The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 11, 1967 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, February 11, 1967
Page 6
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(Ark.) Courier Ncwi - Saturday, February U, HCT - sHga ianp 5CA LOSES IN AIC; 33 FOR MICK '' Riders Speed Toward Title rlyr,THE ASSOClAttft ,'J',-T!l« Southern Stst* .Muleridtrs moved a notch clos: ,e>., toward. wrapping up the Ar»!$ B ? 9S Intercollegiate Confer- ...eiiee basketball title Friday ,; J :iaSht wheft they Whipped 6ua- ehlta University 85-71, aftd wheft State .College of Atkan'sss list ' 84-83. *i*M «*»**, College defeated Ar- .kansas A&M 82-74, Hendrix d«wned CoUefe of *s Oiarta ani Arkansas tech cUp- <*•«. pM the victory gave tha Mart- rider* a 1J-1 AIC record. State College remained in *ee6hd place hut fill to 1W ifi l«aiu» play. Beth team* Wve f*uf games left. * * * Souther* State was ahead by Wily «ne point at halttitoe, but pulled away in the second halt to send Ouachita to its fifth d*- fe*t to 14 AK |am»i. Bill Bur- rty Pat**** with 11 point*. Lou VoM aank DM «*» throw* with U sicoMi Wt t» provide th*«rfMitt«Mr!hk.f£ Henderson against fcMi Cel- lege. SCA was never aMM to the game and w*» dewa M47 at hsiftime. SCA's Mitkey Jew*** tte gam«'» le*dU| «*«Wr 3S p6inU. 6«nt Airy »«4td 1(. LMgley had » «M tfeWk U ettferfcx* WtrrVrt *aa*»« C«w«. 14ih at *** «*• NlveA had ».. Osrks with U K«ndrlx*M Esiley led pWht*. » * » . Arkansas College blew a 11- point lead and had to fight back with two minutes left In the game to finally overcome A&M. A&M had tied the game at 73»)1 with about two minutes left. Jim Canada scored 22 points and Richard Beavers 21 for Arkansas College. Kelton Busby and Louis Sansevere each had 21 for A&M, Succ««dt Dodd ' AWANTA <AP) * Bud Carten, last season's defensive coach, was named to succeed Bobby Dodd as football coach at Georgia tech. F«ft«tMllt NEW YQRK (AP) -r Villjno- va's pave Patrick turned in the fastest indoor mile of the season, 4:(».«, in the' U.S. Track artd Field Federations meet. Tht Vitw from Htrt ED HAYES .ots of Four Dots ^Oregon State Coach Is a Believer Yep, Super-Soph Is All They Say «. _~ .«.«,. rurtiYiAuth M.T1. P«w edged ttw* fcrai«ht *N W**« !*• _,i if D MEIER Associated Press Sports Writer r " "Nobody Is kidding nobody. This is a great basketball team and Alcindor is everything we've heard about." That was Paul Valenti, Oregon State basketball coach, talking Friday night after his Beavers had absorbed a 7«44 lacing ; c . from (fee top-ranked UGI4 Bruins and Lew Alcindor, their 7-foot-l : agile supertsophomore. of !M*S at UCLA's | the "-'- -•*"' r Pauley Pavilion saw Big Lew E ' ; . lead a l«-point spree early in rxr:JW:se!MBd half that turned * •« ';;.'"j.itasa game iato a ««t. ™, 1 '" '•' * * * «- Aleindor scored tt ftOints, « £ ef them ft the burst that in. tj •'-- Ceased'UCLA'S l«»d from 35-M ;* i.K.;: te JJ.J5. jj t wls given an ova- 5 •' - : len when he left the game with sr •^-'jjitt-.injnutes to play and UCLA .11 .".•--: ;--«hW* by » points at «M*. - s •'•• it was the 18th •tealaM '•'••'triumph for the unbeaten ""' Uelans and overshadowed the '" Svi -|(a 1 rrow escape from defeat of rasked nationally in The Associated Press poll, at the hands of widerdog Yale at New Haven. Yale stormed from behind to wipe out a 14,point detttit and take the lead, but Princeton rallied to tie at 8040 on Joe Heiser's corner shot and win 8140 on (Sary Walters' free throw in the last 18 seconds. It was Princeton's 18th victory in 19 starts and tffped the Tigers' winnjag streak to 10 in a row. * * * In other games. Cornell beat Dartmouth M.T1, Pen* edged Brown 78-77, Harvard uipet Columbia «-7«, Siutheni California downed Oregon 71-tt, L* Salle whipped Oklahoma City 168-J7, the Air Force surprjsei Wyoming 61-«, Las Angelw Loyola humbled Santa Clara 8478, San Fra»eite» «v*rtam» Pepperdine T9-7» and Weber State beat Qonzaga 81-71 ter its 46th straight home conquest. Oregon State tried the a*N|* baU control t«etlef used by Southern Gal that nearly upeet UCLA in a 40-M overtime fame last Saturday- The Beaver» held a 13-12 edge before UCLA took a 26-15 haiftime lead en points by Lueius Allen, Alctoder, Iffl Sweek and Mike Warren. Rick Stoner, wi* IT poiata, led Yale's comeback that «!most upset Princeton. H« |0t 18 of them in a six minute «pm tt«M hind a tMl aeere to tie at T4-74 in t virtual duplication of Yale's treat rally to * n.?» lots at Princeton several weeks ago. John H»»ri«* topped withM paints. COLLEGE He Cen't Win the NCAA. . • Coach Prefers NIT •J=" By SANDY PAPWE "'.HEW YORK-(NEA)-The National Invitation Basket- Bail Tournament has hopes of rejuvenating itself this .U- jear with UCLA acting as "'~ the catalyst. ; The NIT didn't expect the Srulns. It simply figured some of the major indepen- «----".dents would decide there ;llH wg . s little sence in struggling through the tougher NCAA tournament only to have UCLA and Lew Aleindor waiting in the finals. / There art a few problems Jnth that theory- Some of > 4he major independent consider UCLA that Invincible. At least, not invincible enough to keep them out of the national championship tournament. * • * * . "We're already thinking about UCLA,".said University of Houston coach Guy Lewis. "Of course, we have to get the invitation first. "We feel we could give them big trouble. We've got a big front line, the kind you need against UCLA." "I don't think UCLA will keep teams out of one tour- namwit," said Fred Lewis, the Syracuse University eoach. "One of these nights Alcindor is going to run into foul trouble. > EATING FISH FIVE TIMES A WEEK FOR LUNCH AND '* dinner for five yesrs has led to a low incidence of heart ? ^attacks among New Yorkers in the "Anti-coronary" club, i'«'reporte tit* U.S. Department of the Interior- Hypertension \ J fand obesity were also rtfuctf among |14 men between .40 and y*& years ef age wi» volunteered for a study to tod ways of f -preventing beiart 'disease. ;/„ ft addition to flab, the volunteers substituted ma«arme / /for butter, sherlsert' lor ice «eam, and soft cheese for the • fcard variely. Chicken, v **> W'bxfo W> to * roain m ** t j v >choiees ^ ' Compared to » control group of 4$ men of the same '•> sees, those who at? fish or the prudent dieters suffered only '^Sene-thlrd iss many heart attacks. • • • . • «"V '" "'*"*""* ' ' ALMOST ANY DUCK HUNTER COULD TBLL iY tHE » busting pressure th|t most resident hunters sat out the duck :??.„* iti'SSij-jt, tbe fall of W5, the year of the one- ' rtre sold that year: • This ^mount} ( e9 to'a decreasi of iWW over'the number of hunters who t ''bought tft« required stamp to IW-.' " / ' Many' Mississippi. Flyway waterfowl hunters tag,. " $ 'thumbs down on th? hunting in 1S(S, with nine of the 14 mem- k "- ber states showing a decrease in the sale of duck stamps. • "«- Arkansas led the list, ont in front by a heavy margin. i - The decline of duck stanjps sold iij Louisiana, Mississippi, i' , Missouri, Kentucky and Tenhes'se^-together-barely equall- '.'tA the decline in Arkansas. ' • However, the past season with a two-mallard limit, mark£«d fiie return of many duck Hunters who had hung up their '«un fa 136$. Th« total of duck stamps sold in Arkansas ft i«« is not yet Irnown, but it's a.sure bet that an avalanche of tumps was soW-a sure sign ef incnasad hunting pressure. * *' • * ' • i?" SOME FISHERMEN BELIEVE THAT AN ANGLER IS iw batter than hfl aquipraent, Bayinond Allen of Phoenix, r' AriT^ght ar«ue that potot. After purchasing a Garcia open- face waT hTb*|ht a Md and haadad for Lake Norfork. '2»«gW» cat^es was a' ntee-pound, l^uhce largemouth /bass that won : first place to the latta fishing contest. /, Cost of tha rod? Just $1.65. (V .. ' * * * V " SHORT-SHOW-A trick-shot artist with a gun maw-. /Moan ci?mp»ny hold ^* Jr S < Si° f . ^Srt'h^'daUy hha . , out el •*•• sfeets, •"< W one run of "A team that ean fciateh UCLA up front would hav* s ehance. Alcindor is.not tht overpowering rebsuHder. The team with rebounding power and excellent outside talent could give them trouble. * * * "But the choice of tournament is completely out of. my hands. We're an NCAA member and we're bound to go there if asked. The NTT would be fine for recruiting purposes. "And it's more prestigious to play In a tournament ysu went to the NCAA thinking we c&uld go all the way. "Personally," he oantjnu- ed, "I would prefer *« NIT unless I w»f sure my team was capable of winnini th« NCAA." * * * Joe Mullwey «f Pravidea- ee is another eoach whose team usually wind up fa one of the pott-seasen' tour.* naments. "In the past," be «|d, "we've always accepted ft« NCAA bid. WeareVmtm- ber school and if ftey s*!iet yau, you pretty mueh hfe« to go. I flunk tbe t?«n wsald prefer the NGAA," Lou Gainesseca o{ 5f. John's has one of be stronger independent teams in. th* country- and being « Ne% York school, St. John's fif- ure.s to be pr>-JHT." "Either tournaraest," Lou said, "would b« fine, lut we'd love a shot at them (UGLA). You WWt 'to play the best." '" ' * * + So the NTT will' have to be content with 'new rulings from the Southern, Bjg Eight and Atlantic Ce*st Conferences nermittjng any team' except the ehan(|pi^» from appearing In the New York tournament. they're still No. Z, though, and that's the toughest Ujuig for a New Yorker te icce'pt. l, bulldini up> its r*, 18 »«* wlft Princeton, kept OB 0ie heel* «f the Tigers to the Ivy League by crushing Dartmouth at H|n6v*r behind Greg Morris' n points for the Big Red's seventh ttraight. Cornell is M in league play to Princeton's ,8-0. Steve Piarsali't free throws in the last five seconds give Pean its one-point victory over Brewn at PrOvid««c*. Harvard broke an -eight-game losing streak, by beating Calumbia at Cambridge as sophomores Erie and fisrth Royer for j» pftinU in the s*confl half. * * * »•!! Hewitt threw te » pftifit* ta lead Southern Cel over Oregon in L«s Angeles. Nick J«MS get M f^r the ft**?. t&k Larry cannsn te«»d a ear**r Mfh ef a pstott tt lead LsSalle over Oklahoma (Sty to ISiiladelphia. Gary Gray got M tor the Chiefs. Fred Budinger's iWoet jump shot with eae second lift gave tha Air Feres its home court triumph over Wyoming, ftiok Adelfflan scored SJ points to lead tha Loyol* Lions over Santa Clara at San Jose, Calif. Dennis Slack and Art Wil- mof« eaeh tallied % points to iceep San Franeisee in conten^ tisa in the Went Coast Athletic Conference as the Dons beat Pepperdiae at h*m«. Nolan Ar- ehibsld's V points paced W**** twer G«CMg» to move the Wildcats into second place to the Big Sky Conference. By TftE ASSOCIATE!) PRESS Arkansas College 82, Arkansas &M 74 Hendfix to, Ozarks 4* SouthtrA State 85, Ouachit* n HUderifin 84, State College 88 Arkansas tech 89, Harding 68 SOUTH Bucknell 67, Navy 64 Howard 83, Maryland St. 80 Fla. A&M 119, Benedict 93 Washn. i Lee 7«, N.C. Charlotte 46 Va. Union 81, Va. St. 76 99, BluefiaW, Va. 89 MIDWEST Beloit 7«, Ripon 74 . Lawrence 91, Coe 78 SOUTHWEST Albuquerque 89, Westminister, Utah, 78 West. New Mexico 9?, Ft Lewis, Colo., 89 Santa Fe 74, St. Mary's, Kan. n FAR WEST UCLA 76, Oregon St. 44 South. Calif. 71, Oregon M ! San Fran. 79, Pepperdine 78 MONTREAL (AP) *- W6rld and U.S. champion Peggy Fleming of Colorado Springs Colo., took first place in the compulsory - figure competition 6f the N&rth : American Figure Skating Championships. Rod by Four PHOENIX, Adi. (AP) * Rod Funseth of Spftkane, Wash, shot a seven-under-par 64 and took t fbur stroke lead with a 10-un der-par 132 after two rounds o: the $70,000 Phoenix Open Tour namerit. Max, Paul Lead CARLSBAD, Callf.-Bill Maz eroski of the Pittsburgh Pirate! and Paul Krause of the Wash fngton Redskins combined for i- bfest-ball score of 59 to take the opening-round lead in the $3, 000 American Astrojet 6 o 1 Classic. Death in Rugby .BUENA PARK, Calif. (AP)*A-18-year-old high school rugbj player, Douglas Swan, died c sudden congestion in the wine pipe after he was hit in Stomach with the ball. BC No Headache MtASlI (AP) '^ Bargai Counter, $7.20, led all the wa •in the feature' at ."Hileah an beat Bwaha : Peacha'- by a nos Air Fore* 61, Wyoming 60 I to give jockey -Bill -Bartack hi L.A. Loyola 84, Santa Clara 781 first winning rid in more tha Weber St. 81, Gonwga 78 EAST frinettea >i, Yale «9 Pennsylvania 78, Brown 77 Harvard 82, Columbia 7S Cornell 86, Dartmouth 71 Brands!* 108, P»e« W Bates *3, Tufts 78 By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS Benton 68, Little Rock Catholic 61 Springdtfe 64, fil Dorado 60 Fort Smith. Northside 45, Hot two months.. Fast Finish • ARCADIA, Calif. ".?-, Hlg Pefeii, $?, came from t h r e lengths behind, in the stretch aji beat Settp ; Bello by a neck i the feMure. at. Santa Anita; High School Springs 32 ff, Smith Mulberry Southsid« 46 Blytheville 46, Jbneshorp 44 Little Rock Hall 75, Pine Bluff 65 ' Fayettoville 57, Texarkana 87 White Hall 69, Marianna S3 Stuttgart 64, Wynne 61 North Little Rock 68, Little iMk Central 52 'Leaehville 62, Manila 39 Paragould 46, Newport 44, two. overtimes : Greene County Tech 78, Helena «7 RusseJlville §0, Conway 39 . jj[op« 60, Smackover 54 . Trumann 59, ' Nettleton 48. Cabot 78, Fuller 62 Arkansas Deaf School 65, Bryant 58 'Little Rock Horace Mann 75, Texarkana Washington 54 tonoke Carver 74, Clarendon Carve «7 pine Bluff Merrill 95, North Little Rock Jones 84 Magnolia 50, Malvern 41 Jacksonville 58, St. Joseph 49 Searey 88, Sylvan Hills 63 : HERMON JONES BUSINESS MEN'S ASSURANCE GO. 1430 UniOD Aft. PbOttB 274-4400 Memphl. 4, Tesncsltn C»U for trot Consultation. Iniuianci for Estate Planning Key Mm. Partnership end Corporation Group - pension- Retire mint ud HosnltaJIzatlon. Did you knbw.yo.u' can select from over/ 20 S/^/L industrially rated drills? CI(1(1UM Prjb'.'Nio'wii LAD1C Top Bowler KANSAS GITY (AP) - Hlly Hardwick of Louisville m«v«d within one game of the Professional Bowlers' Association $58,000 Brut open championship Friday night. ' Hardwick topped tha other 1$ finalists in the 16-game raat« play, and advipced to Saturday, afternoon's finals. Al Thompson of Glevtland, Jim St. John of San Jose, Calif., and "Km Harahan at I clno, CaHf., win b»ttl» tt «il ,. see who meet? Rartfick for the WOO first gnu. t •:w 4 Cage Pros Your exclusive Distributor; of SkU . Products:In Tin'? Area Huffman Bros. • > .tUMB|fc.CO, No, Hiway 61 :PO ,3-8123 I** -CUrl National Basketball Association By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS Friday's Remits Boston 137, San Fran. 136, 2 OTs Phil'pbia 148, Los Ang'eS 131 New York 122; Chicago 121 Cincinnati .133, Detroit 104 Today's Games Philadelphia at Baltimore • San'Francisco at'New York St. Louis at Chicago Cincinnati at Detroit ' Sunday's Games Philadelphia at Boston San Francisco at Detroit Cincinnati at St. Louis Chicago at Los Angeles • Monday's Games Nw York vs. St. Louis 'at Memphis I CineinhaH at Philadelphia Friday's Fights to TBE ASSOCIATED PRESS • NAPLES, Italy - Mario la- magna, W, Italy, stopped : Lat 162*. Nigeria, S. : . PREVENT FREEZING -. IN BRIEF COLD SNAPS FIBER GLASS INSULATION '***• FONDREN HDW. ft GIFTS 811 W. Mtln Sir.««t Phone PO 3-«20 Free Parking In Rear ST, LOUIS HAWKS HAVE A GAME IN MEMPHIS MON- day nigiit with the New York Knickerbockers. The chance to see Cazzie Russo.ll, Hie new Knick .... Bob Ward, the new Maryland football coach who was an assistant at Army, said Notr'e Dame in 1966 had the greatest football team he'd ever seen .... Report from the -Jonesboro Sun that "It's pretty certain Doy Pannell won't return to Paragould next year. That may send him looking for a college job." * * * There's a bit of the old Arkansas sod in St. Louis— specifically at pusch Stadium downtown. Sod from Gov. Rockefeller's farm is replacing the first planting which didn't work out. However, the sodding work was slowed this week because of a union dispute. One union contends the resodding should not be handled by stadium personnel because it's ."new work" .... So, Stan Musial is finding out the grass is not always greener from the view upstairs .... Musial is probably (lie only general manager who has to worry about gardeners holding out. * * * CLASS AAA EAST JUNIOR HIGH REGIONAL BASKET- ball Tournament is next week at Henderson in Li'l Rock. Blytheville's Papooses are involved .... St. Anne's high school football team has five open dates on its 1967 schedule, the penalty of success .... Pine Bluff is the site of the state high-school baseball tournament again this May 22-27 .... Know yoyr basketball? Here's the situation. Tiie boy is lining up his free shot but the home spectators are jeering him something awful. The boy tucks the ball under his arm, leaves tha circle and asks ref to quiet the unsportsmanslike behavior. Legal? No. This is a free-throw violation. Defensive team takes over .... There is no rule protecting players from crowd noise. ' * * * This is not generally known in Jonesboro but a hole in th'e ground over there m.ight have cut short the football career . of Kyle Rote, the old SHU and New York Giant star. In 1950 Kyle stepped in a hole on a practice field the Giants were using in Jonesboro and damaged both his knees and career. "He was never the same back after that," observed Allie Sherman . .... . Some Blytheville football careers were also ruined in Jonesboro but not from stepping in any holes. FREE! FREE! Wlii A FREE OZARK VACATION at Beautiful Horseshoe Bend 0 Winners Drawn 07 Winners Per Week Register now at the New Horseshoe Bend office across from Blyrheville Air Force Base main gate. WATCH FOR OUR SIGN : v,Come SH OF Call LI 2-5713 - Wqteh For Winner Listings In The Courier News PangbUm's wonderfW Mltk-artd-Honey Chocolates in the world's most glamorous Valentine Hearts. Select "Hera" today, $£25 to $20 Barney's • Hiway i ; . ; Drug Stores Owens

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