The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 14, 1932 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, March 14, 1932
Page 5
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A10NIUY, MAUClt 14, 1032 BlA'THEVllAE, (AUK.)' COUUIKR NEWS PAGE FIVE CLASSIFIED ADS Two cent* a word tor first insertion »nd one cent » word for woh zubwquent Insertion No advertisement taken for ton than 60c. Count the words and wild the cash. Phone 306 FOR SALE FOR SALE—Baby chicks, all varieties. Custom hatching solicited. Marilyn Hatchery, lilylhevillc 18ctt li'OK KENT i FOR RENT—Five room house with running water anil garden. 1'hons 2SO. 12pklO FOli RENT, SALE or TRADE— Lease on store building -with gns station mid living nuatlcvs tn rcur. A dandy place for a hustler. See H. L'. Halscl). Pioinlseil Land, 3!i miles toiillieasl of Biylhevllle. HP-K15 FOR HENT — Furnished house or a p n r t ni e 111. very reasonable. Phcnc MO. 14C-K18 FOR RENT—200 acres improved farm locnted 4'i miles west of Luxorn. Cash cr crcp rout. G. b. Waddell. O.sccola, Arts. HI'-K21 FOB RENT—Atout W acres' Creamery Package plant at B!?> thcville, seme good alfalfa, some good bermuda pasture, balance cotton See A. G. Uttlc. PI:one 505. HcklS FOR RENT—Steam heate.1 b:droo:n adjoining bath. 603 West Main. Plione 642. Hctf WANTED—Bring your poultry to Ii. T. Worthy's, 100 Firsi Street. We pay maikct prices. J E Fisher Sett LOST AND FOUND LOST--White gold glasses in black case marked "A. Wert," between Blytheville mid Dasse;t on Highway. Reward. Return to J. 1>. Clinton, Bassett, Ark. 12cklC. iiKGi.t 111:111; TODAY KM, KN IICISSITI:]!, l^n.tlful 2D->vrir-ol<l, fnll* tn love tvllk I.AIIltV ll.\limHV<JATi:. you,IK nrlUt, ivbuni abr tlirrU ni Dn-lllM- Funit trkprr »bc ifurk* ni u 4niu'e bnll liDxfrKK. Larry In tug:ii:i-ri lo ri.i/.AUK-rn HOWL:*, » d«-i,u- tuiHc. but khiHvi tiHcNIlOHM lo I'.ttrn until tiU fiMHC-te re-turn* from Kuropo. From n ifine of KraUtaiJr ri- Ifn HKrftH la itinrrj- STIiVi:\ IIAIICI.AY. a kluO an* wrnllhr rtinn or r>7 «bu ka» ptild hoipllnl «\nfliHCji lor Litr brnlhrr, MIKI', iMjurttJ IN n wlrrrf tircttlt-Mr. II* also dutU [| Juli fur IIKIIV AIOI- S'l'llAI). rnsiiBcil lo KllriTi klvlrr, JIVIIA. Itarrlny IIM hern raimlcil nnil dlvori'rj. Scniltlnt lu'romyltnttfti tilt lllvort-t; frutii I.!:VM CHAVSOX. El d:inecr. xntl, (vdrlnK *ht» ultc limy l'« rcvlvc-ll, br unrf i:itrn KKroi- In kpfit llirlr nmrrltiRf* tuftft until iiflrr they K:I!| l»r rtirniic. IJnrflnj uU<ir» lo »etllc n for- (llilt- urt Cllfn. Tlit-y pel to the litnrrs of SV.MI'.S ,<L PHKNDKII- <:.\ST. llnrflnj'. r.ld.rm-j», liu< Hit- ImtiPrM are not ri-nd? nnd Kl- Ipn rrfiih*-» to nnil, hiljlni; Iliry run It* ftl^nril after the crre- niiiii)-. Oa Ilir ucjclhig mornliiir r.llen frclt «ke ran nut KO (hrnLiKh \\IIU the ccrvwmiy. sum prrhuti^lp^ kcr linn hhr imtME. The two rouiih'* tlrli'r lo n!nll Cnnnrcll- (Ul lor^j; t\hfrc lUr luarringt: l» li> <Jlkc rJ'ik'*'. llnrclny In m\:irr 11 st i:tlrii'M frnr«, nitkH krr l( J.hc^ VlillCM to lioHlpune IB^ mnrrlu^r. KOW «O <>.\ WITH Till: S'K'IIK CJ1APTKR XXXV T^LtiEN xvas overwhelmed \vith re- !ic(. Steven's question utruck tlie chains from her very spirit To postpone this marriage, to defer it until Steven's return from Lon dou—that \vould givo her five j blessed weeks In wlilcli lo conquer lier problem. S!ie need not go flbeatl. Tbe man vvlio loved her Iiatl biuiself sot [ter tree. Tlwn slio looked at Sloven &•.»! saw In his eyes the despair lie coulil not hide. Slic knew leu Ihink o( nn ocean liner's wills llo and of Ilio linal vvnrnlu^, "All aslioro that's eohiB nshore." Silie Ilil not guess lint as the oi^an vbcozed [o Bik-uct) mid Kllrn foiJBlit down Ilic sheer pnnlc Ilia: her want to rush Irum (lie clmrcli ami Hie i>ab, beautiful lirlita was thlnklni, 1 It was too lato now iluvvn i he shady shlowalfe to his car.' Tlu> llev. Mr. Sontlicy rame from lib stinly lurei! (he floor, a sl^n thai lie u-:is ileriily ncllalcd. l!u did not I'l'iipnuil 10 MM. South- ey'ii iiiisloiH <iucstlo)!s. llo only Inlil hor Hint they liolh must hotio Mr. Syincs could locate Ills client. A few lionra later wlilic Symes to KO ishore. Tlio eangulnnk wns wiia Kcourliitf New York tor them ralaeil. Then as the minister bcw.n lo speak Ellen saw Steven's mlorhm eyes smllliiK into hev's nnil was nfrald no longer. How couhl slio bo ntraKl of ono who loved her £0l Her response ft'as clear nucl straiiy. Sho heard Stovon'e volte. Then there was a frosty circle of platinum on her l\u Bcr. ami Ktoren bent to kiss her. nio minister smiled his coiiBr ations nud Ellen hciinl Molly sob Sho was Mrs. Steven t was over, ilarclay. 'Sloven called her that first anil left tho Itcv. .Mr. Soiilhoy dlsap- nteil. Molly rushed up lo Wss her and to kiss her new sou. Myra who hurt become a hrido flro rain- tics earlier was kissing them both ami comparing her rlnn with Kl- k-n's whilo lierl. a lltllo In tho background, shyly on nnil thought his own brldo tho mosl beautiful tlrl in tho .world. Ellen nntl Steven mado (heir lust visit to MiVo fit the liosnHat. The boy was excited anil nervous he- mil so of Ilio crowd In his room, lie- did mil I,now whether lo laugh, cry or bo cross. When Ulleii. nl templed to tiixo him Into her nrros Mlko wheeled frco to demand t Eho would tiring him soiuellilni from LouJou. Kltcn assured him slio would nut she fell Iho familiar pang tin chlhl hail been so ailciit al rausliiK lately. Just thwi ho Ohl Eoinethln with tlio ueciiltar grnclousncsa o childhood which m.iilo her forgei Miko stretched out ono brown litll psvsv anil grMibcil Steven's cuff. "I'm invfnl clad Ellen nmrrlc yon." lie- announced frankly. " liko you." They all laughcil. Myrn A manileil to know It ho wero TUL Li r I.f,KS", sllll In t. world ot un 'calily, was resolving lo Iw tUe licst wife In the world to Sleven. Sho accented the arm ho offered, j to it and looked up confiileut- ]y at her husband, her eyes luminous and solemn as a chilli's eyes. Together they walked out Into tho sunshine. There \\;a rice after all—n small has of it duns by Mrs. F.<"!'.''oy troni the Btcus uf Ilio church. Tlio spell of solemnity disappeared in New York Cotton NEW YORK, March 14. (UP)— Cotton closed barely steady. Open High Low Closs . 085 68G 678 . 691 . 113 , 133 . 751 Mlarcli May .. July .. Oct. .. Dec. .. Jan. 756 65D 110 138 753 761 r.Eo 703 fi78 BM 703 could not take advantage of such ! a burst of hysterical laughter. l<> bo our home, Kllcn." They Jrovo on through tbo Sen- uil'i-r Jilnhl. n fi>U Kiimll mid InslgnUicanl, ot iiNirried at nil. an tho vnr urni.l through blsh Iron nines, lcd u|i a fiuoolh driveway ml w:is llko a long, while rlbluin, id nt lust hesilalfd brnoiilh thu ono cochoi'O of a Rieat violin oil-- 1 LlghU Imrucil from nil Mil i^wi on tho lower iloor. cups vi'iil or I'hlckoii stoi-k, a cup,? milk. 1 ti'ii5|HMti salt. 1-4 icnsiHxm l^ppci 1 . ;i tAblesiiMiis flour, -1 tublc- !-l):-tns fornineal, 1-2 cup united chcorc. Melt bi:ltcr In .soup k-:!ik> anrl adci onion and pt'p|>;'i'. Km uii.l cc"k uniil c;iki]i Is it ^Oldi-n .>lv[iv, Color. Ailil MMionlng, stwk anil milk. Ad.1 common! mill stir h.nil mull mixture,boils. Sllr tliMir |:i a fiiicnili |:ostn with n I'.ltlj c.-U milk. ii:!rinis hut finip Minily inul inlMtnro iiDiirs u'litllly. Add in i::c Mini), xlrrlim constantly. Bring l» lhi> iMiillnu p'Jlnt nmi couk liltceii nilniitos. When rciuly to tcrvc spi Inkle grilled chwsc over top of each bowl. * • t I'cuto and (JJivno Suup Three medium slzei iwlalooj, 1 cup grated, 4 ciiiis milk, pared potatoes, Masoning '»nd clKcse and boil one minute,-Add piirilcy and tsrve at once. BREAKFAST: Oann«i peach's thifted -*ltli Jelly, cereal, crc»m, tablespoons tin tier. 3 Inblcipaons I eggs pouched in tomato puree, toast, Hour, a teaspoons sail, 1-2 teaspoon imllk, collcc. wlille pepiwr, 2 iMspcoiu sugar, 2 LUNCHEON: Cornmcal soup, luuH'spcoiis united onion, I loaiixisn losst clicks, cress and, apple salad, lab.ifco sauce, 3 tubk'snoMis mine- Jelly rol cake, lemonade. i'd parsley. DINNER: Baked liallbut \iUfi Steam or uoll (Minions In tha lemon 1 sauce, French Jriso 1 sweet "Jackals," IVel and put tlnoiiKU pclnlofs, caullflowsr nu gratia, ilrcT. Mrll hiitler and sllr in iloiir. sluJfi'd celery and green pepper milk, stlirini; constantly, nnd sahid, sponge cake witli strawterry to Iho bollhijf [»lnt. Add pre- Iluir, milk. coilee. uuu UOAKUIM; uoust; By Ahr.rii 142 740 743 150 Spots closed quiet at 695, off 10. ''New Orleans Cotton KB WORLEANS, March 14. (UP) —Cotton closed easy. Open High Low Cbsa Quixotic generosity. Sbo understood Steven had rjado the offer because he was the person ho was, understood that she must refuse It because sho was tho person sbc was. She paw Steven again as a beloved friend. lie was not a stranger whom she could hurt. "Why postpone U?" she demanded courageously. "I thought you might like to, my dear." "I wouldn't," she told him on nolo of high courage. "I want to bo married today with Myra, That's what wo came for." And Barclay was content. They were married in a tins white painted church with greci March May .. July .. Oct. .. Dec. .. Jan. ., 691 601 715 732' 743 153 691 TOO 717 730 152 760 675 685 702 721 739 G7C 685 702 721 740 7451) Spots closed steady at. 680, off 17. Dr. P. L. Tiploti Physician & Surgeon Ingram Bldg. Telephones: Office - 25G Residence - 270 All Hair Cuts - 25c New Grand leader Barber Shop . North Second Street Women's and children's hair cutting a specialty. Earl E. Parker n. S. Prcvost leafy branches rustling against thcjj"™ bound, windows and letting through snots of siinslilnt! that speckled tho red carpet. Tbo minister's wife cut flowers from her garden tor the altar and-played "Oh Promise, Me" at the organ just before the ceremony. The minister's wife was a romantic soul. Sho did not dream that tho last not* rt it: E?ng made El Refreshments bad been prepared in tho parsonage, n liny, wbilo bouse In the shadow of the church, but the wedding party was too hurried to stop, much lo .Mrs. Southcy's disappointment. Sbo stood ou the sidewalk, shniled by a great oak tree, and wnved until tho big car was out of sight. They had scarcely been fiono a quarter ot an hour before Louis Symcs. Barclay's lawyer, leaped from a roadster that had come roaring dowu the blRh'w.-iy. frantically rang tbo parsonage door bell and demanded to sec Sloven at once. Mrs. Southey. In a fever of interest anil eicitement. told him tho marriage had all ready taken place. No, sho did not know where, the br'ulo anil bridegroom Klad Bho hail married licii. In Ki of Bliyncss Mtko refnsi'il lo ni s\vov. Kllcn had been uiGdc pror and liuiiiiy. mid dcsplto Allke'fl fir tests, slie satlicrcd his head In 1 her arms ami g;i\- 0 lilm ouo of the- old bear li«K3. Slio dlil not kno just wliy Bho should led £0 gral fill to him., wcro tcavlnl eoodliys on tho horpiUl fiteps and ono'hor- ilblo inoii-.ent when Ellen felt she I'diihl not leave Myra uiid Molly nnil almost saw so. Then the, nest mlnuto she ami Slcvon wnrn In the car. There was no chauffeur now. "I wanted to be al«no with you." Steven said as they whirled away. They wcro driving lo his country home—now her homo, too, a great houso ou Long Island that hjul been put In order nuil opened Just for Ibit night. U was not so per- Sbo tli ought biiEhaiid. 1 haps— "Let ino see ; - our Symirs cut her short. • Almost before sho had pointed out her husbands' study, Syuica was striding across tlio room, knocked on Ihe door anil waa Inside. \Vlthin fivo iiilnutcs the study door hurst open again. The lawyer raced from the houso and many miles from .Manhattan, Just a ule.isniit drive through tho still, brcathlcsa evening. When they wore cloar of ti-.-ilfic ami on tlio long, silver road Steven pulled bcr close to liim. Sho dropped her hciid to his shoulder. " Ktraiiffe that Eho had never be- fr,ro Ihtiugbt of Steven driving n car. Sho felt sato and sccnro ns slio watched lua luinds. steady al tho wheel. Would lifo with him tw always safe? ijuikleuly she knew that sho was hungry, "\\Vro almost there now," Bar ciay tolil her. nlniosl as if ho read her thoughts. "The pLice. Isn't plll'V bail driven thronnh lanJ- 1 '"I'd grounds nnd nho lia^' nii".!it u clliu|">c of tlio stt-liinnliiB ici'l framing «llh stars. Httveun lad pointed out Ibo Btnhlos and oiinU couits, spoken of >i'd( itid lioatlni;. <!0!ili| Uila bo home? Coulil (lib ivi-r 1^ homo to tier? .Sl:o linii n (iiulden hysterloal nr> lion dial ho anil sbo inlulit bt h'o; i i'0il Intii Eeiiarnio wln^d of Iho linii<io and lio unnhln to Hint c.icli olher tor days. U'hfn they wfio liiBldo It was not lll:u Iliat nt all. »' entered n lonp. '.mttly I :h'Ii]i; room with sir.inno n of copiier from the wnllK ami Ilio soft liblno of old ami vill worn furniture, Tlio room WUH jier. feet iven to Ji coji[mr buwl uf rel' lo« Mses nu t| lc cn!feo tiihli- taslOo a IOEJ- wood tiro lltthteil n^aiiisl Hi-; olilll oiilslde- lOllen looked ab,nil licr. Blk'iit with dellc.tii. Wby hr,4 slie IKCII EO nlrnlil ot wraith w-lii'ii tlih was w h n! we-illh Immslit? Ik-anly Hint took (ho bn-i'lb away. "I>n yon llto Iho place. Klk'ii?" Sli'Vfn arlied anflly, "till — ^i) Iliucll!" "."y darlliic, darlliiK wif,'," li,> IITO was soinolhliiR In. l!io V. iv!i[?ticrcii volco thai lllk< hear I willi tunic. Not now— lot ijow! Not until sho hail n llulo wlillo— Htev:n must have* read her /ncc. \Vlio:i by was hc.ilrle IHT ho put an .inn aljoiil her shoulder nml led her lo a plnco by Iho tlic. Slio heard him speaklnj!. "ttVII IIHVO tlinl fnoil." ho fald li^lly, "Thn liclla nrrn'l con- nc-ih-d and I'll liavo to liml i'ci-. Il/U>'fo QL 1 MAM AvOAV? Wilh (hat ho was gone. Kllcn troi-.ildcd ns nho raw thai ho h-.;i led llie room. Mow gooil lio was! She waited live minutes. 10 inln- ute^ and wltii eacli pastlnn mo- menl slio felt her coui.igo vcvlvo. Slie began lo wish that he would return. Lying nn Ibe cotteo l.iblo were Ilio iniSruhiK uewsnaiicrB. Kllll ini ly- jacketoil ami iiiifrcasurl. Slio Klancc-if casually nt (ho hrailllin s. then blark'd tu turn Iho [iai;os lu BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES MOHK COrMIM.lCATIONS! Bv Marti; sUu'fel—iviil thu bullur. Hut hu'll Etareh ot a fnvovltu columnist. As have food for us. 1 don't believe! tlio Eoeiely ua;se Hipped iiy. slio you've eaten today?" ; [lansed. "1 havcu'i," slic admltic'l. "l'm[ There \vas .a brief aiiiioiiiicci::e:il nwinlty Innigry." j that llm en'.v.iBOvntni hutwton l.inv- "We'd Imi-G ealcn In lou-n if I'd! "' I1CO "avrowfialo nnd l-:ii;aliclh only thonebt! But I wus so anxious for you to ueo tile place thai Howes h:»l liocn. broken. fTi> llo Co::liniici I Closing Stock Prices . 'INTO BETTER. Co\v» HOW Q THE NEiGasoRS Give • \T A WORKooT--- Guaranteed I'ure Stoneviltc No. 1 PLANTING SEED $25 Per Ton This seed was grown on our' own ii'antation and gurncd in our private sin with no possibility of mixture with inferior seed. C. F. TUCKER on Premised Land Road, 3'.i miles southeast of Dlythc- ville. A. T. ami T 124 1-2 Anaconda Copper 03-4 Auburn 93 Caterpillar'Tractor ... 107-8 Chrysler H 1-2 Cities Service C 1-S Coca Cola 115 3-4 Continental Baking 51-2 Genera! Electric 20 1-2 General Mo'.or.s 20 1-S Midwestern Utililics .... 2 Mnntgomcry Ward 3 1-2 New York Central 23 3-1 Packard 37-8 Radio 1 1-1 Simmons 9 1-3 Standard of N. J 29 1-4 Texas Corp 113-4 U. S. Steel 4-15-8 KITCHEN BY SISTKK J1AISY NE,V Service Writer Very often, whrn vegetables arc served In great variety, a vegetable cream soup Is not wanted in (he menu nnd a meat broth fails to give the required number of calorics and 'nourishment. Of conrsi there's always cream ot mushrccm soup, rich and delicious but for plain everyday Iai\ you v.ill find coup economical and satisfying. This scuj) is Ideal to serve when meat is "off the menu," for it is very nouiisliinR, provicilnj niucl food value In both caloiics ; mineral content. Either stock o milk or a rnmhtimllon rf .'lori- and mill: can be used, while tlu. -stoek gives flavor it lurnlshcs lit tic nourisrmuH. All mil!: C the maximum of nourishment. Th combination of milk and stock sac rillccs sonu nourishment tor Ilav or, but llii:i is justifiable shic c on of the missions of a .soup Is whet the npnctltc. C?rimu-:il Suiip Tlncc lablc-ii.-ons butter. 1- cup minced ci:wn. 1-2 cup slued d:d r.wcet gm'n iiepuer. 1 b:iy ka W£Ji t\ COUIC.EC DQtVEJR C01A\li& >:iUl'.cn ijouf|'.f:;t W l^ I @K!?S. LOTTA KQK.UNS DOHTS'rtecT-ICAM B--iPLAI>i cyEP-VWi«6. ; To B.H.KD-.'AS, FRECKLES AND IIJS_I'HIKNI)S fi*e' is THAT ) Uei'- VIHATS" ) vis,THIS is wy eo- <5=E. » IHBI /^^.^ MA s J vneve JUST BSSU i TH' COWPA^V j C A| J QO rfy; WJEST ID $S& MERK'S HAHttY! Jr YOL> to t Jf.irsh Xo-.v Rich Onion Vifhls NEW AND USED PARTS For All Aulomribilcs JACKSON AUTOI'AKTS 2020 \V. fllain - - - Phone CG Counter or Table Service JttlMIK O'HUIEN'S CAFE ALLEGAN, Michigan. lUPi —If Land \\lik;; in 1912 was a worth- | ens slrrlch xnovn as the Gun! Rhev Moroh, today h Micl.ii-nii's i riches: cnion prcducinj EccllcnJ- In 13!2 dr;d?:n» cf the nmshcs IVKS si3r;e:i ar.J hris:tion dit:h« •-vcre put in. Head CourW News w an i ads. • Youi'WC |J 1 DOOPLS AV3 TVS ^-\ &r=$ D IF IT n«i-t"r aeeiJ ) .-nis^.x-ie.'.'AV j MEVGP2 HME.CecE.NeOi AU. TM:S VOU Or A TEU. ME...HOW COULD 1 SET MIS YOUR. CLU3? WOULD YOU CAE6 I STAPTEP AM OODL£ CLU3 CMEC2 H6RE? SECOND HAND FURNITURE See Us First R. J. Dodson 301-303 E. Main G. G. CAUIMI-L Rents, Buys nnd Sells Homes and Farms V/rllcs Insurance Phone 797 y.rmcra B»nk S10RE FOR THE BUILDING DOLLAR RUBBER You can strttch your dollars by buying Building Materials NOW. 1'hone iOO E. C. ROBINSON LUMBER CO. WASH TUHI5S •nil-; is ON : Weal i ViOUWPEP HE \S CGMSWa W ONE OR MORE PISTOLS! , S£t HE ii-'lp'tO" tHOUCsll 10 MT.\C.'i uCOUFO/VNu VJlVH OMUV A 6LACK-JWK VUT WOlr-<ii\NC( ' WSiMrtM Hli FUJ.-'i . <jOES WltD. ^ m M ^S£ PN THC- b ot e, P.IV T-lRU&TS (N FRO HliM fXS A SHI6.UO. HE GRABS ^ PISTOi- AND ONE SHOT, Tvxfx's M-L I NEEDS,'CKM'it I'M RIP O'DM W I NEVER &{sw

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