The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 17, 1932 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 17, 1932
Page 2
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BLYMBV1LLE. (ABK.> OOUtllfett NEWS THURSDAY, MARCH 17, 1932 CONTRACT^ 1 fininncL v * i * BRIDGE Uuiic <Stj*rtDKnt o! the -,......jV''du|>' : U'meetlni In-t'hV hpit.of Mrs. j. w. Btder. at 3 •ni W. M. 8, of tb« Wke Street Uetbodl* church Is giving t 55c chjclptn dinner in the old Fro? Popd,c«fe building Saturday for btheflt of the church Insurance, Li Ctn» Swvrfae KHMajr Dtaaer ' J. T. Silws given a surprise birthday dinner Wednesday by Ills w(fe'«t the home on Park street honoring his 26th anniversary. An attractive table was arranged with the • c«aterpl*ce a huge birthday oke" of white holding 26 pink ttfhted candles. Th« guerts included Mr. and Mrs^J. Wl.Sikes, parents of Mr. SlfcM, Miss Delia Fay and Gene Stteg and Mrs. J. H. Ball, Mrs. Lew* Ball and daughter, Bonnie. Lyrtn?, Mr. and Mrs. Harold C. Thompson all of Promised Land. 6Ute« ' " --•---• gtfU. By CtBtral P. T. A. ' he, pfpkram and HT» T, H coSdBCtfd the', devotional on "D*n- len to'Llfc." Mrs. Alvln Hoffman l«ye -a discussion on "Home Uls- »lons and Work Among the Indians," while Mrs. A. 8. Smith talked on "Work Among the Negroes." Mrs. Blomeyer contributed a reading, "The Deserted 'Plantation." • * * Delphian Charter Sfrtlei Poetry. Dramatic and narrative poetry was studied by the members of the Delphian chapter when they met in the Hotel Noble Wednesday morning. Mrs. R. N. Ware supervised the program In absence of the leader, Mrs. Frank Thraslier. Mrs. W. T. Oberst talked on "Abt Vogler," followed by & dl&cusskm on "How they Brought the Good News from Ghent to Alx" by Mri. Dlllaliunty. Selected traditional ballads were given by Mrs. W. C. Afflict and Mrs. j. R. steadman talked on "Tn« Revenge." Mrs. Lloyd Wysc read a paper prepared by Mrs. G G. Caudill on "The Aeneld." A critic's drill nnd parliamentarian reports concluded Hie morn- Ing's program, • # * Wednesday Cl«b Meet* Mrs. W. H. Minyard won the high score prize, perfume among the . . . Thrill" '»»» the study subject lor Uhe meeting of tba Parent- Tetters Association of the Cen- school held Wednesday t 3 o'clock In Ml*s sunshine Swift's room. "Ark»nsas"was the Kipening numbs-, being suns D >' the 'iuemWy followed by a talk on "Al&wance* »nd Budgets, by Miss Wliinie Virgil Turner, county For years cither Wonds or bru nets have reigned at St. Patrick 1 Day festivities of University o Missouri engineering tiudenls i Columbia, Mo. But when auburn haired Mary Buttcrfletd of Kansas City, above, canie along she »o unanimous election ai queen thl supervisor. Miss Rosa Hatdy the '-hl«h school principal, gave an Interesting review of. the White; houie Conference on Child Welfare* which -she attended recently to JJttle Bock. Mrs. J. 5. Orlti nr«d the president's message and j(rC 0. R. Babcock displayed the Blui-Seal from the National com- inlttee for summer roimd-Up work. D§rlns tlie badness period it was d«kkd-to have .'the April meet- to» l 'bn the third Tuesday, IB at 2 o'clock A committee was also ap- ooiated to work with the other P~t A's in collecting poll taxes amC'a nominating committee was appointed for electing next years - members of the Wednesday bridge club when they were entertained In the home of Mrs. Harry Kirby when she also had two tables of guests, Mrs. Franklin Wllbourn and Mrs. Mabel Brady of Paragould, Mrs. John Pindlcy, Mrs. Baker Wilson, and sister, Mrs. Paul Spikes of Chicago, Mis. Bill Wunderltch snil Mrs. Clarence Vollmer. Mrs. Baker Wilson was given powder for guest high score and the-. oul-oMown guests were given a gift, A salad course with hot rolls and coffos was served by the hostess. Bits oj Ntics Mostly Personal I was arrived at. However, the hand U too strong to open wjth one club Stctetary, American Bridge I/ta(u» and therefore It Is a belter two no ARTICLE NO. 473 BV H'M. E. McKENNEY Jn the following hand, despite cleia- play on the part of the declarer, the defense play a master/"' name a,nd succeed In holding declarer to to than game. Mrs. Howard Proctor is still very 1 with the'fnfluenia at her home n Broadway. ••• Mrs. O. D. Crimes returned Wed- icsday from Memphis where she Islted with'her BOH Paul for a few days. She wae accompanied by icr little granddaughter, Imbgcne, o visit here for several days. While, n Memphis Mre. Grimes gave 1 a blood Iransfuslon to Mrs, T. .H. Qodsey of Helena, Ark. who has >cen seriously- Ul In the Baptist (ospitnl for several weeks. Jim Fowler, Mr. and Mrs. Em- iiatt Wilson and Miss Mae Hatley returned Ironi Memphis Wednesday where they visited Mr. Fowler's llttlb daughter, who underwent a mistold operation in the Baptist Hospital Tuesday. The baby Is repoited as improving and Mrs. Fowler remained with her. Mrs. J."W. Reno of Haytl, Mo. niece of E. M. Huffman, .here is wrlously ill In the Methodist Hospital in Memphis following a ma- V9-7-5-4-2 49-7-6-3 i*7-3 VK-6-3 T K-Q-J. 10 #10-95-2 NORTH t~ n iS w 5 H Ifcwier SOUTH *KlQ-6- ¥10-8 48-4-2 +J-8-3 *J-10-<5-2 VA-Q-J ' . VA-5 i; #A-K-Q-6 «:i jor operation. Mrs. 0. W. Dader Is improving. . The Bidding '•'Soiilh. the declarer, even with hlj great nrriiy of high cnrds,'has no sufficient strength to make- a twc ^Irt of n suit which vtoultl be demand bid requiring partner t keep the bidding open until gam "Keiser News Notes umr> bid. While the bid of two no (rump not a forcing bid and docs 'no equlre partner to keep the bid- Ing open, it is an encouraging Id and partner,' with veay little trength, would be Justified in tak ns the bid to three no trump. However, In tills caw, Nortl hould pass his/ partner's bid o wo no Irump, since his hand Is pliarenlly useless except for th Sarajevo Still Suffers EHectoMrYorid War SARAJEVO, (UP)- This small ity to which the spotlight of the world evtr returns as the spot where thrj World War began, reaped a gruesome harvest from that conflict, according to figures recently presented at a women's s&clflst meejing her*. It will be remembered thai the Drlna river vyas the scene of the first war operations between Austria and Serba. According to the pacifist organization's figures, that part of the Drlna province on the right bank, comprising 15 election 8,735 dependent children of war invalids, 9,824 under-nourished and an additional 856 which starved, while 917 were morally corrupted. It the n district* on the left bank are added, it was declared that th-i total of unfortunate children would exceed 100,000. Sarajevo Is In the center ol the Drlna province. cc of spades. Tlie Play- West's strongest suit Is diamond iivj as it Is headed with four lion its in sequence, the top honor opened. On West's lend of th king of diamonds, dummy plays f three, East the deuce and'there s no advantage, to the declarer in wldlng off. it would be Just as \voll for him to win the first trick with the ace trusting that his nine spot has the suit stopjXid. Declarer should Etm Ills heart suit while he still lias the ace of spadis for nn entry, but it is a problem to find the best way to do so. ;Jf he were to lead the jack of hearts, West mfeht win it with the Ung. He would then run off his three diamonds nnd East would , . certainly signal for a spade lead. The Keiscr P. T. A. basketball! It 1 is true that the declarer could COUGHS DM*I let them get a uranjk tuU. flfta (mMqukttr. CnomuUion com- bUe* tie 7 ben fcilp* know to modem taenct. Powerful but birmlcu. F1»im> I* tak*. N* urcolki. Uo*tj • , refused if anjr couch BO muter ol districts, now numbers 21,236 (ath- bo* lo«c Maodiiig it not rdierad. Aik erless children, 6,183 war orphans, 7001 dre«iM for CrwrauWoa. (idr.) f Hlurn officers with Mrs. as chairman. Elmer Arm- Mary Outlaw's room won thi tl oHer*d for mott children on ultcjmKe while «"-J^™!''**i; niitSr's room received the dollar jjciiS for most mothers in atlend- t ^' ' . . .ua.'.A '• '. Mm.~War« His New Wednesday C1»b Mrs A. C. Wsrd was hostess to the -members of the New Wednes- dty^Brtdge club yesterday afternoon. Mrs, F. B. Joiner was win- ntriot the high score at conclusion of the bridge games: The hostess served dainty re- iiffiteumts. tin. L. a. Eckles was a guest. Tb*>Kcr.'Ta;l«r VMte NMc CUUM Stetle Society—Personal Mr. nnd Mrs. Dixie Crawfctd •f Blylhcville visited with the lat- '.er's parents here Sunday. Sam Hanley of Memphis spent ,he vVeek with his parents, Mr. and'Mrs.: Bill Hanley of this city. Miss Helen Marshall "of Mem- >hls spent the week-end In steclc Coffee Battles Tea For Brituk Popularit LONDON, < UP ) — Britishers drank two and a quarter billion fewer cupa of tea In 1S31 thnn tn 1930 and almost six billion fewer than in 1929. But it cannot be said tlml the tea drinking h«blt i» decreasing rapidly. Consumption in 1931 still averagqd approximately eight and a half cups dally for every man. woman «nd child in the United Kingdom. The habit of drinking at least one cup of tea before rising : -In the morning still''lingers' and rare is tlicj home, or-office, wh.ich does not have Us tea ' regularly every afternoon. While consumption of tea is decreasing, - coffee is .becoming m° re popular. Coffee consumption in 1W1 was 33,902,400 pounds, nn Increase of about 1.500.000 pounds over 1930, but still representing considerably less than one pound per person for the year. wilh her sister, lilss Oolda Mar- . Iflss Margaret! Onnent had as :wr 'week-end guests, Misses Lu- ;l!c Bourland and Pauline Hire of Blythevllle. Misses Mabelle Zabner, Eunice temlnger and Mildred Ridings vis- ted In Blythevllle Sunday.. J. B. and Buetta German vis- led with their grandmother who :s in tim Blylheville hospital, :unday. Mr. and Mrs. Odis Borgor and Mrs. Clarence" Woodard were guests .[ Mr. and Mrs. J. L. German Sunday. Mrs. R. H. Haygood of Arkn- her par- H-ITi,—H f Christ was a vlsl'- J el Pnia. AK., .li visiting ner par- Sffrat^'K-sj-L-aSs honi of Mrs. J. E. Bratcher Wed nesday aftenvoon. The Rev. Taylor conducted the study on "Abraham and" Promises of God" with all meniiberB participating in a round Ubte discussion. T}p meetUig was dismissed by an , offering of prayer by tha minis ter. ;> - • i T» JkU v. H. J. Elsindienst, pastor S the Pilgrim Lutheran church, wllL.hold tenten services in the «ek-end guests Misses Hnscl and Helen Barnes, Irene Whltfleld and Vlary Dollle Klnnlngham. Mrs. John McClure and son Billy of Cooler spent the week-end :ere with thn former's parents. Miss Vasii Fills hns returned to school after three weeks illness with small pox. Mrs. Viola Marshall had as her Jlnner guests Sunday Mr. nnd Mrs. Bill Van Winkle of Blythevllle, ^flss Helen Marshall of Memphis, mrt Mr. and Mrs. Walter Wilson, Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Key. nnd Frat Initialei MemW . 'Voted in 56 Years Ago BERKELEY, Cal. (UP)-Hfty-slx years after he was voted Into membership, Dr. Edmonri O'Neill, emeritus professor of chemistry at the University uf California, was Initiated Into the Phi. Delta' Theta college fraternity. Nearly three score years ago, when the professor wns a sophomore at the University . he was pledged to the fraternity and accepted lor membership. But, before the ceremony wns performed, the Pht Delta Thetn house was burned and all records destroyed. It was five years'later Hint the ehnpler again became active, and during that lime Professor O'Neill had been graduated from school. His inttlntlon was urged by alumni recently, so the professor, who was graduated in 1879. ngnln became a "fresh" In the fraternity. after a week's Illness with Influenza. '' - • •" ! M|ss Lorraine Lowden of Dyersburg, Tcnn,,'has returned alt'df\ai short 1 visit with friends. W. C. Gates of Oklahoma City, Okla'., has returned alter a tew days visit with friends here. Drs Carl and Edna Nics accompanied by Misses Althca Edwards and'Margaret Cross arc driving to Memphis this evening to see the play In the nuditorjum, A.'n. Cross spent'today In Mem- phi* on business. Mrs. Mabel Watts visited. In Hoxie, Ark., Wednesdaj'. . '... .-- Mrs. H. S. Davis 'and daughter, Claire Louise,' 'are" spending the week-end in Brownsville, 'JXWji,;, with relatives. Henry Davis, a son, who is attending Columbia Military academy, will Join them there. .; -.Mrs. Ernest Roe took her llttlt daughter, Betty Lcc, .to' Dr. Roseman's clinic today for removal of her lonsils. Mrs. J. M. Lowe and Mrs. B;ll Wall of Paragould visited with Mr, and Mrs. O. C. Ganske Wednesday evening. . Mrs. j.'D: Barksdale Has. returned from a visit with friends in ^onrsboro. •.Franklin Wlllxmrn of Paragould drove here last evening to accompany Mrs. Wllbourn and Mrs. Ma- ucl Brlidy home ullei- ,n tew days visit with Mrs. Harry Kirby. 'Mrs. Hubert Potter, who was taken to the Baptist hospital at Memphis yesterday for treatment, Is reported as seriously ill. Herman Blerbaum of Greenville, C., Is visiting for several days ere with Oscar Bierbaum and fnin- team defeated the Oscoflla P. T. A. tenin, 19 to 3. ' '. 'Mrs. Tom Doten of Jonesboro Is TliitiiiB her son, Tom Dolan, here; ' J. N. Djnby visited in Memphis lijst' : :'Mrs. R. the flu. . Mrs. S\nn Brock and Mrs. Hal II. Itoblnson U ill with church this evening at 8 o'clock I Miss Goldn Marshall of Bteele. when he will use'the theme, "It Is Charles Mlchlc and H. Bell Finished," ths 6th word of Jesus | transacted business in Memphis nd Mrs. Fred Faught visited livefed on Bible fundamentals. Ifelailves in Stefle Sunday. Workmen End 15 Year Nap of Bat in Building PITTSBURGH. Pcnn., . (UP) — Workmen, razing the front of a building here,, interrupted the stesla or a bat. which may rival ;he records claimed for the somnolent homed toads .of Texas. , from the Cross. One hour prior to rriday. the'iservices a lecture will be de- j Mr. a Tc frrwnl Easter Caatata.; : TJie choir of the First Presbyter! an .church, assisted ty members from' the choirs ot other churches in fee dty, will present a cantata Friday night, March 25 at eight o'ctect in the Presbyterian church. Th^e appearing on the program are Meaiames Bright, Tipton. Keck, Fa«t, J. W. Walker of Hot Springs spent the week-end with Miss Mildred Overturf. Hospital Notes The tat mlglil' slept tor Admitted; Billlc gadoclo. Mo. Walker, Brag- Dismtsscd; Tom Wliilworth. city. Brtscoe, Crlhf)eld, s, Kirshner, -Babcocl: and ; Misses Edna Garret t, Er- HollaiKJ,^ Lillian Briscoc, Crane; Messrs. Walton, Sau- Harnes. • Redman, Eckle, StCTens, Gill, Hunt, and Hogan ••ijjls'is'the second presentation Ifoai of \ttUs cantata, •. "Bright Easter lioin," on Friday nigM bttore Eas- 'ter^Wss Leone Cintcotl,' director of jpinio aV the Flnl Presbyterian co»^Jv prwenled tt-vlth the same ebdfr iait year: The idea o! Eastei saiwc.oil Uw'"liliht' wf.en Christ i^MhttudQed is .'a new experience Uv'jBlyUwville. The Urge and ap- pntiaUve congrefaUon "last year waj^the Ineentlre proenptlng U'-J OaBcotfs second presentatton pi "^V.ntuaber. The »ibllc Is invited. Reeres Allen,' Violionis.t, ac- 'bj Hits .'CaUicott, Marurka," by Oodard, NKGBO CONGRESSMAN There have been two negro sen- tors and 21 representatives who i the United States since adoption of the 15 years, workmen said. H was lodged In a small space bstweci i brick wall and a beam. Workmen said there 'was no way b} ahlch it might, have entered tin iren after Ihn wall was b'.iill— 1; years ago. The bat still was, -sleepy whci uouwd from its "nap." Carncgi rtuscum officials said bats usuail hibernate for about six weeks an expressed doubt one could H\ lonjer than that without food. ij^ {rult ba[ of nosc ^ped ^ Tnd(cs llkc a l y. Paul Rorle. son of the. Rev. and Irs. P. Q. Rorle, is improving flfl- r several days serious illness nt tlic flmlly home on Main street. Miss, Jnonltn Lee Williams of Marked Tree, Ark., is the guest of rlends here for a week. Leo Lewis of Lyons, Miss., is a business visitor here for a few days. Bedford nltcnilcd to business- In Muric lust week. • - •' .jHoward Slnton was ndmtted to Baptist hospital 'at Memphis lor an opernlion Monday, VH. M. Key left Sunday for Little Rock to receive treatmenti for his nerves. - - (^ultc o number from Kclser at- tehd-4 the "Big Review" -at:Wilson. "The nien of Keisef are .putting bn a benefit play for "the P. T. A., ^llic Womiuiiiis Wedding,'' to be given Friday night. ,)-Dr. Polk nnd his family hava moved Into their home, remodeling of which lias been completed, J. N. Denby wns n Memphis on business this' week. . ' lionwr Gibson and Charles Nichols Jr. motored to. Memphis 'Satur- pay night and returned^'with the letter's father,-who.has been-in a hospital 1 there.;. .- . . .-• : •• Mis. Sara 'Jane Roberts of Jones- 30:0 is visiting h2r daughter, Mis; Ft H. Robinson. Mr, and Mi-s.' Clovis Crockett of Wilson- were guesls of 1 Mrs. • Alice Wilson ',Monrlny. ..Miss Irene Nichols, who 1ms l«en In Memphis for several weeks, has returned home. Homer Gibson, former manager of the B. H. Robinson farm, has moved to Butler. Ark. , Miss Margaret Robinson^ who Was In nn automobile accident at iTohcsboro Inst week, Is reported to ha getting along well. She sustained a" slight scalp Injup'. ,' Swan Brock, Silas Mead and J. X. Hodson were .in Blythevllle on business' Saturday. Mr. and Mrs. F. M. Maycs of Bolin Iniant Dies The six weeks old infrmt daugh- :«• of Mr. and Mrs. Walter liolin died at the family home, several nilcs south o( town, nt 4 o'clock this morning. Funeral services wil be held tills afternoon nt 3 o'clock. Interment will ba mtidc nt Maple Grove cemetery. The Cobb Undertaking company is in charge of funeral arrangements. discard Ills ace and queen of hearts on UKI last two diamonds. But East wowld still have the hearts stopped with the ten. ; .The declarer's correct lead is flic ace of lie-arts, followed uy the jack of hearts. If West were to refuse to win this trick, the declarer would then lead the queen and all that West could do would l« to run off his three diamonds. The smart West Player, however, would Jump in with the king ol hcprts and when East's ten dropped, he would realize that the declarer was trying to set up (he heart suit. ' After \V«a got '» wllh tnc kin ' il If he were to lead n diamond, the declarer would discard the queen of hearts on the second diamond Ifnd and game could not bo slopped. : West's proper play is to lead a spade, hoping to take out dummy's only entry. Dummy might play small, but East would win with the king and would return a spado which dummy would be forced to win with the ace.-' Declarer would relimi a small heart from dummy and win with the queen, but regardless of how he played the hand from that point he Is bound to lose the last four tvicks, therefore West, by jumpm? in with the king of hearts and immediately knocking out the only re-entry in dummy, has held the declarer to two no trump. . Jonesboro arc to take.charge of the R. H. Robinson farm week. Makes Your Skin Look Younger Prevents Large Pores- Stays on Longer MELLO-GLO, the new wonderful French Process Face Powder is used liy beautiful women admired lor tlieir youthful complexions. Stays on longer. Banishes shiny noses. So smooth and fine it blends naturally with any complexion ami gives n fresh, youthful bloom. Purest powder Cnhance -— the GRACE and CHARM of Your New Easter Costume ... L with a Stylish Pair of Sieniiffick Shoes V) lw wdl-elrf sscd you must have neat and attractive footwear. Whether your shoes be Pumps, Straps, or Tics they must harmonize with the rest of your ensemble. The graceful lines of Si- ity together with style and proper fitting. Here, in our new season's stock uf Si-«n-tiffick Shoes, you will find a wide selection from which to choose. You will find shoes that en-tiffick Shoes are pr«- are smartly styled in a ferreti by discriminating variety of leathers and wuinen who insist on qual- leather combinations. AAAAioEEE $, $I ana NEW ECONOMY SHOP Ingram •Building Phone 954- \V known. Pre. thls vents large pores, never irritates skin. Buy MELLO-GLO today. Our Most Popular Group of Suits for As they suckle ttolr young n! I the breast, both the whale and tlu 1 tat are animals. PKRMANKNTWAVK Including Shampoo and Set. Guaranteed - - - ELAINE BEAUTY SHOP GlencM Bldg. Phone 43 Cream Ratter 30c Lb. 'and "last day of cb- ., „ rifoine: Missions Week er-Prmjtr was held -Wednesday In . th«t>«p««t church br the' members | Pasteurized Milk 10c Qt. Delivered Phone-74 Bulgarian Buttermilk 15c Ql. 'Go to Church Sum)ay They're Heref Smart, Spiing . Cut Out and Oxfords Priced Ix>w and Styled High .Outstanding Women's Novelty Footwear NOW OFFERED AT A REDUCED TRICE Wonderful new values in this group of smart spring woolens . . Pebble Cloth ' .. Mixtiree: Regular $12.75 values TYPICAL VAI.UES FOR THE A Most Delightful and Appropriate Collection of Dresses Crepe and GeorKCtte, Plain ami Printed in Sport or Dress Styles. Sizes M io '18. $5.00 - $8.75 - $9.95 Suits Tiwceds, lifjlit- weifihl woolens and knitted dresses and suits. Showing an exceptional variety of styks - - Patent, Black and Parchment Kid - - in Box, Cuban and Heels. Chiffon Hose, Special - - 79c Pair O. C. GANSKE 10 Pre'lly New Dresses Arriving Daily Many charming ITCIICS and prints in both Sport and Drcsa.sModes. Hiidicnt spring colors.. AH sues. '•PHcesifrom $5.95 to '$29.75 Hall Sisters Shoppe COATS Novelty materials, sport and dress styles, fur trimmed or tailored. §19.05 values SI 3.75 . Sl.6.75 values §12.75 S12.75 values $8.75 . . $10.00 values $7.75 All Coats in Slock Must Be Sold! RKAUTIFlil, COLLECTION <>F EASTER MIM.TNERY' BOUGHT ••> ESPECIALLY FOR THIS EVENT $1 Off On Every Hal All ofhef accessories .for your Easter outfit reasonably priced. : "The Shoe Man" I 208 W. Main ECCNCHT Ingram Bldg. 1'hone a54 If'

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