The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 17, 1932 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
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Thursday, March 17, 1932
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Served by the United Press VOL. XXVIII—NO. ;lll BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS THE DOMINANT NEWSPAPER OF NORTHEAST AHKANyAS AND SOUTHEAST MISSOURI HOME EDfflON #'\ V '••'•'• niyllievllle Dally N"W.«, Blylhevllle Herald, Mississippi Valley leader, Filyllioville Courier, ni,rniKV 11,1,1-::, ARKANSAS. TIIIMWOAY, \tAiini 17, •SIGLE COPIES FIVFl CENTS,. £' LEGISLATURE DEADLOCKED ON ROAD BOND! Kent on Died of Exposure. Is Theory Officers Hold That Jake Konton actually died, quilt probably came from Keuton's | '(jf exposure, despite confessions of mouth, u'liich he mny have Injitiod negroes that Us \vivs tabbed to whc-n lie fell or was .sUovvd off the* death nl a negro gimihlin;'. clou on porch. Demi's Island, is Hie theory art- . Tlint Kcnloh dM at rsposur: or v.nvced by county oftitevs following .was frozen to death lu l\w sti'o-( DlSCOVCl'V Adds [0 Mystery H>c discovery Unit Kcnion's body, I ficw.lni; wither of Unit March fi btatC I removed from rjnniplwll's lake on night. The negroes decided to [>u( llu- island yesterday, l»rt no knile his Iradv in the high waiv D( wounds. Campbell's later, nl n iwlnt where U»l>y Lion l'Y<l Ihiniiin Hlood Involving Dean's Island Murder Case. OSCEOLA. Ark., March 17.-Of- licers here this morning were puzzled over a situalion revealed by ihe discovery of the body of Jal:. 1 Kenton on Dean's Island yeslcrr'ay afternoon. The body of t!;e young while t .'nwmill v.oi'ker bore no marks of violence, yet officers have Hi; confession of a negro, John Henry Jones, that he stabbed Kenton, an- that of Ik? Scwell. Jones' confc.i>cr! accomplice, that he witnessed th? stabliini; ami saw Jones tlmkA hi.-, knife first into trie white man's left then his right -side and then into bis back, before lie pushed him oil Ihe high gallery of Lula Scott's house. •A i ::cru the negroes had quarreled with the white man over whisky and a dice game. Neck Nut lirokcn X-rny pictures were taken Insi night of the neck and throat of the dead man to determine whether possibly his neck had been brok3ti. Tlie pictures haven't yet been developed, but sub.ccq.ncnt :llswction of Ihe neck .shnwcd no evidence (hat it was broken, according to physicians and undertakers who handled | the body. ! The body wns found ncnr the spM where the negroes said they placed it in Campbell's lake on Ihe island. and in spite of the fact had been in the wnter. according to the negroes' statements-, since Sunday morning. March 6. it was not decomposed, tlie undertaker said. The negroes. John Henry Jones, Ike Scwell. Scm Brown, and Lula Ecott.' indicted here Tuesday for Rental's murder, were removed •-' from the -Qsccolft jail last nigiH tc avert possible mob violence at the Hands ol Kenton's friends when they should reach town with the body. There was, however, no evidence of any contemplated action when the party arrived here. To let of Hiding Body Tlie 23-year-old sawmill employe had been missing three riays bnforc his family and friends ascertained last Wednesday that lie had nol been sc2ii since the Sati.rday nigh before. During Ihis lime his wife, who lived in Joiner supposed him to be en Dean's Island where he worked in a sawmill operated by his fnthsr. nnd the father in HIT. thought him to bo at his home in Joiner. , An investigation by officers disclosed thnt he was last seen at a negro hcnkcy lonk run by I.ula Scott on the island the previous Saturday night and subsequent arrest of John Henry Jones. 'Sett'ell, Lula Scott nnd Son Brown brought out the story that (he negroes quarreled wilh Kentau over liquor and - dice, Hint Jones stabbed Him and Brown nnd Ecwell wrapped his bsdy in a quill ar.d carried it into Ihe woods that night and Sunday morning threw it into the lake. Son Brown said the man \vns not dead when they took his body to the . weeds. One negro, already indicted for Kenton's murder by the grand jury nl O.ceoln. ndmitt?d Ihut he slabbed Keiilon. Several others confessed helping dispose of (he body and they liavc bcon indicted is accessories. Here's lhc lalcsi version officers have of Ihe mystery: That Konton iwho the negroes say was drunk! was shoved off the porch of the gambling den by John Henry Jones, negro, who niiuhl even have struck at Kenton | the lake, nl its presenl sl:i overflows a road leading to ihe'. camp wlier-> the Joiner man worked. This nction wns to' make it appear En the event Kenlon's body wns found that he had been drowned In the high wnter on th: old road. That's the best solution ofliccts have been able to offer of the mystery as yd. It will play no part in saving Ili3 negro •'murderer" from the chair, but the absence of wounds on Kenlon's body pos- Thu ueeroes Involved were removed from thc» Osceola jail to Sceks to Convict Mevcluwl for Killmg of M. L Crawford. with a knife, hut who wns so drunk ?' wouldn't know \vhcth:r lie stab- xl the .Joiner man or not. That the negroes, alarmed, carrier! Kentoii off to n thicket in a quilt, thinking he \vas dead (air- though oiv negro admitted he still j ola this morning, deputies claim- showed signs of life). Blood on the >d. the county jail here hut when violence wns feared night otter Kenlon's body was found. The negroes w.r.rc taken back to Osce- PERSONNEL GUI Will Oppose Renewal of Contracts \Vith Supervising Teachers. ' OSCEOLA, Ark., March 17.—The stale ojicned Us case against I'ln- ley W. Carlwrlghl, local 'hardware man, chnrgixl with the murder ol M. L. Crawford, wilh the testimony thts morning of Sam Coble, undertaker, who examined Crawford's body after the fatal shooting here March. A jury to hear the case was completed (torn ti special venire; of 50 men, just before adjournment of court yesterday afternoon. CnrlTOsht is being "ied ft second lime for the murder of Crawford, whom he shot on the letter's door step one nlghl last March, thj heard-at the October term fc- sulting in a mistrial. Curln'rlghl at the former hearing testified thr,t he shot Crawford in self defense when Crawford dreu - eiiii on him. The fatal shooting :is witnessed by four officers en- igcd in serving a warrant of ar- est on Crawford. Carlwright had rr rcviously sworn out the wan-ant to cstiain Crawford (rom forcing al- 'olice Action 'Taken to Forestall Possible At- Icinpt lo Grasp Power. BERLIN. March 11. (UP) — Prus- •ian police raided fascist headrjuar- ,ers nnd branches today on information alleging that the Nazis planned to mobilize their storm Battalions for civil war. ' Ari 1 official government statement, said' the raids were' intcW.led to frustrate fascist preparations to ;rn.sp power by violence. The raids verc made throughout. Prussia. The Nazis had hoped lo control the Prussian police force by winning control of the Prussian diet in the April 24 election. The search was oKicved by Hie Prussian ministry of interior. Defeat of Adolph Hitler in the presidential election and rumors o[ on attempted fascist coup publish- nbrond preceded lhc raids. Hitler was defeated Sunday by President Paul Von Hindenburg. Tlie Purls newspaper Le Matin today published \vhal was put-part-1 supervisor, Annie ed to be a circular distributee! s;- | pr !? c VL£ 01 ™"!,- crelly from Hitler's headquarters at "'" Munich l»forc the "presidential election. The circular outlined plans to seize power in Germany by force R. E. Lee Wilson appeared before the county board of education here today to request reduction, in the expanse of the counly . de 7 pni'tmenl of education, and while he did not press a demand for immediate- action he did notify the board'thai he inteiidrd t'rvbc liei on the question ngnin when the lime for r-vicwnl of contracts will employes of the department ar- Mr. Wilfon said that he did not question tile desirability of the present set-up or the efficiency o the present ?:iiployes ,but that be regarded tlie coat ot the department as loo high under prcsen conditions. . Personnel ol Hie department in eluded the superintendent. Mis. Willie Lawsou, a clerk. Miss Lula STitt. the sunervisng teacl'?.r. Mis- Winnie V. Turner, nnd n no Currie. Thci expire Jum 30 According to the alleged Nazi >lans' published by lhc Paris paper he fascists had n force cf 520.000 •endy to be moved to nny part of Body Found Vesterday BASSETT, Ark.—The body^ of Jake Kcntcn was removed from Campbell's hSc on Dean's Island about 2 p.m. yesterday afternoon. Mr. Wilson indicated that in his opinion the supervising teachers prcsl "! ought to be dropped until such time as the schools of tl-". county are. in belter financial condition. icrmany. . E. Grear, Manager of Trucking Line, Dies Word was received here today of the death of G. E., head of The where situation Immediate at Lcachvil'c closing of til? entions on Mrs. Cartwrighl, he tes- fled, and joined officers serving he warrant to "counsel" v:irh ;rawford. he .said. Banlu Kulses Trchniral I.SIK ' Judge Nclll Killongh, presiding nl ircnlt court. Is exjKctrd to mnke ruling today on a demurrer filed Thursday by J. T. Coslon, Osccola attorney, to. the indictment of A. B. Banks, former capitalLst and iresidcnt of the defunct First State Bant; o! Osceola. whose trial ler accepting doiwsiLs when the bank vas insolvent is set for next MorT- 9v.. ,; .-..., ^ •ftie'dcmurrer, ntlonieys s'ny, raises n question heretofore nnconsid- ercd in banking annals. The ques- ;ion is wliethcr or no', a bank is .nsolvent wilhin the meaning of the law until it has been examined by a stale tank examiner nnrt Ihe fact or whelher its assets are less than its liabilities eslabllshed.. It Is understood that the formality of'examinatlon by the bank ox. a miner was not compiled with In connection with the dosing of the First, Slate Bank oi Osceola or with that of any of thirty or more bonks in Arkansas of the so-called A. 13. Banks chain which collapsed multaiwously in the. fall of 01930. The supreme court permitted the firm of J. T. and James G. Coston of Osceoln a lew weeks ago. to inject Ihe same question by \vaj of a brief "amicl curlnc" ttrlef filed by friends of the court) into the pending appeal ol A. B. Banks frar decision of the Pulsski county courl v.-hich found him guilty of accepting depasits hi tire American Exchange Bank ,t Trust company of Little Rock, parent tank of the Few human babies receive ns c;ir3- 'ul attention as Ul-l'.l, lioness In n private xoo at Holland baby, shown here n .filial, Khor it was taken when ftmr ilays M tins a private room an;l a- prlvni nurse. Its diet Includes milk, slerl tod water, a .special baby fon cr.innomul nud four drops of human tlrfod nt each 'feeding. Republican Stu's Strong CLiiu'crl Parly Alliliuk WASHINGTON, M:m:h n. li Wililiims c:l Oi-;-||iin, man ol Uu> nnllonal Ii?puttl- can cnminltlee. said .alli'i 1 vMInu .:li'iil Hoover id tin- White •e today there wns an IIIC.MS- .senllmi'ivt in favor ol n w;>l plunl: In lhc llepublimi iilalfr.Nii. In response lo 11 riupstlaii IIH in Mr. HoiH-ei's ntllludc Mr. Wllllnim ltd: "I have ncil nsfci'd tho pie-iidnil ']' he would run mi a V.TL ln.t 1 h-.u'c- iwvev known ti inn who would not ncia-pi. ri'itnm- intlun niter h;' has hei'ii In Hie Vhile Ilmui! lour yriii'.." Williams said tlwri- was very trout; iigilnllon In favor of n wel iliink of Home kind among li.'pub- Iciins. Hi: snld he l:rllev:tl Mich a iliink conhl not be iivcilhimvii at he convention in June There ILJ n fei'llng the lto]iiibll- cnn parly will have 'o u:lopt fjtu? <lnd or plan lo meet I lie changed sltualicn," lie coiillimcil, "anil will be an issue ut paraimmnt Importance nt Hie convention." |.if.i>. a be:h.rwli'd mid linU-li"ivi3n her.hcvd du'.t. ^as lescuvd fron\ i mini! kv lloe nl St. l^inis niter : iA-inlli: tlrilt down the Mlst:niirl th(> rl\er. An oipliaii. he wandered o'.it on •Oii^h leu mid muiy In- went, us slunvn '.n i-hUly picture ubove. taken HI for I Drafl R«fundin K .. Bill Mc^l Opposition. .. - : --:- 1 I'lTLE HOCK. Mnr. 17 .Illin-^': Mcmln'j-s uf (lie entered hjr"--, to hvnlnl urHunveiil tod.xy; uficr : a ifyriliillon w:lr; lnlrr.duccd rt by' IK'pUM.'iilutlvr- Smillr of •Piild.iki tin.illy whlr-ii- nsVcii a .ciinunlltep: l.-r aii^rtlntcd lo dinlt. a -idll. for icfuiiilliiif old lihdiway '- dljtrlct.. Kinlth'x rrcaliilldii rn.'xcd' a'j^oniii^ initlrn nf elr-lit be-' nppohnW U)' [ '.j draft n inriiMirc which ' •••••"- au:c|-.iab!e Ui liond schools is threatened, was discussed with the couutv board lodnv bv members of the l.'Jchvlllc bonrd. The Lcachvillc district has no le?al rlRht to contract further indebtedness, and it appears that unW-s the school can be IVntmced by public subscription or tuition for the , remainder of the year it will have | J., re Destroys House Says Reoneniug of Ncgoli- ations With Great Britain Would Re Unwise. chain, when it was allegedly insolvent, tt-.c Costons said here today. That appeal It set for submission on March 28. WASHINGTON. Mfir. H (U!>) Senate minnrily lender Joe T. flob- imou of Arkansas denouui-|-l on the senate iloor trxluy the jutwrl- cd plan of the administration lo rcoDcn debt fundiiii; nei;ollations with Great Britain. Citing t> newspaper repurl thnl Andrew w. Mellon. American uni- bnMndov lo Great Btltnbi. would bronch (he subject, nobin-oii s;ild Ihe move may prove "unwise and harmful it nut. disastrous from every standpoint of the imprests of our own people." The report of Mellon's Instructions wns daily denied bv the slate department ivhir-h suid Nfolinn had lot '.-,:cn directed to open uciv debt ncTOtialinns wilh Great Brilain. It reiterated the administration policy thai this vovernment will make no further move until Europe nd- rances a concrete \ilai\ tor handing war del)ts anrl rcpnrations. slwrlly after 35 nu'ii hnd gone lo the island with the intention of draining (he lake. Will Dade, Nagle Elheridge ami. Shirley Harrison were in a Ixiat on the lake near where negroes accused of Ketiton's rm:rder said thej placed the tocly. D.idc's paddls struck the body."and Harve Smit! waded out from share and recovered it. The. body did not appear badly mutilated, but some oi those in the searching party expressed (he opinion the neck had teen broken and that Kenton had been stabbed with an ice pick. Eleven dollars and three cents was found in a pocket. It ua& expected that funeral services would be held some time today, with burial In the Basseit cemetery. Mr.s. Kenton, who was in a Memphis hospital at the time °f the murder, has returned home "ud will be abb to attend the funeral. The men who recovered the body "Id (bat they wov.'.d givs the reward money to Ihe widow to defraj funeral expends. a Memphis trucking firm nnd bro-1 to clor?. ther of O. H. Grear. local mer-1 The l»ard canvassed the vote 'cast in the renit school election, and certified the .^eclion of lex Nicholson of Whitton nnd Hardm -„....,., .„.. „ .„„ , U1 Meadows of Etowah to succeed W. som? lime but his death was un- ,W. Shaver of Dlythevillc nnd Joe expected. He wns nclh-e mannger 'Charjin of Manila on the board. of the Grenr Trucking company I • opcratinc between Memphis nnd j Blytheville. chant, in Hot Springs. Arkl early this morning. Mr. Clear had been in ,Hot Springs receiving treatments for at Tenth and Hearn Arch Johnson Dies at Home on Highway 61 Arch Johnson. 50. died at the amily home on Highway 61 in the Sandy Ridge section nl 6:30 o'clock ast night. His denlh wns attributed to heart trouble. Funernl services will be held this afternoon at 2 o'clock with the Rev. W. J. LeRoy. pastor of th.o. jake Street Methodist church, officiating. Interment will be mivrtc at North Snwba cemetery. The Cobb Undertaking company is, in chnrsc ol funeral arrangements. I Three Negroes Fined 1 for Stealing Coal THE CROAKF.RS . Guests at „ California hotel were bothered by croaking bull frog disturbing their sleep at night. The hotel manager rigged up a powerful searchlight system, batli- cd the nearby ix >ol with light, and irra Irogs Mopped trictr nocturnal Snake With 40 Rattles Killed at Greenville, Ala. GREENVILLE. Ala.. Mar. (UP)— The largest rattlesnake ever seen in Grecnvilln was dead today. Sidney Lewis, farmer, killed the reptile yesterday, shortly alter it emerged from its winter quarters. It measured eight feet nnd two inches, was ot the diamond bnck variety olid ooro 40 rattles and n button- Sales Fax Foes Gel No Hearing From Mississip , pi Executive. .7ACKSON, Mls.1.. Mar. 17 lUI'i —Armed iiunrds >vcic placed nlinul the go\"riioi-'.s office lodny tn prevent furl her disturbances from nnli-snlo.s ins dnuoiLiIrations. The action was tski'ii nflei 1 ix half unruly crowd of 0.000 nd- vnnced on the state nipllol last ulghl, litlcixxl ;thc grounds v:llh placards, jammed the corridors of !h>? building, nnd placed n MI;M •to liell willi the sales tax." on the door of Governor Mlki' Connor's •Ivsilr office. The crowd, l^d by a nepro ja baud, slonncd I be capilol ufl.-i 1 deiiionstrnilon throuith the' si reds thai Insled mml of the day. An outbreak was nanowlv avr when a tn r .mber of the crnwr; polnled u pistol at nepveuentallve Lunipkin who stood In the corridor ban-ing the v:ny lo HIP. govcr- unt's office. Auollic-r member o II" 1 . crowd disarmed Ihe guiiinnn. The governor meanwhile rcmnln- cd behind Hie Inrkcd 1 door of his r 1 aiul the linuse of the legislature located down the corridor locked its door nnd endeavored continue debnlc ou Ihe hill ilfsf Ihe tunuilt. 4ail and Tornado Injure Three and Cause Heavy Pt'0[:crty Damage. HOCK, Mnrch n. (HP) —A tornado accompanied by n ler- rlllc hail storm struck the soul'u- west K-octlon or • Little-rtock bsi nlxht, Injincd three pr.rr.ius mid i-auMcd thousands of dollars damage n.s dozens of_ houses. v:<\c un- rcnfcd nud porclv' ' • ijppvd oil. Heavy rain dam-usn .J''"'J S and drenched persons who-ran Into e streets. Hall Tell shortly.to8lo«. e windstorm. .\Vcnmminilctilla;j A two-story house at Tenth and Hcam streets, owned by Tom Little, local automobile dealer, iva&de- stroyed by fire if unknown origin nbout 2 o'clock this morning. The loss was estimated between $3,000 nnd $4.000, pnrtinlly covered by insurance. The house, purchased recently by Mr. Little, was empty, but ox tens- ivc repairs were underway to |>rc- pare the residence for occupancy. Astronomers lo Watch Foi-r 1932 Eclipses PASADENA. Cnl.. «Jfi — Four of the sun nnd moon will Soviet Plans Many Improvement bn wnlrhed Ibis vcar bv astron- mers from Ihe Mt. Wilson Ol>- Tliree negroes were fined , v .^,^^ f .„. ^.^,,,.,, K> . in c.icli on charge of petit lar- Mr Lluk , ar)(l ram(Ij . had Px|v , ctccl eny by Judge Ivy W. Crawford in io makc their homc (|]( , 1 . ( , -....o- police division of municipal ourl yesterday afternoon. They •ere convicted of stealing conl from ocnl yards The ncgrors fined are Arthur Galloway, Willy Crawford. Willy Durham. A similar charge against Allen Garlan was dismissed nnd Jobic Rsd Meshy, another nezro. ihargeti with knovlrwly receiving itolen property, was disml'sel One man was fir.ed SIO !OT pubic drunkenness. A number of llwories were advanced by firemen and nearby I-K- Idents as to the cause of the blaze, including the possiblity that it was set afire by lightning during an electrical storm lale last nlglil..Ttie lire had gained full headway when it was discovered, however, and definite determination ol the was impossible. Fig Tree Grows in Nebraska Basement Local Man Sign* for Army Strvke in China N. Neb. (UP)-Some ' . . day. August Erlckson, of 'Hartina- ton, might have n fig grove nght s howa. • I tester T. has signed Canr.on of this clt for service with thi , In the basement of his howa. Erickoon bought some fig seeds from a nuriery and began experimenting. He planted the *;K!S In a box of earth and piaceJ it down In his warm, sunshiny basement. He now lias a fig tree two feel high. military forces of the Unitec States, according to an announce ment today by the local recruiting office. Camion, an cx-rmrvice man, will sail from San Francisco sometime MOSCOW, il'l'i — Almost tine hundred million rubles expenditiir has been ordered for niunicip: Immovenienls [or Lenlngind fo 1032 by UK- Coiiiiril of the- People i Commi«.'-a.rr, nml llw Central Com ervntory nf lhc CsiriiCKlc Instltu- j mU|( , c of l)](1 C(lm:m ,nisl pnrty. lon llcn '- ! The principal it™ calls for The first, a neav-tolal eelillse of.j elalwrntr. prosrwn of iminici he moon, ivill hn visible through ] honsiiiR coiistrurlinn. he Wesir-rn United Stales nnd he Pacific Ocpnn on the morning f Mnrch 21 T: will rench 97 r->r ent totally a( 1:12 a. h. l>esiiinln<: it 1:5B n. m. and ratlin; at T :05 i. m. A partial eclipse of Ihe Rim. vH- About miles of new Mrcel railway cor struct Ion will V r>m llwourjli nr (]•>. municipal aiuoiuoblle park wl be enlarged by the nddillon 1,275 trnclts. T?n anlomomles. law. IA new vrsnliillon was pre.wnh'd nflor 1 'u !: mllnr one ha:l been presented by;' ; riues.'nlnllve Grnham. C!rahnmV;'- : r.wiH:.-r.' withdrew hl:< In• liiybv 'b't; II.c Pulaskl tvprescnlallve's" • '••• ; ._ .Smith.s res.ilnlio'n was I;iter..'. :: «l(hdc,iwn alter he . hiirt" hV.ard••;. he sentiment in the liouse ajalnst It . ' , •!.;.:.'':'' -1 \\ns reporletl Intlny relircrsenla-.. , : lives of 00 per cent b[ Ilio bflhij . ; holilers were not satisfied • wllh.V; ihe rdunahvj measurei ' alrenrty^ Introduced In Hie IcgLsliiture. : ;;; > . : ' iicixntiillvc John;:o!i of Jotiii-:. FOII county luok (he floor; and •; cli:iri;ccl the roprescnlallves'. '\Jt.t.<?.:- here "merely In tlio Interests .'of'''. ikcnl agenls and lulefesK holding " (he l:onr!s." H B snhl. however,-, flu- legislature was biipposed -to". )e nieetbiK hi [he Interests'ot'(lie H'rpli- of Arl:nn:;ns: : / Ilils Hank Cnii, nLwinnor ttcpr.-wiilallve Cfli..uin or Iluinp- - stL-nii county nlt'umiJlL'tt .to imro- <hu-^ u icso\ui\on \ .- ' "-''-HV-- ihal Clovcrnor : •-.'"nr'.'.l...'• 1 '.". -^t'l^-'' Stale Baill.ix; .'._ .inlijionei 1 Wiiil^-. tor E. Taylor. . Speaker • IrylYij ' Nenle hekl ihnl Ihe resoliitlort " undreils t'.t windows were" broken. The storm was the most sever.- ere in years. A rn.iriug sound was card Just Iwfore II struck. Periled lo Ibelr basements nud n lurch meeting urn broken up when le wind shattered .windows. Lights ere turned off and lhc congreja- ou prnyeil. One ol tlie Injured [XMsms. .1. ,1 lldnell. wns believed . aulferi..!!; rom n Iraclured s'.aill when his OILSO wns' blown doiMi on him. III:. ire. although treated at. n hospital, •as nol seriomly Injured. A negro pirl was_ Injured whi'ii iinbers frnm a neciro church fell n her. Mr. nnd Mr.-:. 11. L. Sinnr uflcred minor injuriej wi:en Ilii'lr louse caved. in. Scores of smaller bultdinga, Mirches nnd garages wei-e demollsh- . The storm was r.tinfliicd to cno ccllon mid c.xcc|>t for a hard r.ilu h? rest, of (he city slept. The dam- ige wns not Immediately determined and today firemen and residents of the section worked to clear the debris. designed Liquidating Agent Under Arrest LITTI.E ROCK. Mm. 17 lUPi — R. ii. Kice, who nvipjietl ns a li- (inidaliiiR ng:|H for Ihr closed hanks of nnuxllc, Carthage and Lroln, wn^ under nrre:-' tcxlay chnrgcd wilh cmbe77.lemenl. The warrant from Saline rounty charged lie mnlwr/lcd S-I.Ml from Ihe Hank ol tlauxllo. Police Catch Youlh With Orphaned Babe LAHOMIA. .\fo. (UP)— Wien railroad police c.ime u|»n n youth out of a frciRlit car h.MT "IKI ll'-'UllilfT-Ip . rail, and nller Kfveml niin-- r - utt's hiMitril • 'araimu'iit Cannnn.J; tv-llhdrnv (lie ivMilutlon. '•';-"• •••'... Ifowcver CniMibit sai<l '.'whiti "the .time enrni) to build 'Brest I'll be. " nmon;; lliosc to liaht llic iraitcli -. to the ImnkJii^ devilment." of -SO |wr Tent ol the lio!do.r.4 of tlw old rtmrt' liu-'' .rcviHiina dlslrlci bonds fahl Hint 1 ,, iiileii certain piovlsiims a^ke'ri by-; Iwui ore lucttitU'd in ihti rtfnn'.l-S m; lriii.sliili:)ii the l.-^i-ilQlure-nilniil'- ius well ndjonrn nnd go honit 1 .-lir-i uiitjhrm : .; wluil they, wfliilf-d .Ihe miM.Min- lo cnnufiii ini:y ^M' i«.ii|. cl lhc ir.aliirily dates .of:; 1 the icfmuliii;; bonds shniild ext;nd : j beyund ten years; linit. the interest;; rntes on irt'unding lx>uds should: loner tha)i'the rnies'• on : load improvcincnt dlslrlcl /bonds, mil that certain siieciuc aniontits ' o be iiiimcd' in • the net should', be set aside fur pnylng by lot,. ^.r.ttt c-f curlier maturity d;;tes. -' Hclirvcs Dialritls Can .Hay ;;' It v'-as said unless bonda hear- / jiig the i-aiiie interest' rates arc ot^ leral in ilioso itiikliny the present liiiproi-^uieiH bo;:ds there Would !«• no incentive lo exchange '.lira bonds for refi.i:iiiiu; bonds. • .- '.. One representative said he was' not ronvinrvd that Ark:ins-is rrajiil filstricls nrc not able lo pny ctr tiiCoj oblttjaiion;;. and for that Tenson he did nol no;; tin 1 logic for. exchanging the pivsent boJitLi foe • ones of a cheaper rale of interest. • -. "We cannot understand why the legislators "inlrotlnw bills which Itipy fenow will nol accomplish tiie. "^e lor iihlcti til' 1 special : 'et.- wus called'.' 1 one rcpre??yi'..\- t;vo saW. A bill by Senators Tlniley -.'nil. Kilimey whicli prnpssjd ' riuolli!:- ble in Auslralia and the southeni 'be built. '.iciRc Oce.iu occurred Mnrch 7.1 —• A total eciiiw o ftI-? sun. vis- lc a df, r p f.olflbcrir Fined ble In the New Kngbnrt staler 1 " a ° orc _ u ? 1 °." t - T S .* lneu nil reaching its nc.ilrsl degree of totality Moir.rfAl. Criiadn. is schMnled fr.r AIIIILII 31. A moon lid burer, r-nd 40 motor boat.- | [llny sho ,| t( , (l " d ,. 0p t f, nl i.unrile." H(- water s;nlion will i T| , c to; . du(C | 1( , (l [, np.h^r. nud eclinse, wh;ch nol be visible in Ihe United Stales, will Icllow on Sept. 14. Nebraska Plans tn Aid Paris Pcrshin? Memorial LINCOLN',. Nob.. (UP)— A drive Is under way in Nebraska (o raise funds to furnish a salon in the General John .1. Pcrshir.g memorial in Paris Pershing is n "?nn of XcbrafVa," having lived here. prnSn.iled from the "unlwsity of Nebraska nnd for Peddling Shamrocks CHICAGO, Mar. 17 (UP)—Tra- dorc Goldberg was booked today on chnrg.?.'! of iierldlnR without n license. He was nrresled by Detective Patrick Murphy who found him selling prccn carnations and shamrocks. Justice "Never Heard" Of Suspended Sentences EUTVEKA. Cal, — Marcel in May for Tientsin, Chinn wh»>c served as an in^ruclor a( the t:ni- " ..... -.-.-- they approached him with gun*, drawn. The Uttie package was n tour months old baby. "It's mother died, the hoy wlv.m- pered. "I'm trying lo get tacX lo rein lives in Arkansas" Officers raised So nnd a conductor gave the little pafsenjcr n:cii! of (he present highway inlsstcner and makii:.; ihe po';'.- vion of liKhwny t-ommi>-^io:iei- elei 1 .- ;ive Mr two years :in:I the boan! jppolnlive. wns dL^nuroveil liy thi SL-nalc committee oil roads. o:id highways. They \iled 5 to- J Inr.iiitift the bill. he will Join forces stationed there, i versit , Other ex-servlco men will be nc- ccpted for service in China, Phil- Ipplnes and Hawaiian Islands, the local office has announced. • May I'd shins J here. Nebraska, as the hntii" ?'-ate of miufice?" Mare.>! a«k, A. ^. p. icacier, hns been asked '« ^^^llsh the rfi-aiidi 1 .inlnn. cd. "Never heanl nt tt, : College Loses Place On Accredited List CHICAGO. March 11. tVJPl— Fivo its custodian a seat In the cibo:.=:.] colleges and 11 high schools were The boy wauled lo "borrow 15 tent; j taken off th? North Central Asso- for milk for the child." jcuulon's accredited list for rsasona I ranging from "undesirable athbtlc conditions" to bad financial and faculty standards. Tlie association acted again on proselyting when It adopted teju-. laticns providing that prospective rtuclents be not p;rs:np.1ly solicited ' by athletic ccachjs. The assccinticn's c:mmUt(s> on According to the om; weather higher lnslUutl;ns said thesi col- observer, Ciiarlis PhiHiw jr.. thc|icgj s would b3 dropped: Wcsl Yir- Wcsteyon, College of Emporin, day wns Gl degrees nnd the mmi- -Empci-ia. Kans., Ouachlta college, mum 40 degrees, rlcnry will! .'W Arkn.-?e]p;i!a. Ark., for financial Inches valnfall. Trday n ycnr aso standards and undeslratle atnlctlc i maximum temperature was 65 i .ndiltoas: collie-,'and tho | WEATHER ARKANSAS-Panlj clourtv tn- nighl nnri Friday; somewhnt cooler n the ^isl portion tnni^i-it and warmer In the wcrt Friday Adams np|»nrcd before Justice of llwi Peace St. Clatr Adams on sperding charge. "Twenty dollnrs or five days," maximum temperature her.-> yeshr- -ild the justice. '.''t thci 1 . 1 such n tiling as n the Justice degrees and tlie minimum itt dc•. , I ci'ew. clear. New Mexico N'ormal Uniwrslty .it Las Vvifa;*,

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