The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 18, 1967 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, February 18, 1967
Page 2
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Blythevllle (Ark.) Courier News - Saturday, February 18, — Pag« Thre« Plunge for Safety's Sake The late model car pointed straight down and plunged 30 feet like a wingless dive bomber to wrap its nose around a section of telephone pole. There were no injuries, however. The staged crash was part of a research project at Cornell -Aeronautical Laboratory at Buffalo, N.Y. aimed at minimizing the effects of single-car accidentson the nation's highways. The research is being conducted by Cornell Laboratory under a $147,786 contract •with the U.S. Bureau of Public Roads. Data obtained from instruments on the car and telephone pole in several ear-drop experiments will be used in a computer simulation of a wide variety of single-ear accidents. Eventual aim of the program is to reduce the incidence of injury-producing accidents and economic loss from property damage that occurs when cars run off highways. Despite the apparent drama of a drop such as pictured here, the impact was at about 30 m.p.h., a lower speed than occurs in many highway accidents. ou low who happens to bt In petulant mood. Be gentle. PISCES (Feb. 20 to Mar. 20) void getting into those trou- lesome matters with kin right ow — tomorrow may be a bet- er day to do so, and calmly. ome personal problem should e handled at some other time, Iso. Be very circumspect. IF YOUR CHILD IS BORN TODAY ... he, or she, will be ne of those young ones who arly seems to be frustrated at Imost everything. You must be areful of the diet and rest, nd teach to look at the world n general in a calm and un- erturbed way. Corporation work, promotional, sales, etc., re fine here. There is great eadth of thought and activity ' it is channelled wisely. Give piritual training. MONDAY GENERAL TENDENCIES: A wonderful day and evening or a fresh start to put your deas as well as your merchan< dise across to those with whom ou have any sort of interest :hat can bring mutually ad- fflitraiiii^^^ Jb ear Bad Language a Phase U OtcNioifit mdluti Inc.) an 'uren DEAR ABBY: While look- Ing for a pen in daughter's purse, I found some notes she and another girl had exchanged in class. Abby, the language was unbelievable! I don't know where she learned such filthy words! She never talked that way around the house. She is only 15. I wonder if she uses that kind of language with boys? If she does, they surely can't respect her. What if a teacher got a hold of them? I can't understand it. I've tried to raise her right. We go to church and say grace at meals so it can't be a lack of moral or religious training. I thought she was a nice girl. Right now I feel so lost and disappointed. I am sick inside. What should I do? HER MOTHER DEAR MOTHER: Don't do anything. Al! children, no matter how carefully reared they are, eventually are exposed to "filthy" language. To use such words makes them feel "sophisticated," grown up and a little wicked and daring, but it's only a phase which they pass thru quickly. Believe it or not, your daughter can still be a "nice" girl. Your "shock" and disappointment are understandable, Mother, but somehow you survived hearing and reading such language in your y o u t h, I'm sure. And so will she. Meanwhile, without revealing your discovery, comment casually that boys feel justified in making indecent advances to girls who use "dirty" langauge. DEAR ABBY: What does a "gentleman farmer" raise? KNOWS ONE DEAR KNOWS: Would you believe his hat? DEAR ABBY: My husband's brother and his wife got a brand new spinet piano, so my husband and I went over to see it. I took piano lessons myself when I was a girl, and I know how to play fairly well, so I said to my brother-in-law, "Is it o. k. if I play a few tunes on it?" He replied, "All right. Just make sure yoru hands are clean." Abby, I am no kid. I happen to be 45 years old. I was never so Insulted in all my life. What would YOUR reply hava been? INSULTED DEAR INSULTED: I'd have said, "Don't worry, I'll only play on the black keys. CONFIDENTIAL TO F. H T. IN WATERLOO: Psychiatry is NOT an atheistic concept. The greatest textbook on human behavior ever written is the Bible in which the principle of psychoanalysis was set f o r t h 3,000 years ago. "And ye shall know the truth and the truth shall make you free." (Old Testament. John Vffl; 32) Not until one knows "the truth" about himself, complete with all the grim hostilities, insecurities, and unresolved conflicts, is he truly "free." It is the role of the psychiatrist to remove the camouflage, self - deception and rationalizations, and to bring the unconscious conflicts into the conscious mind where reason can deal with them. Once reason is gained, the cure begins, because the truth does make one free. Troubled? Write to Abby, Box 69700, Los Angeles, Cal. 90069. For a personal reply, enclose a stamped, self - addressed envelope. For Abby's booklet, "How to Have a Lovely Wedding," send $1 to Abby, Box 69700, Los Angeles, Cal. 90069. Astrological * Forecast * By CARROLL BIGHTER Vo determine youi forecast, not* paragraph opposite dates ffhitil Include rour birth date. SUNDAY GENERAL TENDENCIES: A day and evening when you really need to abide by the Golden Rule and whatever lofty jrinciples in which you profess ;o believe otherwise, you may ! ind that you are nervous, snappy at others and just unable to ?lan or carry out arrangements of an important nature with any of confidence or effi- WARNING ORDER In the Chancery Court, Chickasawba District, Mississippi County, Arkansas. LAQUITA ROSE BATES Plaintiff, vs. No. 17111 LARRY DEAN BATES Defendant. The defendant, Larry Dean Bates, is hereby warned to appear within thirty days in the court named in the caption hereof and answer the complaint of the plaintiff, LaquiU Rose Bates. Dated this llth day of February, 1967 at 10 o'clock a.m. By GERALDINE LISTON, Clerk Max B. Harrison, Attorney H. G. Partlow, Jr. Atty Ad Litem Ml, 18, K, 3-4 Remember Pay Your Paper Boy degree ciency. ARIES (Mar. 21 to Apr. 19) IF you do not schedule your tune wisely, you can get bogged down between annoying matters that have to be straightened out and activities you like. Partners are full of ennui — cheer them up. Increase harmony. TAURUS (Apr. 20 to May 20) Be careful you are not extravagant in some recreational activity or other or you could ardize security immeasurably. Some business person at leisure could give you wonderful advice. Ask tor it diplomatically- GEMINI (May 21 to June 21) You could get into a peck of trouble because you feel frustrated, so plan your activities early, well. Be sure you do whatever improves health and appearance. Some service to others could be highly appreciated. MOON CHILDREN (June 22 to July 21) Listening carefully to ideas of a clever person who is much interested in your welfare is very wise. But you have to be the one to answer queries re precise facts. Go to right sources for information you need, also. LEO (July 22 to Aug. 21) Don't expect pals to cooperate with you very much today, since they are pretty busy with own affairs and problems. Be courteous regardless. Carry on pretty much on your own and handle personal matters you have been delaying about. VIRGO (Aug. 22 to Sept. 22) Whatever is of a civic or charitable nature can be done on this free day with ease and enthusiasm. Be careful to do nothing that can place a cloud over your good reputation. This could lead into something very serious. LIBRA (Sept, 23 to Oct. 22) Remain steadfast to what is tried and true instead of going after the unknown right now in tn« middla of winter. Go to that UcNanibt ftmfflcate. Inc. jerson of wisdom and ask for advice. Don't beat around th proverbial bush. SCORPIO (Oct. 23 to Nov. 21 Why try to wiggle out c agreements you have mad with others? Show that you are a most conscientious person Stop any arguments with a close tie by being very calm and composed. Be wise as the serpent. SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 22 t Dec. 21) If you must criticiz another, do so quietly at a mor opportune time and with diplomacy. Remember ever dark situation has a light sid as well. Have a brighter att tude. CAPRICORN (Dec. 22 to Jan. 20) You can eliminate some anxiety by being of real service to one who deserves it. Show ingenuity and you increase abundance appreciably. Avoid those persons who simply give you a lot of trouble. AQUARIUS (Jan. 21 to Feb. 19) Although you desire to have an extravagant time, it is better to enjoy the simple but whole- Mr, and Mrs. John Bowen of Marion were Wilson visitors last Saturday. Wilson Parents - Teachers Association will meet Thursday night in the school cafetorium for its Founder's Day Program. Mrs. W. B. Burkett will give 'Where Children Come First", will be shown, and past presip dents will be honor guests. vantageous also learn results. You can pretty clearly hat o doa bout things of an emo- ional nature which have been bugging you. ARIES (Mar. 21 to Apr. 19) WILSON NEWS (•••••••••••••••••••a MRS. ff. A. HOGAN, Jr. Mrs. Charles Ford was hostess to her bridge club last Tuesday night at her home. Mr. J. C. Perry was a special guest. Preceeding games hot fruit bisque and coffee were served. In games Mrs. Joe Gwyn was high scorer, Mrs. John Crain, second high and Mrs. Connie some pleasures for now. not to be forceful with Try one lifting down with a clever person within your own family in quiet manner and extracting deas, information, that will be lelpful to you is fine. Be sure your attitude is right. Your success in the future depends largely upon that. TAURUS (Apr. 20 to May 20) If you become more efficient in whatever may be your job or > u s i n e s s, you find that you make big progress right now, more than you had anticipated. Be with good firm friends or re- ations in P.M. Relax and have 'un. GEMINI (May 21 to June 21) If you use good, practical sense where real estate and other invests are concerned, you make big strides forward. Be sure you get OK and ideas from co-owners as well. Then you find that all works out to everybody's jenefit. MOON CHILDREN (June 22 to July 21) A day when you can accomplish almost anything you set your mind to, so make decisions early and then start working enthusiastically You are very charming now Many will want to be of ser vice to you. LEO (July 22 to Aug. 21 Much information you need available now since an authoi ity is willing to release it. Tha one to whom you feel so romantically inclined can be in ; receptive mood tonight. Plai for marriage, if single. Be hap py- VIRGO (Aug. 22 to Sept. 22 Contacting good friends wh can be of assitance and haw been in the past will lead t very fine benefits, results. Som new contact can be made wh will become quite a powerfu influence in your life. This vril be good. LIBRA (Sept. 23 to Oct. 22 Get into any activity that give you a chance to become bette known, especially with a big wig who knows exactly what: the best course to follow. B more popular in your neighbor hood. Show others you are kind person. SCORPIO (Oct. 23 to Nov. 21 Strive to gain the favor of ne and powerful personalities an you do much to put your fine; talents to work. Good day I plan for that trip you have : mind. Make sure you hand all details wisely. SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 22 to Dec. 21) Try to develop that sixth sense you possess and you can have greater prosperity in the days ahead. Show deep devotion to one you like very much. Make every phase of your life more worthwhile. CAPRICORN (Dec. 22 to Jan. 20) You have only to ask that clever associate and you get the exact advice you need. Get perplexities out quickly. Certain of the way situations develop that assist you in dealing with the public in general. AQUARIUS (Jan. 21 to Feb. 19) You can find just the right methods now to make your work more efficient. Elimi- ate delays. Talk over with partners your specialized new jobs and all can go very nicely in the days ahead. PISCES (Feb. 20 to Mar. 20) McDaniel was bridge winner. On Wednesday of last week a jroup of Wilson women were uncheon guests of Mrs. E. M. rtegenold at Blytheville Country Club. They later went to Armorel to see the Regenold's new wrne. Included in the group were Mrs. Jerry Cullom, Mrs. Albert Greenwell, Mrs. Ralph Robinson, Mrs. John Crain Jr., Mrs. J. R. Cullom-Jr. and Mrs. Bettye Nell Starr of Osceola. They were joined by Mrs. R. J. McKinnon of Manila. Members of Sam Moore's family celebrated his birthday last Thursday night with dinner at the Rivermont Club in Memphis. Attending were Mr. and Mrs. J. R. Cullom Jr., Mr. and Mrs. Moore and daughter, Melissa, Mrs. Horace Moore Sr., Mr. and Mrs. Horrace Moore Jr. and daughters, Sallie B. and Elizabeth and Mrs. Bettye Nell Starr of Osceola. Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Cullom and little Jerry were accompanied by Mr. and Mrs. S. A. Regenold of Kennett, Mo., for the they visited with Reggie Cullom at Vanderbilt University. MORE MORE MORE Today In History NEWS BRIEFS MIAMI, Fla. (AP) - A Cuban government campaign to collect nsvEjo ireu. <iu lu ivicu. mi - _ ,,,. ~ , An idea, day to get out to pleas- „least 2 5 million_ empty hot IT'S OLD FASHIONED TO STRUGGLE WITH YOUR INCOME TAX Leave those tax worries to us. Our service is prompt, accurate and complete ...and we usually save you more than the nominal charge! COMPLETE RETURNS '•UAKANTHS W« guorantM accurate preparation of mry ta« nlvrn. w> r»ok. any arrort Ihal tart ya« «ly p«naltir ar InWrarf, wt will pay tria penally ar inland. [CO. Amwicrt Urge*T«Service iwHhOwr MOPQfflcM 117 SOUTH SECOND ST. rMtiv* <i io <); Sat. * Sun. 9 to 5, Ml. PO 3-6451 NO APPOINTMENT NECESSARY ^ m res and recreations that truly ppeal to you. Get an early tart. Get those plans in motion lat will bring you a tremen- ous amount of success in the ays ahead. IF YOUR CHILD IS BORN TODAY ... he, or she, will be ne of those fascinating young mes who comprehends the emo- ions of others and how they will react. For that reason he or she can accomplish a great deal in whatever is the forte in this chart, which could be commodities of all kinds. The nature is a very romantic one and a most happy emotional life is in the offing. Give a goot educational start. les in Havana Province gets inder way Feb. 25. Cuban radio broadcasts have eported that industries are des- icrately short of bottles. MONTPELIER, Vt. (AP) 'he State Senate has defeated a louse-approved bill designed to save the panther from extinc- ;ion in Vermont. The last panther known to have been killed in the state was stuffed and put on exhibit in the State Historical Museum after it was slain in 1881. By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS Today is Saturday, Feb. 18 ;he 49th day of 1967. There are 316 days left in the year. Today's highlight in history: On this date in 1861, Jefferson Davis was inaugurated as president of the Confederate States of America at cremon- ies in Montgomery, Ala. "Dixie" was first used as the song of the South at the inauguration ceremonies. On this date: In 1546, religious reformer Martin Luther died. In 1861, Vittorio Emmanuela II was proclaimed king of Italy. In 1939, the Golden Gate Exposition in San Francisco was opened. In 1945, American forces landed on two Jima. Ten years ago — President Dwight D. Eisenhower decided to cut short a vacation in south Georgia and return to Washington to take personal charge of United States actions in the tense Middle East situation. The crisis at issue was the refusal of Israel to withdraw troops from captured Egyptian territories unless it received United Nations guarantees that there would be no reprisals. Five years ago — The Russians demanded the exclusive use of one of the three air corridors to Berlin for three hours. The western powers rejected the demand and said they would answer it by flying extra allied military planes through the lane the Russians wanted to reserve. One year ago—AFL-CIO maritime unions told President Johnson they would boycott ships of all nations doing business with North Vietnam. harvesting brigades, says Havana radio. Six or Ramona de Armas' children are in the brigade, added the broadcast, monitored here. Also her husband, Rafael. The mother, who won a refrigerator for her excellence ia last year's harvest, was reported setting a chopping goal of 2V4 million pounds of cane this year. MIAMI, Fla. (AP) - A 54- year-old mother of 13 heads one of Cuba's fastest sugar cane- The entrance chamber to Missouri's Meramec Caverns leads straight back 150 feet. •Sin the Ozarks— Nature's Wonderland—America's New Playground r O) A New Way Of Life - Just Down The Road Easy to get to - Easy to use - Easy to belong HORSESHOE CLUB HORSESHOE BEND ESTATES Franklin (Izard County) Arkansas For Recreation- Vacation - Retirement • Swimming, Boating, Fishing, Beautiful Club Pool, 4 Stocked Lakes, Seven Miles Scenic Strawberry River. Sparkling Blue LIVL Water and NO Mosquitoes. • Horseback Riding—Over Woodland Trails, 25 Head Spirited Mounts. • Tennis, Shuffleboard, Miniature Golf, Archery, Horseshoe Pitching, Golf (Eighteen Hole PGA Course Now Under Construction.) • Hiking, Rock Hunting, Indian Artifacts, Bird Watching, Wild Life (Fauna & Flora.) • Hunting-—3000 Acre Private Hunting Reserve—Deer, Squirrel, Coon, Quail, Abundant Game. • Clubhouse—Private Owner Membership Restaurant, Club and Group Activities, Indoor Games, Nightly Entertainment. All this for the free use of members, guests • Beautiful Level, Wooded Vacation Retirement Homesites, Hard Surfaced Roads, All Utilities. Shopping Center, Modern Medical and Dental Facilities within minutes—All Household and Personal ber- vices which make for fine comfortable, leisure living. Each property carries a life-time club membership. AN IDEAL PLANNED, SELF-SUFFICIENT COMMUNITY IN THE BEAUTIFUL OZARK FOOTHILLS ISN'T THIS SOMETHING YOU SHOULD LOOK INTO RIGHT AWAY? 2000 Owner-Members From 39 States Have Already Found It. You are invited to visit Horseshoe Bend to see it all first hand. Write or call for information PO 3-1393 w. Fun-in-the-Sun for the Who!* Family — 3 Mrs. Drive from BlythrrilU

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