The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 18, 1932 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, March 18, 1932
Page 2
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(ARK.) COUKlfiE Etudcnl o -the, local school, iir. Mills is a welk know yoynr fanie'r o( the Atkansas community. .. -P««J. 64le tmlkUw Saturday (or tajeat-af the church Insurance. Ik*. Cr***r Bat " AjiMkar •«*a* ..' W». T. J. Orbwder was hostess Jo 'the TCutttay rook Wui> yesterday afternoon when she Abb en• feHataed lieidtmea, T. H. Hayhes, W. H. Burnt, Annie DtShcah, H. fc. •B*r*ta,: Jra Oriy and W. s. Uat*». Aft«r W»er*l hourt at the MjMKtr* gin* , » wclal hour HaV-' enjoyed; piiv»t>pt« whip, ttibadelpttfai cheese, colfee and ahiCttSk telnt$ was aerved by ' . . . •/•M thoniay Lwteimm "The ;memb«rif;pf • the • Thursday .Luncheon' club rtre fuests to Mrs. •It- F. Kirschrter #h«h.'ahe aerveil =« ' two course menu. A low bowl of "•Spotted • spruif flowers was the etottrptec* of the luncheon table. -, Attef the bridfe faineJ, Sirs. j. A. Leech vu (Iren 'high score StMIC I«th . In honor cf th* 3Wh 'birthday of trie jlrl scout' orwnUttton, Troop No. 4 of the Lange school celebrat- M-wlth-a party Trmrsday afternoon, with tht Central Ward troop M guests. Dorothy Jean Poster gave th« btrlhday greetings extended by Mrs. Frederick Eddy, president of the girl scout prganloillon. This being the International month, Charlecn McUod told about the American scout trtop to Paris, Prtnce, and Marjorl* Warren gave * reading. Alter Mowing out the candles .oh the cake fufntarwi by Ruth BllMibeth Smith, the girls then played scout games... Qlenola and Uora McLeod contributed a cake, which -was served with the birthday cake and Iced l«nonade. Th» »njr,-"Ta|)s, 1 " concluded the afternoon. tits, Jamea A. Bell was: guest. •^ ' . ' * * GM*U to tkk >_ale»<Huhes Harry klrhy, Elton -Kitty and John Pindley were honor juests Thursday when Mrs. Jack Sorter 'fcetved'a twb bbiirse lunch- ion to the riielhbers of the Mid :Week bridge club. The St. Palrick rhfltlt was carried out In the deeoratkjftS and WfrSishrients. A bottle of perfume was pre• senled airs. B. A. Lynch for club hith - score and ttrs. Harry Klrby won » picture as gitest.prlze. ' • * ' » '* ' Bu fettal ciais of the First . church h«ia a Joint busl- Alp :ahd social Meeting Thursday erenlhg iri the horne of Jfe. Ches. ter^tAs with Mrs. G. P. Sin 1th as. assistant hostess to the 23 pres- ; entV ' ' ' i ,- Mrs; fiob Barnes, thp president, presided over the business session .and all tht officers gaVe Ihelr re : p»rU. lira. Virgil Williams was eWcJtd Jtcreliry due to the Vacancy: jnen Mrs, J. W. Shouse reslgn- ea to teach In the Vounj Peoples dtpartmcfct. Ws« tuna Wllhelm, 'the teabhtr give an . interestln$ Oaf conctrtlhg th* almS aritt wttk <x:the class, 'and kiss firtsle 'ftuMett, third vtciB-prettdtht, gate lio--'ckHUent re^jort of her *att. ; iirs. >L. N. Henbest 'opened ilie aoctal period with , a reading, -'i^onie" by Edjaf A. Oiiesl, and ,the."rcmaindcr of the ipvenlnii was jteyoted to various cont'esli. the J .JBOM thteresting w«s ; ';tK? easier »jf hunt .S»hen ^cahily. igjs were hkWeh about 'the siih -parlor, 11*- ing and .dining rooms with the jjrije, a -Urge basket of candled • ens. being given Mrs. Henbest for flnffiot the lar|*st hurober. ; Tjje hostess served club sand- yi&els, ftVlted ejis, lettuce, cakes and coffc|e. - . : A; new rnembei; Mrs? Joe : Mc' CWre w»« pre«ent »nd:Mrs. R. J. T R !,. Ha* Mn( Meeting,. John il, 1 to 45, was tlic study during tlie devotional period as the opening number of the meeting of the T. K, L. class of .the Flral Baptist church -wKei'i they 'met in the church, Thursday.. tren Ing for » Joint, business and social mtiUn,-. Mrs. 0. F. Tucktr roiiducted the oeyotloiial and was also hosteil with Mrs. R. L. Mcknight assist "ig-. "Tlie Touch of HI* Hand on Mine.- was auiig'by the assembly, followed by an orterlng or prayer by Mrs. Chnrles Newcomb. Mrs. M. E. Baniett gave an Interesting' tn'llc and Miss Cordflla wtlhlte, the pi'es^ Idem, ltd a snort buslnes.? tivectlng. The St. Patrick' mbtll was ca r and rc- The hostess iervM a plate • ' Giri Miss Soot heait HM-n, Mo. -Miss Mary Fay of Charkatoh was. named u Southeast.. MlsiouH 'for 1932 V theA ".* il > 1 'hes^t* here Wednel, a»y night . in. cbhifietltloii with .., esen wuthtast Mlsio'url . towns. ..Miss katra-yn-Mitchel, Slkeston placed aecond, and Miss Dorothy ComW, . GartHlherBVito, and thb yomik wbmah- •representing ii*w Madrid tied f«- t (hlrd. The co," The progrom InciuJed music by the nt>*i*r twihs',iof CarullietsVilie »ha a tab 'danci! , "The Three Hiars," by C. OI'-Kain'c lit, Billy Traihb^sftd.Patten- Ralne. The contestants m-ere: Miss Slk- estori, kaVViryn- Xlrtdhell: Miss Wafdsll, 'aiadys.ttiner: Mite Kert- nelt, Bmlly Smith. Mlis Carilth' ersvlUe, Dorothy Coftibs.- Miss Hayti, Apies Grady.! .lU.Iss PorUje- yllle,-Jessie LuclUe'Coppa'Se: Miss ChariMloh, Mary.'r^y.jenis: Miss Dexter ftruett; aWd:Ml«s' New Madrid.- ,- '.- - • . . Cotatler ntirt Wikht A<U; I^aJ. I 1 1 f .- A ne'# Dress Tie made in E$jg Shell -KW, :Whimed. in Water Snake, nc\v Cphtihental heel. . . -';'.". •.'.••S|ieiri,jj > - Priced . . Kew Sandal Foot Sheer Ingraini -' -. Lar 6 Nets Presented in-ne* popular Spring colors ft¥V Hosiery 'i oj Next Mo.ilyPer.oful J,- H.-Itotorte reliwned- U hie home, in Newport, Ark. Thursday morning after a short visit with his nVither, Mrs, S. H. Roberts of Armoril and hl« sister, Mrs. T. R. WaUon and family. Farry Hewberry of Little Rock, state manager of the W. o, W., has rtturhed after a few days here on bualneas. . Mrs. Godfrey White of Otceola wit the guest pf Mr. and Mrs. A. Cohfc'ay today. Mrs. O. C. Oliver and son. Elmo and iranddtughlcr, . Oeneyleve Fletcher of joiner, Ark.,, .visited With MTB. J. E. Wlillworth ThurB- doy, • . .,' Harry Ponder of Walnut Ridge, Ark., spent Thursday • hera on ' •• Mrs. Harry klrby was a Meni^ phis Visitor today. • "•'.' ,. Mrs, T. R. Wataon and F, II. Roberto drove to OariiUiersvllle on buaiiieu Thursday morning. •Mri, b. B. kettihger Is 111 at her SoMc on Broadway.' ;• N.-M. Skkurd of Bt: Louis wii the-(U*M of Mr. and Mrs. I/ N. HenhWil-foijay;' •!' Mrs. j. B. R»tri .and Mrs. Tom Love and diuyhter, .Martha I/co of Jon«boro visited, i-lth libs. W. A. Dobyrts and [amUy Thursday. Mrs. Sarnitel F. Norris Is 1m- r.rorlrig after «veral Hays lljiiess ih'thc •'BljtHeVUlc Hospital. Mrs. Allen Walton was taken to the' Ul'ythevllte ' hospUnl this lubrnlng tor Severnl days treatment. Miss L«ur» Lcc 'Layson ot Forie»l blty, Art, Is 'Utc -guest 'ol friends' and relatlvei' for dajs 1 . GEM THEATRE Friday Md S*tord*y Matiiice—2:15 - Niglit—6:45 Adm.—JIatinoe and Night— o and 25c See Dne Man Law 1 with Biick Jones Now Serial — "Battling With »utT«lo Bill" and Cartoon. Sunday and Memfey —Matinee and Night- 10 and 30c ONE MAN NIR MATEttANOTHBt Mis» Italic Glmr of Cottte Married it Ddl COOTER, Mo. — Announcement',': wai j rria&t this morning of ,'tiv;'. marriage of Miss Lucille GloVer , of Ccoter to James Mills of bill, -\ Ark., tru ceremttny having been periofmca In flel). : '• ; .The bride (s the: daughter of;' Mr. »nd Mrs. Earl Glover and a, Ohicieri Dinner, ho'mc' Ohlckeri Dinner, home cookedj! ; .-•-"; :, ••' liome served, 35c. ttolei Peabrtdy,-! Alsp. Short' over post OfTlce. MS. iJ fcwMia-.l:— •. ji •• ..'. proprietor. HO wV to mtiee that dollar do more work! Hospital Notes Admitted: Mrs. Allen Wajtoii cltv. '.bei'lln telephone op'srators now taltc mcBsages from thoso who get the "they don't answer" reply, and deliver the message, when tlio person for. wliom It *us Intended available on the phone. PERMANENT WAVE Including shampoo and Set. Guaranteed - - - - ELA1NK BEAUTY SHOP Glow* BMt. ffaNK 43 Sweet Cream Hulter 30c Lb. Pasteurized Milk JOc QJ. Delivered Phone 74 liulgarian Buttci-rhilk 16c (It. ''. Go to Church Sunday RITZ THEATER '. Last Time Today Malincc—2:30 - Night—6:45 Adn'j,—iliiliiicu—10 and 30c •' Nielli—10 and 35c ( See 'Arsene Lupin' 'j>«]-: •^Aliio Cartoon and Cpijiiegy.; ;A(lm.—iiatinee and '.NigKt—; ij 10.and 25c .^>;j:| -:-\ k 'sm ; yQ;l iV» As An fAdnceWeAt for trading with its we offer yoU yOur choice of. more tliart 50 personal and household'articles without any profit whatsoever to us or the Ketnilers 'Service Bureau, of which \vo are Yne'mbers. All you ne«d to ito is to -save ovir business cards given free with each 25c purchase. Ask Ns fof further information. And JteaWes, Mir Grocery Prices Are Jitst As Cheap As Possible Just a few of the manv articles we offer under hif plan: ; J •;. Conduct' '.' . ; With ; Sally Eilei's and j Ralph Bellamy , Also Serial and Cartoon Sonday and Monday ; A<lni.—JfatiiiGc nixl r Nijjhi-^ 15-and -IQc weitor lE'SAN ARAB 1 Will matches wfts and . Wisecracks against the , weiks and sirens of I x Damiscus. Eieclric'Iroii Fountain i'cna Table Lamps- Auto ilirrors •- - , Cry/sUl Necklace WafTW Irons ' Fneteh Hi-ip Coffee '. M»kers ! Wrist Watches I'ockct Knives • Klectric Clocks . Smokers' §cts Toilet Sets':" iUantc'urfe Sets Percolators Klectric Eggstcr Rollev. Skates Electric Toaster MAXWELL STORE NUMBER 3 Vhone 3fil We Deliver WILL RO<iER, BUSINESS and PLEASURE Goudal Joel McCrea from BOOTft TARKINGTON'S i novel and Arthur Goodnch's phy FOX. PICTURE Also News and Comedy FRIDAY, MARCH-is, 1932 PIGGLYIH GIGGLY Bargains for Friday, Saturday and, Monday Oranges .%*&*> Doz. 43c Doz. lOc Delivered Evaporated Milk Pet or Carnation « Tall or 6 Small Cans Sugar ,„„« 10 Ibs. 44c LETTUCE Largc h 5 C BANANAS 6o '" en !ri9 c Frt ' sn im Tender. Lb. i CnilAClI New Florida. White MfUAMi a. PEPPERS Largc I ' lori(la ' Nevv Texas Green CO Heads. Lb. 3 Fancy Hox Fruit Winesap. Lb. 'BEANS Greeh and Tcnd ll5 € & JJEETS presh 7 10 Texas. Hunch / TOMATOES New Flori ?ll5 c ; No. 2 Can Corn No. 2 Standard 4for25c nm Q«mrt Crackers 2-Lb.Box Silver Wedding Flour, 48-Lb. S'k Sac 24'-Lb. Sack 45c COFFEE F " nth ' Je fl,19 c PURE LARD S-Lb. rnc Bucket PEANUT BUTTER "S MUSTARD Kmbassy 1 C(J Quart Jar ID CANDY Good Chocolate 1AC ?>. 1U RAISIN BfeEAD PORK & BEANS a PURE LARD 50-IA Can .$3 APPLE BUTTER ™ Great NoHher^o, PANCAKE PLOl)R 2C{ Swift's Circle S Hams Ib. lOc '. Fresh Killed Pi K Shoulders Ib. Solid Meat Pork Roast Ib, 12!c Pork Sausage "Salt Meat is Fine All Pork p Fancy Fed. Veal Roast Ib. 15c Fancy FaI Poultry Hens Ducks Fryers Geese HindSlo Fancy Sfatnpcd Beef Beef Roast Thick Rib Ib.l71c Sliced Bacon Genuine Blackhawk, No Strings, Sliced the AVay Von SVant It. 6-l-b. Limit _ ___» Pound JL V2' 10!c

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