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The Brooklyn Daily Eagle from Brooklyn, New York · Page 1

Brooklyn, New York
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Monday, April 26, 1948
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" Com WEATHER Fair, cool tonight; partly cloudy, warmer tomorrow. 107th YEAR No. 116 DAILY and SUNDAY iCopyrtchh 1MI, The Brooklyn aW. tM.1 BROOKLYN 1, N. Y., MONDAY, APRIL 26, 1948 BoMrad Broexlym P. a M OUm Mail iuttv 3 frtrre tori cm 4 OWIW JV pi- M A 5 Report Arab King Set to Invade Zion Expected to Lead Trans-Jordan Army Attack After British Quit Beirut, April 26 (U.R) An Arab leader from Amman said today that King Abdullah of Trans-Jordan was preparing to march into Palestine after the Expiration of the British mandate May 15. Abdullah's Arab Legion has hem alerted for action, the in formant said He professed to liave seen documentary proof of the king's intention to march on areas not occupied by the British. The legion was said to have e.rquired 180 tanks recently, while more thanj 5,000 well quipped volunteers from Iraq placed themselves under Abdul lah s command. , "The Arabs know the king Is the only person who can solve the Palestine problem, the in formant said. He asked ano nymity because of his official position. Meanwhile In Palestine the Jewish underground Irgun Zvai Leu ml renewed its offensive jigainst the Arab city of Jaffa today in defiance of repeated warnings by the Zionist militia Hagana. The friction between the Irgunists and Hagana over the sudden assault on Jaffa, the big coastal town next to Tel Aviv, threatened to bring on open clashes between the two Jewish groups. The clatter of gunfire and Masts of mortars and explosives broke out afresh late this morning in no man's land between Tel Aviv and Jaffa. This has been one of the most persistent trouble spots in Palestine since hostilities broke out after the United Nations voted for partition. So Casualties Reported Bullets from, the battlefield hit high buildings In Tel Aviv. The firing lulled after an hour, There was no report on casual ties. The atiack on Jaffa, evidently prompted by lrgunist hope of seizing the city by such a coup as that which gave Haifa to the Hagana last week, sent thou sands of Arabs fleeing by land and sea. 1 The assault on Jaffa . was launched fro mthe neighboring all-Jewish stronghold of Tel Aviv at dawn Sunday by an or ganized force of the Irgun Zvai Leumi. Hagana disclaimed any connection with the attack The Irgun attackers with drew to their starting point after day-long fighting, featured by a blazing mortar duel. British official estimated two Arabs and two Jews killed. He said wounded included two British soldiers, 60 Arabs "and 20 Jews. Fighting in Jerusalem Heavy weekend fighting also flared in Jerusalem as Arabs and Jews battled for positions of advantage In anticipation of stepped-up British withdrawals, Another battle shaped up for the major international airport of Lydda, 10 miles southeast of Jaffa. Both Jews and Arabs massed nearby. The airport wa closed to traffic and all sched uled flights were cancelled. Airlines serving Palestine through Lydda were making strenuous efforts to reach a set tlement with both sides under which the airport would be con sidered an international area U. N. Moves Swiftly To Shield Jerusalem Lake Success, April 26 (U.R) The United Nations General As pembly today ordered the draft lng of emergency measures to protect Jerusalem, the city sa cred to Christians, Jews and Moslems alike. The Assembly, in a hurried plenary meeting, called on the U. N. Trusteeship Council to work out immediately steps for safeguarding the Holy City. Aware that fighting already was beginning in Jerusalem, the 68-nation Assembly Invoked extraordinary procedure to speed work on the emergency program. Sitting as the assembly's Po litical and Security Committee, delegates voted ,44 to 3, with 6 nations abstaining, to autho rize the Trusteeship Council to start work immediately on safe guarding Jerusalem and its holy places. Then, In only three minutes the committee adjourned, re convened a plenary meeting or me assemDiy ana voiea io w 0, with 7 nations abstaining, to give final approval to the Politi cal Committee's action. A few hours before the deci sion, Russia ended a 13-month boycott of the Trusteeship Coun cil, assuring itself at least a mm ority voice in all council negoti ations concermng Palestine. 3 Die, 30 Injured As Train Jumps Track Adamsville, Ala., April 26 (U.R) A third person died today of injuries received in the wreck of a fast Miami-to-Chicago passenger train near here yesterday. ' Ernest Mayhall fireman of the train, died this morning in a Birmingham hospital. Two others were killed instantly and 30 injured when the locomotive and three cars of the 13-car train hurtled over the edge of a 100-foot cliff. Thev weer Engineer W. B. James, of Haleyville, and Emma Dahnke, Chicago, a passenger Orders Trieste Borders Guarded Against Reds Trieste, April 26 (U.R) Anglo- jAmerican military authorities today issued special orders to their Trieste garrisons to rein force all borders of the Free, (Territory of Trieste against Communist infiltration on the May Day weekend. ADS NEVER FAILED YET I FRENCH and panel mahofinr flnlihid , doom, complete with hardware; reaeca-t able. BUdtmlrutar O-OOOO. - "Mr Brooklyn Essie Want Ad produced eight replies and the re- feults were very satisfactory. In tart, none of my Eagle Want Adi liave failed yet," says Mr. John F. Di-ken. 389 E. 32d St. When yon want to tell something for extra dollar extra fast, a Brooklyn Facie Want Ad will do the trick, Steady buyers for fumiinre suites, fcdd pieces, floor coverings, electric appliances, etc, check the Classified jColumns of the Eagle daily for their peed?. Just call Miss Turner, MAin A-62W; place Want Ad and charge fu i Aussies Welcome Cardinal Spellman Sydney, Australia, April 26 (U.R) Francis Cardinal Spell man and 14 other American Roman Catholic dignitaries re ceived a rousing reception when they arrived here by plane last night. Cardinal Spellman emphatically denied that, his visit to Australia was in any way con nected with the formation of a Roman Catholic ' bloc . against communism, instead he de scribed his visit as a spiritual mission, and added that his main interest was to insure that there never would be a war between Australia and the United States. ' Another member of the Car dinal's party, Monsignor Fulton Sheen, said he believed another world war would come within the next 15 years unless there was a moral regenera tion among the peoples of the world. The churchmen flew by spe cial plane from San Francisco to attend Catholic centenary celebrations at Melbourne early next month. T0PB0R0C0PS FACE SHAKEUP IN BET RAIDS Byrne, Jones Reveal Plans to Request Early Retirement A sweeping shakeup of high-ranking Brooklyn' policemen was reported imminent today as two top borough officers indicated they will seek retirement shortly. j News of the retirements and rumors that tney would precede other departures and transfers followed closely on a series of 20 to 30 bookmaking raids carried out In the past two weeks over the head3 of Brooklyn commanders. The two planning retirement were Deputy Chief Inspector Paul J. Byrne, in charge of Brooklyn West and Richmond, and Inspector William O, (Broadway) Jones, commander of the 17th Division. Led by Wallander Aide The raids, which uncovered gamming spots ana oooKmaK ers' offices in the downtown Flatbush and Brownsville areas, were carried out by As sistant Chief Inspector John J Travers of Commissioner Wal lander's office. i One of the raids was on an ostensibly vacant store at 375 Bridge St. which had been raided little more than a week before and, as a result, had been 'padlocked." Travers' confidential plain clothes men reportedly found a thriving "horse room" in full operation in the rear of the store. Inspector Byrne, who started 25-day vacation today, de clared he would put in his re tirement papers on his return, explaining, "I am nearly 64 and want to take it easy now." Cites Job Offer Inspector Jones, scheduled to start a two-week vacation Wed nesday, said he was nearly 67, had received several offers of outside jobs and that if he found one that was attractive and less strenuous than his police post, he would "prob ably seek retirement. ine l ravers raids, it was said, were the result of an intensive inquiry into gambling activities in Brooklyn by In vestigation Commissioner John M. Murtagh. The Murtagh probe, it was aded, revealed that gambling was going on in the borough with apparent immunity, de spite last year's big crackdown on bookmakers. That crackdown was accom panied bjj the largest shakeup in the history of the Police Department on orders of Wallander and Mayor O'Dwyer. 63 v: k m . PAINLESS' BABY HELD OR OBSERVATION. AT HOSPITAL IN AKRON Akron, April 26 (U.R) Doctors disclosed today that one of the worlds few "painless" babies is being held for observation in Children s Hospital here. The year-old infant, Beverly Smith, has never felt pain and not likely to, doctors say. She cries when she is hungry or angry, but never because of pain. Physicians said the baby does not have a disease, but a condition described as "a state of indifference to injury of con-j genital origin." Only four or five other chil dren in the world ever have been born that way, doctors believe. A resident physician de scribed her condition as "a de velopmental defect, not a dis ease, and said there is no remedy for it. i t K , W Xr- ji -i , a I m . i v; I It w Hi I f Essls Staff photo VANDALS LEAVE THEIR MARK in Coffey Pork, Red Hook, where o World War I memorial statue was torn from its pedestal. School children look over the damage. POLICE PINBALL CRUSADE HALTED BY COURT ORDER Machines Get O. K. Pending Ruling on Permanent Injunction The Manhattan Supreme Court today issued a tempor ary injunction prohibiting the Police Department from continuing its seizure of pinball machines. The temporary restraining order, relayed to Police Commis sioner Wallander, was handed down pending a final decision on an application by pinbai, machine interests for a perma nent injunction. Police had made four arrests in the pinball crusade, issued 1,635 summonses and seized 2,244 machines up to the time the court acted. Jim Farley Denies For Any Office Washington, April 26 (U.R) James A. Farley, former chair man of the Democratic National Committee, declared today he is not a candidate for any of fice." Farley, who has been men tioned as a possible Democratic vice presidential nominee, told the annual convention of the U. S. Chamber of Commerce that " I have no political ambi tion." "Lest there be any misappre hension over occasional men tion of my name," he said, "I want it clearly understood that I am not a candidate for any office." The former Postmaster General, who broke with the late President Roosevelt over the third term, shared the platform with Senator Kenneth W. Wherry, (R. Neb.). Farley now executive of a soft drink company said he was proud to be a businessman. But he said he is still as Democratic as he has been for 35 years and expects to "die in the party. Lana Has a Word For Wedding Simple' X But 'Simple' Includes Roast Pheasant Complete With Tail Feathers and Wings Hollywood, April 26 (U.R) Lana Turner, who has eloped three times, walks down a makeshift aisle today to marry Bob Topping in her first real wedding in ten years of head line romances. The movie star and the mil lionaire will say their "I do's' with all the ceremonial trim mings from a floral-bedecked altar to the traditional white satin runner for the bride to walk on. The lavish ceremony will be performed at the Bel-Air mansion of Publisher Billy Wilker son, who discovered Lana sipping a soda in a drug store. After the reception, the couple will attend a champagne reception and buffet luncheon on the terrace of the Wilkerson home. The luncheon will include six- pound lobsters flown from Bos ton especially for the occasion: caviar, roast pheasant, smoked salmon, plus such everyday dishes as roast beef, ham and turkey. The sumptuous feast will be in keeping with the $30,000 trousseau Miss Turner ordered for her wedding. The pheasants, after being roasted, will have their tail- feathers and wings replaced so the guests can admire their WOULD PURGE LANA Hollywood, April 26 (U.R) The Ancient Order of ' Hibernians criticized actress Lana Turner's scheduled marriage to Bob Topping today and asked the movie Industry toupur-e its ranks of those who, by their scandalous conduct, bring disrepute on Hollywood and its Industry." It, criticized "the spectacle of prominent Americans shedding mates one week and taking new ones the next." life-like beauty before devour ing them. Ice statues of the bride and bridegroom and elaborate fig ures of kissing birds will be scattered about the table. "It will all be very simple," Miss Turner said. Lana will be the fourth Mrs. Henry J. Topping Jr., the third Actress Arline Judge, got her sixth divorce last Friday in Bridgeport. It will be the third marriage for Lana. Knifed in Attack Laid to Feud Over Teen-Age 'Molls' Another teen-age gang slaying the second in Brooklyn in four days was revealed today as a 19-year-old youth was arraigned in Felony Court in the knife-killing of a 14-year-old member of a rival Bedford-Stuyvesant area mob. Police said the new slaying was the result of a dispute , over girl friends described as "teen-age gang molls." Charge Gang Knocked Over Statue At the same' time the Brooklyn Eagle learned that one of the youthful gangs involved In the fatal weekend shooting of William Gottlieb, 18, allegedly pushed over a bronze memorial statue to World War I dead in Coffey Park, Red Hook, Saturday night. O'Dwyer, Bus Company Chiefs Meet Today as Strike Looms With renewed strike threats voiced by Michael J. Quill, inter national president of the Trans port Workers Lnion, against five privately operated bus com panies, Mayor o Dwyer was scheduled to meet this afternoon with one of the firms, the Third Avenue Transit Corpora tion, at City Hail. Quill voiced the threat last night on the eve of resuming negotiations on wages and working conditions with the companies, declaring that the union would stand for "no more stalling." The union had voted to strike against the companies two weeks ago. However, their action was delayed to allow Mayor O Dwyer to announce his stand on the transit fare question. His stand for a 10-cent subway fare and 7 cents for surface transportation was expected to clear the way for a fare boost for the private companies. In addition to meeting with the Third Avenue Company, the T. W. U. also was to nego tiate this week with the New York City Omnibus Corpora tion, the Fifth Avenue Coach Company and the East Side and the Comprehensive Omnibus Corporations. A priest in a Red Hook church, describing the local gang prob lem to a Brooklyn Eagle reporter, declared that "on occasion it is not safe even for the nuns" to venture out on the streets. He said the nuns "have been stoned" and added that their institution, the Sacred Heart School at 25 1st Place, has to pay $30 to $35 to replace smashed windows every month. Ordered held without bail on a charge of homicide in the new slaying was Charles George (Sonny Boy) Corbett of 319 Kingsborough Walk 3, in Kings- borough Houses. Boy Attacked By 4 Detectives Francis V. McKee and Vito N. Falce of the Atlan tic Ave. squad, who arrested Corbett, charged he was one of four Negroes, all believed to be members of the Nits gang, who attacked Ralph Wise, 14, also a Negro, of 2033 Fulton St., early yesterday. Wise, whom they said was a member of the "Tiny Tims," was stabbed to death during the attack, which took place in front of 71 Rochester Ave. Corbett was arrested later yes terday and the police are still hunting for the other three. The police said Corbett had a record of five previous arrests on roDDery, grand larceny and Sullivan Law charges during the past five years. The "Nits" gang reportedly was broken up a year ago dur ing a police drive but apparent ly had reorganized. Statue Tern Down By 40 The Coffey Park statue, a he rolc sized figure of a soldier car rying a rifle, was torn down by a gang of about 40 young toughs, according to nearby residents who said they witnessed the act of vandalism. The gang shoved at the statue until it broke off just above the ankles and toppled face down to the ground, they said. Inquiry at the Union St. po lice station brought a statement from a sergeant that the statue had fallen "because of erosion." Hu k Scene 'of Pitched Battle Coffey Park was the scene of a pitched battle between the South Brooklyn "Tigers" and the Red Hook "Presidents" which led to the slaying Friday night of young Gottlieb. The priest, Interviewed In the rectory of St. Stephen's and Sacred Heart R. C. Church on 1st Place, declared he knew three of the youths held in connection with the Gottlieb slay, ing. Asking that his name not be used, the priest blamed three factors for "deplorable juvenile delinquency conditions" in the Red Hook and South Brooklyn areas. Kaps Parents, Police First he listed "irresponsible Godless parents," declaring. "The parents don't go to church what can you expect of the children?" Next he charged that police are failing to enforce the law by allowing poolrooms In the area to remain open 24 hours a day. Third, he cited the fact that during the war many of the neighborhood youths had shipyard jobs paying $60 to $80 a week. Now, he added, the jobs are gone and they have turned "to other pursuits" In search of mauey." He said that at the Sacred Heart School heavy wire mesh screens were erected over the lower floor windows to protect them fcom stones thrown by young vandals. This, he said, merely resulted in the voun hoodlums transferring their aim to upper windows, which they continue to break regularly. in the rear of the school an $800 eight-foot fence recently was erected as a protection. He does not expect it to last. "Come back in a month." he told the Brooklyn Eagle re porter. "You'll find the fence down." Boy Drowned in Creek Poughkeepsie, April 26 (U.R) Two-year-old Lloyd S. Gordon, son of Mr. and Mrs. Barney Gordon of 681 W. 193d St., Man hattan, drowned yesterday in Wappinger Creek. The child wandered into the creek while his parents were looking at Summer camps, police said. Strikes Costing I. T. U. $1,000,000 a Month Troy, April 26 (U.R) Woodruff Randolph, president of the In-ternational Typographical Union, said yesterday that the current printers' strikes are costing the I. T. U. $1,000,000 a month. Randolph spoke at the Empire Typographical con ference. Find Fisherman's Body On Jamaica Bay Shore The body of John Burke, 40, of 88-04 109th St., Richmond Hill, drowned March 27 last, Was found yesterday half buried in the mud of Jamaica Ray about 1.000 feet off North Channel Bridge, Howard Beach, by two fishermen. Burke had been missing since the rowboat in which he and his stepfather were fishing overturned in the choppy waters of Jamaica Bay on March 27, drowning them both He was identified by a tattoo Mark on his hand and the clothes he wore. Pro-Tenant Appointee Urged for Rent Post The Greater New York C. I. O. Council has asked Mayor O Dwyer to fill the vacancy on the three-man City Housing Rent Commission with a "person who will represent ten ants." In a letter to the Mayor, Saul Mills, secretary of the council, said strict enforcement of the city's rent control law was 'im perative in view of rising costs. including the higher transit fare." 1 Killed, 9 Are Unhurt In PBY Trainer Crash New Orleans, April 26 (U.R) A navy PBY training plane crashed into a tree last night while making an emergency landing at Moisant Airport, killing one crew member. Nine others aboard were unhurt. Ambulance doctors identified the dead man as O. W. Moll, 20, a midshipman. He was killed when a limb of the tree pierced the cockpit. JAMAICA RESULTS 1 Uncle Edgar, 6-8CM.40-2..V); Tough, 5.10-2.80; a.Mop Up, 2.20. Off, 1:31. aV. 8. Bragg entry. 2 Hard Farts, 7.70-4.104.20; Gay Gazel, 4.60-3.40; Merry King, 4.10. (Off 2.1)2). Britain's Top Hangman Turns to Settin' 'Em Up Oldham, Lancashire, April 26 (U.PJ Albert Pierrepont, Great Britain's No. 1 hangman, had a new Job today drawing beer at the Poor Straggler pub. Pierrepoint retired to the pub when Britain outlawed the death penalty for murder for five years. FK'-ric Wwr Coclrrt All Tmea. GREAT BIAR Spun Co. Oft. Hllft 3 Fishermen Rescued As Windstorm Hits Bay Babylon, April 26 Three young men who came here to fish for flounders in Great South Bay were rescued by L. T. Smith, of Babylon, operator of a speedboat, when a stroig easterly gale began sweeping the bay. Those' rescued were Harold McDonald, 23, of 367 E. 7(th st.; Joseph Sorcio, 23, a navy veteran, of 407 E. 77th St., a. d loseph Pomilla. 21, of 1363 York Ave., all of Manhattan. Turn lockout' Into Fur Strike Some 10,000 fur workers went on strike today against 700 manufacturing shops in protest against an April 2 "lockout," ac cording to the Furriers Joint Council, International Fur and Leather Workers Union, C. I. O. The union demands a stabil ized wage scale. Workers in Manhattan's fur district were greeted this morning with handbills urging them to "answer the lockout with a general strike. Seven locals partici pated in a strike vote yesterday at the Manhattan Center, 34th St. and 8th Ave. They charged that the Associated Fur Manufacturers have demanded the right to arbitrate wage cuts and the unrestricted privilege to discharge workers during the slack season. THROWS OUT VETS' SUIT TO VOID CIVIL JOB TEST Albany, April 26 (U.R) Supreme Court Justice Isadore Bookstein today dismissed a court action brought by 34 New York City veterans to invalidate a civil service examination for counsellors in the State Division of Veterans Affairs. The action was brought by Frank J. Fitzgerland of Brook-lyn, on behalf of himself and 33 others. They charged that some applicants for the counsellors jobs had advance knowl edge of the questions and that the rating method was inequitable. Auto in Heavy Fog Kills Girl, Injures Another Freeport, April 26 A 21- year-old girl was killed and an other, 17, was injured when they were struck by an auto mobile while crossing Sun rise Highway near Columbus St. in a heavy fog yesterday, The dead girl was Margaret Delestron of 4 Benington Ave. Her companion, Sarah Deles tron of 48 Alexander Ave., was taken to Meadowbrook Hospital, East Hempstead, where she was reported in fair condition with a fractured clavical, lacer ations and possible internal in- unes. The car was driven by Wil liam Sammon Jr., 28, of 3220 Snyder Ave. Police made no 'charge. Baby Walks at 5 Days; Medical World Amazed . Hartford, April 26 (U.R) The "Walking Baby" of Lewiston, Me., who took his first stroll at the age of five days, has advanced mental and muscular coordination, but otherwise is normal, an examining doctor said today. Robert M. Kolreg, who now is five weeks old, was examined by Dr. John Cartland, Jr., son of the Lewiston physician who delivered the infant. Cartland said he was amazed at the "advanced coordination of the baby although he is otherwise normal in every respect." WHERE TO FIND It Paq Paj Book i 12iMoviei 4 Bridg 19 j Novel 20 Brown 8 Obituariei 9 Calendar 10 1 Radio 19 Comica 19 1 Real Estate ? Crossword 19 1 Sermons S Currie 4 j Society 1 1 Dr. Brady 8 Sports 13-1 S Editorial 8 1 Theaters 4 Grin and Bear It 8 These Women 13 Heffeman 8 Tommy Holmes 13 Hollywood 5 Tucker 8 Horoscope 12 Uncle Ray 19 limmy Murphy 15 Want Ada 16-1 lust Between Us 12 Women 11, 1 Mary Hawoith 1 1

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