The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 17, 1932 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 17, 1932
Page 7
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.THURSDAY, \1, BLYTttEVTLLE. (ARK.) COURIER NKWS PAGE CLASSIFIED ADS ctab a wad (or tad ooc cent * lor Moh lubMqamt Unn Me. Count Uie word* Mud UM **^ g h pjMMwsoe FOR SALE Ont SALE—Baby chicks, all varlt- liei Custom hatching solicited Marliyn. Hatchtry, BiyttKvU'c i i'OK BENT MHHV frii K '10UAJ M H"S«Ui:H. hiautlrnl l4, r«t{> In l«rr itllK IIAHUUWIiATi:, >»u«K MM Mkr Mrrl* al Ilrrniu- H dniu'r ^alt (Tfarrr »tif UK H hu«trk«, l^ifrir l« r«> I- KI.I7.AHKVII l«l«Vi:s, lnll.. hHC f^J" KlICBlluHK !» u«HI dlJi *»r» return* . Larry to toil (• krr. rji (• marry S'ft^VlON HI rrari >U >•>> FOR RENT — Furnished house or upartmont, very reasonable. Phone 672. FOR RENT—200 acres Unproved farm located 41- mil f 5 wcst of Luxora. Cash or" crop rent. G. L. Waddell, Osceola, Ark, UP-K21 l)rllr>l»ic Wr* nptrr ll.tllCt.4V. ivi'iilfhr* "ht> h: »< f).* 1 ' 4 lii^iiiN I'vcrnMcji fur hrr Cirwlhrr* M1KK. irtlurrrf im m Mrrtl HrvlJmt. t'l- tto kiiuna infli n mnirJ3ur "Ml l.nmrh' Col krr M»tkrr, HDI.1.Y Itossrri:H, nnt Mnhr Ji ii<""<i'* le (ur I'tt >l>t<r. MVI1A, !• vnrrr i:i:i{i' AfiMx'i'KAii. llnri-lNj knM hrrit Mnrrh-d HNd 4lliufrrrt. Xvnnrfnl ncfumfinlr* kll miurrr lr>H I.KIIA I^UAVSDV. dnix-rr. a»«, Ifnrl.t <kU Imlk •> FOR RENT—About 25 acres at, Creamery Package plant at Bly- thcvllle, some good alfalfa, some good bermuda pasture, balance cotton See A. G. Little. Phone 505. • Mck 16 ANTED—Bring your poultry to D , T. Worthy's, 10B First Street. We pay market prices. J E Fisher Self kri-i» Ihrlr Ibr? .nil rlnur "Tcrrl i:>rii]><-. lia • fnrtunr <m null) allrr (lip ' WANTED: Used truck. Terras. Musi be cheap. Address M, care Courier News. 16pUl WANTED—Salesman with car to handle nationally advertised product, live in Blythevillc territory, sell grocers and restaurants, cash bond required. .Write "H", Courier News. 16P-K17 Hawks Plans Easter Flight to Porto Rico HYMKK. r*K* 'jn%*jMNVfJr"iMarHn£e'lii A • m«ll riumrrllrui tmv. Hnrcla, *»d Kllrn nnri !M/rn nn* ArM«lr»4 «rt Mjirrlrrf. 'lb*r drjisrt n«J Mmriti liHtMcUlnlrlj' Sj wra Mrilrr** 4r* tu:tuil>£ 10 *rt Karctor. N* *«•« LRUMM urfcrrr tht con pi* fcnti HI Ira and Hard a 7 drive I* fall Ulan* kuwr. Thr islrl I* icrrinrfl. kr-ivr* hrr mnrrlnta* tnti bfra n mUi.ikr. >hr rrnd" In I mrnl in i:ilrnl>*-1h lliumi l» l>ru km. BarrlM? rviur* I* fillet*'* fcfJru&M. Tkr jjlrl fnl-l. from terror, rrror*r« ro»»cl*iBnirM Und thai her huibarul !>•» »ufTrrr* a hf-nrl atmrk. Shf rail* f*r hrl_ or.ii 4act«r* unit. ••r*r« arrive >}mr» nirlvew. fallen krllfvrM ruet and itemed to call tho In*. r to the lcd»td£. Symei drew Kllen did not ico tho fncei of o watching physicians. She did ol kuow lliat BO matter how r»«- oiiato Stcveu'» ilesho to Mire lijlit lia he hud no chance. Hl3 veitoscd heart W»B tieathiu more id more (lowly. "Let him talk, -Mr». Uarclair." ild oiio.ol the watchers. "It can o no harm now." At that Eilcn knew. Slie hnelt n the floor, stroking Etevoa't inn 3 the alow, bluer t«ats »li« r«- Uutncd seemed 10 drop one bj nc on her heart. "Syiucs," Stevcu'a rolce barely llrrcd tho stillness. "Her* 1 am, old umn." Srinw :nld heavily. "It's nil rlelit," lie old Ilia (lying man. "Don't worry alxnit the Ecltleinent». I'll lake qiro of—Mrs. Barclay. Ererythtn* iliatl bo, as you wished." Tlia lawyer stepped back from tho pool of light circling tho bed. Ellen was lo have thoae last few NEW YORK. (UP) — Captain Frank Hawks, American air speed ace, will carry the Emergency Easter Fund from Washington to. Porto Rico, according to announcement by tha fund committee. The flight will be the latter part of this month. Hawks wil hop off from the nation's capital, fnaking four, stops on the 2,200 mile flight. The first will be Jacksonville, Fla. He will follow the regular air line route to Porto Rico. The fund that Hawks will carry to ihe island is .\money raised through the appeal of former Governor Theodore Roosevelt, and wil be used in the health . feeding of the island'children. All Hair Cuts- 25c ytw Grand L*id«r Barber Shop [ North Second Street Women's and children's hair cutting a specialty. Earl E. Parker R. S. Provost INSURED I NTER TRUCKING BONDED CO. DEPENDABLE DAILY SERVICE .-. TO BLYTHEViLLE FROM Memphis and Little Rock J. D. McDowell ' Telephone Local Aftnt No. 82 tvbrlwrd whfc Ettel. MIVV (1(1 ON WITH THE STOItV CHAPTEK XXXVI11 IT ivaa 6 In the morning when t ^ Ion entered Steven'9 bcdrno and looked dazedly about the c clo ot while. exhausted faces, hop- luu for reassuranco. Slio found none. Then she Kit down hcslclo Steven, her Bmall hands claspeil. valllnr; for the opening ot his eyes. :le must know that if he woald i,nly live she would love him with k!l her heart. "You might speab to htm," i CDS su^neded. Elk-n was on her knees besUf DIG lrc-<l. Sho was liotcllng iho cold Blpmler hnnds'-and begElng Steven to spoak 10 her. "Steven! Steven, cau't you hear me? It's Ellen!" She looked up at Symes. "I thlnt: ho stirred." In a passion ot Brief and fear Ellen watched'Sloven's gray, lined face. --The heavy eyes opened. They wero v.innc as empty windows. "It's—It's Eilep!" she whispered This time sho saw (he shallow of a. smile 'on the stricUcn rmin'a face. The colorless llpa were fornllng words: "My—beloved—wife." ICllen hovt'ed her.-.heatl.'scnt up a silent and'"graleful prayer. Sho fell confident and strong, believing that she could snatch him hack from dciilli... Steven's heavy hand was on her hair; reeled against hor cheek. She knew hs was struggling lo sucaU and eliook her head. Slie whispered that he must lie nulef. TVio man's eyes turned to nilunlcs nlon« wtth Steven. She clung [o his hand more thinly. No one thought he would apeak again. Slo\vlj he was sinking !»to iho darkness. Jusl bcforo ihe end Ms lips moved v.sin. wcro harely above a whisper. "Smile—my darling—sinlle me." Ellen smiled. rfMlE rest *• girl remembered being taken ly In mctnbercd Klf-conlrol. Slio wondered why: lit! had thought once tint till dU IHbi! Symcs. "That's Kind of you," sin sild lorlornly. "('ra been cry hie mid crying— oh. it ou!y tliero wero 60tuellihk>> 1 could do for him!' 1 "There- Is," Symca lold hor. "You cnn Le braro," "I know." iho «ald. ralahiE helpless, clilkllsh oyc« lo him. "I'm— I'm trying but If only 1117 mothor would get here—I" Tho mnn hcsllatcd, elearMl bis tliroal, looked with Inllulio pity nt tlio lllilo tliiuio bolute him, He ilrow her, unrcslsllng, 10 the sofa beside hdn, cleared Ills throat and fell silent. At last ho spoke "Your mother Isn't coming." "She's not coming?" Kllcn re pealed nnd felt a cold hand on hci heart. "What Is lit" sh« cried In n loud strange >-olco. "is It my tirosher Is ho worse? (3 that Khlt . keeping from moJ" Her hatiils troubled and her eye wcro pits of horror us though sh rs tiii'Glns at his wrist. "1 tried 10 rench Sloven ycsle'r. iy,1 ho esidntiioil funilillngly, irulng lilnifcH for hh hek ol aso. "I uk'il all hist evening bnt n wouldn'i unswcr iho. tvlevlwip, !a didn't Know what I Knnk'il. ostcrthy l.oJa Uravsou li.iJ Slo- cn'i divorce (rain her net asulo. 'en day* at;o aho ellpp^l down to ho Miul.-aii conn Dial grunted It, rlbcd fnincouo nud. well—Hint's 11. i only heard tho UQWd ycstcr- lay nflernoiin hilt tlio naneri last light mil this rcornlng niiro full it It," "Tin! . iiivaiis—T" ICIIcn ^vlll9- icred, wiilionliii;. "Oh, iio-ll ran't CIMU Hint!" she crl«d out dcspemioly. - "\viiy we were married lu n I'liurcti, lie nnd I, \iy it nlnlslcr. Mother was thcru Myra-«o. u can't menu ilial. It cnn'll" "I'm n:r.ilil It dofa." fiymca iblit her wua-ily. "There's ll-,U)l« to to ati iiKly Lcaudnl and I rail do nothing for you. You'll liavo lo BllCf linn* ll[i. We'll do all wo din, ot courfc." "lint I'l iiiuleraland :U nil!" Ellen falil hrokeiily. "Steven ntrurcil n Mcklcnn ill-, vorce." Syiuca i>xiilaliieit paticnl- ly, "U waa ugainst my Ilio mKko uf all frlcmh aiul .idvliers. llo wanted to protvcl Hint noiiinu ho married. Ho could liavc dU'ovccd her In (lib stato easily Init ho chose Mcslro. Mexican divorces aro recosulzcd In New York only If l»lh p.-ivtles eon. to iliciii." "llul a!ic must have coiiflonlcd," Ellen E.ilil, "S to von wouldn't hav "Slio dlJ cniisenl," the lawyer rc- spoiulcil. "Slio fll^uen the i:a;icra nil claim 0:1 him forever." "Then why-1" "Tlio>o [^[leiu have from Steven's safe. In etmio way —I don't know bow — unywny ^lio got liolil of llii-in. i\\\o went to Mexico, Imil Hie courl lecords titled and sworo slie'd never had scrvico. 'losing Stock Prices A. T. mill T. .; ...... 123 1-tt Anncondn Copper ...... D 5-B Auburn ................ 01 l-S Cnlvriilllnr Ti'iii-lor .... II Chrysler .............. 101-8 CHIPS Service .......... 0 COM Coin ............. lit! . 5 1-8 M U-4 10 tul lUkluts Clrncrul Kiel-trie Motur.s Utilities Monluoincry \Vnnl New York Central . Piick.iul ttmlli) Simmons HlnmUvU of N. J. .. Tcxtls Co U. 3. Stcul 9 3-t W 1-8 ^ 3-4 1 1-2 u 1-8 23 5-8 W 43 3--1 Cotton NEW VORti, Mnr. 17 (UP)-Collon closed sleaily. O|>eii High Low CI05C M«r ' • 08i 085 68V 885 Miiy 692 Jill 709 Oct 730 HT Jnn 164 695 '(12 133 153 158 587 701 ,738 747 751 093 710 731 7i8 757 S|x>ls closed Blciicly (it 700, up 5. New Qrleatw Cotton ,,,-. NEW, ORLEANS, Mar.' 17 Cotton Mar May Jul Oct Deo itendy. Optn Hljtv law Ctote , Mi - — r— «5I> 4M* '6*5 ; 6M •< t»5 • 704 711 703 711 •' 726 731 713- 73! 143 ' Spols do-'cd steady at MO, uj> ( 7, There nre S.OCO.OOO Ions of tote used annuilly' in the United] SUlcj. (or domestic liepling. . SAFKTV A 'ivniinucc Inventor Ims plnn- wil n corablncil • airlBllilc ballaou nnd nliplniH 1 , from which the wlnas In Pom non-voting ctllierw .ars ; nncl onstiuv cnn be'clropiKd In nn not allowed to hoid publk office, unciLcncy, imsscnijois renmlnlng sign Icxal documents or obtain, ^ In Hie mis bag. pussporls. tVuKHUAliiJUNG HOUSE TR6.V. lAjrU-f; -I By Ahmr Dr. P. L. Tipton Physician & Surgeon Ingram Bldg. Telephones: Office - 256 Residence - ilG Guaranteed Pure Stoneville No. 1 PLANTING SEED $25 Per Ton This seed was srown on our own plantation and ginned in our private gin with no possibility of mixture, with inferior • scc(I. C.F. TUCKER on Promisee! Land Road, 3',' miles southeast. of Dlythe- vllle. WARNING ORDER No. 2951 IN THE CIRCUIT COURT OF MISSISSIPPI COUNTY, OI1ICK- ASAWBA DISTRICT. To Joe Carr Leroy, Bank of Commerce and Trust Co., Trustee for Tennessee Joint Stock Land Bank of Memphis and Tennessee Joint Slock Land Bank of Memphis, Tenn. and all other iwrsons having any claim or interest in and to the following described land situated in Mississippi county, Arkansas, name ly: SW',1 Section 26 Township 15 North, Range 12 East are hereby warned In nppjar in this court within thirty days and tile exceptions to the award which has teen Tiled in this office by trie levee and drainage appraisers of this county for the appropriation of the portion of the V.crelnccfore described land, for the construction or intended construction of a I?vcc. ditch, canal, or drain, ns the case may. be, over and across the same. Witness my hand and seal as clerk of the Circuit Court this the 10 (lay of March, 1932. 10-11-24-31. R. L. GAINES, Cleric. NEW AND USED • PARTS For All Automobiles JACKSON AUTO 1'AK'l'S . Main - - .- Phone « Counter'or TaMc Service JIMMIE O'BRIEN'S CAFE WARNING ORDER No. 2946 IN THE CIRCUIT COURT OF MISSISSIPPI COUNTY, CHICKASAWBA DISTRICT. To Louise Carr Chapman, Bankers Mortgage Co.. American Central Life Insurance Company, Roy Church Trustee for Rainer and Connell Cotton Company and Raln- er and Council cotlon Co., and nil oilier persons having any claim or interest in and to the following described land situated in Mississippi SECOND HAND FURNITURE • Sec Us First R. J. Dodson MI-303 E. Main G. G. CAUDJLL R*nts, Buys and Sells Homes and Farms V/rites Insurance F«rmtn Buk BMf. MORE FOR THE BUILDING DOLLAR Give Your Home Needed Repairs Use -.Oui- Helpful Service. Phone 100 E. C. ROBINSON LUMBER CO. HEAR , S-i'-.RTED UlflRKtMO Old VOUR ll6AD AbAtti, GilUIMG Vou AU IP&A FQR A IS -YHA-r •Rlul-tl'? -— MOW Now i-f IS MarrHiM& -fa BE A MrUlllER A WIUU BRIM6 ME FAME H CLirrTeREP UP C 1IU.(AIC AL S ~ could not bcnr tills second cabin "No, It's not that," Byrnes wa to vcmsnro her. "You Fergus not to carry out your r quest bccnuso I think it would shook her head as thous sho could not understand wh; Lo was s-iylng. "My place ia here with my was nightmare. embered being away from the bedroom. She re- band." sho Inalstcd. clasping uud crying because Steven unclasping her cold hands. was dead mill crying for Lcr mother and thai presently someone her her mother would come. commonly diftcull for mo, but 1 refusing food brought to Again. Ellen felt herself In Tuo nurse camn nnd went from grip o( rislns horror. Synics' eyes tho room where Ellen lay huddled "Go on." she ivhlsnorcd. Her bravery Wi'ung tho man's Steven had sat' Ilio night before Outside tho sky was of brass and HQ had not known It conld breath ot wind stirred. len cried softly, steadily, endlcas "There's a technicality about the There's no legal proof ohe did be- oorribla convction tha n&rrlago," be nmttnred in 'an un cause she's done away with It. icr tears would never stop. Whj certain note In lila volco. was Molly to long- ln_comlns? < Bl it would ho best- for you to avoid nil!" Kllcn said I'lilnfully. _ eu needed her despDralely. BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES HERE'S HOW! reporters for u few days. this ImrnlnK linmlllnllnn. lUhj ilnal tndlgiLity would .Ulll licr. must understand cinil be hfave. If Kloveii woro llvluii tho vholo thing could be foiiRlit on I In court willi lilin to nlnnd Inuk ot ypu. As It is. yoii stand nlono. Hi: papers nro found, ami I doubt that Uvcy can ho. l.e\la After a while Fergua ft it's about tho money," and said that Synics would like to said slowly, her pale cheeks flush- I told Sloven and 1 told you Into the green and cold bath and loo that I tlou't caro about U. He- ashed cold water on her faco. WUtlT Ot 6000!> OM did so much tor me u'clord. I don't managed to stop crying. Fergus was still waiting when with him till ibe— tho end—" "U isn't '.about tlio money, sue returned. "Did you uleptono my mother?" Symes Bald, avoiding her eyes. His glance was on the tips ot his trim, v/lll aldo with courts always The hutier only looked at her a frown on divorces obtained ouUtdo eyes and hnrriert out tfcc door, iahe felt" dull fiurpriBO at"hU m;inner| ; Ellen's- tJKJr jurisdiction."/'You niian everyone will think StcTen knew or I Unevv nil tho tinio don't know what you mean, 1 ; strode into the room ber faco was ho wasn't Irco?" Kllcn heard her it it's something about tho tears, but it wore a valiant smile. .-'Sym.s hesitated, waa allc-nt, Ellen know tlio Inwycr Lelicvcd tho world would never nccent tier "Sil down, my licar," the lawyer \vaa going to mail it later—" told her. "1 l»now you'vo had terrible ordeal." CVMES resisted with difficulty the ^pleading, frtglitened. glance. H felt the girl's cold, desucrato fin TO!CC. tho lirst slio liacl liearil lU& (To •• Coiitlnncd) for the construction or it construction of r. levee, WARNING OKDEIl- No. M50 TUB CUiCUIT COURT Arkansas, namely: W'i NE 1 /, and NW'/i Section 26 Toutislilp 15 North, Range 12. East are hereby warned to appear in this court within thirty days and file e\- ditch, caiml, cr drain, ns Hie case ,COB» — I HIM MOM &PEMCC "lay l:c, over and across tin MSS1SS1PPI COUNT', CHICK- Witness my liana nnd teal as clvi'k ASAWBA DISTRICT. of the Circuit Court this the 10 day of March. 1932. II. L. GAINES, Clcik. 10-17-2-1-31 Mcximdcr-Trustee for the New England ceptions lo the award which has I'rcctor Trust Co.. New. England Se- been filed in this office by the levee Jiavinjj any claim or interest in and county for the appropriation of the Z Season for 1 lii'.s Oregon, I UP) -Tins is goiiiR lo be n hi;; yi'iir for Hies. On the NuvtU OCL-- inan Lloyd liner Eilra, dm: lii-rc ir.Dii. there nre 211 tnr.r; D[ Ii; 1 - to the following described land slt- portion of the hereinbefore describ- t!a(c,1 In Mtsfusinni county, Arkan- ed laml, for the construction or in- Original survey 5W',i Section 18 Township 15 North, Range 13 East ditcl!, canal, or dram, as the case may be, over and across the same. Witness my hand and seal as clerk catchers to fon di'.chnrgcd of the Circuit- Court tills the 10 day arc hereby warned to ajip^ar in tins of March, 1932. 10-17-24-31. R. L. GAINES, Clerk. court within thirty days and tile exceptions to the nward which lias been filed in this office by t'"e levee Jnpan now lias 15 rncho r.Wlwnn in operation. Application lor scv- (irainags appraisers More sugar is absorbed from the county for the appropriation of the en new .stations ;ue being coiisid'ir- portlon of the hereinbefore dcscrib- led. by an arm or leg. T»K VKIU)I€T! ^ LI STEM Tb , A)-s' JAV, 1 WEAVl FEttA, /OODLES...VJILL V'E ONE 'UP POODUE ? \HltU »•' yes HO HEARD ' you ? MISLL, I IT..TO ^£0; 7H' cuu3 AW' TCI HEEP POODLE V?. HURRV U? j/v/... OJSR AH" T6LD VI/AWTS UP PoosuE.To SOHt kip CWER SAYS ITS DOS.'.' Cuua noose AVJ' LET we WASH TUKHS KMT-HERE'S WHERE) IF STICKS./ NOU, MKMH, I'P JUST M (\BIE TO / MEFHWEWd WMJt WUrt TUFW. //>r^- ^/l Me UP. re FORGOT CATS WAS HERt. To ' CKUEFUL.

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