The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 18, 1932 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, March 18, 1932
Page 3
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IS. JBI/yTHRVI| ; I. 1 E.jARK.) COURIER NEWS Home Economics Girls Place High at Jonetboro Each representative horn U,e homo economics department of !!>> Blyiliovlllc high school won a place In the elimination contest, (oriiorUi- east Arkansas schools held Thursday in JoiiCiboro. Misses Tibha Smith anrt Jem Harrison Oxcola Society- Persona! iCnntiiiiiril from Page 1) no; bring thl5 oiil at Hie previous jrepreiwilaihrs. Misses Mjnl; Kneel, trial Cnrl wright test I lied lio was spend- McFarlnnd. IJln Mae Morrl IIIR Sunday evening ivilh his aged Edith Crocker, ir.ollirr when his wife telephoned to say that Ciawford liiul telephoned to his. V.omc lo tell him to meet him in the roail. that he was wail Members or the .Osccoln Bar Association were cucsts ot J. T. llvu . J1M _, Co.'-.ton when he cclcbrai.?d h[.s panlcd Mts Irene Johns, tluTl'lomcl'''''""''^ * 1lh a dinner party «t economics director, :uul ,lu> school i ll!s l10111 * liero Monday eventns. A Hi. Patilck's dny inwif iva? Olpnn died Sulmduy night follow ccola. Mr. nnd Mrs. Bruce Ivy weve visitors In Memphis Tuesday inv nine, Wlls T. Davis, Memplils allor- ncy, Is allondlng court In O*cola today. ' Virgil Greene ol nlyllievllle Is allendlni? court here this week, A. S. nouns ultenitcd tl- : funeral ol his slslcr, Mv.s. I aura Glenn In Juckon. Tom,., Sunday. lo Osccoln Monday, Mrs. Mabel Simon, Uic'ilo Hun" Grace l ' ;ude(l ° nl - '" ">« dinner table ' ' with nut cups wid .,,. rl i in u- ,. , '' lSL>la " pluce cards of green and green llol " e llls> n long illnvss. Mrs. 1,. n. Swill l wrt ° c Is exix'rl-'d AU'tU'U: NO, 411 111' \VM. K. ,MoKi:s'M-:V Sfi vlar)-, Ainrrlruii Ilrlilcf l.fHRUt Many v'.'ry Inlcre.nin^ Unnds wciv pluyril in (lie ivcenl Mslrvn cli-.iiii|ilcns)ii|: (u.i-iiiunv'iil at New Yo -"' ; - lllTC l^.one ("hnt . ««•> de- tau]tA '>>' ' ll1111111 Ooliliiiun of New t»P«* In silver caudle sticks A from SprlnBtlcld, Mo., where fihe Yoik - nnd Ills . *U«lou« three course dinner wnl sloped lust wc.;k for a visit will. • *"'. Gotdmnu is 11,., • ,|fi»br • 9. ------- . -_j ..-- „ . """"•' *»» , ' ,,,.„_ »,.._ , ._ >, ------ .;... i\\r c.-i,!.,,,:,. i..,.i. .,'..,.. v,i,.. ,,„,(„ ied Of^ YOMIS 10 brinj vvitli liim Hioul^viieed it. Alie'r; the officers left him in the p-irkjiicaiy'hc s.iW, l, c cc 11!1Bt .j his njihd atout having Crawler:! nrrested and decided, to follow the ofll;cVs and "coun.scl" with Craw-, ford. When he .joined the group, he' Mi:l "Howdy Crawfovd." Crawford fc 7 -:!? fii his shirt sieves nnd !:c could "..'ic' the butt'of a pistol protiiidina iron aboiv his fc;Jt. When lie spate ' mo,i hm ,iin,.,. i,, J?,, M ' lllLM ,- St ~'served and Mrs. Coston was"assist- >*r slslcr. Mis. J. A: Movaii ami mon. lust jilace in r-loilmie selec- ed tll ,.,*,„,[„„ llv . ,,„,. ,,„„„, „ Mr. Morati. an ihc lOtun, from )K>lnts Indiana where .she (iccoih- nanleil Miss Kmnm Cox, Mrs. Dnvo Ownllnry nnd Louie CiwfiUney on n motor trip. Funeral (or Welborn. Babe Hekl at Oscsqla v CIHCEOLA, 'Ari!.—FinioVal' :icY- .vlces for Ihr inlniH son of Mr. and Mrs. u. E. Welbom, who died Wednesday following n lonn Illness, were cunduclcd from the. family ix-s-ldtiicc at 10:30 o'clock Thursday morning, the Rev. C. K Welch, pastor o[ Ihe First H:ip- llst church, otltclaling. interment <cl!c',i'?d in Ermeii cemetery. Mr. nnd Mrs. Welbcru formerly Jtved in Blythe.vllle. v. ill nticnd the stale contest to be ilerson, were W. W. Preu'ill. Bruce 1'sttl in Payjltsvlllc In April. ;Ivy ; G. B. St^rnvits. n. I,. Naming. D. P. Taylor Sr., D. F. Taylor .Jr.. . n. 'hawnee Students Attend ' Home Economics Meeting : BASSETT, Ark.—Fivve " home, ec- and S. M. Hodges. Mr. and Mrs. D. S. Laney entertained with a dinner party Tuesday owning complimenting «* . .,,. ' .- er, MIES Willcdean McAdams, al- Icndrd the liojn? economics mcef- at the Jpncsboro State 17. ! turned recenlly from a honeymoon spent in Hoi Springs following their marriage In BlyllvvlUe. College A pink and white color scheme prevailed and was employed In lie testified. Crawford made a move for this pistol. He grubbed Craw- I Thursday. Marcl: ford and shot him at the same \ T -hcsc attending from Shawnce dinner table appointments and .f' • / i wcre Na °n» McPfltridse. who won tally cc.rds for the gnme ol bridge "c said he had no intention of nrst place in "loo;! selection" am! which followed serving of Ihe dd- shooting Crawford because of his second place in "horn? maimge- llclous Djree couise dinner Th» auenllons to Mrs, Cart-.vrieht. Helment," fnez Sisk. who won tliird bride's cake was cut by Mrs. WhUo i.™w have shol him Satin-day P'ace in "selection of clothin'g," and w h° was before her recent mar- ine (icldmn'n liophy of ihr ensd'iii con.'mcl |)«lf chnm- plon--|)i]i. which ihis yc^r wos the Inr.-.iM contract |>:ilr event ever held • AA-Q-7-6 VA-K-10 i! 49.4-2 • !/ *j-ip-6 A.1-2 : * K-Q-J. " 7-5 4-3-2 NORTH U SOUTH how his sooond sul( wlllv n .bid I if lino? diamonds, tkncrnl inWM, wltli Nurlh'.i 5l''i" '. tit' fiiir heiirts. till) s bidding a Hide'loo boldly since iimner hns pnssert niul West 1ms Itf nil original bid nnd aliowctl i second suit. The siifcr dcclai'd- lon for North Is lo bid liner iparls. VMI ptiistA and now th!' •"•clslnii was ],iil 'up io Soiilh. Nutli lni<| Klinwn Hint his skli' ivniiili fin- (,fi:ules 'ftiis henrK In.' in [he met lhal he .siipimni'd Sonllr.s lieart bid. A club and a dlnircnd bid Ho riglil over Soiilh. i South rrallA'd lhal the kins of clubs will bu wiirihles'i nnd im- lonblcdly. lie woiil,! have lo lose tl t«o dubs und (wo' dla- nonds. With tills reasoning, the IXT dcclamtlon Is to pass. Tne Mf.y ' : --i!: R!);-II:IVJ U'j;l uns lh,' Miiji of illiiiniKidj.- Mr. CI3'.ili'i:;n, '»S In tlio i.'a:.! iMilllon, ovni 1 < "llli (he :ice ot dliiinonds In 8-6-*3 V5-4-3 4A-10 +7-5 ¥Q.J-9-8-7-6-2 »8-6-3 *K-9 -171 it. had that been his inljnibn he testified. _ The defense sotiglu to bring out Negro Rental Houses Destroyed by Flames [ Two negro rental honsct. one at I ;m;1 u blddnbia live-card suii, the 1HV Blddlnr Sn'.iih. lh e dealer, .passed. Hold- hil'. the required two and o.:c-lml lrlcl:< and n IjliWiililc .six-curd-sill! Genoa Hosey. Gertrude Childresl ria lfe, Miss .Mary Catherine Ward. Matthews and Railroad' streets sl *-«ml suit should be bid first The guests included besides the and another hi what Ls known us lll <'icfore West, bid one club. and Vcra Dsnton. The Joncsboro mectinj; was , j honorees. Mr. c.nd Mrs. J. I,. Ward, the Han-is rmiirlevs, were destroy, .-3---, vu LI ILJ^ uiu i * in; tjuiitouuro rncciin ir WQ^ nrp * »-••••• •••«. n»«*t »-n.i. «. *.i. *< mn, ...^ mkii i.> miiii n;i», M viu tiv..Mruj • throiiBli the testimony of Vance liminary to the state contest to be ^ antl Mrs " J ' W " sllciljl1 ". Dr - ^ b >' '»'« last ntfiht and tills LrJll LU'flftHf - ht-ntllAf nt I \. - > t- - . . . _ . . . • 1 " k - »-">H-«.OV LV IH, J »*__ ? n »*•-._... »*^ «._.! .nnw.<>..~ <l f brother of (li = accused man, that the defendant had telephoned him followii much of it stricken from the record. The defense sought, to impeach .;?.L es " n . lon >: °f. om «r Dave Young held at Faycttcville in April. School District Educators :ind Mrs. I, n. itfnssev, Mr. and morning. Mrs. O. E. Mosscnglll, Mr, and Mrs. The Matthews street. North mvrculled. with • one .ii!f. East passed und South. 3.Miiij! -seven hearts and a tun .spade, showed the heart suit Elmore. Smith, Mr. and Mrs. A. W. was valued at Sl.COO and the Hav- b - v I'l'lilins t\yo hearts. West wa. -'. L. Williams was pla f ed on he stand to testify to stalcmjnt, made by Young on lh c day follos-- mgr the shooting. Williams' testimony was shattered, however on cross examination, when he ad'mil- tea that he didn't, know whether YOUIIRS reference to Crawford's (Mn looking as big ns a cannon " isfcrred to the smi before or an,,,. , ' that no pm was in «vi- t-cncc on Crawford until after bo nacl been shot by Carhvrlght. ( Number Nine 4-H Club Holds Regular hiral bi-monthly mceiin ff Wcdios- J- E. Criir.. county a'-jricul- auent, aivl Miss Cora Lee Coleman, home demonstration n",ent. .vci'e prejcnL and o;itliiv-d the U'oifc for the year. Officers of the chib. elected at (tie previous meeting, are Alice Collins, president. Winslon Holm-s vice president. Fietia Shi]>lny. sec- rot-vrv. n:,d Betty Jean Uishbrook reporter. , Will) cautains, elected Wcdnes- tlav. ar^ Winston Holmes, colton. John Franklin Holmes, pig. Hetty Jean Lashbroek, home improvement, nnd Irene Johnson, -piultry. All young people of Ihe community nre invited to attend Ihoi nest, meeting, which will be held Wednesday. March 30. COOTER, : Usrs of the Cooler high school itnfT and other leachers featured i program held at the local hish .choo! gymnnsium last night. S. B. Knight,, principal of Cooler higli. spoke on -'Aims and Pur- |)0ies of the Hi(jh School". Fred Copebnd. principal of Number ht- school, used as his subject. "The Importance of HeRular At- lendance in School", and Leonard Vaughn, Tyler school principal, revealed one method of "getting boys to study". "Why I Lik e 'o Teach" was th2 subject of a talk by a. W. Earl, superintendent of Cooler consolidated school district. lie N'nrr.bcr Eight quartet gave two selections. . - Bowetj, Misses Lillian and Agnes ris quarters house, owned by C H Ward and Eva Montague. Harris, at $500. Tim origin ol the Following the evening at bridge, lirrt last night night is unknown hlt'h score prize was awarded Miss but an ollslove explosion caused Montague and the lionoreos were thu one this morning, flrtmcn said. e. i given opirartunity to presented a gift. Mrs. Lala Crawford and Lavfrne Crawford of La., are spending the vei-Jc in.Os- Ninety-nine per cent of all bnc VICKS COUGH DROP ... All you've hoped for in a Coush Drop -medicated with Fijst—in the dough. Then in Ihe oven. You cm bc'surc o! perfect bikings in using— KC Draws Five Dollar Fine William Frasier lias been fined five dollars by Judge Ivy W. Craw- lord in !iiiiiiici|).i! conn on u | rhcrijt of (listinbinj; ll">, |ie.-ice. BAKING POWDER SAME PRICE leria in milk cun be killed by fbrc- Ing siiiwr sound waves thrcu»llho PAGE 'fttREK "''*' order flrat H'o.'. tijiblock In; <11o> nio::«|.i.jiii|(.. . micl ' wcomlly because lie wfaltfti' In te In ti posltloii 'lo lead through, south'.? dubs. When i lie dummy wnt down, It' WM quite sppsionl to Mr. Goldmar. .lint West's ulgliiiii tvio mi:! 0113- • tricks; weri (he ncc ami (luci'ii of. clubs nml tlic kins nnd <l«i'en of diamonds. The rcven of clubs wns re- by Mr. Cinlilmaii. fioiil': "hm-ii i ln> njiuj, v/efl \nm Cn nick uilli tin- mwen. West 'tilth ;-'iycil lli« nee of oliiUii. rV. lil.ii; tuiilh's kins, Tlie queen -in-l J.ick or'dliuiujiiiU wore then ciisli- «l by West. f A clul; IMS 1«! liy West- l:i fill '.•hdenvcr 10 kill •iluimn>'s ri i:o' jnrk of clubs. RUM triim]x'!l wuli Hie llirec of hraus. bin. n.iuih jdcfcatcd-'ihe -contract, on?'u 'Copyright. 1932, NBA 1 Sey V. >*;'--'" : " : """". A new- Inw In Florida unites Ur- btra prolmsional men and pl*u* them oi\ n level with doctors and 'aivyc'ra. , v For Women's ' Aches and 1 ov, OV<T, ;--. |h:'. ;u)(| \Vc.s(, l:\kui live 111:;!:, lx> hiiiT pi: in, i,ml !:nd Women who sutfar from ' ache, backtichc, und iwriodlc. I nml Cnpudliic the Ideal re- jit's ll(|iiid, therefore acts ahr ihistantly. TAke two teaspor- lu n llltlc water. You'll b -.,11.! lighted wilh the quick ri ;.. i.S<:oihr.<! Ihr nerves and brills'!'.n 11!' •Jfii'i und ivhixiitln:!. Why liol V-•-,', ,ii l»ltle liiiiuly? At drug slorj 1 " 1 — "nislo, or In lOc, 30c. nn" M'S.. , • —Adv. 5 . u •••f In Clolh Bugs' 10 Ibs. 45c Fresh Country Coz. 10 BUIM •'rcnmery. l>ridc of Arknnsns There nrt- oxer 94.000 nevis;- '2p?:-s and r.psariac-s published iirciiyV.out (he v.orkL 25 ounces for 25c MILLIONS OF POUNDS USED BY OUR C0VCRNMENT On Sale Saturday Only March 19th, S:0(l A. M. Until 10:00 1'. M. Manufacturers' Advertising Sale Fountain Pen with Pencil to Match Saturday "*| For Saturday ^^& ^^^fc Only 98c Only Lite Time Giuirantcc in Writing Given With Each Set Manufactured by The Helen 1'en Co., N. V. City Kirby Bros. Drug Store 5Iain and Hroadvvay now you can improve your baking save money doing it! inj (I wanl our f us fa fr, Arc you buying specially packaged, so- called "cnkc flour" to balct your cakes? If you are—then you are J>(iji»K iieflflj thKt limes as Tiiiurli /or jonr en lit' flour as you need lo fray. You can bake the finest oikcs that ci'tr came out ot your oven—you can do it with as fine a flour as anybody's money can buy—and you can save two-thirds of the cost doing it. Simply by using Omega flour. If you find that hard to believe, just try • Omega once. Compare this famous flour side by side with the best'cake flour you know . . . Compare them in whiteness, lightness, softness, fineness and texture. Then compare the cakes you get with them. You'll discover sound dollars- and-ccnts savings in this question of delicious baking. Isn't (his sau'ng ii>orth something in these days of limited fcwl^ts? The quality in Omega starts with the wheat OiltCA DlVIL'j FOODCAI!. A . . m<idt f>IM lUrrtnu M flour. W"ull si,fipIy£^cor,Hf.Ifrwt' 11 HIM. \i if*. JlUt that goes into it. That qunlity is safeguarded with every incnns known lo rncKlcrn niilliu^. To ^ivc you such qualiiy, we use only the first-run flour milled from the choicest kernels of a special wheat so select in character that it represents less than t\vo bushels out of every twenty bushels of all the wheat reaped. It is sit'tcd through silk until ic is nearly 30 times (inc-r than common flour. It is scientifically, tested in actual baking by experts before it is ever placed in the close-woven, sanitary sack that brings it to you. Even the air in the OmcRa mill j s washed nnd filtered to keep it pure and fresh. Omc-ga quality brings into your home the finest in fine baking that can he had. And it will do it at a cost for such quality tliat is only a f cw Cl *i\ts more than the cost of even ordinary flour. Almost all the better grocers have Ome^a in 6-lb., 12-lb., and 24-lb. sacks-plnin or self-rising. OMEGA FLOUR MILLS ' ' CHESTER, ILL. OWIOA Wmn C«r. O ta\a Aatafy tnax "*"< hdie en r.wx!lc-l rKip; U')U bt «nt to yy-t C'l rrcc OMEGA YOU CAN TKLL THE DIFFERENCE &' .EVEN IN THr . nOUGH XI Optima 24 Jb. 75c m (i - >; - ' K 61 1C0 Sbs, Mu For day and ^atarday or ilaw.ibiii Ifty y .-k,,;.. 1U SALT J.LL SALMON 1 1 I(Y All Klavor-i. Jj^LfLU 3 pjjgs POP CORN ^^ BANANAS^ v r s!~ 5 c - onp For 9 . \\ .- 3 r . ^ITY'*': ""^i ^lirfi '•''••» w :*.'": •'"lii.ujl^ .- -H--;Y< •Hoj 1 '' - ^^ r — MM,^l,U ,J«»«_MHV?SBHa rYiTJSrf 1 ^ S3Ber'5 .> >c .-.. .-.ties anti lOc -^fJxnm- .Pa-^- ^_s^ f AH For Hominy mm - .« ammc/s ^ —,, Kraut i?25e m i i?l ; ' i * ' '•'.?: • - ^ ' ' rs i . I','? 1 iii^i Hens Fresh Dressed » H ° me Ki||ei} r FRANKS SHC'ULDERS K KrCKh - CHEESE wi c c BEEF Fr " h fil ' ound IA1AC Beef, Rib or Ch ick pound lOc Brisket pound McMULLIN'S CASH GROCERY

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