The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 16, 1932 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, March 16, 1932
Page 6
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.. (ARK.) COURIER NEWS WEDNESDAY, MARCH. Iti, 1932 Boston Depends On These Players Toinmy Larkin 1 Turns Out .To Be Albert Thornton; Bald Eagle Trims Elliott Hcniy "Cyclone" Burke \v<n\ an. oilier match at Die armory hero last night by tossing ati opponent appearing as Tommy larkln of Cincinnati, Ohio, wlx> boxed here last sumrher'as Albert Thornton of the government fleet stationed near Cn- riithersynie at, llw limp. Burke won the 'first' fall In about 21 uilimles with a.body pin. following a scries o/rflyiog males and .repealed In uir.e minutes. .. . • . In tlie scmi-wincliip John "Sunar" Elliott, local' wrestler, lilemllj 1 knocked himseU out and Bald Eagle-of-Memphis won the clcciOlne fnll of tlielr mfltch with apparent -'ease; EUSoU put himself In shape for the Memphis wrestler to win without, trouble by a series of long'dives, supposed-to he Ilylrrg i sickles, which left Elliott grogsy and an easy victim; . In a preliminary bout Blf Boy Blanc-hard and A. S. Angelton, two local boys,-novices - at (he game, squirmed v-Iori'-lO;minutes before Blanchard flnally-^won ailh a too hold and leg lock. Assumed N»mrs Larkin. or Thornton, as the case . might bo, put up us e 0011 a match . ashe probably could against Biirte but was In no wny a match for the , experienced -west const middleweight! The writer believes Burke could have tossed the cx-gpvern- nient fleet worker at nny tune during the matin. Furthermore, re- "gardless o! the fact that Thornton or Larkin probably did the best he • -could, two appearances in the same town under different names creates suspicion. And If the writer recalls correctly Burke wrestled an opponent by the name of Thornton In a Tennessee town a week or so-ago.'The writer is not Inclined to'"open this sport page to boxers ., or .wrestlers appearing under assumed names. And In the.future It'wlil take some substantial proof of identity. Elliott "Threw*-- Sett Before'Elliott submerged for ths final fall in the ECinl-wmdup the local Wrestler was giving the Bald Eagle a good tussle. The Memphis • boy won the- first fall In ilx minutes with a body scissors and Elliott camo back to take the second '•• «1th a'body scissors nnd arm lock '• Jn'Six minutes. Bald Eagle dldnlt ) hesitate''to admit the second fail ' :»'hen Elliott applied the pressure. The final fall had gone about four . minutes when Elliott opened up with a:series of dives that was to prove his undoing. The local wrcsl- . ler apparently was trying to butt "., the Memphis matman. His butts or .'flyirijj tackles were more in the nature of a dive at some swimming pool, however, and even when Bald Eagle'failed to sidestep, Elliott hit him around the-shoe tops.'.And when he did sidestep Elliott hit the ; canvas almost head flrst.VStuniicd . by four or five .of these mistakes Elfott was easy picking for the. fin. al fall. The Bald Eagle gave Elliott, who' was' practically' helpless, a few neck wrings and tosseii him o'oi-ri, straddling him lor the fall. What appeared to be the smallest house since wrestling programs were opened here three weeks ago attended the third show last night. Town Gymnaunm 300 Feet Below Ground BRUSHING. UP SPORTS Tht; youiff Al Van. Camp, imt- Atlatt "hi> probably Hill play <irsi base rtfularly for the Rrrt Sox this year, nuy be "the olhi'r" .300 hitter, wllh Karl Webb, that Manaecr Collins is lockiiij for (n make- tlw Boston outfit» tlKt division team. And rtle Ihwoliuf, pitcher, back from the minor*, nuy htlp a little, toil. COLLINS VAN CAMP Signs For $75,000 Salary, Report 'i4'lff'lf,'17 '18 't<> '20 ti Tfl'2.1 '2-1 '25 '2ft '27 "2S '20'3i 'N $75,000 Manager Collins Says Give Him Another '-.300 Hitler and It's First Division KIHTOR'S NOTK: This is one of f.trlcs of arliclrs on the majur e baseball teams- in \vi-slrm Iruiulng ta 1IY WIUJAM BK.M'CHEK NKA Service Sports Editor SAVANNAH, Ga.-JKor six con- .'.efiillvc years the Boston Red Sox have rflnislicil the season in Die American League cellar. Last year was- the-,first year since Q4 tJiat Ihe Heel Sox managed to ^le out of eighth place. Only a. liny percentage point, kept the u-arii out or fifth place in 1931. It MIS John ''Shailnn" Colllny first .it 1 o( maunslnii the team, and It as a wonderful record—for the sd Sox. Now Collins lias his eyes turned ward the first division. "Look \viiat \ve Qid last year with ne .KOO hitter," Collins lold me. Earl Webli hit .333 last year. With me more like him, now we could ,0!" '1'hat reiiresents the story of Red Sox weakness. .Nobody to drive In tie runs. And who will drive in the runs his year? ; . • » ' * "Well." said Snauno, "there's Marty McManus. from the Tigers !e ought to hit, .300 for us. Trier' irf> some sood looking recruits com"B up—Hkc llmt Slinnpf from tin. rhrce-Eye. We may nlternats him n left field with Johnny Rothrock Webbie will play In riglitV Oliver in center. This Stumiif practically l« tlw Three-Eye last year. Hit .355." The situation in the infiekl Is no so There ars eight Infielder on tlie roster. Five ot them played foi- Boston last year—Warstler •lie-, ,rick«>ring, Olson and Mil Icr. The highest batting avera? among lliis Brou|) was; Olson's .293 McManus. who was -sent to Bostor from the Tigsrs last'Vear, ought t help at second, or third. Hhyne wlio'hlls .273. will play short. Pick ' IK. a former Giant, -may pla !:>ird. liepcndinp;" upon the pint picked for McManus. Wally Dash iell. alternate second baseman brought vip from Chattanooga, a .325 hitter In the Southern Leagu tosr-year, but he has been tryin for eight years to make good 1 big icnuiw company and thus fa has failed. * • • The Red Sox have some gco- pilchers. MacFayden. I.isenbc Moore nnd Eussell could win inai more-games for "tlie Yankees tha they win for the Red' Sox.'.by. re son of (he impotent Boston.'ba Pete Douolme has b?en added/B Lauferf BILLIAR* YL PLK/eRS; REcewTo/ ia<j$rV,P 3-eusmofi BILLIARDS WCJWfiO, (jOAUED MORE THAU to MILES ARoufoTHe-RBlES -e THREE WEQC<. PIAN-- IWRV DORI«& U=T OS BILLIARDS. COME , CVWRMIM4.* he only Red Sox pitcher who won nore games than he lost last year vas NfacPayden. You just have to get runs to win ball games. : . The batting: weakness extends to he catching department. Charley Berry hit -2&3 last year, but Ed Connolly, the youngster from Brooklyn, amassed an average of .075 and Howard Storie crashed the apple for a not very robust .118. Nineteen of the 29 men in camp here now are dyed-in-the-wool Red i Sox. Ten still have ihc possibility of that harrowing experience ahead of them. Of these ten, perhaps a half do?£n will find themselves by mid-June doing another season in the minor league*. « • Collins unquestionably has performed a wonderful job with Ihe material at hand. His ball team hit .262 lust year, but-he managed to beat out the Tigers- and White Sox, for sixth place. Given a team ate in other ways in the effort, to that would hit 15 percentage points higher, he would be sure to give trouble to teams In. the'first .division. With one .more .300 hitter, the Red Sox would have a chance. But with tr.e recruits at hand, Boston seems to be due for another second division year. Foreign Specialists Asked To Aid Propaganda Drive .MOSCOW. (UP)—The assistance of foreign engineers, specialists and other experts will be enlisted in th? drive for what is called here "technical proinganda" .imonj the masses. . . Foreigners employed. here have been Invited to write technical articles, deliver lectures and co-oper- "liquidate .technical . illiteracy. 1 Many Americans. Germans'- and others already have responded to Ihe call. Read Courier News Want Ads. INSURED NTER . TRUCKING c ITY CO. DEPENDABLE DAILY SERVICE TO BLYTHKVII.LL' FROM Memphis and Little Rock J. D. McDowell Telephone Ixwal Astnt No. 82 $1,900 .Hack's Speed Wins Trophy WEST WINPIELD, Renn., (TJP) — Dances, \olley and basketball games, and other social and sports events, are held 300 feet bclo« ground in thio-Butlsr county vil- .Jage 'which-boasts neither theaters nor comer drug stores. lacking the '••ordinary nmuse- ment.centers,'.residents decided to utilize 3 spacious room in a'lime- stone mine lor a community hall The room, 24 feet high, was Titled «th athlelic equipment, Hired for electric H»hts and its walls lined vlth boards. Seats are provided Mn the hal leading to the room. . Corridor leading from the room have bcei •blocked off to prevent volley, balls or basketballs from rolling" int imlightcd regions. NOO CfcVl REfcU^ roUNOO CAJJ -COOKlT ON SOUR FW6ERS"' Old Major League Player Enters Town Clerk's Race MILWAUKEE, Wis. (UP)—Jap Barbenn, who started playing professional baseball ti 1M2 nnrt who ; veachwl lii.i top form in 1910 when he played third base for the St. t Louis Cardinals, is conducliiiK nn i active campaign for re-elccilon as town clerk nt. Ijike. "Guess T'll have to sock a hcnicr with (lie bags loaded, two out ant the home club three runs tehiiv.1. 1 ' Jap said in conimenling on hir. op- poftlton In his fight for reelection nnrlenu participated in 11 American A?rociatio« campaigns in addition lo playirs wllh the f:nr.-:i nals anil the Pittsburgh rir.i: f .-.. Rend Courier News Wanl A RITZ THEATER Last Time Today Matinee— 2:30 - Night— 6:45 Adrn.— ir.itinee— 10 nnd 30c 10 and 35c SEE 'Strangers In Love' with FREDUTC MARCH and KAY FRANCIS Also News and Coniedv Thursday and I ? riday Adm.—Matinee—10 and 30c Nijjht—10 nnd 35c eyond words.. w the sensation you feel ma CHRYSLER •with'Patented FLOATING POWER '; Wednesday and Thursday Matinee—2:15 - N'ighf—fi : .i5 Adm.—Matinee anil Ni^ii!— 10 and 2f>c See 'Way Back Home' •with Seth Parker 10,000,000 pay him ii,,nv. v on the air—Now Soe Hrn- n (ho Scveen. This young Stanley Hack, -svho set the Cubs back plenty of money and who Isn't even in the big leagues yet, already lias won lilmselt a trophy for base running. Hack circled the bases In 14 4-5 seconds in the field day events preceding a benefit ball gam c at Los Angeles in which the Cubs. Giants and Pirates participated. Joe E. Brown, loll film comedian who captured the team that beat Buster Kealon's oulflt. donated and presented the desk pen set to Uncle, right, as Manager Hornsby looked on from the background. The benefit was for the Olympic games flnanoe censnlttec and the tall trophy In the foreground is an Olympic emblem. Also News and Coir. Friday and Saturday —A Ntftv Serial--. 'Battling with Buffalo Bill' You K n o w Thcre Is Going to He Acting With Also Cartoon and Comedy All Children' Under ;j Admitted fn ( - ; Cominrr—Sunday & Monday —"Business and Pleasure 1 with Will Rogers. fVn. Chrjslrr Eqhl Stdmn 11^ -*Mt*x 100 4or»>--rr JLOU canaot imagine, what Flouiug fo-wet do:-s to Chrysler performance. Only » ride tells the story—the story of tie smoothest and most effortless performance ever achieved in a motor car. The engines.of the new Chryslers ate OKHiated ia an entirely new way— ipat- fateti new way, called Floating Power- did Ac results ate aI*K»t toe mamfaa I* Witt*. Besides Hotting Power there are many other great advantages: a new Autotnuic Clutch, • Silent Gear Selector and an entirely separate. Free Wheeling unit. Von don't have to touch the dutch pedal •ad yoa canaot dash the gears. New patented Oilite Squeak-Proof Spring* in the Eights are another great advance. They antr squeak, ntrrr need lubrication. Gr*o/«ngineering— great results— great cars. There are four -new lines of Chryslers— 19 body models— $885 to $3595— : ' : ., :. » model meeting every need and desire. •'. •' ' ' • •-... i A WIT Orjito- Si*, } I~J, «Wtfr.- |Mj n fej j (Air* **t* C(i** *m4 Oitaf Sf**k-Pro*f Spn'mft 9* fit Sixn . - - - ' : M </i»fa «rfr» reu),-« *nr ChtyJrr Elftl, j M,m«kb,-: ' ' •' ||<J> U tihx • •"» Ctry,hr Impwl l^t,, , M, ~*Mi, fti'l U fitn; * in* Cirrifcr ImHrift C*i*m Cjk (, Mr «~W<, liJsij it fcjjs, F. 0. » f*am. IS ANY CAR UP.TO-DATK WITHOUT— FLOATING POWER -AUTOMATIC CtUTCH-FREE •WHEEtlNG-SILEUT CEAR SELECTOR - OILITE SQUEAK-PROOP SPRINGS - HYDRAULIC SIAMS-CENTRIFUSB BRAKE DRUMS- ALL. STEEL BODY-DOUBtE-DROP GIRDER-TRUSS FRAME DUH-ATE SAFETY PLATE GLASS ani*ri •* <>"••• I<lh,. OUtiftUt t* Sit nt Elftl 5«*l«l, t'7'f: " Ilf'rijl SiJtmi, |JB; mil j. f . ,„,,,, Ct •»J,r, v/r.V [,r PHILCO tii, »>.(» • • • .<"''cirj TRANSITONE RADIO Blytheville Motor Co. 117-11!) E«st Main

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