The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 17, 1932 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 17, 1932
Page 8
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FAQE EIGHT (AUK.) OOURIRK NEWS THURSDAY, MARCH 17, 1932 Into Ifco ' nurse's ht\nd, s.-hk- ltfiiiiB, -'Ere y'arc. miss, yet your.'elf a cup of lea or a pocket, of flips." Brazil Makes Flans For Fifth Sample Fair Display "On* Ho«s Shay" In Boston Museum BOSTON. (Ui')-Tlia "one-how MIIIJ" of «-hli-li tin- lion Oliver I Wc'iHh'll Uolmra wrote in -[hi i DO.ICOII'H MaslcTjiiiTO.'" is (irtscrvcd In tin; liuvrl room of the Mu.s:imi of Niiuii-al I It, lory and An. The wet's reference (o It, hjRan with lie lines: Have you hranl of the wombrtu! oiic-lioss shay,- 1'liat was ljulll. In' such u logical Miy i tnn :i hundred years to ll>c day? Tidal wnvpf. Invt teen found to iicusm-i' from w to 100 f'-fi In 'CLASSIFIED" ^r ^rrT"»-t Newest Justice of Highest Court School Boy's Robbitry Is Financial Success Princess Has a Sixpence She Earned as Nurse Ihclr samples and position of tiielr! stands. | The success achieved uy the 1031 i'Talr' 1 nn:l ilia great satisfaction by the e 'Entries Hlready nrc Ijt'int; raefv- d :\nd exhibitors arc nraparln- Conrler Kfws Want Ads Pay. edfords BLACK- DRAUGHT XONOON. <UI')-A silver prncc Is treasured by Princess Ar- T'OTIT WOflTII, Tcs., (UP) — Making money while solng tot fcliool Is .Kisy, providlni! you havcl thm . of Corm:ll |.,| U> n |c cc n f Klnu plenty of em-res' und :i lew Good Gco ' r( , ( , as [ho 0]1|y 1|U)ncy sh(J ftm le.illy earned. Tlie ivinccss Ls a highly trained nniie and sometimes aMls.ts In l!ie c-n&ijitUy department ol tlie Middle- sex'Hospital. She rcoently ultchied :i little nirl whose father, u poorly Ideas II. R. Wall, 1C,' student. Ix'liovr-s and practices. Voting Wall's idea was to operate LI rftbbitry, tor fun. yd on a pnyltiy bn.sls. He- <lld 11 .---o stic- cc.s.sfiiily Hint ho has n sizeable saving ucconnt, aside tratii making his own expense money and Inking out cnoueli rabbit Jildcs lo make a coat lor his mother. Tlie lad tiols up :il 4 ». in., und dellyera )iupers Ijcforc Ineakfiist. AUer scliool, where he ranks high In Ills classes, lie makes an uf|.:-r- noon delivery of pa|icr.s. lictore dinner ho attends lo his rntibitry. dressed laborer, ignonml of . the Princess' identity, pressed Hit! coin Women Voters Objected To $4 School Board Meal CAMBRIDGE. Muss., (UP)—Tlie CtunbrtdL'c sehiwl coniraillce wns sliarnly criticized by the l-caeus ot Women Voters tor having occasional meals at S4 l>cr plato nl the clly's exiicrse. Sshool ConiniUtrrinau Rnymonil A. Fitzgerald nnsivered Ills critics by poring through Hie city's blue laws Bin! producing u inutty sUi- tnlc, dated 164S. providing a free monthly meal to clll/ens. with a pcnaHy U Iho- meal wns not eaten. FilzGcvnUl asscrlcd Hint this law never liad been rescinded. Said He Was "Too Alii lo Live" VANCOUV13R. Wnsliinglo". IUP V ^ James Dickey v,rotp: "I'm to" Id to live." lie shot himself. Newest member of the highrst coutt ol the lanrt, Bcnjnmtn N. Cav- dozb, former Chief Justice of tlie New York .Cmu-t 'of Appeals, Ls shown above trlaiit)^as he arrived at the capitol Swcrn in ns an . date-Justice of the U.. S. Supreme Court.. .With'him Is .Cliicf Justice .Charles Evans'Hughes. 'Jiistlco Cnrdozo sticce«le<l to the j>ost va- : catti by iVic retirement of Oliver Wendell'Holmes. Soviet Plans Olympic for Sludcnis Organli^ Orclieslra - . ( MEMPHIS. Tennessee.- (UP) — 5-Year Plan Celebration |students m • ; ' - School here hove orgnnizcd an ov- MOSCOW,' (UP)-The Olympic I ch ? slm , of 20 numbers- raiiBluB '- - ' i in nge 'rom four to ten. Tlicy have O6mss-in California win be'rivall- ed by a Red "Spartaklod" in Moscow early in .August, to which labor sports orgrmiatlons all over *r>e world ure being invited. Ten thousRnd foreign spotsmcn "re bein; the National Council oi Physical Culture. The Soviet participants will reach 50.000. A special stadium, with a scat. iner capacity of ; l20,fKX). must be built before August- to' accomodiuc the.Spartalilad.. .This inlernatlonnl sports festival i= belne summoned to celebrate the achievement oi the Fvc Year Finn in four years. Ther? will be n great deal of demonstrating and mass napeantrv. to drive home the magnitude of Soviet industrial nnd ciil- loy orchestral InstvuinenU anil hnli daily practices of thirty nilmite:^ cadi. Mother nf Four Set 1 ! of T«lns LEWISTON. 'Maine, (OP)—MIT; Charles Pouliu ot this city is In mother of four sets of twins. Read CouiKr News ««it nas. buttons. Courier News. Wotr«n who ar« run-down or s «v«ry monlh. Solilby Dnn)qlits| ]\/Jark grati Jno. G. McHaney, Jr. "The Slonuirent Man" &y6i]^mMsyfry&JtM5a^SBBfl8z0iJsay&ti^^ Pre-Easter Price Demonstration Sale Continues With Sensational Va!ue.,.Have A Look! You'll Buy l^fOrreCt This isn't an ordinary sale but a genuine price demonstration . . . n dvnionstration of .what months nf planning and constant Kcnn-liinj; of the markets for outstanding values can do. Words simply c;mnot dcpitt the (juality and slyk- of the merchandise be in.!,' offered in this sale ... we must ask that you iako the time to coiuv in and'bev with your own «ycs just wha| v.-c mtun l).v "I'l'icc bomonslratii)n." Dresses-Coats-Suits Best Styles and Quality of the Year at the Price A SMASHING DEMONSTRATION OF VALUE GIVING Bill) ken Arch SHOES Tlu-. Season's New No. 4354. Tiie New Cul Out l : ronl Strap Sandiil In Bluck Psuein l.e:i- llier - Blnck und White - All White Kill - High lied. Sizes .I'.i lo 8. A A to C. Priced ! 5 No. 40M. Billiken Arcn Front Slrnp Cut Out Open RhanM KrnMnl ^ Sea Sand KM Tip. Quarter -Fawn Kid Tiimmlnj. Priced 5 Price, Quality Last Tune Today Matinee—2:15 - Night—0:45 tural progress and the-alleged col- ' Acini.—Matinee .illtl Night RITZ THEATER Thursday and Friday Matinee—2:30 - Night—0:45 Adm.—-Matinee—10 and UOc —10 and 35c of capHalisi "iroughout Hie world. economy Texas U Dean Opposes Legalized Beer Stand . AUSTIN, Tex.. <UP)-LS3alized beer, recommended by Dr. C. W. Wendell, Dean of Yale University, as a remedy for dismpxl for law. is opoosed by Dean V. 1. Moore ol .the University of Texas. "If giving American college students be;r would increase regard for law, people muit'have been an gels at one time, for ihcy hat plenty ol beer," Dsan Moore com mented. "Social drinking, Instead ot pro moUn? sobriety, woMlrt be n dan frerous exDeriment," he told a irrou of University studsnts here. "Tber are neoole who illl tell you tha conditions arc »orse today tha they were before prohibition. Don let anybody kid you. DrlnWn since prohibition, has' decrease among the class It hurt most, tl negroes and the poorer class o{ white people. "College students should make « study of ttv? prohibition Question, then Truke a decision on drinking tliat iro'Jld please one's own intelligent, fair and decent sslt." 10 find 2dc Sec 'Way Back Home' with Seth Parker 0,000,000 pay him homage n the, air—Now See Him on ho Screen. Also News awl Comcdv You K n o »v There Is (Joins to I5c Ai-ting With It is thought that a full moon ' Friday and Saturday Adm.—Matinee and Night— 5 and 25c Sec 'One Man Law' \vith Your Favorite \Yesteni Star Buck Jon<># New S«i'in\'— "RaUling with BulTalo Rill" and Carloon. Wl ChiUh-en'Under 12 Years Admitted for oc Also Cartoon and Comedy Dozens of attractively styled dresses In these three groups . . . all outstanding examples of real price" demonstration on quality tvnrt style-right merchandise. 5-1.05 Dresses Dresses $ $ 4 $9.95 Dresses $0.88 0. If you've been paying around $10 cr $12 for a ; coat we want you to compare them, with the coals included in these two groups. Adorable styles, fine materials and at what a price. $7.05. Values SM.75 Values 4 88 8 &'eryone's wearing tlicm this Spring . . New Spring^,* ^"tich'Ti'o™ O — -2 I ^ price. We want you to oUllo sec them. \ve hnvo many $A.88 I-adies Mrslt HATS HOSE The same (iiialily yoirvc Th c sfnF.ition of the (own hern pnyinc SJ.W fnr ...... :l goC( l quality rntsh dozens uf new st>l ?l.n5 \\-«- Yorker Sport in all the more desirable shades offcrrd for only 49c Men's Drf-s SHIRTS 47c KOTEX 2 not Limit Regular $1 slylcs in solid <ol,>i tractive colors. patlcin-. s IT at- All fast MENS SUITS! Trousers •*• A*-*! ~ v_7 v_7 \J M. JL W7 • TraWK tha( h3Vr . h, pn „ ^G PATTERNS $11.25 NEWEST SPRING PATTERNS Ono look is all -you n«d at (hcse suits lo be con-: vinccc! that it is the best value VOH'VC- ticcn offered in .years. All new. patterns, purr wool, well tailored ... all tlut ymi could ask for. Men's Conniig--Stii!<1.iy & Monday —"Business and Pleasure 1 ' with Will Uogors. Knynii or cotton rl'.irts am! shcrls. .ill sizes. PHONE 22O Fawn Kid. Biegc and Brovvu Calf Trimmed. Sies 4 lo 3, AA to C. Medium Heel. Priced No. 5118. .- BilliWn Arch Sp on Oxfords. Two Tone Brown Medium Heel, ttub- fcer and Lea t her Sole. Sizes 3' ; to 8. AA to C. Piicwi Growing Girls Billiken Arch Puiiii>£ ai]d Tics New Black Kid Pumps. Reptile Trimmed. "Also new** QC Biegc and Pawn -*«»«* inmmcd Ties. Sl/es 3 to 1, AA lo C. Priced Ladies cut. Out One Strap Sandal. Black Kid. High Heel. Black Patent, Mcl- inm Heel. Linen and Eyelette Embroidered Men's New Biliken Oxfords now $ 5 New Spring Styles In Black and Tan Dresses Every farmrnt guarantccrt (Olerr, will not shrink cr strtlof Most aUractivc styles in solid colcrs »f plain linras or Ictte MnbrciHtr«l. have twrn selling as high as $4 but we want to jive yon stmfthlnir. to tnlk about, hence your choice now at $ 1 .Men's New •Spring Hats The newer Spring slylcs hi a goad quality frit . . nil light ?.h.nlrs. 1 ^^ llu.

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