The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 11, 1967 · Page 4
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 4

Blytheville, Arkansas
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Saturday, February 11, 1967
Page 4
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ewirl«f - Pifl Fhf i icans Killed Cease Fire B}' BOB OHMAN .. ; fj re a j an avemifc toward peace , SAIGON, South Vietnam (AP) talks. a'U.S. military authorities an- The allies reported Friday nounoed today that 17 Ameri- '• that there had been 332 guerril- cans have been killed and 126 - la- initiated incidents so far and .wounded in the battle-scarred: listed 83 as "significant." None •lunar new year truce. During the same period — ..from the beginning of the truce a t 8 a.m. Wednesday to 4 p.m. today — "J-S. and allied forces •reported killing 92 of the enemy • > and-''detaining 53, authorities I lied units suffered light casual - J said. • There seemed to be doubt that the allies would resume full- scale .operations MVhen the four-day truce declared by the Saigon goverh- •ment ends at 7 a.m. Sunday, Vietnam time, despite the Viet Cong's proclaimed truce that would continue until Wednesday ..morning. * * * Allied troops moved from the defense to the offense and U.S. bombers began fresh air strikes ever North Vietnam within hours after two-day truces for Christmas and New Years Day. There was no indication this would not be repeated Sunday Numerous world leaders have trucks were shuttling supplies south toward the buffer zone that separates the two Vietnams. American sources said later the huge supply buildup Created a threat that could not be overlooked and it appeared possible that American bombing raids over North Vietnam might resume before the Saigon-decreed truce ends Sunday. A U.S. sokesman said today, that the North Vietnamese traffic had become "considerably lighter." He said some craft were observed sailing north, apparently after they had discharged their cargo, and others were being unloaded. There was nn stipulation in ™ ..... ,.o^ u „„„. ..... „„... the truce declarations prohibit- on the fringe of War Zone D 20 !iiig_ supply _ ( ™ 1 = sl .°'^;, i ., JB _j miles north of Saigon. "' ' "" ' "'' " "" was characterized as a violation af the truce however. Among the significant incidents listed by the American authorities were 40 brief engagements in which U.S. or al- I ties, and a seven-hour battle on little the first day of the truce when a company of the U.S. 173rd Airborne Brigade suffered moderate casualties. More than half of the 17 American dead reported by the U.S. spokesman were believed to have resulted from this fight . An American spokesman said there was a marked decrease in the supply buildup as reported Friday from U.S. Navy ships patrolling off the North Vietnamese coast and American planes that have continued reconnaissance flights over North Vietnam. It was announced Friday that INUlH"I<J«o WUI1U icnuci o nave ->t nu-j tnni^iAn*^** * • -""^ appealed for an indefinite cease- hundreds of junks, barges and pledged only that they would not undertake offensive operations Although American sources said the North Vietnamese supply buildup "creates doubts as to North Vietnamese sincerity about the truce," the U.S. Air Force announced it had movec some 6,828 passengers and 2,229 tons of cargo on normal resup- ply missions in South Vietnam Friday. Saigon Now Carnival Town SAIGON, South Vietnam (AP) —War-weary Saigon has turned into a carnival town this week as nearly three million citizens celebrate the lunar new year. . Everyone from government officials to street beggars appear to have a string of fire- mas, Thanksgiving and Easter'for the Chinese, the Viethamse thrown In. Vietnam's celebration of the lunar new year, proclaimed by the ancient Chinese calendar, is ttie biggest celebration of the year. At 12:01 a.m. Thursday; the are faithful followers of tradi- on.. The celebration also offers the Vietnamese a chance to forge about the wars that have rav aged this country for more than wo decades. tjear 10 nave A aums <*>• -••" -" -— — — *• crackers tb pop, a broad smile I Year of the Goat was greeted • arid a good wish for anyone they -' J ! "~ <"•"»"<•>""•<• encounter. To Americans the holiday known as Tet resembles a Mardi Gras celebration with Christ~WJ(W Sunday afternoon 1-00 PLAY OF THE WEEK • The Girls in 509. A delightful „ comedy about two girls who seclude themselves m a hotel .room when a Democrat goes into the White House. Howard Teichmann's play stars Nancy Walker, Larry Blyden, Paul Ford and John McGiver. '8:00 THE FRENCH CHEF ...Hot Turkey Ballotine. Julia Child bones an eight - pound • - turkey and shows how it can be prepared to serve twenty 1 people. 3-30 N.E.T. PLAYHOUSE • La Marmete. A Pantomme • .written 2,000 years ago by Plautus, the Latin «>et who inspired Moliere. The play fol- loVys the fortunes of an old -" miser who lives in fear of los- .ing his treasured pot of gold. 4:30 MUSICALLY SPEAKING Al Hirt. . the famous jazz trumpeter discusses his career and plays some of the innovations he has developed over the years. _ 5:00 SIX FLAGS OVER TEXAS Travel. A visit to the Old West - a reconstructed setting between Fort Worth and with pandemonium. Throughout ie country millions of firecrackers welcomed the Goat and ushered out the Year of the rlorse. The officially recognized celebration lasts three days, but planning starts at least a month ahead and many persons still wll be partying two weeks from now. During Tet the superstitious hire men dressed in dragon costumes to dance in front of their bomes. They also buy certain [lowers and special tree branches to encourage good luck, prosperity and longevity. There are signs to watch for If you ligiit a string of firecrackers and they all go off, everything is fine; if some misfire, look out. * * * Be careful who visits you first on the new year's first day; his character sets your course for the year. In addition to wishing friend: a happy new year, you can wish them a Siappy birthday because all Vietnamese become a year older on Tet instead 6 ftheir real date of birth. The first day of the new year is devoted to expressing respect and good wishes for relatives particularly parents and grandparents. Virtually all the rules for Te were handed down by the Chinese who once . dominated Vietnam. Despite ttieir dislike ' sss 5:30 KOLTANOWSKl ON CHESS Mikhail Tahl. Chess master George Kbltanowski analyzes the strategy of. one of the game's most erratic and fastest players. * * * Monday afternoon 2:45 SOCIAL SECURITY IN AC- What's For Lunch? BLYTHEVILLE Monday Spaghetti with meat sauce Blue lake green beans Milk- Hot rolls Apple sauce Peanut butter & raisin cookie DETROIT FIGHTS BACK at traffic congestion by erecting these bits shelters to encourage its citizens to use mass transportation. The attractive shelters are made of chartreuse or blue porcelain In enameled sheet metal, and include night lighting and infrared healers. The Michigan city plans to build 1,700 bos stops of this design and ° more aiistefe one for less-used subiirban areas. ritt Challenges Senator on Bv THE ASSOCIATED PRESS ( lives adopted the clincher mo- J :«« nCt n .. Kin JloAA riofnat nf a Veto 3 Dee in Crash DALLAS, Tex. (AP) - A private airplane climbed to 300 feet at takeoff from Dallas Love Field then crashed and burned, killing all three persons aboard. The dead included A. R. Watson, G6, president of Southwestern Public Service Co., his wife (Lois, 66, and pilot Fred K. Dick, 47, all of Amarillo. Witnesses said the twin-engine Beechcraft went into a spin Friday after one of its engines broke from its wing mount. Watson, a former director of the National Association of Manufacturers, also was president of the Texas Atomic Energy Research Foundation. LITTLE ROCK (AP) - Lt. Gov. Maurice Britt stepped in Friday as acting governor while Gov. Winthrop Rockefeller was out of the state and used Ihe occasion to challenge a senator to try to override Rockefeller's veto of the teacher bonus bill. Sen. John F. Gibson of Dermott spoke critically of Rockefeller's veto of the bill distributing $2.79 million to the teachers and Britt said: "Senator, if 'you feel that strongly about it, I would suggest that you attempt to override the governor's veto, and I remind you that it's your prerogative to do so," said Britt from his chair as president of the Senate. Rockefeller was at Springfield, 111., to speak at a Lincoln Day event. "This is by no means in the way of an apology, but in the way of an excuse," Britt explained to the Senate later. "I am acting governor today and I felt compelled to fire back when the governor came under attack." i Britt told newsmen he had in- mded the remark to question Gibson's sincerity. Gibson, after Britt's remark, egan polling the Senate to see ; he had enough support to verride the governor's veto. In the House, the representa- fidn after the 43-44 defeat of a compromise constitutional convention bill. The motion requires a two-thirds vote to bring .he bill up a^ain. Opponents of the measure said they doubted if the legislature could justify the cost if the electorate defeated a new document drawn by the convention. * * * They agreed that the state's present constitution was outdated in many respects but they didn't think a hew document would be approved in light of the difficulty in amending the 1874 constitution. "We're fixing to spend a considerable amount of money, :hen the people are going to 3eat the coon dog out of it," said Rep. Benton. •TION Discussion. and the elder citizen. Federal benefits 3:00 WONDERFUL WORLD OF BROTHER BUZZ A Calf Named Suzy. Life on the farm and a curious calf that wants to know what goes on in the barn. 3:30 THE BIG PICTURE Weekly report. The U. S. Army in action around the world. 4:00'WHAT'SNEW Top Hand. A city lad of 11 goes tb a Texas ranch for a : summer vacation. 4:3i) THE WORLD OUTDOORS Butterflies and Moths. Tennessee Charlie is host. 4:45 PARLONS FRANC AIS • 'Conversational French. Second-year study the easy, casual way. 5:00 GREAT DECISIONS Premiere. 'Communist China and the U.S. - Are We on a • Collision Course? SCOTTSVILLE, Ky. (AP) Circuit Judge Joe P. Clark granted a change of venue on an auto damage suit Friday because it was too cold in the Allen County courthouse. The courthouse furnace wasn't working properly, so Judge Clark held court in the Farmers National Bank building. Eddie Saliba, member of the city council and president of the Blytheville Association of Life Underwriters, is one of 32 salesmen who, along with their wives, will be honored at the Distinguished Salesman Award Night dinner in Little Rock Monday, Feb. 13. The dinner, sponsored by the Little Rock Sales and Marketing Executive Club, will commence at 6:30 p.m. at the Lafayette Hotel. Curtis H. Judge, vice president of sales, R, J. Reynolds Tobacco Company of Winston-Salem, N.C., will be fea- turned speaker and 400 persons are expected tb attend. Saliba has been with the Universal American Insurance Company for one and one-half years and last year was top producer in volume and commissions and received his company's Man of the Year Award. Winners will meet with Gov. Winthrop Rockefeller. At 10 a.m. Monday, all award winners will meet in the office of Gov. Winthrop Rockefeller, who will proclaim Feb. 12-18 "Salesman Week in Arkansas," T. D. Golden T. D. Golden, brother to W. E. Golden of Blytheville, died Thursday at his home in Tupelo, tfiss. He was 52. Services were Friday at 2 p.m. from St. Luke's Methodist Church in Tupelo. He leaves his wife, Ellen Golden of Tupelo; His parents, Mr. and Mrs. M. R. Golden of Tupelo; Two daughters; Two other brothers; And three sisters. A-Test Delay Brings Protest WASHINGTON (AP) - "The Johnson administration simply has caved in to pressure from a noisy group of liberals who urge us to go to any extreme to obtain disarmament treaties" - Rep. Craig Hosmer, R-Calif., reacting to an Atomic Energy Commission decision to delay a scheduled nuclear test in Nevada and avoid possible diplomatic ramifications. Indira Gandhi's Nose Better NEW DELHI, India (AP) — Prime Minister Indira Gandhi was reported "feeling much better" today following treatmen of a broken nose suffered when she was struck by a stone Wednesday while addressing an election rally in eastern India The injury forced the 49-year old prime minister to cancel the remainder of her campaign on behalf of the ruling Congres party for national election beginning Feb. 15. Gean McDonald of Rep. Herb Rule of Little Rock said the chance the electorate would defeat a new constitution "is a chance we have to. take, but it's a good gamble." Missouri and Michigan, along with Hawaii and Alaska, have adopted new constitutions since World War II, said Rep. Cal Ledbetter of Little Rock. Rep. Harry Colay of Magnolia said he favored making changes in the constitution by phases rather than "by overnight." The bill is a mixture of three constitutional revision measures. It called for a 30-merhbei study commission to lay the groundwork for a convention whose delegates would be elect- !enate: —Deadlocked ifi-lfi and thus Arkansas News Briefs By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS LITTLE ROCK (AP)-Thfce ,iltle Rock clergymen ended their three-day fast Friday which they said was to show moral concern over the Vietnam war. Two of the three, The Rev. John Williams and the Rev. Harold Wells, said they had lost weight. The Rev. James Drane said he was embarrassed by the publicity. Father Drane is professor of philosphy and Romance languages at St. John's Seminary. The Rev. Mr. Wells is director of Hie Methodist Wesley Foundation at Little Rock University. Mr. Williams is .a minister of the Disciples of Christ. LITTLE ROCK (AP)-^AH of Hie 3,500 season and 5,000 daily guest passes to the Oaklawii race track have been mailed for Ihe 1967 horse racing season, the state Racing Commission announced Friday. The commission said it har received more than 11,000 letters requesting passes. FORREST CITY, Ark. (AP) -,^ HU ,«; .u-™ cn.u „.>., - Fifteen teen-agers were ar- failed to pass a House bill pro- i rested here Friday on charges • - ranging from burglary to grand Sing Meet Is Sunday Mississippi C6unty Singing Convention meets tomorrow at Assembly of God Church at Seventh and Ash. The meeting begins at 2 p.m. will last (or two hours. All of the convention's sessions are non-denominational and are open to the public at no charge. Installation Set Installation for the Number Two Junior Chorus of New Bethel Church will be held at the church at 2 p.m. tomorrow. Guests will be from Mount Mariah, Ml. Nebo, Salem Rose, True Light and West End Churches. Amy Smith is president and Ann Coffee is director. viding that when a truck of one ,011 capacity or more was sold, .ransferred or unfit for use, the owner could transfer its license plate and registration by paying the revenue comissioner $10. * * * —Refused to reconsider the vote by which it had approved a House bill making it a felony ;6 give, procure or otherwise furnish alcoholic beverages to minors, despite an objection by Sen. Max Howell of Little Rock that the measure would prohibit Episcopal priests from adinis- tering sacramental wine to communicants under 21 years of »e. —Approved 33-0 a House bill directing the McRae Memorial Sanatorium (for Negroes)" to transfer its tuberculosis patients 1 to the state Tuberculosis Sanatorium at Booneville by July 1. —Approved 29-1 a House bill requiring doctors to notify the police and-or the county welfare department of instances of child abuse or neglect. —Approved 34-0 a House bill making it unlawful to have hallucinogenic drugs available for one's self or others. —Defeated 25-9 a House bill requiring the completion of a training course for real estate brokers or salesmen: —Approved 32-0 a House bill prescribing construction stand- arris for public buildings to make them accessible to and larceny, according to the St. Francis County Sheriff's Department. Fourteen boys, one girl and the mother of one of the youths, who faces accessory charges, will be tried in Municipal Court March 6. Officers said the arrests were made in connection with a series of break-ins, including four public schools. NSC Library Open the Manila Neighborhood Service Center, through the co-operation of the Mississippi County Library, now has books available to lend to the children of the community. The center also has the World Atlas and World Book Ericyclo- jedia for use by anyone need- rig reference materials. A story hour for pre-school is held in the center library the ,ast Friday of each month from 2 to 3 p.m. Mrs. Helen Hutton, community resource aide, asks that anyone with a talent for reading out loud volunteer for story hour duty. WIlOSc uciegmes vvuuiu uc GIGI.L- - . ed in November and meet Feb. I usable by physically handicap- J. E. Neal J. E. Neal, a retired, farmer and former longtime Blytheville •esident, died this morning at lis home in Smithfield, Tenn. is was 79. He leaves his wife, Mrs. Du- ulah Neal; Three daughters, Mrs. Juani a Casey of Fort McClellan, Ala., Mrs. Eldora Duhot and Mrs. J. L. Vanhooser, both of Smithfield; His stepmother, Mrs. Pearl <eal of Osceola; Three brothers, E. B. Neal of Blytheville, R. V. Neal and Buddy Neal, both of Osceola; A sister, Mrs. Robert Parnell, of Portageville; Seven grandchildren and two great-grandchildren. Burial will be Sunday afternoon at Whorton Springs Cemetery in Smithfield under the direction of Love-Cantrell Funeral Home of Smithfield. 12 next year. * * * The House decided to take up a bill by Rep. Bill Wells of lermilage removing the governor's authority to fire a prison superintendent after hearing a report Thursday on tis findings n an investigation of the prison system. Reps. Van Taylor Of Waldron and Ivan Rose of Rogers said they thought considering the bill in advance of the committee's report would be premature. Rep. James Sheets of Siloam Springs, a Republican, spoke for the bill, noting that Rockefeller had said that a penologist had told him that the dismissal of the supervisory personnel at Tucker Prison Farm last week ay executive order prevented a riot. Wells said, however, the Penitentiary Board had the hiring authority and should have the right to dismiss the superintendent as well. In other action Friday, the ped persons. Daily Record Weather hours ASHINGTON (AP) - Danville and Mulberry, Ark., were awarded grants Friday by the Department of Housing and Urban Development. Mulberry got a $14,250 loan for planning street improvements to cost an estimated $290,000. Danville received a $127,839 grant for a neighborhood center which tile city is planning. LITTLE ROCK (AP) - Col. Willard Hawkins-, state director of the Selective Service System: said Friday Arkansas' draft quota for March is 157. He said to fill the quota 325 men would be called to take physical examinations. Meets Monday New Bethel Church BSC meets Monday at the home of Mrs. Mattie B. Hazlett. Meeting time is 7 p.m. Mrs. G. H. Conaway is chair- eBaj -f OVermfeht low—35 Precipitation prferlous 24 (to ^ a.m. today)— none Precipitation Jan. 1 to date—2.04 Sunset today—5:39 Sunrise tomorrow—6:49 . This Date A Ttar Aso Yesterday's hlgh-r60 Overnight low—45 Preclpltatlbn Jan. 1 to date—0.73 man. The first voice radio signals across the Atlantic Ocean were sent from the Eiffel Tower to Arlington, Va. Postwar Quebec is urban and ndustrial. Tile province generates nearly half of Canada's .lydroelectric power, grinds forests of pulpwood into a third of the World's newsprint and mines more than 40 per cent of the world's asbestos. PB1VILEOKS AUTHORIZED AT SECONtl CLASS MAIL Blylhovlllt. courier Newi BLYTJIEVIU.E, ABK. ZIP - 72315 Barry IV. Haines, PubllsttM 3rd it WalnUt Sts. Blctlievllle, Ark. Tunllshed dully except Sunday. Second class postage paid nt Blytheville, Ark. HOME DELIVERY RATES tn Blythevllla and towns In U» Blythevtlle trade territory. Dally 35c per week BY MAIL PAYABLE IN ADT4NCB Within 50 miles of B!yth«vllle 48.00 per year Mere than 50 miles from Bly»«Tll]» $18.00 per fear Services By FUNERAL HOME DIGNITI lllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllillllllllllllilllljll You Could Peddle.It Yourself... Or... Luxora NSC Meets About 50 persons attended the Luxora Neighborhood Service Center public meeting Jan. 27 A 23-minute film on social security and medicare was shown. A home demonstration meeting will be held in the center Feb. 14 at 3:30 p.m. and hand sewing will be discussed. BURNETT'S ROYAL TIRE SERVICE On South Hlway 61 For 15 Tears •USJhpl v • 4 ply nylon >T«jt«H»tiMk".|>.H.«li>i«ln«d • ThiREOSTfllPEIIn You con place an inexpensive ad in Tne Courier News classified pages and reach approximately 34,000 readers daily. H would take a lot of HORSEPOWER to teach that many poten- tial customers. ii:i««»i*«ii«»» Let The Classified Ads Worfc For You/ •iiiiiiiiiiiBiiffliioiininiiiiiiM BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS

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