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Salinas Morning Post from Salinas, California • Page 4
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Salinas Morning Post from Salinas, California • Page 4

Salinas, California
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PAGE FOUR- SALINAS, CALIFORNIA, AUGUST 2. 1938 Scheduled Clear-Gul Tests Of Republican And Democratic Actor On The World Political Stage Legion Posts Meet Together Elections Slated In Six States Barbecue Celebrates Christening Of Child GONZALES Mr. and Mrs. B. Breschlni, Jr. celebrated the christening of their daughter, Ruth Esther, who was christened Wednesday afternoon at St Theodores church by the Rev. Father Murphy with a barbecue on Sunday. The party was held at Nacimiento camp where a lamb barbecue was served by Mr. Breschlni. During the afternoon the picknlckers went swimming, later returning home via the San Simeon highway. Those enjoying the day were Mr. and Mrs. Fred Vosti, the godfather and the godmother, Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Pura, Mr. and Mrs. Elvezio Vosti, Mr. Esther Pisoni, Mr. Tony Vosti, Mr. Elmer Breschlni, Mr. Joseph Vosti, Mr. Joseph Triacca, Mr. Sam Lanini, Mr. Emilio Berta, Mr. Eddie Pisoni, Mr. Arnold Pisoni, Mr. Clarence Vosti, Mr. Hollis Vosti, Mr. Vernon Pura, Mr. Raymond Pura, Mr. Elmer Pura, Mr. Tony Caraccioli, Mr. Albert Breschlni, Mg. Wesley Bre-schini, Miss Lucille Pura, Miss Jane Breschini and Miss Mary Louise Pura. AN Actor on the World Political Stage, was how a London dramatic critic, recently in Rome, described Italian Premier Benito Mussolini He has a fiery eloquence as well as a countenance and guestures that can speak without words. A THEATRICAL effectiveness, a true actors realization of the importance of a certain amount of humbug These striking pictures, Just received in America, are photographic confirmation of the critics words. GONZALES Preceeded by a barbecue, the Gonzales, King City and Soledad American Legion I posts had a joint installation of of-ficers on Tuesday night in the Legion hall in Soledad. Commander B. George, 13th district president acted ase installing officer, The Gonzales officers installed (were Mr. Charles Gaggini, commander; Mr. Ed Dennis, first vice-president; Mr. Henry Rianda, second vice-president; Mr. Carl Justensen, sergeant-at-arms; Mr. Joseph Tav-emetti, chaplain; Mr. Fred Studer, historian and Mr. Reubpri Whltch-er, adjutant. Dr. H. G. Watters; of Watsonville was the principal speaker of the evening. He is candidate for state Legion commander. Representatives of 16 of the 22 posts of the district were present. Members of the visiting posts were introduced followed by short talk by prominent guests. Among those from Gonzales who attended the affair were Mr. Charles Gaggini, Mr. Fred Studer, Mr. Ed Dennis, Mr. Harry W. Buckley, Mr. John Schanbeck, Mr. Joseph Tavernetti, Mr. Henry Rianda, Mr. Reuben Whitcher, Mr. Joseph Vosti and Mr. J. S. Borla. Mrs. Roy Lumsden Is Party Hostess GONZALES Mrs. Roy Lum-den gave a party on Wednesday afternoon in honor of her mother, Mrs. Nellie Parson, who will leave soon for West Virginia to visit relatives. The affair was a dessert bridge and surprise handkerchief shower. At auction bridge Mr. John A. Boekenoogen and Mrs. T. Herndon were high scorers. Those present were Mrs. George C. Miller, Mrs. Howard Beasley, Mrs. Drusilla Sneible, Mrs. L. Lor-entzen, Mrs. Frank Schauf, Mrs. L. T. Lumsden, Mrs. John Pihl, Mrs. John A. Boeknoogen and the guest of honor, Mrs. Parsons. MONTERET MATTRESS SSOP PHONE 3039 COMPLETE MATTRESS SERVICE 14 E. SAN LUIS SALINAS ijOTI CROSS 268 MAIN ST. 'pm r. FISHING fans about the one tl while apologeti iting their sm; pretty Barbara 17, of San Diego is proud of the 1 caught. Barbara in a contest in prize was offerer son pooling th fish. In the photc exhibits the winning fish, an ('light-ounce rock cod. may boast tat got away rally exhib-1 fry, but Bradefield, California, vie one she took part hich a gold i to the per-' smallest above, she ilest prize- REFBIGEB. REPAIR Phone 2579 RICH -SERVICE 411 CHURCH STREET S. F. Publication In Praise Of Rodeo Among other boosts, this years California Rodeo was praised for its quality in an article published in the current issue of the San Francisco News Letter. The comment said: The annual Salinas rodeo deserves praise for the states grandest show run with the utmost efficiency. We recommend to the lads who manage intercollegiate football games such Salinas items as: parking right next to the stadium; all refreshments, 10 cents; a loudspeaker announcer who scintillating humor at no sacrifice of completeness and accuracy, and everywhere courtesy, speed, care, and fun. Mrs. Anna Streuli Honored At Party GONZALES Mrs. Anna Streuli was honored with a party on Tuesday afternoon upon the occasion of her birthday. The affair was given at the home of her daughter, Mrs. Adolph Schoch. Dutch whist was played with 1 high scores going to Mrs. Streuli and Mrs. John Jauch. Later in the afternoon refreshments were served. Guests were Mrs. Anna Streuli, Mrs. Barbara Steigleman of Gonzales, Mrs. John Jauch, Miss Flora Jauch and Miss Mildred Jauch, and Jane Jauch of Salinas. I relief agent for the Southern Pacific company is in Gonzales substituting for Mr. John A. Morrill at the local depot. Mrs. Anna Streuli entertained a few of her friends at a supper party at her home on Tuesday evening in honor of her birthday. Those present were Mr. and Mrs. John Jauch and daughters Mildred and Jane of Salinas; Miss Flora Jauch of Colma; Mr. and Mrs. Adolph Schoch, Mr. and Mrs. Walter Streuli and daughter, Norma Jean, and Mr. Jack Fuehrer. Dropping in later were Mr. and Mrs. Jack Hynding, Mrs. Fred Studer and Mrs. Barbara Steigle-mann. Mr. arid Mrs. James K. Eck-man and sons, Glenn and Tommy, returned on Tuesday from a two weeks vacation in McMinnville, Oregon. Mr. and Mrs. Charles Coffey and son, Warren, went to Santa Cruz on Sunday. Monterey County Asessor W. R. was a business visitor on Friday rom Salinas. Mr. and Mrs. Con J. Giacom-azzi of Soledad and the latters brother, Mr. Guy Balbo, were in Gonzales on Thursday. Mr. and Mrs. Louis Anderson of Salinas were guests on Friday at the Fanoe ranch. Mrs. Georgia Haslam, a member of the Monterey county coroners office force and her son, Roger, were guests of Mr. and Mrs, John Pihl on Sunday. Dr. and Mrs. John McGinnis Influence Of FDR To Be Disproved Or Shown In Wide Area Of U. S. (U.P) Clear tests 'of both republican and new deal -democratic leadership will be Wade this week among some of six primary elections. President Roosevelt intervened forcefully in Kentucky to obtain renomination of Sen. Alben W. Barkley, his hand picked senate leader. Barkley is opposed in the August 6 primary to Gov. A. B. KHappy) Chandler, a new dealer In his own right until he challenged the senator's position. Watched Closely In Kansas Tuesday the nation Will watch the progress of the Rev. Gerald B. Winrod who is seeking republican senatorial nomination against three candidates and over the protest of Chairman John D. M. Hamilton of the national committee, William Allen White, Kansas editor, and other party leaders. Three additional primaries are acheduled for Tuesday in Virginia, Missouri and West Virginia. The Sixth primary will take place this Week in Tennessee where the conduct of democratic campaigns for senatorial nomination has brought Warnings from the senate campaign expenditures Bitter Charges Virginia's eighth congressional Uistrict is smoking with bitter charges between William E. Dodd, Jr who is establishing himself as a new deal candidate for the seat occupied by Rep. Howard W. Bmith, Smiths record as a mem-beb of house rules committee bas classed him among democratic legislators cool and unfriendly to many Roosevelt policies and he has been blacklisted by labors nonpartisan league, political instrument of John L. Lewis' Committee for Industrial Organization. Hamilton jumped into the Kansas campaign last month with a statement repudiating the Rev. Winrods campaign which is roiling prairie areas with anti-Jewish, gnti-Catholic and anti-Negro issues. Winrod is a forceful radio campaigner who evidently has alarmed national and state leaders. They'" fear that his nomination would give a general election walk-away. to Sen. George McGill, democratic incumbent who is up for renomination and re-election. Editor White, who wound up a tour in 1924 for a short lived political campaign which served Its major purpose of laughing the Ku Klux Klan off the Kansas stage, is in the fight against the Rev, Winrod. Former Gov. Clyde M. Reed is among Winrod's primary opponents. To nominate him (Winrod)" White told the people of Kansas, we must defend his position as a peddler of racial and religious hatred the Nazi position, in short. Three In A Row Tuesdays Missouri primary probably will make three in a row for the renomination of democratic senator who a- year ago were thought to have been in political jeopardy because of their opposi-. tion to Mr. Roosevelt's judiciary reorganization bill. Sen. Bennett C. Clark, democrat, who was as willing to run without White House support as with it, is expected to be renominated easily. Of the anti-court bill senators-up so far none has been defeated for renomination. Already in are Sen. Frederick Van Nuys, Indiana, and Sen. Guy M. Gillette, iowa. But there is a contest in Missouri involving a relatively unimportant judicial nomination over which democratic boss Thomas J. Pendergast and Gov. Lloyd C. Stark have been, unable to agree. Campaign for that office has developed into a contest between Stark and Pendergast for control Of the state organization. Both factions, however, support Clark. All Quiet i The fourth of Tuesday's primaries, in West Virginia, has been quiet. It has no party bolts or purges, nor is there either gubernatorial -or senatorial office in issue. No candidate has been blacklisted. Tennessee's August 4 primary premises fireworks. In July 26 the senate campaign expenditures committee criticized democratic campaign methods in Tennessee as pointing sharply toward an election contest in the United States senate, regardless of which candidate Memphis Boss Ed Crump and Sen. Mc-Kellar are Tom Stewart for democratic senatorial nomina- HENRY EISEMANN Shingler j. Materials and Workmanship Guar-anteed. Let Me Giva yon An Estimate. Curtis ft Third Sts Phone 1764-W Salinas Robinson On Screen At Fox Fascinating crime story Dr. Clitterhouse, with Edward G. Robinson, Claire Trevor and Humphrey Bogart heading the cast, came to the Fox California Theater Sunday and will conclude Tuesday. Robinson has a Jekyll-Hyde type of characterization as a respected surgeon who turns criminal to record the sensations of outlawry. Miss Trevor plays a fence for the stolen goods and Bogart heads the gang with whom Clitterhouse carries on his experiments. The cast also includes Allen Jenkins, Donald Crisp, Henry ONeill, Gale Page, Thurston Hall, John Litel, Maxie Rosenbloom and others. Sharing honors in this bill is The Chaser, a fast action comedy with Kennis OKeefe, Lewis Stone, Ann Morriss and Nat Pendleton. and daughters of San Francisco were in Gonzales on Friday, and they called on Dr. and Mrs. Otto Sommer. Doctor McGinnis and Doctor Sommer were classmates at the University of California. Mr. and Mrs. Lester P. Johnson and children, Bette Louise and Lester, left on Sunday for a vo weeks trip to Salt Lake City. Go was a caller in Gonzales on Wednesday. Mr. Walter Johnson of Soledad was in Gonzales on Tuesday. Mr. and Mrs. Edward Botill and children, Joan and Bob, visited with friends in San Francisco and Marin county on Sunday and Monday. Mr. and Mrs. Mel Bowen of Salinas were Tuesday guests of Mr. and Mrs. C. W. Abadit. Daniel Wayne Lee, art student at the Stockton high school, is here on a visit with his relatives, Mr. and Mrs. Mar Toy. Mrs. Henry Fanoe, Mrs. Paul ONeil and Miss Georgia Jane Fanoe were San Jose visitors on Wednesday. Mrs. Irwin Coffey and Mrs. C. D. Scott of Greenfield were in town on Wednesday. Mr. Joseph C. Juri of Gonzales and Mr. A. C. Hughes of Salinas were King City visitors on Wed' nesday. Mr. Theodore Somkey was a business visitor in San Francisco on Wednesday. Mr. and Mrs. Walter Streuli and daugther, Norma Jean, were in Salinas on Tuesday. Mrs. N. P. Davlin and daughter, Mrs. George Davis, of San Francisco were week-end guests of Dr. L. P. Davlin. Miss Jessie Conover and Mr. Arthur Saxe of San Jose were week-end guests of Mr. and Mrs. John Pihl and Mrs. Marjorie Nusz. Mrs. Ben Ruyle of Castroville is visiting with her brother-in-law and sister, Mr. and Mrs. Francis Tice. Mr. and Mrs. Tom R. Warner and son, Ralph, accompanied by Warren Coffey went to Salinas on Tuesday afternoon. Mr. and Mrs. Russell Roth of Taft left Thursday after a week's visit with their relatives, Mr. and Mrs. Ole Olson. On Sunday Mr. and Mrs. Olson and their guests visited in San Jose. Mrs. Betty Westphal of San Francisco was a week-end guest of the Fanoes at their summer cabin in the Arroyo Seco. Mr. and Mrs. Sam Moranda and children and their guests, Mr. and Mrs. Henry Pfau of Venice went down into the Big Sur country last Friday. Mrs. Leonard Young left on Wednesday to visit in Oklahoma for a time. Mr. and Mrs. Bert Dozier, who have been living in one of Mrs. Matilda Doemskys houses on Fifth street, moved on Wednesday to King City. Mr. R. S. Platt of Sacramento, FIESTA DE CARMELO AUGUST 4-5-B-7 Carmel Mission ROSE OF CARMELO Written and Directed by GEORGE F. MARION EACH NIGHT AT 8 P. M. Phone 1352 For Reservation Carmel Garage Admission 1.00-$ 1.50 HORSE SHOW DEL MONTE POLO FIELD AUGUST 6 and 72 P. M. Box Both days $10 Single Admission $1.00 GONZALES Mrs. D. D. McLean of San Jose visited in Gonzales recently and visited her father, Mr. James Rianda and her sister, Miss Dora Rianda, for several days. Miss Mary Henry of St. Louis, Missouri and Miss Eleanor Ewing of Berkeley were guests of Mr. and Mrs. R. B. Heim on Monday. Miss Henry is a cousin of Mrs. Heim. Mg. Othman Bach of Newman was a guest of Mr. and Mrs. Adolph Schoch from Thursday to Saturday. Mrs. Wells Parson left on Sunday for a trip to her former home in West Virginia where she will visit relatives. She plans to be away for two months. Mr. C. H. Hart of Salinas was a Gonzales visitor on Tuesday. Mrs. Helen Locatelli went to San Francisco on Wednesday. Mr. and Mrs. Garland Embry of San Ardo were guests of Mr. and Mrs. C. H. Brandt several days last week. On Sunday the Em-brys and the Brandts went to Santa Cruz and the Big Trees for a days outing. Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Wenzel of Taft are guests of the latters parents, Mr. and Mrs. R. J. Gibson. Mrs. E. 0. Parker and Mrs. Edward Muscio motored to San Francisco on Friday. Mr. and Mrs. Charles Voss and Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Pradei and daughter, Leatrice, of Salinas visited Mrs. Claude Miller and her new daughter, Linda Ann, in the St. Lukes hospital on Sunday. Mrs. Ben Getsinger of Soledad was a Gonzales visitor on Tuesday. Mrs. Cherry Larson of Chualar is working in a Gonzales bank during the vacation season. Mr. Julian Moreau of Salinas was in town on Tuesday night. Mr. Tom Domey was here on Wednesday from Monterey. Mr. Chris Thorup, of Salinas tion. He is opposing Sen. George L. Berry who is backed by the state machine of Gov. Gordon Browning. Both sides have been charged with political activity among state and federal employes, respectively. Kentucky offers a clear cut and acknowledged test of Mr. Roosevelts leadership. He campaigned for Barkley passing westward through the state toward his fishing vacation. Widely printed polls give Barkley a good lead over Chandler and the latters nomination would surprise most observers here. It also would Jar the new deal-democratic high command with devastating force. Some persons believe Mr. Roosevelt not only picked Barkley as senate leader to succeed the late Joe T. Robinson a year ago but has hint in mind as a possible 1940 new deal presidential candidate. as Jar a Jerfiel ocnion Enjoy Chicago' summer sports and entertainment while living at this world-famous Hotel. A. S. Kirkby, Managing Director I Jlacfstone MICHISAM IVEKIIE, CHICAGO Chesterfield Time on Your Radio Paul Whiteman Paul Douglas Joan Edwards The Modernairb Bvtrj Wednesday Evening AUC.B.S. Station wen the cigarette boy xf Jspes around ask him to toss tA a pack of Chesterfields pajber here's PLEASUREor j'Off fyan he tertis Smokers everywhere put 1 1 'hesterfield at the head of, astinie lineup. They like Chest-gocxfs anc-fields ingredients PjPP.aF. Mm ripe tobaccos home-Zrown and aromatic Turk and pure cigarette paper. Chesterfields will give you jftbRB PLEASURE than any cig arette you ever smoked. lesteme double your smoking pleasure theyre MILDER and BETTER TASTING Copyright 1931. LlGfiirr It Myiu TOBACCO i inrun irimng6r A.

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