The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 18, 1932 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, March 18, 1932
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Served by the United Press BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS THE DOMIHANT NEWSPAPER OP NORT11EAST ARKANSAS AND SOUTHEAST MISSOURI VOL. XXIV—NO. 1 Blythevllle Dilly N.-'ws, Blythcvllle Herald, Mississippi Vtlley Le»dtr. Blythevllle Courier. iii,YTHiovii,[.io,'ARKANSAS, KUIDAY, MARCH is. r'.'v.v'/>"•'.*• .,CENTO 'jJ PLAN SECRET SESSION ON HIGHWAY „ i r\ in- fate Ol USCeola nilSineSS Reports Seeing White Man Heltl Captive Seven Years by Indians in Brazil Wilds KIO DE JANEIRO, March 18. llsh lluit destroy their prey wilh ! i UP)—Stephen Ratlin. Swiss trap- great speed, lit found ihe long per ' If Ratlin back-trailed over the i-c lost Col. p. ll..Fawceit, held cap- ronic he ones followed from M W/'ll R I Mi An " vc ^' Indians in "'- Bniiiiian point where he believes he man Will DC in nanus. jungle, vvai expsctcd luic today to Colonel F.uvccU the Journey woula 1 confer on rescue plans in which Ih; lake about three months. , rc:ei.or.3 lives would be risked. While the British colony hsra *-.\» Ratlin low 1 th:-United Press at aroused over prospects of llndliv; Sao I'aulo he h:id bu;n called here Colonel Fawci'll. Ihe man crcdilec Of Jury Late Today. OSCEOLA, Ark., March 18.—Taking of testimony- was completed al II30H loday in Ihe second irial of Fln'ley \V. Onrlwrighl tor by the British embassy. The Brit- with knowing more nboul. Ilia Bra- ish consul-general at Saa Paulo, Lilian interior than anyone except *ll 111. and the Uiorv case will be placed in the hands of I Arthur Abtott, Ratlin's the unlives themselves called Rnt- defhille clue to Col- " n 's story "romancing." This wns cnel Fnwcetl's fale since the regarded the advice of physlc-ian.s that he go to n hospital and after the opinion of Gen. Candido Ron- dou, cliief guide and interpreter for Ihe expedition of the laic Theodore Roosevelt. course of self treatment at a local hotel pronounced himself fil lo resume service this morning and I lie trial went ahead. The defcasc rested its case shortly after II a.m., and testimony of five rebuttal witnesses for the slats was completed in time for noon rc- i cess. Instructions lo the jury nndl and gc , tl irough w ,^ lengthy arguments by conns:! on chnrts are of no value." dr?ss had approached him at an Indian villag; and whi;p3ccd the word "Englishman." Later rtauin said tho man said lie u-ns Colonel Fawectt. He was held captive by the Indians. Ratlm said lie planned an expedition of four men as a smnll "had more chnnce to exist, and nml both sides were in prospect fur this nflcrnoon. • Witness Taken Til Almost coincident with the sudden illness of Juror May shortly afler 4 p.m. yesterday Mrs. Beinice CarluTight, sister-in-taw of the defendant. succumbed 10 a nervous attack while waiting in an anlc- room to testify, and was removed to her home under a physician's care, j She was one cl the chief witnesses for the detcnse when the case, svas first tried. The slate built up Its case yesterday prmcipally on the testimony of'.the three officers who witnessed the fatal shooting last March. Thoy were Bave Young, Walter Cox, and Baker Turner, nnd their testimony "was at variance. only in mliior de- ". The defendant, they testified, called them to "go and get a bad ninn." They per.-mattal him the proper procedure was to swenr out a warrant and have Crawford nr- resled. • The defendant's' nephew, James Cartwright. also nn officer, was witii them. Carhvrighl swore out. warrants charging Crawford with disturbing the pence and with assault- with a deadly, weapon, alleging that Crawford had attempted to assault Mrs. Cartwright with a pistol when slw refused his unwelcome advances. Tell of Shootliif Tiie four officers drove to Ihe home of Crawford and leit Cari' Expeditions inusl. carry canoes for miles through heavy jungle brush. Explorers who have seen horses or men fall into streams in the jungle say they were devoured tefore their eyes by -hordes of smn 66 Criminal and 690 Civil Cases on Docket March Term. or jurors: Taylor, fllCOTT,; Darned' Ballad Singer Dies df Pernicious Anemia at ,-$onte Carlo.... .- MONTE CARLO. Mar. IB (UP) —Chiumeey Okoti, fnmous ballad singer, who introiluccd the sonij, "Mother Mnchree." dlrd today from T .,,, kw . oernicious nncmin. ' He was 11 years old. Olcott's wife, son; nnd daughter were nl his bedside nt his villa CARUTHERSVILLE, Mo. — The March term of circuit court will ccnvtne here Monday,'March 21st, \vllh a heavy docket. • The regular judge. J. E. Duncan, will preside, with tile following wrlghl n block 'in n parked car. By the light, of a flashlight .they were reading Ih; warrant, on Crawford's doorstep when they heard n "shot, atxl saw Crnwford crumple to the ground. Wheeling, they saw Cartwrignt, gun in hand. James Cartwrighi disarmed him. nnd the others, turning back to Crnwford snw him coming up from a kneeling posture Sim in hand. He was disarmed before he cculd shoot, and Cartwright. coming out- wilh n second gun. was disarmed before it wns firccf. Cart Wright's first shot took effect in Crawford's abdomen and l.c died two hour.' | later in a Memphis hospital. This' is substantially the story as told b; the officers. The defemc opei:sd with the testimony of the defendant himself, who broke down nnd sobbed early in his testimony when lie told of how his wife, already stitTering from a goiter operation, was a nervous wreck because of Crawford's unwelcome attentions, how she kept her?. The body of the singer- iclor will be buried in New York, they said. Oloott was a native of Bnffnlo. N. y. He wns developed as n singer hy the late R. M. Hooley nnd t^came famous as the "Irish tenor." He married Margaret O'Oono- van of San Francisco in 1897. He traveled with Hooley's company •everal yearn, noiwnrcd wilh various minstrel nnd opera troops, th?n went lo Englnnd to sing in comic opera. Irish songs Olcott mnde famous before his serious illness in 1925 included: "I Love Thee, Name of Mary." "A Littls Bit of Heaven, Sure They Call It Ireland," "My Wild Irish Hose," "When Irish Eyes Arc Smiling," and many more sentimental bnllnds of that type. Pemlscot township: Eric W. O. Alexander, alter- nales, C. D. Martin .and Geo Crews; Pascola township: C. G Fisher, alternate. Sid Jeffrcss: Or- gnn township: J. M. Swift, alternate. I,. Ferrell; Gayoso township: Lnsy'Bush, alternate, J. C. Glass; Virginia township: P. K. Jackson Bob While, alternates, O. James and Jim Oodrin; Concord township: Ernest Molet. Dug Pool, al lewales. Irwin Samples and Chas Howell; Brngjadccio township: § miner, Frank Long, allernales . Bryant nnd Jc-fT Darnell; Coote township: Bill Burnett, John alternates. John Ashley .nd O. F. Pnnderburk; Hollnnd township: Arch KIchard. alternate, G. W. Lawrence; Little River.township: C. A. Haynes, John -Till, alternates, W. W. Shepard and John Tant; Butler township: N. B. Summers, alternate P. W. Pills; township; Oscar Hawkins, nllernats C. D. Coston; Haytl township: Bill Darnell. J. S. McDear- monl. alternates. Olis Pophnm and Herman McClanahan; Little Prairie township: E. M. Roberts. J. M. Coble, n. J.r. Malone. W. D. Byrd, RUE INJUSTiK M,'Ssiucj Servants of Neighboring Family Located in Pennsylvania. HOPEWELL. N. J., March 18 (Ul'i—Stnle police announced loc"ay Ihey have located the two Gt-r- man servants who dUapiwurcd IrOrji Hie LlghUool lioiiiu at Fritnklln Park immediately after Ihe kidnap- ing of Charles A. Lindbergh Jr. Tiie couple. Whose names were listed ns Mr. nnd Mrs. EngstenberB were being questioned today. At today's pre.-s conference Col ncl Norman schwarPAopl Issuti he following statement: • "Henry 'Kcd' Johnson hnO'o XH?II questioned by investigator rom tliis office as 10 the whore bouts of the Eystenbergs. "Our investigators ure stlll-.ou •lucking on the story relnlad by \fr. Lighifoot nnd until such lime s Ihey reporl (heir nudities it will be impossible to inform you nny- hlnt' definite.concerning the Engs- enberus. Whether or not there is any connection between their departure and (he kidnaping Is to be letermincd. The Eugsienbergs have teen located nnd investigators will question them. As soon as our In- vcsllgalors have heard their story we will communicate with and inform the press. She's UoUulit'ul nnd - - Ili'illiani 1E5IJH JWT TESTf La Guarclia Proposal for Higher Normal Income, lax Kale Approved. WASHINGTON. Mnr. 18 IU1M — he sales lax opposition won nn •expected victory In Ihe llrsl test ihc house today. The llrsl Income lax nmcndmvil oposcil by lieprcscnlnllve Ln As n college student, Miss Allot. SclioenfHss, above, made the on high — high classroom murks nnd high scores (or pulchritude Alter she had been voted the most be:iiulfi!l . I" Whealon Collie Norton, Muss., she wns listed 01 the dean's honor roll, scholastic award. "Colonel Lindbergh did not have a police conference at these headquarters. A statement was obtained from a student of Princeton prepnrator.v school to the ctfecl soon after 5 p. m. March 1 this ycunj man procped nnd sa to the wrong side of the rood to allow him to pass. He Ihcu policed there were_ladders lying across the- top of the ssats of Ihe car. Jlc did not obtain the registration number and did not recognise the. drlvsr. The car had a dark body. Wilh the formation at hand this matter as investigated without our being '>le to obtain any information of hie." S TIL IS rcn i tins younj man was , i i/-ii i \vni \ , • ling pasi the Lindbergh P lac3 Judge NllloUgh Will AWai .w a Dodge sedan pull over Supreme Court Dccis** Frank' Baird. C. R. P. Fleeves and C. C. alternates, Etcver, M. Lumpkins. The court docket lias on docket for this term of court GO criminal eases. 600 civil cases, of which W.'j are lax suits, including city laxes for Carulhersville, Hayti and Steele, St. FrnncLs Levee Districl of Missouri taxes. Stnte and County Taxes, Drainage Districts, Little I Uiver Drainage District and lax : suits fcr paving the streets ol ! Cniuthersville. Massengill Again Heads 15th District Druggists OSCEOLA. Ark.. March IB.— Sixty druggists of the Fiflrenlh District Arkansas Pharmaceutical association attended the annual district aieethi;; here Thursday evening. ..... v> vv .~_ They were entertained by Osc=- ' hearse'- ambul an ces"dest"royed in j Undertaking Company Is Awarded $5,850 The Blytheville Und?rlakin Company has been awarded a to tal of J5.850 as-damages on oln drusglsts nt dinner in the court j- lre the doars .locked testing each dayjers. house club rooms nnd were ext;nd- ecl a welcome by Mayor A. S. Rog sl y- w which swept tw that he would inlrude himself into her home. On Thursday before the shooting, he fa M. s i-,e was unib'.c to endure the nervous strain nny buildings In the business district. The award wns mnde by nn ap [pvaiser, agreed viixm l>y F. Simon 0. E. Massengill of Osceola wns owner of the undcrlnking company ro-clccted president of the district and the company which had in organization, and James Bell ol Blytheville, vice president. surcd tic two cars. The awar was signed by H. J. Fritzms, ap numbers by . . lli-M at Bryn Mawr BRYN. Mawr, Pa., Mar. 18 (UP) The German servants who work- 1 In the LUjhlfoot home at lanklin Park, N. J.. sought for uestioning In the Lindbergh case, ere) detained by Marion township olice today. The eoiip!;, Sadie nnd Paul Eng enberg, were taken into custody Captain Mullen nt (he request J'.-rsey stale police. Says He Drove Car POCATELI.O, Idaho. Mar. UP)—Ignancc Blnisteln. 30, 18 On Demurrer. imrnlu. Republican.' as udoplcd. • U txwits the rale New York, on incomes bov; $1,000 lo 1 per cent Jrom D or cent proiwscd by the house adds. The vole was 121 to HI 1,ii urmrdta salt! in ulferlnis the iiicndmcnl It was UIB flrsl lest In llRhl ntialnsl llii! sales (<ix. ni\l hi-; forces hurt iiRrorrt in Ixvost lin oilier rnlcs offirol Ijy llm (irnniHIcc In mi effort lo provide evenuos w> tte wiles levy could .*. klllcil, Acllng Chairman Crisp opposed he Li\ Gunrdla nnwndmonl. 1K> aid It woiikl vnlso only $20,000.000 i year. Dcclslmi ws reached ngiilixsl woposcd. taxes on copper mid whisky. Tlic committee rescinded its ircilon ol yesterday cxmlcmnlo.1- Ini; n duly of 4 . cents n pound on Imported copix-r. and decided nol to submit, tl\c proposition to the house. The committee overwhelm- liiGly voled down the Dickinson plnn to tux medicinal whisky and wine J5 n Ballon. Democratic Members Defend Alabama Solon Writ Fails to Release Vote Boxes MEMPHIS, Mm-. 18 (UP)— The :mlln political fiicllon of Crlltcn- U-il county fulled In Us attempt lo ? the Ciltteiulen county school election Imnds returned lo Ar- hunsas loday. Thi' liiillots remained in sufe ileiwslt boxes nl the First National bunk when; they placed early this week, The boxes live lied up with n wrll of attachment obtained by n Memphis nuillloi 1 , A writ of mandamus obtnhier by Shorlff Curlln from Judge Nclll Klllouiili proved Invalid today be cnuse It was executed In n different elate. Judge Klllotigh's' order dircclci 1 J. O. Johnson nnd Cecil Oliver who placed the ballot-boxes In Memphis bank, lo return them to Arkansas,, but Ihu wrll ol nllncli inent Keciiretl by Eduar Chenthnti for nil bill owed him b Crltli'mle-n connly prevented I net inovnl from the bank. O3CEOLA. Ark. • WASHINGTON. Mftrtll 18. (UP —A minority report, "dlh emphatically" from a majority rec omiiicndnlion Unit the 'sent oi Sen . alor Hutiklicad. Democrat,... A' a Jilifte" Ncilljij.iinn, lie declared vacant, was sub rogrcss on Road 1 District Debt Refunding Continues Slow. . -.. i \\ . LvrriiB HOCK, Mar, 18 lVP);r••-:•'. iilormnllou us to uny Irregular-:- ••" les In U>(, state highway depart-' ' v wnl will be tjHc-n to-thc -• n executive sfKiloii. It was-an-''..'•• ouneed. tcdny, '.- .'.• • O.'J' •A rebolulto'n asking tor siicli'.irirV'. Oi million v-nn' introduced by~' Rcp.^-^ Hcslcr. -It was ndpritcd: ':• niithoi- snld Judgo . W.^ Vnssiier, clialnnan of the' audit:;"-.' cinmKslmi. hnd npjirovcd of the ; i: cfolntloii.' • ' f'" . ';'• ;';--Sv 1 ' •ive Prevention and Em nloyment Arc Joir Goals of Campaign. A plan lo combine a city-wl clean-up and lire prevention emu- lalgu with a movement to IncrCiso einplovn'ienl- opportnnHies In illy- llicvllle will Iw pretonlcil to In- •mrnnce wen nnd'dvid leaders at « meeting lo be held'in the armory at 8 p. m. next Tu.Mday riigiil. . Decision lo coll ttxi'meetlnsr MI^H reached frtltwlns dteciissiiin o! the fire and unemployment situations al thg-'Anie.rlcRn.'AiCglon .w^Jny Inst" Tiicsdaj' v nlghr; 1 *. J (ft i '1?\i«l» . . It nj!|xiu-cd iiewspapeniipn- wriiilij 1 -.'.: x hnrrcd [rom hearing ,thc testl- ;: . moiiy, ns 11 was Icrtmcd'. Judsj^';"} kVnumicr hud siijjijcstcd "it bc.i;l^f '<•*• MI llio reprcsentntlycs in cxccu'v'-' 1 .iv e session. ' '.'. ': '/•':>.• v.: A similar rcsolntloi), Introduced - ; In Ihe senate, met wilh slrotig op- .:;" .icsllllon. Consideration w«s i»st- V;V l»nc<l niilll Monday al 2 P. M. " .> l.imrr A»ln Fees \uiei .'.. . A bm-lo cnnhlc liuplvenL billW-. ' In;; nml lonn iisscxlntlona lo p'led(;n :\> iii.iel-i fintj moke loans Irom - tliK, it'constructloii finance, eorporaltbii,'. =". was in llm senate. ~- •"•[.'. hill uy Scnnth'r Klmzey : 'to'. ••' 11 reduction un aulpmobU*...: fn^ps was pushed In tJie senalv'?'-' ; .: It .was brought out In Ihe wnntc' ••_':• tlmt soiiiD IM3.030' was ."'pnlH ••''£»' •'• Is'cnl-aconts lets oil th L . l.T^l $15.-. ^ •'' • : - : " : ' : " _________ . ... , Kl!loush indicated thai' lie \voiild | m ttted lo the senate privileges and eitcd on eld today estlgnted his story of hnvin? driv- n the antomobib in which Charles i. Lindbergh jr. was kidnaped. Blaistein was . arrested in Boise ,nd brought here charged with laving stolen some clothln?. Ife old police Sergeant Pugnilre he md participated in the kidnaping. 1C said the baby .wns hidden in sewark. N. J.. nnd asscrtedly told -xactly where in that town it could be found. Mayor T. C. Cotfin raieftlonod Blalst?in and then ordered all rte- .ails of his statement forwarded to Hev Jersey p»':ct. It was revealed today they talked over long distance telephone to flew Jersey police for almost '.hrec hours last night. sustain Hi; demurer lo Itie hullct- mcin of A, U. Hanks, filled by-his attorney. J. T. Coston. bill would not rule on the question In ns much as' it was Included In Ihe pending appeal of Bonks from a similar Indlcnnrnl In HIP Pulaski circuit coin I' 16- 'lie 'passed on by , supreme conrt within (he liext three weeks. The case ngninst Bunks, chnrccil here with ncccnjing deposits In the Plrsl' State Bank of Osocola lun'tir wns Insolvent, was nccorrt- ngly continued for the. lerni. It hud been set for licnrliie next Monday. The demurer raised :i ipiestion new In banking nnnnls, Mr. Cosion snld, and cnlls for I'rcWon ns lo wlielher or not a bank is Insolvent within Ihe meaning of the law unit has been examined by elections commlUcp tod^y by Item-. ocratic incnikcrs of'n siib-commltleo nppointcd lo hear Ihe contest brought hy former sciiiUor J. Thomas lienin. Senators George of Georgia, nnd Bratton, Hew Mexico, signed the icport which disagrees cnicgorical- y with n similar doaument. pvc- wrttl lrj r Clnlrnmn Hnstlngs, lle- nihllcnii, Delaware, nnd concurred .n by. two oilier Republican mem- :rs. "It is Iminrtmit lo bear In mlnrl." the minority report rends, "thai, it is navrtierc'shown or even contended by nnyone Ihnl Mr. nankhcad had any personal purl 4" .alleged burglary charge, was j l\' nl ' K "bank examiner nnd (ho fact while authorities in-' B s[>-jrtfl.|neil tlial " le nsspts arc _, , i ,..,.. . commander, will Issue Inyll^- llons lo local Insurance wen and to vavirms civic nnd patriotic or- BarilznUons, but. nil citizens Interested In the movement will be welcome. Mayor Nelll Heed, C. A. Cim- nlnghimi, flnsselt Phillips and 'oilier members of (lit IcKlqu poil pnrtlelpal'd 111 Tuesday night's discussion, bringing ont that excessive nre losses In Blylhcvllle were Imposini! n heavy drain on Ihe commiinity and threatened to nvnko Inswnnce iHtttoiU lo obtain It Is believed that n city-wide for the elimination o Plan to Sell Surplus Cotton and Wheat Abroad WASHINGTON. March IS. (UP) —Secretary of Agriculture Hyde announced at the White House today the government is planning an intensive campaign to unload the country's surplus cotton mid wheat supplies abroad. Hyde made ll'.c announcement after a meeliiiB ol !he cabinet. He Nordskog Will Refuse to Resign as Candidate LOS ANOELES. Mar. 18 (UP) — Andrae B. Nordsko?. vice-presi- tl.'ntlial candidate of the Liberty party, said today he would refuse -^'d .probably some o (lie i "resign on the demand of Wil-i MB accruing lo agriculture under 5 -•- .--.•-•••.• 'provisions of the rcconslruction fin- nncc corporation law would be used in the campaign. risks can accomplish much toward reducing nrc'losses, while nl the snme time ssrvlne 'he impor 1 - nnt secondary purpose, of providing employment for a nmnber o men now out of work in (he com- immily. f, . L , cdi.Lt jinivs^ii, \uvni iiuniuuis uy , ~ r . . Cartwright. said he was unable to Miss vlr , nla Bllrlon „„„ t d 1 tlmorc, Maryland, sleep Thursday nnd Friday nights i ,„„ b .. M art |, a j imj carHrriehl. Suits nrc now l»'» Vln ? ln circuit tf)r \rdrrvlncf rvvfir Prow-far/1'c ^f_ l_°._. ... ." _ n n.._i j« ».\.:/<l, n tnn onrl rlnlioh- for worrying over Crawfords at- tendons to his wife. Saturday evening, Just bsore dark, returning to his nemo from Ihe hardware store he owi Pearl Cartwri s ht and Anne Semmes cour t tn wnich a £0 " and Barblers *« of F- Simon, owners of two buildings destroyed by the fire, are seeking full payment of Insurnnce he owns and op?ra!es, he snw Craw- i U,,. v ani l Haiti* al- I Policies totaling more than S50,- lord in front of Crawford's house. lu ' * u "** llc *i 'ooo. Tlie insurance companies have He called him across the street to Sartorial E] ., -----. .^..—^.i extremes n ls own driveway entrance and | ____ ' •varned him Ihst if hs would letj WASHINGTON, March 18. (UP) plalnts ' '"s wife nlone Osceola wmild 'tet. _^ on 35 per cent according to the com- on Hunger Strike Agaiiut Unemployment WASHINGTON. Mnr. 18 (UP) — Refusinir n temporary Job. Dr. Frederick F. Wolter. 57. holder ol Ihrc.^ university degrees, todny entered the 19th day of his slarvii- Uon protest against unemployment. Wolter, a trained librarian nnd master of eight languages, said he Is determined to starve himself to death, unless he Is offered a permanent, suitable position. "Bully Betf" Gives Way To Scientific Ration liam 51. "Coin" Harvey, tlw. part-V'fr presidenlinl candiilatc. Harvey, free sllvtr advocate, wns nuotcn at Miwte. Ne. Ark., ns charging Nordskoz wns attempting to profit by campalBii speeches. Nordskig "ill he had received no money from Ihe committee nnd had personally financed a 20,000-imlc sprnklns loul '- enough for them bath, other wise not." Crawford said "everything would b2 all right." Hj thought ihc matter settled, he said, and slept well Saturday night. Says Crawford Moved for Gun Crawford, when flrsl ap- —Senators llucy Long. Democrat, Lev.tsiana, and Hatlic Caraway, Democrat, Arkansas, .wero ol sartorial extremes of the senate today. Flowing from Lang's vest pocket (was a handkerchief of startling l' rs . l , s ' [Pink such as not even Senator Ham- lcrna} - Autogyro Passe* Over Blylhevlllc residents got their first glimpse of an autogyro yes- buttoned up m a Cavtwright covered him with in s own gun held in -tils coat pocket. T!x> defendant did (Continual on PSR« 3) The (jiMtr looklnsc airship passed Private 'Phone Exchange Used in Berlin BERLIN. lUn—-A private auto- malic telephone exchanr;^ which nllows ftny subicriuer lo set n con- ncclion wilh any desired 'number up lo GO without KOiiu; through "a" "central," L? beinu hailed by business houros and telephone palrons .In Germany. OSCEOLA. Ark. March 18.—D£- j ^p device Is (he Invention of posits In ihc Bank o! Luxora wore I ft Hamburg engineer, and Us :ne.- increnscd by app-roxinnloly $15.000. Ij],^ | s '^ c pt secret. Afnr exhnus- inclnding" (lie cpcnhi; of «cv;rsl . t | vc t cs |., p die apparatus hns been new account.*, thrcush the teller's approved by the Reich Post Office window which liv Luxora bank' Department and can b> installed Girl Saves Train When Boulder Blocks Tracks NOA'S SWITCH, Ark., March 18. (UP)—Courage of n young girl who nagged down a passenger train t:- forc It struck a IIUBC boulder which ccrlalnly would have wTCCkcd il was prnised here today. The girl. Alma mrncll. wns llsh- ing wilh friends when she saw ihe boulder slide onto tho Missouri- North Arkansns rallroaii tracks. Al the same time she heard thr- train's whistle. She ran up the. trnck in Ihe face of Ihe rushing engine, nagging 11 down. Alma Is the daughter of the'inay- or of Leslie, nearby town. Members of the lioiise of-'rcpr'.y ipsyiinltvcs,'.after . a 'ni.orhlns :.of.-J ixucji .-discussion, adjoiifned ;nhtU^.;x .Pf .Mf'= JSpftdiiy.. ".Be'vetill. rcrTrV.;;'! rcscutn'tivei • Wdjucatpd;- thnlVth's'jfi-^ opposed '*\»pprppi-lntliig ihbiher..;? •"M>,00(Jj','for jccnitlniiiincc of'audit-v-* th(T slat*, hlsllw'fiy deiwHnieiit^x 1 ! x.L.,^-_:-* J»?.L^I^ ; ^.-tjl i Jiaaii^c UI--UJ1: UJi/V'iL uiti • wnJI..^A- iOmc modillcnllons seenwd lodsjrlti'^* be the fnir'ort'd pVosra'ifi of lejis- V ators for refunding old road Irnf J: provcrhent dtelrict bonds.'. ' •'•'.£* Th 0 " bill, tjowever.-'.lu Its- pres-,7- tnt stule, L-i hot nccepinWp "f6'-. reprcscntadves of n majority 6[ .', bond holders. " . '- - ---J -;. Sentiincnl, although.l'rr f.uor .of .;' the incnsiirc, tiecnicd In,.favor of ' eiimlnntlnj the ll?cnl agi'iit's fee . jclore :illcm])tinK to pnss Irie bill.. = Under thn bill llic gnsoline tax. : 'ulri i">i ne increased, Ihc conn--v ty turnback would IK' retained." ,n'd mi exciwngc of 5 pir-cent :cvctiuo unnds (or the district bonds . "• vvould lip ]ii-ovi[led for. ."' ^-. nsprCFeiitnllve. 1 ; of I lie bond hold r . jre wire ro|',orled yesterday as sny-^ Inn Ihey could not sec uiyy ntlT vantage'In accepting (he new bbiids'..' al a lower rale of interest .than thnt carried by the old bonds. .'.-: It wns explained by a ' r'eprc'- senlaUvc of ft baufclnj hoiwsc that . It wns not their Intention to mak c demands on the lesisUtqrs;: but In point out what the mea- .-." ure must Lc acceptable--. Osceok Window Boosts Luxora Bank's Deposits opened In Oxeola Thursday morn Ing, according to U b. NfcDonrman, cashier of the bank. Mi«s Margaret McDMrmnn. formerly assistant cJ'hior of the Bank of Luxora. is in cM:^ of the window which is kx-alfd In (he Hale Bosom ofnce tullding here. LONDON. (UP)-Thp, familiar bully-beef tin Is about to make way for a scientific food tablet in tlw British Tommy's pock. Tre new emergency ration Is a R.ty to One Outsider Wins Grand National AINTREE. Livenwol. En?.. Mnr. 0 them. In the house yesterday nealed argument look place wheri 1 resolution, laler wl(hdr.-i«n. -WHS .ntrcduced asking that a commit-. tee \x nppoinled to drali a bill ,hal woukl IK acceptable to band iiolclers. : The lame chick amendment- i'o Ihe federal constitution was ratified, making Arkansas the ntth stale to give Its approval. New York Stock Exchange Will Close Good Friday NEW YOBK, March 18. (UP)—' The New York stock exchange will tc closed Good Friday, March 25. In nccordance with custom. Good Friday Is no', n legal holiday: in Nc\v York state and hence banks will r,°main open ns usual. Bern Sa:i\e ONGAIi, Essex. England. 'W> four-Inch block of conccnlrntjd su- l8"(Up)^Forbra."!iii outsider, won ifrcm nlhleles compellnR at the • - -...u urawiord. wnen nrsi. ap- !.,.„ v _., ' ^.~ ,~'riw"\ • The cu«cr looking ausmp passea gar, cocoa powder, pea powder, test the gv»nd nsllteial sloeplcchasc i Olympic Games in Los Angeles ....... , . _ .. preached that Saturday night, mad-? " to " w * 15 ' utmocr »'. Illinois, pos- j low 0 ^ r t) ,, wcs tem section of powder, oil of lemon and cccoa today In n heart brain? raro in next summer. Two box cars lull. —Two lifelong friends, Mrs. Char- observer, Charles Phillip:-. Jr.. th-J a move for hi s cm , but his coat was MS£(;s - [the- citv "hte In the afternoon, Ils butter. It will sustain n nun [or 24 which fivoril-s will down or.r- by !4.000 blankets s:nt from (he Pen- lotto Slnnwny. of this town, anl innximum tempernture lure yes- tinMn,,,, J . Q ' . Ci A ..A*<K_/ K 1 A __...~.. :._ ii^.i . -' .,..-.... ^ -«^_-^^' •"' ' " " '- - " ...--i -__.._.»—»..-. -_. ... of n compact box with 50 billions nl a cost'of 45 marks. It consists which are to be connected with the numbers which the subscriber cnlls most freqimnlly or wishes to reach without d>lny. One punch of the button and the connection Is 1 made, without walling cllher for the operator to answer or lor the call to be routed through the usual automatic chnriivsls. Blankets Ordered for Athletes EUGENE, Or.-p>n. ( UP> — Orc ' gon blankets nil! ward oil chill Michigan Changes Names Of Beautiful Lakes LANSING, Mleh. (UP) — The Michigan suite Department of Conservation has decided a teatilltul sheet of water must have a tiful name. Therefore, tV.e Depnriment has cHangc<l Ihe names of 14 lakes lo make them conform to olhcr nnd more euphonious titles in the state. Anions ihe chins:: made! • were: Mud Lake lo Jewell Lai-: PAKAGOULD, March 18. (UP)- Suckcr Lake to Lake Nawnl:v:a. and Missing since February 9, Edgar . Municipal Pond, at Union City, tc Seny. Paragcnild lawj'er. had relurn- Union Lake c<1 ncrc tcdn V. accompanied by his j wife who found him in a Now Orleans rooming house. Edgar Seay Returns to Home in Paragordd Burns Fatal to Minister LTTTLE ROCK, March 13. (UP) —Burns suffered several clays ngo ciused (he death of R;v. c.-arlc? Hlvely, 05. here. He had been in the Methodist miniMry 45 y.Mrs. 'He was a victim of nmnesia, she snld. WEATHER ARKANSAS — Showers, warmsr lonlght. Saturday partly clowly. Acccrciin? lo the official weather Senator Caraway wns in black as odd propeller stabiliser, appcarinj usual bill had added to her costume - something like a windmill shaft, n somlwr knitted shawl, the first revolved slowly In Ihc air. ..... cv( , r wom ^ the TH.J p i we ^ flj-ing in a liotth- /erly direction. ' such garment noor. hours." • lone. Besides the bully-beer tin, the food tablet will take the place'Of the biscuits, tea and sugar in ths former "Iron riitlon," U'fclcu Wcolen Mills. parsed He was SO to w? :n tf.tlnir o;lds. i lliroujli lierc for the sonlli. It wns F.Krcmonl was f«o:nl and Slia'in the larscst shipment of specially Mrs. Ruth Ogol, of T)lackmori\ s ne!?hborln? village, wc'.'e tern Icrday was (S3 degrees and th? minimum 33 degrees, clear. Today „_„...,.. „.„,.,„ . .... - ('he same day 7S years ago, did ! a year ns;o the mcxlnnim lempcra- Oollln a nre'vio'us wlinwr, was designed Oregon-made .' blankets j within an hour of each other nivrlumv r-'ss 61 degresi aaai ihe maxi. . .' ^ . 1 AIIAH l.-riAn-n 4n tAnir^. 4 Vv& efafo I tr-nrA Kii»-lful nt il>* «<atita ViALIT i l>^iivn At sil/iiislti third | ever known to leave the »Ute. IWCTO burled at the came hour, ilinum 44, cloudy.

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