The Tribune from Scranton, Pennsylvania on June 3, 1985 · 8
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The Tribune from Scranton, Pennsylvania · 8

Scranton, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Monday, June 3, 1985
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T7T7 TT ,t f- j j j f 'Vf' 'W 'J HP p ym F tMon., June), 193 The Tribune. Scranton, Pa. MOTSfo iWI iwwjmiy xwgty a t1 itfr'UL M iSi 'M .. is A. ;PPVsA'''.'-7 ' v Q ! at VA A '. , - k ,v V!n& V 5 .', 4 t. 7 ! .' V 'AOT , , $ ' y r ',. ' ? j .jr.. . - - '' f 4 , VfV For Better Health By NEIL SOLOMON, M.D, Dear Dr. Solomon: I think that break dancing could be considered an athletic event, and I Imagine that wanning up would be as Important here as it would (or any other event. Would you agree? -Frank, Atlanta, Ga. Dear Frank: As with any athletic activity, both a warm-up and a cool-down are important. Ignoring either one Increases the possibility of injury. Dear Dr. Solomon: Would you please tell me what the natural course of blood pressure Is in a child? 1 assume that children do not have the same kinds of blood pressure that adults do. Is this correct? Also, what would be considered high blood pressure In an 18-year-old? - Ken, Detroit. Dear Ken: B!6od pressure tends to rise with age until the late teens. At that time, a reading of 140- 90 .would generally be considered to be the upper limit of normal. U W.'vjitv m'.'.S 'V S Vtv. -V b j ) Tracy Herron, T.S. Kilmer plan to marry Tracy Herron, fiancee of Theodore Kilmer Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Herron, Nicholson, announce the engagement and approaching marriage of their daughter, Miss Tracy Lynne Herron, to Theodore Samuel Kilmer, son of Mr, and Mrs. Cecil Kilmer, Nicholson. Miss Herron is a 1984 graduate of Mountain View High School; 1 The prospective bridegroom was graduated from Mountain View High School and Is self-employed In the family business. , A June wedding is planned WOMEN FOR WENZEL will hold a luncheon and fashion show Sunday, June 9, at 1:30 p.m. at ' the Hilton at Lackawanna Station. Fashions for children, teens and women will be showcased, along with hair, make- up and floral designs. Above, Dave Belardi of the Plaza at the Hilton shows some of his floral creations, with Carol Catalano, left, of Granada fashions, and Marilyn Bonna, commentator. Dear Dr. Solomon: My mother is 83 years old. She was told by her doctor that she should try to get a little more sunlight because it would help strengthen her bones. I can understand how something like calcium would help strengthen a persons bones, but what does sunlight have to do with the problem? - Mrs. M.N., Duluth, Minn. Dear Mrs. N.: Exposure to sunlight may prevent softening of bone by improving calcium metabolism. Conversely, people who avoid sunlight mdy have an increased risk of metabolic bone disease. Older people, in particular, are among those who may not get sufficient exposure to sunlight. 0 mto Marie Antoinette has defenders Cosmetologists meet Pennsylvania Hairdressers and Cosmetologists Association Affiliate 12 will meet tonight at 7 p.m. at the South Vo-Tech School, Dickson City. On Sunday, June 9, a free educational meeting for members only will be held from 1 to 5 p.m. at South Ve-TechLisa Curry will be a guest artist. Overeaters Anonymous Scranton Chapter of Overeaters Anonymous will meet tonight at 7:30 p.m. in the main building of the Scranton State School for the Deaf, Washington ' Avenue and Electric Street. For more information contact FIRST at 961-1234. Summer dance set The Ladies Auxiliary to the Veterans of Foreign Wars for the Clarks Summit State Hospital has scheduled a summer dance for Thursday, June 13. This dance will be sponsored by the Moscow Ladies Auxiliary Post 5207. It will begin at 6:30 p.m. and refreshments will be served. Acting deputy is Margaret Singer. Alumni bus trip Scranton State General Hospital School of Nursing Alumni Association is sponsoring a day bus trip on June 15. The bus will leave the hospital parking lot for King of Prussia Mall for shopping with the next stop a dinner show at Lily Langtry Theatre. Further information may be obtained from any alumni member. SOLID BRASS BEDS ALL SIZES 15 STYLES FACTORY OUTLET 457-7854 People . . . carpet! MINIS CLEANING SPRING SPECIALS ANY 2 ROOMS $3495 Mr. and Mrs. Url Kadoshy, Kibbutz Matzuva, Israel, announce the birth of a daughter, Avishai, born at Naharya Hospital, Naharya, Israel. Mrs. Kadoshy, is the former Fern Itzkowltz, daughter of Mrs. Beverly Itzkowltz of Scranton and the late Sidney Itzkowltz. Paternal grandparents are Mr. and Mrs. Mordecbai Kadoshy, Ramat Gan, Israel. Great-grandparents are Mr. and Mrs. Louis Braunstein, Belaire, Fla. Dear Dr. Solomon: I know from reading your column that the treatment for arthritis includes exercise, and I also know that exercise can be either good or bad. Would you please explain how exercise can be both good and bad when talking about the same person? - Les, Atlanta, Ga.r Dear Les: The explanaUon is not very complicated. Appropriate exercise for arthritis patients can help slow the harmful Joint changes, which are readily seen on X-ray. Selective exercise can also improve the patient's ability to perform the acUvities of daily living, such as dressing, washing and eating. Inappropriate exercise, however, can aggravate the joint disease, and arthritis patients who engage in exercise should avoid doing too much, too soon. More specifically, these patients generally can engage in activities that do not place much stress on the Joint. These include walking swimming and bicycling. However, activities that involve twisting and sudden stops - such as tennis, basketball, volleyball, racquetball and long-distance running - should be avoided. WHOLE HOUSI $7995 SOFA OR 2 CHAIRS S3495 Mabel Reed, 103 West Warren St., Dunmore, has been elected president of District 10, V.F.W., Ladies Auxiliary, which serves Lackawanna and Wayne Counties. A 22-year-old V.F.W. member, she belongs to the McHugh-Bushweiler Post 3474, Duhmore. Mrs. Reeds duties will include conducting five districts during the year and inspecting 17 auxiliaries. We shampoo your carpets first, then steam clean I them. CALL9A.M.T05P.M. 343-0422 James and Ann Moore, Mt. Pocono, announce the birth of a daughter, Ashley Elizabeth, on May 23. Paternal grandparents are Mr. and Mrs. James P. Moore, 702 Church St., Moscow. Maternal grandparents are Mr. and Mrs. William F. McGurrin, this city. Dear Dr. Solomon: For years I have been reading your columns on health and observe that you have the ability to put medical and health information together while still being able to communicate with the layman on his level. That is rare. And even more .so when combined with your experience and knowledge of the health system of the government. - Dr. Helen Douty, Auburn University, Auburn, Alabama. (If you have a medical question, write to Neil Solomon, MJ)., P.O. Box 21487, Pikesyille, Md. 21208. Dr. Solomon cannot give personal replies but will answer as many questions as possible 'in his column.) (c) 1985, Los Angeles Times Syndicate , DEAR ABBY: I would like to clear up a misconception that has been perpetrated over the years concerning Marie Antoinettes famous statement, Let them eat cake. Years ago, the French bakers would make a mixture of flour and water that they spread on the bricks of the oven. This hardened crust provided a clean surface on which to place the dough for baking bread. At the end of each day, the bake would scrape off this crusty substance and put it in buckets out the back door for the beggars. This substancev was called cake, which later became confused with the sweet pastry that only the well-to-do could afford. - GRETCHEN HABEL, BELLEVILLE, MICH. DEAR GRETCHEN: Another defender of Marie Antoinette offers this informative morsel : DEAR ABBY: Please, please, please! While Marie Antoinette may have been no paragon of virtue, let us not damn her further by repeating that malicious retort, Let them eat cake, after being told the peasants had no bread. The person who translated that remark was obviously not as familiar with the French language as he should have been. Properly translated, it should have read, Let them eat the little cakes - meaning the small, round, flat cakes of flour or meal - a far cry from a delicacy. Those little cakes (or something similar) are still eaten by the very poor in backward countries. -H.S. BALLARD, KETTERING, OHIO , DEAR H.S. BALLARD: Read on for an interesting bit of icing on the cake: DEAR ABBY: Love your column, Abby, but might I suggest eating crow rather than cake for allowing a nasty misquote to slip by? A letter on the etiquette for eating wedding cake ended by attributing Let them eat cake to Marie Antoinette. This much maligned queen had too much class to utter such a remark. In the sixth book of his Confessions, written in 1766, Jean Jacques Rousseau refers to an incident that happened in 1740, 15 years before Marie Antoinette was born: At length I recalled the thoughtless remark of a great princess, who, when she was told the peasants had no bread, replied, Let them eat cake. In The Dictionary of Misinformation, author Tom Burnam notes the' writing of Alphonse Karr, who in 1843 explained that a duchess of Tuscany supposedly uttered the remark in 1760. Karr contended the quote was used to discredit Marie Antoinette. Serious biographers of the queen do not even grace the remark with a comment. As a newspaper editor, I hate to see such dubious - and ugly -statements creep into print. And I have a more personal, reason as well; I am the great-great-great-grandson of the man who claims to be her son, the lost dauphin, Louis XVU. As the inheritor of a family legend, I have been compelled to defend the honor of Marie Antoinette many times. I would appreciate your correcting this matter. - L. MICHAEL MAY, NEWS EDITOR, THE SEWICKLEY HERALD, SEWICKLEY, PA. DEAR MR. MAY: Your letter takes the cake. Now, please pass the crow. (Do you bate to write letters because you dont know what to say? Thank-you notes, sympathy letters, congratulations, how to decline and accept invitations and how to write an interesting letter are included in Abbys booklet, How to Write Letters for All Occasions. Send your name and address clearly printed with a check or money order for 82.50 and a long, stamped (39 cents) self-addressed envelope to: Dear Abby, Letter Booklet, P.O. Box 38923, Hollywood, Calif. 90038.) COPYRIGHT 1985 UNIVERSAL PRESS SYNDICATE Competition set by Garden Club The Laurel Garden Club will conduct its monthly meeting Thursday at 7:30 p.m. in the Penn Security Bank Building, South Scranton. Mrs. Helen Gialanella, president, will preside. A spring flower show with competition for members will be held. Mrs. Anna Kloss and Mrs. Annette McAndrew are chairpersons, and Mrs. Jean Quick, noted Iris Judge, will speak and Judge the show. Plans for summer picnics will be finalized and refreshments for the evening will be hosted by Mrs. Sally Robinson and Mrs. Carolyn Holty. GRANDE OIL 14 YEARS OF PROMPT, DEPENDABLE DELIVERY OF PREMIUM QUALITY HOMEHEATING 0ILAT AN ECONOMICAL PRICE. OUR PAST PERFORMANCE IS YOUR ASSURANCE OF FUTURE OIL SERVICE, SAVINGS & SECURITY. 343-1835 - 489-6148 Kimberly Axford. J. P. Collins wed -SPANISH ACADEMY fr RIDS 60 NOW IS THE TIME - Births $20. OFF Toward! comae or eyeglaaaaa (trama t larwaa) package vatuad SM 00 or more We meke sure you receive the best quality An Eye Can, .mOU. i Expfcwt Jurw IS, IMS Soft Contacts $0000 Include! Comprattanttva Eye Exam Glaucoma Teat, Fitting Dispensing t pan P 0 I contact! to 6000 (Oday special complete sssTiS'c, To knute pndee, comfortable contact lent St, weesrry eK breeds ttypmot term. , Alto Available Soft Contacts in colors Aqus, Blue. Green A Amber. 30 Day Contacts that you can sleep with. Ask for special package price. Eye Glasses $OQ 00 Complete Sxm (frames & lenses) (SV Mi no amt. pteetic or glam leneee. Frame to tt 10 value) CaN 348-1748 For Ah Appointment Offer Thru June 15, 1985 IBEW. Building, 431 Wyoming Avenue REED - James and Linda Runco Reed, 126 Belmont St., Throop, a daughter June 1, Mercy Hospital. PAGNOTTI - Frank and Linda Murray Pagnotti, 1509 Church St., a son June 1, Mercy Hospital. KELLY - Paul and Susan Rade Kelly, 26 Dean St., a son June 1, Mercy Hospital. ROCHINSKI - Brian and Lisa Verespey Rochinskl, 1000 Main St., Dickson City, a son June 1, Mercy Hospital. STONE - Christopher and Joan Burne Stone, 643 Boulevard , Ave.,'Dickson City, a daughter June 2, Mercy Hospital. BILLINGTON - Perry and Eileen Meskey Billlngton, 1703 Electric St., Dunmore, a son June 2, Mercy Hospital. SCHULTZ - David and Barbara Button Schultz, 254-A Washington Park, Tunkhannock, a daughter June 2, Mercy Hospital. HUTCHINS - Daniel and Diane Bergeski Hutchins, RD 5 Box 357, Moscow, a daughter June 2, Community Medical Center. Mr. and Mrs. Herbert H. Axford, 906 Fairview Road, Clarks Summit, announce the marriage of their daughter, Miss Kimberly Axford, to John Patrick Collins, Midvale, Utah. SUMMER SESSION BEGINS JUNE24 for your child, classes ages 44, 7-9, 10-12, 1, 2, 3 sessions per wk Scranton & Clarks Summit. Accepting Fall reservations. Experienced instructor Marie Karam, M A Spanish Linguistics Call 347-6724 TO LEARN SPANISH r The wedding took place March 1 in Salt Lake City, Utah. Mrs. Collins is a graduate of the Kent School, Kent, Conn. She attended Skidmore College and is a graduate of Marywood College. Until recently she was affiliated with K-Mart Apparel, Inc., Logan, Utah. Mr. Collins, son of the late Raymond and Helen Collins of Youngstown, Ohio, is a graduate of Youngstown High School and Youngstown University. He is a manufacturers representative affiliated with construction related products in the intermountain west. The couple is residing in Midvale. Pepsi and milk In the TV series, Laverne and Shirley, Laverne DeFasios favorite drink was Pepsi and Milk. Other peoples favorite flavorings for milk include chocolate, peanut butter, bananas and strawberry CLEANED Hoiml 9 THIS VEEK 0LY CALL NOW FOR APPOINTMENT 342-5933 ANY LIVING ROOM DINING ROOM ( Mng ) 29.95 THIS WEEK ONLY Now . . Advanced techniques and chemical developments make possible superior results right In your home - and at a price you can al-lord Now you can have your carpels Gleaned professionally as often as you like rwipw KLimsi LIVING ROOM $2995 1 LIVING ROOM 8 DINING ROOM 39s5 WARRANTY Our xpr1 crews will clean your carpeting BETTER than you ever seen before or your money is returned IN FULL Upholstered furniture are and Oriental carptts included in this pledge GUaROnTQQ lEud . YES.WEDODYE i CARPETING RIGHT IN YOUR HOME end II It ready Is use lev mediately We will also TINT or COLORIZE your carpel while XCUARANTEE CARPET CLEANING I DYE CO. shampooing al slight additionat charge COLORS SO 9RIGHT COPYRIGHT GUARANTEE CARPET CLEANING I DYE CO. 17S Service Marks Owned and Licensed by Guarantee Carpet Cleaning A Dye Co AND VIVID you will be astound' ed as thousands of others have been1 4

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