Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on July 29, 1896 · Page 3
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 3

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Wednesday, July 29, 1896
Page 3
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Let The Whole World Know The Good Dr.Miles' Heart Cure Does T»r' L>1. H EART DISEAS2, has Its victim at lils^civnnui^s. Alw.iys taupht th iio-.rt d!.<c:;so iaincurttMo. when the symptoms become wclldcflnud, the putlent becomos al.'irmud nnd n nervous panic tukoa place. I!ut whon a sure remedy Is found and :\. ei:rc utrcctod. after years of suffering, there Is p.-cat rujolclnj; aud (iostro to "let tho wholu world know." Mrs. Laura yVi ia™er, of Sct!;lrk, Kansas, writes: "I desire to ict ti'.c whole world know whut Dr. Miios' 1°C' Heart Cure has done for mo F or ton years I had palzHnmyhean.sboPt- ness of breath, palplta- tlon, pn!ninmy leftside, oppreased fooliaE in my l,.,.t.. chest, woalt and hungry spells, bad dreams, could not lie on cither sldo, was numb audsufTcruU torrlhly. I toot Dr. Miles' Heart Cure and before I finished tho second bottle I felt Its prooJ olTents, I fool now that 1 am Tully recovered, and that Dr, Miles' Heart Curo saved my life." Dr. Miles' IToart Cure is sold on guarantee that first bottlu bcnutiu, or mouey refunded. STATE NATIONAL BANK LOGAXSPOKT, IND. OflPITf\L • $2OO.OOO J. F. Johnson, President. 8. w. Hilary, Vice Preaident H. J. Heltbtfnk, DIRECTORS. I.F. Johnson. 8. W. Ullery. J. T. Elliott. W. M. Elltott W. H. Snider. Buy and so 1 ! Government bonds. Loan Money on personal security and collater- «]•. Isouo special certincates of deposits tMarinK t per cent. Intoreet when left one rear; 2 per cent, per annum when depoa- BOIPS In Sate'ty Deposit Vaults of thlf tank tor the deposit of deeds, Insurance Mllclea, mortgages and other valluablea, J«nted at from »5 to 116 r«r year. THE Monson Typewriter Is a Good; Machine. A bl(b standard o[ excellence. Manj users ol the "JIunson" consider It THE ,BEST. You will flnd It a valuable assistant In jour office. Address for particular* THE MUNSON.TYPEWRITER CO MANUFACTURERS. 840-244 Went lake St., Chicago, 111. SIX SIX. Social Train EXCURSIONS -TO- Maxittee Late , VIA THE VANDALIA LINE July ipth, 26th, and August and, pth, i6th, 33rd. Fare for the round trip ?1.00. Train leaves Vandalia station at 0:5G a m. CHAS. L. WOLL, -.-: UNDERTAKER w K*. 41T Market Street Call* attended to promptly, day or L. G. PATTERSON -Has opened a Flro> and Accident Insurance office at «0 Broadway, «p Btalrt, and •ollcltn a share of the publlo patronage. None but First Clasi CompanleB Bopre- •ented. _ CHICAGO MUSICAL COLLEGE CtnlMl MujIc.Hall, Chicago. Dr. F. ZKgfeld, Fret. 31«t YearbcKln> S«pt.T, 18U«. cnmo'tilaed lite Fumwt IntttltMan of America. Unoxcotlod (aclllilcB lor a tborougn conno iu MUSIC and DRAMATIC ART. conUlnlni Bo.lnl Tcirmi » Tom 1 Hit Fm. ' AppUca tlons ^ or *^o frtio nnd will DO rocolvcd to Au^us ~: lOtb. Bound trip rate to St. Joseph, $2; to Lake Maxlnkuckee, .$1. Train* leaves Vandalia station every Sunday at 1 a. m. , • ••: • , ,';-•• THE RAILROADS Commercial Club is Befriending "the ]. L. & C. 50UND HONEY LESSON General News of Railroads and Railroad Employes. The Board of Directors oC the Indianapolis Conniwroln.1 club is Investi- Kii.rhift tho mutter or the proposed Imll- aunpol'ts. hoKatftqxwt & Chicago railroad which seeks ;in entrance to the Union sfcitiiwi at. the lupi'tail city, and tin? Board of Public Works lins been asked by the directors to postpone ne- t.ion on t.lie petl.t'JMi for ;v ri.u'ht of way uiitlil they enn report the result or thoir iuve-sritratianis, iiiud make rct'Ominonda- tious. AN OBJECT LESSON. Cliiea.q-o Time.s-Hi-raM: Tlie Santa Fe system luis a branch lim. 1 which runs from R'iiicon, New Mexico, to Ouaymas. Old Me.v-k-o. Tlio c-fmipaaiy pnys its SPC- tion bauds iu both countries at tlie uniform rate of $1 a day. Bi:t Its Ameri- ea-n sections are twice a.s cxpeusi.vu lo iiMiinfidn argils Me.v!can sections. Why? When the paymaster starts out on his monthly round lie nuts, we will say, $1.500 in Uiii'led States money in hi.« box. One thousand dollars of this money lie pays to one 'thousand American laborers in Now Mexico nnd Arizona. When he crosses the Mexican bon.nda.ry he cha-nfies the remaining $r.OO into 1,000 Mexican dollars wiMi wliifh lie pays one tliowand Mexican laborers. On Sundays .tlio men frequently crow the line. When thu Mexican comes ovtir to Arizona he finds that the dollar whrcli he received for a day's work .is only 50 cents \n "spending money," Oji the other lianO, wne.u Ms fallow laborer from the States crosses tlie line ho receive.5 two Mexican dollars for hbs one dollar Uncle Sam's money. RAILROAD NOTES. The Erie raiilroaO employes have or- Raiilzed a McKlnley club at Huntington. WIH Kiimey is well romembered here us a railroad man. He Is now conductor on tlie ILttnois Ce.nt.ral, nnd is living at Chicago. He was not long ago man'led U Chicago to Miss Emma Cnrr of that jlnce. Wabash coaches 412 and 413 went through tho city Sunday, on .their way to tlie Toledo shops for repairs. The can* had evidently been in a collision as lie sides wore badly crushed nnd raked irom end to end. Pera Journal: Saturday night, not on?: after midnight, tlie fire dcpart- nent. was called, to the west- yards of he Wabash to put out a fire thet was apldly consuming a box car belonging o the road. WliHe the men were at vork they saw another car, a square or so away, also In flames flnd had to ff(- y.Me ihielir attention .between them. Both cars were empty and both were baldly burned. It seems to have been ho work of incendiaries. The following from the Indianapolis lews Illustrates how facts are distorted way from •home: "A railroad men's owe race will t<ake place at Logans- [X»rt next Thiuradajy. One of the horses s owned by Pnt Graney, of this city, ngmeer on the Pennsylvania, and the >ther Is tho property of W. C. Welsh, oat-h foreman of the Pennsylvania at jOgansport, The men were talking bout their horses a few days ago, and at-lt declared his a better one. From rien'dly chaffing the two men became earnest, and no.w they do not speak each other. The railroad men of Lo- a,nspoirt have taken sides. There 1.5 a et of $100 a side on the result, but here are side bets amounting to nearly 3,000. Three of the best horsemen in he Stnte are to act as judges." A CHILD ENJOYS he pleasant flavor, gentle action, and oothins effect of Syrup of Figs, when need of a laxative, and If the father mother be costive or billons, the most gratifying results follow Its use; o that It Is the best family remedy nown and every family should hove n wrtle. • THE FUSKIXG CLUB. Ida.vlllo Observer: There Is such _ a hing as getting even with':this rich; naVs club of Logaiusport., Our advice, the farmer is that the, next time' ttey. ateh any of the dovite .with.^th'eir, -new. angled guns ami accOT>Emrients gala-, nntitog across their •farms.'..!!! quest_»f. h.icke.ns ofquail, just "take dowh'the' W shot gun and fill his sporty hide full f buck shot. Get evea with these con-, cited tin's. It's a poor rr.le that won't vork both ways. . :' • How are your kidneys?. Rheumatism, 'euralgia, pain's 4n Khe back, etc., are ausod by abac.kidneys. The kidneys re yonr flltors. If well, you, won't arc -these troubles. Cleanse and euro he filters -by using Dr., Etobb's Spnr?gns :idney Ptl'ls. For. sale;ln Logansport r Ben Flslicr and .Tohii F. Coulson, Jrugglsts. • •• ' .r:"".-;• REAL ESTATE TRANSFERS. Reported for the Journal by P. H. Wippermari, Abstractor. Nancy J. Fry et al., to Anna A. Fowler, SW % NW % Sec. '32 Bethlehem Tp., warranty, $1,550. J. II. IAIX to Frank W, Spietcl lot 73 Sh'iilU 3d warranty, Shiiltztown, $225, Anna E. Keluley to Euimctt W. riousloy Pt. lot I 1 runt's 1st add.. war : ranty; $1,500. W. W. Willlnnw to .Tas. E, Williams 41% lot 18 0, P. Altouei 1 warranty. $2,000. Win. W. Hyre ro C. P. and D. J. Forgy SI! 13-100 of Nw fr'l, >/_• and SW % I'r'l J/4 Sec. liS Miami Tp., warranty, $3.000. Louis Knuffmaii to .Tohn Ranier w 74i,i acres W Vi NW Vi Sec. 27. Tiptou Tp., warranty. $4,200. Helen E. Shroyer to Claud O. Wise Tt. lot 2ii O. P. City, 7S ft. froiTT on 4tli St. N. of Alley bet. Canal and Mkt. warranty. $L>r..OOO. Amos Studebaker to .iotin II. Jlirm- mi'i'l, NW V, NW V, Sec. 17 Dew'Croek Tp., warranty. $2.000. Adra Castle to Ed T,, Smith S % lot '.) Praii-io r.-u-lc. Hamilton HeighM. war- rain.v, $-100, M'ary Simons cr al.. ro Qulncy A. Myer.s. irnsiec. Pt. lot li Barrou's Kfi- scrvi 1 . Woitside, warra'.ny. $1.."0. Quim-y Jlyers. tTitft'i'i.' to Miiry Simons Pt. lor 0 Ban-on Reserve Westside oui't claim. $1. riiil. Real Estale Co. 10 E. H. Stewart lot "'! Wooilla wn artd., E ToleOo SI. warranty, $-100. Mary A. CrovvrM to Ciro. B. ForKy RE '/ SEV, Sec. :.'.:x Pr. w y. SE y, Sec. :.;:;: S \:. SW yi Sec'?,-!, Boom? Tp.. also lands actjOiiiniiujr in .Teffer.son Tp.. 5(17 A.. <init. flaini, $1S.f'00. .Tacoli Sliively In Win. New])liei' lot 0 ibd otitli't 1. LaRo.?e 3d add and W % let: 71 Geo.' Tipton'.s 1st. both Ea.*iond, Mary. Simons, or al., to Emma Parker lot 24 H. Herb's add NW cor Hefh Sr,, and Linden avenue, warranty. $">. Five mortpafres filed aggrefratln $.".1100. Men's Suits! TAN SHOES $1.98 for $3.00 Shoes. $2.98 for $5.00 Shoes. TO BE COMFORTABLE. During 1.11e Hot Season. Persons who care to keep comfortable during tJie hot wcathw should look more particularly ro their food and drink than to clothing. U.sc wheat or oatmeal for breakfast with a little fruit, bread nnd butter and :i cup of hit Postiun Cereal; this beverage it uot ce-f- 1'ee exactly, although it looks like the best of coffee. It .is a liquid food made of grains and is JiighJy nourishing. Avoid iced dirlnks at meals as the stomach depends upon .heat very largely in Jts digestive operations and the Ice drinks seriously interfere with the work. If one's stomach is kept right ta hot weather It is much easier to keep comfortable and well. Hot nourishing drinlw at meals are sensible, and Pos- tuin Cereal.pci'fectly meets the want.. Beware of fraudulent imitation of the original Poshnn Cereal Grain Coffee. Insist on Postiun. Merchants supplied by J. T. Elliott & Son. ' THOUGHT HE WAS MAJOR STEELE. Wabash Plataidraler: R. B. Mcrriam, buyer and maimifacttn-er for Clomuut, Bane & Co., wholesale elothfers of Chicago, spent Sunday In *luj city. Mr. MOTriani Is a tall, well-built, soldierly appearing gentleman, very much re- ...m*llns Major Steele, of Marion, In I'eutures and form, and, In fa.ct, \\-as addressed as Major SteeJe several times while ,ln the city. Mr. MierriaiBi attended the Methodist ehjirch Sunday evening and a young limb of tire law met him at the door, at the conehisloa of the services, shook bawls with Mm and cordially greeted him as "Major Steele." : DEAFNESS CANNOT BE CURED by local applications, as they can- reach the diseased portion of the < There Is only one way to cure deafness and that Is by constitutional remedies. Deafness Is caused by en Inflamed condition of the mucous llnlnjg of the Eu- stachlan Tube. When this tube gets Inflamed you have a rumbling Bound or Imperfect bearing, and when it-Is entirely closed deafness Is the result, and unless the Inflammation can be taken out and this tube restored to its nor- rial pondltlOD, hearing will be destroyed by catarrh, which Is nothing but an Inflamed condition, of the raucous surfaces. . . We will give One Hundred Dollars for. any!; case of deafness (caused by catarrh)Ibat cannot be cured by Hall's Catarrh Cure. Send for circulars, free. P. j, OHENET'& co., Toledo, 6. Sold Ivy Druggists, 75o. NOTICE. ; Wanted.— About 10 or 12 boys .and girls of from ten to fifteen- years of uge who w.ilsli to earn some money, to call at the Murdock .hotel tluls marninp: at 9 o'clock and enquire for Mr. Edw. Holiporer.-"' , ...-•' Men's suits .made from Black and Blue Cheviots, Fancy Cheviots, in Light trimmed. Our regular $S and $fi aud Dark Colors, well made and grades Men's Suite made from All-wool Materials, .in Dark, Medium and Light Effects, all desirable patterns, cut down from. $10 and ?12 to Men's Suits, made from Stylish Black and Blue Thibets Fancy Cheviots and Clay Worsteds, nicely made up in thits season's patterns. Reduced from $10 to— Men's Suite, .made 1'rom rue most Fashionable Fabrics known to tlie trade, such as English Clay Worsteds, Ilo.mdspu.ns, Serges, ChOT'loU, Colored Clays and Twills. Regular $1S goods '.' Men's Suits made f.uom very Quest Imported and American Fabrics, and s&owu in all 1.he lending styles. Maty lined throughout with Silk and Sati.li. Reg.,lav ?20 and ?22 $3-98 $5-75 $7-50 $9.69 $12.95 MEN'S TROUSERS. $l.uO TROUSERS, extra well maile, Ju. dark and medium Colors, Stripes J ^C» $3,00 TROUSERS, desirable patterns i;: Lljrht and Dark ElTecls; Iiandsome-^ Q Jy made with cor.l'mi'jns Waist^ft J f O(3 Bauds, etc $2.."0 TROUSERS, neat stylish patterns; honest goods th.it will hold rhoir sliapt and wear woll $4,00 aud $-l..->0 TROUSERS made from liljTk-gradc matcrJaL?; n:! tills «c; •son's paiter:ifi; a perfect fit guarau i cod $1.48 "•$3-75 Geo., Hardson haa the flnest line of hammocks Iri the city. '. OTTO Of Course " THE McKlNLEY IDEA. The pi'aoHcal swtesmauship of the Kepublitan uomiuee 1'or the rresidcncy is illustrated In his 1'uliuiliO'U.s reply to the. delegatioij of wiiKlO'tt'-yla.so workers. Making tbe address of tlieir i-hair- ninu rJie text of his own rumarks, liesaid: "1'ou have, sir, alluded to some oi: oni- dlfllcultles wteli singular 1'oroe and at- curacy, flemoiistvatiu^ tliat yon appro- timto fully the great problems whic-b are before the people 1'or solution and settle- in unit. Xotlirn-g could be heffer said than that a jrre;it esseiwiul to vlK> credit of the country is to provide enouch revenue ro run the country. The credit of any government j s [imperiled as long as; lit expends more mouey tu:ui it collects. The cred'it of the government, like that of 'the individual citizen, is best sub- served by living within us menus and providing means with which to live. This Is the central truth concerning the present depression and its remedy— "a great essential to the credit of the. country is revenue oiiouph to run the country. Tlie credit, of any government is Imperiled so Jong: ns If expends more thaw tt collects." One of tbe sins of the Wilson-Gorman tariff is that it lias failed to provide sufficient, -revenue, and therefore has forced the United States to become n borrower of gold from Europe. Another Is that it lias checked tha.t flow of gold from Europe to America, which. under the McKlnley tariff, paid for tlw excess of foreign purchases of American purchases of foreign goods: and by depriving American; industries.of needed protection It lias created a flow of American, gold to Europe In payment of the excels of American purchases ot foreign goods over .foreign purchases of American products. A further result' has been the decrease of American wages nud a limitation of the demand for. American la.bor. There Is plenty of money ini the country, and, thanks to Republican legislation, it te: "sound money"—every dollar of it. Paper Is ns good as silver and silver is as good as gold in domestic nwkets, and Jt . has been the policy of the Republican party to niaiu- tnln, this parity of v.nhio at home, and by protective tariffs to make this country dally less affected by foreign staa- dnrds of monetary value. Ten years', or less, of efficient protection, to United States' industries 'will lead Great Britain to t:he ndopti'on of a bimetallic standard upon the argument of "because you have to," and probably no other argument w'll'l prevail with the money kings of tlie.old world. The RepnWican party promises to strive for "Jmternatlonal .agreements" of bimetallism-; i.t Is tlie only party fhat can strive effectively. •But''from any rational standpoint the question 1 of currency, important, though it-be. Is second.niry.rto that or tariff. Protection will set the mills, factories, and mines, at work; this will make labor in delnan<i; this will set the money that we have 'in.circulation, a.nd it is good money. Tlie coinage of billions of silver dollars' will bo useless unless, there be means by which they can be set Ju circulation, .and nidney circulates, only through.' the chanaels'of trace, and'.tho channels of trade iu the United States are kept open only-by a policy of-protection. They-'always, are. congested enV.i Democratic policy of free trade prevails. Drawings of All Kinds Made by BYRON B. GORDON. Draughtsman & Patent Attorney. Spry Block. Logansport N atural and Artificial Gas Bills due the Fir« of each month, ten day's grace. /Ml bills payable at the office of theJCompany, 317 Pearl Street. Spacial—Low rates ;on heaters during the months of May, June.BJuly, August andJSep- tember. CHEAP EXCURSIONS TO THE WEST AND NORTHWEST. On August 4, IS, September 1, 15, 29, October G and 20, 1S96, The Northwestern Line (Chicago & North-Western R'y) will sell Home SeeKcrs' excursion tickets at. very low rates to a large number of points In the west and northwest. For full Information apply to ticket agents of connecting 5mes or address W. B. Knlskera, G. P. & T. A., Chicago, III. . HALF KATES TO OMAHA. . Via the North-Weatern Line (Chicago & North-Western ,'R'y) August 15; 1C and 17, 1S9G,'One fare tor the round .trip. On August 24 excursion tickets at very low rates will also be sold,from Ombhtt to Denver and the famous Hot Springs of South Dakota.' For"full Information apply to ticket agents of connecting lines or address W. B. Knlskern G. P. & T. A., Chicago, III. • LOW RATES TO SALT LAJZE Via the North-Westem Line (Chicago & North-Western R'y) August G and 7, 1SOC. For full Information apply, to ticket agents of connecting lines or address W. B. Knlskern, G. P. & T. A., Chicago, PJ. St. Joseph is almost delightful rasott during this extremely torrid •weather. Fare for the round, trip, $2.00. Taint leaves Vandalia. station at 7:00 a..m. every Sunday.. Subscribe for The Journal.

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