The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 12, 1932 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, March 12, 1932
Page 5
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SATURDAY, MARCH 12, 1932 BLYTHEVTU.E, (AIUC.) COUK1EU NEWS PAGE FIVE CLASSIFIED ADS I Two cents a word Jor first Insertion and one cent a word I (or each subsequent Insertion No advertisement taken for It** than 50c. Count (tic words and | send tr.e cash. Phone 306 FOK SALE FOR SALE—Baby clucks, nil varieties. Custom hatching solicited. Marilyn Hatchery, BlyUievillo. ISM REDS, BARRED ROCKS, Orpins- Ions, Leghorns, 100-S5.'J5; heavy assorted, S4.95; prepaid; live deliv- erv Central Farms, Jelfcrson City, Mo. 5 - |2 -'° Jritish Flight From Aden UI-:<;IN m:nj- TOIIA v i:i,i,i:.\ iiossri i:it. urimiifni I.^IIHY II'AKHII\V<;AII;. jounn nrllxl, \\luiiu *bc iiu-el* nt IKe;im- Isnil \»lu-re »bf ivnrU* nn n dnucr hull liuMi-ki,. I.Srry U onpaKi'il In Kl.r/.Aili:i'[l IIIUVi:*. n drlm- lanlr, Inn j,himN nMrnilnun in Illicit unlll Ll» Uciirrr rvturMJi frum wedding day and that she should : ihr,:, In this stranrje raood, El bo estiled am! nervotia but was 'did r.oi fo^r. Dellticratuly ulio] not. liiuustit of Larry. Hut Lurry was,! tn I il^u In r di ^ fi She and Myra- drcsscil wlilloln tills illforilercil wllli TOR RENT FOK IlENT—Five room lioiuc with running water and garden. IHiou; •/go I2pklfl FOK KENT. SALE or THADE— Lease on store building with gas Uutioii and living quarters in rear. A dandy place I° r a hustler. See II. L. Halscll, Promised Land. a 1 - miles southeast of niyihevlMe. 11L'-K15 WANTE33 WANTED—Brina your uo'.dtry to li. T. Worthy's, too First Street. We pay market prices. J E Fisher belt WANTED—Housekeeper. Write C. A. Duvall, General Delivery. Blytheville. 8P-KU I'riini n »cnie ci( ^rndtuHr nprro. li> mnrr> STKVKX HA1I- CI.AV. ;, kl.ri nnd ,v,;,lll,y uinn |lrll>r« n |ur I'ltr^'ljTHliil-V. «llir.. Intiiit'J lu n Klrcrt ai:i-l«li-ni. Hii lilMi llnj. 11 Jl.t) (nr IIHHT AI1M- STl-'.All. cucji^rrf to Kllrn'a kl»lcc, 5JYIM. llrin-lujr hnfc lipcw mntrli'it nn,l dlvnrrrj. SrnnUul iiiTuuiiinnTrri lil» ilUnr,-,. Irnui MillA CM A V.-il>\, dniirrr. nnil fi-tirliiK talk of H'« dlv*irrr mar 1'P ri'Vlvrd hr rmil Kllrn IICI-IT tn krrli llirlr mnr- rhiKr ia'cri-1. IU-TI nnil Mjr* nre 10 lir- ut:irrli-il [In- Brimc diiy a* Unri-iux nilil I'.llrn. T%v<f• Un*» brforr Ike rn'ililliii: L;llt-n L'"-» '" IL>f ~ "'Illi'i-* "f SV.MKS & i'Ur.Mlf.Uli AST. Unr- elni'w ntlurnrya. v*hi-n- lift llnure Hill' nn IIIT. lloivcvrr, Ihr) 1 Irnve if-rnri; lEio II:IIIIT» lire- >.iKnr(J. !•:!,•11 IM uiiliniili}- tKTiltlic »be ciiu int fur^rl l»itr.v. .\uw co ox WITH TIM: STOIIY C1IAPTKR XXXIV dawn Ellen wakened LOST JVND FOUND MAN AND WOMAN nuke money at- home. No selling. Particulars tree. Anschutz S^rvire Co.. 2Q04 F, 20th St., Kansas City, -Mo. STOLEN—S5.00 Reward for information leadins to recovery of S inonlhs eld German |;olice puppy brownish color, scar behind rlalv (ore leu. 100 West Wnlnnt. Plimn C71. C. W. Yancey. 5C-TB LOST—White; gold glasses in b cafe marked "A. Wert," natw Blythevihc and Basssit on High way. Reward. Return to J. L. Cliu ton, Bassett, Ark. 12cklS Stalin True Announced MOSCOW. (UP)—A yearly "Sla lin Prize" for the outstanding tecl' nical invention, or other contribu lion to Soviet technique, has bee announced by the government. Tl: first such prize, for 1031, will t announced on International He Day, May 1, 1932. Molly, harry anil reassured. Hew i Myni ami Molly riJti:iii:s hati; ctnl i i : nl i jaL'Out sotllnc in their way umi In ; forth and eliatlerlus cHdluiFlyi!""' ' iher own, loo. Mrs. Clancy tame i only a halt vememlrercil \iatn. lloj'. 1 *'"'' llylns up from downstairs with a ! fccined lo lio a hrisht and iliiii-1 | )U j" lelcplioiie niessnijo for Hyra. vvh^.iiis crraiiou oC her linarjNittl-in gralilietl u ucsU^eo aart siTeiiktii _^''.^ i'-c. lircAmod him. l.ari'y 'AM: jdown nfler her, Wlii'ii Myrn h:id : :ict re.ii. i relUMiei! and had beG"" lo ilo !ier ] > • • hair all over again .Mrs. Ciriaoy j VJOLUY nml Myr». woitil«r!n51 was hack vviili a r.ioisnso fryui i - as (Ley hiul iviunlered so often Steven. I i! !t would not be better after all »lc would be there at ID o'clock.; to wear street dollies lu tho oar • » • !an4 chance flailing a placa lo nPllltOUGH it all Kllen i!rc£fc-i\'. rl);!;:go in Iho fiunll Ooniiccitcut calmly. A wispy, cheiiiise, a ; lo>vu Ihe do'.ihlo wcdillus hrasslero sown wilh roschuds.I was to '.a*ts viacc, 4iJ liny irhito slippers. Sho had | real cllhor. never noliceil heforo how small] "U's iicnriy SJ ::0',v." Ki!ciijj wi1 "' her feet \vcro. Sho eyed her ICES said. "There's no i!:uo to change: ' t -i critically, stainllut; on tivloo away I our niiiuls or cluilics cltlwr. 1 " I t|,t i "1 Vr«iir acros'i Ihe heil l.'.Siloil or (fill-.-,. iillll riinii'in.n.ii.-l nnly ihi'i liny ir.iirt TI.I.I IIIT siialiliu: timly deeper lulu HID |iil- > illil Mi'.l knir.v lli.n. SliA vanti'.t t.i heal her In-i.l ir.uiinst Ihu i 'nr, 10 R v 'n\-iiii mall H|IM could [• •! it'hlli. In iln iiuylliliii; (hat u,..:i.| dlilliorntu llm d<'T|ii-r.i- llou v! !:jr 3(iint, \Y'Hi-.'N llio litst oullir^ll!! nf viu- '* ler-v wurn out -am iiilll mid tue outlyliiK null slulioiis nt , Hie soullmn cntiniice lo the lied 10 Cairo JOr War I lailS Era would bccltally luijwrlant. A Miiklrji war threat to sea Iralflc, LONDON, lim-Iivvi.Mlgallr.ti u( ™W« «w> »<-'d Sea at Adon on ... Iho way lo Ihe Suez Cumil nnd lh; .Josslblo war emergency msasuivi In Mlx ||t m »Hi>iin. mlelil only be Hit- l(«l Sfti aion wus UK- cliiri countered cltccllvoly by hurrying object nf the (llrjlil, Just, concliidod air .squadrons li'oin Kgypt. of lour (loyal Air 1'orci; <layliwnb- Tliu (our fingii-ciiiilni-d blpluno:; ers fiom Ad-.-n lo Cairo niul i:.ick. flew from Aden nlonn the western It will be KM from a lo;k at slicrc of Ito RsA Sen vln I'erbn, Ihu tn.ip uiat In nn cnii-.-ri-'iio' M.tMuwnli, Colt Hiidnii nud Abu .suifL air L'oimmiiilcatiU!) bi-tivjiM Kin'ir to Caiio covei'luj; the 1,150 tilt' mUit.iiy hfiulmmilei.s in K.iypt miU-.s lu four days. Tax KtTeuitt Hhilnk OLYMPIA. Wash. (UP)—Wash- Jntiloii lax revenues from all sources havo sluimk nearly $7,000,000 from an all-time peak reached in 1021), according to recent reports f;.siwil by stale officials, collections for 1032 were estimate! at fi3,- 350,713. LONDON, (UP)—Mlts Winifred Clilffln is employed full- time at Nrathaw, London's "Qreyliomid vlllnae," innklng coals for the roc- lug dons. U 0 « tR>AiiJ.)ilN G iiU U SE OtilS Oil-" A' when lay mi!.: on. Econi! bhocUoii been ii.,i i ,. „ > .. It mis M; "—iv'.l.H li.lvi- Wo'i'o walled 'Oh my daitini: i's wore spiMit. nnJ frightened. Seeing thai, Elian became determined not to Ehare her own tear. "Myra's asleep," His wothcr \vblsiicrctl again. "I wanted to talk to you, darliiifi— to toll you — " "There's notbins to tell," said Ellen nervously, almost sharrdy. She drew tbe ligbt spread closer. "But bouey." Molly went nn wisttnlly as if she wero sorry Cor something. "Do you really want to marry Steven? Vn you umlur- • £land — " She- had never seemed more helpless. "Yes, I ivaut to," Ellen Insisted. Tbo girl's voico had risen line, lucy haudkorchief which | Molly had tarried when die was bride, lu Myra's case It was a string of riearla that v.-cro Molly's, also. Km 1 tho "Mnictlilnjj old" both Kirls woro lllllu jewelled jiins Hindu from cuff links which had once adorned a blue-eyed, lawny-haired (i'harlns Itossitcr. pate at tho court of Queen Ellin- for from ilio mirror which lll'.ed all ^ Vc ' U '.. ,' Ki:"s»-" lu-sllnlcd j .. the wroiiE au^lo. They w,iro ulcej '. it; J^' 'cu'i's'il''^^!!!'!' 11 So cx-i 1 '' 1 " >,er mother euiered the room. [ '^. " ""lo ton loiw verlmps \M^ { :. ou „,>;' £ ^ nml yoll |l^ ] then—. She sprayed veruewi un; can't rlaixl mi anil you can't keep 1 Molly tiptoed to her dangh^r s, ^ ^^ ^ ^.^ Ulc5l ,,,_ „,,,„,, sricy smell. 11 or slip next, nlryL,,^;', 1 ,^, 1 / 1 !?^;:', 1 ' 1 - AIlcr ^"^ M as a shadow. Long chiffon stock- iocs and her garters—blue lie- CUV.EO Slolly had Insisted all i liridea worn "somellilnE hlue." , The "sniiieUilui: horrowcd" was ual hut lilleu saw that .Molly to hed, tucked hi the covers and smoothed Ellen's fair hair away from her forehead. It's going to bo a lovely day," Molly whispered. Sho was tryhvK hard lo he c:is- ] wan! lieth. The "souie.thiue new" was tho dress, slilinincrlus with opaque lights and recalling lu its demuro fuiluess and length a de- biilarile of liio iO's. ins ohl — tomcllntnj ncio tjiy tojToiL'Cd— soinflh\t:y IllHC." l-:ilen stood away from the iuir- "," .Myra conuneulcd affcc- tlonnlely. "You can't fool me. Your clic.cks AYG ?>lm',Uy lilnzUig!" "Tlie-ro'si tho Ijell iu"v." Molly jerlcil. lillcn plcliod U|i lier likirls and | van to the doar. it was Steve.ii. j "Oil. t!iy dear," tie said, regarding her. "You'ro too lovely to hellevii! I've never seen yon look- so lovely. No oue IUIH uver hcnn so leauliful hcfore. 1 ' Ivllen tiad never seen Sloven look so well, either, lie was handsome niul ili^viiii'Uishcd, asreeAhlo and dunm1n;4. stranger ui her. him. Shu tat 'a (oil lh;i' iilie ilin^l lie vvi-n |H.|!L ot iliuiii. "Are yun frlul'.li iril. li';i. p " sbc nr.Uoil. "I'm ohaki!!:; :ill tivur. t was 1:0 lerrl- ncil i;i-l nii;hl 1 coiililu't uleeiv I didn't \v,uit to tio nijirrieil. I al- niiisi <ui:i|icil tint tho window." ".Myi:i! Dill yoiiv I IhmiKlll — " "All lirije.i feel Ihls nay. tcml. ish. XIMVOIIS anil upset and fr!i;htci:..l. Yini ilo like Stevui. (lon't. ynii! I. Iho him n lut?" Unt ho was ai S!ie did not liiio-v | >lo\vn lipsliln him Muniuui Snow Aids Farmers HELENA, Mont. (UP)—After two years of severe drought, Meu' tana farmers were heartened !an u'eek'-when reports of winter siwv-. fall "in (be water reserves of the state indicated a more plentiful supply of water for the 1932 farm season. ACCRTNOTON, TjinoiFhlrc, Eng. (UP)—The Tire station in this houses a radio club for old folk, governed by a committee of six old- age pensioners, who have fixed tr.? membership fee at one penny (two cents) annually. i ,- slightly so that .Myrn stirred and L hcj;an to tall*, clinging lo uny commouplaco Iriflo that camo to mind. All the time she wns^ thinking liow odd It was that nlie i swc|il did uov liiivivv lim nimi sho was vo marry. Bert came lu after a while. Myra slowly. lic,:liiiiiiii: to feel Hie vl.m that hvM tier heart IcLven eier so fliKlilly. '"i'he:i ilo cornel hiiiK I" S'our oye:'. They liiJl; tonllile! I'll wnit fi-r ynii," Ellen iliil hnr best (o repair the. rnvaiir.; of her gricl nud terror while lier Fisl'jr ivaK'lii-d. They wero lu tlio living room again nnd then on (heir way down Iho sl:!lrs. They Hioupoil onl lulo Blorloiis day. The limousine them out of tho r.liahhy ..(-li.,,,,,,,,^,,,,!. nllt 0( Xcv , V( irU anil on ti tbo smooth road '.lint |(- ( i t o Haley. Connecticut. Tboy danced In from the bedroom andli m( | chosen ilils small town lu tho then Molly. Tiie chauffeur came |,ilia because Sloven knew a clerk for Ellen's ha^s nnil carried them ; vv i,u i\onhl withhold reporllu away. Someone told her slm must' looked at the chining-i put un her hat. It was time lo woke. Bright sunshine pouring through the window. "Happy the lirido the sun shines! nmoK-ycd girl in (be lovely dress. That | leave. Eilen walked slowly Into crl " 101 beautiful, lawny-haired girl was [ lilluu Itossiter. This was hor| bedroom. She put on her hat and turned to go. All at once she ITIIOW that sho coreiKouy until he am were far uway on the nccan. N'o ono siioko ot Klleii't 1 ahscnce in Ihe hedroom. had liecn no lime, swept down bedroom j streets on," Myra cried out and sprang j wedding day. | would never see rfroai hed. UUeu wondered uncertainly lf,:w or lauyh and knew I returning to Ihe apartment. It; linn it. When they nlit;hl'j:l Irui The day was hrighl blue and perfect, a day cut Irom a picture postcard. Oucc Ellen was onl of bed and hud breakfasted Iho ler- rors of the night and lliosc strange fears of tho dawn wero gone. She was not afraid now. Sho seemed to feel nothing but the slranse- Bcss of tile fact tt»l was her sho should < ihnt she did not want tn do oilhcr. She and Steven wero not! sensoil tint Kipveu meant lo met. tment. It] lin'n it. U'licn the ,, c(orc K ,, 0 |,|lo car lin draw iier uway frnio ' ~'JM-M BV TToWE -"-~[Hi3 Gl^/tS M£ A REMARKABL ( ID&A FOR- BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES YES SAll!!! Bv Martu Siir, tlionght she wns composed O f ] 10[ . niul steady. She thought that! LliiiT.ed from Europe. Thl.i part' the oil.i.u. life was over, ended. } "1 bcMcve you were crying to cry, slow tears at^" rc wc *l-~'rlet]," he :-ald gently " , now she was ready to meet any.- i first tbu°ciiurscd her checks and;" 1 ' 5' 011 1V - 1111 lo El "" ri « lu l ' ero tliiiiE hut sho did not seem to be dropped to her hands. Then iho there's u<> reason for going or. ,. ..... . , , tears came faslcr and faster. Sho! ' crltaps yon wnuui i.itiior ua« herself. Kolliing seemed real to her. could not endure li. i loyally. Unliherately fhc mado a lest | ivcro the-? DL-. P. L. Tiptoii Physician & Surgeon Ingram Blcig. Telepl-.ones: Oilicc - 256 Residence - 278 Children's Hair Cut - 25o New Grand Leader Barber Shop North Second Street Women's and children's hair cutting a specialty. Earl E. Parker Tl. S. Prevost I'ure Stcmcvillc No. 1 PLANTING SEED $25 Per Ton This seed was grown on our own piar.Uition and ginned in OKI private gin with no possibility of mixture \vilh inferior seed. C. F. TUCKER on Premised Lar.d Road, 3-i units southeast of Blythc- viile. Scotch Girls Form Club VlosiUff Stock Prices \ New York Cotton To Aid Harassed Wives GLASGOW. (UPI—Scottis'n peo- jle having domestic crises can now pulled out of their troubles by a novel organization of girls, who have established headquarters lirro. These Scoilish girls, who call themselves, "The Gccd Companions," are a s>roni> of graduates of the College of Dcmcilic Science. Each is a specialist in her own particular branch of house management, and some of them possess the Diploma of the. School of Art and are qualified ibcoralors ani- designers. Their motto is. "If you have a domestic crisis can pull you through." For a reasonable fee the girls are willhii,' to come to the all f any harassed wife cr mo'.her. they will look aft;r the children, :csk the meals, advise on tii; iecj- ' alien of house or pardon, oiginiz? ! i party, criva a car. or rlo almost : anything about tile house cxcep* - iay the bills. ! NKW AM) USED PARTS For All Automobiles .UCKSON AUTO 1'AKTS 2020 W. Main rhonc CG Counter or Table Service Jl.MMIE.O'HRIKX'S CAFK SECOND HAM) FURNITURE Hoc Us Kirst R. 3. Dodson 301-303 E. Main A. T. and T. Anaconda Copper Auburn Caterpillar Tractor Chrysler Cities Service Coca-Cola Continental Baking General Electric General Mo'.ors Midwestern utilities Montgomeiy Ward New Yorlv Central Packard Radio Simmons Standard of N". J. Traarj Corp TJ. S. Steel 12B 1-2 10 1-8 Slump Kills '1'lying Sijniulron' KINGSTON. Mass. -uri-I-.i the interest r.f thrift, the Kingston Po- iice Djparlincnt has dec::!cd to atar.dcn its. "fiyinr; s-qiiadron." In ol' \\orcs. you can buy the 'J;- partment's motorcycle at. a reasonable figure. SoO Voiuid Sturgeon Caii^l-.i FORT PHASER. K. C.. lUI'i sturgeon inciiMirlm; nine feel, four inclico vas laken in Fraser lake by Wiiliam UoteUs. The lisli weigh::! 350 pounds. MORE FOK THE BUIl.DIX DOI.L.1U ^- (J. CAUDI1.L Rents, Duys an[ [ s c ]| s Homes and Farms V/rites Insurance rhoiie 707 Farmcn Bank Bld«. Y o u r Dollars Will Seem Biff If You Buy Now. I'honc 100 E. C. ROBINSON LUMBER CO. of the litllo viliagd Kile decency ami pride. What New Orleans Cotton NEW ORLEANS. March VI. —Collon closed steady. Open 111^11 lay Mar i May C07 .... Ilii .... 734 751) Of 'u« TO '(W CKSK» a Cotton closer! barely steady. Jan 7;>5 Spots closed (jnict an:I unchained nl G97. Spots closed mnet rind unchanged 2 !-* iat 703. 10 1-8 31) 3-» ! S-iirs Sail and 1'epprr Buses ! St|iiirl (!un Causes MS.COO fiuif 4 I SANDUSXY, O.. lUP) —The; BILLINGS, Mont., (UP)—George 8 | strange collection of Mrs. GcorsC • Newton, in u suit Hied Here .v c-fe- 9 3-8 I Dccizhach conlnins -100 nair ot! inp S25.009 dr-inams from 30 .1 J-d i-"ij\:i&ULII.II i;uiivjijiin iyu i>aJi UL , '^'t- *ii/.«jj \,.-,.inc,v,, nu,,, ,,..^.. | 30 Uall and pepper slmkcrs. collect-| Pfippas, alleged ttippas hous'n', n 12 l-4:cd from many stales and foreign ; s<i«irt. gun am! shot him with ' A TKXSK .MO.MKNT! FRECKLES AM) HIS FKiliNDS PAT, H°orxe.,. US OOPLES goTTA HOLD OUR. HARRV=OiDsrr MEST HIH,? micxJsuT "VQU SA-J) U'.N\ ^"J AMD ItO. RP.ST CALLED"' ^ UUS HARRV...HES r? VJHAT MAPPEMSi' -oACK. f ROM W4 JVEfcUfc -S A M'GHTV LEf\P OM HIS ONE OOOP

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