The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 18, 1932 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, March 18, 1932
Page 7
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ift, BLYTHEVTM.E, (ARK.) COURIEfc NEWS CLASSI Two etnte i 'word tor flnt Uuertioo aod oat Met i word 'or Mcb tubMQtxm ti*a&* NO adtertUeme&t Uktn for MM Uuu Me. Count the *or<to and tend the cash. •, . FOR SALE FOR SA1Z—B*by chick*, »11 rarte- ttet. Ciutota hitching solicited, Marilyn Hatchery, Blytheville l»ct! Wit UtNT FOR RENT—200 acres improved inrrn located *'.i miles west ^of Luxora. Cash or crop rent. G.'L. Waddcll, psceola. Ark. 14P-K21 1'OR HBNT-^-Kodern 5 room house, newly decorated. Corner Ash and Division. Call 335-W. 18C-K22 WANTED WANTED^-Bring your poultry to B. T. Worthy's, 106 First Street. We pay matkel prices. J E Fisher Set! WANTED: Used truck. Terms, Must DC cheap.'Addfess.M, care Courier News. . I6pk21 f WAHNING ORDER - CHANCERY COURT, CHICKASAWBA DISTniCT, MISSISSIPPI COUNTY, ARKANSAS Virginia Reeves, Plaintlfli No. 5182 vs. Albert Reeves, Defendant. The defendant, Albert Reeves, Is warned to appear within thirty iiays in the court named in the caption hereof and answer the complaint ot the plaintiff, Vir- Einia Reeves. Dated'3-18-1932.' R. L. GA1NES, Clerk, By Elizabeth Blytlic, D. C. Sam Manatt, Alty. Ad Litehi. I 18-25-1-8 COMMISSIONER'S SALE, NOTICE is hereby given that the. undersigned commissioner. In compliance with the : terms of a ctecrcc rendered by. the Chancery Court for" the Chlckasawbi" District of Mississippi County,' Arkansas, on the S3- day ol February, 1932, wherein The Mississippi County Building &, Loan Assn., was Plaintiff, No. 5100, and John G. Harwell and Beulali Hargett, were Defendants, will sell al pub- lib auction to the highest and best bidder, on a credit of three months,.'at the front door of the Court House, between the hours prescribed by Urn-, in the City of AH Hair Cuts - 25c New Grand Leader Barber Shop Norlh Second Street Women's and children's hair cutting a specialty. Earl E. Parker R. 3. Prevost INSURED BONDED I NTER TRUCKING bEi>ENDABLE DAILY SERVICE TO BLYTIIEVILLE FROM Memphis and TJtttc Rock J. D. McDowell -Telephohe Local Agent No. 82 Dr. R L. Tipton Physician & Surgeon ingrHm Bldg. • Telephones: Office - 256 Residence - 276 HKIilN HKHB TOO* I > F.LI.KN ROSSITKH, kca«llr>l - >->..r-oll, uu» |. |o,, W | lk I.AIirtV IIAItHOWC.VTM. 7X.k • rllii nk«M ikt mrtt, ml ll«.»- Imil. m Oirr kill Kkcrt <k* or«rk> «• kLtlru. l.m.rr h r«- , km krr. Ell» mfttti to «n«rrj »Ti; BARCI.At. 57 7«r. .11 nrallkj. nko ku. M l| kxiltil rimin ( >r ktr kr.iktr, Mllfi:. l-Jurt* In • . lr rr< artKrit. R41» li "«" r « •"* « «iarrl:i«e will »r«- «ld» tot ktr KMlkrr, MOI.I.V KOS- KITKII. tat Mnkr II n*i>lt>|r for •"" nniiT 11 vaV« up soon." sba tried to tell erwlf. Then slio would become ontcloui again ol SymeV troubled «ce, Sho tat rerr itlll whlt« the biter thought* throntui upou btr. Tbe niarrlaee wltb SloTon had been o marriage at all, would bollevo either llnrrl.y ka, krr« m.rrlrt and tflvorrrd. Seaadal Rtcoraenmlr* »U <lror« tr«m I Kilt GRAk'- KON. t»*ttr, in*. <rarlaK >*<• talk aiar at rt>lTt«. k» «»4 F,ll<-» iff'tt mil ikrr aall t*r*"mr"r£ • • F.ll*« fcni BBC prrntaifft blw !• wall Halll Hfirr tbr crrcwunT. ffTtlit'f l»WT»r, nVHICS, rrt»t4» t.llrH «• • Kel4-^l|ri;«r. tn • i«nblf •iwBrrlN^« !• « •malt rannfrilrut tonit, H'rclnr mm4 Kllra ant Hjrn ••« ArmitrM «r» mnrrlri. llnrrl.y ,,i kit bH*« • rive le kl. 1,0,,, l.ln.j .„«». Tke clrl l» (rrrlBrdi k.«wl«« krr MnrrinKF la h* • mlitntcr. Khe rrari* la • •enrxpnp«r llint Lurr^'a rncn«tf«>c«c lo r.lliakclk llonr. h broken. Thai -Jen nkm Rarrlay romra to br* btdrnem i:ilrn Cnlat«, r«- »OTrr* C«MBriniiiBrift 1> ftad B«r- rlnj kaa nHRri-rd n h*ar( KUnrk. flfef. rail* for kr-lp. Oorlnra, awrH^a aa4 Srairi. Ike la»rrr. arrlr*. •ymea kn> krrn IrylMC ta reach Bartlaf all i*j. II, Irlla Ellra <kp va|»«rH mrovlnc lUrclay'a «l. vorce froai Leda Crnyaaa kave br^v BtaleB.. .vow <:o nx WITH THE vrour CHAPTER XXXIX CYMKS looked at the white-face slrl. He cleared bis throat "If not so bad as all" that," be sal awkwardly. "It's as bsrl ns It can nosslhl be." Eilen declared passionatelj "Th?.t I —that I should dra Rievcn's name through such a scan dal—" "Now you'ro being foolish, m dear." the lawyer prolcstci "Steve was one of my 1 closest friends, yo know that. But you and 1 mui think now of rour position. Tba Is what Steven vrould want 113 t do." He frowned, considering tl practical aspects of the matter, an then sputa again. "Unfortunately appearances count for a great deal in law," he began reluctantly. "Appcaranrcs a ; e against you* Steven, ih his anxiety to spare you disagreeable pnb- nr. * chill. Her toiturtd eyei dli] 01 Uar* tti« liwstr't f»c«. *['oi all this— It's not true— yjpfte^.. pains .to keep -the- raarringe •*'reWC\».,Tlrf: license, tliat was not to b« filed, the friends who weren't 'informed, the" newspapers left .In Ellen cried, ignorance ot his Intended marriage. You can see tiow It looks." "I can see." Bald tho girl. Then) *-« sllenco. Ellen's body trembicd u thoojk plie wero hat Guaranteed Pure Stone'yille No. 1 ' PLANTING SEED $25 Per Ton This seed was grown on onr own plantation and ginned in our private ff' n K "h no possibility 'of mixture with inferior seed. C. F. TUCKER on Promised Land Road, 3'.4 miles southeast of Blylhe- ville. Blytheville, Arkansas, on the 9th day of April, 1932, the following real estate, to-wiC: Lot Eight (8), Block "A", Btir- ron & Lilly Addition to Cly- theville, -Arkansas. SAID sale will be hail .to satisfy aid decree ill the sum of $1,285.58. vith 10 per cent .interest from January 7, 1932. THE purchaser ni said sale will oe required to execute 'bond with approved security, to secure the payment of Hie purchase, money, ind a lien will he retained upon :aid property as additional security or the payment of such purchase money. \VltNESS my hand and Hie seal of saiti Court, on this, the 181h day of March, 1932. R. b. GAINES, Commissioner in Chancery. Reid, Evrard & Henderson, Attorneys for Plaintiff. 18--:5 NEW AND USED TARTS For AH Automobiles JACKSON AUTO PARTS 282* W. Mai* - - - Phone K Counter or Table Service O'BRIEN'S CAFE SECOND HAND FURNITURE Sec Us First R. J. Dodson JOl-303 E. 3- G. CAUDILL Rents, Buys and Sells ' Homes »nd ' Ffcmis ; Writes Insurance Kwoe,t97 .Fanner, Bank licity, mailo the irsrriagB ap'pea i'ell. rathef unnsnal. Ho went to Th« world thai Stew ad deceived an luuoceiit girl with a mock marriage or that BOB, £llen tosslicr, In ber eagerness to cap ur« t rich man, had been recklua >f tbe fact that the man wis the husbaud ot another womnu. I! only Steren wer» »ll»s—but iteven waa dead! And IKCHUBO t cruel, grasping woman, had.crept to Mcilon nod brlhtd ft court, his name was to bo dishonored and vllli U the name ot the |lrl he ored. "But tbe dlrorco vas announced la >ll the nawsvafcrs nearly two yean ago," Ellen eatd In » lolce that was without lilt, without hope. "1 know It." Symoa agreed Tilth t short laugh. "But you underestimate Miss OraysouV Ingenuity. Kicren annouuced the divorce. All ths proceedings. It you remember, were kept secret. Mis» Gmyion was *broad at tbe tlraei had gone even before StertD went to Moi leo, Slie'a been dancing there ivcr since. She admits thcre'd been Beraratlou—a sort ot 'trial' sh« calls It. But she's .back In Nei York nnw to tell the world ill hcter consented to ». dlrotce; "She oven bas an eiplanatlon tor her long silence," ha continued "Says she knew nothing of tbe dl vorcc until a few week* ago, and then sailed at once to have It ac aside. A bare-faced lie—but can't prove it, I'm afraid." • • • 17LLEN eald nothing at all. Ther waa nothing at all to be «ald. "If only Steven hadn't been sucl a rich-niau—" she heard Symcs voice from a long way,off. "Can't we do anything?" 6h asked plttffHr. The glrl'i rolco won coura«*ou and Heady now. 'Sli8 won't take th« mon»y, cither,'* Synies responded crlaily. 'We haro plenty ot wllncssei 10 UU wliliei. No matter how you come out In tho figlit to bo rccngnlced »a his wife, you'll »tt tbe money, 1 have those settlements all drawn up, doit, IrTd only let hint il.u them when he wanted tol "\Yo can prove any way," h» continued, "(hat you bad no nus- plclon that tho niarrtago wn> blga- me'8. Vqur mo I her was tliore, your Bister—" "Stop! Slop this Instantl" El leu broke In v,-|th eliock and pain. "I don't wont tho money! I've lolcl ou again and again. It's uoi the oney that's driving ma fraullc." "My dear child. Hal money b«- 1R» to you," he protested, »\ta- cd. "Steven wanted you to h»vo . Thai was almost the last thins « was Ihtnklng of—your future ou can'^ tlirovr awaj a forluuo." "I can't!" Kllon repeated bye- erlcally. "WTiy cau't 1? Is that what you wcro thinking oft 1« tiat what you meant by courll ileven gave mo everything unit iow—now tliat hc'a dead you think 'd figlit for more, dr.if his n»me liroiigh tha newspapers, hat* peo- lo thinking that ho, thought 10 Ittle of rnj honor—?"' «-YMKS was gonulnely ammcd bj •^tlio Elrl'a c-aniestncsa. I'atlfiu. "TC« can ea»* you from repor ers for a while." ho said, frown ing. ;"We'U-.keep raurti until Hi whole tliibs coraea up In court. "Why do we have to BO to court? "Leda Crayson will fight to Hi last ditch aiid bo delighted at ih cliancc." "Fi'gbt for wh al Z Steven l>ve me. She can't take that awavt went on iiraelttally, "l saw th« fte». Mr. iioutliey yeitorday tud 1 koow lio'll ba only too ready to toriet bit part In tho ceremony. [!• K.1S coii5id«rnblr upset when 1 spolio to him. But »b«ut fje iiceuso -how loin; *-ni tho Bllug ot It to b* hchl upT lit you know?" 'Unlil after wo'd ealleJ," Ellen iald on a half (ab, • "Steady— alcailx," Syraes warned' her, but B!IO n;s •llcnt nealii nnd composed. "How many iieoiil« y ho pointed out that the money waa hers, thai only » court battle tood Ltlwceu her and posscaslon. 'allently lio nolntcil out that with tho money sbo could go anywhere, seek new scenes, new people, now nlcresta. But Ellen slopped him. She looked up to him .and asked, 'But It it weren't for tbo money l?ou and 1 could do for Steven this thing that—bo can't do for himself?" "Keep'Iho marriage with you a secret," he answered thoughtfully. '1 supposo It could bo .manaqcil. Yes. I'm certain It could tx managed but It's a mad Idea. Are you sure of what you're doing?" "Quito sure." she said steadily. "I don'E believe I've ever Diet so I quixotic a young woman. 1 ' "It'3 rot only Steven I'm thinking of." Ellen admitted In a shamed, honest voice. "I'm thinking ot nivsclf. I ilon't think I cnulil bear the publicity. I want lo get away—1 want to go back lo being tbe girl I used to be." Small and dazed. In a crumpled while linen dresa that was no whiter than her exhausted dec, Ellen gat looking at the lawyer and pleaded tliat tills part of bor life should be hlotled out as though ll bad never be-on. "Certainly you can," be salii gruffly, untruthfully. know «f tiie marrlago besides your ImmcJIato family?" "Why. no one." Ullcn btssn and theu slopped. "Mrs. Clancy, a' neltslilrar of ours known." tho amended. "M«. ciaucy atad Lorene Klcoit." "C.iu you trusl tliemf., .'! "I'm sure I can." ''; /... • "' "You nnilcrsianil that a situation ot this sort Ij extremely dlrtlcull to keep hlilden." HyuicB ealil. understa-iil that niiy nev would bo eaRer to liny Riirli a RQII. tatlon. Can you trust Mrs Clancy ?" Ellen noililoO. • "1 can answer for myself, for nurse, an,I tor Iho nliyglcUis. Dr. WcsciMt iloesn'i think any ivny—" "1 kntcs'." Klleu iTilornnncil. "I •know Unit ho illiln'i i]it,ik 1 marrlcil in Steven. 1 ciiuld from tlie llrst." 'Tliyslclaus • ico such '.sit Syuica put In uncomforl- dosing Stock Prices A. T, mill T ........... 120 1-4 Aniu'olula Copper . .' ..... 0 Aiibuin ................ 90 1-2 York Cotton 18. IUP)~ Caterpillar Trucior Clnysler Cllles Service Corn Coin ......... Continental Uitklug General Electric Cicnural Mulors Mlrtilljwi'Sl Utilities Monlijonieiy Wnrd New York CenUiil 1'iicknnl liadlo Simmons .......... Sttinilard ot N. J Texas Co U. s. steel . 10 3-4 10 5-8 ., 5 7-u 114 1-1 .. 51-4 10 1-8 18 1-4 .. 1 1-a 03-8 . ^7 lt-4 -J 5-B 7 I.B .. o i-u 24 116-8 4:> NEW YOHK, March Cotton closed steady. Open High Low e»s — ' t»3 70« 731 Mar. May July Oci. nee. Jill!. Close 755 883 IM 131 7*7 755 Ml 138 Ml 7U 12* 739 Bpols closed quiet ».t W5, oil 15, MOHl.KY, Iowa, (UP) — A Willis sray fox tried to steal hli'kens out. of Virgil Tillmaiiii 1 Immls «hll« he was catclilnc ttw ilcck to night. tur them for till! eiuiglit the fox by ' ' death. NEW -Cotton 'doted Open High "Low '«7l' " Mar. Miy July Oct. Dec. Jan, a 730 738 T*> »,«. «W 111 ru Wlsri: 7la ' ,.. i steady at 171, off ii.' 8A1.EM, Oregon, tup) — Hop;,'J B rowers of 'the willtamirtt* Val'/,""'ley have organized to place "oh' the spot" politicians who tie ptr-f noltRlly wet and politically dry'/ 'Hie hopnic'ii oppose tho Anderson... boiii; dry law-of the Oregon code. ably. "How abaut Fergus?" «bo pcrcil. "IM forgotten him. l!ni ho hard- CUB knew that be bad lied but ^ was grateful for ibe. falsehood. "In the first placb l r ll"Hrrahsc to gU tbo license for . yqii.'V-SjuiOf ly counts, llo'd nover own before, hail lie? Doesn't know your name, or ivlicro 3'uu lite?" "1 Kave tilin Mra. Clancy's phono number and nskcil lilm to say tbnt Ellen wanted her mothor hut— that's all." Even ns tillch srOko Fergus entered milclly. soflly. Seeing lilm frightened Ibo girl vajjnnly. Kor- gua seemed to menace her (rail BO- curlty. She fell bo distrusted nnd dlsllkcil her as.much M she dls- liked and illstriiiicil him. "Wi'.ai In Hi" Symcii ashcil. < "Dr. \Vcsctoti la fniii leavlru. sir." Kermis said, "llo'a going to report Mr. narelay's death and wanted to see you lirst." "All rlijht. I'D sco lilm/' Symcs answered, rising. "liy tho way." ho continucil. "ilo you know If sir. Darclay'G sister Is In town or uot. She should bo nollllcil." "Mri>. ilnrrowfiaio returned from Europe several weeks np-i." Fcr- giis replied, noticing as F^roo.i rtlil uot thai Ihe girl ou tbo divan teemed to grow while 03 -lio spoku tho words. "Well, get In toucli with her son ami notify him ot lib iimilc's ilcalh. Ills number's not listed but t havo U hero." It waa Larry Ilarrosvi;alo's telo- phono nt?.nl>er that Kymos n* pentcd. -fi UG-AR^l ipc.,ki-n-fv OF MV BOUTS AM) HER BUDDIES DOT GUY! By Martii; COMMISSIONER'S SALE Aduilion to town of Blythevllle, T as per recorded plat of said addition. Said sale will be had to satisfy said decree in the sura of $10,12!).01, with 8-per cent interest from Feb- tiary 23, 1032. The -purchaser at said sale will be required lo execute bond with approved security, t'o secure the payment of the purchase money, and n lien will be retained upon said properly ns additional security for the payment of such purchase money. Witness my hand and the seal of said Court, on the March, 1932. R. L-. GA1NES. 4 day of 3-4-11-18 Commissioner in Chancery. The oldest newspaper in the wcrlcl is the Pekiuj News, wiiich has. been published continuously for UCO 'years. COMMISSIONER'S SALE . NOTICE i= hereby eivcn 'that ttie undersigned commissioner, in compliance with the terms of a decree rendered by the Chancery Court, ftfr 'the chlcknsawba Dh'rlct of Mississippi County. Arkamis, on the 23 day of February, 1932. wlieicin The Mississippi County Building & Loan Assn., was Pla'n- UfT. No. 5101. and Wheeler S. McCall and Lillian N. McCall. wove Defendants,'will sell at public a;r- lio:i to tiie highest and best bi1- dcr, on a credit of three month!:, at the front door of the Court House, between the horn's prescribed by law, in the City of nly- Ihevilb. Arkansas, on the Dili rtay of April. 1032, the following real estate, to-\sit: Lots Seven (?) anil Eight (8) in Block Four (41 of Hearn Addition to the City of Bly- Ihevillc. Arkansas. SAID sale will be luiil to .satisfy raid ilccrce hi the sum of M,24:>?-l v.ith 10 |»r it in Interest from January Ii. 1932. THE purchaser at said sale will be required to execute' bond v.-lth arproveil security, to secure the 1 payment of the ]utrrhns:> mnn^y, ami n lien will be rclntnorl upo:i said propel ty as additional security for the payment of such |Hii- cha.'.c money. WITNESS my hand mil the r,c;:i r< snitl Court, on this, the la:!) flay of March, 1932. ' U. L. OAINES, Commissioner in Clw.ray. TV-id. I^vraid & Henderson, Attorneys for Plaintiff. I 1 *-' 5 (Continued from Pasje One) JO?. TtNOlKV 'lM, V AVV OE --K\Mfe '. «W«> '\M — O V ops y, •rifl V^Uv SfVk, Notice is liercby given that the undersigned commissioner, in compliance with the terms of a dccre; rendered by the Chancery Court for tbe Chickasawba District of Mis-1 sissippi County, Arkansas, on the i 23 day of Februarj', 1032, wherein! J. C. Blain was Plaintiff, No. 4950, and J. [I. Webb, et al were Defendants, will sell nt public auction to the highest and best bidder, on a credit, of three months, at the i! front door of the court House, between the hours prescribed by law. to the city of Blytheville. Arkansas, on the 26 day of March, 1D32, the following real estate, to-\vlt: Lots One (I) and Two (2) in Block One (1) Davis Second OTHEC. - OODl.E FRECKLES AND HIS FKIENDS LISTSKf, f-^or-..vT...cyxur YOU 8(AT OPElO THE DOOR. OK SOM-fTAttJS 1 SHUCKS I'M iSo:Wff T» 61 ' OUT OF THcce", IF I UHJZ J To... KKKHnOM! FOUfJO O'JT THAT TO RETUKIJ | PCX>31_e ( To THE O\wjjER r j TWEV LOCKED' POODLE in ~n>£ CLUB HCOSE THE KEy Tastfi MORE FOR THE BUILDING DOLLAR Give Your Home Needed Repairs tise Our Helpful Service Phone 100 E. C. ROBINSON LUMBER CO. IV 50 " I^OOF ^ ml, 'A. ?ti WASH TUBBS ~> r~-- Rv Cnu, V& NUSTX JUST PUSHED IT ova?.... Au'THBJ OUT CA.-*C POODLE .'.' THKTHAP-DOOR! FRlSOtvlERS (VGAlNi VNEV.L, I'Mt GOT OL11 OF DUMPS THAN J& ["THERE'S K! EXIT, OUT OTHER J PlCKLt MV tONES N' BUS' MY NECK 1 . SITTING AS AS I THOUGHT. MOM; HI.... VOOK\ U6R.E'S /^ OOTTON. MWSE, IF I PUSH IT, , WE'LL : \--~- t imn»t<Mnvx:t. ^&&*"J

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