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The Californian from Salinas, California • 13

The Californiani
Salinas, California
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NO. 154 Juarez Falls Before Rebel Onslaught Today i i 4 CASUALTY Catles Intimates Charged As Slayers Of Alvaro Obregon Telegraf ABLOIDS wJSi CEMENT LEADER Nogales. ah, March 7. (UP) Which mem btrs of tha admlmatration of Plots rco Calif. former pri.

dent of Mexico, and now minister of war, were accused of beteg tha "Intellectual auth-ora" of the Mination of General Alvaro Obregen, In statement Issued by Obre gon'a brother-in-law, Aleje Oay. in Nogales, Sonora, today. "Torsi waa not tho man beh'nd the ertme nor wai the Cathode church behind It, Bay aaid, "I believe some high government officiate directed the assassination. Bay, sympathitlng with the present revolutionary movement, waa hero to confer with rebel leaders. He formerly served as governor of Sonar and at present la a senator to tha national con.

greet. Commerce Head Elaborates Views Upon Prohibition HELD III ies More Rain Prospect, Says Weather Man CLOSING PRICES BAN FIUNCIMO, March S. (UI Tran America 13 14: (tank of America la California 173; Hank of America 231. FATAL CRASH PATTKK80N. Man (IPl-lMly IJoye.

IS. ti killed, and her companion. Mar? Parker, erloualjr Injured her laal btjrbi when Ihelr automobll skidded and vertnrtn-d. POSSE SEARCHES HAYWARD, March 8, (IP) A poaae of 24 aearched Ihla vicinity today for to Ban Quentin prlaon ronelct who escaped Wedueeday nlaht from the pruon road camp hear Orovllle. NEW DUCK LAWS SACRAMENTO, Cal- March S.

(IP) Two measure. reducing the bag limit and restraining the daya for ahooilng duck, were ready for conalderatlon In aaaembly commute today, where an attempt will be mad to bare them given a "do pa" vote. ANNEXATION PLANNED FRESNO. March S. (LP) About Three Americans Struck By Stray Bullets, Two-Year-Old Girl Is Slain in mi WASHINGTON, March 8, (UP) Ssertury of Commerce Lamont believe prohibition created an intolerable crime a tuition and mat thi situation still emu, he said today, in diacuttmg hi action in becoming a director of Aasoctation against the prohibition amendment, tome time ago.

Nogales Residents Take To The Hills When Rodriguez Sends His Warning SIX CARS SAVED AS FIRE BREAKS OUT IN LOCAL AUTO AGENCY EL PASO. Text. March 8 (U) After a morning of violent fighting and blood shed, Juarei. In complete charge of rebel troopa, war quiet late today. Although federal officer raised 750 person would be added to I while flag of surrender on an a hnn I Ihn cruised about the Jack Mays Identified As Bibleback Fred Marino Rum Runner QuI-itet is Liberated On Bonds Committees Busy Writing New Tariff Schedule In Keeping With President Hoover View I Refusal To Produce All Books And Records Is Basis For Order For Imprisonment Of SAN FRANCISCO.

March 8. (LP) Follow Ing light rain yesterday which broke a drought that bad worried agriculturist, there was prosjMt today and Saturday for more rain, with tlouly and unsettl'd (-audition general over tho far western state, Washington. Oregon and Northern promised to share In the mil fuucd precipitation fore-cant by the wi-ather bureau, San Diego, with a trace, waa Jibe only California point recording any rainfall during the night WOULD-BE BANDITS FACE ARRAIGNMENT IN SUPERIOR COURT Damage estimated at I30 resulted yesterday afternoon from a fire that broke out In the Interior of the building at 126 Monterey street, between Cabllan and El Hsu hu and occupied by A. B. Mi Elheran, local dealer in Durant automobiles.

The blate originated from a defective heater In McElheran's office. Although the flame spread rapidly to both front and rear, six cars that were in the building were Hr PU It. M.II.I-OX (V- P. Naff ('orreMlcnt) WASHINGTON, Mrch 8. (LP) The program for the extra session of congress beginning April 15 was being mapped out today by congressional leaders who have agreed the house should to work Immediately on the tariff bill while the senate work on the farm bill.

Following Issuance of President SAN FRANCISCO March (LPl-Wlth five of their uumber facing prosecution under the new Jones law providing five-year prison terms and flues, local bootlegger today were reported to be sintering from exrftne nervousness. The Jones law will be enforced against the quintet captured Wednesday near Tyrone, in the Monterey road by Sheriff K. Douglas Bills of Sonoma county and a de-uty, according to Prohibition Administrator E. R. Bohner.

The men, who were driving and SACRAMENTO. M.inh (LP) A revolution de taring nine California cement company official In contempt of the sen, lie and ordering them confined to the county Jail until they produce hook, documents and record requested by the senate cement probe" committee, will be introduced In the senate. Monday. The nine nffhiul mentioned In the re'mrt are: Robert B. Henderson.

W. II. George. Arthur IS. Shelby, A.

Emory Vilmn, S.m Franclsm; George R. (lav. B. E. Duque.

Johu Turner. C. C. Mer- ouiuc, juou ui ner. i.

FIREMEN KILLED AS DYNAMITE EXPLODES DURING BARN BLAZE Tony Marino and Robert Edward Lnhldt. who on February 13 attempted to rob a Salinas hotel, ai-ording to Sheriff Carl Abbott, were to be arraigned late tmi.iy before Judge If. O. Jorgensen. of the superior court, on a felony charge tiled by District Attorney A.

K. Wurth, Ibis morning. Marino nnd Collide assaulted James Catecbl, Com i nos hotel bellboy, and had intended holding up Catechl. proprietor, and Siecui, proprieior. ami automobile and city after withstanding the rebel aelge since dawn, Brigadier General George Moseley, commandant at Fori llllaa.

exacted a promise from them that they would make no attempt to retake the city. Because of the rapidity with which the blue cross. Mexican equivalent of the American Red Cross disposed of the dead and wounded It seemed likely that an accurate check of the casualties would be Impossible for several hours. "Scores' Admitted Slain Rebel officers admitted, however, that scores" of their troops had been shot down. It wa believed that the total number of casualties would not exceed 200.

Struck by a stray bullet, Lydia Rodarte, 2. died here thl after- gotten out undamaged. A an old touring car. had It top erday: republican leader from Hoover proclamation yes- FCKIBNER, March 8 tl'PI Four persons were killed, four 7 f.nnvnviit triieklojict of tlounr anil 1 Li Lf rlh InC -re Armed with pistols and a m. I others less seriously Injur- Tranaeript Ordered 1 and cushion destroyed Olid the body charred.

Tho principal damage to the building, which I of concrete construction, waa to the Interior, roof and front. The fire depart plans confessed after their ar- enteen ed. in an explosion of dynaraUe JMm 1' lh part Holland Frank Williams, I-red "Blbleback resl-itored in the barn of Carl Holland- I7 i The youth called the beilbov er, IXidge county supervisor, short-J 1 to their room, hit him over the ly before midnight, 1 The dead: Gus Pittaek Guy Clark, Fred CABINET FDTS LID head with the butt of a revolver, but failed to knock out the hotel both wide of the capitol talked i over their scheme for speeding up the president' legislative program and also for squeezing out other matter clamoring for attention. They do not believe they can confine the session to the two matter the president desires, but they Intend to hold the program down as much as possible. Commit (era At Work A dozen sub-committees of the bouse w-ays and means commit-(Tara ta I'ait 17) uooii.

The bullet passed through intent did prompt and effective (Tore ia is work In preventing the further This aiiuouucement was mad- by Senator J. M. Inman, of Sacramento, today, when lie submit ted a report of the Investigating committee and asked that an abridged transcript of testimony before the committee be ordered printed for use of the senators employe, the confessed plaus say. i Failing In that, the pair fled down a hotel fire escape, escaped Freano'a population by three annexations for which notice of Intention have been filed, city official said today, TWO FLIERS KILLED MEMPHIS. Mar.

8 (IP) Two Mempbt flying school inat motors were killed near Oakland, when their plane crashed In flames, according to report reaching here today. a ARCHIVES REMOVED WASHINGTON. March 8 (LP) Consulate archlvea have been moved from Juarei lo El Paso, the state department waa advised today by Consul John V. Dye. who reported clash between federal aud rebel forces.

at FIVE DROWNEO ABERDEEN. March 8. OP) Five men were drowned when their machine plunged off a bridge Into the Wlshkan river here today when a guard gate of the draw span failed to function. Three men riding In one of the machines escaped from the water. McCLEAREN SENTENCED FRESNO, March 8.

(LP) Harold McClearen, 21, Exeter minister eon, today was sentenced to San Quentin prison for a term that probably will be five to 10 years, for his attempted holdup of the Wilson and Pantages (heaters here, in January. FIREMAN RECOVERS1 BERKELEY, March 8 (LP) Jack McCourtney. fireman, was able to leave the hospital today after treatment for second degree burns received last night in fighting a blaze at the Berkeley rug works. Damage was estimated at 2250. was WHEAT FUTURES LOSE CHICAGO, March 8.

(LP) Wheat ON PLANES FOR USE BY MEXICAN REBELS FOUR LEASES PROMISE KING CITY OIL WELL iu an automobile owned by State before making their decision. (Tara Iu Pan IT) gner. Harry Wlbbles. Thoe who are expected to die: Frank Shearer, William Studbre, Arthur Shoeneck, Elmer Stell. The dynamite was to have been used Iu blasting ice Jams in the Klkhorn river near here.

During the night fire broke outlu the Hollander barn. -Cv The report declared that the act used cement officials "cou- tTiirn 10 rase I7l spread of the flame. Fred Emery' battery shop, adjoining McElheran's on the south, sustained slight damage from wat-er. The large depot of Messrs. Vanderhurst and Duda, operators of an auto-frelght line, ou the north, was undamaged.

Iending repairs to the damaged building, McElheran announces that he will have temporary quarters In the building at the corner of Gahilan and Salinas streets, formerly occupied by The ludex-Journal. No Orders Out For Transport Of Troops To Mexican Boundary ANOTHER LANDMARK PASSES FROM VIEW WASHINGTON. March 8. (LP) A few minutes after President Hoover and his cabinet had discuss-' ed the Mexican revolution in their first cabinet meeting, the govern- ment extended the arms embargo meni exienueo ne arms FRESNO STRIKES GAS BARGAIN AS DEALERS CONTINUE WAR WASHINGTON, March 8. (LP)- Aimee Must Tell Ma Kennedy All About It Belore Shell Make Up War department officials said today against Importations ito Mexico no orders hail been issued to troops to include commercla airplanes.

whln the borders of the The move was designed to pre-( to hold themselves readv to g0 to the Mexlcan border This reJ)j wag ma(je resp0nse to in-increasing Iirles the possibility that planes fronf Selfridge FIeld 0 Oil well drilling on a gigantic scale In the neighborhood of King City this year, is Indicated by four more oil land lealie filed with County Recorder Wallace this week. Many oil lease have been filed since the first of the year. George Valdcx and Mary Valdez, of Lockwood, have Just leased 240 and 160 acres, respectively, to E. Mifburn, of Hollywood, for 20 years, Wallace said today. Under contract terms, wells are to be sunk to a 4000-foot depth and one-eighth royalties are to be paid the land owners.

Harry Barr, of Jolon, recently leased to the Hollywood man 160 acres near King City, the agree- Salinas Waitress Sees War Beliefs Fulfilled By Mexican Revolution LOS ANGELES. March 8. (IP) Aimee Semple McPherson still has a confession to make In connection with her kidnaping in 1926. a special dispatch to the Los Angeles Record, quoting Khavine Burbeek, sec-hiere tbat American troops had been retary to the evangelists mother, massed at the international boun- vet. rebels from obtain ng planes in the Inited Mates, officials said.

concern over possible eventualities was felt a the tte rtonarfmonf u'ltcm ronnria voachcil department when reports reached Micb were belng prepared sent to the border. Mrs. Minnie Kennedy, said today. darv at El pas0 id that American "Until that confession is made a I soldiers had occupied a small Mex-; Uaklaiia WaterirOIlt Scene Of Blaze On reconciliation is not possible be jCan area of tliamizal. tween Mrs.

McPherson and Reports that American citizens in The old Mitchell-Silliman warehouse, corner of Soledad and El Sausal streets, is no more. It has gone the way of many other old wooden landmarks. Work of wrecking the building was commenced last week and this morning trucks were carting away the timbers and the debris. The old warehouse was built in 1872, or 57 years ago. After the long lapse of time, much or the redwood timber from which It was constructed was found to be iu as good condition almost as when first put in.

The old bidding is to be replaced with a corrugated Iron building having concrete foundations, that will correspond to front and rear additions made to the old building in more recent years. FRESNO. March 8. (LP) Four developments marked the gasoline price war here this week, without having any appreciable effect on the prices of nine to 12 cents that have become standard. Fresno city passed an ordinance regulating the quality of gasoline sold inside the city.

Fresno county plucked a thrift prize as a trophy of the war, on gasoline contracts. Any end that may come to the price war here probably will be due solely to economic pressure. Ail peace attempts apparently had ended. ill Board British Ship Kennedy." Miss Burbeek said Kelso, Washington. futures lost early strength in eve- nieiit being that wells will be nlng up trade pending government's sunk to a 3500-foot depth and El Paso had been injured by stray i bullets from the battle between rebel and federal armies In Juarez I were brought to Secretary Kellogg's attention but he declined to com- lle le.

after-hatch of the ment. He indicated the entire mat- Silver Lodge, Silver lim- OAKLAND. March 8, OP) A one-eighth royalty paid. The Marland oil company has signed a five-year lease with John farm reserve report and closed slightly weak. Corn was strong with Improvement In cash markets.

Espee Road Granted Branch Line Permit Oats advanced sharply In nearby R. Hersom, owner of 376 acres in "We will have another war before 1930. That war will not be fought just with United States marines in Central America. Mrs. Glenn Mullins, Salinas waitress, made that prediction five years ago.

Friends ever since have been chiding her at every opportunity. Hello, Glenn, friends would say through the telephone on New Years Day. Well, we are one year nearer 1930. You had better hurry up with that war of yours. Mrs.

Mullins would say nothing. She has laughed with those chiding her. But this week the chid-1 ing has suddenly ceased. "It looks like that Mexican revolution Is going to fulfill my prediction, she declared today. -o ter rested in the hands of President London vessel, for an hour Hoover.

iinperiled thousands of dollars of shipping along tho waterfront early today. 0 Arroyo' Seco vicinity, and has agreed to pay the usual royalties. A similar contract has been consummated between the oil firm and A. C. Brice, for 160 acres, according to records on file.

Efforts To End Gas War Re-open In S. F. Denial Entered Of U. S. Plane Flight Over Mexican Battle WASHINGTON, March 8, (LP) Construction by the Southern Pacific company of a 14-mile branch line from Knights Landing to near Boyers Landing, in Yolo and Colusa counties, California, was authorized today by the interstate commission.

Unalaska Sends Report Of Two Severe Temblor Stewart Will Continue On Payroll Of Standard Fresno Divorce Action Aired Before Jorgensen EL PASO. Texas March 8. (IP)- CHICAGO. March (LP) Col. SAN FRANCISCO, March 8, (LP) Reports of two severe earth-, T.

quakes in Unalaska were received nne'tIon. commerce The line will extend from a months. )( PLANE CHRISTENED MEXICO CITY, March 8. OP) President Emilio Portes Gil this afternoon will christen the tri-mqtored airplane which, Colonel Charles A. Lindbergh will use tomorrow to Inaugurate the New Mexico Clty-Brownsville, Texas, air mall route.

The plane will be named "Mexico. SENTENCED SAN QUENTIN PRISON, March 8, (LP) James Oliver James, 69, convict, sentenced to serve 10 years from Imperial county for second-degree murder, killed himself today by jumping 25 feet U. S. army planes did not fly over Robert W. Siewart, ousted from Mexico territory Wednesday dur- the $125,000 a year chairman-ing the movement south of Mexican sbjp 0f the Standard Oil corn-federal troops, army Officers said pany, of Indiana, directorate, today.

There were two army planes win continue to draw monev Reparations Experts Adjourn Until Monday branch of the Southern Pacific and will run parallel to the west bank of the Sacramento river. It will serve an agricultural area. -Cy Rough matrimonial seas in the San Joaquin valley which forced the good ship Love into the divorce port of the superior court in Fresno, were felt in Salinas today when, through a change of venue the crew captain arrived in the superior court of Monterey county. SAN FRANCISCO, March (LP) Representatives of big oil companies and of the retail service station dealers association were to meet here today in the first of a series of meetings designed to effect an armistice in the gasoline price war. It is understood tljat the association representatives will propose that company-owned and stations agree to a differential of six cents a gallon on gasoline as a means of stabilizing prices.

-ci in the air at that time but they remained over IT. S. territory. At the same time planes of news services here today from Harbor. The first shock was felt at 11:00 p.

Wednesday night, and the second at 2:00 a. m. the following morning, according to the reports. Wireless reports received at Dutch Harbor ifroni ships in the vicinity of Atka Island, told of severe earthquake and storm. No mention of damage was made.

-0 from the billion dollar oil company. Stewart, by reason of years of service, is en-to an annual pension of approximately $75,000, which it was understood would be paid. Wife Charging Cruelty 1 iv an(l photographers were in the air, bjq 9 Loses livorce Decision which resulted in confusion as to what planes were over Mexico. Col. The mate failed to appear in the from the window of a room in-' suit of George Imwalle against L11-the hospital ward.

He had served lian King Imwalle and the case was It Little More Than Trace Of Rainfall PARIS, March 8, (IP) The reparations experts adjourned their plenary session here today until Monday after discussing the stamp committees report on transfers and the project for an International bank to handle payments of Germanys remaining war debts. The delegates agreed during the afternoon to publish an official communique regarding their deliberations which will be the first official written bulletin Issued during the four weeks they have been in Gas Prices Lower In Los Angeles Stations Narcotics Peddlers Are Nabbed In Pajaro taken under advisement by Judge H. G. Jorgensen. District Attorney A.

E. Warth represented the plaintiff in Salinas. Hugo Wilkes Remains Are Consigned To Earth Extreme cruelty allegations of a wife ill a contested divorce suit were insufficient to restrain Frank Justin from getting an interlocutory decree of divorce from Elva Justin 011 charges of desertion, Thursday. District Attorney A. E.

Warth represented the plaintiff and Lawyer Edson Thomas the defendant, before Judge H. G. Jorgenson, of the superior court. -o Superintendent Confers With San Jose Teachers seven years of his sentence. )t LICENSE RENEWED WASHINGTON, March 8, (LP) -The license of the Pacific air transport, incorporated, to use Crissy field, California, was extended by the war department to January 1, 1930, to avoid delay in delivery of San Francisco mail, which would result If the Oakland, California, municipal port were used.

jf AVIATOR TO MARRY NASHVILLE, March 8, (LP) Lieut. Jack Harding, member air' WATSONVILLE. March 8, (LP) alleged narcotic peddlers held under arrest here today their capture last night Constable G. R. Cano and Traffic Officer T.

J. Martin of Pajaro. found three pounds of liar-valued at approximately Last nights attempt at a rainfall was a bit disappointing, encouraging as were indications when most of Salinas went to bed. Locally, Farmers mercantile company reported less than .03 inches. Spreckels reported .01.

Associated oil companys pipe line department reported that none of coties their stations had more than a $3,000. of rainfall to register Three were following by Police The LOS ANGELES. March 8, (LP) Some 1100 members of the independent super-station association will meet tonight to consider a plan by which they hope to terminate the present gasoline war, Claude Mcllutchens, secretary, announced. Gasoline now is retailing at from 10 1-2 to 12 1-2 cents a gallon. Following impressive funeral services in the Muller mortuary, East Alisal street, this afternoon, the remains of the late Hugo Wilke were placed at rest in I.

O. O. F. cem eterv. Rev.

George McCormick, retired Salinas pastor, officiated In the presence of a large assemblage of the deceaseds friends, many of whom came from his home city, Monterey, to attend. Wilke died in a hospital here on Wednesday. -o Pilot Sentenced For Smuggling In Chinese Prospective new teachers for Salinas and Monterey county schools are being interviewed in San Jose, today, by County School Superintendent James Force. Between 75 and 100 new teachers arrested meir-gave the names of Jack Hogg, 50, George Willis, 32, and H. B.

Melford, 45. LOS ANGELES, March 8 (LP) Rex Smith, former Denver pilot, to- this morning, day was sentenced to spend four mere trace Lifeboat Crew Gets Blame For Suicide SAN FRANCISCO, March 8 (LP) Death in San Francisco bay of a Chinese who jumped overboard from the Key system ferry Hayward today was blamed by witnesses to alleged inefficiency of a lifeboat crew. Charles Meyer and Miss Claire Blumlein claimed that an attempted recue was bungled from beginning -rv- are employed annually by the of the famous army air service 1 county to replace instructors Yhe group which blazed the air trail. move elsewhere or resign WEATHER FORECAST marry. Contracts are usually presented teachers during May and June.

ADMINISTRATOR REQUESTED Two thousand dollar estate of mouths in comity jail for his con-the late Andrew Stirling, willjfpssed part in aiding to smuggle have an administrator as soon as (Chinese into this country from the petition of R. A. Stirling for Mexico by airplane, letters of administration is heard George F. Sargenti, who was by Judge H. G.

Jorgensen in su- found guilty of having furnished perior court. The petition was financial aid to the enterprise, was filed by District Attorney A. E. sentenced to one year In the Santa Warth, today. Barbara county jail.

around the world in 1924 will be married at Davenport Iowa, March 20 to Mrs. Blondena Sundell, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Car- ENDURANCE FLIGHT BAY CITY, March 8, (LP) The Sally Sovereign which Eddie Stinson and Randolph G.

Page, Detroit fliers, hope to pilot to a new worlds endurance record, droned steadily, over the ice of Saginaw bay as it entered upon its sixth hour late today. PUZZLED SAN FRANCISCO, March 8. (LP) Heir to $300,000 but with no interest in women, automobiles or vacations, Robert Edwards, 32-year old San Francisco laborer was iti a quandary today what to do with his new-found wealth. Occasional rains tonight and Saturday; continued unsettled Sun-day; moderate temperature; Increasing southerly winds. stens of Davenport, according to new bungalow Ready to move to end and that the man Could have word reaching Hardings boyhoodl I bemcre friends here.

R. L. Hughes Realty Co. Inc. t3-3-8 flaa Deen more proucient.


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