The Daily Times-News from Burlington, North Carolina on December 20, 1956 · Page 10
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The Daily Times-News from Burlington, North Carolina · Page 10

Burlington, North Carolina
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 20, 1956
Page 10
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Highlight . . . Maybe You're On Santa's Lift Little boys will be riding new bicycles, scooters and the like, while their sisters will be- dressing up those new baby dolls the next time this column makes an appearance. Moms and pops will be looking over the Christmas bills and the stock in aspirin vwill be zooming skyward. Along about this time of year, we get to feeling benevolent and try to think of appropriate gifts for tile sports-minded people of our town, county, state and nation. It isn't that we're so free- bsarted, for these gifts cost nothing. It's Just that sports columns are hard to come by. now that the Yule holidays have started. Schools in the area have closed for a couple weeks, much to the sorrow of thousands of youngsters, and that means that sports has reached a momentary slow-down period, too. Of course, the one and only Dixie Classic is forthcoming (Dec. 27-28-29), and this great event is really a life-saver for the sports writing fraternity. Oi' Saint Nick will take care of the youngsters come next Tuesday, but who will take care of the needs of our older folk? Take N. C. Slate College, for instance. Wouldn't it be nice if Santa could erase those two back-to-back losses sustained by the Wolf- pack down in Palmetto country? Coach Everett Case would appreciate such a gift, we're sure. Jackie Moreland perhaps would appreciate a chance to play basketball for a major school, and Santa could do worse than allow Don Coker to become eligible at Carolina. Vince Olen (or is it Olenik?) might find a new name under his Christmas tree . . . if so, he might enroll at. another college. If Santa has one in his possession, he might give the NCAA a book entitled "How To Be Consistent: A Study of Contrasts in the Penal Code" . . . and while Santa is about it, he can send Ed Meadows a recording of "Hit Me Tender". The Washington Redskins want some sort of game . . . maybe "Who's Got the Quarterback?'* Don Ncwcombc of Brooklyn's Dodgers wants a new baseball which is guaranteed not to go over a fence, also a book entitled "How Not To Lose My Temper'' . . . he wants Santa to be sure and not send him one entitled "The Parking Lot Attendant Fights Back." Frank McGuire of Carolina basketball fame wants to keep Lou Rnsenblutb two more years, and Jim Tatum wants Charlie Justice to change his name and conic back to Carolina . . . If the latter wish is impossible, Santa, Jim wants an option on a busy street-corner in Chapel Hill. Bill Murray of Duke wants a now schedule with VMI, William and IMary and VPI replacing P i t t . Tech and Tennessee . . . Earl Edwards would Lke jar of first-rate glue to cut down on fumbles . . . Bones McKinncy would like a larger water bucket, and Hurray Grceson would like a miracle cure for Jack Williams ... if the latter present is not available, Santa, could Murray use Dickie Hcmric until Williams is well? Dons Would Like Morn Easy Games Harold Bradley of Duke would like some more victories B. C. (before Carolina. and if Santa can arrange, could be beat Carolina, too . . . Wilt the Stilt (mustn't leave him out) would like to SPP the baskets lowered so he can score more points, Santa, but you'll have to take this up with (ho NCAA rules committee . . . U. of San Francisco would like Bill Russell returned, also more games with Peppcrdine, San Diego State and Roly Poly and less with the likes of Illinois and other schools that field basketball teams. Coach Doc Mathis of Elnn College has everything he needs. Santa, except cancell his order for steaks and potatoes for the coming year, and let the remainder of his basketball games end thr same way as his first seven . . . Sid Varney wants a renewal of his Twin-City Mohawk contract for 19.77 and an unbeaten football season for that year, ton ... he also wants you to give 15 pounds of weight to J. B. Vaughn, Santa, cause he figures that would make him the outstanding t a c k l e in the state. The people of Burlington would like a baseball park, dear ol' Santa, and a professional team in the Carolina League . . . since that looks impossible- (we don't want to ask for too much and seem greedy), could you keep Lexington and High Point out of the Industrial League next year -- or make them improve their teams? . . . and Santa, would you make Bill Hunter at the Times- News name Joe Screibcr the Industrial League's "Manager of the "i^ar" for 1956? . . . he did a good job and deserves plenty of credit for proving McCrary was very beatable in the playoffs. Don't forget, Santa, to send Ray Simmons another case of baseball linament . . . send several bottles to the following, too: Pete Howard, Jack Mitchell, Sid Varney, Olen Hancock, Johnny Clayton, Lou Foust, Lefty Sharpe and, when you're passing over Asheboro, to Guy Clodfclter. Coach Bud Phillips of Williams High would likp a rabbit's foot and an extra-point kicker so he could turn some one-point losses into victories next season . . . Coach C. A. Fryp would like some fourth quarter vitamin pills and Burlington High basketball fans would appreciate a new gym clock . . . Lou Roshelli at Graham would like some tall basketball players . . . Graham has not had a eager over 6-3 in some 10 years . . . Jack Russell would like a winning season for his Pleasant Grove boys and girls, and he'd like to sell you an insurance policy, too ... Hiram Coble of Sylvan would like to beat Mebane's girls for the county girl's crown, and he would like some tablets to take for upsets like Pleasant Grove's lassies handed his Sylvanettes. Marvin Coble wants some new golf clubs, Santa -- ones which hit a straight ball . . . he'll even take some balls that'll go straight when hit by a slicing swing . . . Lefty Sharpe wants a true putter and Calvin Walker wants a good cover of grass on Shamrock's 18-hole layout come spring. Luther Byrd, Elon publicist, would like a new alarm clock, and the news staff here would like a system for picking football winners. We've probably left off a lot of names and gifts in this Christmas nisi, Santa, but do what you can. Of course, aU this copy is just for fun, and we hope everybody takes it. in that manner. nmwaittM QUA nutY Tmamiwt, TMUMBAY. PIC. M. ' DeacsiTop Auburn For Carrousel Championship OFFENSE. Demons Do It Hard --Without Jack Williams CHARLOTTE MS -- Wake For- fine effort. Newsmen named est's Deacons, following their pat-jHobbs thc tournament's outstand- tcrn of a year ago, rallied Irom a i i n g player. so-so start to win the Carrousel! Kurt Engclbeii's 23 points was Basketball Classic for the second t h e high for t n c losin{: Hawks. time. Clemson Loses Their 58-48 finals victory over. Muhlenbcrg's victory over Clem- Auburn last night recalled last son ,,, thc conso i a ti on final saw year's performance when they en- t})C p en nsylvanians go ahead fo») tered the tournament with an un- keeps at 9 . 8i but it wasn't until impressive 1-3 record and swept ,| te las , half was n m j nu tes gone three games. This week they bet h a t cicmson finally dropped out gan play with a 2-2 mark and went of contention, all the way. The loss of forward Three men Jack Williams, No. 1 scorer and r i n t s f o r t n e collected enough , ,, ,, Mules to outscore rf bounder, with a knee injury for ncmson, center Dennis Roth hit- the last two games .made their , i n u 2 4, Clint Jeffries 22 and his assignment more difficult. cuard running mate Bill Smith Here Is NEA's All-Pro Team For 1956 adding 20. Vmce Yot'kcl's whose reserves, sophs, utcs. Colgate snapped a four-game losing streak while extending Dav- to seven in taking the sev- 18 led Clemson four of them played the last nine min- Thcy trailed Auburn 28-22 at the half, but with Akburn going 12 minutes and 20 seconds without a basket at (he start of the second half, the Deacons got their big chance and they didn't muff it. Florida Third Florida clinched third place with an 86-72 rout of St. Joseph's ^m P i ace game. Center of P h i l a d e l p h i a : Muhlenberg Nichols led the Raiders mauled Clemson for the consola- polnls anc i 15 re bounds. Davidson tion (fifth placet honor, 88-63, and na( ] come tup to a 69-all tie with Colgate spilled Davidson 82-71. for f, v e minutes left, but made only seventh place. tv.o points after that. Bill Allen Jack Murdock and Ernie \\ig- broke the tie with two Colgate gins. Wake Forest's fine pair of hoops and Nichols nailed it dowfc guards, got some i m p o r t a n t help v i t h the last nme points, from center Jim Gillcy and soph n n v e Hollmgsworth's 2T led forward Dickie Ociom Davidson. Mill-dock and Gilley hit Ifi points The a l l - t o u r n a m e n t each. Wiggins 12 and Ortom 8. in- i 0 ,.| Cf | | iy newsmen, included DP- c-luding three clutch baskets in a Mr ios Hohbs. Jack Nichols of Col- pull Bob Emrick. Florida's center and captain, was thc spark in the ! Gators' victory over Si. Joseph's. ; He bagged 30 points, h i t t i n c 10 nf 13 from the floor and 10 of 11 fouls. By M U R R A Y O L D E R M A X i "Stautner," drawled a Southern As Frank Gilford nodded to neiah- , is an eaccr i n v a d e r ol cncmv back- The Floridians. beaten nn'y NEA Staff Correspondent voice , hor Don H p i n n c h w h e n Rote) fields. ^ nn( . p j n SCV cn games, lead from NEW YORK - i N E M -- K v l c Muscled specimens huddled over stopped by, "This is it!" i M I D D L E G U \ R D -- Bill i h p fourth m i n u t e on as Sj Rote made the rounds of the dress- benches in various stages of dis- ing room cubicles under the -steel airay. They scrawled names. In | shoulders ol Yankee Stadium, a »'' at J PC f« o s fcach sheet it said. a , m v ,,.,,.,,,,, H ,, f t ,, c I n c o m p a r . }sheaf of paper and envelopes in NEA 19o6 ALL-PLA\ERS i ab l e Chicago Bear receiving threat h i s pass-grabbing hands. . ALL-PRO TEAM and lirst Jim Thorpe Trophy winner, paced all thc pros in voting a early in the second half to ,,,,«,. . J;K , k Murdock of Wake Fort h c club back i n t o the gamp. r , t . Rex Frederick of Auburn and Mulileiiberg's Bob Gall. OFFENSE NEA 1956 ALL-PLAYERS ALL-PRO TEAM " B r a n d i s h your pens, men!"' It was a scene repeated 12 times shouted a football G i a n t . over throughout the National Foot"Who \\as t h a t Stccler tackle ball League from Philadelphia to lowered the boom on you. Char- Los Angeles as the pros picked lie?" yelled a rookie from the their best corner. i The ballots are in and counted.' SECOND TEAM Oliense E--Billy Wilson, Forty Ninrrs E--Darrrl Rrewsler, Browns T--Bill Wightkin, Bears T--Mike McCormack, Browns ;--Harley Scwell. Lions --Stan Jones, Bears C--Larry Strickland, Bears QB--Tobin Rote, Packers HB--Hug McElhenny, Forty Ninrrs HB--Ron Waller, Rams FB--Alan Ameche. Colts Sisler Accepts Full-Time Job To Improve Pirates' Hitting PITTSBURGH W-George Sisler. 63-year-old member of Baseball's Hall of Fame whose hitting feats have become a legend in his lifetime, has taken a full-time job of trying to improve the hitting Of the Pittsburgh Pirates. General Manager Joe L. Brown yesterday appointed Sisler to the rather unique post nf "special adviser" to Field Manager Bobby Bragan. Sisler, who has been chief of Pirate scouts since 1950, will travel with the club' and attend every home game. He'll sit in the stands and try to pick out the individual flaws oi the players. "It's the first full-time job of it* type I know about in major league baseball," said Sisler. "It will involve principally the in- structioa 'A our hitters but any- tbiif' *ls* tfcat I can pick up for the b«naflt * tbe Pirates will be «latf to Manager Bobby oi COUFM." filler's assignment lar assignments--and without too much success. Hornsby gave advice to Cleveland Indian hitters while Mize did the same thing with the New York Giants. Brown called Sisler "the greatest hitting instructor in baseball." ta« flr»t fulMimt Job of ·trashy and «nf- Parker May Get Citadel Post CHARLESTON, S.C. (*) -- Clarence (Ace) Parker, backfield coach at Duke University, appears to have Ihe inside track for the head football coaching job at The Citadel. Parker said last night in a telephone interview that he had been offered the position vacated last week by John Sauer. Parker said he had not yet accepted. Parker said he would let Gen. Mark W. Clark, president of the college know of his decision by tomorrow. Clark said yesterday that the field of candidates for the coaching post had narrowed to "three or four mei," |E--Tom Scott, Eagles IE--Andy Robtistclli, Giants IT--Bud McFadin, Rams IT--Roosevelt drier, Giants 'MO--Dale Dodrill, Strelors LR--Roger Zalkoft. Packers I.R--Chuck Drazcnnvich, Redskins HB--Jack Butler, Steelers | .Jim David, Lions I S--Will Sherman, Rams 'S--Yale Lary, Lions popularity. He was on !)0 per cent of all ballots cast. Billy Howton of the Green Bay Packers, enjoying a tremendous season, is his r u n n i n g mate. TACKLES -- The New York G i a n t s have football's greatest ground t h r e a t , a n d Roosevelt Brown, an ultra-fast 245-pounder. is an integral part of it. A third vcar pro, he is gaming his first r-11-league recognition A repeater as the pros' own choice is Bob St. Clair of the San Francisco Forty-N'incrs, impossible to overlook at 6-0. George of tJic Bears is t h e kind of sepli's, pre-tournament f a v o r i t e middle man oii look (01 -- strong was w o e f u l l y flat after two hmh- cnough to shore up a defense powered efforts here. aeainst r u n n i n g assaults, quick Guard Joe Hobbs tossed in IS enough to drop back for passes, points, his lowest t o t a l in three L I N E B A C K E R S -- This is thc games here, to back up Emonck's v e a r Joe Schmidt of the Lions is -- -- - (irmly implanted as thp No. 1 dc- lensivc pla.\ej~ in football. He ran strong on all ballots. Chuck Bcd-lfiyn -n narik of the Philadelphia Eagles. Will Be took to heart those rumors he w a s slipping and emerml once more Carrousel Event ATTENTION MEN! Shop At Juliana's for Your Xmas Gifts FREE GIFT Wrapping Service Open Til 9 Every Nile Juliana Shop 509 S. Main St. Next Year , MALI-BACKS - t h e Cardinals and nf the Giants arc 1 CHARLOTTE t.-T.--The Canniiscl Lane of Basketball Classic w i l l be eontin- Emlen Tunnell upd ncxt year d CS pi( P a ri lop in attendance, John M. Bclk, of a couple of old' hands w i t h t h a t key ingredient in ] 0 u P , executive plav - they they clog tournament said director ol laM night the T n p f m a ] s doublchearter about 4,000 fans last n i g h t , ing thc six-session, ihrce-cln Girl Accuses Casrv T Doll Can Be Trouble- To Wolfpack, That Is By JIMMY BRESL1V NEA Staff Correspondent X E W YORK ( N E A ) -- As t h e y ried to close in on him from all ·sides, Everett Case, North Caro- defensive sceondar don't make mistakes, the air lanes. SAFETIES -- I t ' s almosl aulo- GUARDS -- Duane Putnam of malic now to include Jack Chris-1 to about 11,000. This represented a thc Los Angeles Rams is general- tiansen of the Lions and Bobby | drop of about 1.000 Jrom attend- ly rccognr/cd as the finest running Dillon of the Packers in any a l l - l a n c e at last year's tournev. guard in the came. Traded by Do- league selections. The statistics' Relk said t h a t the event w o u l d l i o i l to the Washington Redskins, back t h e m up, loo. foi they are continue next season, despite h's Dick Stanfel regained his all-pro consistently among the leaders in disappointment at the attendance torm piliering passes. Christiansen ro-'drop. CENTER -- Settled at center tdins his p u n t - r e t u r n i n g talents,! Last n i g h t ' s crowd was the l a i c a f t e r m o v i n g all over (lie line, on too. - ' est of the tourney, nflense and defense. Charlie Ane ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^J^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^JJJ^^^^ H of the Lions doubled the vote of i nearest competitor Larry Strick, land of thc Bears. | QUARTERBACK -- Bobby Layne iof the Lions made secure his jcomeback, barely nosing out Tohin Rote of the Packers in an even MEN'S TOPCOATS and Shorty Coats $19.95 T0 $39.95, Your Credit Is Good GARVIN'S 131 W. Davis St. 4 ina Stage's basketball coach, prob- i extended as part of the deal ably sat down for a moment, ran bring Moreland to Raleigh. hand across Ins forehead--and "Well, anyway," she says, "I wondered why everybody couldn't refused i t . Would you take some- be like himself. ' t h i n g like that for nothing? And Case is a confirmed bachelor. And the present NCAA trouble surrounding his basketball team apparently stems from a comely, sweet-talking lass at Shrevcport, a To Case, the trouble is bad enough. But to come from a girl. North Carolina Slate is on a our-ycar NCAA probation, al- | assistant director of athletics, who ' mentioned it to me," Miss Rhea run for popularity. No one else says. She is speaking about t h e , was in sight. seven-year scholarship-- covering ! HALFBACKS -- Frank C.ifford covering medical school -- she was of the Giants, already awarded the to 1 Jim Thorpe Trophy as the top man in the NFL. naturally led all the backs, as Hill led thr linemen, to set the stage for thc title game aeainst thc Bears. They'll be the ' I wouldn't w a n t to anybody." 1 Once the honey-toned girl said no--and Moreiand said yes--things started popping. As they do when a girl and boy volved. to be obligated marked men on the field. 0 11 i e ; Matson of the Chicago Cardinals was almost as strong a choice. FULLBACK -- The quick start by Rick Casarcs of the Bears for the league rushing championship precluded any competition for the the Christmas 14.95 , power spot. He's a blaster who At any rate, it appears like h a l f , c a n go all the way. hough thc body originally wanted ( h e investigators in the universe- DEFENSE ai order thc school to suspend all J tart ed roaming about the More-1 ENDS -- Thc problem here was basketball once the presence of,land-North Carolina State situa- ; to squeeze three men into two posi- Jack Moreland on the Raleigh j t i o n - 'tions. On final count, Gino Mar- campus was investigated. . A detective was hired and after chetti of thc Baltimore Colts and Moreland, a Minrien, La., high he looked into name of Miss it /or Betty a time, the Clara Rhea school star,' was pri/cd by several i Popped up. Next item: the medical colleges. Kentucky's Adolph Rupp; scholarship. Walter Byars of the NCAA promptly checked into it, found it was true--and then asked the young lady about it. '·I didn't give anything in writing," she says. "But they already knew about it so I just said it was true." had a look at him as far back as hrce years ago. Ken Loeffler of Texas A. and M. was on the, trail, loo. 1 But Moreland decided to stick close to home and attend little Centenary- College at Shreveport --whose campus is graced by a Miss Betty Clara Rhea, who happened to be a bit more than a Coker partner at this stage. i Case, of course, thought it a 1 shame that Morcland's talents I be buried in a small school. He immediately tried to rectify the situation--by bringing Moreland to State and thc big-time. Somebody at Raleigh had a notion that Miss Betty Clara Rhea might prove somewhat of a stumbling block to this situation. There was, however, a simple solution: bring her along, too. The fact Miss Betty Clara Rhea happened to be a pre-med student didn't fate State. "I believe it. was Mr. Willis R. Casey, the North Carolina State Gene Brito of the Washington Redskins showed a bit more vigor than the Giants' Andy Robuslelli. Thc trio is noted for pressuring passers. TACKLES -- Little Arthur Donovan is a tough one to dislodge. He's been an all-pro for several years. No one has succeeded in moving his 275 pounds yet. Ernie Stautner of the Pittsburgh Steelers, always slow to sign his contract, Girls' Long COATS On Easy Terms At HOWARDS CLOTHING CO. 1M E. FrMt St. SOWERS FISH HOUSE Grahom-Hopedale Rood NEXT TO AUMANCE COUNTY HOSPITAL Serving Delicious Golden Brown Large Portions -- Tokt Out Orders All You Cap Eat For One Price Phone C A 6-73 97 CLOSED MONDAY THRU THURSDAY DURING CHRISTMAS WEEK Regular Hours Starting Next Friday or himse 18.95 These handsome Roblees make a perfect gift. Elegantly styled with built-in comfort. Thew Roblees will last from ont Christmas to the next, and everytime he wears your gift, he will be thinking of you. Come in and «e« these smart looking, easy, wearing Roblees TODAYi Moderately priced, too/ ROSCOE GRIFFIN SHOE CO* 439 S. Moin Open Til 9 O'Clock

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