v;ns tom'lu-ii by Hi-.- ml.--.?y nl his IU'0- Jrte Is tbe baby oj today's picture. He was the only sou uf Klnn; Henry V11I i>f Rnalund nud hi:; KKIIT was no (,iber than Qutrn Elixabrth. Ktlwnrd':; moihcr v.ri s Lady Jan? Saymnur and i:ii.Mb;ih':i WHS Anne- nolvy/i. Prince Kdward had anolher slslrv Mnrv ivlio had Mill anotlwr mo!!]':r. Catherine of Am- eon. Henry had rl>: vvl.'cs. two ol 'A-honi lie ,iiv(ir(:,d. tliu. 7 . er.nhln^ !!'<• I'rcil ritl L-uv!'rn Kii-Jlond ami Honif. Two of thr.-m he hclvjadi'd, Hill Ji'ilvvairl'.s jnolliei 1 dk'd v.tii-it of * four hooks of Cato well o.i a great d Ml" 1 nibl". He dldn'l imve I fun niul li:'forc he "vai leu old hlr, rnllii-r [j| M | aiKl'lii! t,.,...... KI»K of England. Atom ihp only playmate lie enjoyed, If so sorbu.1 u little King could enjoy )i!nis;lf. was Jin Dfiiiitlfiil yonnjj cousin' 1 l.ruly June Clrey. When Edward i made his will hn passed over hir. Mslerf, Mnvy and EllzaliMli nt .,| n:im< d I.aily Jam- :'.'; His successor. , you can toll (hem without seeing his signature. Next week another little Prince even trlfd best weight iiH.V. 11 -i v.n. 11 vi n lilivi JILI II tLIP 1T1 years will gallop riehl onto this pa?.; on clinmiilon" •mim? his pony—Doa Ballazor Carlos of 1 Spain. Veln/<|iie/, who painted li:s| ->IA ««n D -J r.-ii liurtnilt, bcllcrat Just the opposite *W)UUU Drlde StlU to Holbein. He achieved In 11 feu slrok.?s Imtcnd. of uolnif Into de- tfill. n ° tr wo " d ' s FRjlXAV, MARCH Cross Sheep. Alive in 16th Year Operation Restores Sight Of Famed British Boxer . w,vvv AJT1IUC UilU Unwed in Pennsylvania BEND, Ore., (UP) — "Hill." [he R«l Cross sheep for whom various purchasers paid $150,009 Is olive and well on the bit! Geor-c On'M here for £5,000. He was n nvo . year old ram ai Hint time. 1 Bnlsu. i!w lig;ucH \voo>: kiion'n has about, half the s(r;ii8tii of the liest spruce. Kinj the- .-months-old Trlnce. BY ALICE ROHE i have a prince who became King A«:r last week's little girl with of England at the nge of nine only the title ot Innocence, we " Surely every American child has . desire of his life— a .son. Nnl MUi! Fiilhcr, I.lki- iiini Fdvard t(i,l n(jL urcally rL^on- b 1 ?, liis in rngant, wlf-induluciu fnthor, who v<i;aic!cd his srm an<l heir with n sort of Idolatry, ilol- bcln's picture, was painted Avbcn he was only iliiren months old and docs not .show Hi; frail health which Is so itiarkwl In lalcr j;lc- Inres. \Vhen you ri'iill/j: the re- .slniint and formality which surrounded Kdward the painod look in his face as tip KU-.V oldi:r i^ >iot surprising. KVLMI at the lime Ilol- beln painted liis baby vorUail tin- tiny prince liad his own ImuAChnld —a noUlo Lady houfrkecp-.r, n nurse, clianilX'iialn. comptroller, nlmoncr. and even vnckcr.s of the ioya) crndli!) Lalcr on In had « whipping boy who If Kdward misbehaved was given a good laslnnK •In his -slcnd. It is jorlniKUc. for the whipping boy thai Hie Prince was well behaved. x Edward was thoughtful. Mii'li- 0"s anil jjrccoL'loiis. Wh?n ln> iv«.s i-lffhl years old lie wrote lo Arcli- blsliop Crnnmcr in I,ulin. At nine lirantlfii] and t.ilcnletl Rlrl who liiil not want to IIP QIIC-CII rel^ntd only ten days. Then Mary, who |yc.amc Qi:acii. h-.-lieadcd her. Kin- Fdwnnl ):a<l Uloil a sliarl n-m- nt the :mc of sixteen In tii^ ! vcar or his relfm. llolbrln Plrasfil Klnf HnllH'lii. vho war. torn in Cki- >n:iny, Inoninc com i painter to Henry VIII in 1532. His lll::i K «.s of r/L'iirv VIII luis made the fee :iml UAtumi! nl dial much nini- vled inoiunch famllitir to cvcyy om 1 . U is llio toby iwlncc's (ibrtrnil. „. '\~{ ~" lr ' however, that lias tlis gw/atcst, ' clinnn. a was no i'jsy task for an ni'tlst in palm ihls child wliom Honrv rf^nrdcrl n.s the most u'ou- itci'Inl rrealuiT ever horn. But Ttnll;eln inccc-'-'tti'd in [itcasiny the Kins. Ail in England wns at, sucli a low ebb thiit Henry hiul IKCII forced Lo tall in a foreigner, tln- likc most. (>{-iti!an iirlints of this period, Holbein combined Imagination and an inn:r.? Ri'are, n .fireat fciMlnu for iihyskal lieauty vi'llli tin.' German 'hifis of detailed finiMi. ilneiieu of lii:e, (Joliraty of jiiod- fling, accuracy. HU i:i:rtialls lire :.o exact p. i production of the j subject us lo siiiic.cs: ihelr imnpcs :' in a mirroi 1 . Artist:; in davc- hac! (o do many kinds of wort:. Holl^iti. \vlius-.- father also was an artist, do-^iynC'il m;my wooclciils for books. As Hc-iiry's tourt painter h? : liud lo dccora'.v tin- walls of the Iialaccs, de.sit;ii royal pageants as v/t 1 ]! ns paint royal pcritaits. He loved l»st to [lalnl ptirtratts nml th'.ctlvc that LONDON, (OP) — Form—' famous boxer, Air Mansfield ha had his sight restored nftcr many yerus of blindness. A short.time ago Mansfield was advised to consult. Professor Tarl- enn In France nbout his eyes. Th5 professor *- J who last October olfeu'd lo any "rcspeetable" man w i, 0 wmllu SI .5 her destitute .parents $10000 SIM was single today. In spite of hundreds of proposals and several wedding days being s et, none of the rosy promises Included in the offers have materialized. Several checks sent to cover "initial" expenses \ V Ar 0 returned, martrrl "no funds" iJie Ked Cms-; : . C :- :!!U E0 man - Ihiicii it lost coiinl. Each time tin: imrcliascr gave the animal back •to inspire another auction The nucllcms were held ns far cost as Denver, and the entire $150,000 Mansfield runs a' business; at lir.'idfoid under...'the- inana^pisicnt' -. In h!s earlijr days he •ivas a promltifht' flywclghl^ nnd every grav> ino. C. McHaney, Jr. r«r)rUxiti««. Kctpsy^j fMlIncrlcfcl. tic. Th* AU.Vtfttablt Laxative liis pnlntincs r.r.> ALL NIGHT ] If you mutt get up repeatedly J at night; if you hive a burn 1 inj{, uncomfortable, nervous fteling and arise in the morn inn tired out, your kidney may b« causing the trouhl Use Gold M«da! Haarlem Oi CspsulM regularly and see i' you don't tleep icundly, fet younger, grow stronger. Dur . ing 236 yeart this fine, olr I prepsrarlon has helped mil ' «="»»?' tW8rthlf » il1 ' GOLD MEDM HAARLEM OIL CAPSU11 "I'd hate to be called an Outdoor T HAT usually means a girl's a total loss in a lelc-a-tctc . . . and takes np 'nature' as a last resort! But I must cou- less a liking for liills and forest trees ... and all genuine natural things. <: I like tl>c'simple sincerity of Chesterfield's advertising. Have you noticed it? There's no extravagance in the claims. Just everyday fads about the fine tobaccos they select and the painstaking way they develop the flavor and aroma. "I've never snioked'a milder cigarette J And I never tire of the flavor ... a fine natural lolwcco lastc. They burn evenly, too. Either they're rolled more carefully... or the paper's taller. I feel the greatest con- fidcnce in Chesterfields. They satisfy me!" iVnr Rnrfio Program "Music llir.l Put-:!,.,." Afomfoyt and Thir.trfn.vs, Koswcil Si>lcrs. IVr..'....y,i,,,nJ.SnJiirJnvj,RulhKniiiii. Tuesdays nrvt l'ri,hv<. \\. .. t; r:1> . Sliilkret's Orchestra, every riglit iwrpl Snr.ln <-,.| i,; a NdworV. lOp.m.K.S. T. Wedy m.-,f .v.i':.-.;.,,-. o till . r ni;1 hti 10:301'. S. T. • THEY TASTE BETTER, "TTtei/ Borgoins For Saturday and Mondn» ^—" *-• ' V^ ' 'II fYniw Sliiui^ I ][}$ K. C. ^Baby Reef .-'--.. IJi. 17 l-2c Thick Kib » b. 12k PORK ROAST I PURE LARD Small Hone Fresh Pork Lb/lOc , . -p* —™' "^•"••••••••••••••••I. -3S.1 100% Leaf 5-LIi. I.imii Lb.5i/ 2 c HAM Oltl Southern Style linked Lb. 6flc HITHER Sprinjrhrook Pure Creamery ib. 21c CORN No. 2 Can 7i C I IWAIT Country Club OQC ' * ' iiAJllji Can «)3 ^U£AR MILK Pure Cane. In C(nth Bass Umit With Other Groceries, 10 Ujs. 44c ur y bmaj|. or a 'lull ')ii ull U\J ^ btANb ^ fr 5 C 'I'omavo Can Can I LARD Pure 50-Lb. Can BEANS pinto or G- Northcrn T "wc' BranH Pound 19c PRIMS __ ,., 5 C PEACBTS Era "«"'' M , A if PRIJNES i. lw s. r ««, 1(1 c 10 T»ar.« 29c CATSUP ^"y^ZF I SALAD DRRSm PFACHF- iau? ' TO'lATOES I GINGER ALE Soui'or. P'H || Slandard No. 2 Can g large Bottle Quart 12^c g 4Cans25c I 2for25c Ib. l^c CURLY CABBAGE ,.. 4 C OYSTER PLANT Bu nc h 10 c BEANS Grwn NEW POTATOES 1,1.. / 2 . 19c

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