The Scranton Republican from Scranton, Pennsylvania on July 31, 1872 · 5
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The Scranton Republican from Scranton, Pennsylvania · 5

Scranton, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Wednesday, July 31, 1872
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FCnASTPN TVKFKT.V TmimiJOAN: 7EDnEHDAY r XU 7 o it IUc 1 jt4 tkat, pUlr.j of PtmIImI of tea ItalMd tiUU, yoe atrt 1 Uo Mt imu to Lorf Riwi, la a ftno blkjTloa Mnif7v' Sowell, Utu prt rciata4 o'tiMiii lo hn fia. 1 at tort fta Ua ftoolda ii kl h too, aoAoatiibut r tort towto u. VvhM- ofcf M j kto draiot AT dJpo4 of, Our feuvern odkaUto.Aa jtooutoW 11 .v i .i?Srr: wnh klo aoni'toaoy. Aw'g joa to ka a (Bllomaa.joa whl louaclihla otouaunl M yabUe'y u yoa atimd It Km poo fultj yooro. . Of - .0 aulduV 4' Urculairf -lb fahohood I Art. , but vis a VL. nnK. ruld 00 Till! iruucxD, xrvirtr' Sr. Ul (U'A&nret'Ueiittfimdrafo CXXABXD, DXJTS FAIfl. . laay. ' If to arbitrators should refuse lbhInUriat'0- Ito allow-our country compensation panfcieat, m mi eloquent epeech Vito's I avenfor 6 irtct 'damage, our-' goyero-Gnat Republic meeting it Alum-j meat would h?f yo appeal 'fnn .th 'drla, Vi , lait week, give udi tour-1 decision. At lent It could make ao eating figures rdiative to the reduction auch Appeal tthout laklpiitiilfpn to taxetloo by tbi present admtolitra-1 to toe charge of aviolation of . good tloa. B y toe act! of June JTQ imj I bi ueetk) la'tfeirl ln toe June 1873, be Mid, the interjulix 1 Lifdog tiearfjfratop; Lad. lbetdcU' tioa hie been reduced 73.tKqjX)iicl ff Ciijiriiue ioo?'le annum. By the icU of July If, 1870, whether it be for or igainit toe ttoiJfed and Hay 1,1673, tbe custom duties Statea. Tbe efforts made by. toe oppo- bad been reduced at the rate of 54,-jneuts of President Grant, to prov tost ' 000,000 a jear. Tbeie two reduction I England baa won a gyeet- Tic lory, and make an aggregate of about 130,000, riwJJnlted Bute Suffered a humilitat- i f - ' r 7 ; i poallioa to the wladout facroaa the forte of home, tbe embrace of loved water." The truth la that .the United onea and tha fellowship of frieoda, to Stataa i aooomplUhlag all that Auto help perpatuata, tola glockmi Republic algned 14. aopompltiA by tha Arbtlra- of oura. Jha otter-well LUtory baa Uoo. The 'claims jfor ccnwqaentlai him recorded a at United BtAtwBeAs tor 1q the fi4rk Lour of Lb country's perllf working eocf voting aafnal'nll maaaorea looking lowarda to alia vie-lion of tbe auHbriaga' And han&hip of toe 'aoldiera, whoa bravery be could opt appreciate j aa noting iftlwl all appftpnationa or 4h benefit Pf the lov Once, toe father And moths. -U wiftkAnd hU!e.oaea,gi those pf ygj oomredee, who with their last breath urged you pa to victory,' "Choooq ye whldiyott wQTaem." A ' u ' T latT menVrom the firsH luilited that toSe clalma ahoold be apbrnitUid to toe Board d ltoltryW England reai4-d, claiming that they'ahnuld not' be touched at, all. They ,w , ub honor twuiad, to aubmlt to the declaion V i hij defeat, la mere electlnoaering fun-tlaa, and amount to nothing. ' - 000 a year. Theaa reaults bare been amred at by faithfally 'vfarctog toe law, collecting tbe f - , and paying it into tha Treaaury. total receipu cnooiD.thn.. Amalgamation, Otoctor fromapbjta, tobacco, fermented liquora J B a 1 1 i tn o r a-JjberaJ-Rrpubllcan-and other artlclea-tune ail told, for! Tammany-ticmocrmtlc ticket by. any toe three years eotng Marti !f ij, powlbUrty be ncceeaful. which, thank when General Gratt cam to-amounk j educgtlon and common aena of d to 281,153,714.', Fwr the three th people of the United Eutea,ia not at yean of General (TraufiaAd min litre tios, ending Mgrch i, 1972, tta total that th diagmoeful cene exhibited to diir and County. AgwrUfmaai Vavtola Wato. trot. B. Ik WaJkr-Jlwau. Ikkwi. DlMulttMt s. ; '1 ' C K. Vwtk hi w tea. lift af lew QtttNj. A Marlow nwkrspi MUta r- BrSvtUaa., TB Mllkado of Japan' ha' laWf " ' mtUa - . 4- , f gtren the British Cbaryd'V' 'Hyd fhrtc laorgvOiAgjtirsh: lemon to good maaaer which Mr to ' to WUao Glee Club. .j be hoped that Mlridoal Jnay nut to r Ground waa broken Thuraday ti profit ' The TpreaTOtaUTlef John toe new aUk toanufeewry Bul wm to hare ba meired by tha Ground waa brokfB on Saturday The Japanese government declared woe Wednesday afternoon, carrying that they had the right to decide such I live copperhead wake In bis Lana, question of etiquelk i for themselves, I -The following collieries will be and that their customs were aa much Me for about two mentha for general entitled to be reepected a those of the rcpmr : Carbon P11T Oak Hill and ritiah.Cort While this Important I Bprtoft Brook. ' f . question .was pending, the Admiral I The Scranton Trtut Company an 1 onimswfliiif the Amerioan fleet ar-ltoga Bank paid it depoalton, on rived in Japan and was preeentod to I to let tost, 2100, for interest the the lUlkedo. He waa reotived stand-1 Pt ! montha. j i tog, th first time inch an honor hail An enthualMtlc GrMeyit trear-been paid to any foreign vliitor. -. ItuHC whit hat, wa seen carrying a trident America is sUU toe sioet falP0 baby arowfld l hl arm last vored nation, and it is not to b-Wo-I wk to Commercial alley. dated at that English Jentonsy la dovply moved. -. - - ' V' Mrs. Green, widow1, of the Rev. Daniel Green, of Greenfield,' had two cow and a yearling kOed" by the fall pf a tree to astern On toe 4th of July, "Roasted ooCe is on of the most receipt on thMd fame attics kmount-to whole world at the Inauguration of id to 339.000, .orr:J02Xwf Andrew Johnson will pt be repented more than thfiy TunoWd ti fdb tha I efoe toe lit of jmuaiy, 1874 f Al-three precediirg yearn. y6u will though Horace Greeley la r weak and see, he aald' t . while re-Jwvfl.Uen foolish old man, yet bo It sometimes reducing th abUc debfabont 100,-1 tubboni; ai.J ha t!U ctolmO to M 000,800 eecl eac, wa kav at the earn 1 Rcpublteha.' 'Kow , he. mnnot find tone tocreai the jmTfnu tpethe ex- hoA ppm him', tent of l! ' 000, bOOitn' ft vy Jew! Jtooe trajtorouA. tSlftAWgrnbmi f article. TVSecrehy apoke kindly ffom ' to PJ. rreawhart . ;it eaabaguooe asyL. 10 AnHn of toeflr nnl of Mr. GredejThjjt aald ' that JUo Anj 0nJJ toe .worst elerWta thatf will be In tihTtoK which bu placed him Joinder hmry I w,,Tpc'fcr 'j s I allowed by toe election of a Democrat- j MQTms obligations. Iawa thirefore reaion- u b the r , .l ' "7, ft Grace, raui State Senator, beaideajeopar-able to suppose that if ejected Lla , Ad- defend ku Vfrot t, lost mtoietration would, to Bbme degree, at reulr:" B; taizBrown, whose ap-TpUj)jjcang.. e induced to yote least, hapf$ to accontonqe with P?06. with the Democrats, but otherwise not Democrat)! Wens and sentiments!'' ' mentbaused alTthoBf Resent to blush u . , , , L. jg. 1 - . I.. i. j - j for ahune at tha exhibition he made of I; Grant clubs are being organised to feoxr eLAiril W. IcoSTELD.m' J his lost manhood, would then be JKrea-1 every city, town and village throughout Judge dooflel4, thfi-thudLcaqdjdateJident.' RGtatoBrow,whoeeovertoour Commonwealth,, and manyiio for Congrieman at Wge, is too well Jdulgettce in liquid fruit-in New York have voted for Andrew Jackson' all ,,i k?own to need extended notice. He aTmoel ckuaisd a vacancy In. the ticket, I their liyea are joining them.' . 1 - " was born in Qbautauque couqtj. New would then be president, f Jtis publicly ";forij; March li,Tl817;: giradutpd Atjprtctolmkd-.Wnd we have tfeyer semi it " Hamilton College to 1840, andremoyeS I denied,'1 that this matt no,' together ''to Warren, Pennsylvania, where, he I with the man' who; Apptoves.of tt was admitted to the bar. to 184af t In PAyaent of peheious to rebel oldiers, ' -into tn8 iftfil be wss a member!of tbe I tekg toe suflrage4 'of thd people of tl fetiie Assembly, and'rom .1857 to 1859 1 CountrfTia a slave ofthe'onelcup" Ah attempt l3n5old"l" Gr6el4y. . . . ,h mamAaeemoiy. anu om aoow 'one Andrew JohnoiUdrdUite Enough ratpcation at Goeben,Ind.,aew.ven "Mured. A brakemAn on the trarnlb he waalappolntod, President Jqdgq ?f 1 for a life time. tlrtiUe earrtod by tou ma to ohg wa ou haadTlo welcom hlm irTlkl wag of to Uil.tuggifra of atm aailufictim. Tha Doctor say Tigbai brokta arm tad aundry other brutaea will prwmt kl ondo uklag aaotom inch a Job for awvral waaka. But h a wean vea-raaeea cn the dg Iturprla Party a4 fertaaAa, ' 7Oe of the must pleaaaat aorUI vest of to erase occurred kioaday (mli( at to raaldenc of Mr. X 0. Lyndr, the occaatoo bring a birthday aanivvraary of th head of to house. Thacumpaay eowprhsod circle of 'lb parHooal frkndaof Mr. Lynda, aid to dinaar party vu arranged by Mr. Lyaliaud Mr.' E. JY Kinfubury u6-oaaafully, with opt the knowledge of the suryrieed host, who unexpectedly found' hie per kin filled upon hi return to tee. After enjoying, bouuti-fully aprtad board, a mott' tJ yable van tog wa 'apeat la social, lalar-coum, . eultventd. . br , th 'J iwctt melody of Hartnuas Bthrrr Coe-net bead. Tlia apecloui , grouoda were illumtoatod alto score of China laatarqs, sad, a th tnatlc sad fastivIUe ware prolonged until a let hour toe teen vrs quit euchtnttog. Tha reunion waa on ol general pW aore, And Idcfr WITl thartictpabt fa-vert wito pleaaaat memorW t th cordial good cheer and hearty welcome enjoyed. i short cut vxmta for tde.- fie pstrn rrsftor ini deilght to th hoya - & 1 Judge Letorop and hi aephew, lwlghl N. lalhrop, jr., ara a( Crtelry, Colorado, ! H Tha annual meellsx - at th ftohOo!)s Ifldependent Batnry go-clatloa will ta bald at Writ llunou on Monday, August 1 Tha members of U Baucry raaidtag her r J. kA A is lander, Juhfi Boorry, tutu Mar ahal aid lleqry Dakar. ' Tha Brvwatog af Xiward BiawttC Wednaaday afternoon about 8 o'clock th dead body of Mr. Edward Bkvitt, father of Mine InpotQr Etowitt, of tom city, era found ta the Lackawanna river where it bead around at Kay Auk grove.'' Hewa'a man about seventy year of ag and employed at toe Oxford mine M welghmaater. He ha been miaatog since Suaday.! The upporitinn is tost he waa croaator th bridge com diitanc abova tbe move and fell oil, and that the late min had twollfen the river tod floated the body dingn to where it waa found. It was not, at this point on Tuesday, as quite a number of bpyt had been )n bathing, and they state that it could not have beep there or they certainly .would haVe seen it. Tha body waafirit discovered by tome boy who were in bathing Wednesday Mb' 3i -a m,Va 1m i s, Vitiate - Doe Lava- Belorp Juk Hale, at Yaleet'il Thundiy, jh flog shooCn etdlauo' wa called into qgMtloa Chief of Pol Ice Milligan waa arjaigaad lor ibtmdnm 4irniuuJLxid dmeiomgf tog I Joob Killer, TaaporaH Jtvig-meot In fart of tlrt frocjtDrtpiLa amount oi d,&) agian, jLp, ajh peal for a forth hearing at uagt court was taken. 1 f-' i Pxc Xk. To pfc-tle t-; htrf j the Bepttot Sunday School d toalvl to EvangaUcal. oupgregaUou Wer held Thurvday,ft fomtef on Eteri Alfa Island, tod tht Utley In .ij! gfuVn shaft Nm0..f , 'j t to 'Both war wall attended aad (ready enjoyed by the ptrilclpanhc ' 1 Tu Pxrmg Mtob Xb! mptitaitl of J. F. aad G. B. Romm). Wve toe Lehigh Valley road th eanal, aad which baa b4n idle for tome time, 1 now being entirely Vefltled aa3 re paired hr th arw maagra Knoh aew and improved xuaqhiavy abelag placed in it. The old paper tfirtcblae, which wa but a thiriy-alx lack one, baa been wp laced by n new on of ix ty -two Inch, thereby greatly ta-inoreaatog tha capacity of tha mill. Thh power of th engines hu been increased by the Addition of rii large cylinder bOlWri, which are plioed on toe north aid of tbs' mill, and; a large brick. chimney which- ta eonneottd to the fniuao of theag to now to, course of erection? Seeldfj the. ktot tjf pc per heretofore' produced, the proprietor intend to maa'ufactnr two additional qualities - of flatr text ure." Tha mill will be in successful bperatiol in about three week. i Noma Something of tMtiC, wbtreto' the Bridge company pre-cutmL.W Freetoah, edrtdr of ih; Chmrijfor. fast driving .tlyongh the' head was fast Under, th soot pf Ao oldjetump. ' It wu fpund necessary to prthia out before tbe body could be X treated, so firmly was it wedge under, After, tbe Mump, - waa removed toe bodyjras' laid -on. tbe iie .vf bank, which poaiilop will buried before .Juetiee'-IWlm on Mondiy, the Mtb, last. Bgh Coxutabla Sfclntyrejha , been "poundtog th stray, pigs' and toga, ao that he now t&t largo punfber on haqd which, hi will pflkr fc salt soon.' The ' of--tbJ7reabtirUh j chufOh t K w' O" of the workmen, was aererely'' . -7.e7.ceL. ' UJy. Hie la- " ' 1" 'J Vj prove fatal, aa ti seeui (j .. 1 r YU, though la much pain. C.j c. workmen wu Ihroyn through -a krg Lxr atul over a Urge saw, a dUteaoe of twenty- -flea feet " Tke boiler did not break in -plrtH, but separated, neat the eud, too small portlun flying high u the air and striking to a potato patch qGti a diatino from lb mill Th large or - ' malq porilon was torn from ha seat aad Jura In nay tiuuugh toe brick ci Unary elxy feat high, which fell with a (ml crash, li finally perUy hurled iiaelf la to creek bottom, mors . than sixty rode from toe mill. Tk holleri war old and patched to edval plaoaa, which undoubtedly i cauied tha txploalon- ... j t ' 1 ff; n Ftaaamt TaUay Aaaldaaa :"Afi IfitJuMt In rvgud to the death of , J obi, A Urn, who wa hilled on th-, Floessnt Valiev breach of the L. V. R. ..laar fUturdiy, wa held Jn lari. Wanna yeaterday be tore L. lirake, r, acting oorooer.i iv tha verdict : i That th tvearreac kippeaad whem public road croeae tha aioreoaid rail- fmd, ad that at said crosalor there- -4 Wki no algn Or poster of any jfeecrlp- tlon and that tharo was no watchman-therw Mationod ; and toe said jwore- upon their oeUm dp aver that the said eroailag to in dangarotm ooadltkor , and wm at the time of to occurrence- to CneaUan to a dangerous oondlikm, , afid do regard it as groea aegllganra oo th part of tha aforesaid Lehigh Valley Railroad Company, and dr regard the aforesaid railroad company by toatr ! select th eaua of toe death of toe said John Aten. i , ae ' Coztea. This lfttl place, which sarors of Importance, ia tot lint aution on the F. L-N. V. C, IUL '0atripbeH't Lodge oo the north ah alien it from the chilly breath- - Inga of ruda old Bpre, while a imal) nameleai mountain on the west ahuta -out fbejuallght early in the afteraoo. . It m situated at th northern extremity ot the valley, and occupies land mostly' ' pwned by thf jralToAd company, , B- r sides station and An engine house tom company ( hays, erected a fine, largo tijrptory. bon issued by F. L- Farnhaar which rtands bn tbe turn- ptite At the foot of the Ledge, and la A State convention of toe Republi-1 to save the boy. One 'horse was also was bomlnl l10 killed and tbe other injured. tbe Eighteenth Judicl District pf tbe State, and in 1862 he was elected a PaKauinjiT Jciaxz'was born In I stidnee on. Wednesday, the 21st day of Representative from Pennsylvania to 1 1800. HewAaof a pure Indian race, I August, 1872.- ., . toe lhirty.ighth Congress, being sub- a native of the,. State ot Oajacs, and a Oberlin would go for Greeley, the sequentiy re-elected four.tknee ineuc-lmanof indomitable' fore of Will aalAt abolitionist," jbey said; and so It V J: The Pennaylvinl Coal Company will soon sink a hew shaft add 'erect a and a way-bill of j coal of tbe.Oxford mile, dated March 25tb. Tbe body wa then removed to the residence of hiedangbter, at the Sand Banks, with does. A canvass of tbe college tood emsion, and serving lately as Chairman of g&rt Industry and of considerable I ggQ . Greeley , 21. f the Committee en Naval Allairs. info.lon', ly -The Waukesha (Vtocpqsm) P1V Wet sponge on the heads of' borees and was a delegate to the recent National I he has been tbe leader and standard- fiedigr 1 - .1 Republican Convention, and acted ae I bearer of tbe refoim party in Mexico. pM.rmnn of tbe Committee on Plat- He came to the presidency originally, form of that body. Judge Scofield has as bis successor now comes to it, from taken a high standing in CobgTess.and toe Supreme Bench., During, tbe War I jQ manuf, is unquestionably one of tbe strongest of the Intervention and for the Empire employing one hundred men, one of . , . , men beforothe people in the State. He M obstinate' refu3ario'b6w tblLe the employe and many of the n- W . na bad refused to Wcceptla renominatioi-logic of facts unquestionably saved Pyes have been Democrats up ito this Prte as are liable to chafe by pe aareiuBi w wttpi,reuu I .i ! time, but they have, eveiy man, decided I miration or otherwise - drive slntrlv. for Congress mi the Nineteenth dis- the Republican institutions of Mexi-1 yote jcr (jrant nfrj jal trict, which fie has now represented for co, and be was the inevitable choice of Qver one hundred Democrats in nearlyten years but wjll doubtless wm-1 toe country for Hie',, presidency' after jRiford, Oakland county, Michigan, sent lo go upon the ticket as W candi- ftbe execution of Maximillian had dial have signed a paper not lo support . . - r i ' .I,. ,i,oM.uoort Fvh Greeley and Brown, and toev further Protecting Draught Animals. ' Tbe following is recommended as. . , , being very 'good for horses that are ex-. I whom be lived.; He must have been in large breaker on tlirir 1 tract, north of posed to the hot sun all day t . Cae a fbetwater since' Sunday, as deooinpoel- the pdlliid Cos breaker. They' wili ... , . . wet sponge on the heads of horses andka4 already commenced. The face strike tbe vein upon which ; they reSfiTtih! ! mulci ! frnl8h ,hem with a little drink- j wa to black and mutilated that it was Ujej "now ' writing and , soon tonby wmchtbe Democratic party I tog water as often aa practicable, when I almost impossible to identify It - Mr. intersect with the chamber of th Hill- not overheated, and, at the same time, to BlcWett was at one tune a civil engln-l aide Company. In A few months more eer on the D. L. & W. railroad. one 'could, if he wished fp do such thing, enter the mines beloy Port Griffith and folioW the winding passSges date for Congresmnan at Large. the hokihatioh of GEBEBAL , .. -i 'Albbioht; ' - We experienc4tnore ihan' an ordi-- nary degree of - gratification at tbe bright for Congressman at Large, by the State Central Committee, yesterday. We are gratifledL.because he, is a perfectly aoeept&ble and strdng' candidate, an earnest Republican, and a, true Chrikiito'-Genian, wlWill be an horw to thcetiU ea a geprewmtetlre in Congress,, , W. are moreover gipti-, fled because iTn Rwcbucaji first named' him lor the position on the ticket When, a fejrl weeks' ago, we first urged him for' to'ploe,,.our Art! .cie was copied' and fully' vendomd by 'faig-tm leading Repuidican papers of tike State, a power irresistible, and we knew the State 'Central Committee a a ted the short-lived vision of the Greeley and Bro wn, and they further periallstp. third term in the autumn of ,1871 , .... X88 1 ; '-rThe Democratic revolt is rapidly only effected after a severe -contest, in gprtading Those who have charge of which bis chief opponents Wei Lerflo Ltfte Louisville Convention are receiving de Tejada and PorfiriO Diaz ; and it is spe torn all quarters. Thev U.b.deedU.A toS th. UUt SSjjKV&SKtST period which has since elapsed he nad Qrejeley.-. - -,, greatly disappointed tfle hopes of thosh I - the question of consequential damages before the Geneva Tribunal. While tbe leading papers of London are no by any means jubilant, on the con. men, the Anti-administration f papers are striving to xaake believe that the V- United Btates ha been greatly kumili-ated, aad tint British statesmen are ao far superior to our own that we should who looked to eee hfin effect Jhe pewfAft mabent pacification of -1- Mexlcoby I forming dchui effective coahtiou of of the ablest men fY'. Jiade ojpin-j the' ion around bis gover. -n n il wal quite within his powey to havrm-plishedTja death will probably be followed by awar(betwvea toe rival A m m factions, always ready 0 fight for eu- Gofemor Charles a Olden of New prdmacy in nnfottunateMexico., TL "" I' A Mas Kiaaiitg, ' Cusper Behner, residing u the Flats j" meB ,at t Bbring'BrookJ has been missing since Tuesday. He xj,e Hillside Coal Company, whdse was last seen standing on the bank of breaker is new and also tbe largest one the river below the Dodgetown bridge I hW6 tm, tvunneled into tjbe bill abovi in Ids shirt sleeves, and- somewhat ex-j breaker where a large vein exists, n mu, u. , showed evidences or insaai- s company sunk a large shaft, Tbe steam saw mill of Mr. William j ' J Ee Is 8 married man has een reaching a vein of eight or nine feet In Dale & Son of Daleviile. was entirely ln T "toit three months. Jeal- thickness. This vein WaspartTy wedded destroyed by fire early on Saturday 00B7 W8S cAuseo1 sudden die- outj.. but reappeared again, farther up morning. Mr.Datoto posilive that it fPPj8- PP .7 the hill and much larger toan tofor. ,4, was the work of a .incendiary, for be he e Af torg4dernck forteHlrillmg to agreat1 oneofhlsmeriiiadvaiitedtoemUl had been in tom a Aort Mme, gepth bM-been put; apnwthj Friday evening, before retiring, toand asked him and breaker: 'Somebf! the ar fibtMfidd nd no evidence of any freon 8laf of lager Athere'isnot o,? superior. quA,bu4 niijl foritos entcilainment of pleasure trejiart a well aa for tbe Aocommoda-Uofiof -railway offldala . ' jiThe'mort' irf)tntoihg feature is Ui frfpl.tlai, rallfoad '(totopasy wiU, tqohJay a track around the basin, tbus brlBhl the trtfins near, the hotel, Ahd ' mW i' pt Si'ning 'itatlon. They W-Vow digging stox noiu xoJempiy urn talaol (he stagnant water, 'A larger? nuipbfr of lots bav been la)d out nml' sevfrkl nefr hsidlngt ire about to' tree f-' .MiaATantUatiaa. , A Morning kcpnbUcea. ijt, July 23. Wiilyotr pleas' room to the folio wing in year coi-J for tb benefit of the people gen- ' l) j who are.intefted in the subject , r Contained hut f Joan R Evaxa, Hyde Phil. Knowing that you have atudhd mi. e vaullatton, von will, please m ,x v tit-tldeathe writer if you will'u an,-explanation on furnace v mil tlon. I. have heard parties deVok mi mi a questions in toe Hyde T;m k Plnloiopb-ical' Society, but I am t me Hm wiser -wbtn it comes to the p' lnt ui flcu-late the velocity and qu.miry from a given difference of tom, wrmre In the -down-cast and up-CMt.t'uf', I wish you would give a cot?"0 rlr,e by which I can calculate tot vt-locrty na quatatlty that rushes ' up i'i. ' nrwmk when toe temperature and s .J of. n -upcast is given. ' i, ov ow rkus ion Tammany organ. A correspondent writes u ai fok I see toe Greeley itrs 'claim' ex- . as a supporter of their smking cauee. 'Ttua'la mistake, (butorriy'Ofte w i .Of many tuh-miiake) I -have the Thx election in North Carolina is I nupe of all in tb section where Govt now near at hand, and- toe friends of I Olden resides, who will support Greeley Mr. Greeley are ln p"jtrame of mftdjan hie napte is aotamoogtoemJ.-j,,-ww till not refuse to nominate a mewtaordertng on auprem unhappioesa in I --Tbe Atlantic Monthly for : August whnft fitoSw".WTo general coa- sntioipation of toe reeuife They x5 defied. .That bwUl be we, do pact to he defeated, sod . even tbe.ewLfflS drejSdteSh?1 motfjra momut Aoubt, m qj Fork World Is beginning to argue that J opinion, but timid m action, and with g . . . . .1 ia not avery important election after I tost something la his all, aad does not nessarilv affect toe ?Efw PIble .' no to laugh at biro, however much we Presidential campaign. Other journals, J jq esteem him., ft as. unsteady, like the JVjbune, are Striving to break grotesque, obstinate and ridiculous the force of defeat by attempting to I epObeU never Jrt juUy applicable all laiy, tomes outthis weefi. Wm their ioMt iafiOO R wasrltafioBB from eie parties, she cod-I The average tLickaow.of ith Veins U es of Greeley and BrowbYf kew mill and W Wrl in oneration tod to drink a glaaeu. This made betwetn eight and ten feet Ofie'yeln "4 K P7 . Lth Ui'rawrlwilRnr, jealous, and be deliberately went to Jpany is fert In thickneer, pouring down toe liquor until he be-1 Not because rail waj town i ways talk beo&m qbite drunk (j HJi wife forbid j of It, but because toe town is really d-tbe j saloon keeper from giving him I serving of' - rt, anything morf to ikand refused to built gp home with him, rteting that she waa I Tie progress, She gave jmown by th-anniber. of .buildings eaten; which is noT far '- DiArtDrewn.thADag- - t. , Boms days ago a man named Tight, spuddlw bajhel ITft p. 00.! U-jraidha would abuse her. started out with the laudable PWP06 bim tbe key to the house, and went Lted this, w of drown ug a dor at Sl ocums daw-1 borne, aad she remained in the house I fifty. The acU U very ahbk 'Aad, The way he proposed to,. do. was to ol hJoo& keeper until . morning. I M & town 1 iell Acaitered.every a threw toe animal over toe precipice, I ygben went bom ia the morning I has a good garden whkh -is .walTcnHL To . fortify be mto,ing( and also eleven dollar TtecL 4 . , , .a hlnteejl for th manly work of Cxecu-I' WMin tt house. ! The snppoal-tioner, Tighe tqok sundry libaficns tion he. committed sulpldij by frogi toe Intoxicating bowl, la e6nfe-JJjJr0WBlaK. 'ftetbldf orPolltefcmn- IB Wetfee.J Cl irtOriA--. substitute f i ('n'ft'r Oil- -q vegetujbk preparation coatalul' tr neitiier iliuerak, Morphine, ni'r . ' hoi. It u pleasant to tale; d. -i - r naus Bate and ppCratei when all mi-remedies failed. Dr. PltLcr has e:.s i i-mented' fifteen years iu producluw i preparation mere tfiSclent than Cat t- r -041, Without Its horrldlatite. 1 Tbe Car-torld regulates 'toe system ; circs cm -stifiation,:-; stomscb-ache, croup 'ana .tjujencF, and kills worms. It does not distress' or 'gripe.' 'By lie quieting, aobtiing gfleej U produces natural sleep ,1 and la. particular adapted . to crying and teething children. ' . '' , ,We deeire PbjaicUui to test this article nd .will forward three hottka ta the addreM of any a new depot ia to be eUiru ta the address of any one ao 1 1 authraticated. Insist that your drng- , of the' jxwBBisy 5; ,or QU" .Jt cou 85 cents, and on botrle will savmauy , doctors bill - ' (80914) t ! J t 1 ' . '' ' ' f j Wabcc.1 qnsDCtPbf Which he Came near being the victim instead of the executioner. Dragging toe poor doomed canine by a rape, Tighe proceeded to toe spot where he intended to' commit toe bloody deed, aad having reached toe menofd ,draging the river Friday maiming. bs a deposit of 400 in Bailer firpiMlaa In' Flbaaaat Tatky Tw Kan Zajwad-. , A terrific .holier explosion occurred Monday morning about 9 oclock, at toe keg lactory.of A.' McAiplBe,1 In Compaay. . 1 . CarbaaAal. colonization government patronage, I olTerge'of toe preciplce overlooking. I etc., are two much for honesty , have Greeley ear could only be I dam, b gathered the dog in hie Ann I foundation walls of the nerGattow and prepared to hurl him mto a Wtery church art progressing rapidly. They tnuy express iadignikxat ybW fiiy 7 Is. there any soldier in this bread 1 would be cafi th stupidity Trf (heir own' ttAfes- Commonwealth who four taslland. brought -homo to th people, there fear and trembling in tr.e It is notorious lr true that the worst element of the old Danocretjc J, like Ben Wood, Isaiah Rynders, rge N. Saunders, and men of th fought in thC Union army during toe late war, be hi Democrat or Republican, that wIH hesitate which of the two candidates clast, have not only become bis boon he will help to put toe gubernatorial . m r . committed hi i oonduct te tlelr direo hoaore upon f One wm your Comrade If elected it can readily be .never to-mk of 6tUing pp to-ltatt jin 'arm, who, Lie you, left toe com-1 seen wto wiU centre the old man. cSriOThV)! w' - ... w-v- grava. The dog; with 'that peculiar Instinct Which seems'1 to apprise that animal of danger, made a last desperate effort to release itself, Tighe cannot tell exactly bow It happened; all he knows is that he, instead of the dog, went Over .the prea- ths Scranton Bayipgs aTru8M pleasant Yalley- Thar were two cyW Cpmpajr. 1 0 - -- I inder boiler thirty-two inches in diana- eter and twctrtr-mght feet long.- OnO of these exploded, the fracture taking place in the second section from, the furnace end. - l j r -n tr'i Mr. MeAlpins was standing in' to main ibap at the time of toe explosTo and wu thrown violently against some, benches aad timbers, receiving several are very subatantial,, and , seem well adapted to toe large and ooatly. 'edifice to he erected upon them. ' . One of our worthy putors wu aroused at midnight, recently; to Join a waiting aad anxious conpl ia the bonds of holy wedlock. 1 v I - Tke wire Mirprion bridge ca the By an, toe fireman si the PeEnftjlvknia Cd.s stationary engine Na 22 J who . Vitaiix the Hair. Why doe ta' hair hecom hanh and dry why does It fall out why doe! It become gn-y f Simply because toe Hs has gone of It' The fibers draw austenam e la u the scalp aa tbe. frees draws ailimst, fromto ao'and when the supply i, r nutrimepi.jacut off In either case toe-product wither and dies. At the int symptom ordeeay, therefore, to uafad or half-fed .roots of the hair should be- - refreabod AbA reinforced with Lrava Estmsmos.tbe only preparation which. . . will nourish tbs filaments and keep-; them In n vigorous after they -- have Wgun te fr- .a A d ficiency of their patunj stlmul nt." As long t . . toe Katoalron is ft " Jally used, with-. bruises on th head and' limb. ' Tho. n proper degree cf . hon, morning happened to be in toe null converting Ifrem th scalp. t . , ' j - I Mil' iu r '..i.-ftf 5o noil tud t a; I-;. I w ill i( be impo--. ti'-k fur tbe.hal to whiten or fall art.. ( j ' pice. When TigLe csrc? t-nce cn e '' ' . . Mk . 4 : .V lux - V 2 .. i;P to ,ar..

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