Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on December 25, 1897 · Page 19
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 19

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Saturday, December 25, 1897
Page 19
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Mai* Office of "THE HUB" Cloth Co., 309 and 311 Market St. Philadelphia, Pa Those 500 suits we sent you ten days ago to sell at $12.00 and $15 00 respectfully—and are well worth $15 00 to $18.00, you will now mark them to sell at $10 00 and $12 00 until the entire lots are closed out. Very respectfully, THE HUB. FARMERS' INSTITUTE be Held la Logm'port, February 4th and 5th. DIRECT FRO* CHIC160 Will Cum* Rice's tfreat Company Presenting 'The Girl From Paris." No production of tnodera times has Able Agriculturalists Tfill Discuss Farm . scQred under slml iar circumstances, Topics. Prof. W. C. Latta, agriculturist of superintend- Here is a Chance for You Christmas Shoppers. TTE'RE ALWAYS AFTER BUSINESS ^ A»d we generally get it. New customers come to us, old ones, e»»e back. Why is this. In the :irst place what we advertise is so •ever exaggerate." When we do ha.ve a good thing, however, we don't roat it in a half harted way .Transactions here are based on facts, tkey doli't depend on ifs and maybes. Now it happens that for the wjxt two weeks, the above bargains will sparkle as long as those suits will hold cut. Up-to-date. We have given away over 200 of those handsome * . -r-r . TTk 1 J - *l* nr * n ^ nt •OA f\Cl rtool> •Wl^l T^|3 TliTO- the 4th and 5th of February, 1898, as the date on which the Cass county Farmers' Institute will be held. He jalso notified the secretary that S. H. Todd, or Huron county, Ohio, and (J. M. Hobos, president of the State Hortlculuural'society of Indiana, will j be here to discuss some of the most Important questions in which the farmers of the county are interested. The superintendent usually exercises great care in selecting Institute workers. Their fitness for public speaking must be apparent. It is also the wish of the superintendent that some of the best farmer speakers of the county discuss some practical farm subjects before the institute. This would seem to be an opportune time for the energetic and wideawake farmers of 'the Dli'enijtnenal success of Edward M. Bice's famous production, "The G-irl from Paris." It even surpasses selected \ tQe -ecords established by his previ- 'ous successes. "Evang-ellne" and "J492." Notwithstanding the great financial depressiou in New York during the past season, its average weekly receipts amounted to some $9,000 throughout the entire year doualing than of any two other pro this op- the ninth annual Institute a success. The the county to improve portunity and make thin, tat mod Hat Racks, and every purchaser of 120.00 cash, will be pre-1 American farmer having to contend itei witk one, this offer holds good until Jan. 1st. ' -'"- il ~~' '"" With Brerj Boy'i Suit—Short Knee Pants Suit! fr»e. a handsome Saving THR HUB. ferry Frank's Old Stand. Logansport, Ind. Kroeger & Strain. Calli»romptly attended to Day or Nl*ht. TKL1PBON1 - Offlo«. M. Kroecer, it •train, M. SETH M-VELSEY Private Money to Loan No Delay- C- 0. HEFFLEY, Insurance and Loans. «OS Fourth Street. Loatt> Money at I per cent. Makes Abstracts a»<l Writes Fire. Tornado and Plate Qlass Insurance. W. J. Barnett, SucceiBor to C. .L, Well. Undertaker, Embalmer and Funeral Director. «7 Market street C»IIB attended day or nigut. The finest outfit in tlie U - S - Co1 ' ' will remain with me. rn---,~~ Office 16. Residence-Mutual' rnones os:o. u. 159. DR. F. M. BOZER'S DENTAL PARLORS. Over City National Bank Corner of Fourth and Bro»dw»T Oeo«ral Telephone No Office 383, residence 343 & SHANAHAN. Bay and Sell Second Hand Goods. Give ui a caU. 209 8th street FURNITTJRR New and Second Hand at Reduced Prices . . . W. F, Old Htand When You Need an ABSTRACT or a LOAN -GOTO- F H. Wipperman, M;r**rU Street Opp. Court Houie Entrance. GEORGE W. RODEFEK. Real Estate, Loans. »ou«*t, SoldorKiohanirfHj, Money to Loan •u uortiraco or personal security. Call on me «r writ* to me at No. 31 Bel Hirer a^«nue,east tad ot Market street bridjre. D. E. DELZELL, Dentist, 416 MARKET STREET Upstairs OTer Bruggeman's Millinery Store. OITY NEWS. Bankrupt shoe sale at Walden's. The public Horary was closed today. Eben Wolcott, of Wolcott, was ID town yesterday. Mrs Margaret Sharp is spending Christmas at Huntington. J. W. Black-ford has returned from a weeks visit with relatives. Cooney Kraut is up from Cincinnati to remain until Monday. For Xmas presents buy shoes, and the bankrupt store is the place.— Walden. Fred Blassingham, now located at Cleveland, Ohio, Is home to spend spend the holidays. Miss Laura Wagner and Mrs, Emma Patrick, of the Northside, are visiting in Chicago. Born—A young son son Mr. and Mrs. M. J. Bllgh, this morning, as a Christmas present. Mrs. S. G. GiCord, of 613 Llnfien avenue, is entertaining her mother, Mrs. Kate Kyan, of Center, Ind. Why do you drink low proof whisky when you can buy a drink of 7-year- old McBrayar, 106 proof at McHale's? The supreme and appellate courts will meet Jan. 4, when the new yetir's business in the courts will commence. Mrs. Manly and daughter, Miss Mary, arrived home last night from a three months' visit at Greenfield, Ark, Ed Harrison, a local, and D. D. Bheinhart of Winamac, got sloppy drunk yesterday and were jailed. The police were compelled to carry Bheinhart to jail. On the night of January 5th the operaj "Isle of Champagne" will be peesented at Dolan's opera house. In the company are Richard Golden and Katherlne Germain. Bev. Thornton, pastor of the African M. E. church, who recently had trouble with his congregation, has been transferred to tbe Mississippi conference, and he and Mrs. ( Thornton will leave for that state | within the next few days. with the low prices for the products of his labor, on account of the sharp om petition of the poorly paid labor of foreign countries, and realizing that energetic work wtUJhaTe to be done or American agriculture will be in danger of decline and decay. The most intelligent; and talented young men of the country are leaving the farm because they believe the farmers are not treated fairly and that farming does not pay as well as other callings The men who till the soil have been placed here for a purpose, with faculties susceptible of development, and when these faculties are properly developed, and when the benefits of civil government shall be like the dews of heaven, upon the coal and descending alike Iron mountains of Pennsylvania and the corn and wheat fields of Indiana, then, and not till then, will they become prosperous and successful farmers. Agriculture, unfortunately, is one of the oldest in dustrles In existence. Farmers of Cass county, it Is to your interest that you assist In making She ninth annual institute the best that has been held in the county. JOSEPH GUTHKIE, Sec'y. A SiRKOVY ESCAPE Prom Poisoning in the Family of Rer. Saftzger. The Hartford City Times thus speaks of Kev. Naftzjer, who was the pastor a few years ago of the Market street M. E. church, and who Is now located at Muncle: Bev. Naftzger and wife, of Muncle, had a narrow-escape of being poisoned by spoiled tomatoes last week, but are now recovered from its effects. Mrs. Nafuger was quite ill and for a few days her condition was rather serious, but she Is now oat of danger. Bev. Noftzger also felt badly, and though he was not In a dangerous condition, he was impressed with the fact that ic would have been, better for him had he not eaten the tomatoes. His 'quartette' ot boys did not eat any and consequently fared better than their parents. The Slf nlfleance of Christmas. Christmas occurs today. If at any time throughout the year there is a time when charity assumes its most attractive form It is at thia period. There are many homes in which Christmas has no mure significance than is found in a name and so many little ones for whom Santa Claus exists only as a pleasant legend. It takes so little to make the poor happy j and the light-hearted laugh or 'gome child rendered happy by a trifling gift, a present from chat Santa Claus who so often neglects the poor, that that little should be cheerfully given by those who have ample and to spare. Sleiftns. Get a sleigh for Christmas. Full ! stock at Henry Tucker's. i ductions presented ia Hew York during the season. Such a record establishes its worth. It is the funniest production yet presented, and as its celebrated motto proclaims, "It is to laugh." In addition to its comedy there is an abundance of the most delightful music. It surpasses all comedies and is equalled by very few comic operas. The piece will be presented here with all the stage settings effects, and mechanisms used during its long run In New York, and with Mr, Bice's own famous organization and original chorus, comprising in all some forty or fiftv people. In addition to the regular cost, Mille Fleurette, the noted French dancer, accomplices the production, and will render her new creation, "La PariBiennes." It will ba the greatest production appearing here this season, and will be presented In the same elaborate manner as at the Herald Squire theater in New York, being possessed of all tb.e stage settings, mechanisms, and effects used during the long engagements there, will be at Dolan's December 28, 1897. DEKOOBiTlC MASS COSTEMIOH. be HeU at North Court Room in City of LoKangport, on January Sth. The Democratic voters of Cass county are hereby notified to meet at the north court room in the city of Logansport;, on Saturday, January Sth, 1898. at 1 0;Clock p. m.,ln mass convention to choose delegates to the Eleventh district/ convention, to be held at Peru, on January llth. Under tbe ratio of apportionment Cass county is entitled to a representation of 24 delegates in the Peru convention. BEKJ. F. LOUTHAIN, Chairman Dem. Cen. Com. M. A. LITTLE, Secretary. Circuit Court. In tbe matter of the estate of Easton Cotoer; final report approved and executor discharged. Benjamin D. Cornell was appointed administrator of tbe estate of Matthew Miller, deceased. Margaret Terhune was declared of unsound mind; B. F. Keesllng was appointed guardian. Susie Crlpe et alvs. Mary E. Gripe; partition of real estate ordered. Flora L. Henry vs. B. F. Yantls and others; title quieted in plaintiff. Nancy C, Hall vs. J. L. Clouse and others; dismissed. The Mental Cnltnre Society. Will hold its last "Old Year" meet- ng on next Thursday afternoon, Dec. 30th, at the residence of Mrs. Harry Tucker. The program for next meeting is as follows: Historical lesson—"Baoyloclo." Poetical Subjects—Lydia Maria :hlld, Geo. D. Prentice,'; Balph W, Srnerson. Miscellaneous — Current Events, President's Cabinet, These meetings are weekly and jhus far have been attended with marked and increasing interest. "Snnset Limited." A veitlbaled train of composite compartment drawing room sleeping cars and dining cars. Chicago and St. Louie to California in three days. Jomplete particulars mailed free to any address by your local agent or ames Charltnn, G. P. A., C. & A. B. R., Chicago, 111., or B. C. Townsen, G. P. A., St. L. I, M. & S. By. St. Louis, Mo Scrofula - THE;- In iU thousands of forms is the most ter rible affliction of the human race. Salt rheum, sores, eruptions, boils, all humors, swellings, etc., originate In its foal taint, and ate cured by the great and only True Blood Purifier, Hood's S*rsaparill». The advanced theory of today that tuberculosis, or consumption, is curable by proper nutrition, care and purifying the blood, finds confirmation in the experience of many who have been cured by Hood's Sarsaparilia *fNew"ForniEore Store, _~~ Cor. Market, 5th. and Erie. Hood's Pills cure sick headache. 25C. AODirfOXiG 1TEVS. The commissioners of Lake county , have employed two female physicians i to attend to the pauper practice for tbe coming year. The records show that one out of ever? thirty residents of Indiana received aid from township trustees or other agents of charity last year. Miss Edith Barnhart went tc Mexico today to spend Christmas with her brother, Charles Barnhart, wno is superintendent of the schools of that place. Hog cholera Is killing many hogs la Allen county and elsewhere In the northern part of the state. It will be wise for those having hogs to take all possible means to prevent infection. The oil output from Pera Is now averaging 3,000 barrels a day or about 100,000 barrels for the month. This brings In about 140,000 a month. There are not a great many drills going downward new. Miss Daisy Allen, who was arrested some weeks ago while, looking for a gun with which to shoot Joseph Boss, a Kenneth quarry man, writes the Pharos that Boss has paid her the money she loaned him. A horse hitched to a sleigh occupied by Miss Mary Boyer and Alfred Taggart, ran away on west Market street at 11 a. m. yesterday. The sleigh was overturned and slightly broken. The occupants escaped Injury. Miss Marie Overmeyer, the editor, and Charles W. Burke, the publisher of the Seymour News, were married Wednesday evening. The bride Is a handsome and bright young woman, and a sister of Hon. John Overmeyer of North Vernon. Since the snow has beeo packed to the excellet sleighing point the city begins to take on the aspect of a real northern metropolis. The.hope of tae small boy that the snow will stay until after next Saturday is shared by many of his seniors. A bill has been introduced in the house which provided that In case any person drawing a pension is put into a federal office either by appointment, election or otherwise, In which the emoluments equal 01 ex- ,eed 1100 a month, such person shall not, during this Incumbency of that office, receive any pension. Upon tbe termination of such employment the pension is to be restored. Notice to Stockholders. Notice is hereby given that there will b2 a meeting of stockholders of the State National bank of Logansport, Indiaca, to be held at tbe office of the City National bank of Logans- Dort on Tuesday, January llth, 1893, Between the hours of 1 and 3 p. m., for the purpose of electing a board of directors for said State National bank, and for the further purpose of voting upon tbe question of placing tbe affairs of said bank in voluntary Iquldatlon. S. W. ULIBRT, President. Logansport, Ind,, Dec. 8th. Attention, St. George Commandery. All members St. George Com- mandery Knights of St. John ara hereby ordered to be present at tbe armory at 4 o'clock Sunday afternoon. CHAS. BUHL, Capt Notice. There will be a meeting of Eel Elver lodge No. 417,1. O. O. F.,on Tuesday evening, Dec. 28, at7:30 for the purpose of electing three trustees.—J. D. Allison, secretary. Special Sale *jThis StandSgo Here is a well made and finisk- ed stand, the small stores sell from 50 to 75 cents. The "Big Store" will sell them Saturday and Mom- day for only 39 cents each. See them in onr Erie street window. THE NEW COMMERCIAL SCHOOL Genuine Offloe and! BiuiueM PraMtM ttom the day of entrance, Logansport Commercial High School. Up-todate. Thorough. Praotloal. Oeur»ea— g-lish, Commercial. Stenographic. Pen AH, Experienced Teachers Modern Method!, Thorough Work. Competent Uooklcoopam ant Stenographers tarnished to BuslnoM Firm. Logangport Commercial High 8ch**l. Over 321-323-3-.K Fourth Streets, J. W. Hook. M. W. Murphj-. Associate Prlnolpali. OM Phono 184. If You, Want lo^be irilthe Swim, You had better le HOOLEY -Make Your— Fall Suit Or Overcoat He will Fit Ye« When all othen fail. DELICATESSEN FINE Smoke the Columbia cigar 407 Market (tract In room tormarlr by Lepangport Will paper Oo, Ounthcr'f Confectionery. Charlotte Howe. HiTatian Ottum, Wine Jelllec. Chocolate Bolairt, Party ghellg, BO? KiiMf. Hlckorynut Macaroon*, Almond Macaroon*. Walnut Macaroon*. Coooanut Macaroon*. Van! la Wafer*. Jellr TarU. Cream Putts, Fruit Cake, Gold and Silver Bnd. Lemon Maraogne Pie*. Frank K. Lloyd, pactrr Cook at tbe Barnett «ad MoidMk hotel* lor ths paat five yean. &T~We have contracted to furntah atiek* Piwtrr and Brevi tor the above hototo. Telephone 386 Mutual. BANKRUPT SHOE SALE. We have got to sell this Stock of goods and we will save you Nearly One Half on your Shoe Bills What is betteMhan a nice Jpair of Shoes for Christmas—Nothing. Ladies' shoes 890 Misses shoes 690 Ladies' shoes 990 Misses shoes 8gc Ladies' shoes $1.23 Misses shoes 990 Ladies' shoes $1.48 Misses shoes $1.19. Child's shoes 350 Child's shoes 490 ^Child's shoes 590 Child's shoes 8oc $4 Ladies' Fine Sboes $2=48. Splendid Shoes for Boys 98d S3.OO Ladies's Stioes S1.89- This is your Chance to buy GOOD SHOES for the price of Cheap Ones, M. WALDEN.

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