The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 18, 1932 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, March 18, 1932
Page 6
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Page 6 article text (OCR)

fcjPAGE'Sg BLYTIIEVll.LK. (ARK.) COUKiEK NEWS for .vitnc flue to Them lo Push Browns Up LOVED \\ll-\f la S»1 lit. If I" ;t Success . DAVENHORT. la-xa, (UPl — / t f. i'c monllis trial, the "Civic" liiii tr-L'n vole:l a suicJss, -inon. who arc r-tl- , x of ilic : town, may live -as! llic only pay asked ofl\voi Is u lilllc «iirl: and ciean- s?tj]ii:tv. Tiip l-,o'.ol \vill I-'iiMiii Curbs Pole Sltlci-s niESKO: C:t!iforii!n, . (UP) — I b'j ;:oli- Hiitt'is are as unwelcome I-'ftlDAY,- MARCH 18, 1932 Dent on News ! Mr. nmt Mrs. J. H. Longacre i spent Sunday tvllh Mr. nnd Mrs. ! Frank McClnnahan. Little Estelle Longacrc and Hath- crinc Harrison spent fiimct.iy wiih j Ilnzel Shaip. i - THIS CURIOUS WORLD - Kiilefer Expects Hebert to) • Boost Club's Standing; But They're Still Weak. KlMTOh'S NOTE: Tliis Is one t( * serifs of-artlclrs on Hit major lf:*;MC •- baseball teams In training camp. BY WILLIAM BHAUCHKIt • NEA S«rn-c Sports Editor WEST PALM BEACH. Fla.. Mar. J8.—On the roster of th? St. l/x.ils - Browns arc five players who 1 . better than .300. But there Is nol « pitcher »1>o won more games than he lost lost year. ' . . Figur:?. ol coinse, hardly ever tell the story of a ball team. The ' Ya.nkces, making 209 more inns • last ; year. than the Athletics, ihi- i . ished'second..vBm the figures on 1 ttv Browns" Indicate Hint Mnnnscr •;'nil! 'Klli'fcr's work Is all cut out -for him. To bring (he tcQni oul of the second division, pitcher* .must be developed. And Hint Is ' one of Bill's ipcclaldes. | Unds- Klllefer's schooling. Wnl- j .- ter' Stewart ticratitt 1 one of the sen- j satloiis of the 1930 season. Last i year's phenomenon was youu\j .-Dick' Coflnmn from Alhens, Ala. Who' will be tlii pitching prize of :.. 1932? Perhaps one perhaps several j „, , ccon( , t wm , .Altars will be brought "lone under j , r hc rtwWcs hc ,,„„,£ ',„ KIlMers careful guidance. • j ,„„ ,, ny |enguc |nstpn(| Qf • ... , league. With Goslln nnd "I .am banking a fireat deal on | nl tll( , „,„„ 0||tficl(1 ..youns Wallace "cbsrt snld Kill--, „ , )rel[ ivc i,.|, n | ni , c( ,\| ,,,„„,. Do , a cfcr. 1 "He seemed to nnd himself .,,, b „. ' .ail of R sudden lasl year-then his J arm • failed after 0112 rainy day In .".;.Washington. The kid has a (jood strong ami. but a him]} almost as . larE'^ us an egg formed under his shoulder blade. Bilt thai is belter liow,' and I look things from him. "He has a very effective curve .ball. I have se-:n a lot of curves, but rone -was any better than ths southpaw hooks with which Hubert struck out Al Simmons In that frls Longacrc SIKIII Si:ln d:iv nlslil with Mrs. Malii licLil. :. MisK; Irene, Nora, Corn a'.i'.l Car.-le Tuni'jo :;]>;•!!'. Kiuuliy v.-ltli U Hi 1 , iiml Mrs. llei'imiii silent Saturdny nlslil cnrl with Mr. v.\:A M.S. Cirory Mim iniv. i.i;:.'.co:«b ::: woe. 1 ':: .?nd in this vicinity. 'I'd llosmr ".Vu WATUKVILI.E. Uii;!ct £am::ol i r rimeis ten, the? younij (lent who wrote .erica" ICO y?ar.s . tKir> bcjii unveiled in the cf Coll>y Col!esr. Smith once was a -member of ti'.e Colby facility. Xcw Sliip Ni'iirs (.'^i P2l]LAn£.I.PIHA. Pjnn.. tin- liner Manlmian, '• the new ten million dullav shin : consti tided by the Ness-i Vcjj: H]]ipbuildit\^ Company in; CauKlcn for the Utiited Stale.- '. LiiH-.s. Is Lilxmt 15 per cent, com- • ph-tcil. n;;icla!-j uf (he ship c:m-: BATS 00 NOT H<B£/?NAl£ (N CoiD THE AIR. OECRBA3ES, GR4.DUHUV, It- Mr.lnc. (UP)' in mi'mury of Smith of Bos- lheolo;;ital stu- the hymn "Amayo last shutout tame last year. The same curve made 'Jimmy Foxx look silly tlrr; after time. •.-'."It is still too early to tell what can be done with such pitchers as Bob Coonuy from Wichita Falls or Americiis Poll! from Milwaukee, i young man whose deeds of Bul from what. I Vm've seen of , Ing-do In the las!- world II was agreed. Whlili Will II Pepper Martin, . them, either or both nniy turn on', hero? Or clown? TlY> other dny Dnmcli Rh-kcy, master mind of the chnnipion Cardinals, announced tlmt "Hie wraps" would be taken off Hie dcrr- series Jo be just the kind of help we nee;!. Both were j used pretty liberally last year, Poll! working in 42 gam is;, of • which he won 21 and r k>st 15. Cooney. worked 30 pinies, von-17 and lost 9. Tliev undoubtedly are strong, "with a, for lots of work." • earned him the sobriquet of "the Klllefcr was asked if any serl- ...ous ' ch'anges in lineup were con- Wl!cl Horse of Ihe Hut after critically Insixctln; the i>crformaiices o( Pepper In training camp, il Is almost, safe to bet thai when "the wraps".«n removed, Instead'of a Wild Horse, cap.ii-lf;.' .the'rVmny be just a Shetland |»ny iiincle'rncalh. I When Pepi^r first came . to liat this year ngniiisl one of the- biuivj- klns t»ured Into a pitcher's uniform by the. whim o( Connie Mack "As I sec it now, no," he replied. i,e KOI a MR liami from thtr crowd ."The:way .things shape up now, • n ;sembled at Miami to watch llic Kress t Kpini! to j>lay rlsht nelcl. "sprlnc- world '.sitlcs." He slrm'k He .was played at short, third, nrst 'out, swinging nt'a third one that and outfield last year. T would like •),.. couldn't -hiivc hit with an .niill- lo kJep htm at one spot. aircraft Run. Some harsh souls In .' "Stbrtl will play . third. Jimmy the lilenclier.-> soiindi-il Ihe bird Mclaughlin, from Sacramento, j .... seems to be a good ball player, but = Rnnklrs Enjnyeil Prpper • ' when I say that I • am speaking ' morel from record than observation:' McLauBhlh'i broke Ills arm throwing a,, ball last year, but made a-nicp. cotri"back and he has ludicrous foi ers was removed fiom the sunie , (Icnly find they linvc a curly wo!f nlonB nboul Hi? eighth Inning, he Ircjnitntton to maintain, pleaded with Hend Mas'i Eddie i • ' • ' Collins to lx> left In there just 11 | Firklr .Fanrtmn Forgets little wlille longer so lie could ; Pepper U a fair ball player. Hc strike oul Pepper the last tlms. -, limed Into r.-xplu.dvc brilllnncc at Not only did Martin spend the." ciilkal iieriod-rinrlng a work) afternoon vainly stabbing al wild i scries, h- Is becoming more and pitches, but his nnllcs in Ihu out- ! "lore apparent that he is on the Held were mindful of anything but, ! way back to mediocrity. Hc has Trls Spnakcr. He fell down chasing ; known how li fe.r's lo be great loi fevenil lly balls, whlcli irerliaps | nn hour or so. Now he lias the prospect of becomin; n spell. In trying to look belter than he j Is. Pepper Is not only going to look wor!A but will become a sorry figure of futility as he goes about regular baseball season.'."nie few • ll 'o effort. And the dear o'.tl jeers that rewarded- his fruitless fnns? Not only will they not feel and a'wkwaid efforts In tin early SC "'V 'or the lad. but tln-j will innings of the tame ut Miami.. ln "8h. swelled li) „..., _ ... Honice Li.senbco, Rivl Sox piU.-Jj- cr, wus the llrsl casualty nf ihr . Boston sMson. cultlnu his foot or, i ;t piece ol glass In n shower but: charge that the glass was a was Just as well, as once hc sot ncnr one and came within nil inch of being smacked on Hie conk. : Toward the end of the Btunc. Pepper reaped a suggestion of the bitter unction await Ing him in the • the gume ul Miami. n mighty volume of birds find citl-ciiHs ivhen he eiunc up later in the jjunie. Tension llrouirht Kct Wnrils As CTldciicc of the frame of mind I which the disapprobation of the! crowd placed him. .he quarreled | chip oft Pete Douohuc's arm could not. be substantiated. V--fh hitting right around .300 . his nine, years In the patne. Violently will the umpire who call- ; Tll[! ,.,„„„„ smilbv bc]icvps C(m . ed a third Mrlke on him. the only , llio M 11( . k - s decision to stand pit RCKKl bnll Ihat hud br,:Ji offered on ,, ic chlb wllicll WO1V him all aftemoon-amr flung Ins ;t,- a t s , ft . ,,,,„„„(,, mok bal disguslcclly toward Ihe dugout. mtK \, thou'-lit as ^ During' Ilio afternoon. It became draw to lour aces. ratlin 1 plain dial Pepper irns try- ' ... Ing .might and mnui-to live up to: ji|,n Trov , v | 10 | lns i,ccn secre- llic r?)iutallon indicated by the tnry of the Boston lied Sos- for cheers that welcomed his first ap- years, declare.'; 1" can yjeanmc; at bat. Hall .players call Mr. Mack's recruit pilchrrs mm; have wondered how long this W{ league business had been going t on. and what sails they were to have tolled in th.? minors, for they lind ! this ovciv. nn enjoyable afternoon Just slHk-! Is a bud habit lo get'into. H is .1 i tig Mr. Martin out. When one of' disea-o that often breaks oul th:: about n^ deciding not to when the club svoii n pennant. ^•Burns..nt.nrsl? Yes, and Mclillo the Macklnn batting practice hurl- . mnong fair' bnll players who sud- BRUSHING UP SPORTS Laufci fliic • rin'. of thb llnuor 1 from the cassava vool in GuSnna will keep a tn;\n for i«o v.eeks. .: „ Wulrh OnL Sl..-vc! , CRASHED IfSb A " fti WHICH FROM ftis LE6 IS 200 YARDS -11 SECONDS FLAT IN ONLY ONE AND THREPM'irTH SECONDS LONGEK T'.^N T'.'F. fftSTEST HUMAN HAS EVER RUN 100 YARUS, THE WHl'PrET RUNS DOUBLE THRT DISTANCE. OF ALL RiiClHG ANIMALS, IT SETS THE'PACE FOR QUICK GET-AWAY AND SNAPPY PICK-UP !N GASOLINE, THE RECORD TOR FAST STARTING AND RAPID ACCELF.RIVV10N GOES TO PHILLIPS 6G. IT IS A SENSATIONAL PERFORMER HECAUSE IT IS IIONKST HIGH TEST ITS GRAVITY NOW RANGES FROM OS" TO 71 ' March '.!2 Is the d.\ic.- •,;. <lo»n—and tlon't br Mnp'r tile rising lioavywcishl SM- Is young Sieve Hainan :•. :,., dimmed. On that <!;>te. !]•- . Liialc icrapper cncounii'is -\.old U>e HamasP, above. Vu> heavyweight champion J-c- Dit£o. A Up from th> , OJ o Maraaje vill throw :-£ «'tfnelws into Il.iinas 1 lm'i..V machine. "" "HIGHEST TEST at the price of ordinary gasoline Phillips 66 volalifity is 69.6 per cent higher than the average of 28'competttivc yasolines. Proved by unbiased laboratory tests based on distillation at 212 degrees. Perhaps you think that this is a fairly attractive advertisement, but the best advertising we do for Phillips 66 ... the greater gasoline -is not advertising at all, in the usual sense. It'is the fact that we make Phillips 66 gasoline higher test than other motor fuels. The natural result is that those who try it give it priceless word of mouth advertising. They tell their friends. The frierjds tell others. Already, nearly seven million motorists are genuinely enthusiastic about the added power, faster get-away, longer mileage, and sensationally fast cold-weather starting, given by this amazingly better gasoline. Why not see for yourself the difference which high test makes in your motor? Especially when Phillips, world's largest producer of natural high gravity gasoline, offers this higher test gas without a penny of higher price. At every Orange and Black 66 shield. For those who prefer it... Phillips 66 Ethyl ... at the regular price of Ethyl Gasoline Phillips Quality and VALUE in MOTOR OIL The Phi'tipi tianic and ref- lation speak volumes for the mtrit of this new and finer lubikant. Tt;e price of 30cn quart proves the bij^cr vn'i:c, 100°£ paraffin base. Minui wax, water, anil carbon. Remains fluid and flours freely even at 32* telow frecr-n^. DOCJ more, lastslongcr, CM;% le«. In a grade for every car -4

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