The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 16, 1932 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
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Wednesday, March 16, 1932
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Served 6 United Press . BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS THX DOMINANT HEWBPAPIR OF HOBTHIAST ARKANSAS AND SOUTHEAST MIB8ODRI VOL. XXVIII—NO. 810 Blytlievllle Dally News, Blylhevllta Herald, Valley Wader. Blythevllle Courier. liLYTHKVILLK, ARKANSAS, WKDNRS.DAY. MA11CII IG, 1932 SINGLE COPIES FIVEiCENTia? In The Democratic Limelight Negroes Arc Indicted for j Murder ot Jake Kenton "•on Dean's Island. OSCtOLA, Ark. — Shortly after neon to'iby seven jiiroii; had b^-on telcclcdVlor 111? sctuiul trial of Flnley W. C.ulwmlit, Oscro!:i merchant, charged with UK- :nurj.:i- oi M. L: Crav.'fcr:!, former engineer of the O'jcecla cottcn oil mill, and \ it vi'ss exacted thai Ihc juvy; "would .!;;. i'0:)i|)!etcd this rrid'-l noon. j Five ji'.ras were selected from the regular panel. The sheriff I >va ( ; lh:n instructed tc summon; lifly mare pra;?frcuve Aurora, and I ra noon luo mor<> Jurors had been j .selected from Ihis additional list. KIDNAPED GIRL Abduclor Frees Young California Woman In Hills Near Los Angeles. Busk, -V«rocs Aii indictment charging John Henry Jones'" negro, wilh (ho murder ut Jake : Kenton of Joiner, young white Dsan's island mill employe missing since Saturday, March 5, was returned by tlie grand jury yesterday. The grand jury, nlso indicted Ike Sowell, Lula Scoll and Bon BroOTi. negroes, as accessories after the fact in (he killing cf Kenton. Jt.nes is said to have confessed tliat lie sMbbcd Kenlon to death, but under the law- he cannot, enter a lorma! pica until. 48 hour-scatter indictment on a murder charge. Eewell and Brown have pleaded guilty to the charges against them, whilii I-.ill Scott pleaded nnt euilly. Sewcll an:l Urown told ollicers they wrapped young Kenton's body j in a quilt alter lie had been slab- j bed by Jones, and after hiding it iit 'the woods for the . night, clumped it. In Campbell's lake, on i It was a ionner i:;m:criitic presidenlial nominee- who introduced a present Kindica;e for the parly's nomination ut a lawyers' luncheon In New York the other day, and (his picture shows them together at llic meeting. At left Is Governor Franklin IX nocsevell cf New York, savv " i and ut right is John W. Davis, head of the Association of the Bar ot New York City, who ran for the presidency In 1924. I1UNT1NGTON UEACII, Mm. 1C lUPi-Orpha Be ^ 18. Hunlinjton Bench beauty,', re- luincd safely Ig her home 'today alter several hours hi 'coinptny with a ycung man she s»UT Wti- ua|>ed her In u stolen auto' after rrbbinj her escort, ,-'•'' • The sh'l talcl she was freed In. the iiiildwiu hills nsrth of,.Lo» Angeles. He gave her $4 ond:told her to "go on home", she said. •Ihe kidnaper entered the automobile of Clarence Double, 24, Miss Df Busk's companion, hi 'luntlnglon Beach, and ''forced Dcuble at pistol polnl to driye to Lc; Aiv^des. Alter, rotbing him of $3 at an outlying Intersection he forced Uontle to get out oj 'he cur. Ho sMd he *ould "burn" Ihe siil If Double talked," Mid after trussing his prisoner up drove south. Double notified police but the "Uncle. Torn".. Hendrix, Former Coroner, Had Lived Here Sixly Years. the island. The body has not been found and preparations are being made to drain the lake. Acquittal for Melville An instructed verdict was rendered ,fpr Ceo. Melville, Steele, Mo., cigarette dealer, whose case v.'as heard -yesterday aiternoon on an appeal from justice of the peace court where he was fined a lew weeks .ago lor transporting ctgar- - ettes wjthout revenue stamps. Notice of appeal to the suprem; " court .waS'sliled by 'the. state. '„ Melville was arrested by agents of the department of internal revenues as hn passed through Osceola several weeks ago en rout t*.Memphis with an automobile lull of unstamped cartons of cigarettes. The cigarettes wer e con- T. E. "Uncle Tom" !Hendrix. .80, pioneer resident of this conunun- ly and Tonne.- coroner of Mis- teippi county, died at his home, •>1C i-W. Dnvis street, yr-sterday ifternoon at" 2 o'clock. He had ;c:-n in ill health for more than i year anJ had been confined lo ii.5 hcme for some tjme. "Uncle Tom", as he was widely known, had been resident of this section for 60 years. He had ser\ed as. county coroner for several terms up until the lasf two years when ill Health forced him to retire without bciijg defeated for office. '.He was a -picturesque performing the" 'dunes'* of FLASHES B*BE RUTH SIONS : TAMPA, : FU., March 1C. (UP) —Bat* Kuth signed hi* 1932 player contract today. It was a on^year funtracl supposedly railing for $7S,90«. 6,M*,OH JOBLESS WASHINGTON. Mar. 16 (UPI Senator ;iiUit7uun, Kepubtican, Conncctkit,' submitted to th« srnate today an estimate C.TOJ,- 000 persons were unemployed in the United States and accompanied II with tdejrams fr»ra eov- ernors of n>«st «f Ihe 48 state* on which he based hb kidnaper eluded radio patrol cars and made his escape. He »b»nd- If It's "piquant" beauty that you FISHER. DIKERY J. l-l, Fisher Retires After 32 Years in Bakery 'Business Here. , Annnuuceinenl wu* nuulf i:i:luy of (he sale- of the r-'ishei' Jlak.'ry liliiiil, 1(W Hast Mnln striH'l, liy J. II. Fisher lo W. K, Herman of Kv- iinsvilU', Hul. Mr. llrrinan as<>umc.l niflniigcmmt of the bakovy yo.s'.cr- ilny. The Diirclia.'e prlct; wn< not >v- vculeit. Mr. llslior, who has op?rn!i'rt ilu iifliiMb which tears his mime ut llw present Icuillon fur 'a ytMis, stated thai ill health ha:l iiwvenV- i'il his cons.Hnl HlU'iitinn to HIP tuslnrss anil li; hail been (cruel lo sfll In orilvr t:inl hi' co>:l;l IK.' fr:o from n'.'.iiiinslWllllcs. Mr: I'islii'r l:ni bt-cn In HIP business here (or U2 yenis. . . ltu new owner come* here from ntvllli', where Im was »%iicliit:d with \hc IMount Plav; wovks, onu oi the leiullnj; maiuifucliireis of (11:111 A icls Lindbergh in Hunt ft* Baby ; e !;ns prclty other competitors In u contest lu oned the automobile he was drlv- determine the most pUiuant beauty in llunlinjtoii Beach. : : in Fiance. over n u fiscptel and he was .aim' costs m Justice court. tlie coroner's office and officiated with confidence and unquestioned authority. The SEV. W. J. lK;Roy. pastor of the Lake Street Methodist church will officiate at the services to be held at Ihe family home this Pending in federal court at Little Rock is a suit subsequently filed by MeUille seeking to. enjoin revenue agents from interfering with !,is business ana questioning validity of 'the tax on cigarettes bought in another state and ship- l>ed into Arkansas. Albert Newton, negro, former janitor at the Bank of Osceoia. was sentenced to 10 years in the penitentiary following jury trial for Ihe murder of Clemmons Scales, fined $25- a f[, rnooni interment will be made %VftridelVs| m Elmivocrt cemetery. The Moss Undertaking company is in charge JOAN BENNETT WEDS 1IOI4-YWOO» 1 Mirch 16. (UD —Joan Bennett, daughter of Richard Bennrlt and sister of Constance Bennett, wa& married here today to Oan - Markey. prominent Him wriUr. The marriage ctrentny «nU. read behre a unaJI jroup *f »lt- neisej'ijr PrfsidiMt Justke- turn- is Work or the court of appeals of Lws Ant'elesu Constance Bennett attended htr sister. tinplcnipiiis In llii 1 country. H l"Ad )ncvlo\is exiioilmivrn In Uui bay lug liulustiy. IinvliiB cjieiati'd » bakery at Miami, Fin. with hi", brother. Mr. Herman said - (hut al least (or Ihe llmi' being Ihe pa'sviit personnel ot tl« plant would remain In his oinploy. A new formula for mead baking will lx> usou uml?r ti'.e new inaiuist-'mrut, ' niul mlnur chances will probnbly |ji> niiule In the lutine. Sponsor Believes' Enact--'' nieiii Would Boost Gas Tux Revenue. . , ; . , LITTLE ROCK, March !«.. itJP/, —An act to facilitate tin bpchUldii -$ of automobiles nnd to encourage^! " '" (•misiiiliptlon of Kasol'lna In thi! hia wns hilrotluc^l In Iha-seimte todayJwS The bill, signed by Senator; Klffl-'&W Key',-.listed a scale o) I'liarpts'to be''K-5 mado on motor vomclrs • nn'd pro'-iyj vldcd (or a charge of 4 ! cciita'ps'r.'V-?- hohe|»wer In ndditlon to charges'',>;| ; for His various classes which range.;;"£ from 18 cents per hundred pounds'.'£v. for cars weighing up to 3,000'pounil : 'OkV to fi cents tor vehicles welghl" ' more llmii 4,500 pounds. . '. • Ijiadmcnl of tl|i; ulll would ilucc imUcr tally «lbc. license f .^ . lor auloinoblliw^ 1 * bringing : the .'jjj chatgL' -.for a]i{]'4po : more -popular-.--^, mnkts of -cats well below $10. lts :> sponsor . bellevss it would'.-bring." negro chauffer for Cartwright family. Pinley W. of funeral arrangements. The following will serve as pallbearers: Jak e Alley, W. R. Simpsen. Tom Nance. Dick Heathccek, John Honey. W. H. Scarboro. Mitch Ingram/and Ous Hale. The deceased is survived by a son. R. C. Hendrix, a step-son., Turner Simpson, lour daughters Mrs. O'Neal H. Cross. Mrs. J. S Warrinslon. Mrs. O. M. Pace and Mrs. J. E. Brewer. Hn is als< survived by 23 grandchildren and seven great grandchildren. Liquor Charges Will Be Placed Against Two Police Chief A. D. Gwyn said cday that fslor.y charges of sell- limicr will be placed against Bailey .and Ed Tillman as a result cf an arrest made by police lnt e yesterday. Police officers, according to re- |»rts. searched a • man leaving Bailey's house arul found a bottle of liquor oil him. Questioned, he admitted buying it in the house, officers said. "Coin" Harvey Asks His •Running Mate to Quit MONTE NE, Ark.. March 16. lUP —Andrae B. Nordskog, vice-presi dential candidate of the Libert- party, was asked to resign today b William H. "Coin" Harvey, the par ty's presidential candidate. Money, the basis of thc parly latform, brought to a hsad th quabble which has caused Ihe ad- Six Negroes Arrested on Coal Theft Charges 'Six negroes, accused of stealing coal, wore taken into custody by night .police early this morning and placstl in Ihe city jail to await trial. According to reports several ol the negroes were apprehended in local coal yards while thc others were arrested on Implication Cne. Jcbie Rt-d Mosby. knowingly bought stolen coal officers charge. Others arrester! are: Willy Crawford, Allen • Gar ien, Willy Doing, Drosila Simon and Arlhiir Galay. rtttr Killers Get Clemency MEDFORD. Oregon, (UP) — Ruinl residents. v\V.o killed dee out of. season this year becausi they needed the meat, have bee dealt v.ith leniently in lota! courU Sin- S. E. DitOTOr'lh. rancher, was fined S2CO. He killed deer and fed thc meat to ioxes he raises for pelts, ATMEE SUFFERS COLLAPSE LOS ANGELES, Mar. 16. (UP) —Afrnee Semple McPtierson llutton. Internationally famous rvan^flW, underwent a Mood transfusinn here today. " After the operation H was announced Mrs. Hnlton was resting comfortably und was in no flangtr. Her husband, David IlnUon, a singer, said his wife Collapsed due to strain of her religious and charity work. flTLOT'S IT Flames, Originating in Suction Pipe, Spread Rapid r ly in Loose Cotton. Fir e destroyed one cotton house and a quantity of IfOSe cotton, :ElSmated emia! to 12 or 15 bates, at the Jake 'Ungar gin, Just north of Blytheville on Highway 61, last night. The loss was estimated at approximately $4,000 by the owner and was -partially covered by Insurance. The fire originated In a suction pipe in the cotton house while, a tnidc load of cotto.! was being unpaded- Firemen believed » rratch in th 0 loose .cotton was Ignited by irlilion in -the suction pipe. A sheet of flame from the pipe set cotton within the building afire. City firemen were called to aid gin workers who .were unable to hall the flames which spread rapidly through the cotton house "City firemen using hose lines from a big tmek pumper connected to a fire plug in a'nearby field prevented the spread of the fire to other-.'.buildings of .the gin company. . After the fire, confined to thc one building, had burned out,-nre men 'discovered, that their truck, had become \mired in the sof soil of the field. An Arkansas Missouri Power company truck equipped with hoisting machinerj finally succeeded in dragging th big fir e truck out of the field bu it was nearly midnight before th truck was returned to the fire sta lion at the city hall. Angeles man's resignation. 1 T—-y charges Nordskoj is "un- ' " r= thical" and suffering from' l\vo ^ lanias. one for money and the oth- • regarding his self importance. Nornskog had not replied twiay 0 the request l~.e resign. James Key Wins Decisive Victory over Foes Seeking His Recall. ; ATLANTA. March 16. (UP)— James L. Key. Atlanta mayor, and avowed \s~el in a purportedly \lry town, today held a decisive victory 5. opponents who Initiated Me to oust him from of- Crittcnden County School Election Votes May Be i'ut-Up at Auction. MEMPHIS. Maf. 16 ..i enrien county 'ballot boxes, filled ith votes cast In the recent school oarri election, were attached by dgar Cncatham, Memphis auOit- r, here tcday tor a bill allegedly wed him by Crlttenden county. The ballot boxes are lit a. vault i the First National bank here ending outcome of the controv- rsy aroused when ball! political actions charged fraud. Chcatham said he had been hir-. d by Judge Arthur Oliver to cio audlllng work at Marlon. Ark. He wore out the attachment" ' cWlrii-* ng Critlenden county owed him $350. It is possible the fillet! boxes w!r! x put up at auction, to satisfy his claim. Judge Oliver, leader of one IMI- litical faction, nnd Sheriff Howav:l Curlin, leader of the other, bo!h said they would not bid on the' boxes If they were auctioned. Ilrar- ing of th c attachmeilt .and' auction will be In 'Magistrate Louis Morris' court here March 24. Oliver -and Curlin bnlh charge each other with engineering '.he ballot .box attachment because ol alleged fraudulent' votes.' Cheatham claims It Is purely 11 business proposition to collect "money the. county owes me". Milwaukee Socialist on Way to Reelection MILWAUKEE, March 10, iUPI — Mnyor Daniel W. Hoan, perpetual Socialist mayor, und Ahlerman Joseph p. Carney, appeared certain or noiulnaUorV as nmyoral candl- rtiUcs today. On returns from well over half the precincts Hoan ltd Carney by nearly two to on;, nnd Carney led his nearest competitor by IVio same margin, HORN, who has never been feated for public olnc;, 1ms been mayor for IB years.' Candidates of all parties run in n non-partlsnn primary In-Milwaukee, and .the two. highest meet hi Ihe municipal election. . Moirir. Rosncr, above, Is an under \cr agent of Col. Churles A. ndbcrgli In the famed llyer's search for his MdnnpoA son. Warns Memphinns T!ie> May Suffer if They Fa i to Return Element. Fire Destroys McClure Residence at Cooler Tlie bitterness of the contest, which started wilh the mayor's an- COOTER, Mo.—The residence of Mrs. Mlnnl,. McClnre was destroyed by fire of unknown origin about 1C, o'clock last night. The house and furnishings, valued at $4,000 re a total less. The residence was insured for $1,000. The fire originated in the kitchen and had gained full headway before it was discovered. Mrs. McClure Ls a pioneer resident ol Cooler. Roosevelt Is Leading Murray in North Dakota BISMARCK, N. D. r ^^arch 10.- North Dakota prefers Gov. Franklin D. Roosevelt of the far eastern state lo Gov. William "Alfalfa Bill" Murray of Oklahoma as presidential choice, returns from less than half of 2192 precincts In the slate's presidential preference primary Indicated today. There was a slight possibility that he Oklahoma governor might over- me Roosevelt's lead by a land- de in the still imreportcd rural ctlons but this looked Improbable, oosevclt. en ttie returns from 748 ireclncls, had 12.143 voles, against D for Murray. TOIOPl CHILD IS All it Day 'Briut^Noliiy.... Progress in Searfft. for Lindbergh Baby. Increase gasoline lax' revenues. , : Semite bill No. 2, Introduced y« Lerday nnd x bcarlng the "n^nie-',( Senator Wtmloy, was adopted wlth-:>Vrf out oppcslllon. .It provided for :the ' condemnation of land; by 'cities of B tlrst and SCCOIK! class for'con-, slrucllon of I). Si vclerara lios- liltnls; ' ' •';-, -'"• ." : The bill Is designed to 'facilitate' purchase by the city of Fayettavllle; .. -_ of a slle. near that city approved .7"! by Ihe tEderal-governmciit as » JQ-.•'}..!.( callon for u veterans hospital U(v 'V', be blillt In-'Arksrisas. -' .-• -'.. ",'^ Both house and senate passed tlw ' : | bill appropriating |lu,000 for'ex-'.ij licuses of the special session. . ,';, Old S«Wlerti Ask Belter. ;-;.'v ; ic A pclitlon by a Oanrederatci'vil-'? :;? erans organization was read-to (lie; '-'•'.' senate. It asked some thought;be,;. : Vl ; given lo Ihe predicnment of : old'-V;; soldlcb, and Uiat a muasur; for'rt-'i-j^' ' j —»hl rip, H stated. Ar-.'•"';;,* .lisas" was :inc 'only soutliwivsfitf' ^ ilch )ias defaulted in plymoiH oj 'rofessor Prefers Old Art to Modern EL PASO. Texas. (UP) — Einil- o Gnrcia Cahcvo, who for 17 years was a professor at the National Academy of Fine Arts of Mexico City, prefers thc art, of the 14th, 15th nnd 16th centuries (o, Ihe modern Irend. Cahcro returned to El Paso because of the desire of his wife, the former Lille Price, of this city. 'If gcnlvis Is the ability of painstaking detail then thc craftsmen 'of the 14th, 15th and 16tU centuries possessed such genius,' Cahero said. "They have an affection, zeal and absolute dedication which T consider unequalled by any other period." ' statements while on n good will tour In France, drew prohibition and labor organizations to a fight which resulted In the rgest,, vote ever polled in a city cctloh. Final restilles were: Against- recall. 17,178. For recall, I1.1W. Key's majority. 5,43<. "If tlicy will just leave me alone ow I will try to do something for he city.'" Itfayor Kay said follow- ng announcement of his victor}'. 4-l.KGr,En CHICK BORN KINGSTON, N. C., (UP)—A four- leggal Rhode Island Red chick, its legs distributed like those of R quadruped, was exhibited at the hatchery of c. T. Flowers. It was one ot a brood of 80. Three ot tte legs are normal, and one a little shorter Ilian the others. Moving House, Auto Collide BURLINGTON, Vermont, (UP —An automobile and a hous* (seven rooms and bath) were In a collision on a highway here re ctmtly. Motorist William Garen In the'darkness, failed to see th dwelling, which was being movtc along the road from one locatto to another. Garen was not sei lously hurt. Pennsylvania State Potice Arrested 16,154 Orrhest™ Buy? Home SUt INTERLOCHEN'. Michigan, tUP) — Th e Nalional High School Or- hestra Camp Association has purchased a tract of <and near lere for a permanent home of the organization. Tlie tract containing 375 acres of laiid cost approximately $100,COO. A hotel on th< tract will be supervised by the us soclatif-n Mettars Distant Visitors CAMBRIDGE, Massachusetts, (I P) — Approximately 30 per oen of the meteors entering tru earth's atmosphere come from outside our solar system. This the estimate of Harvard authorities, based on the meteor census being conducted by the Harvard- Cornell expedition at Fl»gnt«fl, Arizona. HARRISBUROH, Pennsylvania, UP)—Pennsylvania State Police lado 16,154 arrests during 1931 nd obtained convictions in 82 per eat of the cases. In miking 'this report, MaJ^r Lynn o. Adams, superintendent said that the police spent 85 per •ent of their tltnes in three phases of police activity— detection, ap jrehienslon and trial of criminals The remaining 15 per cent was icvoted to safety patrol work sucl as policing strike areas and larj assemblies. s«ld such a program lef no time for the most Imporlan phase of police work, that b criminal prevention and p«tro work. M«n«t Aid Need; KLAMATH FALLS, Oregon, ( P) — Many families her* fun been bolitering tie ftmlly larde. with mullet, the spring run o these fish having started. Th mullet is highly priaed by th» KU math Indians M » food flsti tat the rescrraUoa homes are scene of Industry In smoking and llnj them. MEMPHIS, March IB. (UP)—Tic turn of three milligrams of radlua was l«BG«d for here today by Dr. E H. Gable, nalto'.mlly prominent lee turcr, on the plea Its possessor U'l endangering his or her life by n lalnlng it and that the small vl and its contents had no medic value. _ Dr. Gable, near the eml of a lee- ' ture here lost night, passed 13 vials containing radium out in his audience. The lights were dimmed so the nudicnce could view the action of tlie radium. When the vials were alow in being returned the lecturer warned his audience of the danger of keeping possession of II. Finally nil of the vials but. one were returned. "It Is the flr.-;t time this has happened lo me," Ihe lecturer sa!;l. 'Those tubes of radium have b?en passed out. lo more than 100.050 persons in mirllences all over the country, and (hey have always come back." He said if "the vial was kept In HOPEWELVN.'J^-Mar. .16 (U —Col. and Mrs. ...Charles A.jIJn :ergh clung (6i)»y j to ,thc3 bel heir .kWriiuit^^iori,.^** Jr.. Is still .alive and 'well,.';ac- cordhiK to unimpeachable Infor- iKttlon Riven the 'United Press. Reason for tlila belle! was not given In detail, however. : ^fcantlme authorities untiringly rnn down / scores of leads and clues without contributing poslUve- y lo tlie mystery of the child's fate or Us kidnapers' whereabouts. A former klclnuper, Stanley Crnndall, now on parole, was detained In Rochester, N. ,Y.. for questioning as ; to his movements In recent days under the police theory all known klrtnnperb at large ought to be checked up. Other points developed by the morning preiv communique were The police qlataed to be unaware) of the visit of Abraham Lcvlnson listed as ' n Philadelphia sultcns" manufacturer, I to the Lindbergh home yesterday. The authorities arc still Invest* gating the unexpected deparlur of two German servants from th home of Mr. and Mrs. C. L. Light foot, neighbors of thc Lindbergh: the day after the kidnaping. Qncsliotu; that went unanswerc dealt with whether. Ihe . nolle felt they were still progressln whether they ted Information t indicate the baby was still altv te adjourned' «l»rtly; before Aiopn -''' ntil:J-"p.rn. th»i*4'ney.w:6iild tilwt' whether (hey had abandoned tl theory originally held thai a wo man aided Ihe kidnaper;;. Kidnaper of Ohio Boy Given Life Sentenc 5 Tried by Soviet For Bureaucracy MOSCOW. (Ul'l—In the contln- ous struggle against bureaucracy i public Institutions. 15 offenders 'ere brought lo "demonstration rial" here recently. The sentences were light—dismissal from work for a f'rv. strong eprlmands, for the others. But he purpose of tlie trials was not so much to punish the guilty as o direct attention to the bureau- r»lc evil. The 15, It was proved, ware Ci- pecuUly horrible examples of n :onditlon which prevails on n broad scale. In almost any Solet office people nre obliged to wait for hours, lo strngglo against Mtwtless red tape, to return day after day in order lo accomplish thc slightest Ihlug A "raid" on n series of offices by inspectors and volunteers galh- erfed the facts. sleeping quarters of Ihe person In whose possession It Is. It would injure the br.Mn tissue. If kept on the person It voiiU cause wounds which would" not heal. He asked the possessor to return It and promised uo iiive.sllgalion. Now Cool's in Cooler for Peddling Whisky . WASHINGTON. March' 16. (UP) —Pollcemnn Cool Is. or was, s- todinn of thc police radio repair car. His stated duties consisted of dashing about, the District of Columbia with repairs for radio automobile cruisers. But last night when Goof drove to a downtown address a sergeant and a brace of detectives cooler than he arrcstsl him. They said he was delivering a gallon of liquor In the police car, an iffcnse comparable to picking a policeman's pocket. So now Cool Is cooling In Jail. WARREN. O.. Mar. 16 lUP) Tensions to Confederate -'-'.Veterans ;. : >; nd their widows. •-.. . -j.;'» .-y.-_ : ' : '.-"^ The cbmmttte*:, urj - .-. An act lo.-prtvent filling stations. rani ndvertisihg the rale of uaso- -• lie tux was Inlrodiiced and pine- .1 on llK' calendar. ' - . •-•",: '•'• Hon.- Rtire BUI RfpM-W , : Tlie liouse .conimltle'e on : cities ' nd towns 'reported today .it' had mil the Graham bill for racing nd jurlmut'uol giunbllus .'under'- . onskleratlon and .moved uxi-' wssed. - ' . . ' '/.-.'. '-' ,' The -fight to lcgnl!/c ho'rsa >ac- •' ig in Arkansas was renewed In the - ouse yesterday when the bill.-.dis-. ulstd as an.aiil to the retirements t old road Improvement bonds, : was .• ntrcduccd by Rcprescntallve. Grn •'.. lam of Lonoke. --"".•.' ' Graham, In. his bill, asked liqrse;: aclng and parlmuttiel gambling be • cgalbud. Thc mpasiin provides Jor •":.-. 2 |»r cent of the betting polls aiid "! 25 cents of each admission 16 trie . '.' rack would be used to retire the ;) bonds. .. . . : : :; A bill to authorize the general. V assembly to remove members of : . ' the highway commission and to an- 'j; thorl?e the governor to' remove : !"i them for cause was Introduced by • •' Senator Bailey. 1'hsy can; be re- . : moved at present only upon con- .' • vlction of a felony. '. •-.' :f Civilian Casualties in . Shanghai Fifhting Heavy SHANGHAI: 1 Thursday, Mar. 'J7,'.'. (UP)— Civilian casualties from the : rigluing between 'Japanese and Chi- - nese forces in thc battle area of . •' ' Shanghai were fixed today at (i.- • 080 kl.Hert. 2.000 woiinited. and 10.-' Dowell Hargravcs, charged with Ihe J040 missing. kidnaping (or extortion of James | n «-as estlmntei 160,000 families Dejute, Jr., 12-year-old Niles. O., were affected by military operations Dejute schoolboy, was sentenced lo life, imprisonment here today. Jurl^e Lyiiu Griffith announced a verdict of guilty when court opened. The defense had waived a jury trial aixl thrown the case Kfcrc (he judgo. Thc sentence ls tllc mnxlmum ndcr Ihe charge in Ohio. John De Marco awnlts trial on the same charge. DC Marco and rlargraves were found wilh Jtimes ;ii an abandoned gambling house near Youngstown three days -if- tcr Ihe boy was dragged into a motor car at Nlles, Betty Bronson to Wed SANTA BARBAHA., oil, ^fa^ch 18. (UP)—B;lly Bronscii, motion picture actress/snd Ludwlg Lauer- h*w, TWilthy Beverly Hills rwl* dtnt, wore expected to be married "*r» this afternoon, in oilier than settlement, areas. Properly d.imajw wns placed nt S350.000.000. - • . Extra Charge for TWO in Berth Held Mega 1 WASHINGTON, March 16. CUP) —Tho interstate commerce commission today ruled the Pullman company may not place an extra chsrge on sleeping berths which are occu- pM by two persons. Favorable Balance of Trade lor February WASHINGTON, March 16. (UP) —The United States hncl a favorable trade balance of $34.000.COO In February, thc commerce department reported today. Ecporls for the month totaled $168,000,000 and imports aggregated »131,000,000. The usu»l t«nd Is tor exports to drop in February and for Imports to Increase. This Ls thc first February report since 1915 to show n contrary tendency. ' H. D. Langky Granted An Indefinite Furlough LITTLE ROCK. Ark.-H. D..Langley of n;ar Blytheville was ijiven an Indefinite furlough by Governor . Harvey Parnell yesterday. Announcement of the furlough :aid" ft had been granted al the request • Of the prosecuting attorney, sheriff and residents of Mississippi county. Langley was serving a paniten- Itary term of one year for receiving stolen property. ' WEATHER ARKANSAS-Clcvdy, showers in east and cooler tonight. Thurrddy partly cloudy trd cooler. According to the official iretther observer, Chtrles Phillips, Jr., the; maximum temperature here yesterday iras 90 d*gre*s and the minimum 48 degrew, clear. Today n year ago the maximum tmpsra- turc was SO degrees ond the minimum. 37 d*ttt«, dor.

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