Scrantonian Tribune from Scranton, Pennsylvania on March 13, 1949 · 20
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Scrantonian Tribune from Scranton, Pennsylvania · 20

Scranton, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Sunday, March 13, 1949
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A V ' $ 20 Sunday, March 13, 1949 The Scrantonian LOUELLA PARSONS In Hollywood Ssryx Jayne Meadows Plain Scared ; Walked Out HOLLYWOOD, March 12. Jayne Meadow was registered in the back of my mind as a tem-permental girl who walked out of the MGM studio. You never know how wrong you can be in judging a person until you hear both aides of a story. Jayne was not temperamental. Jayne was Louella Parsons 10 This' she told me as wetl and talked over her role of the frus trated old maid in Enchantment. I was just plain scared, said Javne. with all the make-up people fussing around me. I thm1 this funny face of mine with my slanting eyes was never meant f r the screen, so I left Metro-Gold wyn-Mayer because I believed then I belonged on the stage. I thought the lady must be taking me for a ride, because she is a pretty girl, and looks years younger than she does in En chantment. She has red hair and brown eyes, and much animation. Moreover, she is a good actress. Her performance in Enchantment Is one of the best supporting roles of the year. In fact there is no doubt about it; she is better than the leads in the picture, which is not what I am supposed to say, so dont tell Sam Goldwyn! Jayne has just been back from Rome a short time. She went there to marry writer Milton Krims, who was in Italy with the Tyrone Power company. My mother and father were married in Japan, she said, so I just had to be married some place different, too. Believe me, home was a very romantic place for a wedding. The mayor read the service, and Henry King, the director, gave me away. It was the most beautiful place outside of a church, and the nicest civil ceremony I ever heard. Where did you meet Milton?" -1 asked her. . I yras Introduced to him at Paramount, she said, and I fell In love with him the minute I laid eyes on him. He has the most beautiful eyes I have ever seen, and when I got to know him, I found out he was even nicer than be looks. Of course, there was the job of elling my people because my father is an Episcopalian minister, and Miltons religion is different. But my parents were interested in my happiness, so it wasnt too difficult. It is indicative of Jaynes character that she said she would have married Milton even if her parents had refused their permission, because she knows he is the one man in the world for her. Jaynes background has been anything but conventional. She was born Jane Cotter in Wu Chang, China, where her father and mother were missionaries. When she was a little girl, her home was bombed in an uprising, and two years of her life were apent in Paris and England. She seems so forthright, that I asked her why she spells her name - J-A-Y-N-E. Oh, thats pure affectation! she told me. It happened so long ago, and I have never changed it back to plain J-A-N-E. I had an amusing experience In Rome," she said. When they ran my picture, Lady in the Lake, my voice was dubbed in Italian. The press complimented me on the way I spoke their language, to every time I saw a newspaper man after that I pretended I had laryngitis! The gal has a sense of humor! Just as she was leaving, Mont- (omery Clift walked in, and I am ndebted Ip her for much I learned about this young man who keeps his secrets to himself. But my story about Monty ap pears in pictorial review, and this one is about Mrs. Milton Krims, the former Jayne Meadows. She wont be running out on make-up men or wardrobe women now. After her reviews in Enchantment," she must know she is as good as Sam Goldwyn says she is. Deadly Gas Shell Makes Better Coyote Trap KINGSVILLE, Texas (UP). King Ranch has developed a better coyote trap. A small circular affair, the trap contains a .38 caliber shell loaded with cyanide gas. The device is cocked, smeared with half -decayed meat and stuck into the ground. The coyote smells the meat, tugs at the device to get it out of the ground, the mechanism fires, and the cyanide gas goes down his throat. In one month alone the ranch counted 150 dead coyotes. lubscribe to The Scrantonian-Tribune Today's Radio Program MORNING f-OOWJZ New. Concert Hall 1:00 WGBI Old Fashioned Revival Hour WJZ New: Mualo WARM New! WNBC News. Dick Dudley uroreg .M :05WSCR Tabernacle Choir 15 WARM Church In the Wildwood WNBC Your Health Today S:S0WSCR Studio Chapel WJZ Coflee Concert WARM Voice of Prophecy WNBC String Quartet :00 WNBC News WARfJ Sunday Morning Music Tlme t WJZ Bert Baoharach Talk WGBI News ol the World WSCR Polish American Hour 9-15 WNBC The Comic Weekly Man 9-30WGBI Daniel Plnkham WARM Our Ladys Hour WJZ Music Time 9:45 WGBI Trinity Choir of St Pauls WNBC Male Quartet 9:55-WJZ News 10:00 WNBC National Radio Pulpit Dr Ralph Sockman WGBI Church of the Air WJZ Message of Israel WSCR Scrantonian Funnies WARM Message of Israel 10:WV WNBC Children's Program WSCR The Comte Weekly Man WARM-WJZ The Southerns ires WGBI Bethania Presbyterian Churh 11:00 WARM Fine Arts Quartet WJZ The Fitzgeralds WSCR Elm Park Service 11:S0-WARM-WJZ Hour of faith WGBI Salt Lake City, Tab Choir and Organ WNBC News: Charles F. Carthy U:4S WNBC Bob Houston, Songs Mc- afternoon 12:00 WGBI Invitation To Learning WARM News of the Week In Review . WNBC Jinx Falkenburg and Tex McCrary, Interviews WSCR Firoanis Sunday Coneert WJZ George Putnam, News 12:15 WJZ Foreign Reporter WARM Invitation To Learning WSCR Floranis Sunday Concert 12:20 WARM Plano Playhouse WNBC The Eternal Light: The Great Outcry WJZ Piano Playhouse WGBI David Rose Orch. 12:45 WGBI Red Cross Program :0O WNBC America United WJZ American Almanae WOR-Wm. 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MOTOROLA Car RADIOS Completely Installed With Antennal Installed by Experts! Hollywood Brevities HOLLYWOOD, March 12 P). Corinne Calvet, pretty young French actress, is preparing for American citizenship. This entails some knowledge of American history. Corinne, like many another newcomer, found the facts interesting but the textbooks dull. So she turned to the newspaper archives. What she expected to be a rather tiresome chore thus became a fascinating study, she said. Newspapers have real depth, the actress declared. They make the past return to life. This way m learning what the American people thought not merely what their leaders thought. Miss Calvet is cast with Burt Lancaster in the Hal Wallis film, Rope of Sand, which will mark her Hollywood cinema debut. She spends several hours of her spare time each week in newspaper libraries, going over old and yellowed files. Ive read about the California gold rush, President Lincolns assassination, the San Francisco earthquake and many other historic happenings in newspapers issued at the time these events took place. Ive read the newspaper accounts of George Washingtons death in libraries, and details of his funeral. These front pages of bygone years are invaluable to foreigners in an adopted country. Miss Calvets citizenship study has led to a hobby. For some weeks she has been collecting currently important front pages. Her husband, actor John Bromfield, started such a collection in 1940, but only as a war record. The little Parisienne and Bromfield were married only a few months ago. She has been in this country 18 months. Citizenship will not be available until she has lived here two years. Paramount brought her to Hollywood, but failed to assign her to any pictures. She moved to Metro-Gold-wyn-Mayer, but fared no better. Directors feared her accent was too strong. Then Wallis took over her contract and put her in the hands of a diction coach. Her speech improved almost at once, and the coach now says Corinnes accent is barely perceptible. George Raft is going to dance again for the screen. Raft got into pictures as a hoofer. The tough-guy roles were a latter-day development. Now working in Hounded at Columbia Studios, Raft has an intricate rhumba routine with his leading lady, Nina Foch. George made a number of dancing pictures in his early days. One of the most notable was Bolero, with the late Carole Lombard. But he says his first and favorite dancing partner was his mother. He recalls dancing in contests with her in New York years ago, many of which they won. The dance craze at that time was the flat-foot waltz, in which the male dancer had to keep a dime under one heel. If he lost the dime he was out of the contest. When Director Nicholas Ray ran the first completed print of his film They Live by Night at RKO studios, he was intrigued by one of the sound effects a lonely, eerie sound of singing telephone wires. He looked up the sound experts to compliment them, and was surprised when they looked a bit sheepish. They admitted they got the effect by placing a microphone alongside a telephone pole on the studio lot. For once Hollywood did it the easy way. Robert Ryan says he feels like Tarzan in reverse. Tarzan is picking up a few more lines of dialogue in each new picture. But Ryan, usually loquacious, has less than 200 words to say In The Set-Up. At this rate Ill be a dummy in another year, he complained. But he has to admit hes keeping in physical shape. He has had fight scenes in each of his last four pictures. For The Set-Up at RKO, he is in and out of the ring for .20 of the films 80 minutes of running time. Latest of bizarre movie props is a chirping cricket in a miniature silver cage, suspended by a fragile chain from a finger worn by Ses-sue Hayakawa in Columbias Tokyo Joe. The crickets piping heralds Hayakawas entrance for Menace scenes with Humphrey Bogart. Crickets hibernate in the Winter, and property men couldnt find one in Hollywood. They finally went to the warmer climate of Indio, Calif., on the desert, where 100 crickets were collected. From these the most photogenic was selected, then he died. So the chirping will be dubbed in. He was prepared by a Hollywood taxidermist, and mounted in the cage on an ingenious spring which causes the dead insect to move around as if actually alive. How much of a movie star is real? That has been a question for some time, what with toupees, dental caps, shoulder pads and elevator shoes. More than one Hollywood hunka man wears all of em. Now the makeup department at MGM has discovered that contact lenses oan be used to change the color of a players eyes. This is handy for otherwise rugged types who have baby-blue eyes for instance. And actresses, of course, can change the color of their eyes to match their dresses. However, the contact lenses are expensive. The color must be hand-painted and baked on, at a cost of several hundred dollars each, says makeup chief Jack Dawn. Big-budget films in color will use a few now and then. The C-47 Cargo plane which carries Mexican aliens over the border in Universal-Internationals Illegal Entry has a notable war record. Before the studio acquired the plane, it had flown 20 hospital missions, two paratroop missions and three glider-towing missions, in addition to hauling freight cargos for American troops. The ship made its movie debut in You Gotta Stay Happy. It carried freight in that film, with Jimmy Stewart at the controls. Howard Duff is the pilot in Illegal Entry. 11:00 WNBC New. Bob Trout WGBI New WJZ Drew Pearson WGBI New WARM Drew Pearson 11:15 WGBI UN In Action WNBC Clifton Utley. Newe WARM Thought In Passing WJZ Our Curious World 11:50 WGBI Russ Carlyle Orch. WARM Dick Jurgens Orch. WNBC Chicago Roundtable 12:00 WGBI New WNBC-WJZ New Sharp-eyed fans will recognize the dress Joan Caulfield wears in the opening scene of Paramounts Dear Wife. Contrary to custom, the outfit is the same one she wore in Dear Ruth. Dear Wife is a sequel, and the action takes place about a year later. Some wardrobe similarity was logical. But between the two pictures the new look arrived Costume Designer Kay Dodson did just what many an American office girl did she removed the shoulder pads and lengthened the Frankie Reynolds Orch. Music For All Occasions PHONE PITTSTON 2661 skirt of Joans old dress. But Joan, no office workers, has seven other outfits to. wear in the picture. Snow on ridges in the background threatened to ruin location scenes for Metro-Goldwyn-Mayers Border Incident, being photographed near the Mexican border. Ricardo Montalban and Howard Da Silva were supposed to be engaged in mortal combat in hot weather. Director Anthony Mann thought he would have to abandon the location site until a studio painter, James Vesey, solved the problem. He sprayed the snow with an inflammable liquid, struck a match and melted the snow in half an hour. If we had used shovels on that snow, wed be there yet, said Mann. Walter Lantz, producer of cartoon movies, plans to tour most of the world to determine if theater audiences are sold on live action in combination with cartoon animation. He wants to find out a few other things too, such as preference in story material. Many cartoons are based on folklore. But Lantz discovered, on a similar tour of the United States last year, that vast numbers of moviegoers like western cartoons. Lantz started his tour with a trip to Hawaii. He will leave Hollywood again in April for England, France, Switzerland, Italy, and possibly Holland, Belgium, and the Scandinavian countries. Thereafter he will' continue his survey in Mexico and in such South American cities as Rio De Janeiro, Buenos Aires, Lima and Santiago. One of his questions will be: Do theater audiences like best feature-length or short cartoons? He wants to know before he HI I YOI REV El BREAMED OF IH TIE LIVES OF 001 PRESIDENTS! Tern memento! HeorMevchini hcMentol Little-known epbodell imi STAR EDWARD ARNOLD CB UR. PRESIDENT ENDFIELDS FURS 138 Wyoming Awe. bring 9Mt groat program to Every Sunday at 2:30 P. M. ' WARM America Broadcasting Company Direct From Hollywood This Man Can Help Your Hearing He uses the most scientific equipment foi measuring hear-loss. He improve rstanding of speech with the new minia-t u r e Sonotone 910. He offers av mormon .1 both air and bone conduction receivers and fits this instrument to the individual needs of the wearer. There is no receiver in the ear with the Out-A-Sight earmold. He gives sympathetic instruction in the use of the instrument. No charge for examination or consultation. If you have a hearing problem see the local representative of the worlds largest hearing aid company. A. S. Morrison, Manager Sonotone of Scranton, Suite 607 Brooks Building, Phone 4-4234 for home or office appointment. 14 YEARS OF CONTINUOUS HEARING SERYICE IN SCRANTON BY SONOTONE 22nd Annual Membership Enrollment for the Scranton 1949-50 COMMUNITY CONCERTS Campaign Ends Thursday, March 17 MEMBERSHIP- .00 Pius $1.00 Federal Tax 1 You Are Interested Apply for Membership Before Thursday. Scranton Community Concert Association CHAMBER OF COMMERCE I PHONE 2-4137 GRACIOUSLY for LESS AT THE HEART OF THE REAL JfJ WW. 0M OF AMERICAS REWEST AN0 MOST MODEM HOTELS DAILT RATESi Stafl frea SL50 Ooiblt frea SS.N Cil.?iM . ' Hoorn With Televlilon Available AmeaatdttiM. tar 40 AIR-CONDITIONED RESTAURANT COFFEE SHOPPE 14 COCKTAIL LOUNSI LESLIE L PAUL Managing Director DETWEEN BROADWAY a.4 RADIO CITY CIRCLE 7-1149 143 WEST 4ITH STREET new vork Wrtto tor Details U Oar AN-Examoo-ltawta VIStTOUM, rlrt Little Theatre Guild Presents THE GLASS MENAGERIE By Tennessee Williams YMHA Auditorium Tonight, Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, 8:30 P. M. Admission: SI (Tax inc.) Tickets on sale at YMHA and Reismar.s. All Seats Reserved. makes a full-length Woody Woodpecker picture. Having 1,385,648 other women in love with your husband isnt to bad when you get used to the idea, says Dale Evan. Her husband, cowboy actor Roy Rogers, has received that many proposals in his fan mail since January, 1947, Roys mail clerks report. One was from a nine-year-old in England who hopes hell wait until she grows up. But, Dale observes, not all of them are from children by any means, and its a good thing Im not the jealous type. When a man gets 7,000 letters a day, no wife alive could pluck out ail the verbena-scented envelopes. Dale, now working in Republics Susanna Pass, appeared in films With Roy from 1943 until a year ago, when she married him. She has learned to take such things in stride, she declared, adding: Whats a little thing like a million or so other women, when for years Ive been playing second fiddle to a horse? There are 17,000 more miles of natural gas pipelines than there are miles of railroad in the United States. REMOVAL SALE! A Sensation . . . Classical Records 12 12-Inch Record 112-Inch Album Total Yalue $16.50! Sj.49 Select Your Favorites from Scrantons Largest Classical Record Library. Fill the Album With 12 Records! Available Only at Strand Today From 2P.M LATE SHOW tONITE 10 P. M. the 1 IHL ce Fit Dlncltd by ANATOLI LITVAK PHIL BRITO, Singing Star of Screen and N. B. C. IN PERSON at the CAPITOL Thurs., Fri., Sat. COMERFORD TODAY FROM 2 P. M "it I LATE SHOW TONITE AT 1 0 P. M CAPITOL Starts TODAY Fear-Mad Mobs! Pagan Rebels! Beauty for Sale! 4 PARK THEATRE DOUBLE FEATURE SUNDAY MONDAY TUESDAY A UNIVERSAL-INTERNATIONAL PICTURE AND LET'S LIVE AGAIN" John Emory Taylor Holmes Continuous Performances Sunday 2 to 12 P. M. Demand for the New Electric Range Growing Each Day ATrail Blazer to Better Cooking Hrn i, "Pushbutton Cooking" that will give housewives a big thrill. The new Pushbutton Panel gives instant fingertip control for all kinds of cooking no guesswork the lights on the panel show exactly what unit is on ond at what speed. There are 37 other sensational features; for instance, the Hi-Speed broiler cooks steaks in 10 to 12 minutes. The big Sealed-Heat Oven bakes more evenly, holds more food and cooks an entire meal at one time, without any attention. These new Electric Ranges are on display at THE SCRANTON ELECTRIC COMPANY and at your dealer's. Terms liberal and convenient 1 5 down and 21 months to pay. The Scranton Electric Company Preston Foster . Alan Hale Basil Rathbone A Re-release Person! Freddie Stewart Screen Brother in Music Man" WJY Singing Star ofStage.Scrm UccontsAmMicJetaork Pram Coast tt Coast. . RIVIERA THRILLING ACTION! GEORGE RAFT WILLIAM BENDIX MARILYN fMAXWELL Race Street A n exciting story of an underworld killing that will make your blood run hot and cold! PHIL BRITO, Singing Star of the Screen and N. B. C. IN PERSON at the . CAPITOL Thurs., Fri., Sat. STATE ' Now . . . Six-Gun Thunder! Serial Congo Bill WEST SIDE a"d GRANADA Olyphant For Drama, For Thrills, For Suspense, For the Years Biggest Hit cwmmk ' lORETTI ROBERT LORETTA ROBERT YOUNG CUMMINGS RIALTO a"d HOLLAND 0ld Fora' Violent and vengeance ben they met . . . Someone had to give! .... TUESDAY: THE SEARCH Montgomery Clift ORIENT Now Rita Hayworth Clean Ford LOVES OF CARMEN" REX DICKSON-' st Today Dennis OKeefe Louis Hayward WALK A CROOKED MILE Plui Pluto Cartoon GLOBE' 212 P. M. Everything Happens to Cafy Cooper as GOOD SAM" with ,Ann Sheridan Late Show 10 P. M. American plmton James Stewart Joan Fontaine YOU GOTTA STAY HAPPY COMERFORD Clarks Today ,nd Monday and In MEXICAN HAYRIDE LOU COSTELLO EYIiON O CARY COOPER ANN SHERIDAN GOOD SAM 9 Y Ci ?I to o it i

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