The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 20, 1931 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, June 20, 1931
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Served by the United Press VOL. XXVIII—NO. 82 THE DOMINANT NEWSPAPEK OP NCUTMEAST ARKANSAS AND SOUTHEAST MISSOURI Blythevlllf Courier, Blythevlll* Dally N«w» ' ARKANSAS, SATURDAY, .l.UNK 20, )!W1 SINGLE COPIES FIVE CENTS Readjustment of Debt Payments and Establishment of Credits In Prospect. WASHINGTON, June 20 (UP)— The administration was engaged today In a major effort to help Germany out of the economic mire into which the worm war dragged this country's former enemy. President Hoover is seeking ways to save Germany from the dangers of bankruptcy and political turmoil and at the same time to stimulate business at home by unlocking the channels of world trade. What .he will do is not yet known definitely but fundamental changes Kacc for $600 Popularity Vacation Tightens rise The Misses Until Whltwnrlh and Maraar-t Milner. leaders in the SGOO vacation trip populnrily con- tesl. maintained llir-lv places this week, but Inc rcsucclive port accorded a half dozen oihcr contestants narrowed the (rap separating them from the leaders nnd indicated the possibility of n shak»- i|P in Ihe staiullm-s by the lime the votes are counted n n ain iKxt week. 'i '.-.,!„ An outstanding pain was made bv Miss Elizabeth Mnrlln of Dell who advanced from tilth to third Place, while Margaret Cross Althea Edwards. Hosa Lou Cooke of Luxnra, Cnrolvn I'rldo and Maur- mc Branson also wl? substantial progress. !„ j ac ( tllc rac( , is so close fnr down the list thnt with the contest linvlnir more than six weeks fn run all of the candidates hnve n "cod chance at the pmr>. PASTOR ADMITS Will Greet Farm Week Visitors in the war's heritage of debts and j Today't count showed the candi- reparations may result from a series of White 'House conference., that the president Is holding. First and apparently more important Germany must be indirectly aided by n readjustment of the British debt to the United States. Briintn Ion;; hns said she woul;l scale down German payments to her in proportion as her own debts were reduced. It is understood Secretary of the Treasury Mellon. now in Europe, already has discussed this passible action with Prime Minister MacDonald anil Montague Norman, governor of the Bank of England. Second the federal reserve bank might establish n substantial credit here for Germany lo tide Ihe Reich over its present financial crisis. Hoover probably will issue a statement next week explaining more in detail his plan to assist Germany nnd revive international trade. .. Situation Turns Worse BERLIN, June 20"TuPJ— After slight improvement through thi 1 middb of the week the financial situation suddenly beenine worse today nnd th; lieichbnnk resorted to credit restrictions. An order was given that bank acceptances were not to be quoted on the today. Withdrawals of foreign currency from the Reich- bank, after slumping from 20,000,000 to 30.000.000 marks n day over Wednesday and Thursday, rose lo GO.OOO.OM -marks yesterday and lo- riny. It was accordingly feared that further drastic restrictions of credit might be imminent. It wasjthevillc semi-offieially would- r. at ion him at the earliest feasible date dates in the following order- Ruth Whil'.vorth Varpnrct Milner Eliznbdh Martin. TrM Mnrparet Cross Althea Edwards Hosa Lou Cnoke. Luvorn Cnrolyn Pride Maurino Branson Mary n e Weese, Ilnyli Evelyn Harwell Ruth But I Vircinlii Burton, Carutliersvilte Oi'ine Hulchins. Manila Marion Burns Alberta Elliott Dorothy OU'ron. Wilson Martha Robinson James E. Parr of jonesboro Elected President Northeast Arkansas Group. A regional clearing house association for seven northeast Arkansas counties was organized Thursday iiiuhl at a meeting SI Jonesboro attended by fifty bankers of Mississippi. Craighead. and Cross counties. Two bankers from each county were elected to the board of di°rectors. John W. Snyder of Bly- nnd M. L. Smnners of Timlly learned that this I Oscrola represent Mississippi conn- result in a German declar- ty. The board chose Jiimes E if a "Young plan" morator- Pnrr of Jonesboro. i!s chairman Poinselt. Greene. Clay. Lawrence °e held here August 4, 5, G, and by the University of Arkansas Col- ENTIiANCE-AGRICOLTURAt BUG BEVMABIONN.WAIDR1P •St.Louis, Mo. JOHN F. CASE St. Louis.Mo. MRS.PPOEBE K.WATOER Claude/Jexas DB.MAR1EIHE1CHELBEROER ' Chicn '" \ J.K. STANPORD Park Methodist church, South St. Louis, will speak on the home, the BEITING JN SUIT Mrs. Lucille Sneck Folsom Asks $50.000 Damages in Federal Court. Story a Hoax MEMPHIS. June 20—Testimony of proy.'cullon witnesses In UK- suit of' Mrs. Lucille Rpi'ck l-Mliuir.i, iow n resident of Memphis, but vho formerly lived in Arkansas, n federal court against R. E. Loo Vllson, prominent Arkansas plniu- r. was concluded at noon Icuh'.y nd the trinl was recessed mill] Monday. Mrs. Folsom seeks $50.000 for :n- urles sulfered from un nlleqed leatiny on Dccetnbcr 3. 1DHO, The nan's attorneys Indicated '.he ling occurred nfter she had in- erferetl in a quarrel between ilu ilnnter nnd members of her fn'm- Iv. Hccnuse of Oils benltng Ihe ilalnltc nrseited the womnn siif- "ercd painful hints nt the birth of i child. - FAYETTEVTLLE, annual Farmers' Week, which is to Stncks Respond Favorably NEW YORK, Juni 20 (UP) — Announcement that the government was considering plans which would strengthen Germany's economic condition brought favorable reaction in the financial district today and the stock Jnarket ' shot forward one to 17 points. More than two billion dollars was added lo paper valuations of" the Irading stocks on a market tha 1 . saw activity return nfter a week «tf lethnrific trading. There were times the tickers could not keep Dace with Ihe trading. Closing Stock Prices A. T. &,T ,. 171 7-8 Anaconda Copper Auburr- Caterpillar Tractor Chrysler Cities Service Coca Cola Continental Bnking General Electric .... General Motors Montgomery Ward . Nexv York Central .. Packard Radio Corp Simmons Standard of N. J. ., Texas Corp U S. Steel lege of Agriculture, will be featured by an array of the nation's leading platform talent, men and women who have attained national recognition in their fields of endeavor. Upper: Dr. J. C. Putrnl, president | of the University of Arkansas who T. P. Sprngue of Corning will open the 13th program w'th ar as vice-chairman and A. J. Sharp of Marked Tree secretary. Speakers nt .the meeting ine>id- :d Grovjr Jernigan, vice president of the Union Trust company, little Rock. Robert E. W.i.te, secretory of the Arkansas aisociri- tion, and Col. Elgan Rcucr:?«!-. rf Marinnna, chairman of a clearing house association oi'gnnlzed j n the easl central gm;ip of counties. The primary purpose of ihe association is to provi-lo n medium for co-operntion among the member banks in the code of putlin'; into e.'Te';; practl-f-s recently adopted by " the assorlction. It will nlso serve fo-- liw interchange of credit information, nn:l as a means of obtainin.; uniformity of policy on questions peculiar to this part of the *'.U?. Another meeting will \K held Wednesday 1 nt PnrRgoiild to adopt by-laws Mid I '" Ark! J n ^- were viewed Friday a working agreement New Orleans Cotton NEW ORLEANS, June 20. (UD —Cotton closed steady. Open High Low close .. 870 894 870 891 935 010 932 956 938 DGS 950 970 23 3-3 24 1-4 19 11 1-2 13 42 1-4 35 1-1 19 l-'t 89 1-2 7 3-8 16 13 37 20 1-2, ., 92 1-81 alEtrlc t commander and to discuss | various matters of importance. All American Legion members nre invited to nttcnd. On the day's program will address of welcome. Dan T. Gray, dean of the College of Agriculture and who directs c.ich year's Farmers' Week. Coiner: Rev. Marion Wnldrip pastor of church, the school, at the evening program August 5. John F. Ca^e, editor of the Missouri Rurnllst and chairman of the Missouri state board of agriculture, will speak nt the evening program of August 5 on rural leadership. Health and the garden is the subject of the nddress by L. A. Niven. associate editor o[ the Progressive Farmer and Southern Ruralist, Memphis. Tenn.. at tlie opening program, August 4. Lower: Mrs. Pho?be K. Warner, general Federation of Women's home. J. E. Stanford, editor of the Southern Agriculturist, Bryan, Tex ns. will also spcnk nl ihc August evening progrnm agriculture. The on modernlzini farmer's prinn cro|i—his family, is the subject o which Dr. Marietta Eichelberger. dl rector of nutrition service, Evnpo rated Milk association, will spea the August 5 evening program. Mr. Niven. Mrs. Warner. Mr. Caj and Dr. Eiehclberger have appeared on previous Farmers' Week pro grnms nnd will be Petition Filed for New Dunklin County Levee KENNETT. Mo.—Formation of n drnlnatic district which • tins lor its purposd the rcconslrucllon ol he system of levees along (he St. Francis Hlver. from the south end of Levee No. 7 which protects he north end of this county, soulh to the Arknnsns line, Is sought In petition filed in County Court this week, nnd which will be considered by the Court nt ils July Term. This organization would be known as Drainage District No. 45 and the petition presented this week replaces the one filed in April, 1923. Cor the formation of Drninsiie District Mo. 44. which wns withdrawn, nflcr no proceed ings were held on.thnl petition. This new petition would embrace all of the land In the south half of Dunklin County, west ol the Little Rlvo Drainage Ditches nnd sniilh of the terminus Levee District No. 7. of e Rev. li. P. Brown, young ns- sodnte pnstor of the North Dallns finptist ehurch, Dallas, Tex., who his today that ils story Hint he wms waylaid by four armed men who hung him Co a chandelier. In the church auditorium wns n lionx which he concocted lo cuver up a suicide attempt which fulled when he lost his nerve. 5T GETS NO HiflT BELIEF Hot Winds Still Blistering a Large Part of the United .States. TRi BUT LOST; Mental Disorder Blamcc! for Strange Acts of Rev B. P. Brown. • Melton Named President of Schoolmasters Club CHICAGO, Juno 20. (UP)—The year's first prolonged hent wave Increased today In intensity ns scorch- Ing winds otf southwestern deserts swept across vasl sections of America, blistering crops and driving thousands to parks nnd benches and benches nnd striking with denth upward of n score of persons. Forecasters In the areas between the country's eastern and western mountain regions predicted no relief would coome sooner thnn to- mo i row. Teni])crahires yesterday were for the most part nbovc 90 and in some plnccs they exceeded the 100 mnrk. eat In several 'd wns FAYETTEVILLE. Ark.— M. McUoR. superintendent of the ^W*^_a^^*£XZi SS^S and r SS,£ SITWED Inspector Non - Commiltal as to Possibility of Bringing Institution Here. Four tracts of land, available for tho hospital to be erected .afternoon by L. A. Warren, Veterans Bureau inspector. The •Blyfhcville tracts on which Mr. Warren will submit reports to t'nc board of hospitali-.itlon nt Washington are n part of the Gosnell estate, northwest or to-™, a Vail and Hcaton tract, northeast; the former Herman Cress farm. Legion to Hold District Meeting Here June 28 Delegates from American Legion posts of four northeast Arkansas Bounties comprising the fifth Ois-, ... . , , trict will meet at the armory here f™^^.™? JZ°^ b ?°<W*}* Sunday, June 28, to elect a new Well Now, Really, We . Don't Know About This HAYTI. Mo.—Ward Dorris, H. 1C. Moore. Shifty Winters and Wolf Khourie. while hunting near Mnrston recently, killed a number of rabbi's which, upon close examination, were found to hnve horns on their heads. This is the first time nny local hunters have killed nny horned rabbits, but n year or two ago someone is reported to hnve killed some bunnies with horns in the' vicinity of Deering nnd Pascola. July Oct. Dec. Jan. Mar. May .. !UG .. 939 .. 953 .. 970 .. 993 1000 892 954 9CC 887 1MH Si>ots closed steady, 20 up, at 852. New York Cotton NEW YORK, June 20, (UP)— Colton closed steady. Open High Low July ..... 875 893 875 O:l ...... 017 M-l fllfi Dec ...... 9W 953 !HO Jnn ...... 932 9CC Mnr ...... 07! P8(i May ..... 094 1000 lo Mrs. Car: city. Prices per acre. Mr. Warren, who has viewed possible silos for the hospital at about towns, was iion-com- Hoover Committee Will Plan Relief Campaigns WASHINGTON. June 20. (UP)~- camnalgn sponsored by First Pastor to Preach at Local Church Sunday The Rev. George McKec. first pastor of the First Presbyterian church nnd for a number of yeirs missionary to Africn. will occupy the pulpit at the lornl church Sunday morning. The missionary pnstor was here about 18 y:nrs ago when yet a college stiident. After graduating he went lo Africa where he hns Inbored nt several mission stations When on furlough cujht years ngo he visited this city nnd n large audience heard him. He will soon return to Africn. his furlough expiring this month. Light Rain Yesterday in and About Manila nh .! ona campagn sponsored by ne Rhodes, west of the President Hoover's emergency corn- range from S50 lo $1=0 miUce for employment to promote ; relief through local agencies during Oran Vatighnn of Searcy, depart-1 r >Mal as to Blythevlllc's chance;, ment commander of the American & ut said that he knew of no rea- Uglon, Judge W. J. Driver. aiid' so " why the northeast part of the Claude Brown. The meeting will ft * lc should not receive cmtal con- opcn at 10 A. M. and sessions will "deration with any other part, continue throughout the day. Detailed Information concerning the facilities available In Blyths- ville for Ihe hospital was furnished Mr. Warren by J, Mell Brooks, secretary of the chamber of com- Close 883 031 !)55 955 035 f!51 r>71 090 1004 Eixils steady, 20 up. at nor>. <Jcf{ Roland Chairman of Committee on Fair Jeff Roland was named chairman i of the county fair committee of the Blythoville Chamber of Commerce at a meeting last night. He succeeds Jesse Taylor, who wns forced to resign because of other affairs. An Immediate start on the prep- ,, •ration of this yoar's fair catalogue I shows lhat in 1!)M the business .is planned by Mr. Roland, who •«- [netted J30fl.OM. whereas it w.Vs Ipcct.s to hnve a committee at work double that amount in 1923 and | next week. treble thai figure In 1920 BKA7.II.TAX STONE SALES DROP RIO DE JANEIRO, Brazil's sales of precious stones, once an Impor-1 MANILA, Ark.. June 20— Light showers fell in Manila, and surrounding lerrltory yesterday aft=r- thc coming winter v.-as announced ! noon. The heaviest rnin wns at today by Fred C. Croxlon. aclin? [ Bollard's Store, three mllss to'.ith . . chaiiman of the committee. The president's committee will net as coordinator for r cllef campaigns to be carried on by sevjrnl national welfare nnd relief organizations. four of which already have been enlisted by the federal government. -X Arrives Safely at Rio de Janeiro O de JANEIRO, June 20. (UP) , - C German seaplane Do-X com- tant factor in the economic lifo|p!etert its trans-Atlantic flight to |o.' lowii, where it is reported to have filled the middies of cot'ori rows. No rain fell at Etowah, nor south than Little Rlv- :s in this vicinity were pleased with this shower, but t«y that more rain is needed to save the corn crop fro'ii biirli'n^ up. The present dry sp -II hns cxtoKded almost a month. special school dU'.nct. Mississloni countv. has been elected president of this summer's University of Arkansas Schoolmaster's club. Crawford Greene, superintendent of schools at Dlylh-vihe has been np[»Inted chairman cij the prosrnm committee. The Schoolmaster's club is r.n organization of summer school faculty nnd pcsl-grncHinlc educational students which meets c.ich Tuesday evening during the s-..m- mer term to discuss Arkansas edu- cnlional problems. It hn.s functioned for ten or twelve yean nnd has contributed to Ihe solution of some of the outstanding educational problems of the stnte. New Orleans Preparine; to Handle Cotton Crop N?,W ORLEANS, June 20 (UP) —Plnns for handling the new col- ton movement as espcdltiously as possible were announced here by William E. Ermon. secretary of the commercial affairs committee, today. There nre nccnmmodntions in New Orleans for 800.000 bales in addition lo slock already in slor- age here, and no embargo will l>c permitted on cotton moving into the port during the coming sea- FLASHES CHASTEEN HARRIS LEADS Judge Refuses Delay in Trial of A. B. Banks recent report LITTLE ROCK. June 20 (UP)— Continuance of the trial of A. B. without, incident at 1 p.m. The seaplane fleiv over tin- city befctre coming down. It had flown in e.rvy stages from Bahia, closed American Exchange Truft [company, charaed with receiving 'deposits when the bank was insol- vc "l, was denied hrre last night >'y Judge Abner McC.hee. 2» (UP)— Cli.isircn Harris 'nt Memphis, halltine It out here tod»y with Jack Toomrr of Jacksonville, Fin., for the southern amattur frvlf crown, was Ihrte up at thr 18 hole nnrk of the 36 hole final match. RADIO STATIONS CITED WASHINGTON. June 20 (UP) —Violation of technical regulations of the radio commission resulted today in the citing of 14 radio statlnns fir app»rnnce. lierr before their II- cfmfs will he rrnrwcri. The stations [nrludi<il were WARZ, N'civ KIT, Austin, Tc\.. KWEA, Shrevrnrrl, KOIIT( I.illlr Rock, Ij,, ami a In of tlic United reported In Canada. Temperatures on the east coast were not as high as in the mid- west. New York had n maximum of 8G. In most sections Ihe hent was welcomed by farmers but som: fenrs were expressed If it, continued much longer serious crop damage might be done. Storm Kills One MASON CITY, la., June 20 (UP) —A sucking runnel wind generated on the heels of an early summer heal wave tore n path of death nnd destruction across northern Town nnd southern Minnrsota last night. , One man wns killed near Hav- fleld by Ihe tornado. His body wns cnrricd 50 feet from the house in which he sought shelter. Swe-ping northeastward from Haylsl.l the hvislcr tore down communication wires, barns nnd houses ;incl killed livestock. DALLAS, Tex., June 20. (UP)— The story of how four men at: templed to lynch u 30-year-old Bap- list minister by hanging.him fi'om n chandelier over the pulpit where he stood each Sunday mornlng'rto preach his .gos|iel was n honx, the preacher confessed todr.y The Rev. B. P. Brown, pastor at the North Dallas Baptist church, hanged himself In nn attempt to commit suicide, lost his nerve, and then concocted the lynching storj. he admitted. Menial .disorders brought on when he wns slugged. In the head by buiRlnis enrly this jcur nt Midland. Tex., were blamed -for his action. Brown confessed his story wns a honx befXvc his whole congregntion nsscmblsd (or a revival meeting. He was found by |)0l!ce stripped of hi clothing nnd his mouth bound shut with strips of ndlicslve tape. : CaruthersviUe Coal, Fttd and Ginning Business Sold CARUTI1ERSVILLE, Mo. — 'Tile Cunnlnghnni Renlty .company has liurchnsed the feed nnd cool: business and the gin operated last season by R. H. French and.-J. C. Hawkins, under the. name ,'ot French nnd Hawkins Peed nnd Coal company, and prior to,that, known ns the N. .W. Helm Feel and Coal company. Frank. Cun ninglram. Jr., nnd Curtncr. Pierce, nre managing the property, whi.'h' Is. located Just-west of the City Water Plant on West Third str ' They expect to continue.the feed nnd coal business..and .will or>r ate the gin this fnll.. They will handle corn, hay nnd grain which they take ns rent from their var lous farms over the couuty. One warehouse will be used as a grading shed for peaches raised at the Pcmlscot^Orchnrd, owned by tha Cunningham Rcnlly company. They expect to hnve IC.OflO 01 12,000 bushels to market this sum mer, If nothing happens to the. crop before then. Indicalioa'; arc now that the fruit will be of vfry- good size. - Keck Warns Against Too Much Optimism OSCEOLA, Ark.—Judge G. E. Keck of Blythevillc addressed tl.t j Osccola Civic Club at Its luncheon I R,,. v R nc i nr , msctin?. ur B lng conservation of " DOSIOn food stuffs during Ihe .summer ns a safeguard against the prlvnta- tlons which Adopt Plan for Ending Solicitation of Charity A pin n for hand! ing • petitioners • for clinrlly which It Is honed will relieve business men of much of the . expense and annoyance to' which such pleas have put them was announced following a meeting of Red Cross officers and directors last night. All persons who receive reque^ls for money or other help are urged to notify Ihs city police department. Investigation will be ma'dc? nnd cares worthy of assistance will-' be referred to the Red Cross, while action will be tnken to prevent be;;-* jging by others. This plnn. It is believed, will assure provision being mflde for tiiose who merit help, and nt the Annie time, will end solicatn- tion of money at homes and" business places. follow the anticipated low price of cotlon this fall, and warning against a false optimism as to Improvement in economic conditions this year. Other visitors nt ths club, nil of whom made short talks, were attorney general Hal L. Norwo'xl of Little Rock, representative E. E. Alexander and Cla:idc Cooper, both of Blythevillc. Built Over Grave BOSTON. (UP)—Millions of pedestrians have traversed School street. In Boston's business district, during the pasl half century without realizing that beneath them wns a tomb. Workmen engaged In excavation work near King's Chnpel dug inlo the hidden burinl chamber, which wns found to hold several skeletons. A coffin plate discovered in the vault bore the inscription "Francis Gray, 1861. Actat 80." Tlie records of the historic chnp- el. dating back to 1743, -contained no reference to the tomb. It Is thought the tomb originally was on the chapel lawn nnd Is now under the sidewalk because of a long-ago relocation of School street. Miss Anna Lee Seeman, Long an Invalid, Dies Anna Lee Scemnn. 25. daughter of Mrs. P. 6. Seeman, died at the family home, 637 Lake sired, at 4:45 o'clock yesterday afternoon. Miss Seeman had been an invalid for many years. j The deceased is survived by her WEATHER mother, and a brother, Jess See- Texas Wh ° * e " rfl '''V,-^ r <:.J« ! AnKANSAS--P.irtIy cloudy U Funeral services will beheld at nl8)U and S " nd:l5 '' 2:30 P. M. Sunday at the family Yesterday was a new record for home. The Rev. Alfred S. Har- the season with the official thsr- well. pnstor of the First Baptist mometer shoeing 91'degrees for church, will official: nt the ser- ' vices. Interment will be made at ElmwoDd cemetery. Funeral ,ibns to- the maximum minimum wn.s temperature. The !4 degret-Si cloudy. Todny a year ago the maximum ------- 1 nre in charge of the. Coob Under- . temperature vas 07 de»re« and tho tnfcinx company. minimum 73 df fores, clear.

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