The Brooklyn Daily Eagle from Brooklyn, New York on February 14, 1946 · Page 17
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The Brooklyn Daily Eagle from Brooklyn, New York · Page 17

Brooklyn, New York
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 14, 1946
Page 17
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3 SCREEN By Herbert Cohn 'Leave Her to Heaven' Arrives at Albee; Strand Shows 'Dakota,' 'Boston Blackie' A dramatic portrait of a venomous woman occupies the screen of the RKO Albee Theater. "Leave Her to Heaven," the story of a Scarlett O'Hara of Bar Harbor, conceived by Ben Ames Williams and filmed with only minor changes under John status direction arrived at the borough theater yesterday. It Is an exciting screenplay, if you are willing to overlook the illogical qualities of its "heroine." For the most serious criticism that can be leveled at "Leave Her to Heaven" is that its Ellen Berent Harland, a jealous vixen who tortures, murders and, commits suicide to possess the man she loves, is a figure out of a wild nightmare. Mr. Williams sketched her that way, and his book was a best-seller for months. Gene Tierney plays her authentically, and her film is a hit that broke all records at the Toxy Theater. That she is an unlikely person must, therefore, not count too heaily. This Is Ellen's story: Having won Richard Harland, a promising young author, she vows never to release down a flight of stairs so that she need not bear the child she fears will share the love Eichard has for her, and when she suspects that her husband is attracted by her foster sister, Ellen poisons her own tea and allows the suspicion of murder to fall upon the girl. Miss Tierney has the dramatic plum in "Leave Her to Heaven" and plays it earnestly. Her supporting cast, though, Including Cornel Wild as Richard, Jeanne Crain as the unhappy sister, and Darryl Hickman as Richard's crippled brother, are equally artful. And Vincent Price, In the brief role of the prosecuting attorney, does a magpificent acting job, A Leon Errol featurette, "Maid Trouble," completes the Albee's bill. At the Strand i.' t f I J 1 the point of embarrassment. The i nan and Haas, the cast Includes Ona balance of the onus rests with Munson as a seductive beer-hall screenwriter Lawrence Hazard, who 'singer who doesn't sing enough, and gave them very little to be funny Nicodemus Stewart, reviving the about. kind of role that Stepin Fetchit What Is left, after the sorry jokes , thankfully abandoned years ago. are discarded, is commonplace ad- Co-featured at the Strand is "A venture in which Wayne figures as Close Call for Boston Blackie," a fearless American Robin Hood Chester Morris again playing -the battling Ward Bond's period-style character created by Jack Boyle, gangsters who are trying to swindle , Lynn Merrick, Richard Lane and him and schemes to reserve him to herself by removing every other "Dakota," a 19th Century western attachment he has in life. She sits involving John Wayne and pretty by calmly, watching his paralytic j Vera Hruba Ralston in a fight for brother drown; because of her jeal- justice In the days when the terri-ousy; she purposely dives headlong 'tories were lawless, headed the new the good people of the Dakota Territory out of their land before the railroad builders arrive to pay them handsomely for it. In addition to the stars and Bren- Frank Sully have supporting roles in the new adventure that keeps the gentleman detective hopping, under Lew Landers' direction, on a threatened kidnaping case. Bendix Featured In Bob Hope Film BROOKLYN EAGLE, THUR , FEB 14, 1946 17 William Bendix hase been given volved In international intrigue when he learns he is to succeed to a European throne. i find a role in Columbia's air epic, "The Great Highway," awaiting him a.s soon as he recovers. Producer-Director William A. Wcllman has Now in Army General Hospital In cast Townc In the part of a pioneer Atlanta, Ga., undergoing surgery j air enthusiast who aids in the con- featured role with Bob Hope andjfoi" war-Incurred shrapnel injuries. struction of one of the first flying Stone Hasso in "Where There's : 21-year-old Michael Towne will ; machines. Life," the comedy soon to be put in production by Paramount. Bendix will play the part of a home-lovtng policeman who is the brother of Tope's fiancee. Hope will portray a radio announcer who become in- BAIT AT RKO ALBEE Gene Tierney and Cornie Wilde "Leave Her to Heaven. in screen bill at the Strand Theater yesterday. It is below par for movies of its type, despite a few lively fights and a spectacular fire. Walter Brennan, as a bellowing river-boat captain, must bear most of the blame with Hugo Haas as a railroad tycoon whose daughter runs off with the adventuresome Mr. Wayne. They play their comedy to KINGS PITKIN 'ADVENTURES OF CAPTAIN KIDD' CHAS. LAUGHTON RANDOLPH SCOTT FRED ASTAIRE i LUCILLE BREMER In M-G-M's Technicolor 'YO LAN DA and THE THIEF , W;A p i n t J ! 4 8 I I m . .' I I II I'-yfm- 41 I 'm&y w wail i aunt ninu i 111 quhn$ -JJ tfG&X FOR YOUR MONEY!" I iiTLTiTil U I urfitCyyt -Alton Cook. Wo,ld-T.hgran I I I PLAZA" VA mTr r m ' & "TENSE! ROUSING! UJ I will arc. TwmTffi Ti?TTr?k n- J y AV i f-w I ,,, It '. a 1 sUm NEW SHOWS I sa, sme person rrw J JT D IIIIUY yl Tht Brazilian Bombihl W4l2'J7 jv I .Thursday, i I (tiwmfflhuub IfSpSS 4 li And Htr Shltr JtV' D LI L I r AURORA MIRANDA (fSjY. 9rt0pm 1 T l W"'Wf-t 9.3II i M BUSHWICK THF ST1IABTS .' WnnMrtW 1 M . . . ..,.. il 1 : XI nnuu v... k5. 1 . j : I NESTOR CHAYRES ffljf if&l 1 -V. ARCHIE ROBBINS yM XS! I W)li gj ' f,?05PKT ii f- Mai. IIIPPI T REPUBLIC f J ! j oin wccm --- -v- s- I WALTER WINCHELL I DiniH OITV 1111010 Ulll . ! SAYS: "OrC-HiU!" I I1AUIU Ulll lYlUOlU HALL Rfnh.rromonc.l ttuer Jim I ct 1 ( il . k . o-.i .1. 11.. f 1-. I UM86HS II SxssssSVSVSi Minn Mnn B jtiuwuiute 01 ine iNonon Rutneieiiei ,eiiui u . u S UACrki . rrrr I rn.V. WZf ! "THE I 'nkla't narfnrmnnra it (an.flrawlr... "''X r ! d?mfwimmw I . r r lSf A nmWKNtH'EM I Miss Garsonis grand!" J miMn ' W ' tifW LJSaj nrrn l i , MHliNiMinM..M! ninic niDonu l,, o ',c i , y- UADLL UHnOUIl WsHMEioAPitr IYfflViiii inM-CM1. A . 1 I iunur N ttVflVLK I V JOAN BLONDELL THOMAS MITCHELl RCPl 9 ) I 1 Directed by VICTOR FLEMING Produced by SAM ZIMBALI5T HLULUl , III IN llll r m 1 f ,'ii n . . . fultOd t DKlb J'V jJtf i i JJyl screen rioy oy rreaencK naznri orennan ana Vincent wwronc , iF Jl ON THE GREAT STAGE 1 A OME OF THE . 10 BEST OF THE f YEfcRl" 1 tU. CRITICS 1 HH'L B0R0 1 WUW,B-' 11 The TRUE story of every woman's Fighting Man! 46th STREET ALPINE BEDFORD BROADWAY CONEY IS GATES KAMEO MELBA ORIENTAL PREMIER STARRING. Claudette COLBERT -'GUEST WIFE "TOO GOOD TO MISS"-oAitrMiMo JOAN ROBERT Erne Pye's 'STORY of oOoUH BURGESS MEREDITH plus 'TRESH, GAY and GAGFUL"n. y. post COLUMBIA'S . V WITH Robt. 6ENCHLEY Vera VAGUE " ul Presents 'THE LAST CHANCE' Chas. Boyer . Lauren Bacall in 'CONFIDENTIAL AGENT' ond 'LOVE, HONOR AND GOODBYE'-Virginia Bruce Jennifer JONES Joseph COTTEN in 'LOVE LETTERS' ph, 'FOLLOW THAT WOMAN'-William Gargan Nancy Kelly I iv -AL. J2 Sr J v! AJUtJU&lJ llVJLJLVil rh "Hollywood Canteen" Sweethearts) , to Brow; that marriage is more than a kiss' Dolor! Harry MORAN DAVENPORT A WARNERS' HITI Id MOST RFCKtFSS RfNfGADfS OF THf ROARING WW. h1 .n 20th Century VICTORIA Door Open 8:30 A.M. iiyggroaMiiH;i.wifti taltAt STANWYCK mMY REPUTATION mm GEORGE IRENT IN MRIOM ORRIN TUCKER AND OICH. LfSD HAYES peteJI OPENS 1:8(1 a.m. UH FIM KSKIT ' iGAItY C00PERIN6l)lP SERGMAH JOAN LESLIE ROBERT HUTTON 'TOO YOUNG TO KNOW fMmm liliaairiimTiii.nili.i.fiMiwip - I j WALTER WANGER .,,.. I Jl ' . FRIT7 I ANP, I t- ! EDWARD & ROBINSON &d 1 JOAN BENNETT fi)A : 9111 JtSS BARKER 7 ! MARGARET LINDSAY Rf ROSALIND IVAN jlf Jkj SAMUELS. HINDS I J VL A DIANA PRODUCTION W"' tftxv ' I Produced and Directed by i ft K I FRITZ LANG 8 J . j A UNIVERSAL RELEASE jl Hi ( NtW YORK AVE. I f J " , 1 I t rluarHiiotifiEii J"Mtt fF RoSnCE MUSIC I ' J r- V4 ! T AiOT e TO TMHIU. AIOUTI y) tl (m - - j COMEDY) K: y FIRST N Y Viu,;, 'Avp showing XmSI A i 1 II I IK VI " ,w A V ' HI. II UY. I VivU Of laTTr? I rile. Alfred DRAKE JANtkrM fl I ? 'rtH iihcing wit o -MMHOMA- DTml I III , "-i.ouiV.CTrt I II SID CAESAR xCl&SiS?5 I JEFF DONNELL U , i,.- III "rr ilWtolHiflfc Jl LI Jfg-flmYilb f -7714 H ION MNT MOAH MalTMA f CURTIS CHANEY TAYLOR BEERY Jr. O'DRISCOLL , 'DETOUR' Tm NE Al Ann SAVAOI Cloudttt COLBERT Den AMECHE 'QUEST WIFE' ft 'THE LAST CHANCE' CENE CORNEL JEANNE TIERNEY -WILDE CRAIN 'LEAVE HER TO HEAVEN' with VINCENT PRICE ..Ttchmcolor I Extra ftolurtrlt LEON ERROL I 'MAID f TROUBLE' mm ON THE GREAT STA6E "SKY HIGH" A fantastic, dazzling spectacle produced by Leomcloff, settings by Bruno Maine . . . with the Rodeffes, Vocaf Ensembe, Corps de Bae( and the Symphony Orchestra, directed by Charles Previn, playing George Gershwin's "An American in Paris." DOOR eriN TODAY M0 FRIDAY t.ti A.M. rwm ti ii4i. rn. ti, m tt sum at: it as, im, t o, t. I wHiFlOhA ROBSWtfHM I WAlltS SAMWaOO BETTY HUTTON wStorkClub ''DICK TRACY'' "SHE WOULDN'T SAY YES R PARIS-UNDERGROUND- miiitnimiHiuuiiuuno uiinurBe'UMIvwMAn ci.ii. mm GARTER" . Btan uu JO A M. DENNIS O'KEEFE MARIES- Mcdonald DAKOTA CLOSE CALL FOR BOSTON BLACKIE- fi i It MIL BARRYMORE McGUIRE BRENT TT!iE::.aT,.ni!MB!;:ir;!!'KmnT:' n-: Tvrm!. i,.1v:;r.n.;..m:m:.smiam-:m tti: i-iii-s-.rr m m ' HUM Ll.i I j R ROSALIND RUSSELL LEE BOWMAN Q :'B.R0.Y.!" , rtiAftVl r . A- iiiiiiiu i iiiiia i 1 1111". 11JVJ 1 .V VIl " M 0' 0 JO A M. ' f "THe BEST PICTURE 0 PIVOI I fcw OP THE YEAR Mf w wfci i I "-'' OARLAND lyl - UncMNicoioi JY 1? ' TST 'Vjra THE HARVEY h fl: I I MhMHM MIW NtaaaMatAtaJI I abfca HUMOIMt IM vttoitKa iomir jot LAKE-TUFTS CAULFIELD. Miss SUSIE SLAGLES" l LILLIAN OISH 'PARAMOUNT u IN PERSON THf ICLCNN MILLER ORCHESTRA TLX 8ENEKE lodd lyon I FEATURE HLItlS SHOUIinCTODflV BAY RIDCI AND BrNStT PARK Trntrr. It An. Mlh 81 WINon Klrrlra, 7Mh St. and Third Ax KU and Trll; tlsn Vulrr it Ihr Whlnllrr llarhnr. t2d St. and Faiirtk An Johnny Appollo; lci l.llllr Old Nrw lork Stanlrr. Fifth An. and 75th St C'onrr Inland; aln Immnrlal Hrrir-anl Park. 44tli St. and Filth Avt Ihlt Love ot Uun; alo furtuil la Alfkm RKDFORD llnrnln. edttrd An.-Citirn Pirtwiy... You'll N'rvrr r.rt Rich; alia Nnrtbrrn Paroit Nallnnal, 720 waihimtia An RhapodT in R'ur: aUo The Honw I t.if In Kocrra, 333 Bonn An. R. 4 2230 ...Advrnlurra of Marco Polo; alao Kid Millions BENSONIIt'RST Colonr. Ilth An.-I3tk St. BE. 6-2231., ..First Conies Couraie; alao Danfrrous Blondes BOKO PARK Elton, 43d St. and Niw utraoht An ...Spanish Main: ala Slnf Your Way Homo ROROIT.H HAI L AMI DOWNTOWN Dutllrld. Dutllald and Fiiltoa Sta Northwest Mnuntrd I'nllrn alio Thia l.un (or Hire Majestic, Hi runes st un the l.rral Hhilt lull, A Tras'djr at Midnitht Mvstrrir Plane Momart. Fultn it. and Rsraafll ri ...Reap the Wild Wind: alo Dr. Brnadaar M. lienrfe Playhouse, 100 Pineapala St.uet Wife: aKo The ( hanre Terminal. Feurlh An. and Daan St.... frontier BaHman; alo Thia l Ihe t.lfe Tlroll. Fulton St. ana Bars Hall And Ibrn There Were Nonet alao Pinorrhi BRIGHTON BF.ACH Octana, Brlahtaa Baath Aya.-HtM ;t...And Thrn There Were Nonet alao Pinoerhi a , BUsitwirK empire, naipn nv.-D way. ru. V'!hu.. . nnapsooy in niue; aiao ine nnue I Lite in I'LATRt'KH Flathu.h. Flatbinh Ave. and Chunh ...II All tame True! alio Born tor Trnnhle (iranada. Churih and Naalrand An. . . . Rhapody In Rlu': alao The lloiiae I Live In Kent, Con.y liland Aaa. and Annuo H .Hitlins a Nrw llnhi alao (hlraio Kid Leader. Canay laland and Niaklrt. Aval.. Pinnorhio; also The ( hralera EAST FIATBISII j Arenne n. Annua D and I. 43d St....Kia and Telh alao Voire ot the Whlatler Butba, Ulna aad Churth Ayanuaa I nrlr Harry; alao .Shady Lad; ' OF RRITKF-N IF ACtf Graham, fiarrlttaai 4 Whltnay Ana ...Wliaoni alao Selected Shorts PARK FLOPS Atlantle. Flatbuih An. and Dean st..,.f,unr. II..T ; alao t.arrrnr With Mu.le t arlton. Flathuih and Savrnth Avea Plnnrrhlo; aUo tome and iet It New Venua. 1224 Preisret Ave Raaaed Anaelai alao The farlbhean MyaterY Flora. Flalouih An. and Park Plain ...rilloo to Pml; alao Thunder Rnrk Sanders, Praaaott Park VeaM4th St... This Love ot Ours; alao I'uriull to Alflers KINGS lttr;iiw.Y I Mi I v at m mm. CORPO llAilGROVE Sforn'ng 1 Robert WALKER Keenan W Y N N JEAN PORTER CHILL WILLS & .JJ, WAX mm W it " X I KM A Ii Pl"L A KISSER-DILLER OF A COMEDY THRILLER WILLARD PARKER -MARGUERITE CHAPMAN CHESTER MORRIS JANIS CARTER BOY SCOUTS SHOULD BE SUPPORTED KINGSWAY Klnji Hishaay.. JOAN LfnLIt a BOBFBT MU1T0N "TOO TOI'VO TO Caney Island An. KNOW" and 'TIAI.TONS RIDE AtiAIN" TIVOM. Fulton St. and Bora Hall . . BARRY I'tTtiFRAI.D MARINK. Flalhush n.-Kini H'aay., "AND Tilt N HURT WtHK NONF" and IIM. Annua M at last I7tn St WAIT KlSNIVrt PINOl ( IIIO" I In tolorl PATIO, Flatbuih An. and Mldaaod SI .'AND THEN THERE WERE NONE" A 'THE CHEATERS' a tltlNKa a INGRID BERGMAN GREGORY PECK . aifmiu mn ttroti.N SPELLGQJJlNDj RUITO. Flatbush An. Corlalynii ltd Jewel, Klnia Hlihasy st Otau Parkoay . Hr(een I s Girlai alao Beyond Ihe Blue Horison AVM.oN. Kirai H aay and t. laih fct AVFNfF 11 SECTION Arenuo V, Annus U ana t. inn St. , . Rh.ipndy In Blue; alao The House I Mae In Trarmore. Annua N sad E. 4i;h St . Rhapsody In Blur; alao The House I Lire In KlntiFW'OOD Colonial. Irondwny and Chaunrry . . finest Wife; slso Don't Fenee Me In Ridarwnnd. I7) Myrtle Ayrnua . (iuest Wife; also Don't tenee Me In Klnill, Myrtle-Wllios Avaa. al. S-0744 it All l ame Truei alao Born tor Trouble fttlFKPoilFAn BAY Shrepihnad, Soaamhus ftd.-Vearnlaa ..Werk-Fnd al the Waldorf tOI TH BROOKt TN Sanders fllobe. IN isth si The Crlro.on Canarei also The t hralera RI D HOOK, F. R 1 1: BSIN Ulorla. Sll Court St lasanora Droan; aha Janla CLAUDETTE COLBERT "GUEST WIFE" MIHWOOD, Avanua J and E. 13th St . and "THE l.ST t H ANTE" MAYEAIR, Asanua U-Cnay Island An ' THuTlOVt OF OURS" and "PURSUIT TO AlGltRS" Ai nt MsRlV.. Flatb'h Ar.-Alb m'li Rd. "And No Tamarraw" and Oor Hrarts Wrrr Vnuns and Gay'' FARRAfilT, Flatbush Rd. ED fiARIINt R S "lUtEYI TlVIRN" and NOMRtND, Klnss H'aay Noslrand Ay. "St OI I.AMI AIM) INl1lt.ATOR" YOttl'E. Canay III. Ava. and Avanua K..'Norlhaesl Mounlrd Polire' sod 'This C.un tor Hiro' TRIANtil.F. Klnal H'oay-E. 12th St "Hrr Hllhnsil and tha bVib r" and "Dantrraua Partnera" rOI LFC.F. Flatbuih An.-Avanua H . "Tll.l. W F. Ml FT Afi II V and "R MNHtlW ISLAND' Shirley Ttmp!--"KISS AND TEUm" Ql'FNTIN. Qiianlln Rd at E. JSth t I tMlt N. tar Nr.lrana 4 ParkMlil Avaa. l'AilHblllL,rialli.b an parklida Aval. Jid ' Vllllt (It 1 HE WHISTIER"

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