The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 12, 1932 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, March 12, 1932
Page 6
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JILYTHUVIU.K. (A-RIO CO L'K I Kit NEWS jrspf IN Big Gnus of Mack's Forces Macks May Not Be So Hot . On Fielding But Watch Their Smoke. EDITOR'S NOTE: This Is ow •t * ff-lfi ut baseball iralnini; rimp (taciM. BY WILLIAM BKAUCHF.R NF.A S«rt|« Sports F.dllnr TORT MYERS, Fla., March 12. —"Ct-rlaiulv the slugging era will hist. At !fisl lost as long ns we have the sluggers." Connie Mock, who, at 69, still Is inaiiaelmr to stnigdle through the season with a pretty fair bull club, made that replv to the gestlon that the Cardinals' one- rim, base-stealing, eacrlllce flv victories, with ihe new not-sollvelv ball .and all, would do much to change the nature of baseball. Mr. Mack not only refuses recognize the efficacy of bunts an' bf.vthefts as the taste of the "modern" game, but he Is importing some more Qrade A sluggers to assault American League fences tiuriuit Ihe season to coma. That also, by tlie way, definitely destroys tht Idea that lie ha* any Intention of dlsmis'lnz his stars as helm; "too good" for tho rest of the league. Thee* acnulsillons are Ed Cole- nian, a WK outfielder from Portland! who If a baseball riant lmn\ taw. ami O>c per. first baseman front St. P^ni. Wnl'ft thenc Gentlemen's ba<*- ste»i]ns and huntlnf accomnll<h- rnents are. not lustrous, each o! them amackrd the uotato for better than .350 last year. "Tr nni! nf (lit r^«ular outfielders." said Mack, meanlrw B'mmons. Hias and Miller, "hamxiu tu »e»lten, Colemaii looks Vte a D' pect who run «icn ri»ht In •• tn fpme food work for us. Either CoVfnan or Ro"er O»mer, as ' we -.will cflrry five outfielders. "There' may be some changes. In the Infield. Roettser Is ttiowlne pfeat oromlse at first bi*f\ und has the e*jyrl«nce and baikfro'ind that hetos tn st°ad^ th-> Inluld have btet\ trvlna .Hrnmv Foxt at : thlnt-buse. with WUlinms at short. Dvkes has been rvlavlne nnltc a 'few fairies »t swonrt durimr the traln- iOQHS l^ f!:er J a P Bari '«ge Swept Shanghai's North Station SAT UUDAY;IMCIMJ, 1032 ChlciiKo While Sox ! lluii John "Shuun onovp ' 'if-'- BAUNS11AW COLBMAX Ing for the elub, the new employes arc facing a tough task. Krftusra, who did a little pitching for the A's last year, still Is [hero, too. There Is Just a chance for Jim Dc- Bhopif, who pitched for Jersey City last, year. But tr* Athletics will not be a Brealli' . different team, either In personnel or style, Not only has tl'e team slu?«ers,- but It has nltchers who can kesp other teams fro'n shipflins. •Thni's still a prettv rood hase- btill thoorv," thft writer suggested fo Connie ^aek. "H Is," agreed Mack. "and hv the wav. Imve you wen Pepper Martin Yes, the writer hnd seen Penpcr Martin, and sorrowed when he had stniek o'it thr»^ llm?s, In a game a few day.? before. "I am afraid Peop^r is pain" to Ine season, hut I am not rtadv to' hftve a k>l » r lroullle thls vcnr - Hel1 sav that this will he Hi-, Infield ^ "O^^ '<> s^ 1 second, third » 1)U " tme cvcr v cornbjnatiori we will st«rt with. We ire : . worttln? E'lc McNalr and youac Eddie CPiorVl. from Wll- pt «wond, too." ! over t>'e roster, t>'e nnmi> of another, luflelder was dlscouv- ed, one ?tfux Bi<shon.' Max has been a nrettv fair nerformer .for the. A's for iilne yenrs. and .tjiei s,'s a chance lor him, likewise. ' .: • •' . '••'•.••'* - . _ ' " ' There . ire » lew/'bltelWs tii cimp.'.rnost of them" her£ lust'to watch Leftv Grove-work. There Is not .the. rbsiestx .prospect's lor. an^ of them breaking injo' the ma,lc/r ' l«»in>es -bv' .way - 'of. tha Ath)etlcs\ : mound corps. .One .who now s.e«ns most' likely .'to remalii »Jter .-the ros'er has -beet\ cut. to . nla"livi[ . rtrfn'th, Is-Joe Bowman, tal|-rljht- >«--•"• purchased' Irom 'Portluivd'. time he pets on base. Tlicv'll play (or him. Ho will be stooiXHl,' and It will tin Carfilral.s some brill camcs." .Wlth"that Mr. Mac* moved itwuv to have his picture tnkiMi with some.of the bli? shots from Po- dimkvillc. He Is accnmimxlatin? 1'iat way. So tlic Intcrvbv; cnu- Young Roman Directs Hose * + * * + + •:- •:• -i- SON OP "OLD ROMAN" WATCHES CHARGES DUILL AT TEXAS TRAINING SITE T*n« fticl ludi Lou Ctinmhcy, tight, n linger l>t*n itic m'cmgc tig league •Kfm thai lilt PORTLAND, Oregon. (UP) — Ttm - -Oregon ElecMo ,R"llwav,' a Northern .line, • wll'l'.- h-r.ugiimte'. freight service over-'lls new San-" ilnm" 45 ; miln extension 'from Lebanon thropeh Sweet Home to the Calapoofa River, April' 1, qfflclnls nnrlounced. ' i '•..' . ' .- . - PpRTIiAND. Ore. IUP>—Hnj . Roundlree, veteran pilot, mtide'V But' when It Is noWd-that -regulars. perfect .landlns without damage to , Orove ,E»mshaw, Walbcps \Rpni- his. plane or Injury to pasne'n?crs. -warned him that a ivhecl had fall- Ncilhu arc they la be ancliotet! m lie Ameucon League cellar ky Lou'i tciglit. The ton oi the "Old Rinnan, 11 now l/ic io(e c&ncr oj the club. 6L'/icrt'* tn pctSDilnKi Jiiictitift Ais tc<im. 7 'its p/iuto oj hmi TVtJt WtipptJ t. he O'titc/rtJ fJj •Si)« 'in cunj\l\oinitg CM'.p, j Ufil Sox ft rsonals DuITy \ mflnaiier of Hi? While Sox In IUIO. the ytar .uno" C'alllns cami; to tlie Chicago cluh ns n rnv/ rookie. Ten years later the Uo.ston l'(;d 1 HOX tiadi'd Hurry lloaper, one of itlie (jienlest outnclders lhat cv?i I lived, 10 the White Sox for N'inv: I.ethold mid Slinuno Collins. 1 Ten years utter that. Shuuno Col- j l!ns was niiined inana-<er ot tli i lie-J So\, mid one of hU nr.U of- i (U-icil deeds was tlu- '(•mplayntcut o iliigli Ouiry ns spring tialuiir coach. Now Shniiho orders Hugh ir ' rim iircund the ixirk every day !;e; ioie praclice. just as .Hugh used tr. '<mso Slmuno ainuiid th^ isremlse: /2'' yenr.i ago. • 'riiat. isn't just a joke, elthc- I lush Duffy, who now must be in at irnst his 67th yenr (some • -.irv who tay he played tosebal. .that long), actually sprinted arounO the p:irk at the lied Sax training .tiiise in Savannah, aa-., the. oilw day. ;in:l ctime up without a deep : tn-ath. He cats shrimp cocktails I Iwi. ! * . '• • ' Managc-r John ColUns of the Kef Sor. became exciled when •'« rooxlr ! thb year to'.d. him he was a .300 ! hitter, until the yoimg man add?; ! tlmi he was talking about aoir. ' * • • Hilt About nits "Hits" Bierhiilter, trainer an'' j coiunisscur of medicated muds, is ; ll:i! health and strength of the Re. Sox pnrty. He applies his peculln' i abrasions alike. Tha strange thlni I atom it Is that It works. I Homcc Llsenbec, Red 'Ban pltch- I er. cut a deep etish in his fool or. I a piece of ylnss that somehow the MMlovi:, oniclnb of the Snvannar Chamber of Commerce' overlookfc in one of the shower baths. Dils brought out hh magic mud. Over liljihl Lisenbec's wound was healed no you suppose Bits Bler- gol ihat nickname? We!' years n.go in his. home town, Co- luinbui. O, Ihe young man Invade n bookie joint with one silver <lii far—anil ran it $126 In four races. The name of the'tourta hgi- was "IVo Bits." • « * The bleodlcst battle of the Revolution was fought in Savannah. But you ought to see Conch Hugh Duffy trying to teach those Red So. in training there how to hit. Bombaided for days by.Japanese artillery, the North Station at Shanghai, once one of the city's most -imposing sivuclum. ..Is now only a mass ol twisted wood and inetal-.Note Ihe rives and the train, still-slaudlns on the tracks, this picture was taken on advance as they s-.-.L-pl farther Inland. abandoned locoino- the heels of Hie Japanese BehindTChinese Lines As Jap Guns Thundered"*' , . mel «»1 iOhalfey etlll are Tprk- aft«r oth«r went aloft anrj.fnoff his plane's lauding gear. BRUSHING. UP. SPORTS Lau fi cr <t| .ity.'?ST»-,i. Junior Tourney Underway Blythevllle. Luxorn and Ynrtrc were still in the running for Mississippi county Junior higli b cage title (his aftcrncon. with Y bro and Daugherty in tV.c glrh Di- JJoore Still Wiley Moore, Red Sox pitcher, still maintains n mule at his prcm ECS in Hollls, Okta.. and Ihe beast's nntne Is Eabo Ruth. A f?w year ago, when Xfoore's' relief pltchlir i .winning - a pennant for tli? Yanks, Babe Ruth wagered ivlt"- Wilcy Moor? that he would not ge four hits all season. Moore won the bet with a sill ;rounder akms the third base mv n^ar the end of the season, and with (lie profit earned by his gambling, bought a mule. Now Moore 1ms stirred up a feu with young Edward '"Bull" Durham, the promising kid pitcho- •\ylth the Red Sox. "Bull"- IIDS plac cd $25 on- the. line t!:[tt he get more hits this sousoii than Wiley Last year between them. Moor' and Dtirlmm amassed approslmatr ly seven hits, compiling a 'Joint batting nverage of.something'ito .024 Most-of the hits, of course, reall were errors, credited to their ar count by lackadaisical scorckeepv probably bored by Hie summer, * » Tliere are a number of stain;; In Sav-inimli, G^. training bast ot the Boston Rej Sox-beslcics th< Rsd Sox batsmen. i BlytliL-vllle boys defeated CK-eola 4 In t.'r.c first ro:md nni Lux- It may strike you as odd tlm 1 most, ot the ballplayers who do ar occasional round of golf at ihe training camps play their b:sl sliots when alone In t!:c rough. ora won over Dell 17 to 14. Ya:uro defeated Manila 11 to 4. Collins played golr th e olhcr dav Yarbro girls defeated ll-uchji- himself and made a fine par on on' gtrU 22 to 19, and Dftusheny cirlj • of the holes at Savannah, but ad- won by forfeit from B!i\ck\vni-v. .mils he did It with n pencil :xhausted after hours of sustained battlinc before the thrust of Japan's highly mobile shock troops, hese Chinese Infantrymen are shown as they tnrew themselves down hc-lter skelter In open fields lorth of Shanghai. Overhead big shells screamed and In the trenches the din of battle -rose and fell s they sought rest. Their heroic fight against, the invaders won them new fame.- nd amazed tlie world.- from this' insecure" rest they returned and throughout China smiling and determined to the front. New British Plane Flies At 4 Miles Per Minute LONDON. (UP)—Speeds of four miles a minute are being obtained by British test pilots with a -new type ot single seat, fighting alr- ' plane. The new fighter, which is known as the "Jockey," Is being producad by Vickers (Aviation) Ltd., and has been built to meet the demands ot the Air Ministry for great speed and rapid climb. 'Machines " being tested at Brooklan:s are showing surprising top speeds of 238 and 240 miles per hour at 20.000 feet. Tile "Jockey" is fitted with a nuie cylnrTer radial air-cooled engine, supercharged to ylald 530 , horsepower. War weary but smiling, these officers BIKI men of the heroi .9th Route Army are shown nt billets in the fields north of Shang. Cantonese boys, for the most pan, the young leaders and their jeasant followers went through the stiffcst fighting of the Shanghai area—nnd kept on smiling. Kelp Industry Rci-lvcd GLASGOW. CUP)-Thc kelp in- I duslry, t!;e burning of seaweed for the extraction of Iodine and other by-products, lias been revived by a business syndicate here, following . the new duties limiting supplies of Chinese sucl1 material from abroad. Scmth Loses Opening Game to Fremont Five SENATH, Mo., March H.-Ti'e Seimth high school baskclb.i;: ::ve. champions of Diuiklin ccinr.v. -,.. c! defeat last night In (he sr;;-!jr ,^[ Vlssouri hoop tournament hero nt the hands of Fremont. Tr.c ° Yorktown House ftr Museum KICHMOND, Virginia, (UP) _ The historic Moore touse at Ycrktown, where tl^ artlcbs o: Mirrender were signed by the Bril- 'sh. French and American officers, soon will be turned into a miscum for the n.\;ional park, i: has been announced here. |«ntt w&s not generRl | dlfflcult. Tho C&rtcr | plons, however, o|x?ne '. : basketball that was > i the Scnath boys. brand of Sunday end Monday Matinee—2:15 - Night-p- A dm.—Matinee and x^.'m 10 fiiul 30i- o Millionaire JOAN SPINCER BENNETT TRACY News and Short RITZ THEATER Sunday and Monday Matinee—2:30 - Night—6:45 Adm.—Jlatinco and Night 15 ami .10c Sec Lovers Courageous Robert Montgomery and Mad^e Evans Also Xews and Cometh* Courier News Want Ad.5 Pay. S«k Stadentt. By Mali 1. its summer school session in the states of thU region. Only former (UP)— The, students, nlumnl and teachers hi MISSOULA, Mont. , Jnlverelty of Montana Is conduct- j tho public schools are betas ng H direcl-by-ninil campaign for vossed. grav- M°'k Ino. C. McHaney, Jr. "The Moounwnt Man" Daring Words ... But never-the-less true! 25% Discount On Laundry Phone 327 For White Truck When you have master craftsmen clean your garments, ruga or draperies t he i' stay clean longer . . . retain their original lines and new appearance longer • • • - ves > and wear longer, too ... a i service that costs no more than ordinary cleaning. BLYTHEVILLE LAUNDRY.

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