The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 17, 1932 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 17, 1932
Page 3
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, : .MARCH 17, V.KV2 CO'tJIURR PAflR Washington Medal Authorities Admit Search (or l,iiull)cruli Baby Alls!;in;; No I'repress. IIOI'EWEI.L. N. J., Mai'i'h 17. 'UI'i--Stuti' pnlic? lu^fiy repiu-led new di.ieoimiKdm'lit and llu- bhsl- ing of wh:il veined ituTC 1 iminU- inx lends 10 Hie kidnap-is of mile Chni'lre A. L'liidlU'ish jr. ' Toilay's bullclin to Die pn-s< was rutlicly jit'Ballv;. . C'Cl Norman Si'luvai t; 1 .!::!!!'. hrjin Hi? -I jmllx'fsli Imnic tcrvjly :u> tniiwIt.'lBPiI "»> lailiirc of llirr.- nioro of. the ?cam leads \vlhrh pu- lice have uiu'ui'thi'd iu tlu'ir iiuvs.- C.'Li'andro Uchtfool of l-Y:ii]!:lin Pa'4 N. J., rjii'inod Ho had (Quad ' trie this?! which )m:l been mLi-iii^ [rom his tool cliost. and vihifh police llionelil inlglil have b.H'ii u-ed Colonel Si-hu'nrtiEkopt, while nol dffinitfiy ab^t]:ioniii'.j the ovi:l:nn? r .It'wed by Lightfoot, indicntccl l-.c ail not coasider tliis le:id or p. inipui'Lant-t 1 . I.iyhlfoaL reponc:! Uvo German fjrvants (1U.1»'.»; Ihelr cattle ovfr "U:ick" ronils found Uw In a com'onlcni oasis. Prohlblllon nacnls rlmrgp Us iivo- iwrlles riUoniptcd lo rovcit lo Ilic oM-t!uv> vptrcshmpuls — unil Ilic Icmiwirniy padturk order w:»s issued. Apple Dumpling Price Results in $15,000 Suit TUI.HA. <)k!:i.. lUI'i'-A ilifkT- rnec of I-4) I'enis in Ilif tuiiaiinl mod [nr 11 dish of npjilf dump s over Iho sinnnnu niivrl:(-tl on the menu rcsiiltod In r. dninn r ji> suit loi 1 $15,000 lino. Miss I.nls Holvjits ipfu.vil in pay ' SO emts fm- tlio dish of niiplf diimiillnes. because, she said, It v. p n-. listed on HIP nii'iiii • for 20 coins. .1. p. Hcynolds. owner or the vi'Maimw. had Iri 1 iirn'slnl fov ilisunltiiV 1 . tin 1 ' IH'atN 1 . Mi-v. ItdViis lix-ki-d in IhO j:iil M: tin- ni:;lil and ri'liMSiil tin' ni'xi 111:111111!'. !Shf bi'iiirlH Mill lor Slfi.dflll ;n;ainM lii'MldUls, ullfKllli! lM urusi inul irt'illdiHi'i proKO- lu'u. • 'I'lii- jiuy awiddid hej- $li'.!. THIS WEEK-END ITS HERE N " w ^^Vgjjjll Vicks 30dBayers! THE RED & WHITE STORES CAUDS TAI,I.IKS I'l.ACK CAKDS CANDY I'llll.l.ll'S DKNTAI, iMA(iN!vSIA -irC iiiid CA^ We Kcdvcm the »l;«iii> (.'otumus, £tJ "" The oldest Amcric»» military decoration lias •award to the nation's soldier heroes. The btcn newly revived as an purple heart meila\. t\\" ion. Iowa. inUli'l lir liio misslir; i Wasliingion. and then lo unly .lli'rcc raL>n. during ihe Lii!<lbevi;l] baby was definitely dis- i v/nr. It now will be given those in service who hold the incrilono piovcn: by Colonel Schwartzkopf. ' SC ruc-c cilaiion i-citiricntc. and to ilio*r> ::iithori/cd to uoar lie said thr. I-indlwrehs had ve-j teivecl jleU'griiiiliic dowiiplitms of; tlip Preslrpii.b:\by and it had liiilh- [' marks thM their cliikl did nol n -.- i nr r i i,avc.. iorihsh Wage Luts and to chevrons. 1'IIILADELIMIfA, Mar. 17 lUl") —Philadelphia l«i!an celtbi.din'i. th:i "retuin of I lie Lindberi;h bahy" j L(: early totlay un:id siniekna faciory lions Averaged Four Per Cent Wales where they fell from 41 to 33 per cent over 10U. LONDON. HIP) — Wnuc rcduc- in 1931 avera&od approxiin- whlslles and screKininf sirens. 'Hie ! a te!y four ncr rent weekly, nccord- eai!5e (il the prcinp.lnve celcbrntion was a Incoiiintivr whistle which lind ja[n]r_"fl. The w:\iisilcs Famous Old Inn Ordered Padlocked j n and siren-; been announced as a signal ll'.f haby had Ix'en found. to Misilsti'y of Labor statistics. Avct r a'^e iJ('rcet]layc increases in wcr-i'.ly lull-time ratr-s of v/nges last year were estimated at M-70 IT1TS1JURGH, vUD—The Obey House, r?nlury-cld inn whose col- oiTnl hli[oi-y included such fnnious &\iests ns Henry Clny and Andrew i»rn I'm-,,, Uussiaii Mi»-0fi(! ii yu Lanili-Killinjc liich- f. ALBANY. Ore^o:i. (UPl last year were e.stlmatcd at fiC-70 Ja ,. kson has |, Mn ori | crct , padloek- per cent, compared with 70-74 per c( , cunt in 1930, willi the watjc-levsl ' ... • , ., The Inn, In thai section of the liimb-killina Male was rapluru:! aliv L . .lip re. Tlin bird, oi nn n"di>- urmiheu specie?, measured s:'ve:i Ir-ct. Lwo incites honi tip to lip cf its \VUIKS. II hcak ;•; 2 ! ' ; inches , of 1014 used as ; i basis. Theiv Has bmi nn almost steady ?' ' - o»« k"ov:n as Tttnpcrance- since 1930 who,, tlw'aver- ngu pevociitsse increase was 110180 per cent. "Last year, tn the bnilditT!? trades there v;as a dcop of four to five per cetil; namely a decline of '.vcoikly wa^es of bricklayers from limits Vctvr.Mi iSowkrs 1 74 to 70 ivr cent over 15H and llS Tci]nc r see (UI>) —'of laborers fro:n 05 to 92 per cent veteran tuvlers ville was the mccca of cowboys and notables alike. '• N • Henry Clay once (iddlcd for iin- piomptu country clnnces in the hostelry. Ohio cowboys, • driving 668 - TAKLKTS - SAI.VF. Ynulli . borers fro:n 05 to 92 per cent LIQUID bsatins over 1914. Tinplale workers lost 10 MB Liquid or Tablets used inttrn- wiwii 15-year-old ,J«c McManus i per cent, ofihe pcrecntase in- ally and S6fi Salve f \lornally, ntike ft-lio had bowled bin tor a month crease. • a «i»nplcte :.u,l tfteclivc trtut- rclied 110 in eompclitinn iierc. | 'I'ha -.vases of coal miners did intnl - for Colds. He «eiahs leys than 100 ponnls. ' not chanKe milch except in South Most Speedy Remedies Known HOT WATKH HOTTLES (PI Cft VAT IIP Mf rOUNTAiN SVK1NKS. <!i.JU V J\LUL JJ Kotex 35c|Modess 30c!Frens 29c GARCIA GRANDE GEMEY FACE POWDER -'V in A Class Itself KIRBY DRUG CO. izml & Jfaln 1'linni: K) BROS. DRUG r,-' . . . can't improve on Nature! Brings You Back Even our sales people are enthusiastic to serve you--for they count in a R d*-W store. r ' ••'• And now again! Another store goes Ked& |..,, White. The Copiiage HI ere. Co. at flraygado- cio, Mo. Opening dai/s Friday and Saturday Marclt ISrli). . • Prices For Friday, Saturday, March IS, 19 you s\voc,'l«-n \v5M Ix-. Would you <:iiangc tli<; cjiorry's tastr? Don't ymi think it would scern funny To mix maple sup wilh puslc? , • Would ili<; rose's sccnl soom sweeter II' a chemist loaned a hand? Docs the lily-bed look neater Painted by an artist grand? • Choose your eigarelte discreetly, And by words do nol l>o tricked . . . 1SAT1JRF, does the work completely Wlien OLD GOLD tobacco's nicked! Sugar PURE. TOBACCO ... NO ARTIFICIAL FLAVORING •.j Thai's why 0. Cs. <lo not scratch the throat or taitU the l>realh . . ._[C<>Unpltfinwrnpprd t of course] Red & White Naphtha 10 Pounds 45c 10 BSfS 28C REDS WHITE • HUD & WIHTK ••• 2-1-1.1). Sack |?nC HflIl|r«RKKN & WHl'l'K I lUUI if'-!•''• Siltk W c I'lunr - - - - w' You Huvc Uwd None Hotter COFFEE Xluv & While 1-l-b. Can - - - NlfillT & DAY 1-1.!). I'kB. - :M-I>. '' 22c 65c Macaroni or Spaghetti Keil & White ;! for Pork & Beans Campbells 19c Can 5c J Wash Board and 10 liars Laundru Soap or Yellm* • ~ GINGER ALE K While Hot! & While ov Tot PANCAKE FLOUR l ' l * wu V taB . lOc RICE DESSERT POWDER i> I'onmls iSc .led & While *}*!&** ,'{ I'acliaijes ^«3U 2 Bottles, for 35c 6 Small or 3 Tali Cans 19c |; HATC 1 Htil & While. r>5-0/.. TackaRc < Q«% UAlO ' .Kad< JLOV CHILI CON CARNE '"""'* ,,., 2Sc 2 for 25c PIMENTOS RAISINS Blue & White, Fancy Pink Red &. While ^*» Can *7C Ri'il & While. 1'anry Seedless ^g ^ Hcrf & White 27c POTATOES BANANAS Fine O^C I'cck U\ Fresh, Crisp [TC Hi-ad J Yellow Ki-iiit 1ft^ ; 1'i-uit 1Q •1 l,bs. lJ SWEET POTATOES ,,„ 2 C AT HKD & WHITE ^l FRANKS Fresh ,,10 C Hlue X- While OCC 2 I,bs. PORK SAUSAGE K. The5icn oP a Peper,dable Store

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